PS2 Walkthroughs: Wild Arms 3 Walkthrough

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Wild Arms 3 Walkthrough

Always read the revision history, as there is always something new there.

Wild ARMs 3 Walkthrough and FAQ.
Copyright 2002, Strata Razor and Cloud5176.
Wild ARMs 3 is an official product of SCEA and Media Vision, all rights
reserved, (c)2002.

WWWWW                              WWWWW         AAAA           333333333333333
WWWWW                              WWWWW        AAAAAA          333333333333333
WWWWW                              WWWWW      AAAAAAAAAA        333333333333333
 WWWWW                            WWWWW      AAAAA  AAAAA                 33333
 WWWWW                            WWWWW      AAAAA  AAAAA                 33333
 WWWWW                            WWWWW      AAAAA  AAAAA                 33333
  WWWWW                          WWWWW      AAAAA    AAAAA                33333
  WWWWW                          WWWWW      AAAAA    AAAAA                33333
  WWWWW                          WWWWW      AAAAA    AAAAA                33333
   WWWWW                        WWWWW      AAAAA      AAAAA               33333
   WWWWW                        WWWWW      AAAAA      AAAAA               33333
   WWWWW                        WWWWW      AAAAA      AAAAA               33333
    WWWWW         WWWW         WWWWW      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA              33333
    WWWWW        WWWWWW        WWWWW      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA              33333
    WWWWW      WWWWWWWWWW      WWWWW      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA              33333
     WWWWW    WWWWW  WWWWW    WWWWW      AAAAA          AAAAA             33333
     WWWWW    WWWWW  WWWWW    WWWWW      AAAAA          AAAAA             33333
     WWWWW    WWWWW  WWWWW    WWWWW      AAAAA          AAAAA             33333
      WWWWW  WWWWW    WWWWW  WWWWW      AAAAA            AAAAA            33333
      WWWWW  WWWWW    WWWWW  WWWWW      AAAAA            AAAAA            33333
      WWWWW  WWWWW    WWWWW  WWWWW      AAAAA            AAAAA            33333
       WWWWWWWWWW      WWWWWWWWWW      AAAAA              AAAAA           33333
         WWWWWW          WWWWWW        AAAAA              AAAAA 333333333333333
          WWWW            WWWW         AAAAA              AAAAA 333333333333333
                IIIIIIII                        RRRRRRRR        333333333333333
                  IIII                          RRRR  RR                  33333
                  IIII                          RRRR  RR                  33333
                  IIII                          RRRRRRRR                  33333
                  IIII                          RRRR  RR                  33333
                  IIII                          RRRR   RR                 33333
                IIIIIIII                        RRRR    RR                33333
                  LLLL                       MMMMMM   MMMMMM              33333
                  LLLL                       MMM  MMMMM  MMM              33333
                  LLLL                       MMM   MMM   MMM              33333
                  LLLL                       MMM    M    MMM              33333
                  LLLL                       MMM         MMM              33333
                  LLLLLLLL                   MMM         MMM              33333
                  LLLLLLLL                   MMM         MMM              33333
                  DDDDDDDD                        SSSSSS                  33333
                  DDD    DD                      SS                       33333
                  DDD     DD                     SS                       33333
                  DDD     DD                      SSSSSS                  33333
                  DDD     DD                           SS       333333333333333
                  DDD    DD                            SS       333333333333333
                  DDDDDDDD                        SSSSSS        333333333333333

Wild ARMs 3 Walkthrough and FAQ. Written by Cloud5176 and Strata Razor.

((Note: To use the coordinates, simply press select once you have the map
screen. When the full screen map pops up, look at the bottom right, and match
it up with the coordinates in the table of contents. Once you get the Map
Scope, you can move while searching for locations.))
Table of Contents

I. Disclaimer/Copyright Information
II. Introduction/Helpful Terms
III. Revision History
IV. Credits and Thanks
V. Contact Information
VI. Characters
VII. Walkthrough (Prologues [By Cloud] and Chapter One [By Strata Razor])
 1.) Prologues
 A.) Girl in First Class: Difficulty: 1/3
 B.) Boy Who Broke In: Difficulty: 2/3
 C.) Suspicious Intruder: Difficulty: 2/3
 D.) A Drifter Guardsman: Difficulty: 3/3
   2.) Fallen Sanctuary (12900, 8570)
   3.) Baskar Colony (12900, 10900)
   4.) Jolly Roger (15400, 5400)
   5.) Ruins of Memory (18200, 3700)
   6.) Jolly Roger (Again.)
   7.) Midland Station (14555, 6764)
   8.) Westwood (9630, 7146)
   9.) Claiborne (11738, 7145)
   10.) Serpent's Coils (13756, 7806)
   11.) Claiborne (Again.)
   12.) Ka Dingel (9706, 4460)
VIII. Walkthrough (Chapter Two)
   1.) Claiborne (Again.)
   2.) Little Twister (6109, 8324)
   3.) The Unclean Mark (7243, 9677)
   4.) Lunatic Garden (7760, 6753)
   5.) Little Twister (Again.)
   6.) Sand Canal (4210, 10947)
   7.) Little Rock (25277, 12550)
   8.) Glimmering Emblem (25293, 15469)
   9.) Little Rock (Again.)
   10.) Leyline Observatory (22890, 14358)
   11.) Humprey's Peak (23130, 11959)
   12.) East Highlands (21132, 11975)
   13.) Dune Canyon (19560, 9529)
   14.) Outside (Random. Boss Fight.)
   15.) Fortune Gear (21689, 9264)
   16.) Humprey's Peak (Again.)
   17.) Jolly Roger (Again.)
   18.) The Secret Garden (Very helpful side quest!!! 17673, 8236)
   19.) Decaying Labyrinth (15400, 9671)
   20.) The Secret Garden (Again.)
   21.) Humprey's Peak (Again.)
   22.) Gemstone Cave (21599, 15310)
   23.) Humprey's Peak (Again.)
   24.) Faraway Lands (20923, 11005)
   25.) Humprey's Peak (Yet again.)
   26.) The Secret Garden (Again.)
   27.) Jolly Roger (Again.)
   28.) Outside (Sandcraft Battles.)
   29.) Ark of Destiny (9000, 2240)
   30.) Survey point #17 (10536, 23447)
   31.) Ark of Destiny (Again.)
   32.) Boot Hill (15714, 512)
   33.) Baskar Colony (Again.)
   34.) Infinitum (9389, 10901)
   35.) Baskar Colony (Again.)
   36.) Nidhogg Pass 1 (3326,21917)
   37.) Nidhogg Pass 2 (5508, 22654)
IX. Walkthrough (Chapter Three)
   1.) Boot Hill (Again.)
   2.) Ark of Destiny (Again.)
   3.) Iron Dragon's Nest (13704, 6416)
   4.) Gob's Hideout (Optional for now, but required later.)(15703, 24721)
   5.) Fallen Sanctuary (Again.)
   6.) The World's Footprint (9351, 15609)
   7.) Baskar Colony (Again.)
   8.) Ruins of Dreams (20143, 16723)
   9.) Fila del Fia (10470, 18314)
   10.) Claiborne (Again)
   11.) Caging Tower (9394, 9180)
   12.) Claiborne (Again.)
   13.) Little Twister (Again.)
   14.) Laxisland (17833, 19116)
   15.) Dragon's Lair (17932, 13126)
   16.) Ballack Rise (11939, 14256)
   17.) Den of Miasma (11970, 16943)
X. Walkthrough (Chapter Four)
XII. Bestiary
I. Disclaimer and Copyright Information.

This Walkthrough/FAQ has been created by myself and Strata Razor, (c) Copyright
2002. The websites that are allowed to host this FAQ without permission are:

If you wish to host this FAQ on any of your websites, email me and ask. I will
not host this on any websites that deal with drugs, porn, or any other illegal
activities. So if your website mentions any of this, don't even ask. You are
not allowed to make any copies of this FAQ, other that the copies made for your
personal use. You are not allowed to sell, auction, or buy this FAQ anywhere.
If you steal any part of this FAQ, you will be punished to the full extent of
the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really don't appreciate it. You are
welcome to give this to your friends for free, but you are not allowed to sell
it to them. Also, feel free to save a copy of this to your hard drive, as long
as you do not make illegal copies of it. I have spoken.

Wild ARMs 3 and any related content is a registered product of SCEA, (c) 2002.
Also, the Wild ARMs series is a registered product of Media Vision, (c)

II. Introduction.
So... You decided to take a look at my FAQ/Walkthrough for Wild ARMs 3, huh? If
you are just browsing this guide, looking for a specific piece of information,
feel free to use CTRL+F to find a certain piece of text.
Why did I write this, you ask? Well, my young and innocent friend,
I'll tell you why. I felt that Zephyr's FAQ was adequate... for people who
didn't mind the reading the Japanese names. And since Dark Lord Magus's FAQ
only covers Chapter One, I figured that I would cover the whole game. If you
have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at the address
listed below. Also, the coordinates for the town and dungeon locations will be
soon located next to their names in the table of contents. Also, if you notice
the fact that the chapters have different layouts, it's because they're written
by different people. Just to clear up a few concerns.

Helpful Terms:
(I will use most of these throughout the course of the FAQ. I feel that it
easier for everyone.)
T.Crest: Tindercrest (Use this to light fires.)
G.Crest: Galecrest (Become invisible and fly really fast. You can fly over
one-space gaps. However, you cannot fly over a one-space gap if it is on a
different level than you.)
C.Crest: Changecrest (Change orange gems into orange blocks. Also used to
change certain animals into items. Don't worry, they come back.)

BM: Boomerang (Used to break certain obstacles, also used to hit switches.)
Radar: Radar (Used to find hidden or forgotten items.)
RS: Radical Sneakers (Gives you a little jump power.)

Bomb: Bomb (Blows up stuff. It never runs out.)
M.Glove: Mighty Gloves (Use this to lift or push heavy things.)
G.Hook: Grappling Hook (Use this to reach a high area.)

F.Doll: Freezer Doll (Use this penguin doll to freeze things)
S.Doll: Steady Doll (Use this doll to open out-of-reach chests and to reach
distant switches. You must be on the same level as them.)
K.Doll: Kramer Dolls (Use this to attract enemies to you. Also, use them to
call secret bosses.)


RS Jump: Jump using the RS.
TT: Tiptoe by holding O.
Dash: Dash by holding X.
DD: Drop down to a lower level.
Net: Jump and grab an overhead net.
RS Net: Use the RS to reach a net.
F.Switch: Floor Switch Step on it or place a block on it.
G.Switch: Gem Switch. Hit this with something.
C.Wall: Cracked Wall. Can be blown up with bombs.
J.Pad: Jump with the RS while standing on this.
M.Bomb: Use multiple bombs at once.
Missile: Fire a missile from Lombardia by pressing R2.
Land: Land with Lombardia or the Sandcraft.
Search: Search with the [] button for towns and dungeons.
SAVE!!!: When I tell you to save, SAVE!!! Usually there's a boss battle coming

If I missed anything, feel free to email me.

III. Revision History

The first version. Three of the prologues are done.

Chapter One is completed. Clive's prologue should be finished soon.

Clive's prologue is still not done. Chapter Three is started. I added a few
minor things to the layout, as well as a new section about terms that I'll use
throughout the FAQ. Strata also wrote part of Chapter Two!!! Chapter Three
should be done by the next update. Also, a few side quests will be done by the
next update.

I added the ASCII art to the top. Also, I fixed a few minor details.

I finished the prologues. However, Chapters Two and Three are being worked on
still, as well as the side-quests.

A lot of Chapter Two has been added. However, Chapter Three is still not done.

Lots of Chapter Three is done. However, there is no addition to Chapter Two. I
also added a few miscellaneous things, but nothing important. However, you
might want to read the updated copyright information, as well as the contact
info. Again, it's not much. However, it's still helpful. Also, I fixed some of
the errors in the table of contents. And I have an announcement. There will
most likely not be a Bestiary. IF anyone wants to contribute one, they will
receive recognition. Strata and I will probably not be making one. If anyone
wants to contribute anything constructive, please do so.

A little more on Chapter Three is done, but not much. I clarified some things
in the introduction.

Chapter Two is almost done. Chapter Three... A little while... Some of the
coordinates are not listed, but will be soon. I noticed a few out-of-order
things. If anyone can tell us what is wrong, feel free to email, but put
"correction" in the subject. Thank you. There will be a lot more features with
the next update, including Side Quests, ARM Upgrading, as well as a few more
miscellaneous things.

Sorry... No new features, with the exception of a FAQ at the bottom. However, a
few new parts are done with Chapter Three. Also, Chapter two will be done soon,
hopefully when Strata gets his game back. We now have an "official" corrector.
Say hello to Calisaya. She's also writing a bestiary for us. I added some boss
strategies for the "gold" guardians. The schedule of when which parts of the
Walkthrough will be done when is in the FAQ at the bottom. I also explained how
to use the coordinates. Look before the Table of Contents.

A few errors fixed, as well as a couple of dungeons added. Explanations of Ex
File Keys are at the bottom of the FAQ. This was an unexpected update for me...
Expect more to follow this weekend.

IV. Credits and Thanks
Thanks to Strata Razor for his Chapter One - Chapter Two guide. As you can see
on the top, he is the co-writer of this FAQ. Anyone else who contributed
anything, thanks. Also, a big thanks goes out to the people who spotted
mistakes in the FAQ. This list includes Calisaya, who has been very helpful
with this FAQ.

V. Contact Information
	AIM: Levostial
Strata Razor
	AIM: Sandrock XGP

the large amount of emails that Strata and I are receiving, please try to
detail your question. We do not have the time to decipher non-detailed
questions. Compliments are always appreciated, as are any optional boss

VI. Characters (These are taken from the instruction booklet).

Virginia Maxwell
The Dual Pistol Dreamer
Virginia has always dreamed of living the life of a Drifter. As a kid, she was
in love with the idea of roaming the open plains and experiencing action and
danger every step of the way. As her passion to be a Drifter grew, she decided
to leave her comfortable life to live out her dream.
Personal Data:
Age: 18
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 108lbs.
Weapons: Rapier EZ. Bantorain 93R

Gallows Caradine
The Man Who Makes Freedom His Policy
A youth from the Baskar tribe, who are devotees of the Guardian. Gallows
carries the bloodline of the priesthood, but he escaped his destiny by running
away from his village. His personality is cheerful and optimistic.
Personal Data:
Age: 24
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 220lbs
Weapons: Modified Coyote M17F

Jet Enduro
The Rebellious Treasure-Hunter
Nothing pleases Jet more than priceless treasures. He is a lone wolf drifter
not used to accepting help or the company of others. He is cold-blooded and has
the potential to do anything to get his way.
Personal Data:
Age: ???
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 126lbs
Weapons: Airget-lamb B/V2

Clive Winslett
The Proud Sniper
Clive is a bounty hinter that helps preserve the peace by offering his services
to fighting monsters and criminals. With a cool head and realistic
decision-making skills, Clive makes sure the team is always careful.
Personal Data:
Age: 30
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 152lbs
Weapons: Gungnir HAG35

Other Characters:

Janus Cascade
Melody Vilente-----|
Malik Bendict      |--Prophets.
Leehalt Alceste----|

VII. Walkthrough (Prologues and Chapter One)
1.) Prologues

A.) Girl in First Class: Difficulty: 1/3
After naming your character (Default: Virginia), you will witness a scene at
her village. Demi-Humans will take the village goods. After a short scene, the
people see that Virginia is missing...
   Once you have control of her, walk over and hit the switch in the SE corner.
The door will open. Go through it. Virginia will get in a battle with some
Gobs. For your first battle, just attack or use a Heal Berry if you need to.
After the battle, exit to the north. Pick up the Tool (Tindercrest) in the NE
corner. Also smash some boxes to get a Revive Fruit. Read some of the books if
you wish, otherwise exit. (Quick note here: I would try to get in every battle
here. It will greatly help you later in the game.) Use your Tindercrest to
light the missing fire next to the W door. Exit W. Go past the chest and up the
N stairs. Exit W. Hold [O] to walk past the loose boards. Don't worry about the
ladder right now. Exit to the W. Follow the corridor and exit to the W door.
Grab the white gems in the N and light the torch in the SE. Go through the N
door. Get the Heal Berry in the chest. Exit and then go through the E door. Get
the orange gems and continue down the stairs. Hit the switch at the bottom and
go through the door that opened. Get Mini Carrot from the chest, exit, and use
the SW door. Rotate the wheel in the N clockwise until the door opens. Enter
it. Open all the chests and break all the boxes to get: Heal Berry, 400 Gella,
Gimel Coin, and Duplicator. You will also get "Right Half" in the chest where
you found the Duplicator. A short cut-scene will begin. When it's done, exit
this room and use a Duplicator in front of the S door. Save your game here if
you want, because a boss battle is just ahead.

BOSS: Hobgob Boss
HP: ?????
EXP: 24
Gella: 30
Item: Potion Berry

Just attack and heal if you need to. If you do happen to die, don't waste a
Gimel coin. Just restart from the last save. He should die in a few shots. You
may have to reload once. However, the game teaches you to use Gatling. Use this
on him when they tell you to, and he should fall.

Virginia should have leveled up to level three or four. Several Gobs will
surround you, but the villagers come to your rescue. Your uncle slaps (!) you
and then you enter another cut-scene. Virginia tells her Aunt and Uncle that
she wants to become a drifter. After a few moments, you will see Virginia at
her mother's grave. And that's it for Virginia's prologue.

B.) Boy Who Broke In: Difficulty: 2/3

Name your character (Default: Jet). You will arrive at an old ruin. Climb up
the stairs and search for a way to reach the boards at the top. Use your tool
(Boomerang) to break away the boards covering the hole. Walk down the stairs.
Try to reach the chest. You will fall through a hole. Read the writing on the
wall in front of you. Then, head up the E stairs and fall off to the E. Go up
the stairs and fall off. Get the Heal Berry in the chest and go up the stairs.
Go up the stairs in the north and stand across the glowing yellow sphere. Throw
the boomerang and a section of the wall will lower. Get the 600 Gella from the
chest and continue over the wall and through the door. Dash [X] through this
hall to avoid the trap. Exit through the door. Dash through again and exit
through the door. After a short scene, talk to everyone and exit through the
west door. (Note: This scene sort of tells you what type of person Jet is.)
Again, run through the trap and ext through the door. Grab the nearest net and
climb on top of it by pressing X near the edge. Grab the Mini Carrot from the
chest in the W and then head back to the ladder, avoiding the spikes on the
blue panels. You should try to get in a couple of battles here to try to gain a
level or two. Use the nets to make it over to the W door. You have to drop on
to the middle platform and then use the other net. In this room, get the orange
gems and exit through the door. Use the S net and then the one above it. Use
the one to the North next, and make your way up to the chest with a Heal Berry
inside of it. Drop down from next to the chest to the platform and go in the
door to the E. Get the white gems and run to avoid the traps. Run through the
center, avoiding the spikes. Get the Gimel coin and the Revive Fruit(x2) from
the chests. Save and exit north. After the scene, you will enter a boss battle!

BOSS: Tatzelwurm
HP: ?????
EXP: 48
Gella: 52
Item: Dragon Fossil

Ok, just attack and use Jet's Force ability, Accelerator if it becomes
available, otherwise just attack and heal. After a few hit, he should die. Jet
should be at level 4 or 5 by now.

Talk to Pike and then exit to the SE. The rooms will shake, and Jet will get
mad at Pike. In a moment, Pike will open a secret door and lead the way out. In
this room, utilize the nets to reach the ladder. Again, use the nets so you can
throw your boomerang at the E crystal. Then, climb up and activate the W
crystal. Climb up and exit using the ladder. After a short scene, exit using
the double doors. Pike's father gives him a pat on the shoulder and Jet's
prologue ends. (At least Pike didn't get slapped.)

C.) A Suspicious Intruder: Difficulty: 2/3.

Name the character (Default: Gallows), and watch the scene. After a
conversation with himself about the Ark Scepter, you will enter another scene.
You will meet Gallows' brother, Shane. (Yes, I know he looks like a girl.) When
you can control Gallows, talk to the small figure wearing a sombrero and save
your game. Then enter the large opening in the N. After the short scene, exit
this area. Talk to the girl in red in the E. Choose the top option until she
gives you Heal Berry (x3) and a Gimel coin. Talk to the guy in brown in the SE
to learn about the search system. Then go S until you reach the exit. Once on
the World Map, head W, S, and then E to reach an alcove in the rocks. Search
near here to find the Fallen Sanctuary. If you reach the desert, you have gone
too far. I recommend fighting a few battles on the World Map to gain a level or
two. Most of the enemies you encounter will be Balloons. While low on HP and
EXP, they sometimes drop Heal Berries. After gaining a level or two (Or if you
didn't want to), enter the Fallen Sanctuary by pressing X near the building.
   A brief explanation of Arcana and mediums ensues, and you can now use
Arcana! I highly recommend getting a level or two higher in this place, as the
enemies are abundant. For the Pill bugs, you should use Arcana to kill them.
Your physical attacks will do little damage to them. Also, for every enemy that
you kill with Arcana, you will gain a gem corresponding to the type of Arcana
you used. After fighting a few battles, flip the switch near the stairs. Ignore
the stairs and enter the N door instead. Move the block onto the floor switch.
Enter the N door. Turn E as soon as you enter, and go through the door. Pick up
the Heal Berry, Gimel coin, and the Tool (Freezer Doll). Yay! Penguins! Exit
this room and head N, E, and N again. Extinguish the blue flame with your
Freezer Doll and continue through the door that opened. Follow the hall and
enter the door. Stand in the middle of the blue flames and hold square while
rotating the left analog in a circle. Go through the new door. Follow the
corridor to the E and exit. Get the white gems in this corridor and use the N
door. Place the block on the floor switch and then stand on the other floor
switch. Go through the W door. Get the orange gems and use the N door. (Ignore
the other door for now.) Go north to the next room. Again, stand in the middle
of the flames and use your Freezer Doll. The N door will open. Go through it.
After reaching for the Ark Scepter, you will enter a boss battle!

BOSS: Kesaran Pasaran (x4)
HP: ?????
EXP: 48
Gella: 52
Item: Ice Gem (x2) or Water Gem (x2).

Keep attacking. When the dialog shows up, attack until your FP reaches 25. Use
Gallows' Extension and Pressure. After using this attack a couple of times,
they should fall. Gallows should reach level 4 or 5.

After the battle, you will gain the Ark Scepter! Exit to the S. Keep following
the hallways until you enter a scene. Talk to Shane and then use the Ark
Scepter from your inventory. Talk to Shane again. After the scenes, Gallows'
prologue will end.

A Drifter Guardsman: Difficulty: 3/3

Name the green-haired sniper (Default: Clive), and watch the scene. When you
can move, talk to Borgnine three times to receive three heal berries. Head N
and exit E. Go E and exit E. Get the Heal Berry from the chest. Go N and Bomb
the west C.Wall. Exit W. Head W, and exit S. Bomb or avoid the red slimes in
the W. Get the Revive Fruit (x2) from the chest. Go back to the previous room.
Go E and then N. Bomb the rocks and exit N. Keep going N. Go N, W, and bomb the
blue slimes. Get the white gems and exit to the S. Exit S again. Get rid of the
blue slimes and get the Gimel coin from the chest in the S. Exit to the W. Bomb
the C.Wall and exit to the W. Get the Heal Berry and the 300 Gella. Ignore the
sphere. Go back and bomb the rocks in the N. Bomb the blue slimes, and exit to
the W. SAVE!!! Head N. The floor will collapse, leading you to a boss battle.

BOSS: Goldrake (1)
HP: 275-300
EXP: 64
Gella: 60
Item: N/A
Just keep attacking until it starts to fly. When it does, build your FP up
until you can use Lock On. This should finish the fight. However, you will be
poisoned after the battle. You will lose about 3-4 HP when walking, as well as
35-40 HP when in battle. Go to the E and Bomb the C.Wall. Exit to the E. Head
E, bomb the annoying slimes, and continue S and M.Bomb the large rock that
falls. Exit to the S. Go S and DD. DD to the E, exit S. Continue W and exit W.
Clive will fall unconscious and have a flashback.
   In the new town, you will find that one of the townspeople made an Antidote
Syrup for Clive. Borgnine will give Clive an Antidote. Clive will go to the
roof and fight... again.

BOSS: Goldrake (2)
HP: 275-300
Gella: N/A
Item: Antidote
Ok, the Goldrake will poison Clive on the first turn. I think this only happens
once, so use an Antidote. Then, keep attacking until you can use Lock On. Use
this a couple of times and the Goldrake should fall. Clive's prologue is now

Filgaia Express
It will show Virginia leaving on a train. Then you will end up with all of the
characters opening the box. A large explosion will shake the train, and you
will meet the Janus Trio.

BOSS: Janus, Romero, and Dario.
HP: Janus: 350, Dario: 310, Romero: 290.
EXP: 56
Gella: 200
Item: N/A.
Ok, here's the toughest battle so far. First off, attack in this order: Dario,
Romero, and then Janus. When Janus uses his MultiBlast, have Virginia use
Mystic and a Heal Berry. If she's dead... then just heal individually. DO NOT
up, and the trio should fall.

After, head NW to the Baskar Colony and talk to Halle in the N shrine. She will
talk for a few minutes, and take away Gallows' (fake) water medium. So ends the
Chapter One (By Strata Razor)

Baskar Colony
* After the discussions with Halle, return to the Fallen Sanctuary.

2.) Fallen Sanctuary
* Take the stairs going up, and then watch the dialogue.

* You're given a choice of the 4 guardians to fight.  I suggest fighting in
this order: Schturdark to Moor Gault to Grudiev to Fengalon.

-(N) is Schturdark.
a) Have Virginia defend first turn, because she's the weakest character.
On the first turn, and this applies to all 4 of the guardians, Schturdark will
unleash his special attack, which should deal hefty damage.  From that point
on, have everybody constantly attack him, and because he won't be unleashing
that move again until after a long time.  The worst he'll do from this point on
is Pressure.

-(S) is Moor Gault.
a) Before the fight, equip Virginia with Aqua Wisp, so she can heal everybody. 
Same rules apply as in the fight with Schturdark.  Have her defend on the first
turn, while everybody attacks.  After the first turn, you can have her heal
everybody while the rest of the group attacks.
((From Cloud: I suggest equipping Gallows with Aqua Wisp, since his Extension;
Heal heals everyone in the party with one turn.))

-(E) is Grudiev.
a) Now equip Jet with Fiery Rage, because he's the second fastest, and he's
necessary in the order, just in case he'll have to use the Arcana Revive.  Same
rules apply as in the previous 2 matches.

-(W) is Fengalon.
a) I suggest equipping Gallows with the Gale Claw.  Then follow the same rules
as with the other guardians. ((Oops... you don't get the Gale Claw until AFTER
this battle... Our mistake. Thanks to Calisaya for pointing it out. Also, she
suggested to equip the Terra Roar on Clive to damage Fengalon.))
* After the final fight, equip Terra Roar on Clive, and then return to Baskar.

3.) Baskar Colony
* After talking to Halle, go outside and chat with Roykman, the guy with the
green hat.  He'll talk about Jolly Roger and its location.

* Before you leave, use the PS points to gain Personal Skills.  Focus on the
non-status prevention first, for better battle results. ((From Cloud: I focused
on the status preventions first, but it's up to you.))

* To get to Jolly Roger from Baskar Colony, head back to the area of the Fallen
Sanctuary first.

* From there, continue (E) to get to another area, with the train tracks.

* Follow the tracks going (E).  Near the end of the tracks, look (S) and you'll
be at a stone bridge.

* Cross that bridge then just head (SW) to the shore to reach Jolly Roger.

4.) Jolly Roger
* Hit the Bell Starr Saloon on the (S) side of town.

* Before talking to Hannah the bartender, go up the stairs to the door.  From
there, head (E) and take the stairs down.  Check the barrels there for a Dragon

* Chat with her, don't talk to her.  Eating through chatting will get you the
info you need on where to go.

* After the conversation about the Eternal Sparkle, leave the saloon.

* After Janus's ramblings, head to the house to the left of the ARMs shop.

* In that house is Sterling.  She'll tell you where the Ruins of Memory is,
which is the next dungeon.  But before leaving, I advise that you buy at least
10 Antidotes and Medicines from Roykman.

* From the Jolly Roger, head straight (SE) to a very isolated area.

5.) Ruins of Memory
* Keep heading (N) past 2 doors until you meet up with Janus and Co.  Then, go
through the door on the (NE).

* Don't go to the (N), go (S), until you see the glass.  Run on it to break it,
and then step on the switch to open the door.  Go through it.

* Go (S), and then take the small steps on the (SE) side.  Use Jet's Boomerang
to hit the gem, and then go through the door that opens.

* When you get to the little bridge, use Gallows' Freezer Doll to put out the 4
fires.  Go through the door that opens.

* Break the 3 glass walls.  Push the block into the switch to open the door. 
Go through the door.

* Break the glass to get the chest.  Go further (N) until you see the door on
the (NE) side.  If you need white gems, go (S) of that door, and then come
back.  If not, go through the (NE) door.

* Break the glass to get the chest.  Head (NW) to the descending steps, then
head (N), and go to through the door all the way (N) to the 3 get the 3 chests.

* Go back out of the chests room, and take the door on the (E).  The door
behind you will lock.  There are 4 statues in this room.  Blow up the (NW)
statue with Clive's Bombs.  Step on switch then go through door.

* So (S) up the steps.  Break the glass on the (SW) side, and then flip the
switch.  Head up (N) again to the door and go through it.

* Go to the (W) side of the room to the cracked door.  Blow it up with a Bomb,
and go in.

* Step in and open the 2 regular chests.  Forget the Duplicator Chest, because
it only has 3 Name Tags.  Face the pillar looking (W).  With Jet, use his
Boomerang and hit the gem behind the pillar.  (Hint: Press <-, then ->
immediately after).  Go through the door that opens.

* In the room with 4 fires, put the blue one out with the Freezer Doll, and
then go on the platform that went down.  Next, light that fire again with
Virginia's Tindercrest.  Make necessary preparations, because you're about to
enter a boss fight.

**Boss: Janus, Romero, and Dario.  (You should at least be at level 8.)
* Keep the same medium equipment on the characters as you did after leaving the
Fallen Sanctuary.
* Focus all of your attacks only on Janus, because you won't be able to hurt
Romero or Dario because Janus will only heal them.
* When Janus leaves the battle, you'll have to deal with his 2 sidekicks. 
Don't worry, because at level 8, all of your characters should have fairly
decent EVA and DEF.  The 2 brothers should be defeated in no time.

* After all the talking, with Janus taking the Hieraco Shield, head back to the
Jolly Roger.

6.) Jolly Roger
* After healing up at the saloon, talk to Sterling again, who'll suggest that
you head (W) to get to Westwood.  For better directions, talk to Dennis, the
pirate with the red bandanna, and he'll tell you about Midland Station (NW) of
Jolly Roger.

* From Jolly Roger, cross the stone bridge, to get to the tracks.  Then, head
(NW) without crossing the tracks.  Midland Station is near the tunnel on the
ridge.  Before you go in, you need 120 Gella to buy a ticket.  If you don't
have it, then have a couple of battles outside.

7.) Midland Station
* Buy a ticket from the guy on the booth to the left, as soon as you enter the
station.  Next, talk to the guy on the train to travel to Westwood.

8.) Westwood
* Talk to the guy under the clock.  He'll tell you to head (E) to visit

* From Westwood, head straight (E).  Right when the tracks begin to curve is

9.) Claiborne
* If you have 2,000 Gella, then you'll be able to buy the horses from the barn
in the (NE) side of town.  It will make traveling much easier.

* Behind the barn is Pike, who'll offer to change your name for free. If you
talk to him with Jet, you'll have a little extra conversation.

* Talk to Otto at the ARMs shop on the (W) side to find directions to the ruins
on the (E) mountains.

* From Claiborne, head further (E), going (NE) past the tunnel on the ridge.

10.) Serpent's Coils (Everybody must be at least level 10 to make things
* Head (N) past the 1st door.  Ignore the 2 doors on either side of you, just
continue (N), and go through the door.

* Ignore the blocked door and the switch on the (N) and (NE) sides of the room.
 Just go through the door on the (E).

* Hit the switch on the (N) side, and go through the door that just opened.

* Open the 2 chests, then pull the lever to activate the navigation system,
then leave the room.

* Go to through the door on the (NW).  From there, head all the way (W), up the
steps, then go through the door opposite the ladder.

* Go all the way (S), until you reach the steps.  Go up these steps, and go
through the door on the right.

* You'll see the blocked door, and the switch (E) of the door.  Hit the switch,
watch the door open, and see the new players to the story.

* After talking to Blonde and her company, find your way back to that door that
you just opened with the switch.

* Once you find your way to that door, go through it, then head (N) until you
come up to a lever.  Pull it to open up the path.  Get the chests on the (NE)
side, then exit through the (NW) door.

* In this room, first, go through the door on the (W) side.  Follow the path
(S) to a door.  Get the 2 chests, and open up the Duplicator Chest to acquire a
Nectar.  Also, a Migrant Seal should be in one of the chests.  Return to the
room mentioned in the beginning of this step.

* Now, go up the steps to the (S) side, then go up to the door by the white

* After the Blonde lady pulls the lever to create a gap in the path, pull the
lever again to bridge the gap, then find your way back to that place, and go
through the door that Blonde tried to prevent you from going through.

* Follow the path to the next room, a room with a frozen lever.  Use
Tindercrest to melt the ice.  Pull the lever.  Then, freeze the lever with
Freezer Doll.  You'll see why.  Before you go through the door that the lever
opened, prepare yourself for a boss fight.

**Boss: Blonde, Timid Boy, Afro, Cat(?) (Try to be at least at level 11.)
* Have the person wearing Terra Roar, which should be Clive, cast Protect on
everybody because Cat's elemental attacks will hurt a lot more without it.
* Focus all your attacks on Afro first because his Healing Factor heals anybody
else who gets hurt, but watch out, because of his attacks has a chance of
confusing you.
* After you kill him, exterminate the Cat.  When he's done, go after Timid Boy,
who's Homemade Bomb reminds us of why he's called Timid Boy.
* After him, focus on Blonde herself.  Be careful, because sooner or later the
only attack she's use is AW-RSTN87.  Basically, a huge rail gun falls from her
unmentionables, and she uses it to deal some decent damage on one character. 
Other than that, the battle should go pretty smoothly, and you'll win a Potion
Berry for your troubles.

* After the fight, Blonde reveals herself to be Maya Schroedinger, and leaves
with her company to catch up to another party of Drifters.

* Follow her through the (N) door.  Get the Duplicator and Gimel Coin from the
right & left chests, then go through the door on the (N).

* Before you go through the last door all the way (N), prepare yourself for
another boss fight.

**Boss: Janus, Romero, Dario (If no level raise, then level 11 is still ok.)
* If Janus is targeted for an attack, he will just switch positions with either
Romero or Dario, so focus on taking out the 2 brothers first.
* The same procedure goes from the last fight with this trio should be used. 
The only thing that you have to worry about is their Trinity attack.  It deals
about 150-200 damage, so never let anybody, especially Virginia fall below 175
HP, cause if you do, then you're just asking for trouble.
* After eliminating the 2 brothers, Janus should be a piece of cake.  Have
Virginia constantly heal whoever's hurt, and the battle should be yours.

* After the fight, Maya's Cat will fly over everybody's heads and take the
Andro Shield.  Giving up, Janus tells everybody to head (SW) of Claiborne to Ka
Dingel, for a final showdown.

* After the he leaves, Virginia's flaws as a drifter surfaces.  Then, Maya
gives her the Andro Shield, and leaves.  After this scene, you end up back at

11.) Claiborne
* ARMs upgrading is optional, so design the ARMs to your own preferences.

* Stock up on status cures, because you'll be needing them in Ka Dingel.

* Hopefully with your horses, head straight (SW) until you reach this large
rock.  Ka Dingel should be around there.

12.) Ka Dingel (This dungeon can be difficult with low levels, so train here.)
* Head (N), past the first room.  The next room has blocks in it.  Go down the
steps, and move the 2 blocks so they'll form a path leading to the platform
with the single block.  Push that single block off the platform on the
top-right side, so that you can get to the chest.  After you get it, push the
block (W) so that you can reach the (NW) door.

* Through that door, go up the swirling steps.

* On the next room, step on the switch to lower the platform with the 1st
wheel.  Turn the wheel to raise the platform up again.  Go through the door on
the (N) to go to a room with 3 chests.

* Leave the chests room, and jump off the platform.  Repeat the previous step
without going through the chests room.  This time, jump off the platform on the
(E).  Turn the 2nd wheel to raise the platform to the 3rd wheel.  Turn the 3rd
wheel, then go through the door.

* Proceed up the swirling steps, up to another door.  Before going any further
past that door, prepare yourself for a boss fight.

**Boss: Trask (It would be better if you were at least at level 13.)
* First off have Clive cast Shield on everybody first.  Attack Trask once with
the other the other 3's ARMs to raise their force points.
* When everybody's shielded, make sure the Jet has at least 20 FP so he can
execute Devastate, which deals more damage that any of the other Arcana.  From
this point on, Virginia should be always Heal-ing Jet, and Gallows and Clive
should be boosting up Jet's stats.  Before the fight ends, use a Gella Card on
Trask to get a 3,000 Gella bonus at the end.
* Basically, the tactic is: Jet attacks with Devastate, Virginia Heals him, and
Gallows and Clive do practically nothing.  Believe me, it may seem dumb, but
this technique proved more than effective.  Trask hits the person who does any
Arcana on him with Bio-Missile, which deals some really big damage.  If nobody
else attacks him, he's almost useless.  If Jet is the only one using Arcana,
healing the party will be much easier. ((From Cloud: An optional boss strategy
is to use Cremate to heat his shell up, and then to use Refrigerate to break
it. This drastically lowers his defense.))

* After the fight, continue heading (S).  Go up the swirling steps to the door.

* Climb up the ladder.  Hang from the grate, then climb (S).  If you want to
get a Heal Berry from the chest closest to you, feel free to get it.  If not,
make your way to the next 2 grates to get to the next chest, which has 2 Revive
Fruits.  After that, do everything over again, only this time, flip up over the
3rd grate.  You have the choice of 2 doors.  Take the one on the right first.

* Go down the swirling steps, and through the door.  There's a Blue Bracer, and
a Booster Kit inside the Duplicator Chest, which will increase the number of
battles you can avoid.

* Return to the room, with the 2 doors.  This time, go to the left one.

* Go up the swirling steps and through the door.

* Stand right next to the fire on the right, and put out the fire on the left
with the Freezer Doll.  When the platforms move, run all the way to the right
of the un-extinguished fire, and put it out with the Freezer Doll.  When the
platforms move again, go to the door.

* Walk up the swirling steps to another door.  In the next room, you'll hear
commotion above you.  Go (E), but before you do anything, prepare yourself for
the final boss fight of Chapter 1.

* Hit the elevator all the way (E) to go up.

**Boss: Janus (level 14 should be the bare minimum when fighting him.)
* After all the commotion, Janus flies solo and takes on Virginia and Co. by
* For the first 4 turns, have Clive cast Shield on everybody to increase their
DEF, because they'll seriously need it for Janus's ATK resurgence.
* Almost every time you shoot him, he'll counter with Heretic Stab.  A high EVA
would help there.  At the end of every turn, he'll either annoy your healing
order by using Multiblast, or concentrate on one character using Rising Nova,
his most powerful attack.
* Stay calm, always Heal with Virginia, and if everybody's Shield-ed by Clive,
then the battle should be a little easier.  Fight hard, and the battle should
be done in no time.

 * After this fight, you're treated to a nice and long-awaited plot twist,
which signals the end of Chapter 1.

Chapter Two (By Strata Razor)

   1.) Claiborne
   After hearing Clive's story, go outside and talk to Becky, the girl with the
red ponytail.  She'll tell you where Little Twister is.

   By now you should have horses, cause you'll need them to get to Little
   From Claiborne, head straight (W), jumping over the crevasse.  Once over the
crevasse, keep going (W) until you're near the edge.  Little Twister should be
near the shore.
   Make sure you have at least 500 Gella coming into Little Twister.  You'll
need that money to get info on where you gotta go.

   2.) Little Twister
   Go inside the saloon, which is the building directly (N) of the save statue.
 Chat with Angela, and choose the option "Point to the 500 Gella bottle" to
begin the dialogue.
   After the dialogue, chat with Angela again to find directions to the next
  Before leaving, the building to the right of the saloon has a wheel you gotta
turn.  Turn it to open the back door.
   On the farthest area (N), out that back door, you can find a chest and the
ARM's shop.
   Before you leave, make sure you have at least 15 of each status cure item. 
You'll need them for the next 2 stages that you're headed to, believe me.

   From Little Twister, head straight (NE), near the edge of the land to find
the ruin.

   3.) The Unclean Mark
   Head all the way (N), and go through the door left of the wall.
   In the next room you'll meet Claudia, the missing girl everybody in Little
Twister's been talking about.  After accepting to help her, place a Bomb in
each of the 4 crystals to open the door.
   Through that door, open the Duplicator door (W) of the edge with the
Duplicator you found on the chest in Little Twister.  Get the chests inside,
then leave.  Head all the way (E), then go through the door.
   Head to the obvious-looking trap below the steps.  While talking to Claudia,
hold X to avoid the trap after you're done talking to her.  Talk to her before
you go through the door she opened for you.
   Go to the door immediately to the right of you to get the chests, then come
back out.  Follow the path, then go through the door.
   Follow the path down the steps.  Adjust the view so you can see the gem
better.  With Jet, hold R2 and direct the Boomerang to hit the gem.  Go through
the door that opens.
   This next trap might hurt a lot if you're not careful.  When you talk to
her, right before the dialogue ends when she hits the switch, hold X, cause the
bridge will collapse.  If you hold X, you'll run to the other side untouched. 
If not, you'll fall on the pit below, which will cause mad damage.  Go through
the door.
   Just continue (N) following the path of the small gems.  The next room
should bring back good memories, or bad nightmares, to those who've played Wild
Arms 2.  Hit the switch, then when the blocks start moving, run to the blocks
with Clive, and drop as many Bombs as you can on one spot.  When you get
through, go to the door.
   Head (SE) all the way to the already-opened door.  Ignore the block and
switch, cause you can't do this yet.
   The next puzzle requires more brains than quick fingers.  There are 2 rows
of 4 gems.  Row 1 has gems #1, #2, #3, and #4.  Row 2 has gems #5, #6, #7, and
#8.  Place a Bomb in-between #1 and #2, between #3 and #4, between, #5 and #6,
and between #7 and #8.  This should save you a lot of time, effort, and
frustration.  Go through the door.
   Hit the gem with the Boomerang, so a path will be cleared.  After talking to
Claudia, RUN LIKE HELL through that path, and don't stop until you get to the
very end!  Go through the door at the end of your run.
   Prepare for a boss fight.  In this next room, grab the green gem first
before you talk to Claudia.  Then, the truth will be revealed, and you'll fight
your first prophet.

   **Boss: Robed Woman (at least lvl 15)
   Throughout the whole fight, she'll only attempt to kill Clive.  After all,
wouldn't you do the same thing after he said those things to you?
   Because of that, Clive should always defend.  Have one person cast Shield on
him for this first turn.  Everybody else should be attacking.  If Clive's
health gets low, don't be stingy and heal him.  If he dies, then the battle
will become much harder than it has to be.

   After she takes Claudia hostage again, go through the door, and just follow
the path.  Prepare for another boss fight, and you won't believe who it is.

   **Boss: Neo-Janus (after the last fight, you should at least be at lvl 16)
   The bad-boy drifter's back, with a new form that will remind you of an
alter-ego belonging to another blue-haired bayonet-carrying character from a
past WA game.
   Hopefully, you put Gale Claw on Gallows at least for one turn.  When he gets
the chance, have him cast Extension + Turbulence, so the fight won't be as
hard.  Cast shield on Virginia, because she should be the one using Heal.
   His Negative Rainbow should be the only thing that you have to really worry
about.  He only uses it EVERY OTHER TURN, so strategize accordingly to his
attack pattern.
   Keep hitting him hard on the non-Negative Rainbow turn, then go defensive on
the Negative Rainbow turn.  This fight should be rather easy.

   After the battle, the campfire scene should tell you where to head next.

   Turn (SE) until you see a large, tall, rock.  Head straight, going to the
right of that rock.  Near the edge of the land is the next ruin.

   4.) Lunatic Garden
   Head (N), then step on the switch to open the door.  Open the chests inside
that room, and one of them will be Gallows' second tool, the Steady Doll.
   Outside, use the Steady Doll to flip both switches.  The Duplicator door,
for those who don't know if they should waste a Duplicator, has a Migrant Seal,
2 Revive Fruits, and a Tiny Flower, an item that will increase LCK.  It's up to
you.  Otherwise, go to (E) door.
   In the next room, use Steady Doll to push the block on the switch.  Go
through the door that opens.
   Follow the steps up to the door on the top.  Go through it.  Then, run
straight to the door.
   In the next room, push the unstacked block on the (SW) corner of that
confined square.  Push the stacked block off of the block under it.  Push that
blocked that you push off to the (NW) switch.  Push the last block to the last
switch, and go through the door.
   Follow the steps up to the next door.  Make your way up the steps in the
next room, then hit the switch on the (N) part of the room.  Go through the
door that opens.
   Find your way to the ledge above the switch, then jump on it.  Go through
the door that opens, making sure that you get the chest by the door.
   Get the 2 chests.  Stand right next to the wall (S) of the switch before
hitting it.  Now, hit the switch to raise the platform.  Go through the door
all the way (W).  Proceed straight to the next door.
   Follow the path to the door all the way (E) to go outdoors.
   Hit the 3 crystals with the boxes lying around.  The 3rd one can be seen
over the (SW) ledge.  Get the Duplicator from the chest, then go through the
door that opened.
   Hit the switch.  Jump to the other side to go through the door.
   That big, rotating object on the next room signals an upcoming boss battle. 
Prepare for it.

   **Boss: Slickster (at least lvl 16)
   His fuzzy appearance means that you won't be able to land a hit on him until
you cast Decelerate on him, which should be the first thing you do.
   Remember when I told you to buy those status cure items?  Well, this is
where you'll need them the most.  His most devastating attack is Tri-Injury,
which will inflict 3 different status ailments on one character at once.
   The only other attack he has is Eliminate Scanner, which does 200+ damage. 
Other than that, if Fragile is cast on him, this fight should go down quick.

   After Janus escorts Slickster out of there, Gallows will get the Moon Spark.
 In my opinion, by now, Virginia should have the Moon Spark, Gallows with Aqua
Wisp and Gale Claw so he can be a quick healer, Jet with Fiery Rage, and Clive
with Terra Roar.  This arrangement is my own recommended one for people at this
stage of the game.
   After getting the medium, prepare for another boss fight.  Go back to all
the rooms until you catch up to Janus and Slickster.  Then, Slickster will
unleash another old friend from WA2, one that might have drove countless crazy
before, but now, you get your chance at payback, to beat up on an easier form
of that old enemy.

   **Boss: King of Angolmois (at least lvl 17)
   Much, much easier that the large, purple Angol Mois of WA2, he won't put as
hard as fight as before, but you should still be careful.
   His first attack might be the ever-popular Seventh Moon attack, which is his
best attack.  Prepare for it, because it almost always is his first move.
   Casting Shield and Protect are optional, because his only other attacks,
Screaming Mad and Agony Effect, deal about 175-200 damage.  Casting Fragile is
optional, but good.
   Keep everybody in good health, because you don't want to be caught with low
health when he dishes out another Seventh Moon attack.
   This battle will be very long if your characters' levels are at a minimum. 
If luck is on your side, he'll never cast Seventh Moon after the first turn. 
If not, he'll go on a rage and consistently toss out Seventh Moon on every
turn.  If this happens, consider another battle strategy when you're forced to
use a Gimel Coin to continue.

Optional (And easier) Strategy from Nightdagger:

I found this out in a fit of complete the fight against King of
Angolmois in the Lunatic Garden, the person with Moon Spark becomes your best
friend.  That medium has an Arcana called Grav (which, if you have FP Save
maxed out, doesn't take hardly anything to cast) that does literally thousands
of damage to the King on the first hit (first casting for me did 2203 damage). 
Seems to halve his hps every time (not sure of the actual damage done, haven't
been playing long), but three or four Gravs can really shorten the fight
considerably, being as he has a ton of hps.
   Not sure if you already knew this or not, but I didn't see it in your FAQ,
so I thought, no harm done telling you something you already (but might not)
know, especially if it helps people beat that annoying fight more quickly.  As
it is, I spent about 10 minutes straight with Turbo battle on fighting him
before I got bored enough to try Grav (which really surprised me when it
worked...a boss getting hit by a cheap HP percent cutting spell?), but only
about 5 mins afterwards, and my party was only around level 15 or so when I did
   Little tip that I thought ya might wanna consider adding to your FAQ.  Hope
it helps.

((Although several people have emailed both I and Strata Razor about this,
Nightdagger was the first person to mention it. Our thanks go out to you all.))

   After the fight, watch the prophets (now with names!) put a leash on Janus.

   5.) Little Twister
   After getting a lead on the next guardian shrine, talk to Claudia about the
location of the next area.  Outside the saloon, talk to Berkley all the way (E)
of the town for more info.

   From Little Twister, head to the very far (NW).  The next ruin will be hard
to miss.

   6.) Sand Canal
   Right when you begin, prepare for a boss fight.

   **Boss: Jasna (red), Vendidurt (white), Wisrapt (blue) (at least lvl 18)
   These funny-looking "knights" belong to the order of Huskarls, which was
mentioned when the prophets were placing a bomb on Janus.
   Bring down Jasna first, because his Deathbringer attack is an instant kill
move if it connects.
   After him, killing the other 2 will be a breeze, especially if Turbulence
and/or Shield are cast.  Try to put Wisrapt to sleep to make it even easier. 
It may not work right away, but believe me, he will go to sleep.  This battle
should be really easy, even at low levels.

   Go down the steps to the door.  In the next room, stand on the light gray
block, then hit the switch with Steady Doll.  The Duplicator door is optional,
because it only contains a Holy Root (cures all status ailments except fallen)
and a Name Tag.  Go through the door on the (NW) side.
   Follow the path, past the boxes.  Hit the gem with the Boomerang, then go to
the door.
   Follow this path to get the chest.  Then, run on the bridge to make it fall.
 Follow the path up (NW).
   Head for the crates in the (N) side of the room to get the chest.  The door
is under the flowing sand.
   As soon as you enter the room, prepare for another ridiculous boss fight
with the knights.

   **Boss: Jasna (red), Vendidurt (white), Wisrapt (blue)
   Use the exact same procedure as before.  They have more HP than the last
fight, but that shouldn't matter because they're still mad easy.
   After you beat the 3 of them, you'd think that you're done.  But wait,
there's more...
   **Boss: Jasna (red), Vendidurt (white), Wisrapt (blue), Jasteuch (green) (at
least lvl 18)
   The leader of the Huskarls, the green knight Jasteuch, has come to join the
fight.  The very first turn of the fight will be his, and he'll use the Khorda
Avesta attack to deal some moderate damage.  Focus on him or Jasna first, it's
up to you.  But those 2 have to be the first 2 to die if you want an easier
   Again, after eliminating those 2, you'll feel like fighting the same guys
from the entrance, only with more HP.  End it quick, and you're done.

   ***Believe me when I say that that was the easiest part of the entire stage.
 The second half,
   If my directions aren't strictly followed, will be extremely hard as hell.

   After coming to the realization that people are out to stop your party, head
to the door on the (NE).
   Nab the gems, then go towards the door on the (SE) to get the chests.  Then,
head (NE) to the door.
   Here is where it starts getting complicating for some of you.  Take my
advice if you want to follow this walkthrough to the very last detail.  For
this room, going up has to be heading (NW), and the directional diamond must be
at the top-right corner of the screen.  You must keep this view until you leave
the room.
   1st block up -> very next block up -> second block on the left, not the
middle -> block heading to the switch
   Click the switch, return to same block -> next dark gray block -> next light
gray block heading to the chest
   Open the chest, return to same block -> very next light gray block, not the
one that you were on before -> next light gray block ->light gray block on the
right to get the chest -> dark gray block to get to switch
   Click the switch, then jump into the sand to start by the door.
   Light gray block on the right -> next light gray block to get chest -> jump
back into sand
   Now, just get on the blue block on the left to get to the door.
   For this next puzzle, and the one right after this one, this will be the
   LG = light gray block. DG = dark gray block. B = blue block
   For this room, make sure that going up has to be heading (SW), and the
directional diamond is on the bottom-right of the screen.  Here we go...
   Up to LG -> right to DG -> up to the top B -> right to LG -> right to DG ->
right to B -> down to LG -> down to DG -> right to B -> right to LG -> right to
DG -> right to B -> right to LG -> right to DG -> right to B -> right to LG ->
right to DG -> right to B.  Go to the door.
   In the next room, follow the gems in the path.  Go through door.
   For this puzzle, make sure that going up has to be heading (SE), and the
directional diamond is on the bottom left.  Here we go...
   Down to LG, stay on the first block -> right to DG -> right to B -> diagonal
down-right to LG -> up to DG -> up to B -> right to LG -> right to DG -> down
to B -> down to LG -> down to DG -> the 2nd B on the right -> right to LG ->
right to DG -> down to B -> down to LG -> right to DG -> right to B -> right to
LG -> up to DG -> right to B -> right to LG -> up to DG -> right to B -> right
to LG -> up to DG -> left to B -> left to LG.  Hit the switch, and go through
the door that opens.  Get the 2 chests, and then go back to the door, into the
sand pit.  Prepare for a boss fight, then just head up the steps to the door.
   The prophets introduce themselves, and begin to talk to you about evolution.
 After the team aggravates the prophets, Leehalt sends Neo-Janus to fight you.

   **Boss: Neo-Janus (bare minimum should be lvl 18)
   This battle only requires you to stay alive for 3 turns.  You should even
try to attack, because it won't do any good.  And don't waste a Lucky Card or a
Gella Card, cause he doesn't give EXP or Gella.
   Increase all defensive stats with Shield and Turbulence, and just defend if
you're not casting Arcana.
   At the very end of the 3rd turn, he'll use Ultranegative Rainbow, which
might kill you if you're not blocking, if you're stats aren't increased, and/or
your health is low.  Avoid those things, and you should walk away from this
battle still alive.

   Head straight (W), and you'll soon hit the next town.

   7.) Little Rock
   This is the hometown of Pike, the boy that Jet rescued in his intro level. 
Go inside the Rolling Stone, the building next to the save statue.  Sleep if
you have to.  Inside, talk to Gaspar, the old man by the table, and he'll tell
you the location of the next guardian shrine.
   Outside the Rolling Stone, talk to Kovahn, the guy by the ARMs store, and
he'll give you more info on where you should go next.

   From Little Rock, head straight (N).  The shrine should be right past the
2nd shore.  If you continue (W), you'll find Doomed to Obscurity, Jet's intro
level.  Go inside the shrine.

   8.) Glimmering Emblem
   This can be a hard level if you're not at least at lvl. 20 because the
enemies tend to be frustrating.  Be ready for them.
   You have your choice of going left or right.  Eventually you'll have to go
through both of them.  But don't go straight.


   Go up the steps to the door.  Use the Steady Doll to push the block off the
platform.  Then, use the Boomerang to hit the gem.  Go through the door that
In the next room, move the 3 blocks all the to the (N) side of the area to form
a path.  Go through the door on the other side.
   Get the chest.  Then, on the (N) edge, use the Freezer Doll on the window to
let the light shine in on the floating balloon.  Jump off the ledge.


   Go up the steps to the door.  Get the chest in the room, then go through the
   In the next room, there's a big glass wall.  With Tindercrest, copy the
image on the other side of the glass to make a mirror reflection of the other
side.  Bomb/run on the glass to break it, and go through the door that opens.
   Open the 2 chests with Steady Doll, then go through the door ahead.
   On the (N) edge, use the Freezer Doll on the window to let the light shine
in on the floating balloon.  Jump off the ledge.
   After both balloons are illuminated, the door will open.  Go through the
door.  If your VIT meters are empty, and I won't be surprised if they are, then
you can head back to Little Rock to rest up.  Return here.
   Break the glass, then go straight.
   Again, the same decision will be presented to you, and you have the choice
of going left or right.  Eventually you'll have to go through them.  But don't
go straight.


   Climb up the ladder, and get the chest all the way (N).  Go back and go
through the door on the left.
   Move the blocks so they form a path on the (N) wall.  Ignore the switch on
the other side for now.  As you can see, whichever way the blocks on this side
move, the blocks on the other side will move in that direction as well.  On the
other side, move one of the your blocks to move a block on the other side to
the switch.  Go through the door.
   Use Steady Doll to push the 2 crates off the platform.  Get the chest using
the Steady Doll.  Now use those 2 blocks to make a platform on the (S) side. 
Go through the door.
   Flip the switch on the (N) side to lower the wall.  Jump off the ledge.


   Climb up the ladder, and get the chest all the way (N).  Go back and go
through the door on the right.
   Go down the steps to the block on the corner.  Whichever way this block
moves, the block on the upper platform, the platform with the switch, will move
in an identical direction.  Move the block so that the block on the upper
platform will hit the switch.  Go through the door.
   Break the glass first to get a good view of the entire other side. Copy the
exact same image as if it were reflected through a mirror, just like the puzzle
you encountered before.  You must do the same with the boxes, to make it a
completely reflected image.  You do this by throwing/blowing up the corner box.
 Go through the door that opens.
   Get the 2 chests down the steps, then go through the door.
   Flip the switch on the (N) side to lower the wall.  Jump off the ledge.
    Once both walls are lowered, go through the door.  Break the glass in the
next room.  Prepare for a boss fight.  Go through the door.

**Boss: Mono-Eye Titan (at least lvl 19)
   This boss is fairly easy.  His Dark Matter attack does about 50-100 damage,
and so does his Eyeball attack.
   Cast Fragile to make this battle faster.  You can also cast Extension +
Protect, but that's optional, for you might not need it.
   Constantly hit him hard on every turn, and you should win this quickly.

   After he dies, go through the door (N) of you.  Proceed to the large
rotating object, which is revealed to be a Chock.  After the discussion,
prepare for another boss fight.  Head back (S).

**Boss: Hecto-Eye Titan (at least lvl 19)
   The same strategy applies as before, only this time, I highly suggest the
Extension + Protect move, because he'll counter every single hit with a
slightly stronger version of Dark Matter.
   With that defense, it shouldn't be a difficult match.

   After you win, you'll get Stare Roe, the Light Guardian.  Then, you're
treated to a nice scene, where the prophets introduce a new enemy, the "Divine
Fortress," Golem Asgard.   It's a shame to see one of Marivel's toys from Wild
Arms 2 go bad, but he'll prove to be a fun villain to do battle with.

   Return to Little Rock.

9.) Little Rock
   After resting up, talk to Goodwin by the ARMs shop to find out about the
next place that you gotta go to.

   From Little Rock, head (NW), past Glimmering Emblem.  The next area should
be (SW) from Doomed to Obscurity, past the large rocks.

10.) Leyline Observatory
   After Jet gets some gray images in his head, go through the door ahead.
   As an early reminder, do not waster any Duplicators on the books that are
sealed by magic here.  You'll need them for far more important things later on
in the game.
   In the hall, first go through the door on the left.  In the room with the 2
chests, search the lockers to the right of those chests for Jet's second tool,
Radar, or Booty Call to those who're familiar to this tool's 3rd appearance. 
After getting it, search for the memorandum on the left of the chests for the
password.  Exit through the first door.
   Go through the door across the hall.  On the computer console up (N), input
"Inkapilia" as the password, just in case you didn't know.  This will turn the
machines on.
   Go back out to the main hall, then go through the door on the (NE).
   Next, head (S) and go through the first door on the (W) that you see.  Open
up the 2 chests, the go out through the door by the chests.
   Head to the door all the way (S).  Use Radar to find the ID Card on the
table.  Go back to the main hall, and use it on the machine to open the door. 
Go through it.
   Out of the elevator, head to the door on the (S) to get the 3 chests, then
return to the main hall.
   Go through the door on the (W) to get the 2 chests.  Return to the hall, and
go through the door on the (NE).
   In the next room, as Virginia, talk to Gallows and Clive.  Before talking to
Jet, examine the computers around you.  Then, talk to Jet.  Afterwards, go
through the door he opens.
   In the next room, head (N) to the door.  But before going through the door,
read the books to the right of the door.  One will give you a very important
piece of information.  After reading, go through the door.
   The lasers ahead will prevent you from going further.  On the machine, input
"Guiding Word," which is the password given to you by one of the books.  Go
through the door on the (N).
   ((A note from Cloud: Finally! Now maybe people will stop asking about the
   In the next room, before doing anything else, prepare for a boss fight.  On
one of the tables you'll find a picture.  After Virginia examines it, use her
Right Half of the photo to complete the picture.  You'll see her go into
hysterics after Jet lets her in on something about her father, which will be
interrupted by Melody and Asgard.

**Boss: Asgard (at least lvl 20)
   As soon as you can, have Gallows cast Extension + Turbulence/Shield.  One of
them will help out, but both will be better.  Casting Fragile on the metal man
will also make the fight easier on you.
   Have Virginia use Mystic + Lucky Card, because he'll give out some decent
EXP.  Also, have somebody use a Gella Card on him.
   Later on, he'll use his High-Power Shield maneuver, which will prevent you
from dealing damage for a certain period of time.  This will wear off when he
uses Optimize Data, so just keep on hitting him, and eventually he will begin
to take damage again.
   The turn after he Optimize-s Data, he'll hit you with an attack that will
end the fight, and put everybody on the floor.  Don't worry, you'll still end
up as the winners, even though it won't look like it.

   When Melody tries to finish off Clive, Shady the Cat will stop her.  Enter
the Schroedingers.  After Alfred's smoke bomb let's you evacuate, you'll be
treated to another long scene.

   Head (S), and cross the land bridge.  Keep going (S), until you see the
shore.  Search around it to find Clive's hometown.

11.) Humphrey's Peak
   After Clive shows you the way to his house, talk to Albert, the guy by the
memory figure.  Then, go to Clive's house.
   When you get to control Virginia, use the Taped Photo to fill some of the
team's queries.
   The next day, you get 2 prospective leads on where to go next.  Head to the
shrine of the Luck Guardian first.
   Before leaving, talk to Kaitlin to find out where the train station is. 
Also, make sure you buy yourself a handful of Call Whistles, if you don't have
many already.

   From Humphrey's Peak, head straight (W).  Crossing to the other side of the
tracks, near the edge, is the station.

12.) East Highlands
   The ticket to Dune Canyon costs 200 Gella.  Make sure that you have that
money coming into the station.

13.) Dune Canyon
   First, use Radar to find the hidden Duplicator on the station.
   Simon, the train attendant, will be blocking your way.  Chat with him, and
he'll tell you about Diobarg.  Then, he'll let you through.  Chat with him
again on the booth, and he'll tell you where the shrine is.

14.) Outside
   Use a Call Whistle to call your horse.  First, follow the tracks heading
(E).  To the right of those tracks, by the mountains, is where the shrine is.
   After you locate it, don't go in just yet.  On your horse, ride around the
area around the shrine until you encounter a fight that's signaled with a green
"!"  Whatever you do, don't avoid this fight, because that green "!" means that
it's Diobarg.  With that said, while you're out riding, prepare for a boss

**Boss: Diobarg (at least lvl 21)
   Definitely get Virginia to use Mystic + Lucky Card as soon as you can.  Also
use a Gella Card on him.
   Try to have Blue Bracer equipped on some of your mediums, because his
Paralysis Bite will do as it says, unless you're protected from it.
   His weakness is ice, so cast Refrigerate on him as much as you can, for that
will be your main attack against him.
   Raising your defenses is optional, for his only other attack is Ram, and it
does only about 200 damage, at most.

   After you get the EXP, the Gella, and the 15 Dragon Fossils as your reward,
head to the guardian shrine.

15.) Fortune Gear
   Head for the door on the (N).
   In the next room, go up the steps on either side of the door to come up to
the Duplicator door on the higher level.  Use a Duplicator, then open up the
brown chest.  The black chest will only tell you how many chests there are in
all of Filgaia (320), and how many of them you've already opened.  After that,
go back down the steps, and go through the door on the bottom level.
   Go down the steps, then go through the door on the (W).
   In the next room, do what the tablet on the right says, and match the colors
of the crystals that you activate.  It's like a memory game.  After completing
the puzzle, go through the door that opens.
   Go down the steps, then go through the door in the (W) to get the 3 chests,
and come back out.  Follow the crystals (S) to the open door.
   In the next room, the puzzle will be the same as before with the matching. 
Only this time, there will be holes in the floor that open up when you walk on
them.  While tiptoeing with the Circle (O) button will work to an extent, my
advice is to find all the holes before doing the puzzle.  That way, you won't
have anything else to worry about when you complete the puzzle.  After doing
it, prepare for a boss fight.  Then, go through the door that opened.

**Boss: Olivier (at least lvl 22)
   The same guy who tried to eat up Lilka in Wild Arms 2 has returned to take
on your team.
   Don't bother hitting him with Arcana, because he'll only absorb it.  And
don't bother raising your defenses either, because he doesn't have any real
direct damage-inflicting attacks
   His Prohibited Play attack with Poison you with the boogers that he picks
from his nose.  His only other attack is Bwaaargh!, when he'll deal minimal
damage while giving your characters Disease.
   If you're prepared to defend/heal against those 2 status afflictions, then
you should do just fine in this match.

   After the match, the team will sense the presence of the Dark Spear in the
temple.  Afterwards, go through the door on the (E).
   In the next room, step on one of the 4 torches, and watch the fire travel
along the 4 torches.  What I did was step on the (S) torch, then used the
Freezer Doll on the other 3 torches.  Then, you step again on the un-frozen
torch.  I don't know if this works for all the torches, but this worked for me.
 Go through the door that opens.
   Here is another matching puzzle, but with a harder twist.  After activating
one crystal, you only have about a second to activate its match, or it will
deactivate.  I suggest finding out the locations of the colors.  That way,
you'll know where to head net after lighting up one crystal.  You can also use
the Steady Doll to activate the switches as well, if running to them is too
hard.  After solving the puzzle, go through the door that opens.
   In the next room, you'll find the Chock of the shrine.  This insinuates an
upcoming boss fight, so prepare for it.  Head to the door on the (N).
   After watching Janus use the Dark Spear to absorb the guardian's energy,
he'll engage you in a very difficult battle.

**Boss: Neo-Janus (at least lvl 23)
   I suggest making Virginia use Mystic + Lucky Card when you can, because you
might not be able to do it on the first turn.  A Gella Card would also be good
to use.
   His Negative Rainbow on this battle will be right on target, and it will be
his most devastating attack.  Other than that, his Proton Beam will be
concentrated on one character, and his Dark Spear is fairly avoidable and is
his weakest attack.
   For the first few turns, I suggest you have Virginia and Jet, who have the
lowest DEF, just defend, because you need to recover from his first blow, which
most likely might be the Negative Rainbow.  When you raise their defenses, then
have them attack.
   When you can, get Gallows to use Extension + Turbulence/Shield.  Each have
equal importance, but with his constant barrage, you might only have time to
cast one of them, so make your decision wisely.  Cast Decelerate on him early,
so you can better prepare for his attacks.
   If 1-2 of your characters die, don't panic.  Revive and heal them when you
can, because he throws his Negative Rainbow quite randomly.  If you trust your
luck, then work on finishing the match with everyone alive.
   Once your defenses are raised, and your HPs are brought back to high
standards, then feel free to wail on him with everything you got.

   After taunting you with his power and messing with Virginia's head, he
leaves, but not before giving Virginia a kick good-bye.
   When you get the Luck Guardian, Chappapanga, return to Humphrey's Peak.

   Return to Humphrey's Peak.

16.) Humphrey's Peak
   After resting up, talk to Ricardo by the well on the (NE) part of town, and
he'll tell you where to go next.

   After the last battle, everybody should be at least at lvl 24.  Now would be
a good time to go to the Secret Garden, which will be an intricate and
important part of your game.  Plus, you'll get to do some other things along
the way.
   Return to Jolly Roger by taking the train to Midland Station.

17.) Jolly Roger
   Use Radar as soon as you step into the town.  You'll see that there's an
item located inside a giant crate by the tower next to the entrance.  Bomb the
(S) side of the crate, and get the Migrant Seal inside it.
   Go inside the ARMs shop, and chat with Emilia.  Hear her out, and give her
the 15 Dragon Fossils that you got from Diobarg to get your Sandcraft.  It's
pretty useless right now, so just leave it as it is, and go outside.

   If you don't have your horse yet, call it now.  From Jolly Roger, head
straight (N), crossing the land bridge.  Near the crevasse, across from the
forest on the other side, look for a sign.  Search for it, and it will tell you
the direction to The Secret Garden.
   When you find the sign, jump across that crevasse to get to the other side,
to the area with the small forest.
   Once you're across, head (NE), going around the forest, until you reach the
end of the path.  Search there for The Secret Garden.

18.) The Secret Garden
   Talk to the lone girl there, who'll reveal herself to be Florina.  She seems
to have a strong bond with the flowers in the garden, as well as an unusual
liking to Jet.  She'll ask you to help her get rid of the thing that's decaying
all her flowers.  Giving you 10 Heal Berries as a reward, you take the job.

   From The Secret Garden, head all the way (W), past the sole rock.  At the
base of a large cliff, scan for the dungeon.
   Before going in, make sure that you are at least at lvl 25.  If you're at a
couple of levels below it, then use this time to level up around the area by
the dungeon.  When you reach the required level, you can proceed to take on the

19.) Decaying Labyrinth
   Go inside the temple.  Then go down the steps to the door on the (N).
   Run straight to the next door.  In the next room, follow the path to the
next door.
   In the next room, push the block with Steady Doll, and hit the switch in the
center of the room.  Go down, then push the other block out of your way, and go
through the door that just opened.
   Go down the steps, then go through the door there.
   Here, hit the switch under the bridge to open the door.  Go to the door.
   Go up the steps to the next door.  As soon as you walk in, the door behind
you will close, which means that you have nowhere to go but straight.  Jump
down to the lower level.  Before you open the chest, prepare for a boss battle.
 Now, open then chest.

**Boss: Ring Keeper (at least lvl 25)
   At the first turn, have Gallows cast Extension + Protect, and have Virginia
use Mystic + Lucky Card.  Then get Jet to use a Gella Card on him, and have
Clive lead off the offensive.  That should be the very first turn, which will
give you all the defensive powers you need, while giving you a boost in EXP and
   The reason for the casting of Protect is to lessen the damage from his
strongest attack, Phantom Hazard.  His Mighty Swing attack is an occasional
counter, and it can be avoided.
   It's advised that you start at lvl 25 because he has a tendency to cast his
Anti-Arcana Zone early on, which will seal away all Arcana attacks.  And it's
not fair, because while you can't cast Arcana, he has the ability to cast his
Phantom Hazard.
   At lvl 25, and everybody Protect-ed, you should have few problems.

   When you beat him, you're offered the Corpse Ring.  Take the ring, because
that's what you're there for.  Taking it means that everybody's HP will stay at
1, everybody will have empty VIT meters, and you won't be able to heal yourself
or save.  The only way to remove these clauses is to escape the dungeon with
the ring.
   With that in mind, pressing Circle (O) to escape battles is a rare
commodity, one that must be used with discretion.  If at any time you feel that
you don't want to fight, nor do you want to waste pressing Circle, just run off
the path.  If you fall, you will start from the door that you came from.  It's
a strategy that's smart, and not cowardly.  With that said, RUN to the door on
the (N).
   RUN straight (N), then maneuver (W) to the door.
   Maneuver (NE), then RUN straight (S) up the steps to the door.
   In the next room, push the block up with Steady Doll, then hit the switch on
the right.  Push the block (W) of that switch, then hit the switch (S) of the
block that you just pushed.  Now, push the next block ahead of you further (S),
and hit the switch (E) of that block.  Push the next block ahead of you further
(E), then hit the switch (N) of that block.  RUN to the door that just opened.
   Take the steps on the right, and go through the door up there.
   RUN straight (S), then maneuver (E) to the door.  Run across the bridge to
get to the door ahead of you.
   Examine this path carefully, and you'll see which directions you need to
take.  By now, if you've been wise, conservative and fast, your ECN meter
should still be at 20.  So in your attempt to traverse through this path, you
can avoid at most 2 fights by pressing Circle.  After making your way across,
go through the open door.
   In the next room, push the block (N), then hit the switch on the (W).  Go
right, then push the block further (E).  Stand on the ledge by the closed door,
and position yourself so you can push that block off the platform.  Push it
off, and hit the switch that you freed up.  Next, RUN straight (N), and push
the block further (N), so you can hit the switch (E) of the block.  After
hitting the switch, position yourself by that switch so you can push that block
off the platform like before.  Push it off, then hit the switch that you freed
up.  Next, RUN (W), and follow the same procedures as you did with the 2
previous blocks, ending it with hitting the last freed-up switch.  When the
door opens, you have 2 options.  Either you RUN there through the path that you
created for yourself, or walk off the path and start from the (S) side of the
room.  Either way, go through the door that you opened.
   Run straight (S), then maneuver (W) to the door.  Then head (NW), then go up
the steps to the door on the (S).
   Examine this next path carefully, and in this room, you can spare 2-3 more
fights, if you're still at a good condition with your ECN meter.  At the end of
the path, hit the switch, and go through the door.
   After that, RUN straight (S), avoiding the fights if you have to, because
all you have left is the exit ahead of you.
   When you finally see sunlight again, the Corpse Ring dissipates, and you get
your health back, return to The Secret Garden.

20.) The Secret Garden
   Talk to Florina, and her last reward to you is the ability to plant berries,
carrots, and flowers in her garden.  This is very important in the future,
where you'll need a lot of those curative plants, the ones that can't be bought
anywhere.  She'll give you instructions on ho to sow, breed, and harvest.  It's
also told on the instruction book.  For further help on gardening, feel free to
e-mail me, or just look around the message boards for other people with the
same problem, and maybe they've been helped already.  After that, return to
Humphrey's Peak.

21.) Humphrey's Peak
   If you haven't yet, talk to Ricardo by the well.  He'll tell you where to
head off to next.

Head (NW), and sure enough, to the right of the tracks is a crevasse.  Jump to
the other side, and go straight to the wall of a mountain, and scan for
Gemstone Cave.

22.) Gemstone Cave
   After the ominous cutscene, head (N) to the door.
In the next room, head (SE), following the path, to the next door.
Upon entering, you encounter Maya & Co. again.  Then, Bomb the rocks on the (N)
side to get the chest.  Afterwards, follow the path (S) until you get to the
door on the (SE) side.
After Clive talks about the origins of the gemstones a bit, go up the path, and
go through the door by the gems.
Cross the small bridge to the next door.  Pass by the white gems, and go
through the door.
Here, Maya will try to block your path with a large rock.  To bust the rock,
use Tindercrest on it until the rock turns bright orange.  Then, immediately
switch to Freezer Doll to turn the block black.  After that, Bomb the rock
until it blows up.  Then, go through the door ahead of you.
Follow the path of the gems.  Use Radar to search for chests in the room. 
There's one on the (E) side that you use Steady Doll to get.  The other one's
on a ledge that you can't get yet.  On the (NW) side of the room, you notice
that there's some unusual lights by the rocks.  Look closely at the walls until
you see a slightly-cracked part section of the wall.  Bomb it to reveal a
secret passage.  Go through this passage.
In the next room, get the chest by the same set of unusual lights in this room.
 Then head (E), where weak blocks block you way.  Bomb them, and go through the
door.  This is the area with the previously-unreachable chest.  Get it, then go
back to the room where you came from.  Near the chest, right on the unusual
lights, you should see another slight crack on the wall.  Bomb it, and go
through the door.
Follow the path until you're outside again.  This small detour may be useless
now, but it will be helpful in the future.  But for now, return to the 1st room
with the unusual lights.
Once you're there, follow the path heading (NE), and go through the door.
After another short geology lesson from Clive, go down the path heading (SE),
and go through the door.
In the next room, Maya will kick you and make you fall through one of the
holes.  Use Radar and you'll see that there are 2 chests in this room.  Head to
the (NE) side of the room, and you'll see a door.  Don't go through it yet. 
Get the 1st chest in this room by jumping off the platform with the door, and
you'll land in a platform with the chest on it.  Get it, then go through the
(NE) door.
Follow the path, and go through the door.  Now you'll find yourself back into
the room where Maya kicked you.  To get the 2nd chest, go down the hole on the
very far (W) side of the room, close to the wall.  Get the chest where you
landed, then return to the room with the holes.
Finally, go through the hole directly (NW) of the hole you previously fell from
to get the 2nd chest.  Follow the path (E) and go through the door there. 
Right before you go in, you'll see Maya's frustrations of constantly falling
down the wrong hole.
Follow the path, and get the chest by the gems.  Right after you get the chest,
prepare for a boss battle.  After you're ready, attempt to go through the door,
and Maya's voice will stop you.
The weird leader of the pack will don the outfit of a magician, calling herself
"Wonder Witch."  After Todd explains the details of Maya's true abilities, her
crew will engage you in battle.

**Boss: Maya, Alfred, Todd, Shady (at least lvl 27)
As always, focus on the order of Todd, then Shady, then Alfred, and finally
Maya if you want to get the most EXP out of this fight.
Maya's elemental attacks are fairly strong and will hit everybody in your
party, so have Gallows cast Extension + Reflect to nullify her attacks.
Be careful, for Maya has been known to cast Eraser when you do something like
that.  Hope that she won't, because her Suppressed Curse? attack is her
strongest Arcana attack.
Eliminate Todd as quickly as you can, before his Psycho Crack confuses somebody
and spoils your attacking order.
Use Lucky Card to gain a well-deserved EXP boost, and if you follow the order
of attack, and heal when your health gets low, you should be able to end this
match without much trouble.

When she loses, she tried to conjure up her "ultimate attack," but is stopped
by Alfred, who fears the full power of the attack.  Upon everybody's
realization that the entire venture was a waste of time, you'll be outside.

Return to Humphrey's Peak.

23.) Humphrey's Peak
   After we see more behind the plans of the Prophets, Virginia further dwells
on her completed picture.
After Dalton barges in and tells the crew of somebody looking for Drifters, go
outside and talk to the guy by the Save Statue.
When you accept the job, talk to him again to get directions.

From Humphrey's Peak, head straight (SW), past the tracks.  Search the area for
the Faraway Lands.

24.) Faraway Lands
   After the short cutscene, head down the stairs to the door on the (N).
Here, head (NE) up the stairs.  Ignore the 1st door, then immediately head (S)
to the door at the end of the stairs.
Follow the path to the Duplicator Door.  Use one, because you'll need the Full
Carrot inside one of the chests there for planting.  Afterwards, return to the
room with the door that ignored before, then go through it.
Here, step on the switch to open the furnace.  A furnace needs fire, so barrage
it with Tindercrest to get the machines started in the place.  Then leave the
room through the door on the (W).
Nab the chest, then climb the steel grate, and cross to the other side to get 2
more chests.  Exit through the door on the (SE).
Here, take the elevator on the (N) side of the room to go down.
In this room, climb the crate, then drop down on the switch to open the door on
top.  Follow your shadow to place your drop right.  Go through the door that
opens by swinging to the top of the grate.
Get the chests, because one of them will have Clive's 2nd tool, Power Gloves. 
Return to the room that you were in before.
With Clive's Power Gloves, move the brown block out of the way, then proceed
through the door.
Now, go down the steps, and move the block on the lower-most level to the
platform with the switch on it.  Then place the block on the switch, and go
through the door that opens.
The 4 blocks can't be lifted, but they can be pushed with the Power Gloves. 
Push them all the way (N), beginning with the one furthest up (N), ending with
the one furthest down (S).  Then push the 4 blocks to the 4 switches.  Get the
chest by the door that opened, and go through it.
Go up the steps to the door up the path.  1st, go (E) and go through the room
on the (NE).  Get the 2 chests in there, where one will contain the valuable
Robber's Ego.  Afterwards, return to the room with the blocks.
As for the blocks, you see that there are 5 columns.  With the camera looking
(N), go to the middle column.  With Power Gloves, lift the 1st block up (N) and
place it on your left.  Then lift the block under the block that you just
lifted, and stack it on top of the block you 1st lifted.  Continuing up path
that you're beginning to make for yourself, placing the blocks ahead of you
behind you, and keep stacking them behind you.  Eventually you'll clear a way
for yourself so you can hit the blue switch on the (NW) side of the room.  To
get back, just repeat the previous process, only with the directions reversed. 
Go through the door that the switch opened.
Get the 2 chests on the (S) end of this hall, then go through the door on the
(N). Go down the steps, and go through the door there.
In this next room, place the block on the (NW) to the (SE) switch, and place
the (SW) block to the switch on the (NE).  Go through the door.
Go down the steps.  Before you go through the door, prepare for a boss battle. 
Then, go through the door on the (N).
After getting the Kizim Fire, leave the room.  Here, Melody will stop you in
your tracks, and give way for your rematch with Asgard.

**Boss: Asgard (at least lvl 28)
Do not use Lucky or Gella Card yet, because this 1st part of the battle won't
give you any EXP nor Gella.
His 1st turn will automatically be his signature move, the Barrier Flood.  This
will deal 500-650 damage to each of your characters.
For your 1st turn, have Gallows cast Extension + Shield, and somebody else cast
Fragile on him.  Although this won't prevent the Barrier Flood from dealing out
the big damage that it gives, it's better to get those minor details out of the
After the 1st turn, Melody will join the battle, to annoy your group with her
Eliminate Scanner attack.  Try to imagine that she was never there, because
she's just a minor annoyance.  Plus, if you aim for her, she'll end up
switching places with Asgard, and she won't get hit.
Maybe he'll erect his High-Power Barrier, which will reduce all damage dealt to
him to 0.  Keep hitting him, cause it will only last for about 2 turns, at
Focus on beating down Asgard, and heal when you feel you have to.  At the end
of the battle, he'll use Wide Barrier, which will kill everybody.  Don't worry,
though, cause this only signifies the end of this phase of the battle.

After seeing Werner save you from Asgard's final blow, you'll take on Asgard,
and this time, he'll take you on solo.

**Boss: Asgard
This time, use a Lucky and Gella Card, because he'll be giving some decent EXP
and Gella.
Repeat everything you did as before, where you cast Fragile on him and
everybody else constantly beats on him.
If you're levels are lower than my recommended levels, then I advise you cast
Extension + Shield/Turbulence, both of which can help, but you'll only have the
chance to cast one of the two.
Keep hitting him hard, and this match will be over soon.

After seeing Werner leave Virginia again, return to Humphrey's Peak.

Return to Humphrey's Peak.

25.) Humphrey's Peak
After resting up, talk to Albert to give him the Kizim Fire.  Then when you get
your next job, head to Jolly Roger to get there.

By now, you should have at least 1 Warp Star.  Use it to get to Midland
When you arrive at the station, I suggest you go back to The Secret Garden to
check up on your crops.

26.) The Secret Garden
   1st thing you do is to sow the only Full Carrot that you have now.  Use one
of the remaining spots left to begin planting it.
Then, cultivate all the plots you've grown so far.  By now, you should have a
lot of Heal Berries.  Talk to Florina, and keep breeding your Heal Berry crop
until she says, "This seedling should grow strong.  No, not should... It will
definitely grow strong."  When she says that, it means that you've maxed out
the breeding possibilities for that plant.
After she says that to you, breed the other plants to whatever preference you
like.  When you're done, Florina should give you the Dried Thumb gear.  Equip
it on a medium that you're positive will stay on Virginia for the duration of
the game, because it will benefit her the most.  I suggest the Darkness medium,
but this one's up to you.  When you're done, leave The Secret Garden and go to
Jolly Roger.

Go to Jolly Roger.

27.) Jolly Roger
   By now, if you've leveled up your characters well, which will show in their
minimum levels for bosses, you definitely should have at least 50 Dragon
Fossils.  If not, then fight creatures around the area, because it's better to
have 50 Dragon Fossils before going any further.
When you have your 50 Dragon Fossils, go to the ARMs shop, and customize your
Sandcraft by using 50 Dragon Fossils to purchase the best weapon she offers,
the Ark Smasher.
Set your weapons by equipping it on your Sandcraft.  Then, select your crew by
making Virginia as your Helmsman, Gallows as Harpooner, Jet as Gunner, and
Clive as Deckmate.  This is under the assumption that Virginia is your fastest
character.  If your fastest character is Jet, then switch their places,
although I would prefer that Jet is your Gunner because of his higher ATK
stats, which will make your Sandcraft stronger.  For this to happen, you'll
have to give Gale Claw to Virginia, or anybody else but Jet.  Either way,
whoever's 2nd fastest should be your Gunner.
After making the necessary preparations, head out.

28.) Outside
Get on your Sandcraft.  With the Ark Smasher, your battles will be extremely
easy, for nothing will survive the onslaught you'll deliver if you follow the
right set-up.
When you encounter battles on the sand, with your set-up and the Ark Smasher,
the approach is simple.  For the 1st turn, just Guard to build up your FP,
because you need 25 to make your attack, and unless you have more than 3
Migrant Seals, you won't have 25 FP to begin the match.  For your 2nd turn, you
should have your Gunner come up next.  You should have more than 25 FP now, so
all you have to do is use the Fire All Ammo Force Ability to unleash a volley
of shells on your enemies.  If you follow it right, you should never get
touched by an enemy, and none of your enemies should last more than 10 seconds.
From Jolly Roger, head for the largest sole island on the southern edge of the
map, which is straight (SW) from Jolly Roger.
Board the island, then search near the wall for the Ark of Destiny.

29.) Ark of Destiny
You find yourself in the Main Hall of the Ark of Destiny.  After the group
talks about the shrine's atmosphere, go through either the (W) or (E) door
before doing anything else.  Go down their respective staircases and go through
the door below.
There are 4 doors along the (S) wall.  Use a Duplicator on any of the doors
along this wall that need it.  One of the doors has a small 3-block puzzle. 
Move the block ahead of you out of the way, and get the chest inside, which
contains the helpful Map Scope.  Afterwards, forget about the Duplicator doors
by the luminescent orange wall, for you'll need your Duplicators for better
things.  Just return to the Main Hall.
From the hall, head straight (N) past the 2 doors ahead to meet Lamium.
After giving him the Kizim Fire, you'll get your reward.  Then he'll enchant
you with his big words, and give you your next mission.  Then talk to Albert on
the left, and he'll tell you where to go next.

From the Ark of Destiny, head straight (S), to a shore not far away.
When you get on the land, head for the land bridge, but don't cross it.  Search
around the area of the bridge for Survey Point #17.

30.) Survey Point #17
Before you proceed, to save time, just know that there will be items hidden in
every bunch of wooden crates that you see.  So whenever you step into a room
and you see that there are wooden crates, I suggest using Bomb to blow them all
up, without leaving the item in one of the boxes unreachable on a wall if you
throw it.
After getting the item in a crate by the entrance of the mine, enter it.
Follow the path up (N) to the door ahead.  In the next room, get the item, then
follow the path further (N) and go through the door ahead.
In the next room, you'll meet up with Maya and Co.  After, follow the path to
the door all the way (E), and go through it.
After, traverse through the zig-zags.  Before going through the door ahead,
prepare for a boss battle.
Malik will get in the way of both Drifter crews, and send 4 beasts in front of
you to block your path.  Unfortunately, it will be only your crew that will
take them on.

**Boss: Hound, Feline, Donkey, Flier (at least lvl 30)
Don't waste a Lucky nor Gella Card, because they don't give much either.
This is a very easy match, and they should be considered more like sub-bosses
because of their difficulty level.
Anywayz, none of them hit hard enough to get noticed, so just focus on one
enemy at a time, and you'll do just fine.

After calling a truce with Maya and Co., proceed through the door.  Follow the
crystals and go through the door on the (W).
Here, you take control of Virginia, as you take the left while Maya takes the
right.  Use Tindercrest on every candle on the (N) to clear Maya's path, and
Maya will hit all the switches to clear your path.  Go through the door ahead.
Follow the crystals, get the item, then go through the door on the (E)
Again, you'll work with Maya.  Light up the 1st candle, then proceed.  Before
hastily lighting up the 2nd candle, stand on the (SE) corner of the path. 
After making an angled shot to light the 2nd candle, quickly walk as far (W) as
you can, to prevent your way from being blocked by the switch that Maya hit. 
Continue up your path and hit the blue switch to lower the wall.  Go through
the door that Maya went to.
Get the items in the crates, and proceed (E) to the door.
In the next room is a frustrating puzzle if you lack quick reflexes.  The trick
to this puzzle is light the candles as always to let Maya clear your way for
you.  Only this time, there will be spiked blocks closing in on both of your
paths.  Get spiked, and you gotta start the puzzle over again.  To stop the
blocks momentarily, you hit them with Tindercrest.  So, light the 1st candle. 
Immediately, keep hitting the block behind you with Tindercrest until Maya
clears the path for you.  When she finally does, calmly walk over to the next
candle, light it, and slow down the block behind you.  After Maya says
something about teamwork, then returns, this time you'll have to use
Tindercrest on the block that's in her path, so she can open up your path and
still be able to make her way out without getting hit by her block.  When she
lifts the last wall in your way, quickly head up the steps.  It may take a few
tries, but eventually you'll get this done.  Before you go through the door,
prepare for a boss battle.  After you've prepared, go through the door.

**Boss: Humpty, Dumpty (at least lvl 30)
A far more annoying form than the one from the previous WA games, you'll need a
lot of patience and luck if you plan on taking him on at the minimum levels, or
less.  That means that you can either level up until you're a few levels
higher, or take them head-on with confidence.  Believe me, it can be done, for
I did it in that level.
Humpty will only cast status-altering Arcana to himself and Dumpty, and will
use Critical Heal if Dumpty gets weakened.  This means that you'll need to get
rid of him first.  The only thing Dumpty will be doing in the meantime will be
hitting your crew very hard with Arcana attacks.  He's the only threat that you
need to worry about.
Before you begin hitting anybody, modify your mediums so that you give all of
your points to Arcana-nullifying abilities.  Equip Rings if you feel that you
need to, but the ones that the mediums are automatically equipped with should
be fine.  This way, some of your characters will have a defense against certain
Arcana attacks.
For your first turn, Gallows must cast Extension + Protect to lessen the damage
dealt by Dumpty.  You can use this turn to use Mystic + Lucky Card, because
they will give out very decent EXP, and if you don't do this now, you might not
get the chance to do it again.
For now, just focus your attacks on Humpty.  If he ever casts Shield on
himself, cast Eraser on him, because if he raises a physical defense for
himself, this match will get longer and more painful.  Also, take note if he
casts Shield on Dumpty, because if he's Shield-ed by the time you take him on
and you don't know it, you will not win this match.
Have Gallows constantly attack, because you'll definitely need to cast
Extension + Protect later on, when the original casting wears off.  Virginia
will be your main healer, and with the Dried Thumb gear on one of her mediums,
Berries and Fruits will have better recuperative effects than Gallows' current
ability to Heal right now.
When you eliminate the little egg-shaped dog, focus your attention on Dumpty. 
If Humpty cast Shield on him before, cast Eraser on him right away.  If the
Protect from before wore off, don't hesitate to cast it again with Gallows.
If you don't have at least 5 Mini Carrots before you start this match, you'll
have some difficulty, because your situation might be as grave as having to use
Mystic on every turn.  Have at least 5 before starting this match, especially
if you plan to abide by the minimum levels.
Hit him hard with everything you have.  Aim for Gatlings with Jet, and only use
Lock-On with Clive.  Heal your characters right, keep your eye on the damage
you take to check when the Protect wears off, Protect your characters when you
have to, and you should survive this match.
If you plan to fight him at the recommended levels or lower, this will be a
true test of your abilities in surviving hard battles in this game, because
there will be much harder battles to fight, and I doubt you'll be at level 100
when you take on those bosses.  This may take a few tries at the minimum
levels, but with consistency, you can win this hard battle.

After the fight, proceed (N).  Just follow the path further up (N) to the door
ahead.  Before going through the door, prepare for another boss battle, one
that is slightly easier, even at the recommended levels.
When you go through the door, you'll encounter Maya for the last time in this
place, where she'll give you the Aguelite.  If you want to get the Germatron,
you'll have to fight her for it.

**Boss: Maya, Alfred, Todd, Shady (at least lvl 31)
As "Fighting Artist," Maya will imitate my favorite Soul Caliber character,
Kilik.  With her Kali-Yuga-like staff, prepare to get hit hard.
Same strategy as always, in regards to the order of elimination.  Todd, then
Shady, then Alfred, and finally Maya, if you want to get the most EXP for your
Immediately have Gallows cast Extension + Shield, to lower the damage from
Maya's Phalanx attack, and Todd's Meteor Dive, which are the 2 main attacks
that you have to worry about.  Without Protect-ion, those attacks will deal
fair damage, so tread with discretion.
As before, this match will be just as easy with the minimum levels.

After Maya gives you the Germatron for your victory, Virginia will initiate a
countdown before the explosion of the entire mine.  You have 15 minutes, but it
won't hurt to run to the beginning of this dungeon as fast as you possibly can.
((Cloud waits patiently for the emails stating that there is a missing part

31.) Ark of Destiny
Since you blundered the job, you don't get paid.  After he lets you go, go to
the library on the (NW) room of the Main Hall.  Search for a book that will
initiate a cutscene, and this will give you info on how to get to Boot Hill,
Virginia's home town.

From the Ark of Destiny, head straight (S) for a little bit.  You'll soon
notice a beach on the (E).  Get on land, and from the shore, head (NE) a little
bit until you see another beach on the (N).  Search along that beach to find
Boot Hill

32.) Boot Hill
Go (N) to the biggest house up ahead and go in.  Virginia's Uncle Tesla will
give you Werner's journal, which will give you more clues on the Yggdrasil
Project.  After all the sad words, leave the house.
When you get your crew together, rest up by talking to Aunt Shalte if you have
to.  Pick up your first Tiny Flower on the cemetery (NE) of the town.  Then,
leave the town to initiate the cutscene.
Janus will meet up with you as you leave, extending an invitation to meet him
at the last guardian shrine.  Like he said, it will be a trap.

From Boot Hill, head straight (S) until you reach the end of the land.  Search
there for Gob's Hideout, which you'll have to return to later on.
After you find it, head (NE) from Boot Hill until you reach the train tracks. 
Cross them, and scan for Southfarm.  Then, go to Baskar Colony in any way you

33.) Baskar Colony
Enter the shrine to talk to Halle, and she'll tell you where to head to next. 
After you get rested and Gallows talks about a plan, head out.

From Baskar Colony, head (NW) via Sandcraft to the nearest shore from there,
which should be about 3 seconds away.
Once you get on land, head straight (W) as soon as you step off the beach. 
Don't go too far, for you should be scanning for it around the area.

34.) Infinitum
After Gallows' brave speech, head (N) to the door.  On the next room, follow
the stairs going in a semi-circle to the door on the (SW).
In the room with the large gears, turn both wheels to the max, to position the
gears correctly.  After both are fully turned, step on the blue switch.  Go
through the door that opens.
Follow the stairs up another semi-circular path to the door on the (N).  Before
going through the door, prepare for a boss battle.
After the cutscene with Leehalt in the next room, he'll send his large beast to
take on your team.

**Boss: Pyrodrake (at least lvl 33)
He's a simple enemy, with a weakness to Ice.  To play it safe, cast Extension +
Protect, to lower the damage from his powerful Fire attacks.
His physical attack, Mow Down, is thrown randomly, and you've nothing to be
afraid of.
When he has enough FP, Gallows will be your main attacker with his Refrigerate
attack.  Everybody else should attack as well, while Virginia will be healing
with Berries when she needs to.  Only use Mystic when the Volcannon Trap put
your characters in a hole.

After the battle, look (E) at the blocks.  Move the blocks out of the way to
reveal a crack in the wall.  Bomb it, then enter the passage.  Get the 4
chests, then return to the block room.  Now, position the blocks so that they
create a path that will let you further in the path.  To open the door, go
around the path to a funky contraption.  Examine it with Gallows, and go
through the door it opens.
The elevator takes you to a weird room.  First, go down the steps on the right
and get the chest at the end of the path.  Now, return to the beginning, and
this time, go down the steps on the left and get the chest at the end of the
path.  On your way back, you'll notice a crystal under the walkway.  Hit it
with Boomerang to get the 1st pendulum moving.  Now, to get to the switch, let
the pendulum hit you there.  Stepping on the switch will start up the 2nd
pendulum.  Let it hit you to the funky contraption, and examine it with Gallows
to open the door.
In the next room, just follow the path of gems to the door on the (NE).
This next room requires patience and timing, so be careful.  Go (S) and board
the spinning gear.  Time it right, and get off the platform on the (N).  Head
(W), go up the stairs, then board another spinning gear.  First, get off on the
platform on the (N) to hit the first blue switch.  This will activate a swing,
which you'll need to get onto next.  Board the gear again, then well-time this
next move, as you'll need to get on that moving swing.  Once you get on, walk
to the platform with the white gems and hit the 2nd blue switch, which will
activate another swing that you have to get onto.  So, return to the gear via
the 1st swing, and try to get on the swing on the (S).  Time it right, get on
the swing, get on the platform, and examine the 3rd contraption with Gallows. 
Go through the door he opens.
Follow the semi-circular path, and go through the door on the (E).
In here, use Tindercrest to light the torches clockwise in order from I to XII.
 Go through the door that opens.
When you get off the elevator, you'll notice the Chock in the next room.  This
means that you have to prepare for a boss battle.  When you're ready, go
through the door.
Janus is already waiting, and he lets Asgard start the party.

**Boss: Asgard (at least lvl 34)
At your higher levels, you can afford to use Lucky and Gella Cards early
without getting into health problems.
Use the same strategy as always, where you cast Extension + Shield for
protection.  Also, use Fragile on him to make this match slightly quicker.
He'll counter every hit by hitting you with Barrier Knuckle, so feel free to
cast Turbulence if you feel that your EVA stats are low.
If you keep hitting him, and healing when he hits you hard with a Barrier
Knuckle, this match should be fairly easy.

After Neo-Janus shows his insurrection, you must survive 3 turns with Asgard
without Gallows.

**Boss: Asgard
For the next 3 turns, have everybody defend.  Don't even try to hit him, cause
it will only lower your defenses.  Have Virginia use Mystic + Heal Berry on the
2nd or 3rd turn, depending on if you wanna play it safe.  His Barrier Storm
will deal 300-400 damage, and that's when you block.

After the battle, Gallows will open a rift in the space-time continuum, and
Neo-Janus sends Asgard through it after a final stab in the back.  When you get
the Cosmic Cog (I advise giving it to Clive), Neo-Janus will tell you where
you'll finally settle things.  You'll need to get some info on where you gotta
go, first.

Return to Baskar Colony to rest up and get info on where to go.

35.) Baskar Colony
Rest up here.  Before you leave, talk to Laraina, the red-headed girl by the
exit.  Ask her about "leylines," and you'll get directions on where to go next.

From Baskar Colony, head towards the large C-shaped island structure, with the
large island in the middle, on the (NW).
Make your way through the sands until you reach the very top of the inner ring,
on the inside of the C-shaped island.  Now keep cruising (NW) until you see a
small area that has a small patch of forest in it, just like the forests by The
Secret Garden.  Find the shore, get on land, and scan the forest for the 1st
Nidhogg Pass.

36.) Nidhogg Pass 1
As soon as you step in, prepare for a boss battle.  Proceed (S) until you
encounter it.

**Boss: Nidhogg 1 (at least lvl 35)
Weak to Light, Gallows will be the main attacker with his Spectre attack.  To
make the fight quicker and easier, cast Feeble Mind on him.
His Luminous Moss should be your only worry, for it will confuse one of your
characters, unless you're protected from it.
After a few turns, with Gallows having a fair amount of FP, have him Summon
Stare Roe for an Augoeides attack that should kill him.  But before you
eliminate him, be sure to use Lucky and Gella Cards.

After the fight, continue (S) to the door ahead, and go through it.  Proceed
further (S), and go through the door ahead.
The small walkway on the (E) will collapse if you walk on it.  Hold Circle to
tip-toe on it without letting the walkway fall.  Walk all the way to the other
side to get the 2 chests there, but don't go through the door there.  Instead,
make your way to the center of the walkway, and let the path give way under
you.  Don't worry, cause you'll end up at a platform with a Duplicator door. 
Use one on it, and go through the door.
Go up the steps, getting the 3 chests there, and go through the (SE) door.
Hop down the platform below you, and follow the path to the door ahead of you
and go through it.
Here, only move the block on the top platform, and position it next to the
other block to make a way for you to get to the door, and go through it.
In the next room, flip the switch to turn on the 1st light.  After this, leave
this Nidhogg Pass, because you're basically done for now.

To get to the 2nd Nidhogg Pass, I suggest using the auto-pilot to get to Jolly
Roger.  Rest up there, if you like.  Otherwise, we proceed.
From Jolly Roger, head towards the shore for Survey Point #17, but don't get
off at those shores.  Instead, head (W) from those shores until you reach
another beach nearby.
Dock there, then go towards another small patch of forest.  Scan the trees for
the 2nd Nidhogg Pass.

37.) Nidhogg Pass 2
Same as before, as soon as you step in, prepare for a boss fight, then proceed
(W) to encounter it.

**Boss: Nidhogg 2 (at least lvl 36)
Follow the same procedure as before, only this time, he'll cause misery to one
character with Downhearted, so mend that when you can.
As before, use Lucky and Gella Cards before delivering the final blow with the
Augoeides attack.

Afterwards, proceed to the door ahead.  In the next room, to open the door,
you'll need to hit the crystal by the water.  Angle your trajectory so you're
Boomerang will hit the rocks, and it will fall on the crystal, opening the
door.  This may take a few tries, but you'll get it soon.
In the next room, go further (W), and go through the door ahead of you.
Next, make your way (S), while getting the chest along the way.  Go through the
door at the very end.
First, open the Duplicator door on the (S), and get the 3 chests inside.  Get
back, then light the 3 candles to open the door ahead.  When it opens, go
through it.
Flip the 2nd switch to light the 2nd light to open the door.  Go through it.
First, head for the door all the way in (SE), and go through it.  Here, you'll
get Virginia's 2nd tool, Galecrest.  Test it out as soon as you leave the room.
 Right away, use Galecrest while looking (E) to get to the other side. Go
through the door there.
Proceed (S) up the steps to the door ahead, and go through it.
Here, make your way to the (SW) corner of the room, and getting the chest along
the way, and flip the switch there to move the large stone square.  As you make
your way back, use Galecrest to fly over the switch in the middle of the path,
because hitting it will send the stone square to its original place.  Return to
the starting point of this room, and use Galecrest to get to the most (S)-ern
most part of the room, and go through the door there.
First, hit the blue switch to open the door.  Then, stand (W) of the block
closest to the exit door, lift it, then drop it (N) of you.  As for the other
block, stand (N) of it, lift it, then drop it (N) of you.  In this position,
you should be able to angle the Galecrest to make a direct (SW) flight to the
door, if you understand the clauses of the Galecrest's flight.  Believe me,
this set-up will work.
In the next room, take the path all the way to the (W), and use Galecrest to
get to the very end.  Hit the blue switch to unlock the door.  Now, take the
middle path, use Galecrest, and open the chests at the very end.  Finally, use
Galecrest to get to the door you opened, and go through it.
Here, instantly use Galecrest looking (E) to go through the next door.  Then,
proceed further (E) and go through the door at the very end.
First, push the ice-colored block (S), then push it all the way (W).  Now,
place the block that was originally closest to the stairs directly (SE) of the
ice-colored block.  Finally, push the last block 1 space (S), and 1 space (W),
in whatever order to you like.  Then, use Galecrest to fly straight to the door
In this next room, use Galecrest (W) to the door there, and go through it. 
Open both chests, including the Duplicator chest.  Get back to the room before,
and Galecrest yourself (E) so that you get stopped by the sole block on the top
platform.  Throw this block down, then jump off.  Next, Bomb/toss the 3 wooden
blocks by the door on the (S) away, so they won't block your flight.  Move the
block you didn't throw 2 spaces to the (E).  Now, move the block you did throw
2 spaces (S), 4 spaces (E), and 1 space (SE).  Now Galecrest yourself back to
the entrance of the room, then Galecrest yourself to the 1st block below. 
Then, use Galecrest one more time to arrive at the platform with the door. 
Before going through, prepare for a boss battle.  Afterwards, go through the
After Leehalt talks to you about evolution, he'll take on your team.

**Boss: Leehalt (at least lvl 36)
Forget about bumping up anybody's stats, because he only has one attack: Rule
of Vengeance.  This means that whatever damage you deal him, he'll deal that
damage right back at you.  This is the only time where power will not be on
your side, and patience will be your best friend.
I suggest only having Virginia attack, and have Gallows heal her.  Since she's
your weakest attacker, she will be your best attacker in this situation.  Have
Jet and Clive defend for every turn, because attacking Leehalt with them will
only do you far more harm than good.
If nobody attacks Leehalt, he won't attack.  It would be good idea to use the
Lucky and Gella Cards before you start attacking.  With Virginia, after you use
the Mystic + Lucky Card, you should aim for at least a 3-bullet Gatling, if you
haven't modified the WGT segment of her ARMs.
Have patience, and this match will be an easy one.

After this battle, Leehalt will inflict Virginia with "muscular ankylosis" and
"partial respiratory paralysis."  Then, when Werner shows off his skyllz with
his ARMs, you'll take on a very annoying boss.

**Boss: Balazs (at least lvl 36)
Forget about using Lucky nor Gella Cards, because this guy gives out very
little EXP and Gella.
The only thing he brings to the fight that makes him stand out is his Outer
World attack.  This attack will leave him invincible from the time of casting
to the very end of the turn.  That means he will not take damage from any
attack, physical or magical, dealt to him, nor can his status be altered in any
way.  Plus, he will deal an initial 900+ damage at the time of casting.  This
means that you have to hit him before he casts it and takes advantage of his
Have Gallows cast Extension + Quicken, so you'll get to deal him damage before
he takes advantage of Outer World's invincible effects.
After that advice, I just suggest hitting him with everything you have.  If
you're lucky, he might skip on the Outer World for 1 turn, and instead hit one
of your characters with Agony Effect.
He seemed to have low HP when I fought him, so if you land enough hits, and you
use my strategy, this guy will go down quickly.

After hearing Virginia's emotional pleas, she'll fall.  Then you'll end up in
Greenlodge, where the stage is set for the end of the chapter.

Walkthrough: CHAPTER 3 [By Cloud]
After the surprising cut scenes, you will arrive in Boot Hill.

1.) Boot Hill

   Walk downstairs and talk to the others. They want you to go to the Ark of
Destiny. After this, go to Virginia's mother's grave and get another Tiny
Flower. Exit the town and go to the Ark of Destiny.

2.) Ark of Destiny

   Talk to everyone here, and then go N to the main room. After the scene, talk
to Albert. Then leave here.

   On the world map, get in the Sandcraft and head to the NE of Jolly Roger.
You will see a group of three or four boulders. Run into them. You will enter a
boss battle. It's very easy to beat. However, you must have the Scud Cannon II
or III. Just wait until you can fire all of your ammo at once. Do this two
times and you will beat it, giving you access to the Inner Sea and giving you
the Suitcase. Take this back to Jolly Roger and to the ARMs Shop. Chat with the
girl. She will give you the Goddess Idol. Leave Jolly Roger.

   Head NE from The Ark of Destiny and land on the beach to the south of
Claiborne. Search near the cliffs.

   3.) Iron Dragon's Nest.

   Talk with Helga. She will tell you what you need to do. After a brief
bargain about the money, exit N. Go NE and throw the box so that it hits the
blue crystal. Exit to the N. Go N to the bridge. Halfway across, the group will
stop to discuss the Dragons. Siegfried will be talking to the Prophets. Exit N.
Go NW, E, and then step on the switch. Exit to the N. Hit the lever in the N
for another conversation, and then exit N. Hit the lever in the NE for yet
another little talk. Exit to the W. Go W again and exit to the W. There's a
Potion Berry in a box. Go to the N and exit to the E. Hit the lever to the E
and watch another scene. Exit to the E. go NE, then NW, then exit to the N. Go
W and get the chest with the Radical Sneakers. These are Jet's third tool(s).
Go E and RS Jump to the N. Stand on the J.Pad and RS Jump. Go JN and set the
bomb. A 20-minute time limit will start. You now have 20 minutes to exit the
dungeon. This includes any battles. Go S and DD. Exit S. Use the J.Pad and exit
W. RS Jump to the S and exit SE, use the J.Pad and exit S. go S and DD. Exit S.
RS Jump in the SW and exit SW. Use the J.Pad and DD to the S. Exit S. Continue
S and exit. Another J.Pad waits for you. Use it and DD to the S. Save and Exit
S. Watch the short scene and fight a boss battle!!!

BOSS: Buer
HP: 1500~3000
EXP: 9,000
Gella: 10,000
Item: Duplicator

Build up your force ability so you can attack with Gatling. However, only do
this when his shell is open. Physical attacks done to him when it's closed will
do little or no damage. Use Spectre when the shell is closed. Keep a good
supply of Heal Berries and Potion Berries and you should be fine.

   After the battle, you will see a scene where Siegfried transforms the
Prophets in to animals (?). The group will feel the guardians calling to them.
You will then be on the world map. You cannot enter this dungeon again.
   Head back to the Ark of Destiny. Go to one of the rooms in the basement and
use the RS to get the Duplicator. Talk to Helga (on the W stairs) to get your
reward. Talk to her again and learn about the crater. Exit this area.

   4.) Gob's Hideout (Optional for now, but required later.)
   Go to the room with the falling floors. In the NW, use the RS. Climb up the
ladder. Get the Tiny flower and the Wolf Idol from the chests. There's a Gimel
coin in a box. Read up on the Dragon by checking the bookshelves. Exit to the
S. Go down the stairs and get the Duplicator from the chest. T.Crest the candle
and exit to the E. Make your way out of this dungeon.

   5.) Fallen Sanctuary
   Go up the central stairs. You should have two idols with you right now.
Below is a table of where the Guardians are, what they are called, and which
idol you need to fight them.

|Raftina | Goddess Idol | NW|
|Luceid  | Wolf Idol    | NE|
|Zephyr  | Dragon Idol  | SW|
|Justine | Lion Idol    | SE|

a.) Strategy by Kregg Thrasher (

Luceid - With your characters at around 40th level, (Shouldn't be a problem by
this point in the game I believe)  simply continue to shoot Luceid with your
ARMs till each character has built up a 100 FP guage the unleash a full barrage
of Gatlings on him in a single round.  Most of Luceids attacks do minimul
damage and even his super attack should be easilly handled by the characters. 
It helps to have worked on your ARMs WGT and STR abit so you can pull off
three, four, and five shot gatlings.  It is a solid strategy that easilly won
the battle for me.

Raftina - With you characters at around 40th level, this Guardian Lord is still
a challenge.  Hopefully you have at least two Full Carrots to spare for this
battle as I don't see how you could beat her without them.  At the beginning of
the battle use Virginia's Mystic ability and a Full Carrot to get everyones FP
Gauges to 100 then while everyone else guards the first round to conserve there
ammo.  With the second round you go all out with a full load of Galting attacks
from all the characters.  By now she has weakened the party making her magic
attacks all the stronger against the group.  Hopefully she won't heal fully the
damage done to her as this could seriously mess up the ballance of this
strategy.  The next round have Virginia, Jet, and Clive fire if they still have
ammo to do so, if not guard this round to reload and soak damage.  Gallows on
the other hand should use a Mini Carrot on Virginia so she can start the Full
Carrot, Reload, Gatling cycle over.  Hopefully she should be defeated with this
second Gatling Barrage.  If not I would suggest starting the battle over and
trying again.  Not as solid as my Lucied Strat but it's the way I came out
victorious against her.  Hope these help.

NOTE: This was the best strategy that was sent to me. Everyone else, thanks for
your help.
You should only have the Goddess and Wolf Idols for now. After beating them,
exit the Fallen Sanctuary. ((If anyone wants to help out with boss strategies
for Zephyr and Justine, feel free to email me.))

Exit this temple and head to Baskar Colony. There, you should head to the N
shrine. You will talk... and talk... and talk... for three and a half hours.
((Not Literally)) Exit Baskar and hop into the Sandcraft. Head NW from Baskar
and land on the beach to the E of Gunner's Heaven. The coordinates of the beach
are: X: 8316 Y: 17228. It's near the tip of the peninsula near the entrance to
the large island with the Green Lodge.

6.) The World's Footprint
This used to be a large Guardian Temple. Now people consider it a history
museum. Upon entering, exit to the N. Exit N again. Head N and step on the
F.Switch. F.Doll the stone tablet to be able to read it. TT N and exit N. You
will look at the wall painting, telling of 2200 years ago. ((I will not
describe the paintings, as they are a major event.)) Go to the NE and exit E.
Exit N. ((Come back here later with Virginia's third tool to get the Migrant
Seal and the Big Grab Bag from the Duplicator Room.)) Another painting will be
shown (1300 years ago). Head NE and exit to the E. Exit E again. Look at the
plaque if you want to figure it out by yourself, otherwise read on. Step on
these tiles in the order I tell you to. Center, SW, E, N, NE, S, NW, W. exit to
the E. You will look at another painting, this one from 400 years ago. Go SE
and exit S. Head SW, and then S. Exit through the door in the W. Get the Warp
Star(x2), Lucky Card(x2) and the Gella Card from the chests. Go back and then
exit S. You will look at the painting from 150 years ago. Go SW and exit W.
Head W and exit S. Get the Gimel Coin, Growth Egg, and a Weather Vane. Head
back and exit W. You will look at the wall painting from 100 years ago. Head NW
and exit N. M.Glove the yellow block to the yellow square, the green block to
the green square, the silver block to the silver square, and the white block to
the red square. T.Crest the white block to turn it red. Exit to the N. SAVE!!!
Exit to the N again. The party will look at a blank wall. It represents both
the present and the future. Shane will talk about the Guardians. Exit S. Head S
to Meet the Transformed Prophets. It's time for a boss fight.

BOSS: Scarecrow, Steam Gear, and Leonhardt (reminds me of Squall's last name in
HP: Scarecrow: 5000. Steam Gear: 5000~8000. Leonhardt: 3700.
EXP: 9,900
Gella: 21,000
Item: Adventure 5

   DO NOT USE MAGIC ON SCARECROW!!! He has a reflect spell that you might not
see him cast. They use a lot of powerful attacks. Use the Flash Hit Summon if
you have at least 50 available FP to do mega damage to Leonhardt and Scarecrow.
Just keep pounding away until they fall. It's a long but doable battle.
Siegfried will appear and teleport away, along with the three Prophets.

7.) Baskar Colony
    You will have a nice chat with Halle about Siegfried's speech. Clive will
have a flashback about him and his mentor. He then suggests that the party go
back to the ruins. You will receive the Map Shred. Look at it to see the
location of the next dungeon. The location is on a NW island, near the Gemstone
Cave. Then, talk to Harold to learn about releasing the Guardian's power in the
Fallen Sanctuary. Also, talk to Roykman to learn about Laxisland. Talk to Shane
to learn about the Golden Mediums. Finally, talk to Halle. She will tell you to
find the four stone statues that contain the Guardians' will. She will tell you
place them in the Fallen Sanctuary. You should have already done this with the
Goddess and Wolf Idols.

Head to the island NW of the Gemstone Cave. Search for the Ruins of Dreams.

8.) Ruins of Dreams
    RS Net. Exit E. Get the chests with a Lucky Card and Duplicator. Exit this
room. Head W and exit W. Get the three chests with a Revive Fruit, 12000 Gella,
and Gella Card(x2). Exit here. DD and exit N. Head N and turn the handle to the
right. Exit N. Go down the stairs and exit W. Your party will talk. Exit E.
Head E and exit E. Go E and throw the box at the crystal. It helps if you are
at the ground level. Head N and exit W. Bomb the laser generators. DD in the S
and exit N. Climb up the stairs and use the Net. Climb on top of it to get the
Potion Berry from the chest. RS Jump underneath the Gem Switch. Hit it with a
BM.  DD and exit E. Head down the stairs and run into the button on the wall.
Exit N. You will talk for a bit. Warner will appear. Exit to the E. Get the
chests that contain a Name Tag, Amulet, and a Mini Carrot. The Amulet chest has
a mimic. Exit out of here. Exit W. Get the Gimel Coin from the chest in the W
and DD, being careful not to fall into the pit. RS Net. Drop and land on the
button. RS Net and exit to the top E. Go E and BM the Gem Switch before the
platform retracts. Exit E. Head up the stairs and exit W. After a few more
chats, a boss fight will commence.

BOSS: Funbaba or Humbaba (Different translations.)
HP: ????
EXP: 10,000
Gella: 12,000
Item: Holy Grail

   This one is tough. If he uses his gas attack, the three party members that
do not have the Cosmic Cog medium equipped will most likely die, unless you
have a good supply of Holy Grails (which I doubt). Do not revive them, as he'll
just kill them over and over again. If the three party members are dead, his
attacks will seem laughable. Just attack him until he dies.

   Exit to the S. Get the Grab Bag from the chest in the E. Exit N. Exit N
again. Clive will talk to the spirit of his mentor. Then it will show a scene
where the Prophets are trying to make a system that will give off energy like
the Yggdrasil generator. Warner will leave, saying that he has to atone. He
tells you to find the energy source that the Prophets are looking for. He calls
it "Fila Del Fia," the crashed city in the sky. (Fila del Fia sounds like
Philadelphia. Just pointing it out.)

Head to the area NW of the Ruins of Dreams. Inside the crater, search for Fila
del Fia.

9.) Fila del Fia
    Head NW and exit in that same direction. Go NW and DD. Exit SW. Get the
chests that contain Gella Charm(x2), Potion Berry, and the Grappling Hook
(Clive's third tool). Head out. Use the G.Hook below the pipe to go up. Press
circle to fall in the direction you are facing. Use the G.Hook again in the N,
and exit. Go NW and look at the console in the middle. You will talk. Exit to
the W. Go NW and get the Lucky Card from the chest on the upper level. Use the
G.Hook to hit the Gem switch above you. Exit W. TT N, go down the stairs to the
E and use and S.Doll to get the Warp Star(x3) from the chest. Head W and bomb
the C.Wall. Exit W. Get the chests in the N containing 15,000 Gella, a Migrant
Badge, and Adventure 6. Go back and then exit N. Head NW and look at the other
console. After the nice chat, exit in the E. Move the blocks to the N to make a
platform next to the floor, and in front of the pipe overhead. Use the G.Hook
to go up, and land on the blocks. Exit E. SAVE!!! Now head N and exit.

BOSS: Chameleon Man
HP: 15,000
EXP: 12,000
Gella: 13,000
Item: Duplicator

Halfway through this battle, you will be saying, "All this for a freaking
duplicator!!!???" Well, I know how it feels. When he is invisible, you cannot
hit him, with the exception of Clive's Lock On Force Ability. Just keep using
Lock On, and sometimes use Refrigerate. Cure Downhearted, unless it's on Clive.
Don't bother reviving the dead, unless you have more than enough Revive Fruits.
After he falls, exit E. Turn the handle in any direction to make the Gem Switch
turn over. Use the F.Doll on the handle to freeze in place, and then go back
down the stair to hit the Gem Switch with the G.Hook. Back up the stairs, exit
W. Exit N. DD in the NE and exit NE. get the Gimel Coin and Pocketbook from the
chests. The Pocketbook chest has two mimics. Exit this room. Exit NW and look
at the console. You will talk about the Teardrop. Go back. A cutscene will show
Maya and company in the desert searching for the Teardrop. They had heard a
rumor from an old man in Claiborne. However, they are going the wrong way. Head
back to Claiborne.

10.) Claiborne
     Talk to Otto in the ARMs Shop to learn about a tower in the NW. Also, it
doesn't hurt to talk to Dessinsey. When you are finished, rest up and exit

Ride your horses NW to reach Caging Tower.
11.) Caging Tower
     Upon entering here, go up the stairs and exit E. More stairs, and exit W.
Avoid the bubbles. Move around to break out if you get caught. Get the chest
Lucky Card (x2), and Bomb the device. Exit to the W. Stairs, and exit N. Get
the chests containing a Revive Fruit and a Potion Berry. Exit this room. Finish
the stairs and exit to the E. Exit at the E again. Head up the stairs and exit
to the W. Avoid some more bubbles. RS Jump on the J.Pad and get the chest with
the Gella Card in it. DD in the S and RS Jump on the J.Pad. Bomb the device and
get out of here by exiting W. Take the stairs to the N door and exit. Get the
chests with Gimel Coin, AP Ammo, and the Grab Bag. Exit here. SAVE, prepare for
battle, and take the stairs to the E exit. You'll meet Maya again. Now it's
time for a boss battle.

BOSS: The Schroedingers
HP: Maya (7000), Shady (6200), Todd (6500), Alfred (5000).
EXP: 12,400
Gella: 12,800
Item: None

Ok. This is a tough battle. First off, defeat Todd. (Try setting his afro on
fire.) After he's down, they will not perform their damaging Wild Bunch attack.
Then, just keep attacking Alfred and Shady. Once they're down, hammer Maya with
all you've got. If she gets a move in when her HP is low, she'll do an
extremely powerful attack, called Calamity Jane. Try to kill her before this.
Mystic some curative items, and use spells like Protect and Shield. Once they
go down, you never fight them again. Be thankful.

RS Jump on the switch to activate the elevator. Use it to go to the 1st floor.
Get the Miracle Berry, and use a duplicator on the chest to get the Black Pass.
Head back to the 5th floor. Exit to the E and head up the stairs. Exit to the
W. Avoid some more bubbles, and head NW. Use the G.Hook on the ceiling. Get the
chest. There is a Growth Egg in one of them, but you have to fight three
Mimics. The other chest has 17,000 Gella! Head S and DD. Go W and use the
G.Hook to reach the device. Bomb it and exit to the W. Head up some more stairs
and exit to the E. Avoid some more bubbles and use the first J.Pad. Get the
chests with Gimel Coin and Call Whistle (x3). Use the second J.Pad to get to a
chest with a Duplicator. Use the next J.Pad to reach the platform in the N.
Bomb the device and exit to the E. Climb the stairs and exit to the W. You'll
find the Teardrop. However, Shady gets trapped when he tries to take it. It
turns out that it was a fake, and the real one is near Jolly Roger. The three
Prophets will appear and trap Maya. They'll tell her to give them the location
of the real Teardrop, and take her away. Alfred will be upset, and will look at
the fire. He'll then tell you that Maya was taken to the SE.

Head back to Claiborne.

12.) Claiborne
Talk to Myra in the Saloon to learn about the light that was headed to the SE.
Talk to everyone else, and leave town. A cutscene will be shown with Maya being
questioned about her book.

13.) Little Twister
Head to the area behind the ARMs shop, and go inside the hut there. Use the
Black Pass on the door at the bottom of the stairs. There, you can buy several
things. Also, when you sell a gear to any merchant, it will appear here for
sale. It's better to wait to buy stuff here until you get the Gold License.

Head to Jolly Roger. Once there, get in the Sandcraft and go to where you beat
Balal Quo Naga (The Sandcraft boss), and enter the inner sea. Land on the N
island, and search in the NE for Laxisland.

14.) Laxisland.
Ok. Talk to EVERYONE here. Also, search every house for items. In the ARMs
shop, talk to Zim with Gallows to get his third tools, the Kramer Dolls. After
you are completely finished here, exit this town.

Head S to the big island, and search near the W of the volcano. Enter the
Dragon's Lair.

15.) Dragon's Lair
Ok. First off, do not get touched by the steam. Ever. Head W and climb the
ladder. Exit to the NW. Climb the next ladder in the N and exit NE. DD in the E
and Climb up the ladder to reach some chests. They contain: Call Whistle and
Gimel Coin. One of the chests makes you fight two Imitators. Bomb the C.Wall
and exit to the S. DD in the SW hole. Head S and use the ladder. Get the Potion
Berry from the chest and then bomb the C.Wall in the E to exit. Climb yet
another ladder in the N and grab the Gella Card from the chest. Bomb another
C.Wall in the E and exit there. Head SE and exit S. Snatch the chests that have
a 10-Gal Hat and Duplicator. Exit. DD and bomb the E C.Wall. Exit through that
door. Get the Name Tag and Lucky Card from the chests. Use the ladder to exit.
Use the next ladder and walk W. Now, exit to the NW. DD in the SW hole. Exit to
the SE. DD in the E and climb the final ladder. SAVE!!! SAVE!!! SAVE!!! SAVE!!!
Get the point? Good. Now head N and bomb the N wall. Exit N. An earth quake
will cause the S exit to cave in. Exit N. Now, use Gallows's K.Doll to call the

BOSS: Lombardia
HP: 15,000
EXP: 13,000
Gella: 28,000
Item: Lombardia (You'll see.)

Ok. This was more time consuming than anything else. When you fight him, it
will use three of its turns to increase his stats. After his third turn, use
Eraser. Too bad for him. Just keep up the attacks, and he should fall. After
the battle, it'll ask four questions. ANSWER THEM CORRECTLY OR GET KILLED!

1st Answer: I want what you want. (Choice 2)
2nd Answer: Yes! (Choice 1)
3rd Answer: I will give you something more. (Choice 3)
4th Answer: Something to quench your desire. (Choice 1)

Now you have Lombardia!!! You can now fly and land at any patch of land that
looks flat. If it is very discolored, or is uneven, the odds are that you
cannot land there. Time for cruising!

Lombardia Controls:

X: Move forward.
O: Transform/Land.
Triangle: Status screen.
[]: Nothing.
Directional Buttons, Left Analog: Move Lombardia left, right, up, or down.
R1: Move the dragon right.
L1: Move the dragon left.
R2: File Missile.
L2: Toggle Camera Fixed/Moving.
Start: Nothing.
Select: Change map view.
L3: Nothing.
R3: Nothing.

Outside (Air)
Fly to Baskar Colony. Once there, fly N until you reach the cliffs across the
sand. Land and search for Ballack Rise near the S cliffs.

16.) Ballack Rise
Search the whole town for items. Some nice ones can be found here. Also, it
doesn't hurt to read some of the books. One item you may want is the Migrant
Seal in the barrel in the Inn. Exit the town after talking to everyone.

Fly N to the U-Shaped cliff and search near there.

17.) Den of Miasma
Ahh... Good old prologue dungeon.
Head N and exit E. Go E and exit E. Go N and exit W. Head W, and exit S. Bomb
or avoid the red slimes in the W. Go back to the previous room. Go E and then
N. Bomb the rocks and exit N. Keep going N. Go N, W, and bomb the blue slimes.
Get the white gems and exit to the S. Exit S again. Get rid of the blue slimes
and exit to the W. Exit to the W. Now, use the K.Doll to get in a boss fight.
No use saving before this.

BOSS: Arioch (x4)
HP: 1 each. No, it's not a typo.
EXP: 1 each.
Gella: None worth mentioning.
Items: Gimel Coin and 2 dragon fossils.

Start counting, while you hit "X" really fast. One, two, three, four. Now you
beat them. They are that easy. Now you have to find 99 more groups of them,
scattered throughout Filgaia. Each time you fight them, the get harder and
harder. You get an Ex File key for beating all groups. Exit here.

Note: You can now do the Telepath Tower side quest. Check the Side Quests
section for locations.
Also, take this time to finish any Millennium Puzzles that are available. When
you are done, fly to the SE of Boot Hill, to a place that can only be accessed
by air. (It's past a cliff. Search at the coordinates in the table of

18.) Dissection Facility
Note: There are a lot of ambushes here. Be sure to come prepared for lots of
battles. The Chimera monsters can do serious elemental damage.
Ok, use a Duplicator on the W door to exit. Get the chests containing Name Tag
(x3). Go back to the previous room and then exit N. Head N and exit E. Go E and
use the M.Glove to push the big block E. G.Crest N and exit E. Get the Potion
Berry from the chest and go back. Push the block to the S, past the gap. Go
around and then push it N, to fit in the gap. Climb the stairs and go across.
Exit W. Exit N. Dash into the doors of the cells to open them. Get the chests
here. They contain 18,000 Gella, Mini Carrot, and a Heal Berry. You have to
break a box for the Heal berry. Head to the NE door. Todd will cut the door for
you, after a cutscene. Exit E. Exit N. Now, head N and get the Gimel Coin from
the chest. Stand on the second discolored floor piece, and S.Doll N. Now, move
the doll to hit the second lever. Head E, then S, and exit S. Exit to the E.
Get the Lucky Card from the chest and go back. Now, exit N.  Stand between the
second and third rising walls, and S.Doll the first lever. Exit to the N. Look
at the N door, to start a cutscene. Shady will fly to a ledge and hit the lever
to open the door for your party. Exit to the N. Down the stairs, push the S
block E with the M.Glove. Exit S. Get the chests. They contain a Grab Bag and
Nectar. You need a Duplicator for the Nectar chest. Also, you can use the
sphere to fight an optional battle. I suggest that you come back later. Go
back. Push the N block N to make a gap one space from the S block. Go back up
the ladder and DD on to the S block. G.Crest to the N and get the Gella Card
(x2). Exit W. Dash into the cell door to get a chest with a Potion Berry. Exit
to the N. Break a box in the W to get a Gimel Coin. SAVE!!! Use a Duplicator on
the W door and exit there. There's an optional boss fight here. Any strategies
are welcome.
Ok, head back after beating the boss, and pick up the book on the floor. Alfred
will talk for a bit, and then he'll bomb the N door. Exit N and look at the
console. After a cutscene, you should exit here.

Head back to the Ruins of Memory.

19.) Ruins of Memory
Head N and exit N. Now, exit N again. Exit to the NE. Exit S. Exit W. Exit W
again. Exit to the N. Exit to the SE. Now, stand to the left of the statue,
near the wall. Use the G.Hook and exit N. Turn all of the lamps on. Look at the
(going left to right) 1st, 5th, and 3rd, statues. Exit to the N. Exit N yet
again. Use the T.Crest to burn the painting of fire. Exit N. Look at Maya's
book to get the key card. Use it to open the N door. Exit N. Pick up the
Teardrop and SAVE!!! Now, go back to the room you had to use the G.Hook in.
After a cutscene, here's a boss battle for you.

BOSS: Leehalt, Malik, and Melody
HP: Leehalt: 8500, Melody: 6600, Malik: 7000
EXP: 15,900
Gella: 16,500
Item: Dragon Fossil
For this battle, decelerate Malik in order to be able to hit him. Melody uses
poison attacks, so moonstones are helpful here. Also, Leehalt uses a very
powerful series of attacks. Just keep up the attacking and healing, and you
should be fine. After the long scenes, you should be back on the map.

The next update will (hopefully) finish Chapter Three. As soon as Strata gets
his game back, Chapter Two will be done.


Q. What are the passwords for the Leyline Observatory?
A. The first one is Inkapilia, and the second one is Guiding Word.

Q. When do I get the dragon? I really wanna fly!
A. After the Dragon's Lair, in Chapter Three.

Q. When will this FAQ be done?
A. Chapters Two and Three will be done in mid-march. Chapter Four will be done
at the end of April, and the final version of this FAQ will be up in June.

Q. How come you stop at certain points and don't continue the FAQ?
A. I don't have the time to write every part in one sitting. I'll try to be

Q. Where's the Iron Dragon's nest?
A. Land at the beach south of Claiborne, and search near the cliffs.

Q. What are the Ex File Keys good for?
A. They unlock special secrets at the end of the game.
1 Key: See character status.
2 Keys: Ex New Game. Ever Play Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross? It's like New
Game+. You keep all money and stats that you had at the end when you start a
new game.
8 Keys: Watch different versions of the opening movie.
4 keys: Watch different versions of the movie that plays when you quit the

That's all the questions for now. Feel free to ask anything that isn't in the


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