PS2 Walkthroughs: Dot.Hack Part 1: Infection Walkthrough

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Dot.Hack Part 1: Infection Walkthrough

                            .hack//Infection Walkthrough
                                   A FAQ composed
                                by Sincados Urameshi.
                      (C) 2000-2003 Sincados Productions L.P.
                         Brought to you by
                        "Designed by gamers, for gamers"

I. Introduction/Background
(a) the anime <(a) .hack//Sign -summed up->
(b) the game <(b) .hack//Infection (pt.1) -story info->
(c) Legal Briefing...Like we care.


III. .hack//Infection...Let us enter the 1st chapter of the videogame series...
  (i) Characters
    (ii) Ryu books
      (iii)Grunty raising  (also during Ryu Book VIII)
        (iv) Affection ratings, and Misc. Info.
          (v) Credits and dedication -My own-

(A) .hack//Sign. The .hack series is a game based on a mmorpg, that takes place
in the future. This is about of course .hack//Sign. Sign is about a character
named Tsukasa who can't log out of "The World", sucks huh? So forth he is
confused if he is a girl, or a boy in the real world. Aura is not yet 'born',
thats Tsukasas's main role in general, to have the good form of Aura 'born',
and to finally log out when she is 'born'. A mysterious force is behind some
problems going on in The World. Skeith, perhaps, well you can see it all for
yourself. Not too shaby of an anime. Confusing to some people, well yes.
Eventually the pieces come together, and the fight begins, Balmung hates
hackers, which will be repeated over and over. Bah! Who cares. Anyway they
eventusally all team up to try to vanquish the evil... Right. So Tsukasa's
guardian will sacrifice itself to another gaurdian, to protect Tsukasa, and
Subaru. Aww how touching.. ack. Well the fight will beign, and Sora I think it
was is the first to fall to Skeiths data drain, and he gets a coma. Later in
the .hack series you can get his weapon. Spiffin! So, ya, see it and don't
listen to me babble, plus watching it will be better too.

(B) .hack//Infection (Background info from the OVA information 'easter egg')
The story of .hack//Infection  takes place in the near future, On December 24, 2005. The entire
internet has stopped functioning. Simultaneously, all networked computers and
communcation control systems crashed, causing great panic and confusion. The
network was able to recover 77 minutes later. The automatic retaliatory system
of the United States began to operate erroneously and was moving to a point of
crisis. The virus creator was a mere 10-year-old elementary school student.
After the incident, the only Operating System not affected by the virus later
called "Pluto's Kiss" was the Altimit OS, which was secure enough to withstand
the damage done by the virus, it will later become the most popular used O.S.
on the globe. Additionally, there was a restriction on Networked Entertainment
because of the incident. Years later, CyberConnect Corporation began play
testing "Fragment", an online game that would later become "The World",
"Fragment" was sold to them by a dude named Harold Hewick, a German programmer,
the network council of the world lifted the restriction on online gaming to
boost the entertainment economy. By the end of the year, "The World" became
available for download all around the globe, thousands of people begin
downloading the game.

The year is now 2010,you are invited by your schoolmate, Yasuhiko, to play the
online game "The World" While playing the game both you and your friend are
attacked by an unknown monster . As a result, Yasuhiko becomes comatose
in the real world. Despite his friend condition, you  continue to play
The World believing you'll find a way to help your friend out of the coma, and
to determine why it happened. While playing, you accept the Book of Twilight
from a mysterious girl in white. You are transformed into an outlaw
player within the game wielding the very same power responsible for
Orca's(Yasuhiko) condition.... and Balmung hates you.

You take on the role of the player who controls the player character "Kite" in
"The World", trying to find the explanation behind your friend's coma that is
somehow linked to that little girl and the monster that is chasing her, you
must find items, weapons and even friends to help you on your investigation and
finally confront the truth behind the game.. and Balmung will still hate
you...b/c your a "hacker"... Until.... 

(c) Legal Briefing........Like we care. Well, what have we here LEGAL STUFF!?
Well yes, I have made this nifty side-note FAQ for you, the gamer(s). Just to
follow suit n' code that is there for all personal handy-work, media of any
sort, and big-name company projects. .hack TM and (c) 2001-2002 Bandai, program
(c) 2001-2002 Bandai. .hack and all related characters, names, logos,
distinctive likeness, drawings, and other images contained in their product are
all exclusive property of Bandai. Bandai Inc. Just something required to have
down. We all know the law so.... This FAQ is for personal use only, ANY
unauthorized reproduction of this, or any FAQ with out the composer, or writers
consent is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Any copying of this FAQ or print outs FOR
PERSONAL USE, is ok by me. ONLY FOR THAT! Any other websites, companies,
magazines, or other form of media reprinting this or ANY work of others is
for so are steep, and will be enforced.....IF I feel like it, right. Just DON'T
BE AN ARSE! ..and we'll all get along.  Sincados Productions L.P. (c)2000-2003

I.---Characters in .hack//Infection---
The characters in .hack are gathered throughout the entire saga. From Infection
to Qurantine, you'll gather multitudes of allies in all the classes. Some
you'll like, and some....find ugly, green, and say "he of fair eyes."- Sorry
Piros. I will give you a run through of Infection's offering of characters.
(1) Orca - "Kites" friend, in the real world.
(2) BlackRose - First to join Kite really, ya Orca does, but HE GOES INTO A
COMA! C'mon.
(3) Mia - A cat person... A hacker, turned character in to a cat. Mia's name
means Missing in Action. heh heh heh.
(4) Elk - Likes collectiong Aromatic grass with Mia. A wavemaster.
(5) *Natsume* - Opt. Character, a twinblade user like Kite. Shes got spunk, and
wants to prove herself.
(6) Mistral - A wavemater as well. Sounds like Sasami from Tenchi Muyo!, and
other Tenchi Sagas. She's pretty useful. Childish and spunk, she will provide
use to you.
(7) *Sanjuro* - A heavyblade user, likes samurais a lot. He is one of my fav.
to use in Infection, alongside BlackRose.
(8) *Gardenia* - A longarm user. She is very quiet, and she like flowers.
(9) Piros - A Heavy Axeman, annoying, big, and carries a big axe.

(II).hack//Infection--Ryu books--

How to acquire these books is simple: Data Drain.
Here's how many data drains are needed to get all 8 volumes:

Ryu Book I---10 Data Drains
Ryu Book II---20 Data Drains
Ryu Book III---30 Data Drains
Ryu Book IV---40 Data Drains
Ryu Book V---50 Data Drains
Ryu Book VI---60 Data Drains
Ryu Book VII---70 Data Drains
Ryu Book VIII---80 Data Drains

These books contain some fun stuff so get em.
The following is what each book represents, and as well what you need to max
them out, and lovely parting gifts. TO SKIP THE MOVIE SEQUENCE PRESS O. WE KNOW

Ryu Book I---This book chronicles the total number of areas and total play time.

Inside the book are these readings:

Number of areas visited by activating the Chaos Gate

Current Play Time : Hours: Minutes: Seconds

There are 8 bonuses total to get in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as
follows for Ryu Book I:

1. 10 areas visited
2. 20 areas visited
3. 30 areas visited
4. 40 areas visited
5. 50 areas visited
6. 5:00:00 of gameplay
7. 10:00:00 of gameplay
8. 15:00:00 of gameplay

Ryu Book II---This book chronicles the total number of magic portals in the
fields and dungeons.

Inside the book are these readings:

Number of magic portals opened on the field and dungeon.

Number of fields cleared of all magic portals.

Number of dungeons cleared of all magic portals.

There are 10 bonuses in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as follows:

1. 50 portals open
2. 100 portals open
3. 150 portals open
4. 200 portals open
5. 300 portals open
6. 400 portals open
7. 5 all field portals open 
8. 10 all field portals open
9. 10 all dungeon portals open 
10. 15 all dungeon poratls open

Ryu Book III---This book chronicles the amount, or names of players you've met
thus far.

inside the book are these readings:

Name list         XX/67 names possible.
Number of trades made.

1. Mia
2. Orca
3. ????
4. Sanjuro
5. ????
6. ?????
7. ????
8. Piros
9. ????
10. Elk
11. Natsume
12. ????
13. Gardenia
14. ?????
15. BlackRose
16. Mistral
17. ?????
18. Wing
19. Macky
20. NOVA
21. Sachiko* Hells Gate guy #2
22. Neja
23. Heavy
24. Benkei
25. Hayate
26. Task
27. Hinata
28. A-Kichi
29. Cleama
30. Grid
31. Quess
32. Nekoski
33. Gyokuro
34. Osugi
35. Acerola
36. Borscht
37. M-78
38. Yuckey
39. Nijukata
40. Hirami
41. Henako
42. BIG* Hells Gate guy #1
43. Yuji
44. Cima
45. Koji
46. Crest
47. Mayunosuke
48. Matsuki
49. Oborozukiyo
50. Bell
51. Cossack Leader
52. Alue
53. Alpha Ichigoro
54. Alicia
55. Stare
56. Flare
57. Fool
58. Teria
59. Waffle
60. Cyan
61. Panta
62. Jutah
63. Annri
64. Benoit
65. Micino
67. Tim
68. John *thanks to for catchin my mistake*
Its hard to find all the people. To try to do so, warp in and out of towns, or
between servers. You should get them eventually.

There are 3 bonuses in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as follows:

1. 20 names registered
2. 5 trades made
3. 10 trades made

Ryu Book IV---This book chronicles the names of monsters you've encountered.

 Inside the book are these readings:

Monster list           XX/303
too many too list.

There are 2 bonuses in .hack.//Infection. Bonus requirements are as follows:

1. 50 monsters encountered
2. 80 monsters encountered

Ryu Book V---This book chronicles your friends

Inside the book are these readings:
Total  gift amount         XXXXXXGP

There are 2 bonuses in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as follows:
Mia                               GP amt.

Ryu Book VI---This book chronicles treasure chests, jars, boxes, corpses, and
Gott Statues opened, or destroyed.

Inside the book are these readings:

Treasure boxes opened:                 XX
Boxes, bones, etc. broken:             XX
Gott Statue treasure chests opened:    XX

There are 8 bonuses in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as follows:
1. 50 treasure chests open
2. 150 treasure chests open
3. 300 treasure chests open
4. 30 corpses, jars, boxes, etc. destroyed.
5. 100 corpses, jars, boxes, etc. destroyed.
6. 200 corpses, jars, boxes, etc. destroyed.
7. 5 Gott Statues opened.
8. 15 Gott Statues opened.

Ryu Book VII---This book chronicles the amount of Springs of Myst, and Symbols,
you've activated.

Inside the book are these readings:

Springs of Myst found
Encounters with Monsieur:  XX
Encounters with Grandpa:   XX

Symbols activated:         XX

There are 8 bonuses in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as follows:
1. 5 visits to Monsieur.
2. 10 visits to Monsieur.
3. 5 visits to Grandpa.
4. 10 visits to Grandpa.
5. 5 Symbols activated.
6. 10 Symbols activated.
7. 20 Symbols activated.
8. 30 Symbols activated.

Ryu Book VIII---This book chronicles Grunties and food for Grunties.

Inside the book are these readings:

Grunty List
Grunty Food list

Grunty list shows how many, and what kind of Grunty you have raised. Check it

Name                         Number raised
Noble Grunty                      X
Iron Grunty                       X
Poison Grunty                     X
????                              0
????                              0
????                              0
????                              0
????                              0
????                              0
Total Grunty Food:                XX

Golden Egg                        XX
Grunt Mint                        XX
Twilight Onion                    XX
Snaky Cactus                      XX
Oh No Melon                       XX
Cordyceps                         XX
White Cherry                      XX
Root Vegetable                    XX
La Pumpkin                        XX
Mushroom                          XX
Mandragora                        XX
Piney Apple                       XX
Immature Egg                      XX
Bear Cat Egg                      XX
Invisible Egg                     XX
Bloody Egg                        XX

There are 2 bonuses available in .hack//Infection. Bonus requirements are as

1. 50 Grunty foods collected
2. All Grunty food varieties collected

GRUNTIES IN .hack//Infection<<<<

NOBLE GRUNTY----Give the baby Grunty 20 Golden Eggs, then it'll become a
Frenchy....MON AMI! 

IRON GRUNTY--- Give the baby Grunty: 4 Piney Apples
                                     3 Snaky Cactuses
                                     12 Golden Eggs

POISON GUNTY---- Give the baby Grunty: 4 Piney Apples
                                       3 Snakey Cactus
                                       1 Invisible Egg
                                       11 Golden Eggs



---.Hack//Infection Walkthrough---Let us enter the 1st chapter.---

The first time you start the game you're shown a short movie consisting that of
what appears to be an epitaph (or a prologue, like your Star Wars. Kinda...
Except it takes place here, and a little further down the timeline.

Soon after, you'll hear 'Kite' talking for a minute. Not the game-Kite but, as
if he was a person like you or me.Next you will get to choose your name both a
username, and ascreename for your character for The World. For this FAQ I'll
keep the originality of the games intentions and keep it as Kite.

Now, you'll get to see the Altimit OS . You change the
desktop look if you want  by going into 'Accessory' and then
selecting one of 3 desktop backgrounds(orange, red, blue). You can get
more as the game progresses.

Next read your mail, and read the news. Then, once you're ready to start go to
'The World'. Here, you can login or go to the
Message Board and view whats goin on. It's a good way to find new characters,
advance the plot, info, and other various things.

The first MB posts are basically explaining the system, and the game. Read
through them all, and get to know them well. Since you'll be accessing this for
the next 60 hours+. A few extra posts about the 'News'you may have read,
nothing much of intrest.

Once you've read the MB, head to Login. You'll start off in Mac Anu, the Delta
Server root town.

---Delta Server Root Town -Mac Anu-

Once you are warped to Mac Anu, you'll meet Orca. He'll remind you to call him
Orca, and not to call him Yasuhiko, his real life name. Then, he will go into a
short tutorial of inviting someone to your party.
Next, Orca will guide you through a tutorial about keywords. It seems a little
long but do try to bear with it. The first keyword he'll make you do is
"Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field", and your off!

---Delta Server---Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field---

Here, there will be more tutorials involving the use of camera angles,
attacking, and the chat commands in game between characters. It is recommended
you pick-up quickly on this tutorial, and not skip through it in boredom.
Painful yes, but it pays to know.

Now after the nifty tutorial, Orca will follow you around to show you the
ropes, and at a higher level (level 50)too. so go around Killing the goblins
and whatever you can. Let Orca do the dirty work...You should try to help out
maybe, but don't die over it. He can do about 5,000+ damage, not too shabby,
eh? Don't you'll get to be more powerful as time presses on.You get 60 EXP per
goblin is struck down. With Orca it's nothing to be ashamed of just don't go
and somehow die.

Once you clear the field, head for the dungeon. Yet another tutorial, this time
about treasure chests.2 free items for starting you out, whoopee!

....Yeah well, keep goin, and there will be a cutscene showing a mysterious
white girl being chased by what seems to be a 'high-level monster'. Orca will
say a remark like "There's something like that on this level?" Yeah well, its
no big deal now but it will be sometime. You should know who it is. If not well
then........ok. ONWARD!!

This entire dungeon area is really tutorial. It will get repetitive though  Just get used to seeing it for a
long while of a time.

---Delta Server---Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field---B1:

Head forward, and it will become a fork. Head to the right, where the girl
went, and you'll find a dead end with a nifty Speed Charm. Where did she go?

Head out, and go down the other side of the fork. Orca will explain  about
trapped rooms and you will fight a goblin. ooh scary! Moving on go down the

---Delta Server---Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field---B2:

It's an empty hall, keep going. Oh no! a three-way split here. Which way do I
go George? Well, I'll tell you...Ahead of you is the Gott Statue, ending the
fun of the dungeon. Yet, if you want a little bit more experience, and some
treasure first-off, head left and then right. Onward you leave the room after
getting the treasure formt the Gott Statue, there's a scene with the girl from
before. She gives Orca a book. A freakish figure appears . It seems like it may turn into a boss fight, but
wrong you are.....Orca steps in and in dismay can't get a hit in. Orca then
gets wasted, and 'leaves'. It turns its' sights on you. The book gets in your
possesion, and it wants it, no matter what. The book is known as the Key of the
Twilight (event item, nothing else of use) Soon you're 'warped out' and "Kite"
will talk, about the situation about what happened. Then, you'll be told about
stuff involving comatose and "The World". Soon you will go back on Altimit.

---Altimit ---

You will have mail explaining you can only login to the Delta and Theta
servers. Go to the MB, and Kite will post a message about Orca . Nothing new here really other than all that. Go login.
WOAH! You can't...Hmmm, I wonder why? Quit, you will then get mail. It's from a
lady-person called, "Au]$" . The message is partly messed up, but it will

To the one who holds the book.
Skeith is looking for me.

There is no time.
Please. Help me.

Sucks doesn't it? Well, go back to "The World", now try logging in. Nothing new
on the MB. What the hell? It works now? Wow, that's service.

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

Once you log in, and find yourself encountered by a female Heavy Blade User . She'll Nag at you about staring at her, and ask if you're a
newbie at "The World". Kite won't answer her, so she will leave.
Walk on down a tad. That guy on your right is a Recorder. He saves the game for
you..Of course you have to talk to him. Keep on walking, off to your right,
before the bridge, the path will lead you down to a healing item shop. Buy some
items if you want. If you feel you have enough, ok then whatever. It's up to
you. Do some weapon shopping if you want to (It's located over the bridge on
the left side). Trade with some people here. Some people they have some pretty
nifty stuff, well only a few do. Others have crap.
When you are ready to go after trading, go to the Chaos Gate and examine it.
BlackRose will come along and ask you to take her to Forbidden Hidden Holy
Ground. A battle level of 7. Not a really good idea, but you have no choice, so
do so...not like anything bad will happen, right? ONWARD, HO! Oh, sorry a
little sudden flash back to Thunder Cats...Ya.

---Delta Server---Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground---

Argh, there be a big cathedral, charge it matey. A cut scene is invoked. Kite
will fight a Goblin while BlackRose will practically piss her pants....ha and
YOUR a newbie, eh? Well this will put her in her place. Another cutscene
invoked, around a statue of Aura. Who shows up to kiss ass..none other than the
man, Balmung 
He comes in, lays down the law by kicking ass, and tells YOU to leave. Pretty
confindent he is, this is his standard attitude towards low-levels.
BlackRose will attack the infinite HP monster. Kite will flash back to the
scene with Orca.
Kite then hears a voice, telling him to open the book. Here, you will use the
Book of Twilight. No choice here, but c'mon you want use it, don't you? Oh
well, you use it none-the-less. Kite gains his most unique ability now. Data
Drain, plus his clothes change to red. You get a Virus Core M. Balmung then
basically hates your ass because YOU are a HACKER, also by calling you "the
same as the virus". OUCH! More cutscenes.

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

If you want better trading items, or maybe a good weapon to have around, go on
back to "Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field". You can throw your Amateur Blade in
the Spring of Myst, 
there and get Phantom Blades.... Or you can do some smart trading with the
items you have found You could then possibly get the Shadow Blades...which have
a higher level. I dunno it's up to you, trade to your desire. Don't be stupid
like one of my friends that thought he didn't need to trade to anyone...Only to
find out that his armor, and well everything about his character sucked...Oh
Trading with people I've heard is random. Well, it is and it isn't. Try to get
the Ryu book 5 volume and talk to people, it can help you out...Or just talking
to people ya..that works too....but do trade with people as if you were
actually playing a real mmorpg. Like your supposed to..Yes it is an order

---Altimit ---

So, you will log out now , and then there will be a few
new posts on the MB...sort of. HEY Your post about Orca was deleted. How
Odd...and scary..somebody obviously doesn't like that topic, eh?
Well besides all that, there happens to be a post about a game of's a
frickin goblin...ooh sounds like a challenge, doesn't it. Well if you beat him,
yes IF, you win a lovely parting gift from the little bugger. He will give you
the keyword and demand you come alone...basically. Try it out, like it, puke on
it, piss on it, all just to 'tag' it...It gets way harder way later on. It
will, not for awhile...yes you'll notice the difference. BUT before that
happens and you go fight the good, the bad, the ugly, go check your e-mail. You
will have 2 new e-mails. One from BlackRose and the other from...Helba. Reply
however you want, doesn't matter. More news about "The World", Ok! SO MUCH

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

Well let us have some fun, by playing TAG, ALRIGHT FUN TO THE MAX!!First you
will have to login, and you will be back in Delta Server Root Town Mac Anu.....
hang-on a sec...Wait... Maybe you won't go yet. Hey those guys have some
intriguing, spiffy news... SO go find that 'Catgirl' and the one dude with her.
WHY it's Mia and Elk.... Who are they?? Well you'll see a nifty cutscene with
them. Elk talks some grass...pot-head!! OK, so, ya, it's Aromatic
Grass...still. Mia gets intrigued by your ultra-all-too-cool-bracelet-that
nobody-can see...whew! So ya both Elk and Kite can't see it...right...SO after
all this go play 'Tag'. Go to "Detestable Golden Sunny Demon."

---Delta Server-Detestable Golden Sunny Demon---

So you have arrived. You're greeted by the goblin Stehoney, he wants to waste
YOUR precsious valuable time with a game of 'tag'. Well, what else is the point
of coming here?
So at first chase him around, keep attacking him. If you have some trouble use
a Speed Charm. Besides that it's not difficult. He doesn't even attack you, and
if your'e complaining now...heh heh this is nothing. ALRIGHT VIRUS CRUSHING
GADGET #1..sorry..a little carried away. So yay for getting the 'Goblin Cap'
for beating 130 EXP...Not too shabby, eh Trebek?
Well now then you have a few choices here now. Find a Mandragora...Its Grunty
food..They will be seen in countless stages, there are many many kinds. So get
it now...It bounces..yes, yes it does. Go around, Look at stuff...or not,
whatever. Then, Gate Out....on your own.
Now it doesn't hurt to take TIME to level your characters up. So do so.
Give BlackRose a call via "flash mail", join your party, and your off..Where
to? Why to wherever your mind can take you as loong you can handle those
highish battle levels. After so, go read the MB. You should have several new
keywords to go to. Like this one "Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand". GO TO IT,

---Delta Server-Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand---

When you arrive, you meet another Twin Blade user. He looks like a ninja .
Well anyway, he tells you he came because of the message on the MB. BUT, the
Administrator turned him away. Psh. Ass, you'll show him whats up! Go to the
dungeon, and head in. Sure enough, that guy known as the Admin. tries to turn
you away. What to do? Ignore his ass and mosie along on down.

---Delta Server-Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand---B1:

Nothing in the first room but the Admin. guy. Keep moving along, kill the
monsters, and move along some more. If youdid as I did, and as well as others,
PLUS as I thought you should do, levele up, this is gonna be a piece of
cake...yum! Move on along forward to the next room (west-ward, or left) to get
the treasure chest lying beyond the door. Now exit, go down the other path.
Follow it, you will be lead to the stairs. Get that symbol in this room, you'll
like it...maybe, next head on down.

---Delta Server-Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand---B2:

Head straight into the next room, fight, move along. Follow the path forward
again. Once at the break, turn to your left (east-ward). Get some treasure,
head back down the other path. Fight some more, move along some more, go down
those stairs....whew! Fun wasn't it?

---Delta Server-Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand---B3:

STRAIGHT AHEAD MATEY! All right no enemies.... creepy...ewie! green stuff on
the ground... You scared yet? Ya well, in the next room, you maybe..or not. So
in that next room, Kite will see a rather large monster. A "... Data Bug!"

Boss Fight: He{dhu&__er (Headhunter)
HP: ????..  250 (after Data Drain)

Well your first boss fight... Well then, this fight's pretty easy to acomplish.
Smack that thing until it falshes "Protect Break" over it. Then, Data Drain
it's monkey ass. It has normal HP like you and all now, yes! Beat the hell out
of it now, and celebrate your first big game kill. After the fight, you'll meet
Mistral, a wavemaster, who asks about your unique abilities. Well, now you're
not the player who didn't listen to the Admins. They do wonderful at their jobs
don't they? Well, she gives you her Member Address..ALRIGHT! So now your party
has expanded... no avail..You can't go on and finish the dungeon.
Sucks but ah, oh well, deal with it. BACK TO MAC ANU!

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

Well well well, looky here, a player named Piros. Who's a Heavy Axeman..
USELESS! He IS different then ALL other players that are Heavy Axemen..and yet
the only one to be an ugly one as well. He will refer to his job, later on
he'll tell you why he's different. So he asks to you watch him save a
friend....Right....Like he's gonna save someone.
Well go ahead and agree with the bugger. He'll say he'll meet you there. Do
your thing maybe save, then your off...."He of faireyes"..Ack!

---Delta Server-Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage---

Immediately when you warp there you should see the dungeon to the west of where
you start off. Just go there don't bother with the field..for now.

---Delta Server-Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage---B1:

Well still no sign  of Piros. Ok fine...Well head straight. Next at the break,
If you head right, it will lead you to a portal plus, some urns...Fun! Left is
a portal, more boxes, Golden Egg!!.....and a chest...MORE FUN! The forward path
which is where to go to find Piros...not really fun...oh well...sort
of..kinda.. The right of the split is some more treasure like goodness, and the
left is the stairs. GOING DOWN PLEASE!

---Delta Server-Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage---B2:

A thing to keep in mind, try not to fight those remember that
boss you fought awhile ago...ya so you were 5 million people...well
maybe not..just a tip. Anyway, ONWARD!
Go straightward, then north. Go north some more, east, east again.. portal here
as well. North are stairs.

---Delta Server-Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage---B3:

East is a portal, west is the Gott Statue...yippee! BUT! Don't forget about the
purpose of coming here... So head
back to the intersection, do some healing action, then go north. Fight a Rock
Head, pitiful runt, and not a Data Bug! Just kill it!! Wood is it's opposing
force, it hates it...It is earth after all so...use WOOD. Well Piros will give
you his member address... Like we care, sheesh... So now you have an axemen
with a really annoying voice, with a small head, arrogant, and greets you as
"Hark! He of fair eyes!".....Oh great! Again, auto-tele back to Mac Anu.

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

You will notice the flash thingy on the screen of new mail. ALRIGHT! Log out,
and check it. First one is a warning about your snooping . Then,  some notice about winning a
contest . Plus a quite likely friendly email from
BlackRose. Go! Claim that prize!
HERE WE GO! TO ELF'S HAVEN AWAY! You get a Book of Law. Its use will boost your
character level. So, give it a try already! HUH!? Insallation Error!? What the?
Character override forbidden? That's B.S.!! I want it!! After you get this
little screen, or maybe you already have, get more e-mails....OK! (I'm still
pissed about that book...son's of...ohhh!> After a few, you'll get an e-mail
from Mia, asking you to meet her to learn about your "bracelet" Really its
about gate hacking. So what to do? Why, go meet her of course! AWAY WE GO!

---Delta Server-Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls---

So you go to a dungeon....all alone. This could get a little tough. An admin.
will tell you to go away.... Again!! Bah! ha! who's he kidding! SO Keep on,

---Delta Server-Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls---B1:

Go west. North, at the symbol is some treasure, south is treasure as well, and
the continuing path. Venture east and go down...creepy...

---Delta Server-Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls---B2:

Go east, and venture your way north. In the 3-way fork, east and west both have
treasure... and north lies the way you need to go. Then west is the way to go

---Delta Server-Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls---B3:

Mia will talk to you...again. So head west... Some treasure, a corpse, and then
south. fight here....venture some more. East is a portal, north from there is a
dead-end with some stuff. South is a portal, and from there, west then south.
Go to the stairs . Near the end.

---Delta Server-Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls---B4:

I'll make it short, south, then west. North, east, south, mosey along, and Down.

---Delta Server-Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls---B5:

Short area here. Go north. Seeing purple? That says "hello mr. boss fight!" The
universal signa that means generally "Heal your wounded ass BEFORE you step in
on MY territory biotch!" I never knew monsters felt that way...ANYWAY! Walk on
through, and FIGHT!

Boss Fight: __ed^|} (Red Wyrm)
HP: ????   850 (after Data Drain)

Use your skills and any scrolls you have as much as you can. Don't get in his
range, SO stay out of it!! Just keep trying to cut his throat until you see
that all-too-familiar-and fun "Protect Break". Stop only to heal any necessary
damage. Once 'Protect Break' occurs, heh heh slaughter the bugger! So it is
done......hmm, wha!?

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

It Auto-gates....AHH! All that hard work just to end up here. WE want that Gott
statue...It'll happen a few times, get used to it... OK so maybe a lot. Well,
anyway, Mia and Elk will both give you their member addresses. YAY! Hey now you
got 6 people (including the incompacitated Orca). Mia is a blademaster  and Elk's a wavemaster , rest so your SP will return.

Boss Fight: *tone^t (Stone Turtle)
HP: ????  1090 (after Data Drain)

It is so much easier with 3 people. OH yes it is. Elk will be near useless
until you Data Drain it. This guy seems to be
unaffected by skills and scrolls. So keep at him with Mia, and let Elk handle
any healing. Once you do Data Drain him, give the signal to use as much Wood as
you can on the bugger. He won't last long then, he'll drop like a fly...oh
ya!that's teamwork!

---Delta Server Root Town-Mac Anu-

Yay alright auto-tele.. WOW! New e-mail. Lots of new MB posts as well. Plus
some news. Stuff will happen, so log back in. HEY BALMUNG! And then Helba?
Whew! Things are heating up, 'round here! Logging back out will bring more
funness. E-mails and posts to be exact. There will be another e-mail from Aura.
Hard to read, but it's like this...

I want to be born. To live.
That is all I want.

Bearer of the bracelet. Help me.
Before there are any more

An e-mail from BlackRose enables you to head on over to Theta
server....WOO-HOO! At this point you can either go ahead and go to Theta
server. Or head to on over to look for the Spiral Edge. We'll venture for the
Spiral Edge first, but if you want to go to Theta, go ahead, make my day.

 At this point, only Piros and Mistral are available to
go on this lovely adventure with you. So have them tag-team along. ONWARD, HO!

---Delta Server---Raging Passionate Melody---

The dungeon be due north of current locale . So go head north,
to it.

---Delta Server---Raging Passionate Melody---B1:

You'll enter to see Natsume waiting inside, afraid to go in for the Spiral
Edge...Why, I dunno. So head past her, north. East goes to a portal, some
treasure, jars and urns. North is a large room with 2 portals, and several
chests.... Oh so much fun! West, then south...TO THE STAIRS!

---Delta Server---Raging Passionate Melody---B2:

South. South. West goes around north to more treasure, argh matey! loot the
place. East will lead directly to more loot in the next room, and it continues
on to the east. It will then wrap to the north on to the stairs...

---Delta Server---Raging Passionate Melody---B3:

Go north, and north again. East is a portal, while west is the last portal.
North is the Gott Statue, that contains the Spiral Edge that Natsume wants, and
some lovely treasure. You can choose to give the Spiral Edge to Natsume, or
not...We all prefer you do.. She'll make a certain comment, and give you her
member address. Yay alright!! More people! Now!! On to Theta server.

---Theta Server Root Town Dun Loireag-

BlackRose will be waiting for you here. Grunty's everywhere! If you head to the
south, you can feed one to raise it. GUIDE INCLUDED ON HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

---Theta Server---Quiet Eternal White Devil---

This is where there was another Aura sighting. North quite a ways is the
dungeon. I'm not sure how far it is south, but that may be quicker.

---Theta Server---Quiet Eternal White Devil---B1:

North and north and north. East eventually leads to loot, but there are 2
portals in the way first. West, south, south, south is stairs, or break east
before the least south for a symbol and some loot.

---Theta Server---Quiet Eternal White Devil---B2:

Move South. South there's a portal and some treasure. East is a room of
nothing... theres a lot of 'em. One is east, AND east of there is another, then
another. North is stuff, south has a portal and treasure. Back, north, west,
and west. North is a big room with a portal. Go north again, West contains a
portal and treasure. East has a portal, then north to the stairs...WHEW!

---Theta Server---Quiet Eternal White Devil---B3:

Short area to explore here... Go north, east, east, north. Keep on going and
you'll find...  absolutely nothing!! WOW! It's a dead the end of the
dungeon... that has no Gott Statue. Word...... Warp out and over to Delta

---Delta Server Root Town Mac Anu-

There will be a scene with Mia and Elk... Mia doesn't seem to understand a
basic human emotion...ok. So, Elk comes along to talk to you. He asks you to
accompany him...well rather he accompany you... to
"Plenteous Smiling Hypha".

---Delta Server---Plenteous Smiling Hypha---
Once you arrive, the dungeon is due north of you.

---Delta Server---Plenteous Smiling Hypha---B1:

Go north, east is treasure. West is a path to T2 room... North is to T1 room.
In the T1 room, east is treasure, north is more treasure, and west is to T2
room. In the T2 room, south is path to a circle room, the north path is to
treasure.... And west is to the stairs.

---Delta Server---Plenteous Smiling Hypha---B2:

A short are here...go west, north, north again.... AND AGAIN!.......see I told
you it was short.

---Delta Server---Plenteous Smiling Hypha---B3: Again... West is a portal...
Now heal before going north, it's a fun door of good thrashing!

Boss Fight: Ki/er S^&asker (Killer Snaker)
HP: ???? 1330 (After Data Drain)

Just hit the bastard...a lot. Use the "First Aid!"
command to make Elk do something, while you clobber the fool,
this enemy can do some damage, plus Elk is not useful for physical attacks you
know. Elk won't be useful until you Data Drain him. After the nifty notes of
wholesome goodness pop up... Data Drain, and eat this bugger alive. Use
"Skills!" and he will fall like no other.
Afterwards... you will be all alone... Apparently, you are under appreciated.
Oh well. They still will join you...... So log out, read the MB, check your
mail, and the news. Log back in, Mia will then give Piros a "Magic Love
Potion".... right. Looks like you'll have to find the remedy... Send out the
invitation to the other member of your choice to go with you..... and Piros.

---Theta Server---Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold---

Find the dungeon. I really can't remember the direction I went to find it...
I'll make this section short... You'll see.

---Theta Server---Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold---B1:

Go north, north again is a portal, west , north, and north, to the downstairs.

---Theta Server---Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold---B2:

Go east, south, west, south, some treasure, west, north, and down the stairs.

---Theta Server---Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold---B3:


---Theta Server---Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold---B4:

Go north, west, north, east, east, open the Gott Statue chest. HOORAY! YOU GOT

---Theta Server---Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold---B2:

WHAT?! That wasn't enough!? Oh well, go south, west. Keep going on the path for
the "Custom Remedy".

---Theta Server---Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder---

This is where the Kotetsu Sword is located... So it says...
Anyway, You'll see the dungeon in the west-ward direction of where you will
start......SO GO! I'll make this one short to go through. G'luck, ya!

---Theta Server---Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder---B1:

Sanjuro's a little upset... OH WELL.. Go ahead and go north, and go north to
split. Go east-ward for some treasure-y stuff, then go west for the awesome
stairs we love SO much.

---Theta Server---Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder---B2:

PORTAL, AND THE FRICKIN STAIRS... Whew! Short wasn't it?

---Theta Server---Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder---B3:

Go on to east, which has a portal. North has 1 too. West is the Gott Statue
Chest... HEY NOW, WOWIE LOOKIE THERE!! Kotestu that is not HERE!... SO you give
it to Sanjuro, the man. INEXCHANGE FOR WHAT!? 1. His member address, 2. a
Tolerance Book....screw Piros and his bloody diary. THEN off to Theta!

---Theta Server---Soft Solitary Tri Pansy---

HEY!! DON'T miss the chest behind you!! GO South, east, east again, south,
east, south for some treasure chests. AND north, east from there to get a Piney
Apple!! SCRUMPTIOUS! Then go west for some more tasty Piney Apples for your
loveable Grunty! Ok, now go east, east, and north, north, then WEST, AND WEST

---Theta Server---Soft Solitary Tri Pansy---B1:

Kite will be forced to take a "Love Letter" to Gardenia.So go, north, north,
east, east for some richies known as GP. Go east, east for some more. Then,
north for a break.... breathe and.. Go! East ,and west are treasure. North is
Gardenia residing, who will then run downstairs. Follow suit.

---Theta Server---Soft Solitary Tri Pansy---B2:

West will be a portal, east, which is where you need to fancy yourself. Go
south at a break for another portal and some treasure. North, to follow the

---Theta Server---Soft Solitary Tri Pansy---B3:

Go east or west. It doesn't really matter, they all go to the same place. If
you're going for the A.F.O.P. , go east. There aren't really any portals west.
I think... Oh well.. When you get to the center of it all,  head on up north. ANOTHER MOMENT IN THE DUNGEON, CHAISING

---Theta Server---Soft Solitary Tri Pansy---B4:

East of the cirle is the last portal in the dungeon... WOO-HOO! West-ward will
lead you to the Gott Statue. GET IT! GET IT NOW! North, will be a battle where
you! KICK ASS, adn take out oyur frustration of this level. Oh and help out
Gardenia. Afterwards, She'll give you her member address for helping  her

---Theta Server---Cursed Despaired Paradise---

Your next destination, the real place where Aura was seen on Theta. But... it
was locked. And you need a Virus Core Q to get in. Log out and you'll probably
have email from Mistral, asking to play with her
sometime soon. Respond, and log back on. She'll be talking to Apeiron. He'll
end up giving you the item. Mistral will ask you to go with her to a dangerous

---Theta Server---Collapsed Momentary Spiral---

A forbidden access area... locked? HACK IT! ooh who's gonna stop me!...Oh I
need a virus core. Oh ya that does stop me.. FOR NOW! I'll be back! Find that
dungeon...and HEY LOOK woah! Well you know. SHORT SECTION HERE!

----Theta Server---Collapsed Momentary Spiral---B1:

 North, east at break for moola! West for stairs. ONWARD!

---Theta Server---Collapsed Momentary Spiral---B2:

Go east, east, south, east, and finally east... AGAIN ONWARD!

---Theta Server---Collapsed Momentary Spiral---B3:

SO HERE WE ARE... GO east, east, check status, do any necessary healing, AND
FIGHT TIME. North is for the boss... Ooh scary!

Boss Fight:W*dSto^k (Thousand Trees)
HP: ????    1090

Use Earth dkills. Tell Mistral to use her Skills, and just womp it. If you were
smart and leveled up.. Like most smart or so people, it will be like an
ice-cream cake for dinner, and pizza for.. nevermind. So ya Data Drain him till
he's dry, and you get the consolation prize "Virus Core Q". Spiffin, go show
that gate who's the boss, and hack like you've never hacked before!

---Theta Server---Cursed Despaired Paradise---

So let's a go! Try this again and hack the gate.....
Somewhat short areas here.

---Theta Server---Cursed Despaired Paradise---B1:

Dungeon time... Start south, east and west are moola. Go south, again
south....and again south.

---Theta Server---Cursed Despaired Paradise---B2:

OK, south, west, south is a long corridor that has a portal. AND north is down.

---Theta Server---Cursed Despaired Paradise---B3:

Go north, and north. Here you will find Harald's Note, and Epitaph 00... Word.

---Theta Server---Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem

Onward! To the dungeon... Slave! Do as I bid!

---Theta Server---Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem---B1:

Ok, start by going north, north, north. EAST and WEST are treasure-oni. North
are those cool sportin stairs.

---Theta Server---Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem---B2:

NOW north, east contains a path with portals and treasure. Go west, north,
north, east, east and down em.

---Theta Server---Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem---B3:

Alright east, north is the Gott Statue Chest, where you will find a Graceful
Book... Cool, and all the rest is portals and Treasure like items. So log out,
check the M.B. check any news, E-mail... You know the drill. Then head on back
to the M.B. There should... SHOULD be a post to Orca from Bob. Meet him over at
Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field. So... GET OVER THERE!
Delta.... Oh so long ago.

---Delta Server---Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field---

A dude named Bob, will welcome you as a homie... maybe not.. ANYWAY, when you
get there he will tell you about Linda, and he gives you a
secret reason... Let's go see Linda now. Woo-hoo TAG TIME. Find the person, who
who Linda, were she be at? Well look below!

---Delta Server---Buried Pagan Fiery Sands

---Delta Server---Buried Pagan Fiery SandsB1:

Go north, west is a some portals. East has one portal. Go Follow the path to
find the stairs.
FUN isn't it?

---Delta Server---Buried Pagan Fiery SandsB2:

Ok, go north, east is a path  with a portal and some GP, ITEMS. West is a
break, and west-ward again is more portals and treasure. North and east to
another break.... And east to a treasure room.. Spiff. North will lead you to
Linda and.... Auto-tele... Aw!

---Delta Server---Lonely Silent Great Seal---

Lv. 22 level.... doesn't stir me. Woo-Hoo Gate Hacking time. You need 1. a
Virus Core O, CHECK! 1 Virus Core C, CHECK! And 4 Virus Core B's, Pending if
you have these.. If not don't fret... Go Data Drain some Monsters until so.
Snow... lots of it.. ahh fond memories. ANYway, Go to the dungeon.

---Delta Server---Lonely Silent Great Seal---B1:

Venture north, encounter a portal. East for a couple more of portals and
treasure, west for the path. At the next break, north are a lot of portals and
few treasure, east resides a portal and the wonderful stairs. Yee-haw!

---Delta Server---Lonely Silent Great Seal---B2:

Ok go east, east and south are good-like treasure rooms. North is that path to
go on. At the next fork or split, this is what to do: west is a portal and
treasure, north is more treasure, and east will be a portal and stairs. Ok?

---Delta Server---Lonely Silent Great Seal---B3:

Just keep on the path, When you reach the end, you'll be in another white
room... creepy. You have now another piece of the Epitaph and auto-tele on
out... WORD! SO Log out, read your e-mail. You will have one from Black Rose
about where to go next. Intense.

---Theta Server---Great Distant Fertile Land---
You arrive, go to dungeon.

---Theta Server---Great Distant Fertile Land---B1:

Go north, east-ward is 3 portals + 3 treasure chests... Groovin yo! West is a
break, so goin south from there.. is a portal! North are the stairs. mwahahaha!

---Theta Server---Great Distant Fertile Land---B2:

Ok short area here, ok ready. set. go.. North, east , north be a treasure room again, west is a portal, some treasure
goodness, and  the stairs.

---Theta Server---Great Distant Fertile Land---B3:

Ok so go west. South is a treasure room, while west will lead you to the Gott
Statue. SO GET THAT FIRST. Now then, go back and venture north. Here You will
find 'Meg' talking to an Admin. OHHHHH! He tells her to leave, nicely, and keep
it hush hush. B.S. man! Log out. So now you're going to try to get to the board
quickly, before an Admin deletes it. DAMMIT!! Too late, AL. SO since you're
here, read the rest of the posts, go check your e-mail, and check the
ever-so-awesome news. Go back into The World, and then quit 

Print this Dot.Hack Part 1: Infection guide

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