PS2 Walkthroughs: Socom: US Navy Seals Walkthrough

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Socom: US Navy Seals Walkthrough

The "Help! My teammates are morons!" guide to...

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                      U . S .   N  A  V  Y   S  E  A  L  S 

                    SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs FAQ / Walkthrough
                            Written by AdrenalineSL
                     Version 1.1: Released December 4, 2002

         The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:


This is currently [Version 1.1] of Adrenaline's SOCOM: US Navy SEALs strategy
guide and walkthrough for the Playstation®2 console.

At the moment, I do not have the ability to get online, so please do not send 
any questions about troubleshooting, my clan, etc. If you spot an error, have 
a question, or would like to contribute to the guide, you can find me at the
e-mail address provided below. I urge you to please read through the guide 
and make sure your question isn't already answered before you e-mail me. Send 
any suggestions, praise, criticism, etc. please!

If you have alternate  strategies or feel that I  haven't covered  a specific 
part with enough detail, send me your strategies and I'll be glad to add them 
in! I review each and every one of them before I insert them in the guide.

Contact me: toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com

-----    VERSION HISTORY    -----

Version 1.1  | December 4, 2002
Not a whole lot going on. Just corrected some errors and added contributions. 
Unfortunately, I still won't be able to start on the Multiplayer section. It 
seems that everywhere I go, the Network Adapter is sold out. It doesn't 
strike me as odd--after all, it's a hot buy just as the Playstation2 once 
was. If I'm lucky I can probably get one by the end of the year, if not early 
next year. By then most of you would probably be sick of the game. ^_^

Version 1.0  | October 29, 2002
Wow, it's been one whole month. I kept my promise! I said I'd finish the FAQ
before the end of October, and it's done! The main bulk of it is finally 
complete! I would have gotten it done sooner, but school and laziness 
hampered my progress. I don't think that matters anymore. It turns out I 
won't be able to start on the Multiplayer section, after all. I'm putting 
that on hold--a long hold. So without the multiplayer (for now) what else 
needs to be done? Not much. I may create new sections as I go along with the 
revisions. One thing's  for sure: this guide needs a proofread. Most of it 
will read like total crap. I apologize for that. A thorough proofread will be 
done later. Tune in next time.

Version 0.5  | September 29, 2002
Once again, I am back  with another FAQ. This time  for a masterpiece that is 
SOCOM. As of now, the guide is still very incomplete, but I hope to kick this 
in between my tight schedule. The walkthrough is under heavy construction and 
has covered four whole missions! I'm working like a mad cow to get this done 
as quickly as possible, so please be patient. I'm a slow worker. Anyway, 
everything before your beautiful eyes is in the first version. Enjoy it while 
it lasts. Or not...up to you.

 C o n t e n t s 

01.  Introduction
02.  Game Basics
       Using Weapons
       Issuing Commands 
       The TACMAP
       Gameplay Tips
03.  Single-Player Walkthrough
       Part One: Alaska 
       Part Two: Thailand
       Part Three: Congo
       Part Four: Turkmenistan
04.  Weapons & Equipment
       Machine Guns
       Equipment & Grenades
05.  Online/Multiplayer**
06.  Secrets
07.  Outro
       Legal Junk
       What's To Come
       Special Thanks


 *  : indicates that the section has been started on, but has not yet been
 ** : denotes that the section is in the table of contents, but has not yet
      been created.

     ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
 / /                                                                     \ \
| |     ----------============ 01. Introduction ============---------     | | 
 \ \ _______________________ ___________________  ______________________ / /

Whoever said "you can't buy love" has obviously never played SOCOM: U.S. Navy 
SEALs. The game offers a non-linear system of gameplay that gives you oodles 
of possibilities. Although SOCOM doesn't have the visual prowess of Metal 
Gear Solid 2, seeing it in action will make your eyes well up in tears. Just 
look at the box cover. You control a team of elite Navy SEALs so badass they 
make Rambo look like Stuart Little. You (call sign Kahuna), as the commander, 
lead a four-man team that is composed of two elements: Able and Bravo--each 
made up of two members. You and Boomer are on the Able element, and Spectre 
and Jester comprise  the Bravo element. Your partner  will always  stay with 
you, through thick and thin.

Your fire team will be deployed to four  different regions to eradicate the 
roots of terrorist threats and generally make the world a safer place. You 
can command your three buddies to do your dirty work via some snazzy headset 
that's included in the game package. 

Each of the twelve  single-player missions will  have you  rescuing hostages, 
retrieving files or infiltrating terrorist bases--you know, everyday stuff. 
There isn't one mission in which you don't need careful planning. That's 
where I come in. This guide will give you strategies that will aid you in 
shutting down terrorist operations with cold efficiency. It's my job to 
ensure you get things right. Not only will this guide contain a detailed 
walkthrough, it will also include a weapons catalog, general strategies, and 
hopefully a multiplayer section in the near future. 

With a tremendous amount of pride, I now present to you my guide for the all-
dominating Playstation®2 console, the unofficial SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs 
strategy guide and walkthrough. Please support me by giving me encouragement 
and money! The weather is changing drastically, and I can afford only so many 
boxes of Kleenex!

     ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
 / /                                                                     \ \
| |     ----------============ 02. Game Basics ============----------     | | 
 \ \ _______________________ ___________________  ______________________ / /

SOCOM presents many opportunities for tactical decisions beyond the shooting 
and killing all things that move. This section will give you some basic 
training to get you off on the right foot before you let loose on those bad 


There are four different  control presets in total, all of  which are offered 
on the options menu. You can choose from SCOUT PRESET, SURE SHOT PRESET, 
PRECISION SHOOTER  and LEFTY. I won't  bother listing all  the changes, since 
you can see them for yourself.

The controls I'm about  to list are tied  to the  "Precision Shooter" control 
preset. For the sake of consistency in the rest of the guide, I will be 
adhering to these controls to describe what to press in certain situations. 
If you have chosen to use another control preset, then this guide may confuse 
you...a lot. SOCOM's controls are pretty complex, so try to keep up!

D-Pad  -  * List to the left or right to peek around corners and objects
          * Change camera perspective
          * Zoom in or out
          * Use sniper scope, night vision goggles, or binoculars

Left Analog Stick  -  * Navigate character up or down 
                      * Strafe left or right
                      * Set Fire Mode (L3)

Right Analog Stick  -  * Rotate character left or right
                       * Move crosshairs
                       * Reload weapon (R3)

Circle Button  -  * Bring up command menu
                  * Issue commands

Cross Button  -  * Confirm selections
                 * Perform special actions

Triangle Button  -  * Cancel selections
                    * Change stance

Square Button  -  * Jump
L1 Button  -  * Quick select primary weapon
L2 Button  -  * Quick select secondary weapon
R1 Button  -  * Fire weapon
              * Deploy grenade
              * Use explosive or item
R2 Button  -  * Open weapon inventory

START Button  -  * Pause game
SELECT Button  -  * Open TACMAP screen



SOCOM is one of the few games that utilizes  both analog sticks for movement. 
If you're not used to them, get used to them now. You can however reconfigure 
the controls and select an alternative. (Any control preset that's not 
Precision Shooter is for sissys. :P) The Dual Shock 2 controller is pressure 
sensitive, meaning if you slowly ease the analog stick to the intended 
direction, Kahuna (you) will  slowly  move in that  direction. Basically, the 
harder you push the analog stick, the faster he will travel.

Hey, you know how to move your  character! Wow! Let's bring it up to the next
level. Ok, I'm sure you've seen how special forces move during covert 
operations at some point in your lifetime. They don't infiltrate enemy bases 
with guns blazin'. No, they're as discreet as they can be, and that's why 
using the right stance in the right situations is crucial. Your character can 
assume three different stances in which to travel--each play an important 
role in completing your objectives. You press the Triangle button to switch 
among the different body positions. Rapidly tap Triangle to switch quickly to 
the desired body position.

The first stance is the norm: standing. When standing, your character will be 
completely upright, making him a beacon for enemy sentries. This stance 
should almost never be used unless necessary. His second stance is a crouch. 
Crouching allows him to move around quietly in a crouched position. This is 
preferred in most situations. The prone position is the final stance. Your 
character will drop down on his stomach and hug the floor. This ability will 
allow him to crawl and minimize the chances of being seen. Another advantage 
of the prone position is that when you wield a heavy sniper rifle, you'll 
have an easier time handling it and getting precise shots. It's up to you to 
decide when and where to use these stances, although I will occasionally tell 
you in the walkthrough. 


SEAL teams like to travel in groups  of four, and yours is no exception. As I
have already mentioned in the introduction, your team is comprised of two 
elements: Able and Bravo. Each element contains two members. You're in the 
Able element, alongside Hutchins (call sign Boomer). Boomer will always 
remain close to you during missions. He is strictly prohibited from straying 
too far away from you, and there is no way to shake him loose unless...^_^ In 
the Bravo element, you have Bailey (call sign Spectre) and  Dimone (call sign 
Jester). You are the commander of this squad of hooligans. 

Your teammates will often get your bacon out of the frying pan and succor you 
in your hours of need, but they will also make stupid mistakes: In the midst 
of stealthy operations, they might stand out in the open. And sometimes, they 
will even fire un-silenced weapons without orders. The worst part is that you 
can't reprimand them for their faults. You'll just have to settle for a shot 
to their stomachs. You can order Bravo to carry out plans independently, or 
have them do whatever the game allows. Synchronized actions and perfect 
teamwork are what pave the road to success. If you lose all your men, you 
will automatically fail the mission. However, SEALs were built to endure even 
the harshest conditions, so they will be revived and all ready for the next 
mission. It's alright if you lose  one or two, although your overall teamwork 
percentage will plummet. 


HQ would never send their SEAL teams to  perform desultory tasks. It would be 
a complete waste if they did. It's just unconventional to go on missions 
without reason. When a mission calls for professionals, you SEALs are best 
fit for the job. Before your team is inserted into a mission, you will be 
provided with a list of objectives needed to be fulfilled. You can do them in 
any order. Certain objectives are vital to completing the mission, while 
others are inconsequential. However, you should be  able to complete each and 
every objective.

As you complete objectives, new ones may be  brought to your attention. If an 
objective is transparent on the TACMAP screen, that means you've already 
completed it, or you have completely avoided it. If you complete an objective 
before completing another that takes priority, your previous objective may be 
canceled out.


As you may have noticed, the health bar  indicating your character's vitality 
is nowhere to be found. Does that mean your character will live on 
perpetually?! Perhaps. On a serious note, you DO have a life bar, except it's 
hardly the untrained eye. Look at the bottom-right of your 
screen. Next to each name is a colored circle. The color of the circle 
reflects the condition of the character. Your characters will undergo several 
"phases" before they are finally incapacitated. The colors begin at green and 
end at a dire color of gray.

The color green indicates that your character is healthy, or has taken little 
to no damage. The color yellow signifies that there are minor injuries. 
Orange indicates that he is gravely injured and will suffer from combat 
deficiency. The color red indicates that he is in critical condition. In this 
phase, he leaves large blots of blood on the floor. He will still be able to 
carry out the mission, though. If the circle becomes transparent, he is no  
longer active. There is no way to nurse wounds during a mission. Once you're 
injured, you'll have to hold out until the end of the mission. You just need 
to be careful. A well-placed shot can spell death.


It's important to keep track of what your teammates are doing. Whenever there 
is a change in your teammates' actions, a description will flash next to the
SEAL team member's name. This will also help you decide what to do next and 
plan way ahead of time before your teammates go cold. For instance, if you 
order them to follow your lead, you will see a message flashing "Following". 
When they are holding their positions  and awaiting  further orders, you will 
see the words "Holding". Bear in mind that your partner will also mimic 
whatever you do. For example, if you're crouching, he will crouch as well. If 
you stand, he will also stand. Monkey see, monkey do.


In many situations, an icon  depicting a specific  action  may pop  up at the 
bottom-center of the screen. These are called Special Actions. Special 
Actions vary from picking up a dead body to disarming a bomb. When the need 
for a Special Action arises, the icon will appear, and your job is to press X 
button to execute it. If multiple Special Actions are available at the same 
time, then press the left and right directional buttons to cycle through 
them. If you need to pick something up, either stand over the item if it's on 
the ground, or point your crosshairs at it. Almost everything you do is done 
through a Special Action, so it would be a good  thing for you to familiarize 
yourself with them.


There are  certain parts  of the body to which you  can  do more  damage than 
others. For example, a headshot is more likely to instantly kill your foe 
than a shot to his chest. The enemy and your team, too, can withstand several 
shots in the arms, legs, chest, etc. and still be able to stand. If your 
enemies insert a bullet in a vital area of your own body, you will stagger 
back and become vulnerable for quite awhile. No more will you have to endure 
getting killed by, say, a rock or an unnaturally sharp air molecule. SOCOM 
exhibits pure realism. For instance, when you kill someone, his body will 
evaporate into the air  and become one  of those pointy air  molecules within 


Yes, they're not deaf. The faster you travel, the louder  your footsteps are. 
In some environments, this can place you at a great disadvantage. When you 
try to approach an enemy from behind in an attempt to lop his head off, he 
may turn around and see you before you reach him. Then again, you can always 
give him a good boot to the  head before he lets out a blood-curdling cry. In 
any case, just be careful. Stealth is the true way to play this game.

                                ---Using Weapons---

The weapons and  equipment are rooted  in reality. The game developer, Zipper 
Interactive, had worked closely with real-life Navy SEALs to ensure the 
realism of each weapon. Each bullet type has different velocity and
penetration characteristics. Therefore, it is imperative that you select the 
best weapon fit for the mission. You can swap weapons around for yourself and 
your team members before a mission on the Armory screen. Before each mission, 
your team is issued with default weapons, which HQ thinks are best suited for 
getting the mission objectives completed. 

Once you select a weapon, you don't have to stick with it. You can abandon it 
and pick up a downed terrorist's weaponry. If the mission dictates absolute 
stealth, a silenced weapon should always be the number one choice. You can 
carry only two weapons at a time: a primary and a secondary weapon. You can 
switch between the primary and secondary weapons by pressing the L1 and L2 
buttons. The L1 button is assigned to your primary weapon, and the L2 button 
is assigned to your secondary weapon. You'll also always carry a combat knife 
with you for those gruesome kills. 

To reload, you simply have to press R3 (depress the Right Analog Stick). Each 
weapon you carry has a finite amount of ammo before you exhaust your supply.
You can reload at any time, even if you don't need to. If you do not have any 
spare cartridges or magazines with which to reload your gun, you won't be 
able to use it anymore unless you filch some ammunition from terrorists. Of 
course, the ammo must fit the weapon. This is only common sense, but you'd be 
surprised at how stupid some people can be. You can view the statistics of 
the weapon you are currently  equipped with at the  bottom-left of the screen 
during gameplay. 


You can personalize your equipment, as well as the equipment and weapons your 
comrades will carry with them to the pending mission. On the briefing screen, 
select Armory. Here you can customize your team's firearm settings and select 
the primary and secondary weapons they will carry. You can choose from a 
limited number of firearms for each mission. HQ will allow certain weapons 
for certain missions. Use your best judgment to determine which weapons you 
and your teammates should use. I recommend issuing a variety of firepower. 
For example, you can wield a powerful, yet very loud semi-automatic while 
your partner can be  equipped with a silent  assassin, such as the  SR-25 SD, 
and so on. 

Highlight an individual's name to set up his own  inventory. If you highlight 
an entire Element team (i.e.- Able or Bravo), both members of the team will 
have the same weapons you  assign them to. Those equipment  which have a lock 
icon next to them cannot be replaced.


Each member of your team, including  yourself, will carry with him a satchel, 
used to hold small, compact things such as C4 charges and a sundry of 
grenades. Open this weapon inventory by pressing the R2 button. This pulls up 
a semi-translucent sub-menu, in which you can find all your little gizmos. 
Press the up and down directional buttons to cycle through them. Highlight 
the weapon you want, and press the X button to equip it. You can carry only 
one thing at a time. Therefore, you cannot wield any firearms while you have 
an auxiliary item equipped. You can, however, quickly pull out a gun again by 
pressing the L1 or L2 button.


Many of the weapons were  designed to control the  amount of bullets you can 
release at one time. Depending upon the weapon you're using, you can set the 
amount of ammo expenditure to adapt to your situation (ex: you'll need rapid 
fire in gunfights, and a single shot to quietly incapacitate someone). Press 
the L3 button (press down on the Left Analog Stick) to add to or subtract 
from the level of bullet output, indicated by the gold-plated bullet icons on 
the bottom-left of the screen. It can change from one to three (burst) and/or 
four (auto).


On the pause  screen during a  mission, you may  notice an option called "Aim 
Assist". This feature brings up a red box (called a targeting reticle) 
whenever you have your crosshairs trained on a possible target, allowing you 
to strike him with deadly accuracy. As long as the targeting reticle is still 
visible and over your target, you will be locked-on to him. 

You may have also  already noticed  by now that your  crosshairs change color 
depending upon what and who you point them at. The colors can shift from 
yellow to red or to green. When it's yellow, it's neutral, meaning you don't 
have anybody targeted. Green crosshairs indicate that the target is one of 
the good guys (like your fellow SEAL team member or a hostage). When your 
crosshairs turn a mean red, that means you have an enemy in your line of 
fire, and you can shoot him. If you get a circle with a slash through it, 
that just means there is an  obtrusion in your way, or your target is too far 


Your primary weapon can serve as an effective death-bringer without expending 
a single shot. This can also help you achieve quick kills without causing a 
ruckus. Simply creep up on the unfortunate victim from behind and watch for 
the special action icon to appear. As soon as it does, press the X button to 
execute a well-placed rifle butt to his cranium. The impact will be powerful 
enough to render him unconscious. In the game, however, he'll be assumed as 
dead. You can actually choose between a rifle butt and a knife kill. A knife 
kill is more cruel, but it requires finesse, meaning it can be done only from 
behind. A rifle butt can be done in front of or behind the victim, even if he 
sees you. Remember, you're not the only who's capable of this. The terrorists 
can also perform rifle butts. One blow, and you'll be taking a long nap.


When you have a grenade equipped, you can lob it by  pressing  the R1 button, 
just as you would when firing a weapon. When throwing a grenade, the button 
is pressure sensitive, meaning the harder you push, the farther the grenade 
will travel when released. The power of your toss is represented by a yellow 
circle. The more it fills, the more force you have. There is also visible  
line that helps you determine where and how far the grenade will go. Just 
hold the  button down until you achieve the distance you desire, then let go 
to deploy the grenade. 

Rifles which have a  grenade launcher affixed to them, such as the M4A1-M203, 
are what I like to call dual weapons. (If there is a correct term for these 
types of weapons, please let me know.) You can switch between using the semi-
automatic or the grenade launcher. You set the weapon to the "fire mode" at 
which you want it by pressing the L3 button (Pressing down on the analog 
stick). You need to add special M203 grenade rounds to your equipment via the 
Armory screen before you can use the grenade launcher though.

                             ---Issuing Commands---

The sleek, but flimsy headset that came  packed in the rather  pricey package 
is the one feature that makes SOCOM so unique. No, wait. That's all wrong. 
The headset itself isn't what makes SOCOM so great. It's what you can do with 
it. Yes, that's it. For the first time on the PS2, or any console for that 
matter, you can play a game supplemented by voice commands. You can yell and 
bitch at your fellow SEAL team members all you want, and they won't do a damn 
thing because they can't understand you. However, once  you say, "Bravo, fire 
at will!" it all becomes clear. How quaint.

Your headset allows you to command your SEAL  team to do your bidding. In the 
meantime, in-between your deciding what to yell at them, your teammates will 
keep you informed about the current situation and surroundings. Most of the 
time, they can smell danger more than a mile away, giving you a foretaste of 
hostile situations. Communicating with your teammates and employing them 
correctly is the key to success in SOCOM. This is no Metal Gear Solid 2, and 
this certainly is not a solo mission. Knowing when and where to carry out 
tactical teamwork will separate the best  from the great. Tuck in that chest 
and listen up, chump!

There are two ways to issue commands: using  voice  commands via the headset,
or using button controls. All the yelling, screaming and occasional cackling 
might concern your parents and neighbors, so try to contain yourself when 
immersing yourself into this vast world. Anyway, a command has three 
components: Who, what, and where. You can string them together to form a 
command. For either method of communication, you must first press the Circle 
button to bring up the commands. Now, you can either press or say whatever's 
on-screen. After issuing a command, you should get a verbal response from one 
of your teammates, informing you that they have either acknowledged your 
command or vetoed it.

As previously mentioned, a command is made up of three components. You speak 
or select one of the words displayed  on-screen to alert your team to WHO is 
to act on a command.

   TEAM – Refers to the whole team
   ABLE – Refers to Boomer, who is your partner in the Able element. He has
     fewer commands than Bravo.
   BRAVO – Refers to the Bravo team (Spectre and Jester). There are many more
     commands at your disposal, and more will become  available when the time
     comes. Certain situations will evoke certain commands.
   ESCORTEE – Refers to a person who is in your team's custody. 

After you have established WHO will be  receiving your command, it's time to 
decide WHAT he will do. This selection defines what will be done. (There are 
special commands that will appear ONLY in special situations, such as DEFUSE 

   HOLD FIRE – Selected team members will go cold and shoot only when 
   HOLD POSITION – Selected team members will hold their current positions 
     and wait for further orders.
   FIRE AT WILL – Selected team members will call their own shots and shoot
     when an enemy sentry is sighted.
   COVER AREA – Selected team members will provide cover fire at a determined 
     location. The Cover Area command is the most difficult to execute 
     because your teammates won't always understand what you mean. You'll 
     have to be sure you point at the ground in front of an entrance, an 
     opening, or a  closed doorway. They can't  be too far away when you give 
     the order, too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 
   OPEN DOOR – Selected team members will force open a closed door.
   CLOSE DOOR – Selected team members will close an opened door.
   AMBUSH – Selected team members will remove any enemy sentries in the 
     immediate area.
   DEPLOY – Selected team members will deploy a selected item that is to be
     deployed. When telling other members to deploy an explosive, you must
     point your crosshairs at the location at  which you intend to throw an
   RUN TO – Selected team members will move to a specific location without
     fear of getting caught by the enemy.
   LEAD TO – Selected team members will lead the rest of the team to a 
     specific location on the map.
   ATTACK TO – Selected team members will remove all threats on the way to a
     specific location.
   STEALTH TO – Selected team members will use the surroundings to reach a
     specific location undetected.
   FOLLOW – Selected team members will follow you, keeping a short distance
   REGROUP – Selected team members will return to your position.
   DEFUSE BOMB – Selected team members will remain behind to defuse a bomb.
     This option is available only when you point your crosshairs at an 
     active bomb.
   FRAG/CLEAR – Selected team members will first throw a frag grenade into a
     room and storm in to secure the area. Point your crosshairs at a closed 
     doorway to make this available.
   BANG/CLEAR – Selected team members will first deploy a flashbang into a
     room and storm in to secure the area. Point your crosshairs at a closed 
     doorway to make this available.
   CLEAR – Selected team members will rush into a room and clear it.

Finally, after you've established WHO and WHAT, you'll need to select WHERE.

   NAV POINTS – These Nav points are placed at different points on the TACMAP
     and are at different places for each mission. See the TACMAP for details
     on Nav points.
   DEPLOY (something) – When you choose DEPLOY as the WHAT, you'll need to
     determine how your selected team members will deploy whatever. A 
     separate list of options will appear, which I'm too lazy to list. And
     besides, they're all self-explanatory.

You DO NOT need  a headset to issue a command. You, however, DO need it to 
imbibe all of SOCOM's natural beauty. With the headset, you can even issue 
commands that aren't part of the current command list. This, my friend, is 
how SOCOM is meant to be played. 

                                ---The TACMAP---

The TACMAP screen is an  integral part to  your success. Without it, you'd be 
helplessly lost. Doesn't it feel hopeless when you're unprepared on uncharted 
territory? I know that feeling. That's why mission information is gathered 
prior to the beginning of each mission. On this screen, you can view your 
objectives and watch short video clips of each one. These will help 
TREMENDOUSLY, especially if you're not sure about HOW to carry out a certain 
order. In addition to viewing your objectives, you can also get an idea of 
the entire enemy base, courtesy of HQ's satellite. Displayed on the TACMAP 
will be you and  your team, Nav  points, structures, and  mission paths. I'll 
break them down and chew them up for you to swallow.

   NAV POINTS – Each mission has specific Navigation Points that are 
     pre-selected prior to insertion of the SEAL team. These are labeled on 
     the map as the first letter of these names: Charlie, Delta, Echo, 
     Foxtrot, Juliet, Romeo, Whisky, X-Ray and Zulu. These are a vital 
     mission tool. They mark key locations and will make traveling a lot
   MISSION PATH – For certain missions, green arrows will be laid out on the 
     map, pointing in a specific direction. These arrows will lead you to 
     your objective.
   STRUCTURES – Geographical features that might help you navigate through
     the area. 
   SEAL POSITIONS – These mark your and your team's positions. Able element 
     is the big "A", and the Bravo element is the big "B".

                            ---Useless Gameplay Tips---

Here are some useless tips you may or may not find helpful:

¤ When low on health, use your teammates  as human shields. Although that's a 
cruel and selfish thing to do, they will leave the battle unscathed. They are 
wicked shots and can pick off any guard in an instant.

¤ I know this game can make you very excited, but take it easy and relax. You 
don't want to rush. 

¤ When using a sniper rifle, lie on your belly to prevent shaky hands.

¤ Just because your enemy is down doesn't  mean he's dead. He's just playing 
"possum". Although he's in pain, he can still shoot. 

¤ If you want to forcefully kick open a  door, you need to  hold  down the X 
button when the OPEN DOOR special action icon appears. After awhile, release 
the button and Kahuna will kick the door open instead of lightly turning the 

¤ If you want a teammate to take care of  a certain sentry, simply focus your 
scope or crosshairs on the enemy. He'll take it from there. He also has to be 
set to Fire At Will. 

¤ Always force reload. You don't want  to fire at an enemy  and realize that 
you have no more bullets left. Then you'll have to slowly reload, making you 

¤ When you force reload, you won't use up any of your magazines, so you will 
have infinite bullets. However, the amount of bullet output will reduce.

All in  all, you and your team  will have  to be  more  careful than  in your 
everyday action shooter. The proximity or location of your agent may affect 
the patrol route of the terrorist. The intelligent enemies will hunt you down 
if you betray your hiding spot. So many things to worry about, so little men 
to work with. Stealth, scouting ahead, thinking and teamwork are the ultimate 
weapons. Good luck, soldier. I've trained you well...well, sort of.

     ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
 / /                                                                     \ \
| |    -------========= 03. Single-Player Walkthrough =========-------    | | 
 \ \ _______________________ ___________________  ______________________ / /

Ah, hello there, fellow SOCOM player and SEAL team member! I see  that you've 
decided to temporarily tear yourself away from the addictive online play and 
tackle the rather challenging single-player missions. But alas, you are here 
now because you are hopelessly lost in certain missions and would like my 
professional advice. Well, I'll take that as a compliment. And now, I'm going 
to attempt a cheap portrayal of a brawny, toothless drill sergeant using 

Of course, you won't be in any way involved with a sorry sack of dog biscuits 
with my help. This feature will provide detailed strategies for each mission. 
I tried to keep the walkthrough as open-ended as possible, but there are 
certain things you have to do to accomplish certain objectives, and those are 
what I emphasize on. Objectives that have you "secure" things or do something 
that doesn't require much strategy won't be discussed here in detail. 
Remember, I only want to push you in the right direction, not beat the game 
for you. If you somehow find that my strategies aren't great, you are free to 
contrive your own strategies if you want, of course (duuuhhh...). 

Please remember that this walkthrough does not focus on helping you get an 
"A" grade in every mission. This was intended for people who are playing this 
game for the first time.

                         ---How To Use The Walkthrough---

In each mission walkthrough are several components: Armory, Objectives and 
any secret/bonus objectives, Mission/Objective Failures, and the main mission 
walkthrough. They simply mean what they imply, but I'll break it down for you 
to understand it better.

Armory – This chart is a list of all the possible equipment you can choose 
  from on the Armory screen for that mission. I believe your arsenal isn't 
  mission-specific. You might just have an increase in the variety of weapons 
  you get with each mission. Add or subtract a few.
Objectives – This list regurgitates the objectives from the game for my own
  (and possibly your own as well) convenience. 

Mission/Objective Failures – This focuses on how your actions can affect some
  objectives, or affect the entire mission. This was designed to uncover the 
  "big no-no's" in missions. I will list other objectives, which the game can
  scratch out if you do anything that exceeds the authority vested in your 
  rank. The most  obvious and common  cause for a mission  failure is letting 
  your team die, or dying yourself, so those will not be included. 

The walkthrough is written based on the order  of the objectives. If the main 
objective contains  secondary objectives, they will be discussed within the 
succeeding paragraphs, encased in brackets [ ]. The secondary objectives will 
always be mentioned at the end of sentences that explain how to accomplish 
them. Therefore, using the Ctrl + F function  to find what you're looking for 
is a good idea.

A few notes:

* The walkthrough was written for use with the TACMAP. There is no excuse for 
you to not know where something is. They're all labeled for you on the TACMAP 
in simple English. 

* You have to be aware that enemies  are not always in the same locations. If 
an enemy is not where I say they are, then please do not be alarmed. You will 
just have to adapt to your situations.

* I do not guarantee the strategies contained  within the walkthrough are the 
easiest or smartest methods of play.

* NVGs means Night Vision Goggles.

* Remember, this walkthrough was written for the Ensign difficulty!


                                  | Part One |

 ______                                                               ______
|__  __|                   ALASKA: OPERATION FROSTBITE               |__  __|

                             MISSION 1: DEATH AT SEA


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               9MM Pistol         HE
                                     Satchel Charge
                                     Double Ammo


o Secure the Barge
    Dispatch Guards
o Sever Communications
    Recon Sentries
    Reach Freighter
    Eavesdrop for Intel
o Collect Intel
o Scuttle Freighter
    Plant Charges

Secret Objective

o Find Iron Manifesto

Mission/Objective Failures

* Cannot fail mission.
* Recon Sentries
  You kill the lookout sentries before identifying them. 
* Eavesdrop for Intel
  If you are seen by the terrorist leaders, you will of course automatically
  fail this objective, as it is mandatory that they do not become aware of 
  your presence before their conversation begins. The method you decide to 
  use to advance from the barge to the freighter will determine whether you 
  have reached the freighter undetected or not.


The first secondary objective [Dispatch Guard] will be achieved once you have 
dispatched the two prattling guards ahead. Do it with stealth and
professionalism. If you stay in place long enough, one of the guards will 
start his patrol and move around to the other side of the crates, leaving the 
other guard alone. Use this chance to sneak up on him and do a rifle butt or 
a clean 'n' easy knife kill. You can have Boomer dispose of the remaining 
guard, but he may get careless and alert the other guards to your presence. 
If you want to get things done, you've got to do it yourself, as they say. I 
learned this the hard way.

Drag the dead guard's body to the shadows and make sure you tell your team to 
hold fire via the headset. Now surprise attack the other guard and hide his 
body as well. By now, your teammates suggest  looking for some enemy snipers, 
but ignore them and move to the other side of the barge, where you'll find 
two more guards. To secure the barge, you'll need to neutralize the remaining
guards as directed by your field advisor.

Lurk in the shadows and wait for your prey. One of them will soon get seasick 
and hurry to the side of the ship to hurl and dry-heave. If you're too close 
to him, he may not move from his position. Use this chance to knock him out 
cold with the butt of your rifle. Boomer may take care of the last terrorist.
Congratulations on completing your first objective [Secure the Barge]. 


Equip a silenced pistol. Remember NOT  to pick up any  weapons the terrorists 
drop! Shoot out the lights to create more dark areas. Now strap on the night 
vision goggles and scout out two main lookout sentries stationed on the left 
and right sides of the ship, on the higher decks. You need to identify both 
to complete the next secondary objective [Recon Sentries]. After you've 
checked off the objective, feel free to deliver a welcome gift--a headshot to

When you begin to move up the jetty, get into a  prone position (fall flat on 
your belly) and CRAWL up, favoring the left side. It doesn't matter for your 
teammates, so let them be. Once you reach the top [Reach Freighter], tip-toe 
to the boxes on the left and eavesdrop on the conversing Russians for some 
inside information [Eavesdrop for Intel]. If you can't make out what they're 
saying, you've probably let Boomer die. If so, you will no longer be able to 
understand Russian speech.

The communications device is set up in the bridge of the freighter, where two 
terrorists stand guarding it. Once you find it--it's the device emitting a 
blinking light--either destroy it with gunfire or disable it using a special 
action [Sever Communications]. 


Descend into the  ship's holds. You can find several  entrances  to the lower 
deck practically everywhere, but you'll end up at different spots. There are 
a lot of "tangoes" below deck, so be sure you utilize your night vision 
goggles properly, and don't get caught off guard by wandering sentries. 
Command Bravo to Attack To Nav Point Zulu. This way they can remove some 
potential hostiles. In the hold next to the red-lit area is a bonus document 
called the Iron Manifesto you can obtain. It's atop some  crates; you'll have 
to do some climbing to get it.

Head to Nav Point Delta to enter the sleeping quarters. In one of the rooms 
will be an opened document lying  on a desk. Point your crosshairs at it to 
bring up the special action and retrieve it [Collect Intel].


HQ instructs you to scuttle the  freighter now, which means you need to ditch 
it. First you need to plant some charges. Look at your map to find the 
Satchel Charge locations. They're in a red room. Order your teammates to 
plant the satchels by saying, "Bravo/Able, Deploy, Satchel!" This part might 
cause people some trouble. You might be one of those people who doesn't have 
the option to deploy the satchel. To remedy this, you need to point your 
crosshairs at the transformer boards (the object at which you need to plant a 
satchel) to make that command available. 

Once they're set and done, it will be only mere seconds before your ride will 
arrive! Watch as Kahuna detonates the satchel charges. The explosion devours 
the entire freighter and transforms the starry night sky into a raging 
inferno. Mission accomplished!

                              MISSION 2: GHOST TOWN


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
M4A1              9MM Pistol         HE
SR-25             226                Mark141
SR-25 SD          Mark 23            AN-M8
M4A1 SD                              C4 (Kahuna only)
                                     Double Ammo


o Obtain Intel
    Bravo to Charlie
    Neutralize Sentry
    Insert Into Mission
o Secure Compound
    Secure Lodge
    Secure Mining House
    Secure Pincushion
    Secure Cabin
o Destroy Weapons
o Extract Captive

Bonus Objective

o Bravo Cover Dredge Entry at Zulu

Mission/Objective Failures

* You did not recover the intel in time.
* Pincushion dies. Whether he was killed by you or by the opposition. It does 
  not matter.
* Bravo to Charlie
  You neutralize the sentry that comes from the left first.
* Bravo Cover Dredge
  You enter the Dredge without complying to Boomer's advice.


Your team begins on a vast  snowy field of snow, next to  an abandoned cabin. 
Your first action should be to send Bravo to Nav Point Charlie [Bravo to 
Charlie], which will set them up beside the abandoned cabin. A single sentry 
will come in from the left path. Dispatch him to complete an objective 
[Neutralize Sentry]. Instead of going where he came from, move up the gaping, 
snow-covered canyon and dispose of the few  sentries. There should be a total 
of two. 

Once you reach the top of the hill, you will have been  successfully inserted 
into the mission [Insert Into Mission]. You now have a good view of the 
enemy's entire base, home to nigh-empty cabins and occupied outhouses. From 
here, try to snipe as many terrorists taking jaunts in the snow as you can 
find at the moment. Most of them are tucked away in their nice and cozy 
cabins. I found that my agent can hold the sniper rifle more steadily if he's 
lying on his belly.

Ease down  the slope  to the nearest  cabin, which the  map  indicates is the 
Lodge. Inside are some terrorists, who chatter endlessly about possible enemy 
attacks. One of them seems to have an ominous feeling that something bad is 
going to happen. Be scared, mister, 'cause the SEAL team is here! By going in 
and eliminating the terrorists there, you will check off another of your 
secondary objectives [Secure Lodge]. Keep a sharp  eye out for sentries lying 
on their bellies in the snow. They're sly little foxes.

The Intel you're here to obtain is stashed away  in a laptop  computer, which 
is held on the highest level of the Dredge. The Dredge is wired with motion 
sensors and alarms, so if you set it off, the terrorist leader will threaten 
to destroy all solid evidence, thus failing your mission. The Dredge is the 
largest structure in the base, so you can't miss it even if you wanted to. 
There are a couple ways you can trip the alarm: blowing up a weapons cache, 
or escorting Pincushion to extraction point--all done before getting laptop.
Anyway, you want to head to the Generator and  flip the switch to cut off the 
power feeding the alarm system. 

You will be presented with a new objective as you near the Dredge. From here, 
dispatch the Bravo team to Nav Point Zulu [Bravo Cover Dredge Entry at Zulu]. 
There are a few sentries patrolling outside the Dredge, one on the small hill 
to the right in a prone position, and one just casually ambling back and 
Once Bravo is in  position, move in. You'll sight a  couple of guards on duty 
as you enter the Dredge. Ascend the stairs to the second floor, and take out 
the solitary guard here. The top floor of the Dredge is home to a few more 
sentries and the laptop computer, which is found sitting on the table. Grab 
it and go [Obtain Intel]. NOTE: If you sound the alarm, you'll be given a few 
moments to recoup from a  minor heart attack. You can disarm it via the lever  
on the top most floor, near the laptop.


As you exit the Dredge, two terrorists riding snowmobiles will be heading 
your way. However, when they approach you, they'll come on foot.

To secure the compound, go to each  building as  specified in the  objectives 
and give a clean sweep--leave no traces of enemy personnel. Pincushion is 
hiding out in the Mining House. Beware, a deluge of enemies will come from 
neighboring buildings. There's even one hiding inside the outhouse near the 
Mining House, and a few that will spring out from the Cabin. Go up to 
Pincushion. He's already surrendered, and all you have to do is detain him. 
Stand next to him and Restrain him. You still need to secure the other 
outlying buildings. For now, leave Pincushion here--he's got no place to go. 
Before you depart, make sure you have killed all the terrorists around the 
Mining House. If you want, you could do  it in reverse order: secure all the 
buildings first and then save the Mining House for last.

Head to the remaining buildings and secure each one until you've checked off 
this objective.


There are three  weapon caches located throughout this  snow-buried compound. 
Bring out the TACMAP and follow the mission path to find them. The weapons 
are stowed away in crates. These caches stick out like a sore thumb, as they 
are basically the only stacks of crates in the whole compound. There's one 
located in front of the Lodge, another outside the Shed, and the last one is 
next to the Mining House. Plant a C4 charge on each and jettison.


Return to the Mining House to pick up  Pincushion. Order him to follow. Move 
to the Extraction Point located on your map (X marks the spot). When you get 
to the ridge, don't make Pincushion jump; just lead him down the slope and 
around. Once your team and  the captive are in the  vicinity, a chopper will 
swoop in for the pick up. 

                          MISSION 3: OIL PLATFORM TAKEDOWN


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
M4A1 SD           9MM Pistol         HE
                                     C4 (Kahuna only)
                                     Double Ammo


o Defuse the Bombs
    Clean Insertion
    Neutralize Sentries
    Identify Snipers
    Defuse Bomb1
    Defuse Bomb2
    Defuse Bomb3
o Rescue The Hostages
    Locate Oils Workers
    Restrain Workers
o Secure Oil Platform
    Secure Helipad
    Secure Building A
    Secure Building B
    Secure Building C
    Secure Building D
    Secure Building E

Bonus Objective

o Neutralize Snipers

Mission/Objective Failures

* You allow the leader to detonate the bombs.
* Both hostages die.
* Identify Snipers
  You kill them before you identify them.


The team  will begin behind  two idling guards. Leave  Bravo in  position for 
now. The Russians here like to yell out bloody war cries ("Wurahh!!!!"). (In 
fact, you'll find that every terrorist group has their own war cry.) I guess 
that's their way of informing you that they know you're here. The Russians 
here are pretty clever. The major patrolling sentries will keep in contact 
with their leader. A check-in will occur every two minutes or so. If you kill 
an enemy sentry  who has a radio, he will  obviously miss his  next check-in, 
and the leader will become suspicious. 

Once you've piqued his suspicions, you'll be  treated to a sequence, in which 
your field advisor will tell you that the leader is prepared to detonate the 
bombs. When you witness the sequence informing you of his current mood, you 
will have exactly 5 minutes to  find all three  bombs and neutralize them. If 
you don't defuse them in time, he will detonate them. 

Leave Bravo at their initial position, while you  head behind the containers 
and sneak up on the terrorists. Quickly kill both of them yourself 
[Neutralize Sentries]. If Bravo moves from their place, they'll most likely 
fell a patrolling guard, who will come shortly. And may I tell you that this 
guard has a radio? Hide the fallen foes' bodies behind the containers. Then 
head to the right side of Building D. If you do it quickly enough, your 
arrival and a major patrolling sentry's  arrival will coincide. Stay out of 
sight while he checks the area. Once he drifts away, move forward. 

Your next  goal here is to locate the two snipers  scouting the area. Getting 
spotted will discard the first secondary objective: Clean insertion. You just 
have to wait for them to get in position. You need to identify  them first. 
The first sniper is on the high, rounded catwalk ahead.  The second  one is 
walking back and forth on the catwalk  next to Building B [Identify Snipers]. 

Once you've found them, you will be given a new objective, which commands you 
to neutralize them. Save that for later. Head back to Building D, to where 
your team is congregated. Chances are you will also run into one of the 
reporting sentries. It should be alright to take him out. Once you've 
obtained his radio, quickly head into the compound. Insert into the compound 
and dispatch the snipers [Neutralize Snipers]. 

Head up the ramp to Building B and command the Bravo team to Frag / Clear. If 
the explosion doesn't kill the two guards in there, finish them off with your 
guns. Now, quickly head to the other door and look to your immediate left. 
This is the first bomb. The bombs emit a small beeping noise and a blinking 
green light. Keep that in mind to find the remaining two bombs. Let Bravo  
take care of this one [Defuse Bomb 1]. When you have a bomb trained on your 
crosshair, you'll be given the option to tell one of your comrades to Defuse 
Bomb in the command menu. This will save  needed time, as each bomb  requires 
a minute or so before it is deactivated.

Once you've assigned  Bravo to  this bomb, head down the  stairs to  find the 
second bomb planted at the base of the huge pipe. Defuse that one yourself, 
but be sure to have Boomer close by and order him to fire at will. You cannot 
move or do anything while you are disabling the bomb. It's imperative that 
Boomer backs you up and neutralizes oncoming threats before they interrupt 
you [Defuse Bomb 2]. Afterward, head down the stairs and enter the door on 
your left. This leads to an underground facility, where you can stay 
undetected and minimize  enemy encounters, although there are a  few lurking 

As you traipse along the convoluted  tunnels, instruct Bravo to regroup. When 
you emerge from the tunnel, you will be in front of Building E and near the 
last bomb. Assign Able to the last bomb. It's located on one of the agitators 
nearby. While Boomer disarms the bomb, you and the Bravo team should 
eliminate any hostile threats [Defuse Bomb 3]. There are some in the area, so 
keep a sharp eye out. The minute the last bomb goes offline, you will contact 
HQ. The  leader will think that his explosives are  still active and activate 
the detonation, but nothing will happen. You won't be hearing from him 


Before you go anywhere, the oil workers are  hiding in the immediate area--in 
Building E. They've locked themselves in the room that's labeled "Authorized 
Personnel Only". Turn the door knob to check off this secondary objective 
[Locate Oil Workers]. The hostages are being held in Building C. There are 
two of them: one held under duress in the sleeping quarters and the other is 
in the laundry room/locker room. If you make a loud entrance, they'll kill 
the hostages! However, you are given about 5 to 10 seconds to quickly find 
the aggressors and eliminate them before they can open fire on the innocent 
civilians. You can pass with saving only one hostage. If, however, both die, 
you will have to abort the mission.

There are two ways--maybe more--to get in  without goading  the terrorists to  
open fire. Tell your Bravo team to do a Frag / Clear at any entrance. Quickly 
storm into the building and eliminate the threats. Go up to each of the 
hostages and restrain them [Restrain Workers]. Well, that takes care of that.


Go from building to building and purge  each building of  enemy personnel and 
make a clean sweep of each. If you don't get a message saying you've cleared 
a certain building, then try opening all the doors. When you've checked every 
building, HQ will send the chopper transport  right away, ending the mission. 


                                  | Part Two |

 ______                                                               ______
|__  __|                  THAILAND: OPERATION GOOD KARMA             |__  __|

                        MISSION 4: GOLDEN TRIANGLE HOLIDAY


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
M4A1 SD           9MM Pistol         HE
M14               226                Mark141
M40A1             Mark 23            AN-M8
M60E3                                C4 (Kahuna only)
SR-25                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25 SD                             Double Ammo


o Secure Outer Island
    Insert Via River
    Eavesdrop for Intel
    Eliminate Sentries
    Search Hut for Intel
o Prevent Enemy Escape
    Bravo to Juliet
o Secure Main Complex
    Clear Hut One
    Clear Hut Two
o Reclaim Bio Data
    Breach Final Hut
o Move to Zulu

Mission/Objective Failures

* You leave the mission premises.
* Insert Via River
  Your team is detected, and you did not go through each hide position.
* Eavesdrop for Intel
  You are sighted by one of the terrorists inside the hut, or you conduct an 
  entire symphony outside (see: You open fire with an un-silenced weapon).
* Bravo to Juliet
  You destroy the two boats at the docks first.
* Breach Final Hut
  You do not clear the hut, instead you enter it like you own the place. You 
  did not order team to Bang / Clear.


Deep in the marshy lands of Thailand, the Riddah Rouge  have set up camp on a 
chain of islands surrounded by shallow water. Your mission is to retrieve the 
Bio-Data they had stolen. You begin hidden among some tall grass in the 
water. In front of you is an elevated land mass, which is your main focus at 
this moment. As you begin, there is a single guard that will stand over the 
edge and look out onto the  horizon. If you move  slowly forward, you can use 
your handy scope and sniper rifle to implant a headshot.

Move from one grassy  spot to the other to  stay out of  sight. If you follow 
the thick batch of tall grass protruding from the water, you'll eventually 
wind around the island to the right side. If you don't go through the three 
hide positions (aka the grass), you won't be able to achieve a clean 
insertion. Stay close to land and quietly  proceed to the  shore [Insert Via 

Stay where you  are and use the  sniper  rifle to pop  the heads  off of any 
perimeter guards. There are, I believe three of them, including the one you 
sniped earlier. They might not both appear at one time, so you have to be 
patient. Once the perimeter sentries are eliminated [Eliminate Sentries], 
it's time to move very slowly across the turbid waters toward land. One of 
the Riddah Rouge members in the hut has a clear view of the waters you're in, 
so sudden movement  may alert him, and consequently  eliminate  a secondary 

Signal Bravo to Hold Position. Once you arrive on land, get in a prone 
position and crawl under the hut. As you  near the hut, the conversation will 
begin [Eavesdrop for Intel]. These followers strongly believe in Thongkon's 
ambitious plan. Wait until the conversation ends for the objective completion 
to be counted. Note that your team can still be detected and fail the 
secondary objective before the conversation ends. Get out of the crawling 
space and ambush them, putting them both into an eternal sleep to secure the 
outer island. Collect the Intel on the desk inside the hut and scram.


Once you're given the next main objective, pull out your TACMAP. You'll see a 
long string of arrows pointing in a certain direction. Before you start to 
follow them, order Bravo to: "Attack to Juliet". Now follow the mission 
path from island to island, and they eventually lead you to the docks located 
near Nav Point Juliet. Along the way, you can finish off any sentries that 
have survived Bravo's onslaught. You'll also get some Riddah Rouge members 
wading across the waters from other islands to get to you. So just blast them 
away. Not hard.

When you arrive at  the docks where  their boats  are, wait for Bravo to get 
into position [Bravo to Juliet]. They will give you cover fire while you set 
a C4 charge to each boat [Prevent Enemy Escape].


The main complex is a small  area composed of two  huts and  the docks you're 
at. All you have to do here is clear Hut One and Two. Hut One is actually two 
adjoining individual huts. In one of them is a single Riddah Rouge member. 
Hut Two also houses a lone Riddah Rouge member. Security is a lot lighter 
here, so no worries. You also need to check out the remote hut near the docks 
and dispose of the recluse in there.


Head to the Final Hut, which is marked on your map. It's simply further past 
Hut Two (behind it). There's a single guard keeping watch. I guess everyone 
here lead solitary lives or something. Send Bravo in to clear the hut with 
you keeping in the back of the line. The Bio-Data is lying on the table for 
you to claim. Once it is in your possession, you discover that not all of its 
components are there.

After you log off with HQ, some Riddah Rouge soldiers will come to your 
position and take revenge for the deaths of their comrades. Head to the 
crates and kill off the two of three guards there. If you can't seem to 
trigger the last event, ask Bravo to lead to Nav Point Zulu. Follow their 
lead and you'll have completed the mission. You have to make sure the team is 
together before you will be extracted from the mission area. 

                           MISSION 5: TEMPLE AT HOHN KAEN


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
M4A1 SD           9MM Pistol         HE
M14               F57                Mark141
M40A1             Mark 23            AN-M8
M60E3                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25                                Double Ammo
SR-25 SD                             


o Clear Insertion Area
    Eavesdrop for Intel
o Secure Flank
    Identify Sentries
    Ambush Flank Guards
o Secure Wife
o Clear Temple Area
o Helicopter Extraction
o Secure Ambassador

Mission/Objective Failures

* Ambassador or his wife is killed.
* Eavesdrop on Locals
  You fire loud gunshots or alert guards and scare the locals.
* Identify Sentries
  You kill one or all of them before identifying them. Must use NVGs.


There are  about six guards  in the insertion area. Before you  rush out into 
the open and spray bullets everywhere like an idiot, you need to gather some 
information from the locals, who are hiding out in their huts. At the point 
where you begin, you will have plenty of natural surroundings to keep you 
from being easily seen. You might notice that there is an addition to the 
command options in the WHO component. Calling for Support will bring in your 
helicopter, which will make a thorough sweep of the region and then leave. On 
certain missions, such as this one, the support helicopter is used to extract 
hostages from  the mission. For this starting  portion of  the mission, Bravo 
should also hold their positions until further notice. 

Given the quality of the lighting in the game, it's a little hard to see what 
and where things are (unless you adjust the brightness of your TV). Darkness 
can obscure most objects and persons in the area. It'd be a good idea to 
properly utilize your night vision goggles whenever you are uncertain of what 
something is. 

There are some guards in the vicinity of your drop point taking strolls along 
the lake. They will separate momentarily to follow their individual patrol 
routes. There is one other lying low in some tall grass. Head around the two 
giant boulders to find him hiding behind the second one. Give him a taste of 
your rifle butt, or slit his throat before he alerts the other guards. How 
graceful. If you sit behind him and watch him  with your NVGs equipped, he'll 
eventually have a strong urge to urinate in the bushes!

Now to deal with the two that had just walked  past you on the rocky pathway.
One of them will walk all the way to the water's edge and stay there for some 
time. This screams opportunity for you to attend the other guard who will 
stick to the main path. As for the other guard, get him when he's at the 
water's edge. Once you've put them out of commission and assuming you did it 
as quietly as possible, start heading toward the single hut propped over the 
shallow water. You won't be able to enter it, but you can slide under it. For 
some reason, if the villagers are alerted to your presence, they will become 
rather tight-lipped and will be  indisposed to  leak out any information they 

To make sure you reach the large hut  undetected, follow the main, rocky path 
west until you reach some bamboo shoots on the hill facing the hut. From 
here, get in a prone position and crawl down the slope. Once you're safely 
under the hut, the conversation will begin. The villagers (both male) will 
share what they witnessed and show sympathy for both the Ambassador and his 
wife. After receiving confirmation on having eavesdropped the conversation, 
you now need to quietly sneak past the Riddah Rouge member on the boat and 
head to the second hut sitting on a hill ahead (not the one further west). 
There's a steep path leading to it, but you have to first sneak past the very 
alert guard without making even a squeak.

To achieve this goal, you need to head back to the small strip of land (where 
you removed the guard near the water). The guard on the boat will turn his 
body toward different directions, so move only when he isn't facing you. Dip 
into the water and quietly wade across it, using the empty boats as cover. 
Constantly use your scope to check if he's looking your way. Move around him 
when he's not looking and stay undercover when he is. 

When you make a run for the  path leading to the  second hut, you have to be 
sure another guard on land isn't nearby (he might come from the direction of 
the dilapidated hut near the main path). The inhabitants of the second hut 
clearly do not appreciate the arrival of the Americans; they would like them 
ousted from the village ASAP. When this conversation ends, you will have 
completed the first secondary  objective [Eavesdrop for Intel]. There wasn't  
much info that was gained from this. What a waste.

Now that you've  gotten what  you needed, there is no need  to stay hidden in 
the shadows for now. Feel free to take the heads off of wandering terrorists. 
Clean up all the Riddah Rouge scum in this area to check off [Clean Insertion 


Back on the main path, follow it  up to the  temple  entrance, where a single 
terrorist may or may not be stationed beside the set of stairs (you may have 
already eliminated him to achieve the first primary objective). Instead of 
storming onto the temple grounds through the main entrance, head to the 
right, past the elephant statues and follow the wall to find an alternate 
entrance that's less likely to betray your presence. The guards won't be 
expecting you to come from here, so you'll have the upper hand if you carry 
out the rest of this part using stealth. If you had gone through the nicely 
paved road, you would have found yourself drowned in heavy gunfire caused by 
snipers and partially hidden guards.

Enter the opening and travel through  a small vestibule. It  leads to a large 
clearing that is heavily guarded. There are at least six guards, so stay 
under cover of night and use the surroundings to avoid a fierce gunfight. 
When you emerge from the opposite opening, look to your immediate left to 
find a guard eyeing the main road. Approach him slowly and go for a quick 'n' 
easy knife kill. 

There are also two snipers  perched on the high wall to  the left. Get a bead 
on them and take them out. After the snipers have been lulled into an eternal 
slumber, head around the grassy mound to the other side to find another guard 
on his knees, watching the road very closely. You know what to do with him.
Do away with him and ease down the hill.

Where you currently  stand now is a good  vantage  point to snipe  two guards 
further up. They will come out from the alcove on the right. Sometimes they 
will come out briefly and quickly return to their hiding spot. Once the area 
is clear, ascend the stairs to breach the second temple wall. This time, you 
won't have the luxury of using a tunnel to stay out of sight. Therefore, you 
must listen to what I say if you are to bypass this area with stealth. Though 
I do not guarantee this is the most efficient and easiest method of 
infiltration; it just works.

The path will split  in two; both lead  to the  same area. However, your path 
choice may or may not make a significant difference. The left opening is lit 
by a small incense, which gives off enough light to make you clearly visible.
You can snuff it out by shooting it, though. The right opening is dark, so 
that's good. However, I found that going through the left one is better since 
the sentry's patrol route doesn't extend all the way to the left. When you 
come out on the other side, don't rush out. You need to stay low to the 
ground and use the middle wall to take cover. On the level below are some 
patrolling sentries, who move from the  area in front to  the mostly dried-up 
body of water further up.

What you want to do is move to  the right edge of the wall  and peek out. You 
should be able to spot three guards making their rounds. Most of them gather 
near the right elephant statue, so have your crosshairs glued to that spot.
Zero in on their heads to take them out without a fuss. Do it quickly enough 
so that their deaths don't alert the other guard posted on the steps, far 
across the bridge. Now traverse the shallow water and follow the wall to the 
right without heading up the steps. Keep your NVGs on to be aware of what's 
going on around you. As you come around the corner, you'll come to a crumbled 
wall with jagged edges--a great spot with which to take cover.

Look past it and you'll notice the  flank entrance is under heavy security. I 
counted about four to five guards at the base of the steps alone. Use the 
NVGs to identify each to complete [Identify Sentries]. Command Bravo to 
ambush them and have Able deploy a HE grenade. Then rush in to engage in 
combat and keep firing. You must exercise caution when dealing with these 
sentries because they can deploy grenades and stuff. Take cover behind the 
various structures. Once they're neutralized, you will  complete both [Ambush 
Flank Guards] and [Secure Flank].


Climb the steps to enter the temple and  head to the  immediate right. At the 
end of the long pathway, look to your left to get a clear view of the right 
side of the temple interior. There's one sentry who will see you and start 
firing at you. Take him out, as well as all the sentries you may encounter to 
reduce the chances of Morgan incurring any damage when you rescue her. Once 
you enter the temple grounds, clean the  area of any hostiles. Your goal is 
to reach the small shrine building  separated from the main temple in the 
northeast. Morgan is held captive there and is guarded by two Riddah Rouge 
members. Carefully move up next to the open doorway and order Bravo to 
Bang / Clear. Once she's  in your  custody, get behind her  and Restrain her. 
Then leave her there for the time being. 


Once you're confident she's safe, you'll be able to lure out a slew of guards 
coming from different directions. Remove all of them from the scene before 
you bring Morgan out. If the terrorists don't come for you, go for them 
instead. You'll find them lounging around the perimeter or inside the main 
structure. Enter the temple from the stairs adorned by a single lion-like 
statue on its right side, and point your crosshairs on the doorway. Tell 
Bravo to "Frag / Clear". While they breach the temple entrance, follow them 
closely from behind and help eliminate any terrorists inside, then circle the 
perimeter to pick off the remaining guards [Clear Temple Area].


Since you've cleared the temple area, it should be  safe enough to let Morgan 
expose herself out in the open. Signal Morgan to come out of hiding [Secure 
Wife] and head for the extraction point located on your map. Then, on your 
command menu, call for Support, then extract. As soon as your order is 
carried out, the helicopter will be well on its way. When the wife is safely 
onboard the chopper, you'll get a  confirmation message. Your next goal is to 
rescue the Ambassador.


According to the TACMAP, the Ambassador is being held in an outlying building 
near Nav Point Romeo. You must first leave these grounds through the main 
entrance. Head to the main entrance from which you came, climb the ledge and 
leave the flank. Look at your TACMAP and follow the mission path (the path 
outlined in green). You'll first past two elephant statues. As you near the 
corner, notice the guard here patrolling back and forth. If you peer around 
the statues, you'll see two guards on duty. Quickly put the drop on them, and 
watch out for the sniper atop the high wall. He's a wicked shot, and he'll be 
sure to hit you if you fall into his line of fire.

Follow the tortuous stone path around  until you come to an  underpass with a 
lone terrorist standing guard. On the other side is a clearing scattered with 
crumbling stone structures and other landmarks. Go in cautiously, moving from 
structure to structure as cover in case of an ambush. You may run into only 
one guard in the immediate area. Enter the broken  structure and head forward 
until you come to two towering elephant statues on either side of this area. 
Here you will encounter a guard on the ground level, and another on a level 
higher up. Don't get caught in a bad position, as they'll be able to take you 
or one of your men out.

Move under the doorway and take  the stairs on the right to the second level. 
This is a good vantage point to take care of a patrolling sentry further 
ahead. From the base of the stairs, look to the northwest to find a "tango" 
stationed on a high balcony. Eliminate him to avoid any conflicts with him 
later. The large edifice at the end of this ravine is where Arthur is being 
held captive. He will be lightly guarded if you've already taken care of all 
hostiles in the area. Nevertheless, you'll have to still be cautious. You 
don't want to spur the terrorists to kill their hostage. Once you're certain 
there are no guards near Arthur, head in and restrain him [Secure 
Ambassador]. This will allow you and your  comrades to go  home. Another job 
well done!

                         MISSION 6: CITY OF THE FORGOTTEN


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
M4A1 SD           9MM Pistol         HE
M14               F57                Mark141
M40A1             Mark 23            AN-M8
M60E3                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25                                C4 (Kahuna)
SR-25 SD                             Double Ammo


o Recon Insertion Area
    ID Patrols With NVG
    Eliminate Patrols
o Secure Riverbank
o Secure Compound
o Prevent Leader Escape
    Restrain Leader
    Infiltrate Temple
o Obtain Intel
    Blow Door With C4
o Secure Sub-Level
    Contain Enemy
o Obtain Bio-Agent

Mission/Objective Failures

* You leave mission premises
* ID Patrols With NVG
  You kill them before you are able to identify them.
* Eliminate Patrols
  You alert the guards to your presence and/or fire un-silenced weapons.
* Restrain Leader
  You kill Thongkon.

I would highly recommend  replacing your default  SR-25 gun  with the M4A1 SD 
gun. The SR-25 will make you a sitting duck on this level if you use it. Plus 
it fires only a single shot at a time. 


The environment here and  the weather  conditions work to  your advantage, as 
there is vegetation and low-lying fog all around you. Take a brief look at 
your TACMAP. There is already a mission route mapped out for you, so all you 
have to do is follow it. Along the way you will inevitably encounter stiff 
resistance. For now, you don't have to worry. You won't stumble across any 
Riddah Rouge members until you reach the first river hut, which isn't too far 
away from your insertion point.

As with all  other missions, this  one is no  different. The leader of Riddah 
Rouge is becoming a little paranoid since you've foiled his big plans to 
receive ransom money from the US government. He will likely attempt to escape 
if he knows you're here, so stealth is the only way to go.

Travel upstream, and eventually the first river hut will loom into view. From 
a few yards away from the hut, order Bravo to hold their positions. Quickly 
move to the ramp and hug the left side. Stay near the bottom of the ramp 
until one of them leaves to start his patrol. He'll step out briefly and 
scout the surrounding area for signs of trouble. After awhile, he will move 
around to the side of the hut. If you're too close, he may return inside. As 
soon as he disappears, storm into the hut to take care of this sentry with a 
snappy rifle butt. Then tend to the second guard with a headshot using a 
silenced weapon, of course. If you miss, pump out multiple bullets to ensure 
he doesn't survive. If all goes well, the guards circling the riverbank will 
not be aware of your presence.


For this portion, it'd help tremendously if you turned on Aim Assist via the 
pause menu. With it, you would be able to ascertain where a guard is by the 
targeting reticle that appears over him. Remember, all this vegetation can be 
of a disadvantage for you since terrorists, too, can blend in with the 


From where the guy stood outside the hut, peer out into the wilderness to see 
if you can identify any sentries from here using your NVGs. The NVGs not only 
help you see better, but they'll also magnify the area by 100x, allowing you 
to see farther. I managed to find one before he moved too far away from me to 
locate. Further past this hut is one of the patrol sentries you need to 
identify and then eliminate. There are four in total you need to identify, 
and their patrol routes don't lead too far away from one another. Move slowly 
among the foliage to avoid being seen and  sneak up on him to go for a silent 

Continue through the  vegetation. It won't be  long before  you will identify 
another sentry (as long as you keep your NVGs equipped and pan around the 
area). Stick close to the side of the mountain and quietly slip through the 
brush, keeping a close watch on the sentry. When you're close enough and you 
have a clear shot, go for a quick drop on the guy. Not far from this late 
sentry is another sentry just a  little further up. Belly up to  him and give 
him a good ol' brain-buster. The last  sentry, again, is just further up. His 
patrol route has him protecting the perimeter of a vacant river hut. This 
final sentry's demise will help you accomplish your objectives [Identify 
Patrols  with NVG] and [Eliminate  Patrols]. Your objective  now is simply a 
free walk to Nav Point Charlie.


The riverbank is crawling with  patrolling  sentries, so the idea is to apply 
the same ground rules you've been adhering to for the oh, last 5 missions: 
stay out of sight! At this point, you would also need to regroup with Bravo, 
as you'll need their keen eyesight in this thick fog. After the checkpoint at 
Nav Point Charlie, you'll soon arrive at another river hut. On the outskirts 
are several sly little guards who think they can catch us off-guard when we 
approach the hut. First things first, take care of these guys before 
anything. They're all assembled relatively close to one another. There may be 
more so order your team to fire at will. Give a sweep of the area and hunt 
for these scumbags. Leave no  one alive. When you've  decimated this group of 
yee-haws, you will check off another objective [Secure Riverbank].


Head for the compound located on your TACMAP. Stealth isn't your top priority 
here, so don't worry about that. Before you can reach Thongkon, you will have 
to slog through his untrained army of armed peasants. They plague every inch 
of the compound--inside and out--so you will need a sufficient amount of fire 
power, and your team needs to  stick together. Pick up the 226 pistols fallen 
foes drop, as it kicks a tremendous amount of ass in such a small package. Go 
on a Riddah Rouge massacre until they all drop dead to complete this 


To reach the area behind the compound in which the leader is currently taking 
refuge, you must go to Nav Point Echo. This tunnel will take you straight to 
the rear compound. HQ wants Thongkon alive and apprehended. You can't disobey 
their orders. They won't be happy if he manages to escape. Stealth once again 
comes into play. When you reach the tunnel entrance, your cover will somehow 
be blown, and you'll find yourself up against a myriad of screaming nutcases. 
Fortunately, this raid won't alert the leader. It would be better to lure all 
the guards to the  tunnel at once  instead of going out and  eliminating them 
one by one later. Your team will then emerge from  the tunnel exit safely and 
arrive in the temple grounds. 

As you begin in this area, you'll find yourself among some crumbling remnants 
of stone structures and debris. Head out through the archway. Take cover 
behind the debris and order them to stay put. Inch your way toward the center 
complex, however, not by following the mission path charted on the map. 
Instead, go along the west wall, moving from structure to structure to stay 
hidden. Move out only when the coast is clear. If you get an enemy in your 
sight, dispatch him with a silenced weapon. You know the drill. Infiltrate  
the building from the left side, since the  front is guarded by  his lackeys.

All you have to do is set foot in the temple to complete [Infiltrate Temple]. 
It wasn't as hard as it seemed, eh? Of course, you still have to maintain 
your composure and keep up the stealth. Thongkon is known to act cowardly if 
his bodyguards are not by his side. If need be, the use of deadly force is 
authorized, but you'll automatically preclude your chance to capture him 
alive. Anyway, Thongkon dons distinct clothing from the rest of his men. He 
wears a bright red chapeau over his head and has an eye-patch. He has two 
bodyguards, both of whom are utterly incompetent. However, Thongkon himself 
has quite some firepower, so don't get caught in his line of fire. As long as 
his comrades are there to bolster him, he'll remain aggressive. 

Before you head deeper into the temple, set your fire mode to Single, so that 
you don't accidentally kill Bad Dog during the intensity of the battle. As 
you head up the steps, he will already be planning his escape. So quickly run 
up the stairs, but don't head all the way up. Stop midway and be visible to 
Thongkon. For some reason, if they see you're already there, Thongkon and his 
men will be perplexed and remain motionless. If you don't do anything 
drastic, Thongkon won't try to escape. He will wait  for you, and you'll wait 
for him.

To break this  stalemate, throw a smoke  bomb to  the top of  the steps. Then 
storm up and eliminate his bodyguards in the midst of the confusion. When the 
smoke clears up, Thongkon won't be afraid to approach you and perform a rifle 
butt, so be careful about that! Shoot him in a non-vital part of the area, 
and he will surrender of his own  volition. When he gives up, he will put his 
weapon down. Eventually, he should finally succumb to your arrest [Restrain 
Leader]. Though you're quite happy about having finally captured this coward, 
Thongkon's loyalists aren't, and they're after  your head. Order your team to 
Fire At Will, and they'll take it from here.


In his haste to  escape from your  military  oppression, Thongkon completely 
forgot about the binder containing biological data and left it on the ledge 
of the upper level. It's to the  right of the Buddha statue. Claim it to 
complete this objective. After retrieving  the files, descend the stairs on 
your right. They take you to a flimsy door with no knob. The only way to get 
by is to blow it up with a C4 charge. Affix a C4 on the door [Blow Door Open 
With C4].


As soon as the C4 does its part, you'll need to  spring into action. Quickly 
run into this underground area and pick off all the terrorists that have come 
to greet you [Secure Sub-Level]. Seeing that their leader has been 
apprehended, the rest of the terrorists deem it smart to retreat. They have 
decided to escape via a small boat docked underground. To prevent their 
escape, you must  eliminate all the terrorists  before they have a chance to 
escape [Contain Enemy]. 


What you're looking for is located exactly at Nav  Point Romeo. Retrieve the 
Biological Agents and you'll complete the mission.


                                  | Part Three |

 ______                                                               ______
|__  __|                  CONGO: OPERATION SWIFT JUSTICE             |__  __|

                        MISSION 7: MERCENARY STAGING AREA


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               226                HE
M14               9MM Pistol         AN-M8
M40A1             Mark 23            Mark141
M60E3                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25                                C4 (Kahuna)
SR-25 SD                             Double Ammo


o Disable Communications
o Obtain Intel
o Destroy Munitions
    Secure Area
    Site One Satchel
    Site Two Satchel
o Prevent Enemy Escape

Mission/Objective Failures

* You let the enemy radio for help. 
* You let the enemy escape to warn the others of your arrival.
* Secure Area
  You blow up the entire area before eliminating every last mercenary.


The lighting in this mission  should be relieving...because  we can actually 
see! This is one of the shortest missions you'll ever participate in. 
However, the sheer number of mercenaries assigned here should compensate for 
the mission length. They are toting some heavy fire power, such as the M60E3 
and the likes. Though most of the area is well-lit, you will have to use the 
natural milieu to keep you and your team out of sight. The Congo jungle is 
glutted with shrubs and large trees. A small part of it has become a base of 
operations for the Preemptive Strike.

A good idea is to stay  off the main roads. If not, you will  somehow attract 
more mercenaries than you can handle. The first and foremost thing you have 
to do is prevent the enemy from radioing for help. If they do, you will fail 
the mission. Therefore, you must head to the communications tower and disable 
their communications as  quickly as  possible. Eliminate these  no good mercs
swiftly and stealthily. 

Your team will begin  between the water's edge  and a high earth wall. Just a 
few yards in front of you are the first two mercenaries of many. The only 
thing between you and them is some thick vegetation, which you can use to 
your advantage. As you begin, tell Bravo to hold their positions. Then get in 
a Prone position and crawl to the left, toward the water. Inch along the sand 
without touching the water. If you take too long, you might notice another 
mercenary closing in on the two guards  from the right. If he comes, you will 
have to take him out quietly, too. 

Get as close and to the left of the two conversing guards as possible without 
alarming anyone. This location is a good vantage point to zone in on their 
heads and plant a lead in each of their heads. You have to do this quickly 
because the death of one guard will alert the other guard. Check the area to 
see if you have alerted any of the neighboring guards in the area. There are 
two camping out in an open area past the docks. They might come after you if 
you did not quietly dispatch the first two guards.

After you've incapacitated any guards you can find, study your TACMAP. You'll
find a mission path laid out for you. The path runs from your current 
position all the way to the northwest to an isolated shack. Follow it, but 
don't travel on the main dirt road. Instead, stay in the grassy area, using 
the trees and bushes as cover. This place is just crawling with guards. You 
don't want to blow your cover before reaching the communications tower. 

Once you reach the  communication tower, there  is little to  worry about, so 
just head on in and dispatch any mercenaries that get in your way. To disable 
their communications, you need to destroy the radio device set up on the 
table [Disable Communications]. You'll get a confirmation message from one of 
your comrades immediately after, followed by the text message. If you want 
some extra visual effects, you can set a satchel at the base of the reception 
tower. Get back now! It's going to get all hot up in this joint! Yeehaw!


You don't have to worry so  much about  keeping a  low profile  now. It's not 
necessary, but it's preferred. Your next objective is to travel to the next 
ramshackle hut to obtain some inside information on the whereabouts of the 
POWs. The TACMAP indicates the intel is stashed in  another cabin not too far 
from the tower. 

Once you have the  cabin in  your sight, point your  crosshairs at the ground 
next to the cabin and ask Bravo to Stealth To Crosshairs. If you haven't 
already stirred up such a commotion, there should be a few terrorists here: 
one stationed outside and another inside. Quietly put the first one out of 
his misery. Shortly after Bravo arrives at their position, follow them 
without alerting the  cabin guard to your  presence. Then wrap  around it and 
point your crosshairs at the doorway. Order Bravo to Frag / Clear.

On the desk next to a flickering lantern is the map revealing the whereabouts
of the POWs. What's funny is that the lantern is indestructible. It cannot be
destroyed by gunfire. Cannot even be scratched.


The new mission  path will  guide you past Nav Point  Echo and right  into a 
rather huge collection of the enemy's munitions. Not far from the cabin 
you're at is a watch tower with a single sentry assigned  to sniper duty. If 
you can't get a bead on him, climb up the ladder and kick his face. There 
should be more sentries in the area, so don't let your guard down! Most of 
the enemies have already  retreated to Nav Point Echo. The closer you get to 
Echo, the more enemies you'll encounter.

Eliminate the single sentry in the watch tower, and head past the large tents 
to the boxes. There is a guard patrolling around the crates, so gun him down.  
See the huge mound of TNT  crates in the center? Point to  it and ask Able to 
Deploy Satchel [Site One Satchel]. Then head over to Site Two.

On your way to Site Two, stick to the  left side, as there  is a clever guard 
hiding behind some crates, waiting for the perfect opportunity to do you in 
if you're not careful. Plus he's got an astounding amount of firepower in his 
hands. Well, actually, he would be there if he hasn't already come out. 
Anyway, he's hiding behind the left or front most stack of crates. He will 
move from the left crates to the middle crates to keep an eye out on all 
angles of approach. Therefore, it's kinda hard to ninja by him. See where he 
is from Site One and determine how to approach this guy. If you run in from 
the front, he will shoot you without hesitating. Just be sure that you don't 
get drowned in his stream of bullets. I recommend hiding behind the single 
crate in front of Site One and snipe him when he moves to the middle stack of 
crates. This is the safest and stealthiest way. His death should allow you to 
complete [Secure Area]. It may vary slightly.

When you reach the collection of TNT explosives  in the back, signal Bravo to 
Deploy Satchel. Now you and your team need to get out of blast range, meaning 
you have to get to a safe distance before you can detonate the explosives.


Realizing they have been the  defeated, the mercenaries all decide to retreat
to warn their Preemptive Strike brothers that the SEAL team is here. Your job 
is to go on a manhunt to annihilate each and every one of these surviving 
terrorists to complete the mission. I would recommend heading to Nav Point 
Delta, and from there heading toward the gold star icon on your TACMAP 
(without leaving the mission premises). The rest of the remaining terrorists 
are assembled around this area. You shouldn't be so reckless, though, because 
these guys have  grenade launchers!! Once the last tango  drops to the floor, 
your mission will be complete!


If you keep failing  the mission  due to the  last objective (you are unable 
kill all the mercenaries in time), here's what you should do: Leave Bravo at 
Nav Point Echo while you and Boomer go ahead and do the dirty work. Bravo's 
presence at Nav Point Echo will suspend the detonation until they move out of 
blast range. The key point is that this keeps the game from moving on to the 
next objective. Once you think you've nailed all of them, ask Bravo to 
Regroup, and voila! Mission completed! 


                                MISSION 8: POW CAMP


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               226                HE
M14               9MM Pistol         AN-M8
M40A1             Mark 23            Mark141
M60E3                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25                                C4 (Kahuna)
SR-25 SD                             M203 HE Round*
M87ELR                               M203 Smoke Round*
M4A1                                 M203 Frag Round*
M4A1-M203                            Double Ammo

* : to be used in conjunction with the M4A1-M203 or M16A2-M203 weapons.


o Infiltrate Perimeter
    Eliminate Mercs
o Secure Entry Area
    Recon Sentry
o Secure Area Two
o Secure POWs
    Verify POW Location

Added Objectives

o Clear Caves
o Extract POWs

Mission/Objective Failures

* A POW dies. The untimely death of even one POW will end the mission.
* Recon Sentry
  You kill the sentry before you identify him.


The dense Congo  jungle features  luscious landscapes. It's home  to a sundry 
species, none of which exist in the game. Pity. Anyway, there are plenty of 
things to use as cover. Your team will be inserted at the edge of the forest. 
You will begin behind the root of a giant tree. Leave Bravo in their 
positions, then move through the tall grass, toward the low boulder to the 
left of the dirt path. Shortly after your arrival, two mercenaries will start 
to head in your direction. Ambush them as they come around.

Then run to the large, slanted rock. Peek around to the left, and you should 
be able to sight about two or three guards. Clean up this area to clear 
[Eliminate Mercs]. So much for the warm entrance. Head past the trees to 
successfully infiltrate the perimeter.


Once you squeeze through the bottleneck and into this next area, you will be 
dealing with some more guards, which comes as no surprise. However, there is 
one sentry you need to identify, who is sitting atop the large rocky hill, 
behind the split oak tree (right at the lookout point on your TACMAP). Use 
your scope to ID him [Recon Sentry]. Follow the left rocky wall to find two 
sentries come  around the corner. Dispatch them, plus the   guy on the rocky 
cliff [Secure Entry Area].


Follow the main path until you hit a split in the road. Travel down the right 
path toward Nav Point Echo. At this point, I'd recommend calling Bravo back 
to your position. You need only to eliminate two or three sentries on the 
ground level. You needn't worry about that annoying, trigger-happy guy in the 
watch tower. 


As always, check your map for the mission path. According to the map, we need 
to check in at Nav Point Echo and go further, through the mist-filled river. 
The path to the POW camp is fairly lax on security, with the exception of the 
occasional watch towers and snipers. Follow it to a seemingly dead end. Then 
look to your left to find some steps leading to an upper land mass. Be 
careful, however, as a  mercenary could be somewhere  close. If you've made a 
lot of noise on your way, he will run to welcome you. 

The POW camp won't be too far now, so head forward. Surprisingly, the camp is 
light on security, so you won't have to deal with much hostility. There is, 
however, a single sentry circling the camp interior, near the POWs, so 
eliminate him without a hassle. Otherwise, his stray shots may kill the POWs. 
Also take care of the few guards patrolling the perimeter of the camp. There 
might even be one inside the shack. Find and direct your crosshairs to the 
two surviving POWs to verify their locations [Verify POW Location]. Get 
behind them and restrain them. The one under the hut, trapped behind barbwire 
fences, can be reached via the stairs inside the shack.

After restraining the last POW in the camp, Kahuna will report to HQ. HQ will 
say that they won't sanction any helicopters to land on "busy" territory. A 
new objective will be placed. The POW reports that there are some more mercs 
in a cave area near Nav Point Foxtrot. Before that, you have to take care of 
the current POWs. You absolutely cannot afford to let the POWs get shot, even 
once! They're not as robust as you are since they were subjected to inhumane 
torture! So you have to be sure they don't get hit. They're easy targets for 
enemy sentries. To take safety measures, guide both of them to the hut for 
now. This is a temporary method to keep them out of danger. Leave them there.


Shortly after affirming you'll take the objective, look at your TACMAP to see 
where your next destination is located. You need to wrap around the POW camp, 
through Nav Point Romeo and finally arrive at Nav Point Whiskey, which is 
just in front of the Caves. Stick closely to the barbwire fences outside the 
POW camp to a path that will lead downhill. You'll find yourself overlooking 
a small clearing with a shack in the middle to your left. Get in a prone 
position to avoid alerting the sentries, who are residing in the shack below. 
As you approach the slope, get close to the edge and check out the situation. 
There are two sentries posted on either side of the shack door. Aim with your 
trusty sniper rifle and fire, while staying in a prone position. Once they're 
dispatched, it should make this crossing easier. 

There may still be sentries who will  come from other areas, but it should be 
OK to run the rest of the way down now. Make sure your whole team is with you 
and set them to Fire At Will. Then breach the shack. Once you feel it's safe, 
head back to the POW camp to gather the POWs. Motion them to follow you. The 
POWs are blind or something because they will frequently need your help to 
maneuver around tricky obstacles, such as doors and trees. Then lead them to 
the shack below. Leave them there and close the door on your way out. Order 
Bravo to guard the front door. You should also lend a hand in protecting them 
because Bravo can't be fully reliable.

Next to  the shack should be a  narrow path that  leads through  a gap in the 
hill. This leads to our next destination and puts us directly in front of a 
watch tower. On it are two sentries. Target them and eliminate them quietly, 
but swiftly. If enemy gunshot is fired, this area will become a bit congested 
with terrorists.

Now head toward the caves. On the way, you'll find another shack lying in the 
middle of the jungle. There is a clever merc sitting behind a tree's root, 
making himself hidden from normal view. He'll become apparent as you reach 
the shack. Once the area is clear of mercs, it's time to head back to the 
POWs and transport them to this shack. Close the door on your way out, point 
at the doorway and ask Bravo to Cover Area. This should keep those nasty 
mercs from messing with these defenseless POWs. 

The cave entrance is at the top of the hill. Take the side-winding path to 
reach it. There are two sentries out in front, so dispatch them. Your 
excursion into the depths of the cave is a straightforward one, so just 
follow the beacons along the way and eliminate all terrorists you come 
across. Dispose of the garbage to complete primary objective [Clear Caves].

There's only one more POW to find and secure. In the rather large cavern, 
head toward the place where the terrorists came from and you'll find him in a 
dark and dismal makeshift room. Secure him. Command him to Follow and he will 


Regroup with your teammates at the shack outside of the cave entrance and 
round up the rest of the POWs. Then head to the extraction point indicated on 
the map. You have to be careful that none of the POWs get "stuck" because 
once they do, it's hard to get them unstuck without killing them and starting 
the mission over. The chopper won't go in for the pick up unless every POW is 

                           MISSION 9: MOUNTAIN ASSAULT


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               226                AN-M8
M14               9MM Pistol         Mark141
M40A1             Laser Designator   Claymore (Kahuna)
M60E3             Mark 23            C4 (Kahuna)
SR-25                                M203 HE Round*
SR-25 SD                             M203 Smoke Round*
M87ELR                               M203 Frag Round*
M4A1                                 Double Ammo

* : to be used in conjunction with the M4A1-M203 or M16A2-M203 weapons.


o Clear Towers
o Airstrike Bunker1
o Airstrike Bunker2
o Airstrike Bunker3
o Infiltrate Bunker
o Disable Fusebox
    Disable Battery
o Secure Marine

Mission/Objective Failures

* You kill Major Norris (the Marine). You'll get a very fierce scolding from 
your field advisor.


Preemptive Strike is feeling your heat. Your target is an old German bunker 
that dates back to World War II. The main entrance is reinforced with a 
bajillion guards, so an ambush would be a bad idea. All hope is not lost. 
Infrared surveillance indicates there is a hidden entrance located deep in 
the jungle to  the north. Our focus is to find this  entrance and  take the 
mercs by surprise.

There are about five guards in the immediate area, two on the rope bridge and 
a few others who will emerge from behind the high walls. Take care of the two 
guards on  the bridge. Their wails will alert the other guards, so you will 
also have to put the cavalry out of commission. Afterward, take a look at 
your TACMAP. The path charted out for you is a rather long one. The goal is 
to eradicate all terrorists you encounter on the way to the Bunkers. The 
primary targets are those camping out in the towers. These mercenaries will 
pour in like a mighty stream, so stealth isn't a  priority here, although it 
would be nice. They will try to hinder you every step of the way, so get that 
finger on the trigger button. It never fails. Leave no one alive.

Use the large trees and thick bushes to  throw off their shots. There will be 
a watch tower just before the underpass leading to the waterfall. If you 
haven't already alerted him, carefully work your way under the tower and 
climb up the ladder. Then give him a good ol'  rifle butt. One shot from this 
guy spells trouble, so you have to take extra precautions. Sometimes he would 
stay there, and sometimes he would come down to accost you on foot. 

After heading past the waterfall, you  should encounter the last batch of the 
guards you need to pick off. Head to the second watch tower, get rid of the 
guy, and a few more guards in the vicinity to complete this primary 
objective. Although you seem to have already eliminated their entire army, 
there are still copious mercs guarding the areas around the Bunkers. It's not 
a good idea to underestimate these guys.


The next three primary objectives involve the use of the Laser Designator. It 
is imperative that you have it with you. You could have traded it for a 
fallen foe's P57 handgun (stupid move). The Laser Designator plays a crucial 
role in destroying their base. You see, there is a fighter jet outfitted with 
missiles and such hovering around high in the sky, waiting for your lase 
signal. The problem is that the canopy blocks all view of the jungle ground. 
It's your job to direct the Designator at a target building to transfer data 
to this aircraft. Once activated, it will take at least 15-20 seconds for the 
aircraft to respond with a missile  to your target. You cannot be interrupted 
during this time, or you'll have to start over.

Just press R1 as you normally would to use a weapon. The Designator will then 
emit a high-pitched noise, indicating that it's working its magic. Also make 
SURE that you're far away from the target, otherwise the shrapnel scattered 
by the explosion may hit you and kill you. It's a dangerous job, but someone
has to do it.

Back to the mission, head to Nav Point  Foxtrot and annihilate all the mercs 
around this area. The first Bunker is sitting on some high ground. Equip the 
designator and point your crosshairs at the bunker, then press and hold R1. 
At this point, a bar will appear on the right and slowly fill up. You will 
have to hold the button for as long as the bar is still there. When it's 
finished, a cut-scene will ensure, highlighting  the launching of a missile. 
Bunker1 destroyed!


To reach Bunker2, you will need to travel around, to the right of Bunker2. 
You will find it embedded in some earth. Be sure to take out the surrounding 
mercs first. Then, from afar, use the Laser Designator. 


After reducing Bunker2 to nothing, Bunker3 isn't too far away. Just follow 
the wall to the end to find it at the very back. As per usual, stay FAR away 
from the explosions. The impact is a real doozy.

As an additional note, you can save yourself some time by having Bravo do one 
or two of the Bunkers since one of them is also carrying a Laser Designator. 
Simply go to your command menu and select Lase On. You will get the choices:
Bunker One, Bunker Two and Bunker Three. If you've got one trained on your 
crosshairs, you will also have Crosshairs.


You need to head to Nav Point Zulu. Here, you will  find the entrance to the 
Bunker disguised as a large, oddly shaped rock. There are some guards here. 
The Bunker is bathed in darkness. Seeing anything is virtually impossible 
without the aid of your NVGs. So strap them on and get moving. Intelligence 
was not able to gather the blueprints of the Bunker, so you will have to 
explore things on your own. The TACMAP is obsolete while you're in here. Go 
down the stairs to successfully infiltrate the bunker. On a less serious 
note, if you look at your teammates with the NVGs, you will realize they can 
see clearly in the dark without their NVGs.


To safely extract their captive without  harming him, we  need to disable the 
power and sneak him out under cover of darkness (even though, it's already so 
dark in here). Our target is the fusebox and the battery. So let's get a move 

Follow the tunnel. You'll eventually  come to a very depressing-looking room. 
You want to locate their batteries first, so head to your left and slide down 
the ramp. Dispatch the guards here. You will find the main power source in 
the first caged area to your left. The battery is the sole source of 
electricity and powers the already dim lights around this area. Shutting it 
off will make the whole bunker pitch black [Disable Battery]. 

The next area is home to a few more guards. They can hear you, but they can't 
see where you are. You'll find the fusebox in the alcove behind all the 
crates. Open the panel door and cut the wires. So far, so good. Now to secure 
that Marine.


Open the metal door nearby. Then take out the single merc guarding the Marine 
at the doorway. There are two guards accompanying the Marine. Make sure you 
approach them quietly. Since  it's so dark, they won't  see you coming. After 
they're dead, just head up to the Marine and Restrain him.


                                  | Part Four |

 ______                                                               ______
|__  __|             TURKMENISTAN: OPERATION SERPENT STRIKE          |__  __|

                             MISSION 10: PRISON BREAK


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               226                HE
M14               9MM Pistol         AN-M8
M60E3             Mark 23            Mark141
SR-25                                Satchel Charge
SR-25 SD                             Claymore (Kahuna)
M87ELR                               C4 (Kahuna)
M4A1                                 M203 HE Round*
M4A1-M203                            M203 Smoke Round*
M4A1 SD                              M203 Frag Round*
M16A2-M203                           Double Ammo

* : to be used in conjunction with the M4A1-M203 or M16A2-M203 weapons.


o Infiltrate Prison
    Explosive Diversion
    Disable Generator
o Release Informant
o Extract Informant

Added Objectives 

o Acquire Map
    Secure Informant
o Recon Encampment

Mission Failures

* Pickle gets killed by you or the enemy.
* Explosive Diversion
  Heavy gunfire breaks out before you set the charges, or the alarms sound.
* Secure Informant
  You acquire the map and destroy the chopper before securing him in a safe 
* Recon Encampment
  You do not use the NVGs to scout the encampment. You kill all the sentries.


Welcome to Turkmenistan, where if the hot  desert doesn't  get you, the cold, 
unforgiving nights will. Mr. Pickle, our key informant, has been captured by 
Mullah's men. He is now incarcerated in a former Soviet Detention Center 
isolated in the middle of the Gagagne Desert. The now decrepit compound 
serves as an adequate prison, walled by high granite rock. Escape is nearly 
impossible. However, encroaching its sordid soil is like a walk in the park 
for a trained SEAL soldier, such as yourself. The main entrance is barred 
shut. It appears as though the only way to get in is to climb the wall at Nav 
Point Delta. There, you will find a dirt  mound that will help boost you over 
the wall. Alright, let's get cracking.

Your team will drop behind  two Sadikahu men. Move around  the boulder to the 
other side and dispatch these guys. The rest of the area before the bridge is 
clear. This special mission dictates absolute stealth, so maintain a low 
profile at all time (or at least until you reach the prison). If you alert 
anyone to your presence before reaching the generator, the alarm will sound. 
You'll know what will ensue when that happens. We can't afford to blow our 
cover before we deactivate the generator. Following the tire tracks and
crossing the bridge isn't a good way to begin this mission. Instead, head to 
the far right, where you will  find a path leading  down to an area below the 

On the way down, quietly remove the  area guard. Sometimes he will be walking 
down the path on the opposite side, other times he will be very near. Then 
eliminate the one or two guards on higher ground, near the bridge. Stay out 
of the lights. When the coast is clear, take the opposite ramp to the top. 
Neutralize the  guard nearby. This guard may be at  different  locations each 
time you play. 

This area is where you can  easily expose  your presence to  the enemy. There 
are guards, who have clear views of the area inside and outside the prison. 
Stay out of their field of vision. You must stealth to Nav Point Delta. No 
careless acts here; use your NVGs to scout the area frequently. Use the many 
rocks strewn across the sand to keep yourself hidden, and peek around to 
eliminate the guards in the watch towers. You can hug the prison walls and 
sneak under their noses, or by moving  from boulder to boulder when it's safe 
to do so.

When you reach Nav Point Delta undetected, head over to Nav Point Charlie. At 
Nav Point Charlie, you'll find a crack, weathered by old age, in the wall. 
Placing a satchel in front of it and blowing it up provides the perfect 
diversion. Plant a satchel when prompted and dash back to Nav Point Delta. 
You have about 30 seconds to get there before the satchel  detonates. That's 
ample time for you to drag your butt back there. 

Hop on the mound, wait  for the explosion  and climb  over  the wall. See the 
generator? It's just to your right. Head on over to it and cut off the power 
[Disable Generator]. This will disable the alarms. At this point, you will 
have also successfully infiltrated the prison. Alternatively, you can have 
Bravo hold their positions outside the prison walls. This might boost your 
success rate of survival, as I found that my biggest problem had been keeping 
my teammates alive (thanks to those grenade launcher-toting scum). Once you 
have cleared the area yourself (along with Boomer), you can call Bravo back 
to your position. You won't  complete the  Infiltrate  Prison objective until 
your whole team sets foot in the prison.

Your unexpected arrival might  cause most of the prison guards to assemble at 
your position. You have to be careful not to excite these men because they 
can launch grenades. Just be sure you nail EVERY sentry you can sight. Don't 
allow them to stop and fire. You may regret it, as some of them are
brandishing the all-purpose MGL, a weapon that can decimate your team. There  
should be one of these guys who will come from somewhere behind the watch 
tower near the Generator. I think there are three guys with MGLs. You won't 
be able to carry out this mission peacefully with their roaming freely around 
the prison. Hunt them down before anything else.


Time is essence. If you let the Hind helicopter  return to the base, you will 
have double the trouble. When it appears, you will have to shoot it out of 
the sky, or you won't be able to move around the base without getting impaled 
by a barrage of its bullets. That's not the hard part. The hard part is 
actually seeing the damned chopper, as it practically blends in with the 
color of the night sky. Oh, trying to shoot it also contributes to a nervous 
breakdown. The Hind's time of arrival depends on when/if you have alerted the 
alarm and how much time you squander after that. The strategy on dealing with 
the Hind is discussed in the coming paragraphs.

Mr. Pickle is being held in one of the cells inside the Cell Block. There are 
two guards who occupy the Cell Block. Toss a grenade in there to take care of 
them. Then pick off the survivors. Mr. Pickle is always located in a 
different cell each time you play the mission. Search each cell until you 
find him. Once you do, you will be given a new primary objective. Of course, 
you will gladly accept it. Apparently, the terrorists have confiscated 
Pickle's precious map and stored it in the Armory. Pickle wants you to  
retrieve that map. It contains the Intel  you need. Restrain him, and ask him 
to Follow.


Before you storm off to the Armory to retrieve the map, you need to establish
a safehouse in which Pickle will be placed. Confer with your common sense. 
Once you've located a safe place, in which Pickle could lie low, order Bravo 
to Cover Area by pointing your crosshairs at the ground, in front of a 
doorway. Naturally, for this to work effectively, the building needs to  have 
only ONE entrance. Pickle is in good hands; he should be safe for the time 
being [Secure Informant].

The Armory is located in the back of the prison. There is  a single sentry on
the roof of the lower building. Take him out on your way to the doorway. At 
this point, your field advisor will probably inform you that the Hind has 
deviated from its normal route. Once you receive this first warning, it won't 
be long before HQ announces the imminent  arrival of the Hind. No matter what 
you do, it would only be a matter of time before the Hind would be 
hightailing back to the base.

One or two guards will occupy some rooms  of the armory, but they won't deter 
you from obtaining what is rightfully yours, or rather Mr. Pickle's. The map 
could be lying on the table of one of two rooms. The one downstairs, or the 
one upstairs. It might relocate each time you repeat the mission. Grab it 
quickly and run. While you were in the Amory scouring for the map, the Hind 
has made good progress on its return to the base. By the time you leave, 
you'll have exactly one minute before the Hind finally reaches your position 
(this event can happen at anytime). 

You're its main target, so keep your teammates indoors. Luckily, it's an old 
chopper, so taking it down with normal firepower isn't absurd as it sounds. 
First off, you need the right weapon. I found the AKS-74 to work adequately.
Set the weapon's fire mode to AUTO with more than three magazines handy. 
That's more than enough to stave off this threat. NOTE: Do NOT use the MGL! 
It does not fire straight  into a target; it instead flies  in an arc 
trajectory, making this weapon completely USELESS against an airborne target! 

The following is entirely my own  experience of the  predicament: I found the 
Armory to be quite useful against the chopper's assault. The main problem 
with the Hind is that it sometimes won't show itself. It will shoot from 
afar. If the chopper won't appear, you will have to lure it out by staying 
out in the open long enough. In order for any strategy to work, you have to 
be able to "hear" the chopper at all times. If you don't "hear" it, but only 
hear repeated gunfire, start the mission over. You will get NO WHERE. I think 
a good way to keep the chopper out and visible is to use Boomer as bait. You 
see, in my game, Boomer was "stuck" in a watch tower, so the chopper targeted 
him first. As soon as it killed him, it came after me.

Anyway, I stood near the  doorway of the  second floor, next to the desk from 
which I retrieved the map (well, this desk is one of the desks on which you 
can find the map). I stuck with this doorway because the top of the doorframe 
was my life-saver; it absorbed most of the attacks the Hind tried to dish 
out. When the Hind arrived, it hovered somewhere in front of me. So I
splurged all the bullets I had (I emptied about two magazines). This prodded 
the Hind to retaliate, of course. So I withdrew into the room to protect 
myself. Once the fire died down, I went back outside to continue my attacks. 
(Bear in mind that a single, curious sentry may come your way, so be sure you 
don't get surprised by him and allow him to fire a shot at point blank.) 

Sometimes, the Hind might be circling the sky behind you, so you will have to 
wait for it to get in your line of sight. And also, most importantly, you 
must ALWAYS, ALWAYS have your NVGs equipped. Or you won't be able to see the 
Hind so easily. Anyway, once you've dealt enough damage, it will falter and 
lose control. Slowly, it will descend and crash into the canyon. Whew. (As an 
alternate strategy, you could use the Cell Block as your fort. It didn't work 
for me, but who knows--it may work for you.)

Once the chopper  is destroyed, you will be  presented  with yet  another new


We need to transport Pickle to the extraction  point for a safe pick-up. Take 
a look at your TACMAP and study it. Imagine how perilous the path to the 
finish line is going to be. We need to protect Pickle at all costs. Even 
before that, we need to find a way to leave the prison, as the extraction 
point is outside its walls. There are two methods of egress. You could leave 
through the front gate, which can be opened by pulling the lever on the side.
The other way is to crawl through the  hole you created  when you executed an 
"explosive diversion". NOTE: If you weren't able to complete objective 
Explosive  Diversion, you can still  plant a satchel  and blow a  hole in the 

I feel the hole is  the way  to go because the path from there to Nav Point 
Foxtrot is free of enemy sentries. If you go through the front entrance, 
chances are you will encounter some hostility and jeopardize Pickle's life. 
So head on over to Nav Point Charlie.

At Nav Point Foxtrot, ask everyone  to stay in  position, while you climb the 
waist-height ledge to scout ahead. At the edge, you will be overlooking the 
enemy encampment. Stay hidden in the bushes as you use your NVGs to look 
around the base below you. You should be able to see at least three sentries 
[Recon Encampment]. Once the game has confirmed your completion of this 
objective, head down the slope to the compound and eliminate all the 
terrorists. Please be careful! There are a slew of enemies here, so try to 
pick off all the ones you can from the ledge. Then move down to the middle 
path and stay among the cluster of grass with your NVGs equipped. From there, 
eliminate any guys that approach you.

Carefully enter the encampment when  you're confident  most of the threat has 
been eliminated. A stone structure lies ahead, under which you have to pass. 
On top of it are a few sniper sentries. Neutralize these pipsqueaks before 
you escort Pickle to the extraction point. Once the entire compound is clear, 
it will be a merry trip the rest of the way. Mission accomplished! 

                       MISSION 11: THE MOUTH OF THE BEAST


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               226                HE
M14               9MM Pistol         AN-M8
M60E3             Mark 23            Mark141
SR-25                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25 SD                             M203 HE Round*
M87ELR                               M203 Smoke Round*
M4A1                                 M203 Frag Round*
M4A1-M203                            Double Ammo
M4A1 SD                          

* : to be used in conjunction with the M4A1-M203 or M16A2-M203 weapons.


o Insert Into Caves
    Disable Radio Comm
o Locate Vault
o Secure Nukes
o Move to Extraction

Added Objectives

o Disable Generator
o Disarm Nukes
o Arm/Reset Nuke

Mission Failures

* You don't disarm the Nuke in time.
* Disable Communications
  The enemy radios their brothers before you disable their communications.


From the Intel we gathered in the  last mission, we learned that the Sadikahu 
has transported a pair of nukes to an old cave near the Afghan border. We 
must navigate through a network of caves to get to these Nukes before it's 
too late. The Sadikahu is well-aware of your presence and has gone out of 
their way to ensure you don't  get in easily. They communicate through radios
set up at different parts of the caves. Should anything go awry, they will be 
ready to inform their compatriots.

Your team will begin just outside the caves. The entrance is heavily guarded.
Unlike previous missions, these guards are pretty smart. Most of them have 
concealed themselves behind boulders and makeshift shelters. Only two of them 
are actually making their routine patrols around the perimeter. Gingerly move 
forward, around the right mountain wall. Bravo, by the way, should hold their 
positions. If you move in swiftly and quietly enough, you will encounter the 
first patrol, who is standing to your  left. (If he's not to your  left, then 
he is to your right.) Eliminate him in quick succession with your M4A1 SD. 

As he slumps to the ground, you might notice  another sentry up ahead walking 
over to the left. Ignore him and stick to the right mountain wall. Now slowly 
trudge up the slope on the right, to the top. This position offers a good 
view of the entire area. As you suspected, we're going to snipe all the 
guards we can see from here. Use the cluster of grass to keep yourself 
hidden. The guard that passed you earlier circles the perimeter, so do not 
shoot anyone who is in his within his field of vision. Wave your crosshairs 
around to see if it can pick up anything; take guards out only after the 
patrolling sentry passes them. It'd be even better if these foes are behind 
structures that can partially hide their bodies.

Be patient for most of them to  come out. There is a Sadikahu sniper kneeling 
behind the rubble in front of the cave entrance. You can see his head bulging 
out. There is one other near the stairs, but you won't be able to see him 
until you start moving toward the cave entrance. Once you feel that most of 
the men have been incapacitated, slip back down and proceed to head toward 
the square-shaped rock, jutting out of the ground. (It has laundry hanging in 
front of it.) There should be a single guard behind it (he's there if you 
haven't killed him already), so peek around to your right to take him by 
surprise. Then move to Nav  Point Delta, where the  communications  device is 

Once you find the radio, you  can deactivate it  by one of two ways: shooting 
it, or using a special action to turn it off [Disable Radio Comm]. Either way 
is fine. If things go amiss and they discover you, you must trash all stealth 
tactics and beat them to the radio.

Afterward, slowly  ease up  the steps and  peek around  the corners. A single 
sentry should be around here. The entrance to the caves is just at the top of 
the stairs! You're almost there! Can you make it? Ugh..*collapses*


It will be awhile before you will be  even near the vault. For now, your main 
focus is to reach Nav Point Romeo. To do that, you will need to traipse 
through long, winding, claustrophobic tunnels. On the plus side, you will 
also have PLENTY of enemy terrorists to mangle. At the entrance, peek around 
to get a glimpse of what you're up against. One guard; two at most. Nothing 
hard here unless you've alerted them first. If that happens, the loud gunfire 
will summon the gods of war. The areas ahead will be swamped with screaming 
guards. After passing Nav Point Foxtrot, you may notice two tunnels that 
diverge, but ultimately lead to the  same area. If you're smart, and you want 
to avoid any incessant fights, you will take the tunnel that winds to the 
right. (You should  wait for all the enemies to come out and greet you first. 
Ok, you don't have to, but it's preferred.)

There will be generators dispersed throughout the cave, that provide lighting 
in this dark and damp place. To create darkness all around you and to put the 
enemy at a great disadvantage, you can disable these generators to shut out 
the lights. The first of many generators is found here. Turning it off is 
optional here, since this path will lead back outside. As you near the exit, 
get your trigger finger ready to immediately destroy a Sadikahu lackey before 
he has a  chance to fire. The reason is that he has a FRIGGIN' GRENADE  
LAUNCHER! I found this out the hard way after watching two my men squeal and 
squirm around in  pain. Besides that  fool, another sentry  is sitting on the 
high rock in front, scouting the area.

NOTE: I have played this level many times, and every time, the same guy would 
carry either a M40A1 or MGL. This leads me to believe that there is a secret  
organization of otters who are bent on world domination; with every mind they 
fuck up, they are one step closer to realizing their dream.

When you get to the large open area, just make a run for Nav Point Romeo. Two 
lookout sentries are settled on high ledges on the left and right sides, in 
front of the mouths of the cave. You could easily take them out. One of them 
might come down to challenge you to a fierce man-to-man battle. Before you 
enter the cave, appoint Bravo to a spot near the entrance, then ask them to 
Fire At Will. This will allow you to penetrate the base of the Sadikahu with 
no worries of being ambushed from behind, plus you'll have less men to worry 
about during the heat of a battle. At the cave  entrance, you will be given a 
new objective: Disable Generator.

Slowly ingress and be ready to shoot out any terrorists that get in your way.
The first area houses the generator in the back. Switch it off [Disable 
Generator]. Easy, eh? Equip your NVGs and work your way inward. Carefully 
weave around the scattered crates, as there could be sentries lurking behind 
them. At the halfway point, you'll be treated to a short video recording of a 
premature celebration. Once it ends, continue toward the gold star pinpointed 
on the map to find the Vault [Locate Vault]. At this point, you'd want to 
order Bravo to  Regroup. Once  the team  is together, it's time to  rock this 


Here is where things  got really weird. For some reason, in  one of my games, 
the terrorists never armed the Nuke. Therefore, I never got the "Disarm Nuke" 
objective. What I did when I had no Nuke to disarm was move on to the next 
objective: Secure Nuke. I went ahead and eliminated all the guards around the 
area. I even backtracked and found more guards flowing in. Then I went back 
to the Nukes and found the guards had revived, so I executed them again. That 
seemed to have done the trick, as I completed the objective, and was advised 
by HQ to arm the Nukes and hightail  out of there! So if you're  experiencing 
the same difficulties as I was, just skip to "Secure Nuke".

Many thanks to Ian and  Oprah TwoK for figuring  out how this came to happen. 
According to Ian and Oprah TwoK, the objective will automatically be deemed 
complete if you eliminate all the baddies before they reach the 
T-intersection to arm the Nuke, while still using a silenced weapon. 
Therefore, if you've picked up an enemy's weapon, you've most probably made a 
lot of noise and spurred them to arm the Nuke.



As soon as you put  the generator  here out of commission and move forward a 
little, a new objective will be placed. It seems the Sadikahu have activated 
one of the Nukes, and you now have exactly one minute to disarm it before it 
blows this place sky high, taking you with it. The clock is ticking! Can you 
feel the intensity?! Hooyah!

Quickly move to the end  of the T-intersection, where you will find the Nukes 
at both ends. Each Nuke is well-guarded, so you will have to exercise caution 
in such confined spaces. Tight spaces somehow affect the enemy's accuracy 
rate. Whichever Nuke they armed is completely at random, so you will have to 
rely on your luck and swiftness. If the Nuke is flashing red, then you must 
disarm it by performing a special action. If not, then dash to the next one. 
It takes awhile to neutralize the countdown, so you'll have to pray that your 
teammates will cover you while you continue with your arduous task. 


Once you have successfully neutralized the threat, it's time to clear out the 
terrorists guarding  the Nukes, if you haven't already. Backtrack and search 
high and low for surviving terrorists. Once that's done, HQ will ask you to 
arm one of the Nukes; the explosion of one Nuke will  effortlessly  take care 
of the other.


Pick one. It doesn't matter! Execute  the special action when prompted to arm 
the Nuke. Fifteen to twenty seconds later, you'll have a nuclear bomb set and 
ready to blow! Let's scram, team!


You have seven minutes to reach the extraction  point. The map indicates it's 
all the way back at where you started--in front of the cave entrance. That's 
actually ample time if you retrace your steps. That means you'll have to 
return the way you came, following the exact same route you used to get here. 
Don't think it's a free trip back, though! The remaining terrorists will be 
heading your way. There won't be a whole lot, but enough to waste precious 
time! Remember not to leave your team too far behind. Take a breather and let 
your teammates catch up. Once you're out of the caves, you're home free! Good 
job, mates!

                              MISSION 12: DEATHBLOW


Primary           Secondary          Equipment
HK5 SD            Mark 23 SD         M67
HK5               226                HE
M14               9MM Pistol         AN-M8
M60E3             Mark 23            Mark141
SR-25                                Claymore (Kahuna)
SR-25 SD                             C4 (Kahuna)
M87ELR                               M203 HE Round*
M4A1                                 M203 Smoke Round*
M4A1-M203                            M203 Frag Round*
M4A1 SD                              Double Ammo

* : to be used in conjunction with the M4A1-M203 or M16A2-M203 weapons.


o Eliminate Kitten
o Eliminate Fat Cat

Mission/Objective Failures

* You let either of them escape to safety.


Though there are only two  objectives, this mission is NO pushover. Given the 
sheer number of enemies you will encounter, this is, in my opinion, the 
hardest mission. Not only is eliminating the leaders hard, fighting for your 
own survival is even more difficult. Then add a time limit, and you have one 
challenging  mission. Truly worthy to be the last  mission of one of the most 
innovative action-shooters ever created.

The Al-Qadi brothers' last refuge is in a bombed out city, where crumbled and  
dilapidated buildings pervade the hot desert sand. The smoldering desert is 
home to a HUGE group, and probably the last of, the Sadikahu. Both Mullah 
(Fatcat) and Imad (Kitten) Al-Qadi are heavily protected by dozens of loyal 
followers, who are willing to throw their lives away. They will come from all 
directions and aggressively attack anyone who dares to contend with them. HQ 
surmises that the leaders will rendezvous with their escape vehicle in 
roughly 20 minutes. You have before  then to  neutralize these  international 
The paths drawn out on the TACMAP will take you to an early grave, so I would 
suggest deviating from them and making your own route. There is a network of 
sewage tunnels running under the abandoned city. You can use them to keep a 
low profile, or avoid savage fights with the locals altogether. On an 
unrelated note, the environment here is  really impressive. We don't get too 
many missions that occur  during the day, or any that  are carried out in the 
daylight, so this is really a refreshing change.

You want to begin by  traveling west (to  the left). While  traveling, order 
the entire team to Fire At Will. Two of the Sadikahu will spot you and come 
running to your position from the direction you're headed. We want to avoid 
as many ambushes as possible, so head to Nav Point Echo. It marks one of the 
entrances to the sewage tunnels. Slip in and follow it. You will want to exit 
at Nav Point Foxtrot. You'll wind up somewhere in the middle of the
city, and near Kitten's hideout. This is where things will heat up. A deluge 
of enemies will pop out of no where to thwart your plans. The key is to 
listen to your teammates call out enemy positions (12:00, 4:00, etc.). Always 
have your weapon cocked and ready  to unleash a volley of bullets upon moving 

Head toward  the gold star. Pick off  whatever guards  you can see  to weaken 
Kitten's defense, albeit not significantly. Cautiously enter the crumbled 
edifice and ascend the stairs. The second story is under heavy security, by 
the bodyguards occupied there and by the guards standing on the rooftops of 
OTHER buildings. As long as you corner Kitten, wiping him off the map won't 
be a problem. The real problem is leaving his death site unscathed, or with 
only minor scrapes. Just keep a very sharp eye out. Shoot at ANYTHING that 
moves, even the dot floating in  the distance. Once Kitten is down, your next 
target will be your biggest catch.


After going through the tunnel from Echo, go directly to the end of the 
tunnel. There is a place where you climb up. Instead of climbing up toss a 
smoke bomb out. This will cause the enemy to jump into the hole for easy 
pickings. After you toss all of your smoke bombs out making sure that there 
aren't many enemies, proceed out of the hole. You can send Bravo out first. 
After you get out toss a grenade onto the second floor of Kitten's hideout. 
This will clear out even more opposition. Then proceed up the stairs and take 
out the guards and Kitten.



A similar, but more cautious  approach must be  taken to subdue the last, but 
most deadly terrorist leader. Fat Cat is venerated by all of the Sadikahu, so 
naturally, you'll find a bajillion men gathered at his position, or scattered 
around the surrounding buildings. Chances are most of your team is already in 
critical condition. If not, then yay for you! You will have a better chance 
at completing this mission. All you can do for them is hope that they have 
the common sense in them to FIRE at ANYTHING that falls within their field of 

Before you reach your  destination, check your  ammunition. If you're down to 
only one magazine left, it's time to pick up some of the AKS-74s lying 
around. Once you reach the target building in which Fat Cat is hiding, enter 
the smaller building to the left of it. Don't even think of attempting a 
frontal assault. That's the best way to get yourself killed. Ascend to the 
roof of the small building. Here you will find a connecting bridge to Fat 
Cat's building. Cross the bridge and enter the building warily. Eliminate all 
the terrorists you can find while you're at it.

The building features  a bunch of adjoining  rooms. Fat Cat can be in any one 
of them, so you'll need to do a little hunting. Like Kitten, he will have 
bodyguards protecting his fanny. Of course, there's nothing your SEAL team 
can't handle. Once he's permanently down, treat your teammates to a couple of 
beers for a well-executed mission. They very well deserve it! And now, you 
are entitled to a well-deserved vacation. Your team won't be called out for a 
long while. One thing's for sure: The completion of this mission is a 
testament  to your competent  abilities. Great job, commander. You've managed 
to uphold order and maintain world peace.

[ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by Molotov 

It's pretty hard to do it this way, but it can work with practice (or after 
memorizing the level). I used the M87ELR, which seems like suicide. Anyway: 
To start the level, I told all my men to Fire At Will. I then moved to the 
left and next to the hut, prone. Using my scope, I put two bullets into the 
approaching enemies. The good thing about the M87ELR, is that it can almost 
always kill a sentry with one bullet. After killing them, I went to slightly 
right of the road, near where you were facing to begin with. One man will 
come around that area, if he isn't there already, so kill him. Then I went 
down onto the road, killing the next two or three men that will come from the 
left. After that, I went back to the right, and killed everyone who comes. 

Next, I ran across the street and to the barriers to the right of the first 
big building. Kill the few guards on the plains behind your barrier, and move 
onto the plain, in clear site and range of the destroyed side of the big 
building. This will probably be a big firefight about now, so crouch or lay 
prone (preferably crouch). Kill all guards visible on the building, in it, 
and past it. Watch out for a one man ambush from the left and right, the 
right is more deadly (short term), but if you give the one on the left too 
much time, one of your men may be killed. 

Once all visible guards are dead, run into the building and shoot the few 
guards who greet you. Beware, one of them may have the Multiple Grenade 
Launcher (MGL)....usually he comes from the left. If you aren't careful, you 
may even run into a second MGL-packing sentry, near the end of securing the 
first floor. As soon as you can, and it's not taking a major risk, dash up 
the stairs to the first floor. Eliminate the idiot who's up here, most of the 
time, he won't even look at you. Go through the archway but beware, there's 
one more sentry guarding Kitten, kill both of them. 

Now that you've completed the first objective and killed about 20+ guards in 
the area, you will have a slightly easier time with Fat Cat. Go back 
downstairs, or if you're in a rush and don't mind risking it, run straight 
off of the platform near the stairs. You should land safely on the ground, or 
even in the sewers! I made it through the fall to the sewers, so you should 
too. Anyway, proceed straight through the alley, clearing the all rooms in 
the buildings on the left. Now you should be close to a huge building, Fat 
Cat is inside. Move quickly and eliminate the two guards above the stairs, be 
very careful when doing so, as you have a slow firing weapon. Fire a shot, 
run down the stairs halfway and then run back up and fire another. 

Finally proceed to kill every single enemy on sight, and move very quickly, 
Fat Cat seems a bit smarter and faster than Kitten....especially with 
the slow fire rate you have. Do anything you can to catch this man, but as 
I've learned from experience: DO NOT take shortcuts down floors. Especially 
holes, they WILL kill you from the fall; no questions asked.


In the words of Boomer, Jester and Spectre...HOOYAH!!!! Game  over, man. Game 

     ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
 / /                                                                     \ \
| |   ---------=========== 04. Weapons & Equipment ===========---------   | | 
 \ \ _______________________ ___________________  ______________________ / /

The weapons and equipment are lifted straight from the game. This is just a 
cheap rehash of what you can find in the Armory screen, except it's been 
rolled into one big list for your convenience. I won't be able to provide any 
insightful comments on these weapons mainly because I know as much about 
weapons as a drunken ant. The weapons are categorized according to the type 
of weapon.

Exactly how did I determine how long each bar is? Well, they certainly aren't
estimates. Ok, well some of them are. Maybe you're curious, so I'll just tell 
you. In the game, there are six sections of a single bar that I like to call 
graduations, like the divisions on a graduated cylinder. Each graduation is 
made up of three equal signs, which I think is equivalent to the space 
between the graduations shown in the game. If you multiply 3 by 6, you'll get 
18. Therefore, there is a total of 18 equal signs possible for each rating. I 
am pretty sure you're as lost as me, so I'll provide a visual aid to better 
your understanding.

This is what each bar looks like in the game:

(   |   |   |   |   |   )

I took that and converted it to a bar best fit for this guide. 

|=============     |

Get it? If you don't, don't worry. You don't need to  know this to understand 
the rest of the guide. Thank god for that. Also note that the model number or 
name may be inaccurate, as some of them were very hard to read. If you know 
for a fact that what I have written down is erroneous, please notify me so 
that I can rectify it. So far, I have had one person correct the weapon model
name of a certain "F90". It seems that the guys at Zipper botched the names 
of certain weapons, but I can't confirm that. If you contact me with a 
correction, please have a picture attached  if possible, so I don't think you 
snatched a random name out of thin air. Thanks in advance!


Volume      |=============     |
Accuracy    |==========        |
Range       |=========         |
Fire Rate   |======            |
Fire Modes  Single

DE .50

Volume      |==================|
Accuracy    |===               |
Range       |===========       |
Fire Rate   |===               |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |=============     |
Accuracy    |==========        |
Range       |========          |
Fire Rate   |=====             |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |===========       |
Accuracy    |======            |           
Range       |=========         |
Fire Rate   |======            |
Fire Modes  Single             


Volume      |=============     |
Accuracy    |===========       |
Range       |==========        |
Fire Rate   |======            |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |==                |
Accuracy    |=========         |
Range       |=====             |
Fire Rate   |=====             |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |=============     |
Accuracy    |==                |
Range       |======            |
Fire Rate   |==================|
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto


Volume      |==                |
Accuracy    |=========         |
Range       |======            |
Fire Rate   |======            |
Fire Modes  Single



Volume      |=========         |
Accuracy    |==============    |
Range       |========          |
Fire Rate   |============      |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto

HK5 SD       

Volume      |==                |
Accuracy    |==============    |
Range       |=======           |
Fire Rate   |============      |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto


Volume      |==================|
Accuracy    |=======           |
Range       |===========       |
Fire Rate   |================  |
Fire Modes  Auto


Volume      |==================|
Accuracy    |=========         |
Range       |===========       |
Fire Rate   |==============    |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto 


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |=========         |
Range       |===========       |
Fire Rate   |==================|
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto



Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |==============    |
Range       |============      |
Fire Rate   |============      |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto  


Volume      |============      |
Accuracy    |=======           |
Range       |==========        |
Fire Rate   |===========       |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto


Volume      |=============     |
Accuracy    |==============    |
Range       |============      |
Fire Rate   |============      |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |==============    |
Range       |============      |
Fire Rate   |==============    |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto 


Volume      |==                |
Accuracy    |============      |
Range       |==========        |
Fire Rate   |==============    |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto  


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |============      |
Range       |============      |
Fire Rate   |==============    |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst-Auto


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |==============    |
Range       |============      |
Fire Rate   |=======           |
Fire Modes  Single-Auto


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |================  |
Range       |==========        |
Fire Rate   |=======           |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |===========       |
Range       |==========        |     
Fire Rate   |=======           |
Fire Modes  Single-Burst



Volume      |=============     |
Accuracy    |==================|
Range       |=============     |
Fire Rate   |==                |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |==================|
Accuracy    |==================|
Range       |==================|
Fire Rate   |==                |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |==================|
Accuracy    |================  |
Range       |==================|
Fire Rate   |==                |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |==================|
Accuracy    |==================|
Range       |==============    |
Fire Rate   |==                |
Fire Modes  Single

SR-25 SD

Volume      |=====             |
Accuracy    |================  |
Range       |============      |
Fire Rate   |==                |
Fire Modes  Single



Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |=======           |
Range       |=======           |
Fire Rate   |===               |
Fire Modes  Single


Volume      |==============    |
Accuracy    |=========         |
Range       |=========         |
Fire Rate   |===               |
Fire Modes  Single


+ AN-M8                               | + C4 
Creates a large cloud of white smoke  | Plastic demolition explosive, made of
when activated, which can be used for | volatile chemicals and plasticizer,
signaling other units and screening   | that can be molded into varying 
movement.                             | shapes.
+ CLAYMORE                            | + DOUBLE AMMO
A lethal anti-personnel weapon, the   | This auxiliary item increases the 
Claymore fires a cloud of small, shot-| number of rounds for the player's
like pellets through the air when     | primary and secondary weapon.
detonated by the player.              |
+ HE                                  | + M67
The damage from a HE grenade is caused| This powerful grenade sends a blast 
by the concussive force of the        | of shrapnel hurling outward from the
explosion, which allows destruction of| explosion, making it a deadly area-
objects as well as enemy personnel.   | effect weapon.
+ M79 FRAG ROUND                      | + M79 HE ROUND
A fragmentation grenade fired from the| A high-explosive grenade fired from
M79 grenade launcher.                 | the M79 grenade launcher.
+ M79 SMOKE ROUND                     | + M203 FRAG ROUND
A smoke grenade used to provide cover | This is a fragmentation grenade fired
for unit movement; fired from the M79 | from the M203 grenade launcher.
grenade launcher.                     |
+ M203 HE ROUND                       | + M203 SMOKE ROUND
A high-explosive round, fired from the| A smoke grenade, used to provide 
M203 grenade launcher, that does      | cover for troop movement, which is
damage to material and people.        | fired from the M203 grenade launcher.
+ MARK141                             | + SATCHEL CHARGE
A non-lethal grenade designed to      | A charge composed of blocks of 
incapacitate its target through       | explosive wired together in order to
blinding light and loud noise. Also   | produce a single, powerful explosion.
known as a stun grenade.              |
+ LASER DESIGNATOR                    |
Use a Laser Designator to illuminate  |
the target.                           |

     ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
 / /                                                                     \ \
| |    ------------============= 06. Secrets =============------------    | | 
 \ \ _______________________ ___________________  ______________________ / /

While SOCOM doesn't offer as many  fun easter-eggs as  other games, there are 
still a few things--hardly--left to be discovered. Here they are. As for the 
different "difficulties", I won't even bother playing through the game X 
amount of times to write eight distinguishably similar walkthroughs. You'll 
have to rely  entirely on yourself  and whatever hints I've  already provided 
and refine them. You're welcome. 

NOTE: I do not know of any cheat codes, so don't ask.


For every game  you complete using  the same save file, you are promoted in 
rank. There are eight levels of difficulty that can be unlocked altogether.

Ensign: It's what you start out with.
Lieutenant Jr. Grade: Complete the entire game on Ensign difficulty.
Lieutenant: Complete the entire game on Lieutenant Jr. Grade difficulty.
Lieutenant Commander: Complete the game on Lieutenant difficulty.
Commander: Complete the game on Lieutenant Commander difficulty.
Captain: Complete the game on Commander difficulty.
Rear Admiral: Complete the game on Captain difficulty.
Admiral: Complete the game on Rear Admiral difficulty.


Beating the game once, on Ensign difficulty, will net you the weapons, which 
all the terrorists you've encountered have used. They will be available in 
the Armory during single-player missions. The MGL is not included. See below 
for that.


The reward for completing the Lieutenant Jr. Grade difficulty is the option 
to hand-pick your single-player mission  levels, which means you can choose 
levels in any order and separately.


Wondering how to get that weapon of  mass destruction? All you  have to do is 
complete the game three times (beat the game on Lieutenant difficulty), and 
it's all yours. If you think the game is going to be a cinch with this bad 
boy, think again. You have to think of the obstructions that your grenade can 
rebound off of. Sucks, doesn't it?

As for the special headset commands I've been hearing about (i.e.- "Team, low 
profile!"), I really can't verify that they really work. I haven't been able 
to experiment yet, but I will soon and share my results with the rest of you 
fine people.

     ______________________ _____________________ _______________________
 / /                                                                     \ \
| |    ------------============== 07. Outro ==============------------    | | 
 \ \ _______________________ ___________________  ______________________ / /

                                ---Legal Junk---

The unofficial SOCOM: US Navy SEALs strategy guide was created on August 31, 
2002. © 2002 AdrenalineSL. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and  in part 
in any form.  Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks 
of Sony, Inc. SOCOM: US Navy SEALs is a registered trademark of Zipper 
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This SOCOM: US Navy SEALs FAQ / Walkthrough was  written by  AdrenalineSL who 
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Should you attempt any infringement of these terms under the false belief 
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or create derivative works based on the documentation in whole or in part. Do 
not remove any copyrights. 

DISCLAIMER: SOCOM: US Navy SEALs, the SOCOM: US Navy SEALs logo, and all 
related characters are copyright and property of Zipper Interactive, Inc.


- Instruction manual for a bulk of the game's basics that virtually led to my
  understanding of the game.
- The GameFAQs Codes & Secrets section for some of the secrets. 
- Gamewinners for the various rankings.

What's To Come

What else does this guide need? 

- A proofread
- Text-based weapon descriptions
- A start on the Online/Multiplayer section

o|                        S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                       |o

Adrenaline would like to thank the following people for making this FAQ 

- Most importantly, Zipper Interactive, for creating such an awesome game. 
  Keep up the good work.
- CJayC of GameFAQs for his continual efforts in hosting my work on his site.
  Without him, I would have never existed (on the internet).
- My mom for her undying support for my FAQ writing and game-playing. 
- David, my long-time gaming buddy, for always helping me out with gathering
  info. He helped me gather the weapons info this time.
- bananagirl for some suggestions and stuff. She sucks, though, 'cause she
  couldn't do the eagle in the title.
- Props to fellow FAQ writers for their insights and their making GameFAQs
  such a fun place to be at. Specifically, Psycho Penguin, Colin Moriarty, 
  AstroBlue, bananagirl, etc.
- My old games for their value when I traded them in to eb to get some store
  credit in order to afford SOCOM. They will always be remembered...Actually
  I've already forgotten which ones I've sold.
- Matthew Austin for a correction in the Weapons section. 
- Ian and Oprah TwoK for filling me in on the details of my mishap in the 
  "Disarm Nuke" objective, during Mission 11.

o|                                C L O S I N G                            |o

This is just a rant. If you don't wanna  hear me bitch, then avert your eyes, 

With the near completion of the guide, I have a few things to complain about: 
My teammates are MORONS, IDIOTS, IMBECILS, etc. Mere words cannot describe 
their utter ignorance. Their stupid asses helped me get my ass kicked more 
times than I could count. For instance, I once commanded Able to open the 
door for me because there could have been terrorists in the building, so I 
figured they could shoot him first. I mean, that's not a very hard thing to 
do. But what does he do instead? He lies flat  on the ground and pretends to 
be dead! Seriously.

Another time I told Bravo to follow me. Part way into enemy territory I found 
that only Spectre was following me. Of course, this piqued my curiosity: what 
happened to Jester? I checked the TACMAP, and sure enough, he was still miles 
away doing who knows what. I needed to give him an earful, so I diligently 
backtracked all the way to his position to see what was holding him back. 
Geez, this really knocked the wind out of me. It turns out  poor Jester could 
not figure out how to navigate around a tree. Poor guy. 

This game had so many  things that pissed  me off. However, I found  that the 
cooler features helped me overlook these glaring flaws in both your 
teammate's AI and the enemy's AI. Let me emphasize the fact that the enemy AI 
in some games is NOT as stupid as the enemy AI is in SOCOM. In other games of 
the same vein, like Metal Gear Solid 2, the enemies could point their guns in 
the general direction of the continent you're standing on, and still manage 
to damage you. In SOCOM, enemies could shoot you at point blank and miss. See 
anything wrong with this picture? I sure as hell don't. That rocks.

"Hello, I have flesh-colored skin made of steel."


Shameless plug--Other FAQs by yours truly:

                               MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!

                                        /^  ^^    ///
                     / // ^  ^       /O%G%/t(   /////
                     O(@@ 6@e    /RG(t////~t%K^/ //^/
                      DeFtones   @#(((^  ^//~6K%^^^^
                                R@G%/~     //(CK@
                               @@B6((~/ ^^^~/~t%@
                               @@R6((~((/%/~(/CO@   /
                        ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%~// /
                      / ^(t/~%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%///////
                    ^  ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(~// //^//~//
                       C/%R@(t(/^        ^^   / / ///
                   ^/^(t#@(((/^  !~AdrenALiNe~!
                   ^%%@@(~/~/^          ^    ^//^// /
                    /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                     // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                     /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///

                       _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995 
            The Unofficial SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Strategy Guide
                      Copyright © 2002 Stephanie Lee
                              September 2002

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