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PS2 Archives - March, 2009

03/31/09 Madden NFL 10 Dated, "Draft Experience" Detailed
03/31/09 SCEA Confirms PS2 Price Drop To $99
03/29/09 Study: Shooters Can Enhance Vision, "Contrast Sensitivity"
03/29/09 PS2 Price Drop To $99 Confirmed?
03/27/09 Shareholders Accept Square-Enix's Bid For Eidos
03/27/09 The Pornstar And The Gaming Nerd: A Match Made In Heaven?
03/24/09 Generational Clash Causing Major Rift Between Gamers
03/23/09 Incognito's Dylan Jobe Forms New Studio: Lightbox Interactive
03/19/09 Kojima Adopts New Title At Konami
03/18/09 Gamers Relying More On Advertising Than Inherent Quality?
03/18/09 Devil May Cry Milestone: Capcom Ships 10 Million Worldwide
03/17/09 Does Sony Listen To The Gamers?
03/17/09 Custom Nike Sneakers For PS2's Tenth Anniversary
03/15/09 PSXE Poll Update: Metal Gear Solid 4's Storyline Is Unmatched
03/14/09 Dwayne Johnson On Doom Movie: "An Example Of What Not To Do"
03/12/09 GameStop Used Deal This Weekend
03/08/09 PSXE Poll Update: Killzone 2 Met The Hype, Tops In The FPS World
03/07/09 Square-Enix: Game Stories Can Be More Effective Than Movies
03/06/09 Square-Enix Directors Take Voluntary 15% Pay Cut
03/06/09 GDC Game Design Challenge Tackles Sex, Autobiography
03/05/09 Jaffe Rips On Opinion In Journalism, We Have A Response
03/04/09 Final Fantasy VII's Legacy Assured
03/04/09 Midway Wants To Keep Mortal Kombat
03/03/09 Haters And Elitists Forget That Gaming Is Entertainment
03/02/09 Video Game Voice Acting On The Rise
03/01/09 PSXE Poll Update: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tops GTAIV

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