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PS2 Archives - April, 2010

04/28/10 SyFy And THQ Team Up To Deliver Red Faction Movie
04/27/10 Square-Enix Gets "Edgy" With New Game Label
04/25/10 Are Industry Shifts Leaving Game Veterans Behind?
04/25/10 SFIV Producer "Desperate" To Make Another Darkstalkers
04/22/10 If Video Games Aren't Art, At Least They're Progressing
04/22/10 Sega West Forced To Cut About 10% Of Total Staff
04/19/10 Jaffe And Co. To Remain Exclusive To PlayStation Platform
04/18/10 Activision: We Pay Our Talent "Millions Of Dollars"
04/15/10 EA: Activision Went And Shot Their Triple Crown Horse
04/15/10 March NPD: GoWIII, FFXIII Sell High, PS3 Keeps Growing
04/15/10 PSXE Readers: The Real God Of War Will Take Your Questions
04/14/10 Can Enhanced Authenticity Be A Dangerous Progression?
04/14/10 Infinity Ward Suffers Key Losses After Recent Debacle
04/12/10 Ex-IW Bosses Open New Studio, Announce Deal With EA
04/12/10 Is Kojima's Current Project A Third Zone Of The Enders?
04/11/10 Pachter: The World War II Theme Has Run Its Course
04/09/10 Activision Countersues, Former Execs Return Fire Again
04/07/10 Jack White To Aspiring Artists: Ditch The Video Games
04/07/10 Hideo Kojima: The Days Of Consoles Are Numbered
04/06/10 What Exactly Is Square-Enix Doing?
04/06/10 Gyllenhaal Likes The "Riskier" Side Of A Game-Based Movie
04/05/10 THQ Pursuing Red Faction Movie
04/04/10 Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow Confirmed For PS2?
04/01/10 Take-Two Cleared For Lawsuit Against Former Executives
04/01/10 Sony On PlayStation Promotion: "The Arrogance Is Gone"

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