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Sony's E3 2009 Conference - Live Updates

Hey, folks. We're only about an hour and 10 minutes away from Sony's E3 conference. I'll be following the conference live. Keep refreshing this page for the new quick updates Sony brings and keep an eye open on the front page for Ben's full news stories on those updates. And, of course, feel free to go crazy in the comments section. Well, not too crazy.

Update 1: Conference starts in 15 mins.

Update 2: As always, Sony's conference doesn't start on time. 

Update 3: I personally love how the PSP Go looks. Super thin, super light. 

Update 4: No more bolding, Google Chrome is an awful browser that keeps locking up when I use HTML, and it's too late to open up Firefox. Ugh. Anyways, conference should start ANY minute. 

Update 5: It has began.

Update 6: SingStar QUEEN!!! I LOVE YOU, FREDDY! 

Update 7: Just a montage of upcoming PS3, PS2, and PSP games played to Queen. =)

Update 8: Tretton is on stage. Nothing important yet...

Update 9: Just announced a total of 364 games hitting PS consoles this year.

Update 10: Tretton detailing AAA games like Modern Warfare 2 and Heavy Rain obviously hitting PS3. 

Update 11: Sony has no intention on axing PS2 despite 10+ year age. It'll go until people stop buying it.

Update 12: Announced over 22 million PS3's sold as of end of 2008. 

Update 13: Naughty Dog's Even Wells on stage now to show off Uncharted 2. 

Update 14: Multiplayer beta to go live this midnight? That was oddly worded.

Update 15: Gameplay of Uncharted God, best looking game ever! No kidding. 

Update 16: Sweet Merciless Crap this game is beautiful...

Update 17: Game of the Year? Could be!

Update 18: MAG! HERE IT COMES!

Update 19: Andy from Zipper is on stage to show off M.A.G. 

Update 20: We're going to see a live 256 player battle now! Holy crap!

Update 21: Wow, 256 players and the game looks pretty nice despite that. Very impressive.

Update 22: That is a lot of players on the

Update 23: MAG will hit Fall 2009

Update 24: PSP Go about to be announced officially!

Update 25: Kaz Hirai is now up on stage. No PSP Go just yet.

Update 26: PSP Go. Bam! Announced!

Update 27: Hahaha, calls it the worst kept secret of E3. 

Update 28: Will NOT replace PSP-3000 or UMD. PSP-3000 will continue to live on!

Update 29: 16GB internal memory, Wi-fi, download games, bluetooth, memory stick micro to expand memory capacity.

Update 30: New application to use PS Store via PC. Called Media Go.

Update 31: New PSP app called Sense Me. Analyzes music library based on selected mood. 

Update 32: UMD will exist via retail still. Sony acknowledges people still want physical product, no worries.

Update 33: PSP Go $249.99 and 249.99 Euro, October 1st, 2009. Worldwide launch.

Update 34: Video delivery service for PSP announced. 

Update 35: Content from a plethora of cable channels to be made available on PSN for PSP.

Update 36: Gran Turismo PSP!!!

Update 37: It's actually running on a PSP Go in Yamauchi's hand.

Update 38: Full scaled GT game. 60 frames per second!!

Update 39: 800 cars!!! 35 tracks, 60 track layout variations. 

Update 40: A bunch of single-player modes and challenge modes. Yamauchi is making it clear, this is NOT a shrunken down game. Full fledged.

Update 41: Ad-hoc mode for 4 players. Trading and sharing cars. 

Update 42: No infrastructure online for GT PSP? =(

Update 43: Wow, the game looks absolutley amazing!  Holy crap.

Update 44: October 1st, 2009 launch date for GT PSP.

Update 45: Kojima to come on stage to show off new Metal Gear for PSP and PS3.

Update 46: MGS: Peace Walker. 10 years after MGS3. Big Boss?

Update 47: Kojima will be writing, producing, and MGS4 team will be behind it. Not a spin off or side-story like MGS: Rising.

Update 48: Trailer is coming on.

Update 49: Big Boss will infiltrate South America. 

Update 50: MGS Peace Walker looks awesome! Still wish it was a big-screen experience, though. It's just too epic.

Update 51: OMG. 4 BIG BOSS CLONES?! WTF!?

Update 52: 2010 release date. Probably Q1

Update 53: New Resident Evil game for PSP. Wow.

Update 54: LittleBigPlanet PSP, Socom Fireteam 3, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and MotorStorm coming to PSP in 2009.

Update 55: Just a montage of PSP games for 2009. 

Update 56: Final Fantasy VII PSOne game for PSN!! YES!!!!! Available tonight on PSN.

Update 57: Home has 6.5M users, 85% are return users.

Update 58: Clarification: PSP Go will be available Nov. 1st in Japan. Oct. 1st for North America and Europe/PAL.

Update 59: Home montage showing off a ton of new updates and mini-games to come. Cool.

Update 60: PlayStation 3 announcements starting now. But first, a montage of upcoming PS3 games.

Update 61: Lost Planet 2 confirmed for PS3. 

Update 62: New Rockstar North game, Agent, PS3 exclusive.

Update 63: Ubisoft to show off Assassin's Creed 2 on PS3 now.

Update 64: Game picks up in the Italian Renaissance. New character. 

Update 65: The game looks a lot better, smoother, and more refined than the first. Very beautiful all around. Cool! A flying machine!

Update 66: AC2 looks freaking awesomesauce!!

Update 67: AC2 and AC for PSP will have connectivity. Both launching Holiday 2009.

Update 68: Final Fantasy XIII video on now. Still no remake. *sobs* =(

Update 69: Damn FFXIII looks insane. 

Update 70: FF14 ANNOUNCED! Exclusive to PS3! ALSO 2010 LAUNCH!! 

Update 71: This is insanity! Game looks like a more traditional FF title. AWESSOOMEE!!! 

Update 72: Online? Weird. Is this a story and online adventure? Or just online?

Update 73: Sony to announce a new motion accessory...Sony version of NATAL? Let's see....

Update 74: A motion controller is revealed. 

Update 75: The motion tracking definitely looks a lot smoother than NATAL or Wii. No doubt about it. It's flawless.

Update 76: Cool, controller can work as a bunch of different items, weapons, and such. Very cool. The tracking is extremely accurate.

Update 77: Very cool! First person shooter mode looks nice! PS3 tracks your body. 

Update 78: Sub-millimeter acuracy for the tracker. Incredible. 

Update 79: This is a demonstration that's better off being watched. It's very cool to see how the motion tracking works. 

Update 80: Nice. Controlling a full character with sword and shield. Fantastic accuracy. 1:1 motion and representation of your movements. 

Update 81: Bow and arrow mechanics! AWEESOME!

Update 82: Spring 2010 launch for motion controller.

Update 83: Sony announcing new play.create.share game called Mod Nation Racers.

Update 84: Whoah, for a cute kart racer, this game looks stunning!

Update 85: Create race course on the fly looks verrrry cool and easy.

Update 86: Wow, talk about detail. This game's course creator is absurd.

Update 87: TRICO official! Called The Last Guardian!

Update 88: The Last Guardian is beautiful. Wow. Just wow.

Update 89: GT5!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update 90: GT5 to include WRC, NASCAR licenses! Holy crap! DAMAGE MODEL! YES!

Update 91: God of War III presentation now...

Update 92: Awesome! Awesome! Just awesome! 

Update 93: A boss the size of a skyscraper and the width of a city. Amazing.

Update 94: GOWIII, March 2010.

Update 95: The End. =)

6/2/2009 Arnold Katayev

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