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Pachter: Fanboys - In Any Venue - Won't Ever Go Away

You may hate 'em, but industry analyst Michael Pachter says we still need 'em.

If you don't listen to the GameTrailers show Pach-Attack, you often miss interesting little nuggets of entertainment. In this most recent episode, the Wedbush Morgan analyst tackles the sensitive and potentially combustible "fanboy" subject; he doesn't restrict the term to games and initially says that one should "never discuss religion or politics with people" because depending on which you perceive to be the best option, you will always defend it to the death regardless of other facts or opinions. He goes on to add:

"I kinda wish on Game Trailers we would never discuss our console bias because if you won a PS3 you obviously made a big dollar decision to buy it and you love that PS3. And if you buy a 360 you made a big investment in that and you love that 360 and you know why? They’re both great! I’m leaving out the Wii, there’s tons of people who love the Wii as well, wasn’t quite as big an investment, but if you Nintendo games, of course you love the Wii."

Pachter than says fanboys were just "born to love the console they own," and that's that. He even goes and uses a personal analogy, 'cuz obviously, the dude is a Porsche "fanboy:"

"I have to tell you guys something...I drive a Porsche and you know what? Never will I own another car. It’s the best car on the road, I can’t believe that everybody else don’t have one but again, that’s cause that’s what I drive. Fanboys won’t ever go away, ever, ever ever, that’s what keeps the comments happening on this site, let’s see if we can get 10,000 comments on how I’m clueless about fanboys."

Well now, in our opinion, there are two things to add: firstly, there are fans and then there are fanboys. The former are simply fans of a certain system or game or what have you, but they are not consciously avoiding competing products without knowing anything about them, simply because they don't like the brand name on said products. Fanboys, of course, do that. And furthermore, we still say there's a distinct difference - likely due to the Internet - between the fanboy of 20 years ago and the fanboy of today. The fanboy of 20 years ago is the kind Pachter is describing; they just love what they have, and they'll promote its greatness. Today, nobody seems to be positive about it if they're biased; they're extremely hostile and rather than promoting their own preferences, they insult other people and their preferences.

It's actually not so complicated. PSXE, for instance, was designed for PlayStation fans. Not so hard to understand. But the Comments section isn't allowed to be loaded with hostile fanboy crap found at other sites and articles don't exist for the sole purpose of running down another brand. ...the site may be 11 years old but we're not 11. And Pachter, we know what you're sayin'. Sadly, many sites do need the fanboys. So you keep drivin' your Porsche. You love it. Have fun with it.  Nobody should have any problems with that whatsoever, right?

6/7/2010 10:37:21 AM Ben Dutka

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Comments (2 posts)

Monday, June 07, 2010 @ 12:29:43 PM

In my opinion;

Fanboys are just like those guys who get p#$$y-whipped after the first time. They don't see the whole picture, they only see what they want to see. They only believe what they want to believe. They live in a false sense of reality.

My problem with "them" are the fact that most are kids. You cannot reason with kids. Their little minds are not capable of an intelligent non-emotional thought process. These pathetic low-lives are convinced the sky is green, the oceans are red, and the grass is blue. Even after proving one wrong, they will make false claims to justify their "facts".

Then we have those out there that solely get a kick out of aggravating others. I've found that people who do this typically are unhappy with their lifestyle and must bring others down to feel better about themselves.

The only way console fanboys will ever fade away is if gaming fades away. Even without competing consoles, you would still have fanboys screaming about which game is the better game. They just don't understand that not everyone thinks like them or wants what they want. Unfortunately, these losers are here to stay.

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Monday, June 07, 2010 @ 2:38:04 PM


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