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Conan the Barbarian

Enter at the unlockables menu:

Bone Cleaver Alternate
L3, Square, R3, Triangle, L1, L1, Down, Down

Cave Ape Alternate
Down, L1, Down, R1, Square, L2

Conan Helmet Study #1
Triangle, Triangle, L3, Square, Square, R3, Up, Down

Conan Helmet Study #2
Up, L1, Down, R1, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, R3

Cutting Room Floor: Giant Sea Serpent #1
L3, L3, Triangle, Triangle, Square, R3

Cutting Room Floor: Giant Sea Serpent #2
Left, Square, Left, Triangle, Down, R3, R3

Graven Variation #1
Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle

Graven Variation #2
Up, Down, Left, Left, Square, Square

Spirit Warrior Variation #1
Right, Right, Left, Left, Up, Down, Up, Down, Square, Square

Here's a list of how many Maidens you'll find at each stage.

Chance Meeting: 1
Devil Island: 2
Elephant Graveyard: 3
Fallen Kingdom: 3
Midnight Raid: 2
Outpost: 7
Pirate Raid: 2
Tribal Warrior: 3
Well of Dreams: 2

King Difficulty
Complete the game on Hard

Complete the game on a certain difficulty to unlock the cheats. They will appear in the cheats screen:
Armor Power - Complete on Hard
Invulnerability - Complete on King
Master All Moves - Complete on Normal
Song of Death - Complete on Normal