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Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Unlock new difficulties:

Ninja Dog Die 3 times

Hard Beat the game on Normal

Very Hard Beat the game on Hard

Master Ninja Beat the game on Very Hard

Golden Scarab Rewards:

Trade golden scarabs with Murumasa the shop owner for these rewards:

  • 1 scarabs Life of the Gods
  • 5 scarabs Armlet of Potency
  • 10 scarabs Lives of the Thousand Gods
  • 15 scarabs Spirit of the Devils
  • 20 scarabs Dabilahro
  • 25 scarabs Armlet of Celerity
  • 30 scarabs Armlet of Benediction
  • 35 scarabs Great Spirit Elixir
  • 40 scarabs Armlet of Fortune
  • 45 scarabs Jewel of the Demon Seal
  • 50 scarabs Plasma Saber MkII

Mission Mode

Beat the story mode on Normal difficulty.

Extra Costumes

Classic Ryuken Costme Beat the game on Normal difficulty

Ashtar Ryu Costume Beat the game on Hard difficulty