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DLC Trophies

Trophy Description
AI, human - doesn't matter (Silver) Win races on all tracks (including DLC maps) in all modes in multiplayer
Andes fight back (Bronze) Win races on all DLC andes tracks in all modes
Bomb disposal expert (Silver) Win 20 online detonator races with more than 5 players
Bombproof (Bronze) Win a detonator race without being blown up
Gender equality (Bronze) Win 2 online events in a row, each one with a different gender driver (SP or MP)
Golden guy deluxe (Silver) Win all tournament gold medals including DLC extension
Like a snail (Bronze) Win a race without using boost
Now it's really done (Bronze) Win DLC tournament extension
Still counts as one (Bronze) Win an online event consiting of 5 or more tracks
The trees are strong (Bronze) Win an online event on all yosemite tracks

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