Content Test 3

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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars


Pause Game During Play And Go To Extras

Effect Password
Character Studs qd2c31
Dark Side x1v4n2
Dual Wield c4es4r
Fast Build gchp7s
Geonosian Starfighter unlocked. EDENEC
Glow in the Dark 4gt3vq
Invincibility j46p7a
Minikit Detector csd5na
Perfect Deflect 3F5L56
Red Brick Detector N3R01A
Regenerate Hearts 2d7jns
Score X10 n1ckr1
Score X2 yzphuv
Score X4 43t5e5
Score X6 sebhgr
Score X8 byfsaq
Stud Magnet 6mz5ch
Super Saber Cut bs828k
Super Speeders b1d3w3
Unlock Savage Oppress MELL07
Vulture Droid unlocked 7w7k7s

Contributed By: jcalof, JonAuc77, VanillaVilla, Jalaguy, and meweth.