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Top Spin 3

It's the best tennis franchise around; just ask anyone who really plays. It's pretty realistic but if the game is proving problematic, here's a little cheat that will let you dominate the competition.


Max out your created player skills

Step 1- Create a player and win some exp to up your skills (online, career or tournament).

2- Go to the Player Area and then Player Evolution. Pick any skill you want.

3- Highlight the skill and press X.

4- Add the XP's you have and press X again.

5- Press X one more time, and remove the exp you just added, but this time press O instead of X. The skill will still have the points you added, and they will still be available to use over and over. Repeat until you have about 35k exp to max your player. To speed things up, when the skill you use reach 100, only remove points until it is at 89 (orange). This will give you about 4,000 points every time.