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Watchmen: The End is Nigh: The Complete Experience

If you're a fan of the Watchmen series, you're probably interested in giving this one a shot. It's pretty entertaining and features some solid action from start to finish, so see if you can nab all the Trophies.


Detective (Silver) Find all abilities and pick-ups in Nite Owl mode.
Exterminator (Bronze) Perform 250 finishing moves.
Hero (Silver) Complete the game in Nite Owl mode.
Psycho (Silver) Complete the game in Rorschach mode.
Retaliator (Bronze) Perform 200 counter attacks.
Shield (Bronze) Dodge or block 25 incoming attacks.
Strong Arm (Bronze) Knock 100 people over, by throwing other people into them.
Teamwork (Gold) Complete the game in co-op mode.
Thief (Silver) Find all abilities and pick-ups in Rorschach mode.
Turbo (Bronze) Complete the game in less than 80 minutes, in one session without restarting from a checkpoint.
Untouchable (Bronze) Go unharmed for an entire level, without restarting from a checkpoint.
Vigilante (Bronze) Eliminate 20 bad guys in 101 seconds.