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It's not a big blockbuster production but for those looking to kill some time on a rainy day, Zuma is a pretty entertaining distraction.  It can be oddly addictive, too...


Aces High (Bronze) Ace time on 3 straight levels
Consecutive Consistency (Bronze) Quick reactions and steady aim let you hit 20 straight chains
From a Tadpole to a Frog (Gold) Rise to the Son of Sun rank in Gauntlet Mode
Get Rich Quick (Silver) Fill your treasure chest by collecting 100 coins
Interloper of Puny! (Bronze) Your adventure takes you through the Temple of Zukulkan
Iron Frog (Silver) Your quest is complete. You have completed Adventure Mode
Quetzal Quatl Questing (Silver) Your adventure takes you through the Quetzal Quatl Temple
The Temple of the Tree Frog (Silver) Your adventure takes you through the Popo Poyolli Temple
The Zen of Zuma (Silver) Finishing a level in 8 seconds or less takes great concentration
Win one for the Gapper! (Silver) Use your keen aiming skills to hit 100 gap shots