Content Test 3

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One of the very first downloadable games of the generation, Thatgamecompany's flOw was a glimpse at the company's heralded future. This title is a little simple by today's standards, but it's still beautiful and unique.


Adventure (Bronze) Start the first campaign after installing
Beauty (Silver) Complete any campaign without being hurt
Cannibalism (Bronze) Eat all advanced creatures in a campaign without eating any food
Devious (Bronze) Paralyse the same creature 5 times without killing it
Fashion (Bronze) Decorate your creature with more than 10 alternating segments
Friendship (Bronze) Complete any campaign with 4 players
Gaia (Bronze) Eat every level complete egg
Giant (Bronze) Complete any campaign with a creature of 25 segments or longer
Gratitude (Bronze) Consume all credit foods
Memory (Bronze) Take more than 10 screenshots
Peace (Silver) Complete any campaign without eating anything
Swift (Silver) Complete any campaign within 120 seconds
Vegetarian (Bronze) Eat all foods in a campaign without killing any advanced creature
Zen (Gold) Leave game on idle in the end of credits for 30 minutes