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Metal Gear Online

It was the franchise's first foray into an all-online format and for many, it worked out beautifully. As is the case with most multiplayer games, you rank up as you where do you rank?


Arctic Skua Prefers Solo Capture
Bear Have a large amount of CQC attacks given
Bee Uses lots of scans
Big Boss Legendary Mercenary
Chameleon Prefers Team Sneaking rules
Chicken Rarely Participates in Battle
Crocodile Very good kill death ratio
Cuckoo Prefers Bomb Mission
Doberman A Top-Class Soldier
Eagle Large percents of headshots
Elephant Prefers Base Mission
Fighting Fish Prefers Deathmatch
Flying Squirrel Have a high percentage of rolling
Fox The Best of the Best
Foxhound A Living Legend
GA-KO Prefers Rescue rules
Hog Prefers Race Mission
Hound A Superior Soldier
Jaws Large Amount of Knife Kills
Kerotan Prefers Capture rules
Killer Whale Prefers Team Deathmatch
Komodo Dragon Prefers Stealth Deathmatch
Night Owl Use the ENVG a lot
Pigeon Perfers non lethal attacks
Rat Falls for a lot of traps
Sloth Gets shot in the head a lot
Snake Perfers sneaking missions
The Boss Legendary Hero
Tsuchinoko Rarely Plays
Turtle Use the Cardboard box a lot
Water Bear Have a high survival rate