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Overlord: Raising Hell

For action fans who want a little in the way of strategy and depth, Overlord has always been a decent option. Raising Hell is a solid sequel, too, but you may need some help if you want to tackle all the difficulty levels...

How to Skip the First Troll

If you're having difficulty with the first troll, here's what to do: First, make sure you have 10 minions and then go through the cut-scene when you face the troll.  Then send all your minions to open the gate over by the crane and run over there.  If the troll is in the way, lure him away from the gate first.  Once the gate is open, the game will autosave.  The cool part is that the game thinks you beat the troll already, so just leave the area and return...only to find your tough foe has vanished. ;)