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PAIN was just one of those games that made you go, "Okay, this is nuts." There are so many ways to toss your hapless victim across the city and for whatever reason, it's oodles of fun. As a result, getting all the Trophies doesn't feel anything like a chore.


1.5 Mil Pain Get a Pain Score of at least 1,500,000
2 Mil Points Score over 2,000,000
20X Combo Get a combo bar of 20
3 Mil Points Score over 3,000,000
500k Pain Get a Pain Score of at least 500,000
500k Points Score over 500,000
Blockbuster (Bronze Trophy) Use a tank to blow up the Castle Tower
Blue Hair Grab the old lady
Bowling Ball! Grab the Bowling Ball
Buzzmonkey (Silver Trophy) Score 60 Monkeys in Spank the Monkey PAINful with Buzz
Camera Boom (Bronze Trophy) Hit 50 Cameras with Explosions
Cross Town Travel 2000 feet in one launch
Frequent Flyer Travel over 200 miles
Gettin' Hoff (Gold Trophy) Use Tuxedo Hoff to get 69 million in any PAINdemonium Mode.
Glass Lass (Bronze Trophy) Break 500 panes of glass with any female launchable in Mime Toss
Grab Master Make 1000 Grabs
Helmet Pi (Bronze Trophy) Give the Gladiator a ride in the Sports Car
King of the Jungle Grab a Swinging Girder
Moon Landing Reach an Altitude of 300,000 feet
Sick and Twisted Make 500 Grabs
Take A Ride Grab the Train