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LittleBigPlanet Cheats

New  Costumes

Complete the stage listed in order to get the desired costume.

Bunny Tail - The Collectors’ Lair
Chicken Beak - The Dancers’ Court
Chicken Gloves - Great Magician’s Palace
Chicken Tail - Elephant Temple
Cowboy Bandana - The Mines
Cowboy Boots - Boomtown
Dinosaur Mask - The Construction Site
Dinosaur Tail - Lowrider
Googly-Eyed Glasses - Sensei’s Lost Castle
Green Sock Puppet - Subway
Japanese Festival Headband - The Terrible Oni’s Volcano
Japanese Festival Robe - Endurance Dojo
Jeans (with belt) - The Mines
Leather Gloves - Boomtown
Monocle - The Meerkat Kingdom
Moustache - Burning Forest
Neon Helmet - The Bunker
Pirate Coat - Get A Grip
Pirate Eye Patch - First Steps
Pirate Hat - Skate To Victory
Pirate Hook - First Steps
Pirate Shorts - Get A Grip
Ringmaster Jacket - Swinging Safari
Ringmaster Top Hat - The Meerkat Kingdom
Roman Armor - The Darkness
Roman Helmt - Skulldozer
White Eyes - The Frozen Tundra
Wooden Sword - The Wedding Reception
Yellow Head - The Collector

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