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LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats

In the Cantina codes menu:

Admiral Ackbar - ACK646
Battle Droid Commander - KPF958
Boba Fett - LA811Y
Boss Nass - HHY697
Captain Tarpals - QRN714
Count Dooku - DDD748
Darth Maul - H35TUX
Darth Sidious - A32CAM
Ewok - EWK785
General Grievous - PMN576
Greedo - ZZR636
IG-88 - GIJ989
Imperial Guard - GUA850
Jango Fett - KLJ897
Ki Adi Mundi - MUN486
Luminara - LUM521
Padme - VBJ322
R2-Q5 - EVILR2
Sandtrooper - CBR954
Stormtrooper - NBN431
Super Battle Droid - XZNR21
Taun We - PRX482
Vulture Droid - BDC866
Watto - PLL967
Zam Wesell - 584HJF

Unlockable Ships:
From the Cantina, enter the codes option and enter whichever you want.

Imperial Shuttle - HUT845
TIE Interceptor - INT729

Slave I
Collect every MiniKit piece thrown around the levels of the game. There are 10 per stage. Get all, and you will get Boba Fett's ship.
Tri Fighter - AAB123

Secret Characters:
Same process as above.

Boss Nass - HHY697
Captain Tarpals - QRN714
General Grievous - PMN576
IG-88 - GIJ989
Jango Fett - KLJ897
Kit Fisto - CBR954
Vulture Droid - BDC866

Extra Skills
Same process as above:

Disguise - BRJ437
Force Grapple - CLZ738

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