PS3 Cheats: LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Cheats

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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Cheats

Enter the math classroom at the university and use the passwords below:

Barranca - 04EM94
Belloq (Desert) - CHN3YU
Belloq (Jungle) - TDR197
Belloq (Priest) - VEO29L
Boxer - 8246RB
British Commander - B73EUA
British Officer - VJ5TI9
British Trooper - DJ5I2W
Captain Katanga - VJ3TT3
Chatterlal - ENW936
Chucin - 3NK48T
Colonel Dietrich - 2K9RKS
Colonel Vogel - 8EAL4H
Dancing Girl - C7EJ21
Desert Digger - 12N68W
Desert Enemy Officer - 2MK45O
Desert Masked Bandit - N48SF0
Desert Monkey Man - 3RF6YJ
Desert Soldier - 4NSU7Q
Desert Swordsman - 1MK4RT Donovan - 3NFTU8
Dr. Schneider (Desert) - JSNRT9
Dr. Schneider (Officer) - VMJ5US
Enemy Bazookaman - S93Y5R
Enemy Butler - VJ48W3
Enemy Communications Officer - 1MF94R
Enemy Guard - VJ7R51
Enemy Guard (Nepal) - YR47WM
Enemy Officer - 572E61
Enemy Pilot - B84ELP
Fedora - V75YSP
First Mate - 0GIN24
Grail Knight - NE6THI
Hovitos Tribesman - H0V1SS
Indiana Jones (Officer) - VJ85OS
Indiana Jones (Disguised) - 4J8S4M
Jungle Guide - 24PF34
Kaokan - WMO46L
Kazim (Desert) - 3M29TJ
Kazim (Venice) - NRH23J
Laoche - 2NK479
Maharaja - NFK5N2
Major Toht - 13NS01
Mola Ram - FJUR31
Pankot Assassin - 2NKT72
Pankot Guard - VN28RH
Punjabi Dignitary - KD48TN
Punjabi Village Elder - 4682E1
Sherpa Brawler - VJ37WJ
Sherpa Gunner - ND762W
Slave Child - 0E3ENW
Thuggee - VM683E
Thuggee Chatterlal - CNH4RY
Thuggee Priest - T2R3F9
Thuggee Slavedriver - VBS7GW
Willie (DJ) - VK93R7
Willie (Pajamas) - MEN4IP
Wuhan - 3NSLT8

Gear, Features & More

Artifact Detector - VIKED7
Beep Beep - VNF59Q
Character Treasure - VIES2R
Disarm Enemies - VKRNS9
Disguises - 4ID1N6
Fast Build - V83SLO
Fast Dig - 378RS6
Fast Fix - FJ59WS
Fertilizer - B1GW1F
Ice Rink - 33GM7J
Invincibility - B83EA1
Parcel Detector - VUT673
Poo Treasure - WWQ1SA
Regenerate Hearts - MDLP69
Secret Characters - 3X44AA
Silhouettes - 3HE85H
Super Scream - VN3R7S
Super Slap - 0P1TA5
Treasure x2 - VM4TS9
Treasure x4 - VLWEN3
Treasure x6 - V84RYS
Treasure x8 - A72E1M
Treasure x10 - VI3PS8
Treasure Magnet - H86LA2

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