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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats

Costumes & Chaos
Codes for PS3 only. Only Holocron costumes can be saved, others can't.

MANDALORE - Master Kota Costume (cannot be saved)
HARDBOILED - Blind Kota Costume (cannot be saved)
PROTOTYPE - Proxy Costume (cannot be saved)
FERRAL - Scout Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)
TK421GREEN - Kashyyyk Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)
TK421WHITE - Storm Trooper Costume (cannot be saved)
TK421BLUE - Storm Trooper Commander Costume (cannot be saved)
VICEROY - Bail Organa Costume (cannot be saved)
WOOKIEE - Master Kento Costume (unlocked by holocron)
HOLOCRON - Jedi Adventurer Costume (unlocked by stage progress)
DANTOOINE - Ceremonial Jedi Costume (unlocked by Jedi ending)
KORRIBAN - Sith Stalker Costume (unlocked by Sith ending)

These codes below disable saving:

MARAJADE - Force Combos
LIGHTSABER - Extra Damage effect always on
KATARN - All Force Powers at maximum potency
DATHOMIR - Force Repel at maximum potency
EXARKUN - Force Push at maximum potency
ADEGAN - Force Saber Throw at maximum potency
MOLDYCROW - All Force combos available
JOCASTA - All Force talents maximized
VENTRESS - Aerial Ambush move available
EETHKOTH - Aerial Assault move available
YADDLE - Aerial Blast move available
MASSASSI - Lightning Bomb move available
RAGNOS - Lightning Grenade move available
PLOKOON - Saber Slam move available
KITFISTO - Saber Sling move available
LUMIYA - Sith Saber Flurry move available
DARAGON - Sith Slash move available
SAZEN - Sith Throw move available
FREEDON - Aerial combo move available
BRUTALSTAB - Lightsaber stab move available
OSSUS - All databank entries unlocked
MINDTRICK - Levels in mirrored layout
HURRIKANE - All lightsaber crystals unlocked

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