PS3 Cheats: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Cheats

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Cheats

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Unlock new difficulties:

Ninja Dog – Die 3 times

Hard – Beat the game on Normal

Very Hard – Beat the game on Hard

Master Ninja – Beat the game on Very Hard

Golden Scarab Rewards:

Trade golden scarabs with Murumasa the shop owner for these rewards:

  • 1 scarabs – Life of the Gods
  • 5 scarabs – Armlet of Potency
  • 10 scarabs – Lives of the Thousand Gods
  • 15 scarabs – Spirit of the Devils
  • 20 scarabs – Dabilahro
  • 25 scarabs – Armlet of Celerity
  • 30 scarabs – Armlet of Benediction
  • 35 scarabs – Great Spirit Elixir
  • 40 scarabs – Armlet of Fortune
  • 45 scarabs – Jewel of the Demon Seal
  • 50 scarabs – Plasma Saber MkII

Mission Mode

Beat the story mode on Normal difficulty.

Extra Costumes

Classic Ryuken Costme – Beat the game on Normal difficulty

Ashtar Ryu Costume – Beat the game on Hard difficulty

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