PS3 Cheats: Flock! Cheats

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Flock! Cheats

Various Extras:
Blanka Ball, Sheep Trophy - Receive a Perfect Abduction on every Single Player level
Chicken Trophy - Earn a Bronze Medal on every Single Player level
Cow Trophy, Infinite Boost - Earn a Gold Medal on every Single Player level
Pig Trophy - Earn a Silver Medal on every Single Player level

The following are hints directly from Capcom, the developer of Flock:
Fields slow down most animals. You want to have them march on a clear path, so be creative in your destruction!

Animals follow their loved ones where ever they go. Exploit this behavior and lure the whole herd.

The faster you herd animals to your mothership, the better off you will be.

Pits can turn your flock harvest into a lemming suicide. Use bales of hay to plug up holes in your path. You can also pick up and throw rocks with the tractor beam.

Animals shy away from pits, but can be forced to commit suicide if provoked enough.

Animals herd differently. For example, cows are slower to accelerate to top speed, but if they are agitated too much, they will stampede instead.

Cows are also heavy enough to bowl over some obstacles in the landscape.

Sheep on the other hand, will shrink when dampened.

Nocturnal predators are nasty. They will appear and devour parts of your herd.

Some stones can be toggled on and off with your depressor beam. These stones will light the way forward.

If there aren't enough animals in a level, you need to force the survivors to mate. Explore the level for a love patch, and let the wild sex ensue.

Fences can bridge small gaps. Rotate them when they are still in the grasp of the tractor beam.

If you need to de-leaf a tree, use creativity and some effort.

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