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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Cheats


Broly, Super Broly, LSSJ Broly - Complete Beat Freedom! (What-If Stories)
SSJ3 Broly - Complete The Legendary Super Saiyan Reborn (Secret battle 39: Legendary Super Saiyan Saga)
SSJ3 Vegeta - Complete The Strongest Super Saiyan 3 (Secret battle 47: What-If Stories)
Super Gogeta - Complete Fusion & Potara Part 1: Super Gogeta (What-If Stories)
Vegito, Super Vegito - Complete Fusion & Potara Part 2: Super Vegito (What-If Stories)
Videl - Complete The Student (What-If Stories)

50 wins on Namek - Ajssa Protector
Get an "A" rank - Astounding Power
Avenger - Defeat Vegeta 10 times as Broly
Berserker - 50 wins with Life Risking Attack equipped
Blue Hurricane - Use Burter 10 times in a row
Bomb Maniac - Get ten victories with the Explosive Wave
Capricious Warrior - Win 100 battles in the Cell Games stage
Cool Beauty - 100 wins as #18
Counter Monster - Execute 5 counters in a battle.
Cruel Wife - Defeat Krillin 10 times as Android 18
Cyborg Hunter - Defeat 100 Androids
Dark Knight - Win 100 battles in the Cave online.
Death Chaser - Execute 20 Vanishing in a battle.
Defending Champion - 50 wins with Champion's Belt equipped
Dirty Fireworks - Take 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Dirty Work - Take five Upwards Attacks in a battle
Earth-Raised Namekian - Play ten matches in a row with Piccolo
Earth-Raised Saiyan - Use Goku 10 times in a row.
Easilt Baited - Lose a battle by running out of time while playing as Gotenks.
Elite Warrior - Earn 10 victories.
Embarrassment to the Clan - Lose 10 Saiyan-against-Saiyan battles.
Energy Absorber - Win ten times by absorbing energy
Fireworks Master - Execute 5 Upwards Attacks in a battle.
Flying Dragon - Execute 2 Air Combo in a battle.
Galactic Overlord - Win 100 battles while playing as Frieza.
Gentle Beast - 100 wins as Majin Buu
Ginyu Force Vice-Captain - Defeat all Ginyu Force characters except Captain Ginyu.
God of Gods - 100 wins on Supreme Kai's Planet
Golden Warrior - Record 50 victories with Super Saiyan characters.
Greenhorn - Earn 50 losses.
Grim Reaper Of Justice - Win 100 battles with Gotenks
Incomplete Power - Achieve a rank of G.
Infinite Energy - 10 wins as #16, #17, & #18
Invincible Warrior - Get twenty victories without a loss
Iron Wall - 50 wins with Damage Regulator equipped
Just a Bluff - Lose twenty times even though you transformed
Legend Killer - Defeat Super Saiyan characters 100 times
Legendary Warrior - Earn 100 victories
Lightning God - Win 50 battles with the Plasma Aura equipped.
Little Rascal - Defeat Goku 10 times as Goten
Loved by the Goddess - 50 wins with 18's Kiss equipped
Low-Class Warrior - You have this title at the start of the game.
Majin Killer - Defeat 100 Majins
Martial Arts Warrior - Execute 30 HITS in a battle.
Master of the House - Defeat Android 18 10 tmes as Krillin
Nature Lover - Win a battle on the Wasteland stage without destroying anything.
New Generation - Defeat Vegeta 10 times as Kid Trunks
Non-Combatant - Earn 10 perfect losses.
Nothing But A Bluff - Lose 20 battles despite transforming
Perfect Form - Defeat #17 & #18 as Cell
Philanthropist - Use each transformation of all transforming characters
Porunga Guardian - 100 wins on Namek
Preliminary Qualifier - Record 10 victories in the World Tournament Stage.
Prince of Cruelty - Execute 5 Knockdown Attacks in a battle.
Proud Prince Of The Saiyans - Play ten matches in a row with Vegeta
Purple Comet - Use Jeice & Burter 20 times each
Red Magma - Use Jeice 10 times in a row
Red Ribbon Army - Defeat Goku with Android characters ten times
Robot Type - 20 wins with #16 & #19
Saiyan Killer - Defeat Saiyan characters 100 times.
Speediest In The Universe - Vanish thirty times in battle
Strongest Earthling - Win 100 battles Human vs Human
Strongest Guy Ever - 1000 wins
Strongest In The Other World - Win 50 battles with the Angel Halo equipped.
Strongest Majin - Win 100 battles Majin vs Majin
Stubborn Bastard - Deflect five Super Attacks in one match
Super Elite Warrior - Earn 50 victories.
The Coolest Queen - 100 wins with Videl
The World's Strongest Warrior - Get 500 victories
Total Amateur - In World Tournament mode, lose a total of 10 first-round battles.
Transforming Alien - Play as a transforming alien character ten times and win.
Turtle Practitioner - Earn 10 victories with the Kamehameha.
Ultimate Fighter - Earn 10 victories with Ultimate Attacks.
Ultimate Monster - 100 wins as Cell
Unknown Power - Achieve a rank of D.
Warrior of Destruction - 100 wins on Ruined Namek
Warrior of Light - Use Solar Flare 10 times in a battle
Waste of Space - Earn 100 losses.
Wimpier Than He Thinks - Lose three Shot Exchanges in a battle.
World Class Speed - Execute ten Vanishing in a battle
World Tournament Champion - Win a total of 10 World Tournament Finals.
World-Class Speed - Execute 10 Vanishing in a battle.
Worthless Bug - Attain 500 losses
Worthless Puppet - ose thirty matches while playing an android character
Wussy Warrior - Earn 10 victories by running out of time.

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