PS3 Cheats: Devil May Cry 4 Cheats

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Devil May Cry 4 Cheats

History of Devil May Cry
Beat game on Devil Hunter or Human.

Son of Sparda Difficulty
Beat game on Devil Hunter.

Bonus Art & Character Art
Beat game on Devil Hunter or Human.

Beat game on Devil Hunter or Human.

Bloody Palace Survival Mode
Beat game on Devil Hunter or Human.

Full Ending
There is a more complete version of the ending. To see it, protect Kyrie from being damage for 1:30 seconds while the credits roll. If successful, you'll get the full remainder of the ending. You can re-fight the las boos and retry this as many times.

Extra Difficulty Levels
Unlock Son of Sparda. Play through it to unlock Dante Must Die and Heaven or Hell. Play through either mode and you get Hell or Hell.

Super Nero & Dante Costumes
Beat the game once on Danted Must Die.

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