PS3 Cheats: Silent Hill: Downpour Cheats

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Silent Hill: Downpour Cheats

The following passwords were contributed by GameFAQs users Sabin99992000 and zombiehunting84.

Green Locker Passwords

When you reach a green locker type in the password:

Effect Password
Unlock Nail Gun and Double Axe 171678
Unlock Pistol 45 and Baseball Bat 353479
Unlock Rifle and Golf Club 911977

Secret Endings

The game has two secret endings that can be obtained by completing the game under certain conditions (credit to Sombrero_Shadow)

Unlockable How to Unlock
Secret Ending 1 Complete the game once and during your second playthrough complete the "Digging Up the Past" side-quest before completing the game
Secret Ending 2 Die during the final encounter

    Henry Townshend's apartment from Silent Hill 4: The Room

    Henry's apartment can be found on Landsdale Ave. between Brite St. and Cook St.   To find it, look for two bright windows with a ladder from above.  You have to pull the ladder down with the right weapon; then, climb up and enter the window.


    Jukebox Silent Hill 1 theme music

    When you reach the diner in the first portion of the game, look for the cash register behind the bar area. Grab the coins and put them in the jukebox in the corner of the room, and the theme from the very first Silent Hill will play. You should remember it, right?

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