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PixelJunk Eden Cheats

It's one of the more intriguing digital titles out there. It involves growing exotic plants...but it's actually a lot less boring than it sounds. In fact, it's extremely inventive and well worth trying.


500 Dead Pollen Prowlers (Bronze) 500 Pollen Prowlers killed
All Gardens Clear (Bronze) Get a Spectra in each garden
All Seeds 01 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 01
All Seeds 02 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 02
All Seeds 03 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 03
All Seeds 04 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 04
All Seeds 05 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 05
All Seeds 06 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 06
All Seeds 07 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 07
All Seeds 08 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 08
All Seeds 09 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 09
All Seeds 10 (Bronze) Open all seeds in garden 10
All Spectra Found (Silver) Get all the Spectra in all gardens
Combo Fifteen (Bronze) Pollen Prowler combo x 15
Combo Ten (Bronze) Pollen Prowler combo x 10
Fifteen Crystals (Bronze) Get fifteen crystals in a single jump
Ten Minute Grimp (Bronze) Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes
The Hundred Thousander (Bronze) Get 100,000 pollen in one garden
Three Play Ping Pong (Bronze) In 3p mode, trapeze jump between two swinging Grimps
Zero Wasted Pollen (Bronze) Open all seeds in a garden without missing any pollen

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