PS3 Cheats: Ratatouille Cheats

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Ratatouille Cheats

It's a great game for kids, especially those who liked the movie. Check out some cool cheats:


Enter the following in the Secrets menu; just remember that you must purchase these with Gusteau points!

+10,000 Gusteau points Code 18/ Gusteaujack
+5,000 Gusteau points Code 17/ Gusteaupot
+50,000 Gusteau points Code 19/ Gusteauomni
All Bonus Artworks Code 12/ Gusteaures
All Concept Art Code 08/ Gusteauart
All Dream Worlds in Gusteau's Shop Code 13/ Gusteaudream
All four championship modes Code 09/ Gusteauship
All items in Gusteau's Shop Code 16/ Gusteaucombo
All single player and multiplayer mini-games Code 10/ Mattelme
All single player mini-games Code 15/ Gusteaulevel
All Slides in Gusteau's Shop Code 14/ Gusteauslide
All Videos Code 11/ Gusteauvid
Fart when jumping Code 05/ Ilikeonions
Head butt when attacking instead of tailswipe Code 06/ Hardfeelings
Move undetected by enemies [Note] Code 04/ Spyagent
Multiplayer mode Code 07/ Slumberparty
No damage from enemies, but still take water and falling damage [Note] Code 03/ Shielded
No impact or damage from enemies, but still take water and falling damage [Note] Code 02/ Myhero
Very Easy difficulty [Note] Code 01/ Pieceocake

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