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WALL-E Cheats

Kids everywhere fell in love with a little robot named WALL-E. And you know, the game based on the movie wasn't half bad so if you've got some younger fans of the film, you should pick up the game cheap. And these codes might really help...


All bonus features unlocked Wall-E + Auto + Eve + Steward
All game content unlocked M-O + Auto + Steward + Eve
All holiday suits unlocked Auto + Auto + Steward + Steward
All multiplayer levels unlocked Eve + M-O + Wall-E + Auto
All multiplayer suits unlocked Steward + Wall-E + M-O + Auto
All single player levels unlocked Auto + Steward + M-O + Wall-E
Can make a cube anywhere Auto + M-O + Auto + M-O
Can make a cube anywhere M-O + Stweard + Eve + Eve
Laser is permanently highpowered Wall-E + Auto + Eve + M-O
Laser is permanently highpowered Eve + Wall-E + Wall-E + Auto
No Damage taken Wall-E + M-O + Auto + M-O
See endgame credits Auto + Wall-E + Steward + M-O
Wall-E always has laser Wall-E + Eve + Eve + Wall-E
Wall-Eve always has laser (that's what it says) Steward + Eve + M-O + Wall-E

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