PS3 Cheats: Monster Madness: Grave Danger Cheats

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Monster Madness: Grave Danger Cheats

If you're looking for something lighthearted and surprisingly addictive, and you don't want anything too complex, you should try Monster Madness: Grave Danger. It's colorful, entertaining, and definitely worth checking out on a rainy day.

Bonus Costumes

You have to beat these mini-games with a grade of C or better.

Andy's costume "Astronaut" Beat Hill Defense
Andy's costume "Lumberjack" Beat The Gauntlet
Andy's costume "Pirate" Beat Lava Battle
Andy's costume "Samurai" Beat Dodgeball
Andy's costume "Scout" Beat Sort Or Explode
Andy's costume "Surfer Dude" Beat Jack Attack
Carrie's costume "Anne" Beat Carnage
Carrie's costume "Construction Worker" Beat Construction Destruction
Carrie's costume "Devil" Beat Leprechaun Rouncdup
Carrie's costume "Forest Girl" Beat Monster Race
Carrie's costume "Valley Girl" Beat Match 'Em
Jennifer's costume "Amazon" Beat Monster Onslaught
Jennifer's costume "Ballerina" Beat Pizza Delivery
Jennifer's costume "Belly Dancer" Beat Zombie Dance-Off
Jennifer's costume "Cheerleader" Beat Death School
Jennifer's costume "French Maid" Beat White Water Swanning
Jennifer's costume "Nurse" Beat Witch Hunt
Zack's costume "Cowboy" Beat UFO Shooter
Zack's costume "Deathgame" Beat Zack-Man
Zack's costume "Dinosaur" Beat Zombie Cats
Zack's costume "Scuba" Beat Suburban Warfare
Zack's costume "Secret Service" Beat Slice N' Dice
Zack's costume "The One" Beat Home Run Derby
Zack's costume "Wizard" Beat Castle Brawl

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