PS3 Walkthroughs: Hellboy: The Science of Evil Walkthrough

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Hellboy: The Science of Evil Walkthrough

       ___     __            ___    ___      _______         __       __
       \  |    \ |           \  |   \  |    |  ____ \        \ \     / /
        | |    | | ________   | |    | |    | |    ) )  _____ \ \   / /
        | |    | | \   ____|  | |    | |    | |___/ /  (  _  ) \ \ / /
        | |____| |  | |____   | |    | |    |  ___ (   | ( ) |  \   /
        |  ____  |  |  ____|  | |    | |    | |   \ \  | | | |   ) (
        | |    | |  | |       | |    | |    | |    \ \ | (_) |   | |
        | |    | |  | |       | |    | |    | |     ) )(_____)   | |
        | |    | |  | |___/\  | |_/\ | |_/\ | |____/ /           | |
        |/     |/   |______/  |____/ |____/ |_______/            \_/
          _ _      _   _   _    _      _  _    _   _    _
           |  |_| |_  |_  |  | |_ |\| |  |_   | | |_   |_ \  / | | 
           |  | | |_   _| |_ | |_ | | |_ |_   |_| |    |_  \/  | |_ 

                Hellboy: The Science of Evil Full Walkthrough

By: Straxus_D

About This Guide:

This is the fourth FAQ/Walkthrough I have ever made.  Thank you for taking the
time to read it and I hope you find it useful. If you find anything confusing,
find a mistake, or have any suggestions/tips/strategies please e-mail me at:

This guide is approved to be on GameFAQs. If you see it elsewhere, it is there
without my permission and is in violation of copyright laws. If you wish to add
this FAQ to your site, please ask my permission. DO NOT POST IT AS YOUR OWN
that it is illegal)!


Version History:

    -V 1.0 (07/29/08): Began writing out the Chapter walkthroughs, Artifacts/
                       Lore/Ammo descriptions, achievements, and controls.


                               TABLE OF CONTENTS


             Thoughts on the Game...........................(TG-1)


                   Chapter One:    Stolen Charms............(SC-1)             
                   Chapter Two:    Demon Mists..............(DM-1)
                   Chapter Three:  Infested Village.........(IV-1)
                   Chapter Four:   Undervillage.............(UV-1)
                   Chapter Five:   Buried Evil..............(BE-1)
                   Chapter Six:    Castle Von Klempt........(VK-1)

               Note: Specific Artifact locations can be found by
                     using the Find function with the phrase ATF.

               Note: Specific Lore locations can be found by
                     using the Find function with the phrase LRE.




             Thanks & Credits...............................(TC-1)

                                Controls (CT-1)


        LS - Player Movement
        RS - Aim Target Crosshairs/Look
 LB (Hold) - Select Ammo
        LT - Shoot
        RT - Grab/Pick Up Objects/Grapple
         Y - Heavy Attack
  Y (Hold) - Boom Attack
         X - Quick Attack
         A - Jump
     Start - Pause


            RT,RT - Throw after you pick up an object
RT,X (repeatedly) - Interacts after you grab an object
          LS + RS - Hellmode
            A + X - Dive Roll
              A,X - Jumping Air Punch
              A,Y - Jumping ground Smash
              Y,B - Jump Slam Attack

                          X - 360 Hook
                        X,Y - Backhand Knockback
                        Y,X - Whack Smack
                      X,X,X - Triple Windup
                      X,Y,X - Gut Punch Kid
                      Y,X,X - Double Spin Attack
                  X,X,X,X,X - Spinning Smack
       Y (Hold and Release) - Reverse Smash
Any,Y (Hold and Release), Y - Leaping Boom
     X,Y (Hold and Release) - Leaping Smash
   X,Y (Hold and Release),X - Whirl Bam

                          Thoughts on the Game (TG-1)

After playing through this game, I can honestly say, that this game is not very
good. There are several major problems with the game. The first one is the fact
that the grapple move is very glitchy. If you are slightly above or below the
enemy (say on a slight slope), the grapple tends not to work and you usually
end up being hit by other enemies. Secondly, sometimes your punches will clip
through an enemy and not hit them. This is very annoying in large mob fights.
Thirdly, on several occasions, you can be hit by enemies that are outside of
their attack range.

Lastly, the difficulty of enemies is very bizarre in this game. The first level
is very easy, but the second level has very hard enemies and then returns to
very easy.

The game itself plays like a cross between Fatal Fury and Gauntlet. It has a
split screen co-op and supports Xbox Live, but the main game is very short. I
definitely think that this game could have been improved with a little more
refining in the combat. The gameplay is alright despite the glitches that
can be frustrating and the graphics are not all that bad. The script and voice
acting by Ron Perlman was actually very well done. Overall, however, the game
does not have enough content to justify charging $60 for it. It is a good
renter (I beat it completely in under two days), and could be fun with a
friend, but the gameplay can get repetitive and you will probably want to take
a break from it.

I should note that this game is not related to the movies. It is tied to the
comic books, so you do not have to worry about it spoiling any movie plots you
haven't seen yet.

                                Chapters (CH-1)

Chapter One: Stolen Charms - (Carpathian Mountains, Romania, 2007)       (SC-1)

"After a week-long pursuit across half of Eastern Europe, Hellboy finally
catches a glimpse of his quarry."

A quick word before we begin, if you run low on health it is easy to get some
from the enemies. Grapple an enemy and press "A" to throw them in the air, then
press "Y" to perform the Air-Slam maneuver. This will get you a lot of health. 
Killing enemies and destroying objects will also replenish the blue energy bar
as well.

Section 1: The Beginning - "Of a routine rundown."

After the opening cutscene, proceed to the crypt entrance and follow the on-
screen prompts on how to knock open the door and coffin. You will enter a small
cutscene (sucks for that guy) and then have control again. This part of the
level is basically tutorial section, proceed forward and follow the on-screen
directions. Move into the second crypt and fight the Bambini's. Smash the door
and head up the stairs.

Section 2: Introduction - "A short and sour meeting."

After the cutscene with the Witch, kill the Bambini's hanging around and lift
the blocking log out of the way. Watch out for the Bambini that throws its own
head at you, and smash another blocking log to bits. You will see the Witch's
barrier in the next area. To break it, grab a Bambini and kick it into the
wall. It will start to glow a bluish color and explode.

The next area is like the old game Gauntlet. You have to destroy the green
Cursed Graves to prevent anymore Bambinies from spawning. You do this by
throwing explosive Bambini heads or other objects (including Bambinies) at
them. You have a finishing Grapple move for every enemy, and the Bambini's is
having its head pulled off and becoming a bomb for you. You can get the "Heads
you win..." achievement here if you want to hang around long enough to kill
twenty-five of them or you can kill a few now and just accomplish it later in
the level.

Destroy the first grave and another pops up. After you destroy it, a few
Bambinies attack from the forest. Kill them and get any ammo you might need
from the second grave. Two more graves will appear and you have to destroy them
to break the ghost wall. Move to the next area and the Witch will appear. You
can throw the object the game points out to you or you can pick up one of the
explosive heads she throws at you. One hit will chase her off and then you can
take out the Bambinies running around to break the ghost wall. The crypt the
Witch appeared in front of has some more ammo in it, if you need it.

Proceed through the newly opened gate and then through the next gate. Do not
touch the green coffins (they are cursed and you can't open them yet). Several
of the crypts contain ammo, but right now head down the path towards the open
gate. The gate closes and you enter a cutscene (it talks!?). Head back to the
closed gate you passed and it will open. Smash open the crypt there and you
will enter a cutscene. Open the tomb next to the gatekeeper and receive a new
type of ammo: Release. Now you can open the cursed coffins be switching to
the Release ammo and shooting them.

The coffin with the gatekeeper's wife is the one near the beginning of this
area. There are only four cursed coffins in the area, and the other ones
contain release ammo in them as well. Bambinies will attack you when you go
back into the first area. Once you find her you get the password. Head back
the gate and it will open for you. As you pass through, you will receive the
first lore (LRE 1/12: Bound Love) for the level.

Section 3: Double Trouble - "Crumbling crypts and whispered lullabies."

Move to barricade and attack it until it is destroyed. Move into the next area
and kill the mob of Bambinies. In the next area, a chain wielding Bambini will
attack with another mob of Bambinies. Run through the mob and get at the chain
wielding so reinforcements. After they are down, open the crypt to the
catacombs, and drop down into them.

The wall around the corner is breakable, smash it down and unseal the coffin.
Bats will fly out and bust the door down at the end catacombs open. Make sure
to grab the first artifact (ATF 1/20: Diary of Ileana), and head out of the

You will enter a fairly lengthy battle against chain wielding Bambinies,
regular Bambinies, and ultimately against the six werewolves on the hill. The
grapple kill for the chain wielding Bambinies allows you to pull them apart at
the middle. The werewolves are burned when you grapple kill them. After they
are dead, mark this place because the crypt to the north is where the second
artifact (ATF 2/20: Eye of Krom), but you can't get it until you get the
Grenade ammo in Chapter Three. Move on and knock down the stone wall.

Section 4: Steps and Statues - "The grass is never really greener."

Continue down the path and take out the three werewolves that attack. A little
further ahead you have to take out some more Bambinies and two more werewolves
that show up as reinforcements. After they are down, the ghost wall dissolves
and you can proceed into the next area.

Smash down the door and enter the crypt (you will get hit by the bats). The
next area is going to have you fighting a lot of enemies. Just keep battling
your way up the path taking out both kind of Bambinies and the lone werewolf.
After the ghost wall dissolves, check the wall to the right of the crypt where
the last two chain wielding Bambinies attacked from before you go up the small
set of stairs where the ghost wall was. Knock down the wall and unseal the
coffin. Inside is a new kind of ammo: Salt (really good against werewolves).

Section 5: King's Barrow - "A court full of Jesters."

In the next area, you will get attacked by werewolves, put the new ammo to good
use and take out the wolves. The Witch shows up and throws more explosive heads
at you. Throw them back at her and she will fly off after you hit her with two
of them. Then you get attacked by more of both kinds of Bambinies. After they
are down, the ghost wall disappears and you can go into the cave.

Kill the Bambinies that attack and jump over the flames. Follow the cave to the
area with the crowned skeleton and kill all the Bambinies. After they are down,
you will enter a cutscene and a new path is opened. You will also receive the
second lore (LRE 2/12: The Buried King). Head through it and jump up to the
ledge above. Smash the table to reveal some more Salt ammo. Head out of the
cave to see the ending cutscene.

Chapter Two: Demon Mists - (Sacred Forest, Japan, 1982)                  (DM-1)

"Twenty-five years ago, Hellboy travels to a remote valley in Okinawa to
investigate a curiously shaped fog detected by the bureau."

Section 1: On Target - "Dropping in, uninvited and unwelcome."

Follow the stairs up and continue to follow the path. You will encounter two
Oni enemies. Grapple killing them will get you their weapon. Kill them and
continue to follow the path. You have to light the lantern on the right near
the gate, so head down the path to the right and grapple kill the Oni that
comes out of the Oni club with a lantern attached to it. If you accidentally
throw it or break it on another enemy, don't worry because an Oni will
regenerate until you light the lantern. To light the lantern just attack it
with the "X" button and it will light up, opening the gate.

Head through the gate and you will enter a large lake area. You have to light
three lanterns in the area to open the gate to the next area. However, you will
be attacked by quite a few of Oni spirits. Take them out, but make sure that
when you steal one of their weapons, it is one with a lantern on it so you can
light the stone lanterns. After the enemy is dead, the ghost wall dissipates
and the gate opens after the third lantern is activated. 

Section 2: Singing Gates - "How do you do, Mr. Blue?"

Head down the path and fight a large group of Oni. Move forward and activate to
two stone lanterns to open the next area. In the next area, light the stone
lantern on the right and head left into the water for a small cutscene. The new
enemy will block and counter after you hit him twice. So take your two punches
and jump back out of the way. I grappled killed him and used his club on the
other Oni that attack me. Light the second lantern and finish off the enemies
to open the path up.

As you approach the bridge in the next area, two more of the dual-club Oni jump
out and attack. They have a ranged attack, so stay on the move. Try to
concentrate on one of them until it is blinking, so you can grapple kill it.
Then use its club to finish off the other one. The continue down the path and
you will find the first lore (LRE 3/12: Nazi Robot). You can also pick up the
first artifact (ATF 3/20: The Curious Card), in the middle of the path. Stock
up on ammo if you need it and continue on.

The next area, you will be attacked by five regular Oni and a dual-club Oni as
well. Kill them. If you forgot to grab a lantern weapon, you can grab fireflies
from the three small statues on the right. This will replace the Release ammo
with Firefly ammo. Light the three lanterns and move through the gate.

Section 3: Crimson Snow - "Never ask for directions."

Head up the path through the Cherry trees and smash the stone wall. The next
area will have you fighting quite a few dual club wielding Oni. Take them out
and light the lanterns as you continue down the path. When you get to the gate
and ghost wall, you will notice that neither the gate nor the ghost wall have

opened for you after you activated all of the lanterns. Jump off the bridge
near the gate and head north through the Bamboo shoots in the water (AH HA,
another lantern!). Activate the lantern and the three Oni will bust out of the
stone. Take them down and head back to the gate. Cutscene time.

After the cutscene you will get the second lore (LRE 4/12: Drafted). I smashed
the old man's hut for fun after that. You can also get the achievement
"Vertigo" here by jumping off the cliff next to the hut twenty times. Don't
worry, you just respawn next to the hut every time. Once you are done, resupply
on Firefly ammo if you need to and head through the Torii arch.

Follow the elevated path until you reach another gate. Light the three lanterns
and head through. After the cutscene, jump down to fight more Oni. This fight
pissed me off because of the glitchy grapple and occasionally I was getting hit
by Oni who were on the other side of the river. If you have trouble, use Salt
ammo on the dual club Oni to freeze them and then beat them down. After they
are down, head up the path to get a new kind of ammo: Splinter. Restock on
Heavy ammo, if you need it.

Continue up the path and you will enter the area where you must ring the bell.
Before you do that though, grab the second artifact (ATF 4/20: Cicada Stone)
from the ground. Ring the bell and you get attack by a very large pissed off
sword wielding Oni.

Section 4: Whispering Cliffs - "Big bells and bigger bridges."

Now you can get another artifact in this level by doing a grapple kill on this
Oni. Fighting it can be a challenge if you move to where the Oni isn't in the
camera view. Stay close to him so you he won't charge you. Use power attacks
and move back when he blocks because he will counter. Once he starts to blink,
grapple him. Perform the counter with "Y" and then press "B" to finish him
off with his own sword. This will net you another artifact (ATF 5/20: Black
Oni's Sword).

Follow the newly formed path and get ready for a bunch of fighting. Kill the
two Oni that appear on the other side of the new path and head down. Once you
are in the stream, you will be engaged by two sword wielding Oni plus 4 regular
Oni. I killed the four normal ones and then jumped up on the ledge to the left
and shot one of the Oni until he blinked, then I grappled him and took his
sword and killed the other one. Continue on and you will get attack by another
sword wielder (I really hate this level). Once it is down, head upstream and
grab the last and secret artifact (ATF 6/20: Ancient Coin) on this level. It is
across the stream from the temple.

Section 5: Temple of Wind - "Von Klempt's monkey business."

Approach the temple for what could be a very frustrating boss battle. I say
could be because this is not really a traditional boss battle. You can attack
the giant ape but that will not accomplish anything. The point of this battle
is to smash every pillar in the temple. There are three floors and smashing the
pillars on each floor causes you to fall to the next floor. Once you are on the
ground floor, attack every pillar. After you get them all destroyed, the ending
custscene will play.

Chapter Three: Infested Village - (Overgrown Village, Romania, 2007)     (IV-1)

"After waking from his fall at the bottom of the ridge, Hellboy follows a
ragged path toward the eerily bricked-up village."

Section 1: Reunion - "Knock, knock. Anyone home?"

Walk into the village and you will trigger a cutscene with the Witch. Now it is
time to take out Bambinies. Punch and kick them, but don't kill them. Rip one
of the drainage pipes off the side of the house and start killing them with it.
This will help you get the "Angry Plumber" achievement. After they are down,
take out the breakable wall and begin killing more Bambinies. After the street
is clear of them, knock down the wall and kill the Bambinies hiding behind the
wall to get rid of the ghost wall. Stock up and ammo and head to where the
ghost wall was.

Hellboy will notice a symbol drawn on the wall and a Bambini will jump through
it. Take out all the Bambinies (remember to grab the drainage pipes). Once the
area is clear, you will notice another one of the symbols on the wall. Break
the door down next to it to enter a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will get
the secret artifact (ATF 7/20: The Watchman's Journal). Head back and knock
down the breakable wall on the other side of the courtyard.

More Bambinies attack with a couple of chain wielding ones. Take them out and
then break down the wall to the left of the bridge tree. Then smash down the
other wall in the house to gain access to another street.

Make your way down the street, killing all the Bambinies as you go. I got the
"Angry Plumber" achievement in this alleyway. Once the Bambinies are dead the
ghost wall dissipates, but before you go through it, knock down the wall to the
right of it. Fill up your Salt ammo if you need to and continue on.

Section 2: Big and Small - "No height restrictions in the wading pool."

Cutscene time (oh great another one of these guys). Anyway, this fight is
relatively easy. Don't try to throw the crates at him unless you shoot him with
a Salt round first. The barrels will stun him and then you can grapple. Counter
and then finish him (that was pretty cool!). Head the small ramp thing (be
careful not to fall off because you will have to do the boss fight over if you

Once you are back where the bridge collapsed, you will have to fight more
Bambinies. Notice that a ghost wall appeared on the door of one of the houses?
After the fight is over, enter it for a small cutscene. Then proceed down the
street. There is some Release ammo to replace the Salt ammo in the water at the
end of the street. Head up the stairs and fight the Bambinies. Head down and
you will find a door that you will have to blow up. Head back across the bridge
and go down the street to the right of where you came in.

At the end of the street will be enemies messing with some boxes and you will
enter a cutscene. Take out the three Nazi Robots and then fill up on Splinter
ammo and a new ammo: Grenade. Head back to the bridge. More Robots have shown
up with some Bambinies. Kill all of them and some more men will blow up the
door and attack across the bridge. Kill them and head over. There is some
Grenade and Heavy ammo on the ground, so fill up if you need it.

Move into the next area for a short cutscene. Now it's time to kill more
Bambinies. I liked to kick them onto the spikes sticking out of the tree. After
you kill a lot of them, the Witch shows up and starts throwing explosive heads
and more Bambinies at you. I threw the Bambinies back at her. After she leaves,
the ghost wall dissipates and you can leave.

In the next area, there is another short cutscene. Move forward and grab a
candle, which is also an artifact (ATF 8/20: Witch Candle). Burn the roots with
the candle and then smash down the breakable door. Head down the street and
kill all the Bambinies. Head back to the first area and grab another candle.
Burn the roots to the left of where the chain wielding Bambinies burst through.

Section 3: Root of Evil - "Something else is rotten in Romania."

Head onto the bridge and you will get the first lore (LRE 5/12: Bleeding
Roots). Move down the street on the other side of the bridge. Take out the four
Nazi Robots and the Bambinies. I forgot to mention that if you get a grapple
kill on one of the Robots, you will receive a new type of ammo: Charge.

Head into the next area and there is a cutscene with the Witch. The ravens
block your path, but you can smash a hole into the building to right of the
pathway. This will trigger another cutscene and then you will receive the
second lore (LRE 6/12: Hanged Mason).

Knock down the door afterwards and head out. When you get on the bridge it will
be collapsed and then you will have to smash the barricade and climb back out,
where you killed the four Nazi Robots. Head back to the bridge and jump over
the gap. You will be attacked by two of the really large Bambinies. Stun it and
grapple it. Counter and jump on its back. Use regular punches to build up
energy and press "Y" when it tries to grab you and throw you off. Finish off
both of them and move on.

Immediately to the left after the bridge, there is a small staircase. Climb it
and you will be attack by a chain wielding Bambini. Kill it and follow the path
up to the balcony. Continue on and jump across the gap. Then jump down at the
second area.

Section 4: Branched Alleys - "Slippery steps and spiky rooftops."

Move forward and you will fight a large mob of Bambinies. Kill all of them to
break the ghost wall and move into the next area. Kill two more chain wielding
Bambinies and you will hear the sound of battle on the other side of the wall.
Before we go there, check the end of the street for Heavy and Salt ammo.

Go back down the street and knock down the breakable wall. Five Nazi Robots are
attacking the large Bambini. You can let the Bambini kill the Robots or you can
jump in and kill them all. Once they are out, kill the Bambini. Then head up
the street to get Heavy and Grenade ammo. Go back down near the hole you made
in the wall. Up the stairs from there is a Witch Candle, grab it and burn the
roots in the small alcove across from where you fought the Robots and large
Bambini. Continue on and you will enter a park looking area and enter a
cutscene with the Witch. Attack the Bambinies and the gate on the other side
will open.

Section 5: Ding Dong - "The bell tolls for thee."

Head out and you will see a very tall tower in the background. Walk towards the
door and you will enter it. Another cutscene with the Witch and you will enter
into battle with her. Before you take her out, grab a Bambini and throw him
onto the cursed fence thing next to the door you came in. This will break it
and you can grab the last artifact (ATF 9/20: Priest's Journal).

The Witch is actually fairly easy to beat. You can throw explosive heads that
she throws at you back. You can kick Bambinies at her or use their explosive
heads. After you hit her a couple of times on the ground, she punches you up
onto the second level. Hit her a few more times and you get knocked up to the
third level. Hit her a few more times and you take her out and get the final

Chapter Four: Undervillage - (Buried City, Romania, 2007)                (UV-1)

"With the ruins of the collapsed church blocking his exit, Hellboy must venture
further into the catacombs to find a way out."

Section 1: The Catacombs - "Oddly impressive carvings."

Follow the path and go down the stairs. Approach the odd looking statue and a
short cutscene follows. Then head down the next set of stairs. Attack the Nazi
Robots, there are a number of them, and it will break the ghost wall. Head down
the stairs/cave and you will get your first glimpse at a new enemy: Frogmen.

Keep heading down the path and you will see another cutscene. Note to the right
there are some burnable roots. This is where the secret artifact (ATF 10/20:
Pilot Goggles) are, but you have to get Ignite ammo first and replay this
chapter. For now, move on. When you reach the large area with the big gap in
the middle, pick up the sledgehammer and hit the bright orange sack thing on
the left. Pick up the orange ball and you will get an artifact (ATF 11/20: Frog

Now smash the dark gray pillar and it will make a bridge for you. Frogmen will
attack you. You can impale them on the bones (for an achievement), hit them
off the cliff (achievement), use the Frog Eggs (achievement), or just beat them
down. Kill them and the ones on the other side to break the ghost wall. Watch
out for the stinger things and head through the opening. Jump down and use the
lever to open the gate. Head through and trigger another cutscene.

Section 2: Interlopers - "The best holiday spots never stay secret."

As soon as the cutscene finishes, you will receive the first lore (LRE 7/12:
Krieger Machinations). Start fighting, take cover if you need to heal. Also,
you can collect the last artifact (ATF 12/20: Old Sword) by throwing three
enemies into the pit with the pump in it. The gate on the far left side will
open allowing you to collect the artifact.

If the Frogmen didn't get the all the Nazi Robots, head to the right corner and
you can get back onto the ledge you were on before the cutscene. Run around and
take out any Robots left, then any Frogmen. A small gate open and two more
Frogmen come out. Kill them and enter the cave.

Jump over to the small ledge and approach the little black pile on the end. You
can grab an unused torch from the pile and light it (press "B") in the green
fire on the other ledge. Light the unlit brazier on the main ledge, then burn
the roots. Kill the Frogmen who come and get a torch from the second pile. Get
that torch light and you can light another brazier and burn the other set of
roots. Ride the elevator up.

Follow the path and take out the four Frogmen who attack you in the broken
corridor. Head out and fight more Frogmen. When they die, the ghost barrier
breaks and you get access to Ignite ammo. Light the braziers if you want, but
shoot the roots to open up the pathway. Cross the small bridge and enter the
room. A cutscene is trigger and when it ends you will receive another lore
(LRE 8/12: Hyborian Tale).

Section 3: Colosseum - "I hope I'm getting a cut of the door."

Continue on and you will enter another cutscene. This fight is insanely easy.
You can use the sword to stun the beast and then grapple kill or you can Boom
attack him to stun him. Either way, kill him and the three Frogmen that jump
down to assist. After they are dead, one of the gates lower and the ghost wall

Follow the pathway and kill the Frogmen that attack. I impaled them on the
thorns. Burn away the roots and ride the elevator again. Smash the barricade
and fight a large mob of Frogmen. Once they are down, the ghost wall disappears
and you can continue on.

Follow the path and activate the lever on the left to open the gate. In the
next room, you will have to knock Frogmen into the pits with the unlit torches
in the center. Knock a couple into the pit on the right and the ghost wall
disappears. In the next room you have to knock three into each pit and then the
gate rises.

Continue into the next room and kill all the Frogmen and approach the big book
at the far end of the room. Another big Frogman will attack, kill him and his
buddies and that will trigger another cutscene.

Section 4: The Grinder - "Some things' purpose should remain a secret."

Grab the Ignite ammo and break down the wall. Continue down the path killing
the Frogmen and burning the roots. Take the elevator up at the end of the path.
Head into the small opening and take out the two Nazi Robots and two Frogmen.
Go into the next room and take out the Frogmen. Jump up on the ledge in the
corner to climb up to where the Nazi Robot is. Take it out and any remaining
Frogmen. Grab a torch and light it and head up the stairs, lighting the
braziers as you pass them. Kill the enemies and burn the roots and keep

The path eventually spirals really tightly and then enter into another area.
Continue killing the Frogmen as they come up and enter the little opening. A
ghost wall appears and you have to kill another large mob of Frogmen (I am
beginning to hate this level...). Kill all of them and then move into the next

Section 5: Feeding Room - "The choking chamber."

Cross over the gorge and begin the final battle. This battle is like the one
with the gorilla, you have to knock out the pillars around the room. I ignored
the large Frogmen and attacked the pillars. However, every time a pillar gets
knocked out the floor around it falls out and eight Frogmen attack you, so be
careful. Attack the three pillars and then clean out the remaining Frogmen.
Then jump onto the center pillar thing and smash it. This will trigger the
ending cutscene.

Chapter Five: Buried Evil - (Tunisia, 1967)                              (BE-1)

"Forty years ago, Hellboy staggers into another collision of Nazi misdeeds and
world-threatening myth."

Section 1: Lost and Found - "Always stop for directions."

Follow the dirt path around and jump up the ledges. You will enter a cutscene
and then receive the first lore (LRE 9/12: Outpost History). Continue on and
blue tentacles will rise up and block your path. Punch or shoot the orange
crystal piles to break off a piece and throw it at them to kill them.

Follow the path around until two soldiers pop out of the ground. Kill them and
proceed forward. You will encounter quite a few undead soldiers now. Some of
them won't die because they are kept alive by the tentacles. There is a cave
along the right hand side of the level. Go in there and grab an orange crystal
and kill the tentacles, then you can finish off the soldiers. After the undead
soldiers are dead, go back into the cave where you got the crystal and go all
the way to the back and to the right for the secret artifact (ATF 13/20: Alien
Artifact). Also grab a sword from the room too.

Section 2: Bridge Accident - "Zombies make the worst drivers."

Head back to where the tentacles were and proceed forward to be attacked by
undead soldier with electrified spikes. Use the sword on them and then shove
the blocking vehicle off the road. A short cutscene occurs and then you have
tentacles pop up that protect a mob of undead soldiers. The game glitched here
when I played, I had to throw 5-8 crystals at the tentacles before it
registered a hit. Once the tentacles die, however, the soldiers are really easy
to kill.

Follow the path that was blocked by the tentacles and you will trigger a
cutscene and receive the second lore (LRE 10/12: Bullet Case). This actually
allows you to make Crystal ammo from the crystal shards that we were throwing
at the tentacles.

Move forward and jump into the small opening. Break off some crystals to make
some Crystal ammo to kill the small horde of undead coming at you. Once they
are down, fill up on crystal ammo and move out. Smash the barricade and shoot
the wheel weapon wielding soldiers. Restock and head down the path. A cutscene
is triggered and you will get attacked by a large mob of a variety of undead
soldiers. Save the ammo for the big ones with the wheel weapon. Use the swords
scattered around for the smaller ones, and I got near the cliff edge on the
left hand side and punched a few of them over. Smash the breakable wall to

Section 3: The Fallen - "Not even statues can wait forever."

Run by the undead soldiers and kill the tentacles that pop up, this will cause
will damage all of the undead soldiers a lot. In fact, one hit will kill them.
Move forward and you will encounter more enemies including the undead soldiers
with grenade launchers. Before we deal with them, however, look behind the
green tent to the left and you will find an artifact (ATF 13/20: Archaeological
Journal). Now the grenade launching enemies are the ones you have to steal
their weapons from for the "Armed and Dangerous" achievement. However, run past
them all and kill the tentacles that pop up. Now you can disarm and kill all
the enemies.

Head back to where the tentacles popped up and make a right. Pass all the
undead soldiers and kill the tentacles that pop up. Then make the loop again
and kill this set of soldiers. Move to the left of the last tentacle position
and bypass the enemies again to take out the tentacles. Once they are dead,
take out all the enemies.

Continue forward again and take out the group of undead. Move down the path and
there will be several explosions, just keep moving and hang a left. Time for
yet another large fight. Use the swords to take out the small guys and then use
the ammo last. You might have to beat down, then grapple kill one or two of
them. Once they are down the ghost wall disappears. Go through the opening,
stock up on Crystal ammo, and jump down into the hole.

Section 4: Underground - "Moving furniture should always be this easy."

After the short cutscene, head up the stairs to the left and grab another
artifact (ATF 15/20: Alien Emblem). Move out and kill the undead soldiers on
both sides of the gap and restock on crystal ammo. Go back up the stairs and
use the small circle thing on the wall by pressing "RT" and "X". Head out to
the new area it opened. Head all the way up the stairs and use another circle
device. Jump over the ledge and head downstairs. Head up the first stairs and
down the second to get to the new area.

Section 5: Crystal Prison - "When a flaming fist just won't do."

A cutscene will triggered and you will enter quite possibly the most annoying
thing you've every had to do. This boss battle can be very frustrating. You
have to launch the big chunks of crystal at the thing's mouth when it is open.
This will cause it to fall in front of one of the three pillars around the
room. Activate them with the circle thing on the back. However, the monster
hatches undead soldiers continuously. Just pick up a crystal chunk and run
around the room until the thing bends over and opens its mouth. Once it falls
run to the pillar and activate. You have to do this three times and then
another cutscene follows. You will also receive the last artifact (ATF 16/20:
Alien Weapon).

Don't worry about the sword breaking, it won't. Start breaking off the armor
on the thing's mouth. Attack the undead soldiers that pop out too. Once the
mouth armor is gone. Run around and kill all the undead soldiers until no more
spawn in. Now back off and run in circles if you need to regenerate health.

Move in again and start hitting it again. Back off if you need to heal again.
Eventually it will die and trigger the ending cutscene.

Chapter Six: Castle Von Klempt - (Somewhere in Eastern Europe, 2007)     (VK-1)

"After being carried unconscious by an underground river for untold miles,
Hellboy washes up on a rocky shore in an unnamed sea."

Section 1: Barbed Shoreline - "Washed up and wrung out."

Walk down the beach to the small shack and trigger a cutscene ("outcrazying
competition between a plumber and a bridge builder" LOL!). You will receive the
first lore (LRE 11/12: Von Klempt's Lair) after the scene ends. Head into the
cave behind the shed and continue on. Attack the two Nazi Robots at the end of
the path and then take the two other Robots in the small hallway. Use the lever
on the right to shut off the green gas.

Move into the next area and fight six Nazi Robots and a Robot Officer. Don't
forget about grapple killing them for Charge ammo. It will take out several if
they are close together. Continue down the path and four more Robots will come
down a set of stairs at you. Kill them and head up the stairs. You will start
getting shot at by a stupid gorilla with a chaingun for an arm. Head up to the
third floor.

Now cross over to where the stairs on the other side are, but make a right onto
the catwalk and you will find an artifact (ATF 17/20: Black Oni Mask) at the
end of it. Now head back to stairs. Instead of going up them, head to the
center of the third level and jump up the stack metal crates to get to the
fourth level. Kill the two Nazi Robots and jump into the control room.

Take out the Robots in the control room and move down the tunnel and take out
the Robots. Behind the crates at the end of the tunnel is the second artifact
(ATF 18/20: Frog Worm Specimen).

Section 2: Von Klempt's Kitchen - "Awful sights and even worse smells."

Head out the small opening and go up the hall. Kill the Nazi Robot and head
into the lab. Take out the patrol of four Robots with a well placed Charge
round and then get the two Robot Officers. Enter the room that had a ghost wall
on it and you will enter a cutscene. After the cutscene is over you will
receive the last lore (LRE 12/12: Silent Witness Speaks). Pull the lever on the
wall next to the door and it will open the gate back in the main room. Kill the
Robots that come out and head down the hall.

You will be faced by the gun wielding gorilla. Shoot him with several Grenade
or Charge rounds and then heavy attack him. Once the gorilla is stunned grapple
kill him and the explosion will open a hole in the gate. Follow it into another
lab. Kill the two Robots and grab some Ignite ammo if you need it from the room
on the bottom floor. Head up the stairs and follow it around until you come to
a hall on the right. Enter it and kill the two Robots and gorilla.

Head out and the alarm will be raised. Head to the right and smash down the
door. Follow the path, killing all the Robots and Frogmen that get in your way.
There are several Ignite refill places, so you can use that ammo to kill the
Frogmen. Now in the circular room with the open pit in the center before the
large room with the staircase in it, there is an artifact. Start picking up
the stuff on the right hand side. One of the things looks like a helium or
oxygen tank. That is the artifact (ATF 19/20: Green Gas Tank).

Head out of that room and make a right. You will run into a gate. Make a left
and head up the big staircase. Head left, then right, and then go up another
staircase. Kill the Robots and Frogman, then head up the next set of stairs.

Section 3: Ruptured Courtyard - "Monster mash."

Kill the Robot and smash the doors. Move forward to battle the large Frogman
and Nazi Robots. After they are all killed, Von Klempt release three of the
stupid gorillas and Frogmen. Fortunately, they will attack each other. Take
them out and then smash down the broken window area. Jump through and kill the
three Frogmen and climb up the broken staircase.

Head down the bridge and kill the two Nazi Robots. Proceed forward and the
stupid gorilla from Japan is back. This time shoot it with a Grenade round and
stun it, then grapple kill it. Two Frogmen jump up, kill them. Head off the
bridge and kill the four Nazi Robots. Smash through the large door and jump off
to the left.

Section 4: The Bridge - "The beginning of the end."

Head into the small opening on the left and use the lever to shut off some of
the gas pipes. Exit and hop over to the next small room. Use the lever there to
shut off more gas. Exit and smash the breakable wall to continue on. Use the
lever to cut off some more pipes and head to the stairs. Kill the three Frogmen
and head up the stairs.

Go out the small opening and take out the Frogmen. Use the lever to shut off
the gas blocking the way and continue on. The next area will have a gorilla
fighting Frogmen. Move in and take them out. The gorilla's death will open up
the path for you. Hop down and enter the room. Smash the desk to the left for
the secret artifact (ATF 20/20: Von Klempt's Diary). Exit and follow the room
around. Take the elevator up and exit the room. I ignored the enemies killing
each other and ran up the other stairs.

Section 5: Final Showdown - "Plug and play."

Once you enter the room at the top, a cutscene is triggered. Throw explosive
barrels at the thing before it uses it laser mouth to destroy almost all of the
objects in the room. Once it is stunned, grapple it from behind, counter, and
then punch it using "X". Don't worry if the stupid thing eats you, it will spit
you back out. There are two cutscenes during this portion of the battle. The
second has both of you falling out of the tower.

Now grab the stones on the ground and throw them at the monster. It will stun
it eventually, and you can grapple it from behind again. Punch it until it
throws you off. Throw more stones at it, and shoot it with any Grenade ammo you
have left. It will also call in Frogmen (great.....). Keep hitting it with
stones and punching it. There are two cutscenes in the portion as well. After
the second one, grab the head (which can be difficult sometimes) and hit the
monster with it. Once it is stunned, grapple it and finish it off. Enjoy the
ending cutscene.

                               Artifacts (AF-1)

Artifact 1: Diary of Ileana (Chapter 1)
"I went against her rules, trying one of the forbidden remedies to cure my
sister's fever. Now the entire family has been struck down, and it is my fault.
I know by morning only I will remain."

Artifact 2: Eye of Krom (Chapter 1 - Secret Artifact)
"A large and garish stone. Not classy, but almost thrums with a kind of raw

Artifact 3: The Curious Card (Chapter 2)
"A familiar logo from the B.R.P.D. files. Seems like these things got their
just deserts."

Artifact 4: Cicada Stone (Chapter 2)
"A reassuring and somewhat vengeful buzz emits from the carving, as if it's
glad to help kick some butt."

Artifact 5: Black Oni's Sword (Chapter 2)
"An almost weightless length of shimmering steel. Held close to the ear, it
sounds like a gurgling stream."

Artifact 6: Ancient Coin (Chapter 2 - Secret Artifact)
"Feels... lucky. Maybe I should bet this thing on Red next time I'm at the

Artifact 7: Watchman's Journal (Chapter 3 - Secret Artifact)
"A record of a dwindling population, with a note in the margins: 'Surely all
the missing cannot be breaking the rules?'"

Artifact 8: Witch Candle (Chapter 3)
"I hate witchfire; the flame is always cold, and I don't really want to think
about what the candle is made from."

Artifact 9: Priest's Candle (Chapter 3)
"Tonight, for the third time, the candles have gone out. In the darkness I can
hear a scratching that there before. A scratching from below."

Artifact 10: Pilot Goggles (Chapter 4 - Secret Artifact)
"I can only assume he didn't fly down here. Guess someone or something likes
collecting random junk as much as me."

Artifact 11: Frog Egg (Chapter 4)
"There's something wriggling around inside. Wonder if Abe would like a Pet for
his tank?"

Artifact 12: Old Sword (Chapter 4)
"An ancient sword with hilt work unlike anything crafted in the last millennia.
I really don't think it's a good idea to wield this thing."

Artifact 13: Alien Artifact (Chapter 5 - Secret Artifact)
"Why do I get the feeling that holding this wrong could blow up my hand?"

Artifact 14: Archaeological Journal (Chapter 5)
"Though the men are weak - indeed, some look dead - something drives us now to
uncover that which lies beneath the sands. We know it is here. We can feel it

Artifact 15: Alien Emblem (Chapter 5)
"I'd leave it lying on the ground, but I don't like the idea of those Nazi
things getting their hands on it."

Artifact 16: Alien Weapon (Chapter 6)
"It's a bit damaged, but seems to work well enough. Some kind of conducting
rod, powered when I hold it. Wish my remote worked the same."

Artifact 17: Black Oni Mask (Chapter 6)
"He still looks angry, and I don't blame him. No one should be reduced to a
mantelpiece trinket. Except maybe snow globe head."

Artifact 18: Frog Worm Specimen (Chapter 6)
"The label on the jar reads 'not fit for consumption'."

Artifact 19: Green Gas Tank (Chapter 6)
"Whatever's in this thing, I don't think it's for a barbeque. The steel is
clammy, and it smells like death."

Artifact 20: Von Klempt's Diary(Chapter 6)
"'Today I had a breakthrough! Gorillas instead of poodles! I am a genius!'
Blah, blah, blah."

                                  Lore (LO-1)

Lore 1: Bound Love (Chapter 1)
"The old crone sure knows how to hold a grudge. Probably not a good idea to get
on her wrong side. Guess it's a bit late for that, now."

Lore 2: The Buried King (Chapter 1)
"A nice enough guy now, I guess, but I get the feeling he maybe wasn't that
pleasant to be around back in the day."

Lore 3: Nazi Robot (Chapter 2)
"A rusting piece of machinery with a scorched hand print across its face.
Wonder if it came with a warranty?"

Lore 4: Drafted (Chapter 2)
"Some territorial demons, a rampaging ape, and a wind-seeking intruder
wandering around, and this guy wants me to go ring a bell. I love it when
things make sense."

Lore 5: Bleeding Roots (Chapter 3)
"There's something other than the witch at work in this village. Something from
below. Something bad."

Lore 6: Hanged Mason (Chapter 3)
"They were digging where they shouldn't, and didn't turn back when they could.
Same old story. Same old question: what followed them out."

Lore 7: Krieger Machinations (Chapter 4)
"Looks like these pipes connect up to the machinery above, drawing something up
from below. Guess I should ask them what or why. Either that or hit them. Tough

Lore 8: Hyborian Tale (Chapter 4)
"Despite this guy's cheerful outlook on the situation, the words 'Feeding' and
'Birth' don't exactly fill me with a whole lot of joy."

Lore 9: Outpost History (Chapter 5)
"An ancient city built and an expedition left stranded, all to imprison...
well, guess that's the question."

Lore 10: Bullet Case (Chapter 5)
"It makes bullets. Big ones. Just what I always wanted. Guess I better not
disappoint these guys."

Lore 11: Von Klempt's Lair (Chapter 6)
"10 years of Bureau searching, and I wash up on the old head-case's doorstep
thanks to a supernatural kleptomaniac and an oversize caterpillar. Sure beats
working for a living, I guess."

Lore 12: Silent Witness Speaks (Chapter 6)
"This place is a magnet for bad guys doing bad things. First some crazy
zookeeper, then the Nazis, and now, again, old chrome dome. Rent must be

                                  Ammo (AM-1)

Constant Ammo:

Heavy - 40 Rounds Maximum: (Start the game with)
Old faithful. 600 grams of dumb lead force. Not a stone fist, but pretty close.

Salt - 12 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 1)
They don't turn into pillars, but if they're hit fast enough, it doesn't

Splinter - 10 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 2)
"A collection of holy relics and magical shrapnel. Just spray. Prayer

Grenade - 5 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 3)
"Pull trigger. Things explode. My kind of shooting."

Charge - 5 Rounds Maximum (Taken in Chapter 4)
"An explosive constructed form some kind of power core."

Replaceable Ammos:

This ammo slot changes because several levels have special ammo needed to
complete the level.

Release - 7 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 1,3)
The lily grew first along the River Styx: Flowers of death that unbind and

Firefly - 7 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 2)
"Magic fireflies to light magic lanterns. Is it wrong that this kind of makes

Ignite - 5 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 4,6)
"Gross, but effective."

Crystal - 7 Rounds Maximum (Found in Chapter 5)
"A fused piece of tentacle-hurting crystal. Don't know why it works, but I
don't care either."

                              Achievements (AC-1)

Level Completion

These you will get just for beating the level. They are automatic.

50GP   Hiker................................Completed Chapter 1 in Single

75GP   Weatherman...........................Completed Chapter 2 in Single

75GP   Tourist..............................Completed Chapter 3 in Single

75GP   Spelunker............................Completed Chapter 4 in Single

75GP   Legionnaire..........................Completed Chapter 5 in Single

100GP  Weatherman...........................Completed Chapter 6 in Single

If you host a game, you can only be Hellboy. So you will have to trade off
hosting to get the Abe and Liz achievements.

There is a glitch for the multiplayer achievements. It is courtesy of:

"NOTE: this only unlocks the "It takes Two" achievement for the invitee and not
the host. Have someone you know that has beaten the entire game IN CO-OP.

Have him invite you into a room set up on the last part of Chapter 1 which is
called "KING'S BARROW" and play until the end of the Chapter. You will get the
"It Takes Two" achievement and either "I sense... Co-Op" or "Some Like It Hot"
achievements, depending on who you choose as a character. You will also receive
any achievement the host got while playing co-op, so you may have a few weapon
achievements and artifact achievements done for you. It will make your card
look a bit weird with a bunch of things unlocking at the same minute, but this
glitch is in plain sight so everyone will know why."

50GP   I Sense... Co-Op.....................Complete any Multiplayer Chapter as
                                            Abe on Xbox Live

50GP   Some Like It Hot.....................Complete any Multiplayer Chapter as
                                            Liz on Xbox Live

100GP  It Takes Two.........................Complete all Chapters in
                                            Multiplayer on Xbox Live


For "Heads You Win," just pull the heads of the Bambinies and throw them at
their friends. For "Boom-Boom," if you do not get it on your normal play
through, load the section Crimson Snow (CH. 2) and play through it until it
saves, then reload it. "Angry Plumber" is fairly easy to get the first time
through. If you don't just reload the beginning (CH. 3) and pull off the pipes
to kill the Bambinies.

The easiest way to get "Egg-splosive" (CH. 4) is to start at the beginning of
the level and get to the area where you knock down the stone pillar to cross
the gap. There is an egg-sac to the left and you can use it to kill the
Frogmen. Then proceed to the next area to save it and reload.

For "Armed and Dangerous" load The Fallen (CH. 5) section and get to the part
with the grenade launching undead. Shoot their corresponding tentacles and then
take their weapons and kill their buddies. Play until it saves and then reload.

The following tip was found on the Xbox360 Achievements Guide page (link below)

For "Chiropractor" load Von Klempt's Kitchen (CH. 6) and get to the part where
you have to fight a gorilla and two Nazi Robots. Pick up the spine and kill the
Robots, then jump off the side to die and it will respawn you just before this
part letting you do it over and over again.

"Going Down" is easiest to complete in Chapter 4. Just punch the stupid Frogmen
over the edge of the cliffs as they come up. It makes the level faster and gets
you extra achievement points.

"Prickly Personality" has several areas to boost in. I liked using the Big and
Small (CH. 3) section, where you fight the Witch when the Bambinies come out of
the well. You can kick and throw them onto the spikes on the tree. You can also
impale Frogmen on the big spiky roots or the big sets of rib cages lying around
in Chapter 4.

"I Feel Lucky" is really easy to get in Chapter 1 or Chapter 3 because
Bambinies are super easy to kill with regular ammo. Just reload a level if you
need too.

"Goal!" is easy because it does not require you to kick 50 individual heads. So
if you trap one against a wall, just keep kicking it. It is easy to do this on
Chapter 1 with one of the Bambinies that regenerate their heads or you can do
it when you fight the Witch, who throws heads at you.

For "Vertigo," load Crimson Snow (CH. 3) and get to the cutscene with the old
man, afterwards jump off the cliff to the right of his hut. It will respawn you
right where you jumped off.

10GP   Heads You Win........................Defeat 25 enemies with Bambini

10GP   Boom-Boom............................Defeat 25 enemies with Oni Clubs

10GP   Angry Plumber........................Defeat 25 enemies with Drain Pipes

10GP   Egg-splosive.........................Defeat 25 enemies with Frog Eggs

10GP   Armed and Dangerous..................Defeat 25 enemies with Krieger Guns

10GP   Chiropractor.........................Defeat 25 enemies with Ape Spines

10GP   Going Down...........................Defeat 50 enemies by throwing them
                                            off cliffs

10GP   Prickly Personality..................Defeat 50 enemies by throwing them
                                            onto spikes

10GP   I Feel Lucky.........................Defeat 50 enemies with the

10GP   Goal!................................Kick 50 Bambini Heads

10GP   Vertigo..............................Fall off cliffs 20 times


The locations of the secret artifacts are described in the level walkthroughs.
I cannot explain why the achievements spell them artefacts, but the mission
status spells them artifacts.

10GP   Eye On The Prize.....................Find the hidden artefact in Chapter

10GP   Finders Keepers......................Find the hidden artefact in Chapter

10GP   Watching The Missing.................Find the hidden artefact in Chapter

10GP   I See You............................Find the hidden artefact in Chapter

10GP   Artefact Appreciation................Find the hidden artefact in Chapter

10GP   Dear Diary...........................Find the hidden artefact in Chapter

20GP   Debt Collector.......................Find all the Artefacts

Secret Achievements

There are four secret achievements worth 160GP, however, they seem to attached
to the Downloadable Content (DLC) that is coming out. I will update when I
found out what the actual achievements are.

                                Glitches (GL-1)

If you know of a glitch not reported here, e-mail me and I will post it and
credit you. Just give me your GameFAQs name.

Several glitches involve combat. Being at a different height than the enemy
will almost always prevent you from grappling them. Sometimes your attacks will
clip through the enemy and not hurt them.

An achievement glitch reported for getting several achievements at once:
Courtesy of:

"NOTE: this only unlocks the "It takes Two" achievement for the invitee and not
the host. Have someone you know that has beaten the entire game IN CO-OP.

Have him invite you into a room set up on the last part of Chapter 1 which is
called "KING'S BARROW" and play until the end of the Chapter. You will get the
"It Takes Two" achievement and either "I sense... Co-Op" or "Some Like It Hot"
achievements, depending on who you choose as a character. You will also receive
any achievement the host got while playing co-op, so you may have a few weapon
achievements and artifact achievements done for you. It will make your card
look a bit weird with a bunch of things unlocking at the same minute, but this
glitch is in plain sight so everyone will know why."

                            Thanks & Credits (TC-1)

Thank you so much for reading this guide. I hope you find it helpful and please
feel free to e-mail with any corrections.

I would like to thank the following companies and people: for making a text-to-ASCII art converter. for
having some very valuable achievement tips as well as a couple of Artefacts I
had problems finding.

Dark Horse for publishing the Hellboy comics.
Myself for sitting in front of my computer for several hours to write this.
GameFAQs for allowing me to post and keeping it free for us.
All of you who actually are reading this portion of the guide.


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