PS3 Walkthroughs: Wipeout HD Walkthrough

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Wipeout HD Walkthrough

Wipeout HD

| Wipeout HD FAQ              |
| Written by: Daniel Green    |
| Copyright 2008 Daniel Green |

Version History
Version 1.00 (10-02-2008)
+- Began work on the guide, as sort of a stop gap for constant questions asked
   on the boards.

Version 1.10 (10-04-2008)
+- Added Course & Vehicle Descriptions, I should have done this in the first
   place, but I didn't think it was entirely necessary the first time through.

Table of Contents
+ Introduction           (#001)
+ Game Modes             (#002)
+ Course Descriptions    (#003)
+ Vehicle Descriptions   (#004)
+ Trophy List & Guide    (#005)
+ My Personal Techniques (#006)
+ Closing Statements     (#007)
+ Contact Info           (#008)
+ Legal                  (#009)

| Introduction        (#001)|

About Me
Ok, well to begin with I started this guide so that I could basically stop the
countless questions being asked that have been answered time and time again. 
So without further to do I shall continue on, I have been playing this game 
since the launch day, and I seemed to be the person gaining trophies the 
fastest among all my friends, and I found myself feeling like I (brace of ego)
was better than most of the others that play, I have received countless spam 
invites asking me to do a lot of things, trading and of course the occasional
"Will you get my trophies for me?" friend request. I decided I'd make this
guide to share my knowledge I've gained as best as possible with everyone.

What to expect from this guide
Basically I'm going to give (as best I can) accurate details on little tidbits 
of the game and hopefully answer most if not all your questions about it.

Ok since this game comes with an included manual and brief introduction to the 
game mechanics, I won't go into complete detail, however I would hope that you
familiarize yourself most of it, especially barrel rolls, and your control 
layout. I personally use the default control layout, but a lot of people find 
others to be better for them. Hopefully I can get some people to submit to me
some better control layouts or ones that they think are good. *Hint Hint*

Pilot Assist
Ok, I recommend personally doing at least one race with this on however after 
that turn it off, it does slow you down so I would just turn it off after
winning one race with it on for the trophy. People may use this online but
personally I just look at them with a frown and continue on about my day.

Weapons & Pickups
Autopilot: Surrender control of your ship to an automated pilot for a few
           seconds and admire the scenery.

Shield: Become Invulnerable to weapons fire or collision damage for a brief
        period with this protective energy field.

Turbo: Activate a Turbo and boost your way through the pack, over a jump, or
       out of harm's way with a gratifying burst of speed.

Rockets: Dependable and Destructive, the Rockets are three forward-firing
         projectiles that practically guarantee a hit at close-range.

Missle: This smart Missle can be fired instantly for a ricochet effect, or
        locked-on for a more accurate shot at the competition.

Cannon: Pepper your opponents with this 30 round rapid-fire barrage of high-
        caliber proton shells. Fire in bursts for best effect.

Plasma: This dark energy weapon surges across the track causing heavy damage
        to anything that crosses its path.

Quake: This high-power seismic shock will blaze its way dwon the track with a
       fierce, explosive momentum.

Leech Beam: The Leech Beam is a pulsating electronic grapple that drains
            energy from your opponents and transfers it to your ship.

Mine: Drop a quintet of the floating Mines to blindside your opponents with
      a finely-tuned trail of explosions.

Bomb: Unleash this high-grade wide-radius explosive from the rear of your ship
      and prepare for a satisfying detonation.

All those were taken from the game's description, basically they are what they
say they are, the most powerful weapons being:

1. Plasma
2. Quake/Rockets (if all 3 hit)/Bomb (all same damage I believe)
3. Missle

All their usefulness depends on your speed class, at Venom you may find auto-
pilot completely useless, however at Phantom class I'd say it's one of, if not
the best pickup. Of course there's always boost and so forth, you'll find what
you're comfortable with as you play through the game.

| Game Modes          (#002)|

Ok time for the nitty gritty, I'm gonna list these as they appear in the menu.

| Campaign Mode             |

Ok first a short description of how campaign mode works, campaign mode is 
essentially every type of race packed into different events. Your first event
is of course Uplift. It contains 6 races, if you notice before you enter into
the uplift event you'll see Point Achieved and Total Points Available. Here's
a chart to explain it and make it more easily readable.

- Point System for Events -
- Gold Medal   - 3 points -
- Silver Medal - 2 points -
- Bronze Medal - 1 point  -

I'll explain race types in a bit. Now I'll go ahead and tell you this, this
entire campaign bit is going to be HARD... not as hard as a couple of trophies
but still it's going to be hard. Now onto Racebox and further race notes.

| Race Box                  |

Essentially Race Box is 'Arcade Mode', it allows you to explore everything in
the game except for courses that you haven't unlocked in campaign mode.

Let's start by further explaining race types.

--------Single Race--------
This is fairly simple, in Racebox you have the option to change speed class,
weapons on or off, AI Difficulty, and of course the number of players. Start
with the AI on Novice if you like (or if you skipped into campaign mode meh)
and get a feel for the game, graduate yourself to skilled when you think you
are ready to do so, the only reason I recommend this is because later on a
trophy actually requires you do beat everything on Elite AI difficulty, so it
will be less of a learning curve if you at least jump to Skilled.

--------Time Trial---------
Time Trial is scored by taking all of the laps you make in the race and 
combining it for a total time. The Speed Class you choose affects how many
laps the time trial will be: Venom is 3 laps. Flash is 4, Rapier is 4, and
lastly Phantom is 5.

--------Speed Lap----------
This is basically the same concept as time trial without the lap restriction.
There's actually a trophy that requires you to go through 99 laps in a single
racebox race, this is where you do it. A couple of tips for setting fast times

1. Boost onto the lap that you're about to make your timed attempt. What I 
mean by this is, when you start go around the circuit once, then just before
the start/finish line, boost. That'll shave off some seconds plus you'll have
a boost to use on that lap.

2. Use the Speed Lap race type to just help yourself learn tracks, 95% of this
game is knowing the tracks, where speed pads are and so forth.

This is fairly simple and requires little explanation, it's multiple Single
Races back to back, however to get gold you need not necessarily place first
in every single race, you just need to make sure your point total is higher
than everyone else.

Ahh... my favorite race type. Zone is unique and it's such a blessing that we
have custom soundtracks to jam out to while doing this. Here's a breakdown on
how scoring and zones are done.

Speed Pads = 100 points
Doing a Barrel Roll = 1000 Points
Perfect Zone = 1000 Points
Perfect Lap  = 2000 Points

Now if you're looking at that and thinking "Hey Barrel Rolls cool!" Be very
careful on when you decide to do them, I usually do my barrel rolls up until
Zone 49 then I stop right there, because that's when I start hitting walls,
which can really ruin your day if you do it too much, but alas I'm getting
ahead of myself.

Ok, zone starts off on any track you want, and basically the premise of this
game mode is to complete the laps and hit the walls as little as humanly
possible (which mind you gets really tough at Zones 75+). The entire time you
are going around the circuit you will be gaining points, so it's not really a
big deal if you can't get perfect zones or perfect laps necessarily just hold
out until you get a gold/silver/bronze medal, unless of course you're going
for a trophy, then the best thing you can do if you're going for a trophy is
avoid the walls at all costs. 

A couple final notes about zone:
As you increase in zones, so does your speed, however your handling only gets
upgrading to compensate for your new speed every time you hit a "named" zone.
For instance, say I was at Phantom Speed Zone 26, my handling of my ship will
get much better as soon as I hit Super Phantom at Zone 27.

Ok now that I have explained the game modes a bit, let me go back and help
you understand campaign mode a bit better.

| Campaign Mode Revisited   |

Ok as I said before, campaign mode is essentially every race type combined
into events. Let's start by explaining Uplift.

Uplift Event
This event consists of:

2 - Speed Lap Races
1 - Time Trial
2 - Single Races
1 - Zone Race

That's a total of 6 races for this one event. None are too hard, and at this
first event everything is kinda slowed down for you (except Zone it increases
in speed gradually anyway). I can't really offer advice per track, most of the
game is based on your skill and how well it improves as you go. But I will say
that it would be best if you aim for Gold Medals across the board if you can.
This is required for a trophy later so might as well knock it out on your
first visit through campaign mode.

Warped Event
This event consists of:

3 - Single Races
1 - Zone Race
2 - Time Trials
2 - Speed Lap Races

Again not much to be said here or at anyother event, but I figured I'd at 
the very least show you what you're coming up to in the future. Remember 
the technique for Speed Lap Races for boosting onto your 'attempt' lap, 
right before the start/finish line to improve your chances of getting gold

Frenzy Event
This event consists of:

2 - Speed Lap Races
3 - Single Races
1 - Zone Race
3 - Time Trials
1 - Tournament (4 Races Long)

Woo first tournament, remember point is to these not to place first in 
every race necessarily but to get first overall.

Vertigo Event
This event consists of:

1 - Tournament (4 Races Long)
2 - Time Trials
3 - Speed Lap Races
3 - Single Races
1 - Zone Race

Boo still only 1 Zone race in the whole event. Things may start to be 
getting much tougher, if they are... remember just take your time go do
some speed laps in racebox mode, and get used to the newer tracks and the
higher speeds. It's mainly all practice and (if you're on Elite Difficulty
especially) luck from here on out.

Head Rush Event
This event consists of: 

3 - Time Trials
3 - Speed Lap Races
1 - Tournament
2 - Single Races
1 - Zone Race

Not much to be said here aside from saying try and go practice if you're 
still finding this tough.

Speed Freak Event
This event consists of:

3 - Speed Lap Races
3 - Time Trials
4 - Single Races
1 - Zone Race
1 - Tournament

This is the same thing as before, just more complex and challenging.

Dropzone Event
This event consists of:

3 - Single Races
3 - Speed Lap Races
4 - Time Trials
2 - Tournaments
2 - Zone Races

Woohoo 2 Zone Races, this is basically the same as before, just now faster.

Meldown Event
This event consists of:

4 - Time Trials
8 - Single Races
4 - Speed Lap Races
1 - Tournament

Knew that last event with 2 Zones was a ripoff, no zones... and yes this is
the hardest campaign event, so get ready to pull your hair out, but trust
me this can be done, so there's no real need to go throwing controllers.
Though I will say, have fun saying a lot of mean words.

Finally Done with all the events, there's not much else to explain in the 
way of game modes, so now I'll just skip right into trophies.

| Course Descriptions (#003)|

In this section, I'll go over briefly the corners and overall layout of the
courses included in Wipeout HD. There aren't any (as of yet) overhead views for
these tracks online, so I can't find them and just upload them to explain
this any better than going corner by corner as they come at you so to speak.

Vineta K
This is the first track listed in racebox mode, and I might as well start by
going over this track and then continuing forward.

Course Description (This is a little improvosation, this track however is
originally from Wipeout Pure):

Vineta K is basically your first track, it isn't exceptionally difficult, but
it is rather difficult to run perfectly. So without delay, let me dive right
into the track "walkthrough".

Corner 1:
The very first corner is not far from the start/finish line (as with most
tracks) and is rather easy to navigate.

Corner 2:
Corner 2 is a rather sharp left hander, but nothing that isn't easily handled
by airbrakes even at phantom class speed.

Corner 3 & 4:
While not entirely a BIG corner, it does kinda throw you off for the next, this
is a rather tame right hander. Immediately following the 3rd corner is a 
slightly sharp left handed corner, I personally just shoot down the center of
this corner complex and then hit the airbrake hard as soon as I come to the
apex of Corner 4.

Jump 1:
This is a small jump, on lower speed classes (Venom, Flash) I recommend trying
to execute a barrel roll here, it'll give you a nice boost and also try to hit
the left speed pad and hug the wall for the next corner complex.

Corner 5 & 6:
Pretty mild left handed corner followed by another mild right hander, not much
to say here, so let's continue forward.

Corner 7:
This corner is rather long and (still does) give me problems on Phantom class.
It's not really hard, I just usually end up grazing the right edge of the wall.

Corner 8 & Jump 2:
This last corner is meant to slow you down a touch (if you're on phantom) so
you can get a barrel roll off of this hill. So if you can do it, and aim for
the pad in the center at the bottom of the little ditch.

Corner 9:
Slightly hard left here that leads you back up onto the front straight. If you
have a speed boost, I recommend you use it on the hill up towards the finish
line so you can gain some air and execute a barrel roll while doing so.

And that does it for Vineta K.

Anulpha Pass
Pretty much the coveted Zone course, it's fairly simple as the corners are
either easy to manage, or almost non-existant.

Corner 1:
This is (in my opinion) the hardest corner of the track, it's a 180 degree
hairpin that leads onto the back part of the track. There are numerous speed
pads located on this corner, try to hit all 3 for a good time here.

Small note, as soon as you come out of the 'tunnel' for corner 1, you will be
at the top of a small hill, if you go down this hill, you'll notice it has a
small bump before the 3 pads that lead to the next corner, this is where you
would start your barrel roll chain for the Zico time.

Corner 2 & 3:
This complex isn't too bad, if you hug the inside line (while aiming for the
left pad on top of the hill) you'll be on your way to a decent time. Corner 2
is a small right hander, corner 3 is a very gradual bend back to the left.

Corner 4 & 5:
This is another very gradual corner complex, you start from the small bottle
neck just passed corner 3, and start by turning left through the first left
handed corner. Then you come to corner five which is a gradual bend to the
right, try and hit the speed pad near the apex of corner 5.

Corner 6:
I personally hate this corner, it's a 90 degree left handed corner, the reason
I hate it? It is pretty much the only corner on the track that gives you a big
problem in Zone mode if you miss your airbrake timing.

Corner 7:
This corner isn't too bad, but at the end of this corner is the one and only
REAL jump, though there is one more just before the track ends. You have two
options on this little ramp, you can either go the high road, or the low road.
I'll start by explaining the low road.

Chicane (Lower road before start/finish.):
This isn't what I would refer to as a chicane, but the definition of the term
fits the bill, it's 4 corners, starting by you moving to the left, then right
and so on. When you reach the end of this, you will be at the finish line.

Straight (Higher road before start/finish.):
This straight is fairly straight forward (heh pun). There are 4 pads located
on this straight, you can miss them, but it isn't easy to do so. After the 4th
speed pad, you can choose to dive off to the left onto the final pads just
when the chicane is completing below you for an extra boost.

And that covers Anulpha Pass.

Moa Therma
I like this track, but it's also irritating. So I'll jump right into it.

Corners 1 & 2:
This complex started with a sharp left handed corner, followed immediately by
a hairpin leading onto the big "loop-da-loop". I'd recommend practicing this
corner plenty of times on all speed classes to get used to it, this isn't the
worst corner, but will hurt you highly if you hit a wall here.

Corner 3:
This is a rather sharp right handed corner, there's a speed pad just passed it
in the middle of the track, I recommend also practicing this corner several
times to be able to hit that pad.

Corner 4:
This corner isn't as bad as it may look, you have camber on the corner to help
your turn in, though it is a slightly sharp left handed corner.

Corner 5 & 6:
This starts with a sharp right hander that isn't too hard to navigate but the
next corner is what makes navigating 5 perfectly crucial to having a good time.
As soon as you come out of Corner 5, you have a quick jut to the left for 
corner 6 you want to try your best to hit the first pads here, because of the
mag strip that basically glues you to the track.

Corner 7 & 8:
Corner 7 is where you will perform the barrel roll on this track (the one
required for the trophy) if you do it at all, I explain later in the trophy
section on how to get this trophy, so I won't get into detail, however in a
normal race, you do want to aim for the speed pad on corner 7. Corner 8 is the
last corner of the track, it's a rather tame left hander that follows
immediately after corner 7 which is the only thing slightly challenging about
this corner.

And that covers this track, onto the next.

Chengou Project
Not much to say except I do like this track design even though it is hard.

Corner 1 & 2:
Corner 1 is a sharp right handed corner that leads into your second corner,
this complex is rather hard to even get close to master, so I recommend you
practice it a lot to make sure that you touch the walls as little as possible
(you do have pilot assist off by now right? It will make you a better player
as most people will tell you). As I was saying, corner 2 is a sharp, SHARP
left handed corner, I nearly always scrape the outside wall here.

Jump 1 (and 2):
Both of these jumps aren't really too bad, and they are great if you're trying
to get used to barrel rolling. However if you can skip the second jump (say you
had a boost you were waiting to use) then do it, however be careful on phantom
class trying to jump the second jump, if you boost too late you're liable to 
hit the track decoration above corner 3, so be careful with it.

Corner 3:
A rather hard corner to master, and especially hard to enter if you used a
boost on that straight you just came from, however once you're in the corner, I
personally have found that if you can pitch your vehicle down towards the track
while turning in this corner, it helps negate that nasty slowing "hopping"
effect that this corner has your vehicle.

Corner 4:
This is a double apex'd corner, it starts with a short right handed lead-in to
the next apex. The second apex here at higher speeds pretty much needs an air
brake to get through. I recommend practicing this whole track, but this corner
as well you would want to focus on, if you hop up here you loose some valuable
time if you're going for a record.

Corner 5:
This corner isn't as bad as it looks, there's plenty of camber here to help
you get through it, however apply airbrakes as needed to get through it.

Jump 3:
The BIG jump, trust me, don't try to boost at the end of the jump if you do
you might hit the top of the tunnel for corner 6, so be careful if you plan on
boosting at this hill at all, this is also the best place to barrel roll if
you are going to do it at all.

This is a pretty brutal chicane at higher and lower speeds, your goal here is
to manuever through this thing, and hit the 2 speed pads on the final straight.
This isn't necessary, but it will do you a lot of good to practice this chicane
a lot to master it.

And that concludes Chengou Project.

This track you pretty much stay glued to the surface, but this is also quite a
challenge if you aren't used to it, and it's even worse backwards.

Corners 1 & 2:
This first set of corners isn't really all too bad, it starts as a gentle left
hander with a slightly sharper right hander. Not much to this one here, aim for
the right speed pad and then the pad on the left down the small straight after
corner 2.

Corner 3:
I only refer to this as one corner, because it basically leads in the same
direction, however some people may say this was corner 3 & 4, however I would
like to call it 3 and just say it's double-apexed. Anyway, this starts off with
a slightly sharp right hander, and then the second apex is a much much sharper
right hander, I have found that as soon as you are done airbraking for the
second corner (this is mainly for phantom class mind you) to immediately side
shift to your right to hit the pad and continue on to corner 4.

Corners 4 & 5:
This starts out with a slightly sharp left handed corner, that almost requires
airbrakes in any speed class, followed shortly there-after with a right hander
with a narrow exit after the apex, which also almost makes this a required
airbrake corner at any class.

Corner 6 & 7:
This complex starts out right after the magstrip. It begins as a long long
right handed corner, which leads into corner 7, corner 7 is a slightly sharp
left hander that requires airbrakes in higher speed classes. Try not to "hop"
on this corner to minimize time lost by accidently doing so.

Corner 8 & 9:
Corner 8 is your standard right handed hairpin corner, try and aim for the
speed pad at the end of this corner. Shortly after corner 8 you are thrust into
corner 9, which is a rather tame left handed corner which leads you back to the
start/finish line.

I briefly went through this track because frankly there isn't much to it,
however I recommend you practice this track a lot to get used to the nasty
tight corners in this track.

Sebenco Climb
This is by far my favorite track, with Sol2 well behind it. This is a very
challenging track, but I will do my best to explain it and the "jumps" to you.

Hairpin 1:
And extremely tight left handed hairpin, there isn't much for me to tell you
here except to read my personal techniques in the later part of the FAQ for
an idea on how I handle these corners.

Jump 1:
Even if you miss the speed pad for this jump, you can generally pull off a 
barrel roll without it, however be very careful if you choose to barrel roll.
Doing so will make you lose ship energy which may be needed later in the track.
Of course if you're doing speed lap runs, ignore that comment.

Hairpin 2:
Another one, this time to the right, do your best to try and hit the speed pad
just after the corner.

Jump 2:
If you hit the speed pad just after hairpin 2, you can perform a barrel roll on
Flash speed class I believe, I haven't tested this, however I would not suggest
barrel rolling into this next corner, the jump is far too close to the apex.

Hairpin 3:
Immediately after the jump 2 area, you have a tight left handed hairpin, this
time you have 2 speed pads at the exit.

Jump 3:
Just after the speed pads at Hairpin 3, you can perform a barrel roll at the
top of this hill, again I think you are first able to do this at flash, but I
have not tested this.

Hairpin 4:
This is yet again a tight right handed corner near the top of the entire climb.
Not much to say here, except try and hit the speed pad.

Corner 5 (& Jumps 4/5):
Corner 5 isn't too bad, it's at the crest of the hill, and a slight right
hand bend, try and aim for the pads on the right side of the track, just after
this corner.

For jumps 4 & 5 they require you to be on phantom speed. As soon as you come to
the top of the hill you'll pop up for a second, you can barrel roll here first
then when you land and get the speed boost, you can perform a barrel roll again
after doing the second roll, aim for the pad near the bottom of the dive on the

Corner 6:
This isn't near as bad as it looks, the camber in this corner helps a lot, but
when you exit be careful not to hit the right wall, and aim for the pads if
you can.

Jump 6:
I believe this can also only be done on phantom speed class, you can do this
without hitting a pad, but it's a lot harder, the last pad just out of Corner 6
will help you the most, when you crest back at the top of the hill you should
get enough air for a barrel roll.

Aim down the center as best you can, and have fun, practice this a lot to
minimize how often you hit the walls here.

Hairpin 5 & Corner 7:
This is a right right hander that leads into the last corner, aim for the
speed pad just before you have to break left again at the end of the corner.
Corner 7 is the mildest corner on the entire track and as soon as you complete
it you have finished your lap.

Wow count that? That's 6 jumps on phantom speed class. Onto Ubermall.

A lot of people dislike this track, I am one of them, however I do appreciate
it's complexity.

You start off with a small chicane that ends in a pretty decent right bend, not
much to say about this.

Corner 1:
A rather easy right handed corner, again not much to say about this one.

Track Split:
Honestly you can choose either side here, they both have speed pads and they
both meet up together just before the first jump.

Jump 1:
Ok, this is a jump but it takes some practice at higher difficulties (and
lower) to get it right so you don't bang into walls into the next corner. So if
you're going to do a barrel roll on this track (without boost aid) this is it.

Corners 2 & 3:
This is a pretty nasty corner complex, especially in the higher speed classes.
I really don't have much to say about this part, except to practice your racing
line through this part, keep it as close to the inside walls as possible.

Corner 4: 
Immediately after the turn complex you just got out of is a nice and gentle
right handed corner, not much to this one.

Corners 5 & 6:
The general consensus on the boards is that this is the worst corner complex to
master in the game, and I recommend you spend a lot of time doing that. Corner
5 makes you want to think you could brake earlier than you really should, it is
a double apexed right handed corner in fact, so remember to brake a little late
on this corner. Corner 6 is almost a hairpin, but technically it is just a 
really sharp left handed corner. This is the hardest part to master, your goal
is to not touch walls obviously, and doing this corner is practically the
hardest in the game.

Corner 7:
This is extremely tame considering the last corner it's a nice gentle right
handed corner.

Jump 2 (only if you have a speed boost):
If you boost just before reaching the top of this hill, you can shave off a lot
of time and get a barrel roll in, be careful though, if you're too far to the
left or right and boost rather late, you risk hitting the track decoration 
above the first chicane.

And that sums it up for Ubermall, a lot of people hate it as I said, and now if
you read that you can see why. Onto Sol 2.

Sol 2
This is my second favorite track, mainly for it's complex yet manageable

Corner 1:
This is a rather sharp right handed corner, although not too difficulty thanks
to the camber on the corner. Navigate as best you can and aim for the pad just
at the end of the corner.

Corners 2 & 3:
These are rather gentle and almost don't warrant being called corners. However
I will list them as such for technical reasons. As I said, they're so gentle
that you barely notice them, aim for as many pads as you can.

Corner 4:
Ahh this is (in my opinion) the hardest corner on the track, you're pretty
much on your airbrake the entire time in phantom class speeds. This is a pretty
sharp right handed corner, although the camber in the corner tones it down a
lot, try and aim for the pad at the end and try to make it not make you hit the
wall, if that makes sense.

Corner 5:
My favorite corner, I don't mean to brag but I usually end up taking this
corner better than the Elite AI can. However timing your airbrake is important
here, too late and you hit the outside wall, too early and you will either hit
the wall just before the apex or the outside wall on the other side. There
isn't a lot more to say about this except to look at my cornering tactic later
in the FAQ for an idea on how to correct mis-timed airbrakes in this corner.

Corners 6 & 7:
Corner 6 isn't too bad in of itself, however the exit bottlenecks you and
forces you to be rather precise with it, this corner will require some practice
especially on higher speeds. Corner 7 is also not really too bad, but again it
is now bottlenecked as I said, so it limits how much you can move around.

Corner 8:
This corner is rather tough to master, I get it right around 75% of the time
myself on phantom class. This corner is a hairpin so be prepared to airbrake.
There isn't a whole lot to say about it, except try and use my tactic I have
near the bottom of my FAQ.

And that guys does it for my track descriptions.

| Vehicle Descriptions (#004)|
Ok I'm gonna go through a bit of a breakdown here on the vehicles, sadly I
cannot read the numbers listed on all the ship details (darn SD TV) however, I
will give you a score of x/5 for each vehicle listed in their appropriate stat
sections. I will also give you my personal opinion on how they are different.

I'll start with what the game usually starts me on whenever I first start it
up. I'll also be using Sol 2 as my benchmark on these vehicles, however don't
take my advice as a "rule" remember to try out the ships yourself. All the
tests I make here will be done on phantom speed class in a speed lap session.

Another note of what each stat actually means:

Speed    - Max Speed for the ship.
           Note that this is capped for different speed classes, so the ship's
           speed scales with the speed classes.

Thust    - Acceleration.
           Not much more to say here, ships with lower thrust will accelerate
           at a slower rate.

Handling - Pretty much speaks for itself.

Shield   - This also translates into your ship energy.

|Feiser           |
|Speed    - 3.75/5|
|Thrust   -    4/5|
|Handling -    5/5|
|Shield   -    4/5|
I did a 5 lap session with this thing, and I must say that I feel that it
handles a little TOO well. Don't get me wrong this thing has great stats, but
it just seemed to want to fly into the wall if I held onto an airbrake too
long. However I am too used to my Harimau ship, this ship however has great
handling, decent shield and decent trust.

|Qirex            |
|Speed    -    4/5|
|Thrust   - 3.75/5|
|Handling -    4/5|
|Shield   -  4.5/5|
To put it simply aside from the great stats for online racing combat, this
thing is way to rear-end heavy for me to use for any online record tries.

|Piranha          |
|Speed    -    5/5|
|Thrust   -  3.2/5|
|Handling -  3.2/5|
|Shield   -  4.5/5|
Who doesn't love the Piranha? However it's low thurst and handling pretty much
kill your chances at a good online time, unless of course you're really good at
using this ship that is.

|AG-Systems       |
|Speed    - 3.75/5|
|Thrust   - 4.75/5|
|Handling - 4.75/5|
|Shield   -    4/5|
This ship felt great, if I were better at using it, I'd probably use this as my
permanent ship selection, the weight in it feels a bit off though.

|Triakis          |
|Speed    - 4.75/5|
|Thrust   - 3.25/5|
|Handling - 3.25/5|
|Shield   -    5/5|
This thing doesn't handle worth a hoot, but they apparently made this for one
thing, and that's fighting, just look at the shield on it.

|Goteki 45        |
|Speed    - 3.75/5|
|Thrust   -    5/5|
|Handling - 3.75/5|
|Shield   -    5/5|
I like this ship, but it didn't feel right to me, it has great shield and
thrust though, so it'd be useful for online combat on tight and twisty tracks.

|EGX              |
|Speed    -    4/5|
|Thrust   - 4.75/5|
|Handling - 3.75/5|
|Shield   - 3.75/5|
This ship felt great honestly, though the problem I found with it like a lot of
the wipeout vehicles is that it was way too rear-end heavy for me to live with.

|Assegai          |
|Speed    -    4/5|
|Thrust   -    4/5|
|Handling - 4.75/5|
|Shield   -  3.5/5|
Ok, this ship handles darn well, it's overused because of it. This is a great
ship no doubt, however the shield is a little lacking. Also the rear end again
feels too heavy for me to use it.

|Mirage           |
|Speed    -    4/5|
|Thrust   -    4/5|
|Handling -    4/5|
|Shield   -    4/5|
This is a fantastic ship if you're used to it, it has a little of everything
and isn't really lacking in any area to make it a bad ship, online or offline.

|Harimau          |
|Speed    -    4/5|
|Thrust   - 3.75/5|
|Handling - 4.75/5|
|Shield   -  3.5/5|
This is my favorite ship, it feels like the weight distrubtion is just right.
I didn't even have to run this 5 laps to be able to tell you this, however the
thrust is lacking of course, along with the shield, so if you use this ship,
use it wisely.

|Auricom          |
|Speed    -  4.5/5|
|Thrust   -  3.5/5|
|Handling - 3.25/5|
|Shield   - 4.75/5|
This ship, while fast and it has great shields, unless you're used to it is
quite frankly trash in my opinion, I may get bashed for that statement but the
truth is that the stats are rather horrible and yet again the rear-end is way
too heavy for me.

|Icaras           |
|Speed    -    5/5|
|Thrust   -  3.5/5|
|Handling -  3.5/5|
|Shield   - 3.25/5|
If you're going online with weapons on, be prepared to absorb a lot of pickups,
this things shield is just horrible, however the other stats make it not such
a bad ship, however the Thrust and Handling are low, so I wouldn't recommend
this ship for record times, however again if you're used to this ship, let it

| Trophy List & Guide (#005) |

I'm going to list these trophies as they appear along with a little guide to

=Transcendence (Platinum)=
    -Earn all the trophies in the game.-

      This is pretty self explanatory.

=Uplift (Bronze)=
    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Uplift.-

      This is quite easy, doesn't matter if it's bronze or gold.

=Warped (Bronze)=
    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Warped.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

=Frenzy (Bronze)=
    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Frenzy.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

=Vertigo (Bronze)=
    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Vertigo.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

=Head Rush (Bronze)=
    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Head Rush.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

=Speed Freak=
    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Speed Freak.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Dropzone.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

    -Obtain a medal for every cell in Meltdown.-

      Refer to Uplift description.

=Campaign Legend=
    -Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campaign.-

      Good luck is the best I can say, this wasn't terribly difficult for me.

=Elite Campaign Legend=
    -Obtain a gold medal for every cell in Race Campang on Elite Difficulty.-

      Good luck again... I nearly threw my controller several times trying to
      do this one, I can't say it enough though, practice and pray for some
      luck, this whole entire idea 50% luck, the other is 50% you.

=Deadly Momentum=
    -Get eliminated in a race on Novice difficulty.-

      Hahahah, who would've thought... I actually had to go back and die on
      purpose to get this, I recommend Chengou Project, so you can barrel
      roll yourself a lot to lower your energy, then wait for an enemy to
      come by and blast you, and yes an AI controlled player must kill you.

=Smile Please=
    -Use Photo Mode to take a photo.-

      Marketing department much? This is easy, hit start, go to photo mode
      (while in a race event) and take a picture. Voila.

=Rookie Reward=
    -Win any race with Pilot Assist on.-

      Marketing department again, but yeah this is easy as pie.

=1 Gold Medal won, 86 to go...=
    -Obtain your first gold medal.-

      Chances are you already have this from playing campaign, if not just go
      earn one.

=Happy Accident?=
    -Execute your first successful barrel roll.-

      Right Left Right or Left Right Left when you get some air, enjoy.

=Thanks for the Memory=
    -Win a Campaign, Racebox or Online race using each HUD style variation.-

      This is nice, but it does require you to at least unlock the HUD's, you
      can do this in campaign mode, win more golds if you don't have them all
      they are: HD, 2097, and wip3out.

=Motion Master=
    -Win a Campaign or Racebox race with the motion sensor option set to -
    -'pitch and steering'. Directional buttons, Left Stick & Pilot Assist-
    -cannot be used to obtain this trophy.       
      This isn't so bad, I personally recommend Venom speed class, Anulpha
      Pass on Novice Difficulty, the option to turn this on can be found in
      the main menu and in the pause menus.

=Flatland Flyer=
    -Execute and land a successful barrel roll on Moa Therma.-

      Ok now this is a bit of a pain if, on Moa Therma (Forward) the last
      hairpin corner before the start/finish is a speed pad, you need to hit
      that and aim towards the left to try and catch some air, and then you
      need to of course land and execute the roll. You can search for a video
      on Youtube on how this is done if the explanation isn't to your liking.

=Own the Zone=
    -Get 20 Consecutive perfect zones in a single Zone Mode event.-

      Good luck, when I first tried this I was already pretty good at zone.
      My first recommendation is Anulpha Pass (Foward). It seems to have the
      least amount of curvature and is likely better for you to do it here.
      I have seen however on the boards that people recommend Moa Therma as
      well, or Veneta K.

=Double Kill=
    -Eliminate at least two opponets in any race.-

      I don't really recommend setting your sights specifically on this, but
      rather to just get it during the course of the game, however if you
      need to just focus on getting weapon pads in any race and using them
      like crazy on the enemy AI or other players.

    -Reach Zone 50 (Subsonic) in Zone Mode on any track using only      -
    -airbrakes and sideshift. Motion sensor controls must be turned OFF.-

      I capatalized OFF there to make sure you didn't think the same thing I
      did when I first skimmed over that, I thought it said on, and nearly
      drove myself insane. I was later corrected on the boards and voila I 
      got this trophy after two tries, however here's some tips since I know
      it's hard, do this on Anulpha Pass (again lol Forward) it's curves are
      less extreme, and do not use the shortcut road, it's easier to airbrake
      your way on the bottom instead.

=Tournament Ace=
    -Win every race of an 8 stage Racebox tournament on Skilled or Elite-
    -difficulty.                                                        -

      This isn't actually so bad, though it may still be a bit of a 
      challenge. First, go into racebox and start making a tourney,
      make all 8 tracks of this tournament the easiest track for you, set
      the AI to skilled, and choose your speed class to your liking, and 
      turn weapons OFF, makes it much easier to handle.

=Zone Zeus=
    -In Zone Mode, reach Zone 75 on any track.-
      I cannot say this enough, Anulpha Pass (Forward), and good luck. 
      I found that I kept getting progressively better if I kept doing it
      over and over again. However if your eyes or you get tired, take a
      break trust me whenever you get back to it you'll be doing even 

=Arcade Perfect=
    -Finish 1st on all 16 tracks in Phantom class Racebox races on Elite-
    -difficulty.                                                        -

      Good luck. I found it best to leave weapons ON and do single races, if
      you turn the weapons off the AI is just too bleemin quick to catch up

=Beat Zico=
    -Equal or beat the lap time of 30.82 seconds on Anulpha Pass (Forward),-
    -Speed Lap, Venom --Speed Class--, using the Piranha.                  -

      This is the source of a lot of frustration on the boards, it will take
      plenty of time to get used to the racing line to start with, so let me
      go ahead and explain this to you. First go watch a video on youtube on
      where to do the barrel rolls (namely the first and barrel roll onto 
      the shortcut). Now I'll copy paste something I posted on the boards 
      that people find easier once it's slowed down a bit for them.
      #1. Make sure Pilot Assist is OFF.

      #2. Here's the racing line for both rolls before the 'shortcut' roll:

          ^ This is the first roll area it's actually just before the 3
            Pads visible in this picture. It's a very small hill. Make sure
            you hold DOWN on the controller when you boost here, to make 
            sure you get enough air to perform the first roll.

          ^ This is roughly the area where you'd want to land at after the
            first roll, you might be more to the right of this spot but
            this was the best place for me to take this photo. Remember to
            hold down as you come to the next hill to get another barrel
            roll in.

          ^ After the second roll you perform, you want to land on either of
            these two pads, preferably the left one since you'll save a 
            couple of hundredths of a second.
          Although I don't have a picture of the area, it's in between the
          last picture and the pad just after the one marked in the last
          picture, you can also perform another barrel roll there, but it is
          not entirely necessary to beat the time. You can find a youtube
          video of this particular barrel roll if you like.

      #3. The barrel roll onto the shortcut road is hard, don't get mad it
          takes everyone a little while to even get to doing it 5% of the
          time. Have patience and you can do it.

      #4. Once you're onto the shortcut road after the 4th speed pad, if you
          look down and to your left you can see the final pads on the main
          road just before the start/finish line, you want to barrel roll on
          top of those pads from the shortcut road, it gives you basically a
          'double boost' (though technically it's only about 50% better than
          a normal speed pad) for you to get to the final stretch.

      #5. Make sure you aren't like me and completely forget about boosting
          onto your attempt lap for the time, I forgot this and was so ****
          confused as to why I was still 1.4 seconds off the record time.

      #6. Good luck.

    -Get at least 500 loyalty points for each team.-

      I recommend taking each team that you're trying to do this with into
      a Zone Race just to get some extra Loyalty (plus I think this is the
      fastest way to get loyalty anyway) after the 500. Not much to say
      about this one.

=Keep Rollin'=
    -Execute 100 successful barrel rolls.-

      I got this without trying, I recommend you do the same, just execute
      rolls as you normally would in any race and you'll eventually get
      this trophy.

    -Complete 20 two-player, split-screen races.-

      Hope you got another controller, try and drag a friend in on this so
      you don't go completely insane from having to race the same track

    -Absorb 500 items.-

      If you've been going for the Elite trophies, this shouldn't be a big
      deal, however if you're missing it, just do some single races with
      weapons enabled and just soak up as much as you can.

    -Finish an online 12 race tournament.-

      Frankly, make the tournament yourself so you know you have 12 races.
      And hope everyone sticks around till the end.

=Connected 1=
    -Finish 10 online races.

      Heh cool, you don't even have to win, good luck.

=Bling Brigade=
    -Finish an eight player online race with all players using ships that-
    -are displaying Campaign Skins.                                      -

      This is just irritating, first off to even obtain the skin you MUST
      get a medal in every cell in campaign mode, doesn't matter what type
      of medal, could be bronze or gold whatever. Then you need to get 7
      other people to get online with the same skin and finish one race
      without someone disconnecting. Remember if your ship isn't literally
      a silver color, you do not have the skin on.

=Connected 2=
    -Win 10 online races.-

      Unless you're playing with a friend who can 'rig' this for you and
      let you win 10 races, good luck... hope you're better than the rest.

=Lapped Out=
    -Complete 99 laps in a single Racebox, Speed Lap session.-

      This isn't too bad, find a track you hate, and do 99 laps of it, in
      the end you will be much better at it, however you can just go the
      alternate route and find something to hold down your gas button and
      go to Anulpha Pass (Forward) or reverse, doesn't matter, turn on 
      Pilot Assist, start the race, and tape down your thrust button 
      (default button is X) and go watch some TV or something. It'll do 
      all the work by itself.

=AG Assassin=
    -Eliminate 50 online opponents.-

      Good luck again, not much to say here, pick up some weapons and lay
      down the PEW PEW.

=WipEout Disciple=
    -Obtain 100,000 loyalty points for any team.-

      Pick your favorite team and always race with them, fairly easy. If
      you're looking to do this quickly however, I recommend Zone Mode on
      whatever track you're best at it with, and just run it over and over
      on Anulpha Pass (granted I get to Zone 80+ 95% of the time) I get
      just over 2000 Loyalty Points per run. Takes about 15 minutes.

=Livery Liberation=
    -Unlock every ship skin in the game.-

      This is basically the same thing as before however, you only need
      8000 loyalty points for each team, and you must of course get a 
      medal in every cell in campaign mode for the silver ship skin.
      Good luck at the time of writing this FAQ I'm still working on this
      one. Zone Mode is your friend, unless of course you want to do this
      While being afk, then of course you could use the Lapped Out method
      of finishing to do this. I think that nets around 3000 Loyalty per
      99 laps if I'm not mistakened.

| My personal techniques(#006)|

None of these are really necessary for the game progression but I thought
I'd share my experience with whomever is reading this FAQ.

First off, I'd like to explain how I corner. I basically know all the 
tracks forward and backward, so I can anticipate a corner and I know
where all the speed pads are on my "ideal" path. These all come into play
when I go to set up a corner.

First thing you want to remember is that airbrakes make you slide a bit,
so you want to make sure you hit them earlier JUST before the turn.

Secondly now this is a bit advanced and it took me a while to get used to
doing this, is side-shifting in the middle of an airbraked corner. The
best examples of this I can think of off the top of my head are Sebenco
Climb and Sol2, there are very tight corners in both of these and if you
are able to side shift in the middle of the airbraking corners you will
shave off a heck of a lot of time (at least visibly).

Then of course the exit, just don't hit the wall coming out if at all
possible, I hit the wall in Chengou Projects hairpin almost every time.
But other than that, I do fairly well with corners.

=Barrel Roll'ing=
DO A BARREL ROLL, sorry you knew it was coming at some point.

Anyway, rolls are especially hard to master for one point, they take away
ship energy to do them, this is basically your shield, so if you do it
too often you're likely to get yourself killed (Unless you're in a speed
lap session). However these are almost necessary on elite difficulty and
against human opponents, so learn to use them wisely.

=Autopilot Gets no Love=
Actually it does, but I've seen a couple people bash the autopilot.
This is by far one of the best things to ever get as a pickup on the
harder tracks especially in phantom speed class. This can make you zip
through a corner better than the AI can, so to say the least, this is
quite possibly the best pickup in phantom speed class.

| Closing Statements    (#007)|

I'd like to thank whoever is reading this guide, I know it's a bit short
but this game is really all about experience and gaining said experience.
I wish there was more to say, but learning to corner, when to shoot off
a weapon is all based on experience.

If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail
which is located below here in my contact info section.

| Contact Info          (#008)|
Email is what I prefer if you're going to contact me, it's much easier
to organize my thoughts and yours as well, and nothing comes out all in

My email is: dgphoenix (at) gmail (dot) com

I would hand out my PSN but I have way too many friends as it is, and
I also get a LOT of spam invites, and you have no idea how irritating that
is, unless of course you do, then yeah you know why I'm not posting it here.

| Legal                 (#009)|

This guide is solely my creation and has been copyrighted as such. Please do
not use this guide without asking to host it first. Not all requests may be
approved. If you do host the guide, please leave all the information intact,
and unchanged. Do not steal my work and attempt to pass it off as your own.

The following sites have permission to host this guide:

You're welcome to print this out for your own personal use, you may not 
however reproduce this FAQ in anyway shape or form that may be used for 
monetary gain.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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