PS3 Walkthroughs: Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli Walkthrough

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Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli Walkthrough


GAME:                FERRARI CHALLENGE Trofeo Pirelli

GENRE:               Racing
DEVELOPER:           System 3
AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ:  solidfranz
E-MAIL:              solidfranz(at)yahoo(dot)it
FAQ VERSION:         2.00
COPYRIGHT:           solidfranz 2008

0. Table of Contents

To jump forward to one of the contents of this FAQ, set the cursor *here* and 
press CTRL+F on your keyboard to type into the find box one of the "search 
term" below.

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1.  Contact & Legal           [C&L]
2.  Version information       [VER]
3.  Overview                  [OVE]
4.  Patches                   [PAT]
5.  PSN Trophies              [PST]
6.  Game Modes                [GAM]
7.  Ferrari Challenge Teams   [FCT]
8.  Cars                      [CAR]
9.  Car Set-up                [SET]
10. Credits                   [CRE]

1. Contact & Legal                                                        [C&L]

This FAQ is copyright solidfranz 2008. You may NOT post this on your site 
without my permission. If I find this on any site without my permission I will 
take action. You can contact me at solidfranz(at)yahoo(dot)it and I may or not 
grant you permission.

If you have any comments, questions or criticism of the FAQ, contact me at 

I apologize for all of the grammar mistakes you will find, but English is not 
my mother tongue. ;-P

You can always find the latest version of this FAQ at and

2. Version information                                                    [VER]

Version 1.00  08/05/08:  Start guide.
Version 1.50  09/26/08:  Added PSN Trophies section, updated patch section
Version 1.75  10/03/08:  Added set-ups section
Version 2.00  10/21/08:  Completed the game, 100% achieved. Updated cards

3. Overview                                                               [OVE]

I waited for Ferrari Challenge after a sequence of delays and I had great 
expectations about it. I think it is a great game, hardcore in some parts, but 
a great challenge for who wants to try it.
Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli offers the opportunity to drive on the 
official Ferrari Challenge's tracks and gives the player a good amount of 
historical Ferraris to collect and use in Trophy and Arcade Mode.
In this faq you'll find an overview of the features included in the game.

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli also offers downloadable contents, available 
monthly on PS Store (as announced by System3). So, keep an eye on PSN.
In the end, this FAQ is referred to the PAL version of Ferrari Challenge, 
released in Europe on the 4th of July 2008.

4. Patches                                                                [PAT]

---V1 patch update---

- Numerous fixes to the On-line racing experience
- Added option to have races without car to car collision
- Added a 30 minute race duration
- Collision Penalty system improved
- General lag and collision performance improved
- Name Tags can be toggled on and off
- End of race experience improved

- Defending the inside line has been improved
- A.I. will now try to stop a player drafting, within reason
- Being too aggressive towards an A.I. racer will result in them being
  aggressive towards you for a set period of time
- A.I. will overtake on the entry to a corner by diving up the inside when
- Difficulty is selectable between Automatic, Beginner, Intermediate and Expert

- Accuracy of the time to car in front and behind indicator, as displayed on
  the HUD, is improved
- Force Feedback strength can be adjusted on all wheels
- Scaling issues in the Vinyl Tool fixed
- Engine sounds improved
- Reduced volume of grind gear sound
- Assist cheat fixed

- Both Time Trial and Ranking leaderboards fixed
- The accuracy figure shown in the Ranking leaderboard is your best Tutorial

---V2 patch update---

-General Features and Improvements-
- Added Trophy Support
- Added Custom Play list functionality
- Added Photo Mode to the Showroom which saves a screen shot of the car to the
  PS3 hard drive
- Added split times in Time Trial
- Improved the overall frame rate
- Improved performance of the Thrustmaster wheels
- Game now pauses automatically when the XMB is on (except during multiplayer)
- Added a gear indicator to in car view
- Added an option to invert the G25 sequential shifter
- Added difficulty based AI qualifying times
- Added G25 wheel configuration to include look left / right on the front
  facing red buttons
- Added a basic racing line to show the racing line only and not braking zones
- Players can now change their name under the Team option
- Increased transparency of tire smoke
- Improved the penalty zone on first corner in Monza
- Replays are available for races in which the player retired from

-Online Features and Improvements-
- Private lobbies can now be created with half or all slots being reserved
- Host can now specify the maximum driving assist levels
- Host can now specify the grid order based on ranking (taken from the tutorial
  score), or lap record for the specified circuit and can also reverse the grid
  based on these criteria i.e. best at the back.
- During race player names can now be toggled on / off by pressing R3
- Race results alternate between race time and fastest lap during multiplayer
- When searching for games, the server select screen now includes the status
  'SYNCING' to show that the game will begin imminently
- Server list screen now displays car name, grid order, and transmission
- Opponent voices can now be muted

-Online Fixes-
- Significantly improved connectivity and reduced the likelihood of disconnects
- Fixed issues with collisions
- When a player leaves a net race, it now says they have retired from race as
  opposed to finished
- When receiving the 'Room no longer exists' message players are now returned
  to the join game screen
- Removed 2 second pause as players entered / exited a game while racing
- When returning back to the join game match making screen, the default car is
  now the last one selected

-General Fixes-
- Fixed potential issue with save games becoming invalid after a set number of
  events are completed
- Fixed hang after watching a replay when the rev bar was on
- Fixed potential issue with not being able to unlock 'The Collector'
- Fixed the "Hard Lines" accomplishment
- Fixed black track when racing line disabled
- Fixed driver disappearing with the car when driving through opponents in
- Fixed engine popping in replays
- Fixed broken shadows in the pit lane

---V2.01 patch update---

-General Fixs and Improvements-
- PSN names below 10 characters stopping people connection to online games
- 1080 graphic detail restored
- 575 Leaderboard crash
- Infinite laps / White flag bug
- Crash to XMB after certain races

5. PSN Trophies                                                           [PST]

- 000 P Congratulations
        You have successfully unlocked every trophy in Ferrari Challenge.

- 001 B Trofeo Rame
        Achieve 1st place in the F348 Challenge Tournament

- 002 B Trofeo Ferro
        Achieve 1st place in the F348 TB Tournament

- 003 B Trofeo Perla
        Achieve 1st place in the F355 Challenge Tournament

- 004 B Trofeo Topaz
        Achieve 1st place in the F355 GTB Tournament

- 005 B Trofeo Carnelian
        Achieve 1st place in the F360 Modena Tournament

- 006 B Trofeo Tourmaline
        Achieve 1st place in the F360 GT Tournament

- 007 B Trofeo Mercurio
        Achieve 1st place in the F430 GT2 Tournament

- 008 B Trofeo Malachite
        Achieve 1st place in the F550 Maranello Tournament

- 009 B Trofeo Diasparo
        Achieve 1st place in the F550 Maranello GT Tournament

- 010 B Trofeo Acciaio
        Achieve 1st place in the F575 Maranello Tournament

- 011 B Trofeo Bronzo
        Achieve 1st place in the F575 GTC Tournament

- 012 B Trofeo Argento
        Achieve 1st place in the F40 Tournament

- 013 B Trofeo Oro
        Achieve 1st place in the F50 Tournament

- 014 B Trofeo Granato
        Achieve 1st place in the F333 SP Tournament

- 015 B Trofeo Obsidian
        Achieve 1st place in the FXX Tournament

- 016 B Trofeo Opale
        Achieve 1st place in the F365 GTB4 Tournament

- 017 B Trofeo Platino
        Achieve 1st place in the F512 M Tournament

- 018 B Trofeo Rubino
        Achieve 1st place in the F512 S Tournament

- 019 B Trofeo Zaffiro
        Achieve 1st place in the F250 LM Tournament

- 020 B Trofeo Smeraldo
        Achieve 1st place in the F250 Testarossa Tournament

- 021 B Trofeo Diamante
        Achieve 1st place in the F250 GTO Tournament

- 022 B The Graduate
        Complete Tutorial mode for the first time

- 023 B Hot Shot
        Achieve 75% accuracy or above in all categories in Tutorial mode

- 024 B Italian Lap King
        Beat the Lap Record on all Italian circuits in Time Trial mode

- 025 B Euro Lap King
        Beat the Lap Record on all European circuits in Time Trial mode

- 026 B US Lap King
        Beat the Lap Record on all US circuits in Time Trial mode

- 027 S Time Trial Lap King
        Beat the Lap Record on every circuit in Time Trial mode

- 028 B Numero Uno
        Achieve a pole position in Qualifying in the Italian Challenge series

- 029 B Prancing Horse
        Complete the Italian Challenge series

- 030 B First Challenge Win
        Win your first race in the Italian Challenge series

- 031 S Italian Stallion
        Complete the Italian Challenge with Maximum points

- 032 B Double Whammy
        Achieve 2 podium placed finishes in the European Challenge series

- 033 S Euro Racer
        Win a race at every European circuit

- 034 G Circuits Maximus
        Complete the European Challenge with Maximum points

- 035 S US Race Ace
        Win a race at every North American Challenge circuit

- 036 G American All-Star
        Complete the North American Challenge with Maximum points

- 037 B The Veteran
        Complete Expert difficulty in Arcade mode

- 038 S The Champ
        Complete Legend difficulty in Arcade mode

- 039 G Arcade Gold
        Achieve a gold trophy in every arcade difficulty

- 040 B First Across The Line
        Place first at every circuit in the game

- 041 B Unlock and Roll
        Unlock your first Tournament Car

- 042 B 100 Wins
        Win 100 races

- 043 B 2000 On The Clock
        Race a total of 2000 miles

- 044 B The Collector
        Unlock every Ferrari available in the game

- 045 G The Perfectionist
        Achieve 100% completion for the entire game

36 * (B)ronze (15 points each) =   540 points
5 *  (S)ilver (30 points each) =   150 points
4 *  (G)old (90 points each)   =   360 points
1 *   P (linked to all Trophys)
Total :                            1050 points

6. Game Modes                                                             [GAM]

Taken from the Ferrari Challenge's game manual.

- Tutorial
  Two fast laps around Fiorano circuit, Ferrari own test track. Tiff Needell
  will drive through the circuit and indicate the right driving line, braking
  or accelerating points.

- Quick race
  Quick race selecting every car unlocked.

- Arcade
  Drive on four circuits with four difficulty levels (Rookie, Intermediate,
  Expert, Legend)

- Challenge (Italy / Europe / North America)
  A whole season driving the F430 Challenge on the tracks of Italy, Europe and
  North America Challenge

- Trophy
  After unlocking cars, you'll be able to use them in Trophy Mode, a series of
  3 races. Winning a trophy usually unlocks other cars.

Row - Trophy Name            Difficulty (in stars)        Car
1st Row = TROFEO RAME        *                            348 CHALLENGE
        = TROFEO FERRO       *                            348 TB
        = TROFEO PERLA       **                           F355 CHALLENGE
        = TROFEO TOPAZ       **                           F355 BERLINETTA
        = TROFEO CARNELIAN   **                           360 MODENA
        = TROFEO TOURMALINE  ***                          360 GT

2nd Row = TROFEO MERCURIO    ****                         F430 GT2
        = TROFEO MALACHITE   ***                          550 MARANELLO
        = TROFEO DIASPRO     ****                         550 MARANELLO GT
        = TROFEO ACCIAIO     ***                          575M MARANELLO
        = TROFEO BRONZO      ****                         575 GTC

3rd Row = TROFEO ARGENTO     ****                         F40
        = TROFEO ORO         ****                         F50
        = TROFEO GRANATO     *****                        F333 SP
        = TROFEO OBSIDAN     *****                        FXX

4th Row = TROFEO OPALE       **                           365 GTB/4
        = TROFEO PLATINO     ****                         512 M
        = TROFEO RUBINO      ****                         512 S

5th Row = TROFEO ZAFFIRO     ***                          250 LM
        = TROFEO SMERALDO    **                           250 TESTA ROSSA

6th Row = TROFEO DIAMANTE    **                           250 GTO

- Time Trial
  Time trial selecting every car unlocked.

- Multiplayer (online / lan)
  Race online with a maximum of 15 other players via PSN or in a LAN game.

7. Ferrari Challenge Teams                                                [FCT]

Official teams and drivers of the Ferrari Challenge series, taken from the game 

Team                                 Drivers
Ferrari GB Dealer Team               Bruno Senna
                                     Nathan Kinch

Ferrari of Ontario                   John Farano

Boardwalk Ferrari                    Scott Tucker

Ferrari of Beverly Hills             Joe Lewis
                                     John Horejsi

Ferrari of Long Island               Roberto Fata

Ferrari of Washington                Skip Bennett

Ferrari of Quebec                    Lawrence Stroll

Shelton Ferrari                      Mike Zoi

Motor                                Giorgio Sernagiotto
                                     Andrea Belluzzi

Motor/Sauro                          Nicola Gianniberti

Baron Service                        Philipp Baron

Motor/Malucelli                      Gianluca Giraudi
                                     Vito Postiglione
                                     Max Blancardi

Rossocorsa                           Lorenzo Bontempelli
                                     Nicola Cadei
                                     Paddy Shovlin
                                     Michael Cullen

Stradale Automobile                  Ange Barde

HP Exclusiv                          Alexey Vasiliev

Autohaus Gohm                        Bjorn Grossman

Kessel Racing                        Henri Moser

8. Cars                                                                   [CAR]

Note: it seems that there isn't only a way to unlock the cars in Ferrari 
Challenge. The list below shows how I've unlocked them, but I know that other 
players obtained the same result in other ways. So...keep playing!

Car                            How to unlock
575 GTC                       = complete Arcade on easy difficulty
512 M                         = complete Arcade on medium difficulty
F50                           = win Bronzo Trophy
F40                           = win Bronzo Trophy
F333 SP                       = win Argento Trophy
FXX                           = win Oro Trophy
365 GTB/4 comp.               = win Obsidian Trophy
512 S                         = win Opale Trophy
250 LM                        = win Platino Trophy
250 TestaRossa                = win Rubino Trophy
250 GTO                       = win Zaffiro Trophy
348 Challenge                 = complete Monza race (Italian Challenge)
348 TB                        = finish at least 3rd @Misano (Italian Challenge)
F355 Challenge                = win Paul Ricard race (Italian Challenge)
360 Modena                    = win Perla Trophy
F355 Berlinetta               = win Perla Trophy
360 GT                        = win Topaz Trophy
F430 GT2                      = win Carnelian Trophy
550 Maranello                 = win Tourmaline Trophy
575M Maranello                = win Malachite Trophy
550 Maranello GT              = win Malachite Trophy

Here's a list of all the cars that appear in the CARD GAME.

Tutorial                        Card Number & Car

	40. 308 GT4
	5.  212 INTER
	26. 250 LM
	3.  195 S
	38. 512 S
	13. 290 MM
	64. 599 GTB Fiorano
Time Trial                     Card Number & Car

	43. Testarossa (1984)
	28. 275 GTS
	62. 360 GTC
	39. 312 PB
	51. F333 SP

Arcade                         Card Number & Car

	53. F355 Challenge
	2.  166 MM
	37. 365 GTC
	32. 365 CAL Spider
	16. 250 CAB
	61. 360 C/stradale
	48. F40
	20. Dino 196S
	21. Dino 246 SP
	54. F50
	22. 250 SWB Comp
	27. 330 P

Challenge Italy                Card Number & Car

	44. 328 GTS
	49. 456 GT
	50. 348 GTC
	6.  225 S
	58. 430 Challenge
	25. 250 Lusso
	7.  250 MM
	10. 750 Monza
	59. 430 GTC

Challenge Europe               Card Number & Car

	8.  500 Mondial
	14. 500 TRC
	36. 212 E
	15. 250 GT TDF
	31. 275 GTB/4
	57. Enzo
	19. 250 Testarossa

North America                  Card Number & Car

	23. 400 Superamerica
	4.  340 America
	60. Superamerica
	65. 575 GTC
	45. 288 Evoluzione
	63. FXX
	24. 250 GTO

Others                         Card Number & Car

	47. 412 GT
	46. Mondial 3.2 CAB
	55. 550 Maranello
	52. 512 M
	41. 512 BB
	29. 500 Superfast
	42. 288 GTO
	66. 612 Scaglietti
	56. 550 Barchetta
	9.  375 MM
	17. 335 S
	33. 330 P4
	1.  125 S
	34. 612 CAN AM
	30. Dino 206 S
	11. 375 plus
	35. 365 GTS/Daytona
	12. 410 Superamerica

9. Car Set-up                                                             [SET]

Car set-ups that can be used in Challenge Mode are listed below.
The presented set-ups may or may not work for everyone, depending on driving 
style, level of concentration and the TC/SC/ABS ratio you decide to apply, but 
with them I obtained good results.

	Ride Height	Suspensions	Springs	Rollbar	Alignment
Front	80mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	100mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

Front	80mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	90mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

Front	90mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default
Rear	100mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default

Front	96mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default
Rear	102mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default

-----PAUL RICARD---------------------------------------------------------------
Front	93mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	98mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

Front	88mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	92mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

Front	95mm	Hard	Hard	Soft	Default
Rear	105mm	Hard	Hard	Soft	Default

Front	84mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	94mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

Front	81mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	92mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

Front	95mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default
Rear	102mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default

-----VIRGINIA RACEWAY----------------------------------------------------------
Front	96mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default
Rear	105mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default

-----REDWOOD PARK--------------------------------------------------------------
Front	92mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	100mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

-----MT. TREMBLANT-------------------------------------------------------------
Front	97mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default
Rear	105mm	Soft	Soft	Soft	Default

Front	83mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default
Rear	92mm	Hard	Hard	Hard	Default

10. Credits                                                               [CRE]

- As usual, Myself, for playing a LOT of games and typing this up! ;-)
- Deathsender - for years of wonderful gaming
- Mythrill - for years of wonderful gaming
- darkdirtydwarf - hardcore gamer, thanks for the hint in arcade mode
- Eutechnyx for supporting the game
- Ferrari Challenge online community
- Anyone that reads this faq

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