PS3 Walkthroughs: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Walkthrough

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Walkthrough

 ______  __   __ __   _ _______ _______ _______ __   __
 |     \   \_/   | \  | |_____| |______    |      \_/  
 |_____/    |    |  \_| |     | ______|    |       |   
 _  _  _ _______  ______  ______ _____  _____   ______ _______
 |  |  | |_____| |_____/ |_____/   |   |     | |_____/ |______
 |__|__| |     | |    \_ |    \_ __|__ |_____| |    \_ ______|
  ______ _     _ __   _ ______  _______ _______        .-''-.
 |  ____ |     | | \  | |     \ |_____| |  |  |      .' .-.  ) 
 |_____| |_____| |  \_| |_____/ |     | |  |  |     / .'  / /
                                                   (_/   / /
                                                        / /       
                                                       / /        
                                                      . '         
                                                     / /    _.-') 
                                                   .' '  _.'.-''  
                                                  /  /.-'_.'      
                                                 /    _.'         
                                                ( _.-'            

| Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Guide |
| Created by: Axel7174            |
| FAQ and Walkthrough             |
| Copyright 2009 Ryne Gardner     |

Version History
Version 1.00 - 6/26/09 - 7/13/09
--It took a long time and a lot of work, but here it is. Other commitments
took precedence, including my other guides. Here we go though, yet another
journey. The walkthrough covers the Official Modes and all of the Mission Modes
in the game. Some other sections require heavy work though and that will be on
the way soon I hope. 

Version 1.05 - 7/15/09
--Made a couple fixes. I'm working on adding additional information that will
be helpful to players, mostly Mission Mode stuff so expect a few small
additions soon. Covering every single mission in Mission Mode is tedious and
probably unnecessary, but I'll be trying to help out in a few key areas. 

Version 1.10 - 7/16/09
--Another small update, just to keep the rhythm going. Added a few more factions
and also a small new section. Other than that, just more fixes. I'll be working 
on adding a new section dedicated to a more in-depth focus on Rank 4 Parts. 

Version 1.20 - 7/21/09
--Decent update this time. I'm planning on getting another update in on Thursday
because I'm going to Virginia for three days starting Friday so I won't be
able to make an update on Friday. In any case, I added a little more info to
the Basics section, updated the Official Mode for Kamille, added a few small
things to Mission Mode including more Faction stuff. I also added an "Other
Questions" section after the normal FAQ just for fun. Other than that, small
fixes and the like. 

Version 1.25 - 7/23/09
--So it turns out I didn't have the time to make the update before I went on
my trip over the weekend. Here we go though. I started a new section dedicated
to Rank 4 Parts and that is in progress so don't worry about it. Will be working
on more, but I'm about to start two new projects so expect updates to become a 
tiny bit more scarce. 

Version 1.35 - 8/17/09
--Small update. I finished the Rank 4 Parts section but I feel it still needs a
little more work, so I'll probably get around to adding more or fixing it up
later. I made a few fixes here and there, some thanks to a few tips. Other than
that, small changes here and there. 


1) Introduction............................................... [itro]
  -About This Guide
  -Using This Guide
2) Basics..................................................... [bscs]
  -Controls................................................... [bctr]
  -Basics, Terms, and More.................................... [bcet]
  -PS3/PS2 differences........................................ [bpsd]
  -In DWG2.................................................... [bgmp]
3) Official Mode.............................................. [goff]
  -Amuro Ray.................................................. [aoff]
  -Char Aznable............................................... [coff]
  -Kamille Bidan.............................................. [koff]
  -Judau Ashta................................................ [joff]
4) Mission Mode............................................... [gmmd]
  -Overview................................................... [mmov]
  -Mobile Suit Index.......................................... [mmin]
  -Pilots..................................................... [mmpi]
  -Rank 4 Parts............................................... [mmrp]
  -Skills..................................................... [mmsk]
  -Random Events.............................................. [mmre]
  -Pilot Relations............................................ [mmpr]
  -Factions................................................... [mmfc]
  -Mobile Suit Lab............................................ [mmsl]
  -Quizzes.................................................... [mmqz]
  -Missions................................................... [mmmi]
5) Extras..................................................... [exra]
  -Verus Mode................................................. [exvs]
  -Trophies................................................... [exth]
6) Miscellaneous.............................................. [misl]
  -Frequently Asked Questions................................. [afak]
  -Credits/Special Thanks
  -Contact Info
  -Legal Junk

 /_ |
__| |__________________________________________________________________________
  | |  Introduction                                                      [itro]
--| |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
| About This Guide | 

Welcome to the guide. This is a guide for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. I owned
the game for a few weeks but never really thought about doing a guide, since it
promised to be very work heavy. Somehow we're both here though. Doing a guide
like this was definitely a different undertaking for me. The end result is
something I hope that will provide some help. That's all I really hope for.

| Using This Guide |

If you need to navigate quickly to a specific section of the guide, you can
use the Table of Contents to assist you. The quickjumps are the small codes
written at the end of each applicable item. Copy them into the ctrl+f function
of your web browser and you can immediately get to where you need to go. 

Since DWG2 has a ton of Mission Modes, I did not clog them into the Table of
Contents. Instead, if you jump to the Mission Mode section, you'll find that
it has its own ToC so that you can get to the pilot you want faster. 

When it comes to questions, comments, or submissions, I implore you to first
read the Frequently Asked Questions section near the end of this guide. Also
please, please, please read the Contact Info section as well. 

 |__ \ 
____) |________________________________________________________________________
   / /    Basics                                                         [bscs]
--/ /_------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

| Controls |     [bctr]

For starters, we'll take a very brief look at the control layouts for both the
PS3/PS2 and 360 versions of the game. This will be pretty simple, actually, so
just take a quick glance below. 

|Action           |PS3/PS2 Button     |360 Button         |
|Movement         |Left Analog Stick  |Left Stick         |
|Camera           |Right Analog Stick |Right Stick        |
|Lock On/Off*     |R3                 |Click Right Stick  |
|Dash/Confirm     |X                  |A                  |
|Standard attack**|Square             |X                  |
|Charge Attack    |Triangle           |Y                  |
|SP Attack        |Circle             |B                  |
|Guard/Strafe     |L1                 |Left Button        |
|Vertical Boost   |R1                 |Right Button       |
|Zoom In/Out Map  |R2                 |Right Trigger      |

*Only applies when fighting Mobile Armors
**Hold the button for a Smash Attack

| Basics, Terms, and More |     [bcet]

To help you understand the game and this guide better, let's just go over a few
simple things. First, the game. If you've ever played a Warriors game before,
you are probably at least familiar with the way the game feels and plays. That
makes it easy. Your primary attack buttons are Square and Triangle (Yes, I'll
be using PS3 controls here--for you 360 users, that's X and Y). Each Ace suit
and lower level suit is capable of performing Charge Attacks. 

-Charge Attacks-

What are Charge Attacks? These are small combo moves that end with a distinct
and powerful attack. A Charge Attack is performed by hitting Triangle at the
end of your normal melee attacks (Square attacks). So, for instance, if you hit
Square twice, and then Triangle, you'll perform a Charge Attack. Each Ace type
suit is capble of learning up to five Charge Attacks, but they only start out
with three. Lower level suits can only use three, and grunt suits have none. 


To make things really simple, you'll see me use a very easy code in this guide.
Square will be "S" and Triangle will be "T". Again, if you've played a Warriors
game before and have read guides on them, you might be familiar with this easy
system. Basically, if I mention for example, an SSSST attack, what does that
mean? Simple. It means Square-Square-Square-Square-Triangle Charge Attack. Get
it? I hope so. 

-SP Attacks-

In addition, you also have an SP Attack. SP Attacks are basically the Gundam
version of Musou Attacks. They're a special and unique super move that each suit
has. If you wish to use them, you need to fill your SP Gauge which is the green
gauge below your armor. Hitting Circle (360 - B) will initiate an SP Attack. 

-Combo SP Attacks-

Fighting alongside allies in dire situations often builds camaraderie between
allies. You might see a blue bolt of electricity connecting your Mobile Suit to
an ally's suit when you're close by in battle. This means a Combination SP
Attack is possible. Activate your SP Attack in these moments and you'll perform
a different SP Attack with an ally, and these often have very destructive 

-Thruster Gauge-

The Thruster Gauge is the green round bar in the bottom left, next to your
Armor and SP Gauge. It measures how long you can dash and boost upwards. Some
Mobile Suits can transform if you hit the dash button twice and this severely
cuts down on the consumption of the Thruster Gauge. If you use up the gauge
until it runs out, you'll overheat and this means you can't dash or do air
recoveries until it is restored, which takes a few moments. 


While on the field, you will come across many dropped pick-up items. They come
in a lot of shapes and have various effects. Let's have a quick run through.

Energy Pack
Looks Like: A white can with a blue stripe, sort of like a spray
What it Does: Restores +200 (small) points to your Armor gauge

Energy Tank
Looks Like: A large gas tank-shaped canister
What it Does: Restores +500 (large) points to your Armor gauge

Energy Carrier
Looks Like: A rectangular shaped silver canister
What it Does: Restores your entire Armor gauge

Tension Charge
Looks Like: Two small vials, green, yellow and white in color
What it Does: Restores one portion of your SP Gauge

Tension Max
Looks Like: A large white capsule with green ends
What it Does: Restores all of your SP Gauge

Looks Like: Well, Haro! Green, round, and so on.
What it Does: Restores both your Armor and SP gauges to full

Spark Ball
Looks Like: A round red sphere with yellow circles on it
What it Does: Unleashes an electric attack that powers down enemy suits in
range and can destroy weakened suits instantly

Power Weapon
Looks Like: A laser turret or a gun, it is silver with a pink colored barrel
What it Does: Increases the attack power of your suit by 2x for 30 seconds

Heavy Guard
Looks Like: A Mobile Suit shield, green and white
What it Does: Increases the defense power of your suit by 2x for 30 seconds

Hyper Reactor
Looks Like: A silver backpack (jetpack?!) with nozzles at the corners
What it Does: Increases the speed of your suit by 2x and also decreases the
consumption of the Thruster Gauge for 30 seconds

| PS3/PS2 Differences |     [bpsd]

So, there's a PS2 version of the game available as well as one for the PS3.
The latter is certainly more expensive, but when you consider what it has when
compared to the former, you'll know why. The PS2 version certainly isn't a bad
buy, but you'll miss out on a few things. If you don't own a PS3, that's one
thing. If you do though and are opting not to get it, consider this:

PS3 Version

-Improved graphics
-More enemies on screen at a time
-Trophy Support
-Online play
-Free DLC available (yes, free!)

PS2 Version

-Fewer enemies on screen
-No Trophies
-No online support
-No DLC available

It's also worth pointing out that the PS3 and PS2 versions should essentially
be the same game. The gameplay will be relatively the same, but it's likely
you will encounter some differences here and there. Also, the PS2 version does
not really suffer from any "fog" or draw issues, slowdown, etc, despite what
you might expect. 

| In DWG2 |     [bgmp]

In Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, you have two main modes that you'll be fiddling
around with, though after some time, you'll be devoted almost solely to the
latter. Official Mode is a more story oriented mode that follows the Anime
story of each character. It is quite unfortunate that there are only four
characters to use, although two of them have extended stories. 

Mission Mode has a plethora of different missions to use. Here you have Story
Missions as well, but they do not cling quite as close to the actual story,
and will often call for a lot of meshing between Gundam series, characters,
etc. Completing Missions, defeating certain numbers of enemies will further
unlock more missions. You can gain parts, unlock new pilots, increase your 
Pilot Rank, and so forth until you either max them out or get bored. On top of
Story Missions, there are several other categories of missions, and believe me,
there are a lot of them. 

Fighting is pretty simple. Each map presents you with small objective based
gameplay similar to the previous game or any DW games. In DWG2, you have enemy
fields which are the red colored areas on the maps. Defeating a certain number
of enemies in this field will capture it for your side. This is sometimes 
required for the mission, otherwise, it just makes life easier and gets you
more kills. Sometimes however, enemy fields will be controlled by command units
or even worse, Aces. We'll get to that in a moment.

In Mission Mode you are exposed to a lot more suits and you have the freedom to
pick from a lot of different mobile suits for your pilot. Certain missions will
allow you acquire Licenses for your pilot and that lets you use a new suit,
provided you also have the parts for it. 

Back to fighting. Most of your objectives are simple in both Official and
Mission Mode. Take over a field, defeat a certain target, escort an ally, and
so on. You'll encounter many Ace Pilots along the way though. Aces are the
recognizable characters from the Gundam shows that pilot the more powerful
suits (but not always). They have a star next to their name and that indicates
they are an Ace. 

Even more intimidating, are the Mobile Armors you'll encounter. When fighting
one, the immediate field is sealed off and you can't escape until the foe is
defeated. Mobile Armors are giant mobile suits and they present a very apparent
threat. Not only are they very powerful, but they are durable as well. We'll
go into them more later though. 

Upon completing a mission, you get Pilot Points and parts. You will always
acquire one part for the mobile suit you used in that mission. You also get at
least one part from any Ace suits you faced. Finally, you have random chances
to pick up parts from the "grunt" suits you face on the level in large waves.

Your interactions with ally and enemy pilots will greatly affect your
relationships with them which can be viewed from the Lobby of the Mission Mode
screen. Getting a good relationship with some pilots will be necessary in
unlocking Licenses, missions, suits, and other things. This won't be easy if
you're shooting them down in every mission though!

Between missions in Mission Mode, you can upgrade your parts, trade for new
ones, and so on in the Mobile Suit Lab. More on that in the Extras section. 

Well, that's a fairly basic overview of the game. I tried to be as general as
I could, but hopefully that gives you an idea of what's in store. You can get
more information at each relevant section. 

 |___ \ 
_____) |_______________________________________________________________________
  |__ <    Official Mode                                                 [goff]
--___) |-----------------------------------------------------------------------
As mentioned earlier, Official Mode is your basic Story Mode. It's a very good
way to get acquainted with the game and especially Gundam if you're not a prior
fan to the series. For those who are fans, there are a couple recognizable
characters to choose from. 

------OFFICIAL MODE------
    _                       ___            
   /_\  _ __ _  _ _ _ ___  | _ \__ _ _  _ 
  / _ \| '  \ || | '_/ _ \ |   / _` | || |
 /_/ \_\_|_|_\_,_|_| \___/ |_|_\__,_|\_, |           

Mobile Suits: RX-78, Nu Gundam

                       ---------THE ONE YEAR WAR---------

  Mission 01  -  Re-entry to Earth                               U.C. 0079

By chance, Amuro Ray has become pilot of the Federation's prototype Mobile
Suit, Gundam, developed as part of the top secret "Project V." With Amuro and
many civilian refugees aboard, the White Base is ordered to land at Federation
headquarters, Jaburo Base. Having gotten wind of "Project V", Zeon's ace pilot
Char "Red Comet" Aznable plots to intercept the White Base as it re-enters
Earth's atmosphere. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: White Base, RX-78 (Amuro)
Enemy Units: Crown (Zaku II), Char (Char's Zaku II)
Ally Suits: Ball
Enemy Suits: Zaku II

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Survive atmospheric re-entry
Defeat: Player is shot down; White Base destroyed; 20 minutes elapse


For your first mission of Amuro's Official Mode (and quite possibly the first
mission overall in the game for you), this will not be at all difficult. It
will become significantly more troublesome toward the end though so beware. 

For starters, head down toward Field A and you'll be surrounded by Zakus. Go
ahead and get acquainted with the controls and the moves that RX-78 possesses.
Since the enemy often likes to cluster around each other, you can use the SST
which ends with a bazooka shot to do a small amount of splash damage to nearby
units. It should only take about 15 kills to liberate Field A. At that point,
Field B appears. 

As you'll notice, once a field is conquered, the enemies within turned to a
weaker state, noted by the electricity around their suits. In this state, they
can be killed with one attack. Take advantage of this to increase your kill
count before moving on to Field B. 

You can get close to 100 kills before reaching Field B. Once there, take out
even more enemies to help in liberating it. Test out the RX-78's SP attack if
you're so inclined. 

Once Field B is down, several more appear. Try to build up to near 200 kills
before charging off toward any of the enemy fields. Continue conquering fields
until one suddenly becomes protected by three Field Commanders. These guys
look the same as grunts but they're more durable and a little more aggressive.
On the bright side, they often drop items, including health and if you're lucky,
boost items such as Attack x2. Dispatch them to conquer the field. 

At this point, Crown should show up with his Zaku posse and head toward White
Base. Make a beeline for White Base and intercept him. He's not hard at all,
just durable. You can use your SP attack if he starts trying to combo you or
if you start a small combo on him, you can use it to really hurt him. Either
way, Crown should go down really easily. 

Now you should only have five minutes left of play time. Char will soon appear
from the newly established Field C and come looking for you. While you wait
for that (keep an eye on your map for him as the Red Square), try to capture
one more Field and build a kill count toward 500 if possible. 

Once Char appears, things get tough. He hits a lot harder and he has an SP
attack. If you see him charging it, block immediately. Like Crown, if he starts
to get you in one of his combos, strike back with an SP attack if you have it.
Other than that, make use of your SST and SSST. Try to fight in a Field you
just captured and while Char is apart from you, take out random Zakus in hope
that one may drop a recovery item if you need it. If you lose a lot of health,
back away and let your SP charge. You can also charge up a Smash Attack if you

Once Char is defeated, the mission ends. 

Guaranteed Parts: Gundam, Zaku II (Char), Zaku II
Extra Parts: Additional Zaku II parts

  Mission 02  -  The Battle of Odessa                            U.C. 0079

After Garma Zabi, commander of Zeon's Earth Attack Force, is killed in battle,
the Federation initiates Operation Odessa, a major counter-offensive on a Zeon
mining facility. General Revil recognizes the White Base crew as a newtype
strike force and orders them to lead the attack on the Odessa mine, defended by
Zeon commander M'Quve. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: White Base, RX-78 (Amuro), Guncannon (Kai)
Enemy Units: Dom (Gaia, Ortega, Mash), Gouf (Ramba Ral)
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: Zaku II, Dom

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Odessa Base lost
Defeat: Player shot down; White Base destroyed


You'll start off in the center area surrounded by three canyons which are the
three current Enemy Fields. To the southwest will be White Base, pretty much
safe from danger in Field A. Start by mopping up any surrounding enemies which
include Zakus and Doms. 

Kai will eventually start moving toward Field D. Make your way over there too
and help him take the Field. Once you gain the field, the Black Tri-Stars will
show up and come down from Field B. Three aces at once sounds intimidating but
they should be pushovers. 

With Kai and ally grunts helping you out, you can benefit from hopefully
limiting how many of the three come after you. If you have to deal with all of
them at once, make good use of your SP attack. Even better; wait for Kai to
charge his up and when you're close to him, you should see the blue bolt of
electricity connecting your suits. At this time, use your SP attack to perform
a Double SP attack with Kai. 

Take down Gaia, Ortega, and Mash and several more Enemy Fields pop up. White
Base will move toward Field G which you are ordered to clear. Try to take down
Field C though while you're at it. 

When White Base gets to Field G it will start coming under attack. You don't
have to be in an immediate rush, but get over there as soon as you can. Try to
liberate Field G and the Field Commanders show up. Not only that, by this time,
Ramba Ral should have appeared from one of the new Fields. He'll come down to
Field G too, and he'll be another foe to defeat before you can take the Field.

Ramba Ral isn't really hard. He has an SP attack, but you can see him charging
it usually and it has poor range. Use your own combos and SP attack and take
him down. 

After this, go east through Field F and conquer it. Head north and take Field
H. The Black Tri-Stars appear again to back it up so now you'll have to take
them down again. You probably won't have any help so just be a little extra
cautious. Fighting them amongst a giant crowd of enemy Doms can be really
frustrating with all the bazooka fire. Make good use of your SP attack though
and look for healing items and you should be fine. Just watch out for their
combo SP Attack. Back away immediately if they start charging it up. 

When you finally have Field H, White Base will come along shortly. Ramba Ral
will reappear though. He's hiding in the Odessa Base Field, so head over there
and start slaying enemies until he shows up. 

He'll be a lot tougher this time. With all the enemy units surrounding you too,
it won't be easy. Make use of any pick-ups like Attack x2 that you find. If
you deadlock with Ramba Ral, the button sequence is longer too, so be aware of
that. Either block or back away when he prepares his SP attack, then strike
back with your own. 

Take him down and you're finished. 

Guaranteed Parts: Gundam, Gouf, Dom (x3)
Extra Parts: Zaku II and additional Dom parts

  Mission 03  -  Tragedy in Jaburo                               U.C. 0079

Operation Odessa ends in victory, in large part thanks to Amuro and the White
Base crew. The damaged White Base heads to Jaburo for repairs, but is tailed by
a Zeon scout. Having pinpointed the Federation headquarters, Zeon begins
mustering their forces for a full-scale invasion of Jaburo. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: White Base, RX-78 (Amuro), Guncannon (Kai, Hayato)
Enemy Units: Char's Z'Gok (Char)
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: Zaku II, Dom, Gouf

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Jaburo Core defended; Shoot down Char
Defeat: Player is shot down; Jaburo Core lost; White Base destroyed


You'll be southwest of the underground Jaburo Base. Head further southwest
where the first Enemy Field, Field F, will appear. Take out nearby enemies
first if you want, but slowly make your way over there to take the Field. 

Field F will have three Gouf Defense Commanders protecting it. Defeat them and
new Fields show up. Try to take out Fields G and K next. White Base will appear
once Zeon forces infiltrate Jaburo. Once that happens, head over to Field O
and protect the White Base by conquering the Field. 

Once you have Field O, proceed straight into Jaburo using the narrow tunnel.
Several squads of Z'Gok units will have infiltrated the base and proceed
straight toward the mission-critical Jaburo Core. Intercept them immediately.

Head over to Field P and help out Kai. Hayato will show up too, on the eastern
side of the map. You'll likely encounter some units of Z'Goks so take them
down, then gun it for Field P. You'll find many of them there so quickly use
your SST attacks and so forth to wipe them out. Clean up some of the survivors,
but don't waste too much time. By now, the enemy is conquering some of your
Fields as well. Head over to Field R and take it, then go east from there to
take Field A back as well. Meanwhile, an "Unknown MS" will have appeared in the
southeast. Fans of the Anime should know all too well who that is...

Try to gain some Fields and boost your kill count. You'll be getting tons of
message about the Unknown MS wreaking havoc. As soon as it gets near Jaburo
Core, drop what you're doing immediately and make a beeline over there to 
intercept it. If White Base comes under attack at Field O, you might want to
go and help it first though. If you get a message that the Field Commanders
have appeared, definitely do that. Try to be quick, because if the Unknown MS
infiltrates Jaburo Core, the same thing will happen very quickly. 

Hurry to Jaburo Core and you'll discover that--surprise, surprise--the Unknown
MS is Char is his custom Z'Gok. If he's not attacking the Field Commanders
directly, you could consider ignoring him and capturing more Fields if you'd
prefer. Not recommended though. Just go after him and defeat him. His Z'Gok is
not very tough. If you deadlock with him, win it and follow up with a combo and
an SP attack. Defeat him, and you're all done. 

Guaranteed Parts: RX-78, Z'Gok (Char)
Extra Parts: Zaku II, Gouf, Dom, Z'Gok

  Mission 04  -  Big Zam's Last Stand                            U.C. 0079

With the battle on Earth going well, the Federation plans an assault on the
Zeon space fortress of Solomon. Experienced pilot Sleggar Law is assigned to
the White Base, which will play a key role in the operation. He soon wins over
the crew, including Amuro, with his big heart and bigger attitude. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: White Base, RX-78 (Amuro), Guncannon (Kai, Hayato)
Enemy Units: Musai (x2), 
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: Zaku II, Dom

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Shoot down Dozle
Defeat: Player is shot down; White Base destroyed


This is the first mission in which you could encounter major difficulty. It's
just something that may take a lot of practice but hopefully you can get 
through on your first try. If you haven't already, equip any skills you have
earned (if any) before starting the mission. 

Your first objective is to take down the two Fields controlled by the Musai
ships. Those are Fields C and D. Before getting there, try to take out at least
Fields A, B, E, F or at least some of those first. Take Field K as well. Note
that Fields D and C will be protected by Defense Commanders. When it comes to
these Fields, if Kai or Hayato are nearby to help out, you can link up with 
them for combo SP Attacks. 

When Fields C and D fall, three new ones appear: G, H, and Abandoned Colony.
Go after G and H first if you want. Clearing Abandoned Colony will help
progress the mission along. Meanwhile, an unseen enemy, Big Zam, piloted by 
Dozle, will be firing on the battlefield. It's not really important though so 
just go along with your work. 

Once Abandoned Colony is clear, Sleggar will launch in the Core Booster and
head past it. If you meet up with him in Field K, you'll be stuck in the final
battle of this Mission. So, if you want, grab Fields G and H if you haven't 
done so already. Up to you though. Sleggar won't be in any danger so you have
the opportunity. 

Once you're ready, you may want to consider saving your game here. Unlike some
of the other Warriors games, you can't do the "Interim Save Trick". If you
feel like "Ok, there's no way I'm gonna survive this." though, you can manually
quit from the pause menu and reload your save and attempt it again. Either way,
head to Field K for a scene. 

Field K will be instantly taken over and Dozle will appear in his Big Zam which
is a Mobile Armor, the first you'll have faced most likely. After the scene,
you'll be locked in with Big Zam. Yes, you can't leave the Field. Big Zam is
a Mobile Armor so it's very, very strong to put it lightly. This is where dying
is a good possibility, especially if you're new to the game. Let's try to 
prevent that though. 

With Mobile Armors, you want to barrage it with Smash Attacks, instead of
normal moves. Charge a Smash Attack by holding Square. It has two levels of
charge. Charge it to max (takes just a few seconds) and unleash it on Big Zam
to stun it temporarily. You'll see the green arrows appear around it. These
mean the Mobile Armor is stunned. If it takes another similar blow, it will
fall over and be completely vulnerable for a brief few moments. These green
arrows also appear after it uses some of its attacks.

Big Zam will use its cannon and its legs mostly. It will kick you if you're
too close. After either of these attacks, it should be exposed and the green
arrows appear. If you can deke it into using these attacks (the kick attack
especially), you can strike back with a Smash Attack to bring it down for a
few moments.

Once he's down, aim for the specific parts of its body. It is tricky, but you
can make this fight a lot easier if you go after its main cannon on its head.
Destroying this means it can't use the attack which happens to be extremely
devastating with a capital D. Taking this is definitely worth the effort, but
it can take time. Besides hitting the cannon with a SP attack when it is down,
you can boost upward at its head and unleash an SP attack there. Again, it's
tricky, but worth the effort. 

If you don't take out the cannon and Big Zam gets near critical health, it
upgrades the cannon attack to one that will likely wipe you out in one blow,
depending on how much life you yourself have. If it begins charging this, back
away immediately if possible or else it'll be game over. If health becomes an
issue (and it likely will), consider backing off and trying to defeat as many
peons as you can until one drops health. Don't waste other pick-ups either
though, especially Attack x2. In critical, you can spam your Air SP Attack on
Big Zam's cannon by retreating and waiting for it to recharge. Just be careful
being in low health for too long; it can backfire on you easily. 

With some luck, Kai and Hayato will show up and distract Big Zam for you. This
will make it easier to get in some attacks, but more importantly, search for
health. Remember you can't leave the field, so you gotta defeat enemies to get
it. Kai and Hayato won't last long against Big Zam though, so be ready. Also
watch out again for the cannon. 

Taking out the cannon makes this fight so much easier. If you manage to
accomplish this, you can focus on defeating him by just spamming a few more
Smash Attacks. 

Guaranteed Parts: Gundam
Extra Parts: Zaku II

  Mission 05  -  The Duel in Texas                               U.C. 0079

After the fall of Solomon, White Base is sent to Texas Colony on a search and
destroy mission, where unbeknownst to them, M'Quve has laid an ambush. Envious
of Char, and fearing abandonment by Kycilia Zabi, he schemes to destroy Gundam
to prove his worth. Unaware, Amuro is lured into the colony alone. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: RX-78 (Amuro)
Enemy Units: Gyan (M'Quve), Char's Gelgoog (Char)
Ally Suits: None
Enemy Suits: Zaku II, Dom

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Shoot down M'Quve; Shoot down Char
Defeat: Player is shot down


You'll start off and the place will be pretty empty. Won't take long though
before some enemy units and Field A appear. Start cleaning them up and get
some kills and the Field as well. It will be protected by M'Quve in his Gyan
though. He'll come charging at you. He's really not tough at all, but the 
surrounding enemy suits can become a nuisance.

When you beat him and take Field A, he'll run away and Field B will appear. Mop
up the survivors easily for kills, then head over there. Entering Field B locks
you in and makes Field C appear. Ignore the messages and just focus on
capturing Field B, which will require beating the Defense Commanders. 

Again, you can go ahead and clear out all the remaining enemies. Once you're
ready, go to Field C. You'll be trapped in again and this time two Fields will
appear. Char will appear in one of them. While in Field C, there is a small
trap you can take advantage of. You should see on the eastern side, there is a
small pile of boulders on the wall. Strike it and it opens up a hole in the
colony and air will be sucked towards it every so often. This vacuum will draw
you and enemies toward it. Why is this great? Because it brings all the enemies
into one tight crowd, which is perfect for your SP Attack. 

Once Field C falls, go to Field D, where you'll be trapped yet again. Seeing a
pattern here? Deal with all the enemies, then the Defense Commanders and boost
your kill count. You can easily get to 600 or more. After that, go to Field E.

At Field E, you have more of those vacuum traps to use. Use it and your SP
Attack to clear the way. After that, mosey on over to Field F and do the same.
Getting bored yet? Well hold on for just a bit longer. 

At Field G, it's more of the same. Take it, and then head over to Field H where
finally, you can take on M'Quve. The only real annoyance is all the bazooka
fire from the Doms. Shoot down M'Quve and you get a scene. 

Once that is done with, mop any remaining foes until everybody retreats. At
that point, Char will appear in his Gelgoog with a small unit. His Gelgoog is a
little bit tougher than his other suits, but mostly because its attack style is
harder to predict. The Gelgoog's saber is painful so watch out for his combos
and his SP attack especially. If you have to, retreat and use the critical SP

Once Char is vanquished, you're all done.

Guaranteed Parts: Gundam, Gelgoog (Char), Gyan
Extra Parts: Zaku II, Dom

  Mission 06  -  A Cosmic Glow                                   U.C. 0079

With the fall of Solomon, the Federation gains the advantage in space. Now they
plan an assault on Zeon's last line of defense, the space fortress called A
Baoa Qu. Before they can attack, Federation battleships come under fire by an
unknown enemy. Amuro and the white Base crew sense the presence of a newtype
Mobile Armor, Elmeth. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: RX-78 (Amuro), Salamis (x2), Guncannon (Kai/Hayato)
Enemy Units: Char's Gelgoog (Char), Musai (x2)
Ally Suits: Ball
Enemy Suits: Zaku II, Dom, Gelgoog

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Shoot down Char
Defeat: Player is shot down; White Base destroyed; Kai shot down; Hayato shot


It'll be lonely out in space at the start. You'll see the red square on your
map just in front of you though. Sure enough, it's Char and he's using the
Gelgoog again. Engage him and if you deadlock, take advantage. Otherwise, you
should be fairly familiar with the way the Gelgoog operates from the last
mission. Use your SP attack when necessary and defeat him. 

Char will retreat and Fields D and E will appear, each harboring enemy Musai
ships. Two Federation Salamis will appear in response. Make your way toward
either Field and start cleaning up. Kai and Hayato will launch shortly to back
you up. One will head to Field D, and the other to E. 

Once you gain one Field, with the help of either Hayato or Kai, it's likely
the other will be struggling at the other Field. Head over there immediately
and liberate it as well. 

Field F appears and it's occupied by the Elmeth, a Mobile Armor. You won't have
to fight it so don't worry about that. It'll be hiding, and sending its Funnels
out at you. Those are the small units that fire yellow lasers at you. Ignore 
them and the others and go straight for the Defense Commanders. Focus on them 
and destroy them. The Elmeth will disappear and the Field will be yours. 

Go to the new Field G where a Musai is, as well as a new enemy. It's a red
Gelgoog, but it's slightly different. Its pilot is Johnny Ridden, the Crimson
Lightning. Defeat him and take Field G. 

The Elmeth will reappear at the newly created Field H. Make that your last
destination and begin liberating it. Two more Fields will appear and enemy
units will head toward White Base. You can go and take those Fields if you want
or you can focus on quickly taking Field H. Depleting enough of the enemy
forces there will force Char out. Defeat him and his Gelgoog and the mission
is over. 

Guaranteed Parts: Gundam, Gelgoog (Char), Gelgoog (Johnny)
Extra Parts: Zaku II, Dom, Gelgoog

  Mission 07  -  Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu                       U.C. 0079

The Federation now sets their sights on the space fortress A Baoa Qu, Zeon's
last line of defense. Zeon responds by destroying 30% of the Federation fleet
with its new Solar Ray. Having lost Lalah, Amuro is overcome with despair.
Nonetheless, he boards Gundam for a final showdown with Char. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Salamis, RX-78 (Amuro), White Base, Guncannon (Kai/Hayato)
Enemy Units: Char's Gelgoog (Char), Johnny's Gelgoog (Johnny), Zeong (Char), 
Musai (x2)
Ally Suits: Ball, GM II
Enemy Suits: Zaku II, Dom, Gelgoog

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Shoot down Char
Defeat: Player is shot down; White Base destroyed; Fail to rescue White Base
within the time limit


By now, you should hopefully have at least a Rank 2 Torso for the RX-78 and
be at least Level 15 with Amuro. The former will allow you to have a longer
SP Attack (a Rank 3 Torso makes it even longer), and the latter allows you to
use SSSST and SSSSST moves. The SSSSST in particular will be a good crowd move
for you.

Start off by taking Field A right in front of you. After that, go to either B
or C. If you go for C just for extra kills, go to B right after that. Either
way, once B has been taken, proceed even further in toward Field E.

This is where the mission can get annoying. Start by taking out large groups
of enemies within Field E as fast as possible The SSSSST will come in handy,
as will your SP attack for this purpose. Halfway through, the White Base will
start heading toward the Field. Try to get the Defense Commanders out and begin
working on them. Once White Base enters Field E, it comes under attack. At that
point, you have a minute to take the Field or you fail the mission. Yes, one
lousy minute. Get moving. Keep the commanders close together and pin them with
your SSSSST and SP Attack. Take them all down as fast as possible to avoid

Now you can head straight for the Base Core or capture other enemy Fields for
more kills. Go for Field K and Johnny appears at the Base Core Field. At the
same time however, a Musai appears and will head straight for White Base. Go
back and take over its field to make it go away. Afterwards, head straight for

You can't reach the Base Core by going straight across. Instead, go up to Field
L and take it. After that, take the elevator ramps down to the Base Core. Take
on Johnny and he should go down easily. After that, all forces will retreat
from the battlefield completely. It's over..... or is it?

Char will appear soon enough in the Zeong. Head over there to meet him. The
Zeong is a tough customer and you really don't want to blow this long mission
here on the final battle. The Zeong has a limited number of moves but it has
decent range. You can try hit-and-run moves by charging up Smash Attacks from
far away, then moving in close to use them, run away, rinse and repeat.
Otherwise, go right after him with your SSST, SSSST, and SSSSST moves. When
he catches you off guard, fight back with your SP Attack. If you're critical,
you can search the stage for health, or just hit-and-run him with your SP
Attack each time it recharges. When he loses most of his health, Char retreats
and deploys the Zeong's hands. Take them down quickly and the Zeong will appear
again. Use a few more combos and SP Attacks to bring it down once and for all.

Guaranteed Parts: Gundam, Gelgoog (Johnny), Zeong
Extra Parts: Zaku II, Dom, Gelgoog

You've finished the One Year War portion of Amuro's Official Mode. It's not
over yet though. You unlock Amuro again (say what?) to play the Char's
Counterattack portion of his Official Mode. Go to the menu and select the
older looking Amuro (he'll have the same Pilot Level as the other) and you
will be able to select a brand new mission. 

                     ---------CHAR'S COUNTERATTACK---------

  Mission 01  -  Luna 2 Surrenders; Axis Accelerates             U.C. 0093

Char reappears as leader of Neo Zeon. He aims to wipe out Earth's population
by plunging the planet into an ice age. Sympathizing with his cause, Quess
Paraya defects from Amuro's side to join Char and the Neo Zeon. Amuro and the
crew of the Londo Bell discover that Char plans to crash an asteroid called
Axis into the Earth, and head there in search of Quess. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Ra Cailum, Nu Gundam (Amuro),
Enemy Units: Jagd Doga (Quess), Jagd Doga (Gyunei)
Ally Suits: Jegan
Enemy Suits: Geara Doga

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Prevent the Axis from crashing to Earth; Shoot down Gyunei
Defeat: Player is shot down; Ra Cailum destroyed


For this, you have a brand new Mobile Suit, the Nu Gundam. It in my opinion, is
far superior to the RX-78 in its moveset and other capabilities. Since you're
using the same Pilot, Amuro, you have access to any skills you unlocked before,
and you also have the same level, which means you should be able to access all
of Nu Gundam's moves right from the start, which is really good. Unfortunately,
since it's a new suit, it has nothing but Rank 1 parts for now. 

Head up to Field B from the start and test out Nu Gundam. Its SSST and SSSSST
are great moves to use. Also try out the SP attack when surrounded by enemies.
Once you have Field B, grab a few more kills, then proceed directly to Field C.
After that, only Field D will remain.

Fields E and F will appear soon after you reach Field D. Gyunei will be in
Field F. Focus on Field D for now, which is guarded by Quess. She's really easy
to defeat and with Nu Gundams SSST, SSSSST, and SP Attack, you have the ability
to handle the crowd. You only need to hurt her a bit and she'll retreat, along
with Gyunei. A lot of things will happen after that.

Fields G and H show up. Work on taking all the other fields first, then make
your way down there. Take Field G as a few more events transpire, including
the appearance of Field I. Take over Field G and H, then head over there. Try
to have full armor before heading over to Field I. You'll watch a scene when
you get there. 

After that, it's you against Gyunei in his Jagd Doga. It's not particularly
tough, but his moves might take you by surprise. Focus on blocking and then
striking back with you SSSSST (which really hurts him if you hit him with the
shield) or your SP Attack if you get in a bind. Block his SP Attack and keep
attacking until he goes down. That ends the mission. 

Guaranteed Parts: Nu Gundam, Jagd Doga (Gyunei)
Extra Parts: Geara Doga

  Mission 02  -  Londo Bell Reacts; Axis Falls                   U.C. 0093

Despite Amuro's efforts, Axis' thermonuclear pulse engine begins pushing the
asteroid toward Earth. Londo Bell plots a final attempt to obliterate Axis
using the fleet and nuclear missiles. If it fails, a fallback team will invade
and destroy Axis instead. Amuro heads out to stop Char and save Earth.

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Ra Cailum, Nu Gundam (Amuro),
Enemy Units: Alpha Azieru (Quess), Jagd Doga (Gyunei), Sazabi (Char), Rewloola
Ally Suits: Jegan
Enemy Suits: Geara Doga

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Prevent the Axis from crashing to Earth; 
Defeat: Player is shot down; The Axis crashes into Earth; Ra Cailum destroyed;
All engineering units destroyed; Fail to mop-up enemy forces inside the Axis


Start by heading straight into Field B. You'll be locked in, which can only
mean one thing. Yes, a Mobile Armor is lurking. Defeat enemies to lure out the
Alpha Azieru, piloted by Quess. Gyunei will join in too which makes this a very
unfair 2-on-1. 

Start by taking down Gyunei's Jagd Doga immediately by hitting him with a few
SSSSST's. After that, focus on the Mobile Armor, Alpha Azieru. This Mobile
Armor has a few attacks, but you can easily stay positioned at its side or
back and avoid most attacks. The Alpha Azieru will constantly turn to get you
in front of it so that Quess can attack with its hands. Keep moving away and
stay to the side. Strike back with Smash and SP Attacks. When you can, attack
it when the green arrows are visible. They will also show up after some of the
Alpha Azieru's attacks, including an attack where it tilts to the side and
strafes, firing several lasers. Attack with a Smash before it fires and you
can stun it. 

When the Alpha Azieru is in its vulnerable state, you can really do some good
damage by getting closer to its body and using an SP Attack. What makes this
foe really annoying is that when it loses a lot of its armor, it often will
launch its funnels. The funnels you can see on its back as those point
protrusions. They attack in such a large group and constantly enough that you
have almost no time to attack them back so they become extremely annoying. Try
your best to defeat them with SSST and other attacks if you have to face them.
You can prevent this by destroying a lot of the Alpha Azieru's body and keeping
it continually stunned. Follow up with more SP and Smash Attacks to do it in. 

Start cleaning up the weakened enemies in the Field and wait for a scene. When
it's over, head to Field C to take it over and get more kills. After that, go
to Field D. Attempt to take it and Char appears in his Sazabi. He's pretty easy
but try to get a feel for the Sazabi's moveset. Your SSSST works wonders though
and should make things really easy. 

After that, you need to take Field E, but go after Field Q first. Your mission
objective, the Rewloola falls back to Field F so go there next. A few more
events and a scene take place between that time. At Field F, you'll have no
problem wiping out the enemies.

Once Field F is gone, the Ra Cailum sends its engineering team into Axis. You
will have five minutes to clear out Field L and help them get inside. Head for
Field L inside Axis and take it down immediately. Char will meanwhile target
the engineers but you don't have to rush off to help them immediately. Focus
on Field L, then go after Char and his Sazabi. Again use your SSSSST the most.

After that, you get another time limit of five minutes to take the remaining
Fields inside Axis, Fields I, J, and K. Start mopping up the enemies in these
areas quickly and go from one to the next to conquer each Field. Whatever time
you have remaining will be used as you escape time. Make your way out of Axis
once the job is done for a scene. 

Everyone leaves and Char appears again for a third time. Head over to his
location, but be warned, he's incredibly tough now. He not only attacks harder,
but he'll recover his health too. He's really tough because he counters you
very quickly. For this reason, your SSSSST is not a really good choice this
time. The time it takes for the shield to deploy leaves Char an open window to
hit you. It's still a great damage dealer, so try it out if you can, but don't
rely on it too much or you'll be countered a lot. Rely on quicker moves like
your SST and SSST. When Char combos you, fight back with an SP Attack. When he
deploys his funnels, they are easily destroyed. Relocate Char immediately and
block him, then counter and keep up this strategy for the rest of the fight.
Go with quick moves and he should go down after a while. If you need it, there
is a box with Armor Recover to the southwest. 

Guaranteed Parts: Nu Gundam, Sazabi, Jagd Doga (Gyunei)
Extra Parts: Geara Doga

With that done, you're finished with Amuro's Official Mode. You unlock Amuro
for Mission Mode. You can also replay his Mission Mode and choose any "grunt"
suits you've unlocked, as well as any suits you have Licenses for (you'll need
to play Mission Mode to get those). 

------OFFICIAL MODE------
   ___ _                 _                _    _     
  / __| |_  __ _ _ _    /_\  ____ _  __ _| |__| |___ 
 | (__| ' \/ _` | '_|  / _ \|_ / ' \/ _` | '_ \ / -_)
  \___|_||_\__,_|_|   /_/ \_|__|_||_\__,_|_.__/_\___|

Mobile Suits: Zaku II (Char), Gelgoog (Char), Hyaku Shiki

                       ---------THE ONE YEAR WAR---------

  Mission 01  -  Re-entry to Earth                               U.C. 0079

Char Aznable cemented his reputation after the One Year War; he had discovered
the Federation's plan to develop Mobile Suits and also the existence of the
White Base. But he needs more successes under his belt to give him the chance
to avenge his grudge against the Zabi family who rules Zeon. Now he plots a
risky ambush on White Base.

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Musai, Char's Zaku II (Char), Zaku II (Crown)
Enemy Units: White Base, RX-78 (Amuro)
Ally Suits: Zaku II
Enemy Suits: Ball

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: White Base destroyed
Defeat: Player is shot down; Musai destroyed; 20 minutes elapse


Begin by getting acquainted with the way Char's Zaku II handles. It's a little
less versatile than the RX-78, but it's still a pretty solid MS. Go to either
Field B or C and conquer it, then get the other. You'll face plenty of Ball
suits. They're as easy as it comes so it makes for good early practice. 

Take both fields and two more will appear. Continue your work, going for Field
E or F. They will be protected by Defense Commanders, but they're still very
easy to take out. After you've taken one of these Fields, a Salamis will
appear. Go to Field D where it is located and try to take it. You have to get
through more Defense Commanders. In the meanwhile, Amuro will appear in the
Gundam. Just ignore him for now and take Field D. 

With close to ten minutes left, Crown appears. Take this time to finish off a
few more Enemy Fields. Eventually, Crown will retreat and the White Base will
be revealed at Field G. Head there immediately and start busting heads. Amuro
will appear eventually. He's not gonna go down easily, but you should be able
to take advantage of both the SST and SSST moves the Zaku II has. Also use the
SP Attack. Amuro shouldn't put up much of a threat. 

Guaranteed Parts: Zaku II (Char), Gundam
Extra Parts: Ball

  Mission 02  -  The Duel in Texas                               U.C. 0079

Taking the blame for Garma Zabi's death, Char accepts a demotion. However,
Kycilia Zabi recognizes his talent, and promotes him to Captain again. Char is
ordered to help M'Quve drive the White Base out of Texas Colony. Char bring
Lalah Sune with him as a test of her skills in battle. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Char's Gelgoog (Char), Gyan (M'Quve)
Enemy Units: RX-78 (Amuro)
Ally Suits: None
Enemy Suits: GM

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Shoot down Amuro
Defeat: Player is shot down


You'll be using Char's Gelgoog for this one. You might be in luck if you played
Amuro's Official Mode prior to this. Seeing as how you would have fought Char's
Gelgoog several times, you'll probably have a couple good parts for it already,
which will be helpful, particularly if you got a better Torso part. 

Start by taking over Field A and try out the Gelgoog's moveset. The SSST is a
nice move to use a lot. The Gelgoog's ST is also decent. Taking Field A and
then B should be easy. Feast on the stunned enemies to boost your kill count.
After that, take Field C as well.

A whole bunch of enemy Fields appear. Start taking them down one by one. Amuro
will show up and take out M'Quve. After that, he'll make his way down to you
in due time. Try to make your way to Field G and take it. Wait there for Amuro
and take him on. He isn't really hard, but watch out for his SP Attack. Block
it or back away if you have to. With the Gelgoog, you can take advantage of the
SST move. The stab at the end is unblockable and does a small amount of damage.
Other than that, normal tactics should see you through. You can also take out
the pile of boulders in this arena to create a space vacuum, which will gather
enemies tightly for your SP Attacks. 

Guaranteed Parts: Gelgoog (Char), Gundam
Extra Parts: GM

  Mission 03  -  A Cosmic Glow                                   U.C. 0079

Having destroyed Zeon's space fortress Solomon, the Federation now launches
an all-out space assault on the asteroid fortress A Baoa Qu. Kycilia Zabi sends
Char to respond. Lalah in the Elmeth and a squad of Mobile Suits led by Char
prepare to launch a preemptive strike on White Base. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Elmeth (Lalah), Musai (x3), Char's Gelgoog (Char)
Enemy Units: Salamis, RX-78  (Amuro), Guncannon (Kai/Hayato)
Ally Suits: Dom, Gelgoog
Enemy Suits: GM, Ball

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Shoot down Amuro
Defeat: Player is shot down; Elmeth shot down; All friendly fields lost


Go straight ahead and conquer Field D. After that, don't waste any time and
go down to Field F. An enemy Salamis will be headed in that direction so get
there and take it before it arrives.

The Salamis will be destroyed by the Elmeth. Field G appears, housing the 
Gundam. Head over there to face Amuro. He won't put up much of a fight, and
luckily, the surrounding enemy units won't be much of an annoyance either. Rely
on the Gelgoog's SST if Amuro blocks a lot. 

Once he goes down and you have taken Field G, White Base appears at Field H.
Kai and Hayato will launch, each in a Guncannon suit. Go after them immediately
and make quick work of them. If they double team you, go with ST and SSST and
your SP Attack. 

With that out of the way, make a beeline for White Base. At the same time,
notice the appearance of Field I where Amuro and the Elmeth are. Concentrate
for now on taking Field H and White Base. After that, immediately head to Field
I to help out Lalah. Lure out Amuro but be careful; he's a bit tougher now and
his SP Attack if it hits, will do significant damage. Try to enter the fight 
with most of your armor intact. Take advantage again of the SST attack. 

Once you beat Amuro the mission is over. 

Guaranteed Parts: Gelgoog (Char), Gundam, Guncannon (x2)
Extra Parts: GM, Ball


  Mission 04  -  Re-entry to Earth                               U.C. 0087

Seven years after the One Year War, the Federation's elite Titans now control
the Earth Sphere. To evade the Titans, Char changes his name to Quattro Bajeena
and joins the A.E.U.G. The A.E.U.G., now armed with a Gundam Mark II thanks to
Kamille Bidan, attacks the Federation's Jaburo Base.

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Argama, Hyaku Shiki (Quattro), Gundam Mk. II (Kamille), 
Rick Dias (Apolly/Roberto/Emma)
Enemy Units: Marasai (Jerid/Kacricon)
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: Hizack, GM Command

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Survive atmospheric re-entry
Defeat: Player is shot down; Kamille shot down; Argama destroyed


Ok, despite the fact this mission has the same exact name as the first one,
don't get confused. You'll be piloting the Hyaku Shiki which is pretty

Start by heading to Field F and conquer it quickly as you hear about Emma being
trapped at Field B. When you have F, head over there, but take Field G along
the way if you want to. The Hyaku Shiki's SP Attack really works extremely well
on crowds so it should help you take down all the Fields easily. 

Once you save Emma, you're ordered to take Fields D and E. Head over there and
do just that. Before you can get finished though, more enemy Fields appear.

Keep taking down Fields and boosting your kill count. Kamille will head over
to Field H most likely. When he gets in trouble, go over to help him out. After
this, take Field L. You'll be ordered to grab Fields J and K next. You'll have
to bail out some of your allies who will be "struggling" so be sure to give
them a hand. The drop zone will appear in the bottom left. Once unhindered,
your allies will head over there.

All except Kamille, who will get flagged down by Jerid and Kacricon as they
soon appear. Boost over there immediately to stop them. First you have to
clear the Field of enough enemies. Try a Combination SP Attack with Kamille;
the Hyaku Shiki has a good one. 

When Jerid and Kacricon appear, take care of Kacricon first to kill him. Go
after Jerid next who isn't really hard either. Combine with Kamille if you have
the chance. Defeat Jerid and it's all over. 

Guaranteed Parts: Hyaku Shiki, Marasai (x2)
Extra Parts: GM Command, Hizack

  Mission 05  -  Winds of Jaburo                                 U.C. 0087

A.E.U.G. painstakingly plots out an operation to attack the Federation's Jaburo
base. Quattro and Kamille thwart a last-minute ambush by Titans forces as the
A.E.U.G. descends through the Earth's atmosphere. Now the second phase of the
plan unfolds as A.E.U.G. Mobile Suits begin slipping through Jaburo's anti-air
defenses in an attempt to destroy the facility.

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Hyaku Shiki (Quattro), Z Gundam (Kamille), Rick Dias 
Enemy Units: Marasai (Jerid)
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: GM Command, Hizack, Gouf Flight Type

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Jaburo Core lost; Quattro escapes Jaburo Base; Kamille escapes Jaburo
Base; Shoot down Jerid
Defeat: Player is shot down; Kamille shot down; Fail to escape Jaburo Base
within the time limit


At the start, the map will be pretty empty. In just a few seconds though, a
few small enemy Fields will appear. Some will serve as a landing spot for one
of your allies when you capture them, so it's in your best interest that you do
just that. Take Field A and Apolly will land. 

Take care of a few more enemies, then go over to Field B. The enemies here are
a lot more durable so they'll take more hits to defeat. Use the Hyaku Shiki's
SSST to your advantage, as well as the SP Attack. Taking Field B will let 
Roberto land. 

Go after Field C now if you want, but no allies are waiting there. Kamille
lands but Jerid does as well. Jerid will target Kamille so go to his aid.
Jerid will be a little more durable but you can use a Combination SP Attack
with Kamille to help. Defeat him and he retreats. Take Field D and you'll be
done here. Head into Jaburo base now.

There won't be a lot to do for now. Just take Fields G and H, then move closer
to the Jaburo Core. Back Kamille up and take the Field. After that, it is
revealed that this was all a trap and you have twelve minutes to escape. This
is more than enough time so carve your way out and defeat plenty of enemies
along the way. Secure a route so Kamille can make it out easily. 

Roberto and Apolly will also get stuck. You can easily garner up a ton of
kills taking over the Fields on your way to save both of them. You have plenty
of time for it.

Once Kamille gets to the escape point, Jerid shows up. You can afford to spend
a few more minutes killing, but don't let Kamille fight alone for too long or
he'll be defeated and you'll fail. Once you're ready, head over and help
Kamille by defeating Jerid. Use your Combination SP Attack if you can. 

Guaranteed Parts: Hyaku Shiki, Marasai
Extra Parts: Hizack, GM Command, Gouf Flight Type

  Mission 06  -  The Storm Over Kilimanjaro                      U.C. 0087

The A.E.U.G. teams up with Karaba to capture the Titans' Kilimanjaro Base on
Earth. Quattro and Kamille were sent to support Karaba from space, but are
forced to land on Earth due to an enemy attack. Now Karaba, led by Amuro, and
the Kilimanjaro Base defense force are locked in a heated battle. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Hyaku Shiki (Quattro), Z Gundam (Kamille), Rick Dias (Amuro)
Enemy Units: Byalant (Jerid), Psyco Gundam (Four)
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: Hizack, Marasai

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Take over Kilimanjaro Base
Defeat: Player is shot down; Kamille shot down; Amuro shot down


This mission is tough, but it's not because of any particularly strong foes
(save one). What makes it hard is having to protect Kamille and Amuro as well.
Your goal is the Southern Base. Make your way with Kamille through the enemy
forces and take over the Fields you come across along the way. Amuro will
appear very early on and you've got to make sure he isn't defeated. Take Field
D, then go down to Field E. 

Fight your way down to Field I and Jerid will appear yet again. This time
however, he'll be piloting the Byalant. It's not really tough though. Just use
your SST and SSST attacks, as well as your SP Attack of course.

Once you have Field I, make haste and boost over to Kamille's location on the
double. You can take Fields along the way but this is not recommended at all
and you'll find out why soon enough. Just go straight toward Kamille. 

Kamille will move up to Field F where the Mobile Suit is. You should try and
rendezvous with him immediately. You can grab Fields G, C, and B along the way,
but Kamille can take a lot of damage in the meantime and that can prove costly
later. It's up to you. I do not recommend waiting at all and going straight for
Field F as soon as Kamille starts moving there himself. 

Take enough enemies down at Field F and Psyco Gundam appears. As a Mobile Armor
it looks really intimidating, but it's not terribly difficult to defeat. It
has a few attacks such as an easy kick, lasers, and a transformation move where
it chases you. The one you really need to watch out for is when it charges up
and lets loose a large blast. This attack hurts a lot. This is also the attack
that will eat up Kamille and eventually Amuro too and it can become problematic
if they lose a lot of their armor. 

Psyco Gundam is vulnerable after a lot of its attacks. If it does its
transformation and chases you, run away and after its done, Psyco Gundam will
kneel down for a few moments, weakened. Smash Attack it at this point to bring
it down. Use SP and Combination SP Attacks on it. Follow this up with more
Smash Attacks. 

When it loses most of its health, the Psyco Gundam will start using its big
energy explosion attack. Run away when you hear that distinctive sound. Boost
as far away as you can to learn how big the radius is. Amuro and Kamille will
not be smart enough to do this so you want to defeat Psyco Gundam quick at
this point to ensure they don't die. This can become extremely aggravating 
because if Kamille took significant damage earlier, he'll probably die against
Psyco Gundam easily, forcing you to do the mission over. Try to focus on
damaging numerous areas of the Psyco Gundam so that partial destruction will
keep it stunned. Strike back with SP and Combination SP Attacks.

Guaranteed Parts: Hyaku Shiki, Byalant
Extra Parts: Hizack, Marasai

  Mission 07  -  Run Through The Cosmos                          U.C. 0087

Quattro gives a historic speech at Dakar. Scirocco has the Titans in his
pocket, and Axis' Haman Karn plots to gain control over the Earth Sphere, while
the A.E.U.G. stands against both. The Gryps Conflict erupts in the wake of this
three-way power struggle. Quattro firmly believes that victory for the A.E.U.G.
will benefit humankind more than the revolution sought by Scirocco and Haman. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Radish, Argama, Hyaku Shiki (Quattro), Gundam Mk. II (Emma), 
Z Gundam (Kamille)
Enemy Units: Baund Doc (Jerid), Hambrabi (Yazan/Dunkel/Ramsus), Palace Athene
(Reccoa), Qubeley (Haman), The O (Scirocco)
Ally Suits: GM II
Enemy Suits: Marasai, Barzam, Hizack, Gaza C

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Destroy all of the Titans; Destroy the Axis; Shoot down Scirocco;
Shoot down Haman
Defeat: Player is shot down; Kamille shot down; Argama destroyed


Start by taking any two of the three enemy fields. It should be pretty simple.
Hopefully by now you've gotten a high enough Pilot Rank with Char/Quattro that
you have unlocked the full moveset for the Hyaku Shiki. Make good use of the
SSSSST move. 

Take two Fields and a few small events transpire. Jerid appears at Field D. 
Kamille will go off to face him so leave them for now and instead go after
Field C. It will be guarded by Defense Commanders and also in all likelihood,
Dunkel who will be among the emerging Titans Aces. 

During all this commotion, the Radish will fall. Just after that, you should
be finished with Dunkel (just be careful, and use your SP Attack and SSSSST
well). Take out the Defense Commanders and conquer Field C. By this time, Axis
will have shown up too. Head over to Kamille now and try to take down the
Baund Doc as fast as possible. It should be pretty easy because Jerid doesn't
really put up much of a fight. If you continually combo him, he has a hard
time fighting back. 

Around this time, Emma will rush off to face Reccoa. Emma will end up dying
against her very quickly so if you want to save her, decide what you're gonna
do. You can hopefully reach her if you manage to finish off Jerid fast enough.
If not, abandon Jerid to Kamille and rush off to face Palace Athene, piloted
by Reccoa.

Once that's over with, return to the Argama and help fend off Ramsus and Yazan.
Yazan is tougher and he blocks a lot. Try to combo him with your SSSST and your
SSSSST attacks. Scirocco and Haman will appear and head for Gryps 2. Defeat
Yazan and Ramsus in a hurry and head down there to intercept them at once. 

Inside Gryps 2 is where you'll find them and if you haven't noticed already,
there's a time limit. Hopefully Kamille will be there to aid you. Make sure you
take them both out before time runs out. It's better to have Kamille distract
one of them because Haman is really tough even by herself. Make good use of
your SP Attacks and block a lot against her, looking for a chance to strike
back. Defeat her and Scirocco in The O. 

After this, the colony laser is fired, wiping out a lot of the Titans' Fields.
Both the Titans and Axis fall back, but each return with a bunch of Fields.
Start pecking away at them and eventually make your way to the Jupitris Field
where The O is waiting for a rematch. He's a little tougher this time, but
there is an SP Recovery in a nearby box to help a little. His moves aren't
really tough to gauge and defend and what not so you should be ok. Avoid being
hit by his SP Attack at all costs. 

With Scirocco defeated, everybody except Axis retreats. Now it's up to Quattro
to defeat the Qubeley, piloted by Haman Karn. Boost over to Field U and be
ready. Lure out Haman and be cautious again against her Qubeley. Block and then
counter when you have a chance. Always SP Attack when you have it or if you're
being hit by one of her combos. She hits really hard so you don't want to let
her pummel you. 

She'll set out her funnels too so SP Attack when you see them to take them down
and hopefully damage her a bit. Grab any pick-ups you see, especially armor. 
There's a box in this Field with an Armor pick-up if you  need it. Try to stick
with simple moves, because your SSSSST will likely be blocked before you can 
get her with the last few hits. 

Defeat Haman and the Qubeley and you're finished. 

Guaranteed Parts: Hyaku Shiki, Qubeley, The O, Hambrabi (x3), Baund Doc, Palace
Extra Parts: Barzam, Marasai, Hizack, Gaza C

                     ---------CHAR'S COUNTERATTACK---------

  Mission 01  -  Enemy Encounter at 5th Luna                     U.C. 0093

Char has returned to the Earth Sphere as leader of Neo Zeon. He aims to use
asteroids to cause a nuclear winter on Earth. Amuro and Bright's Londo Bell
discover Char heading to the asteroid 5th Luna. Fearing Char, the Federation
send Adenauer Paraya to negotiate peace. His daughter Quess goes with him. 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Rewloola, Sazabi (Char), Jagd Doga (Gyunei)
Enemy Units: Re-GZ (Amuro)
Ally Suits: Geara Doga
Enemy Suits: Jegan

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Take over all enemy Fields; Rescue Gyunei; Shoot down Amuro
Defeat: Player is shot down; Gyunei shot down; Rewloola destroyed


This mission is incredibly simple. With the Sazabi, you'll still have your
old skills and Pilot Rank so that will help a lot. The Sazabi's SSSSST is
pretty good, and the SST is really cool too.

Start by clearing out the enemy Fields. They'll all eventually come back with
more enemies so just keep going. The Rewloola will be attacked not too far into
the mission so go and help out. 

Go around and purge each Field until you locate Gyunei. After that, the Field
will quickly be established again and Amuro will appear. Clear it out and
he'll show up in the Re-GZ. Try to have full health before fighting him, though
he isn't really hard at all. Use your SST attacks if he blocks a lot. Block
if you need to and try to get behind him to help with combos. Other than that,
it should be a straightforward fight. 

Guaranteed Parts: Sazabi, Re-GZ
Extra Parts: Jegan

  Mission 02  -  Luna 2 Surrenders; Axis Accelerates             U.C. 0093

Char agrees to reconcile with the Federation if Axis is handed over to Neo
Zeon. However, it is a charade intended to put the Federation at ease. Quess
Paraya and Gyunei Guss destroy a Federation battleship in a surprise attack, and
Char places a nuclear warhead on Axis, planning to crash it into the Earth.

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Sazabi (Char), Rezin's Geara Doga (Rezin), Jagd Doga (Quess), 
Jagd Doga (Gyunei)
Enemy Units: Ra Cailum, Re-GZ (Kayra), Nu Gundam (Amuro)
Ally Suits: Geara Doga
Enemy Suits: Jegan

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: Destroy all enemy command units; Shoot down Amuro
Defeat: Player is shot down; Enemy missile hits the Axis; Quess shot down; 
Gyunei shot down


Begin this mission by taking Field B. After that, go after Kayra in her Re-GZ.
It should be a lot easier than Amuro when he was piloting it in the last
mission, but again rely on SST if you have to.

Defeat a couple enemies until your next objective. You'll get a time limit and
will have to take Field G. Do so immediately. You have to take a lot of
consecutive Fields with limited time and it will become really hard so don't
waste any time killing extra enemies. As soon as you have taken Field G, make
a beeline for Field H. 

After that, Fields I and J will appear, so quickly go down and take care of
them. Use your crowd moves like the SSSSST and sometimes the SSST. If you have
an upgraded Torso, the Sazabi's SP Attack is also good. With Rank 1 Torso
though, it doesn't help a ton. 

You're eventually brought to Field K, which is defended by Defense Commanders.
This is why you need as much time as possible. Do your best to defeat the
Defense Commanders as fast as you can. An Attack x2 if you can find it will
help immensely in this goal. Hitting all three at once with your SSSSST will
also help a lot.

Now make your way to Quess, either fighting your way there or not. Just note
that she'll get into a little trouble if you wait. 

Once you've rendezvoused, some reinforcements show up. Gyunei also launches.
He'll meet Amuro who also shows up, at Field O. Make your way there too, 
because Gyunei won't last terribly long against Nu Gundam and if he goes down,
you lose. Meet them there and face off against Nu Gundam. Take advantage of
your SST, SSST, and SSSSST attacks. If you get in a bind, take health from
the nearby box in the bottom left corner of the Field. 

Defeat Amuro and it's over.

Guaranteed Parts: Sazabi, Nu Gundam, Re-GZ
Extra Parts: Jegan

  Mission 03  -  Londo Bell Reacts; Axis Falls                   U.C. 0093

Char repels Londo Bell's attack, and has started moving Axis towards Earth.
However, Londo Bell tries to launch a new attack on Axis. To prevent it from
succeeding, Char bring the Mobile Armor "Alpha Azieru" into play. Piloting the
Sazabi, he engages Amuro and his Nu Gundam to defend Axis and defeat his 

Unit/Field Info
Friendly Units: Rewloola, Sazabi (Char), Alpha Azieru (Quess), 
Jagd Doga (Gyunei)
Enemy Units: Ra Cailum, Nu Gundam (Amuro), Re-GZ (Chan), Jegan (Hathaway)
Ally Suits: Geara Doga
Enemy Suits: Jegan

Victory/Defeat Conditions
Victory: The Axis crashes into Earth; Shoot down Amuro
Defeat: Player is shot down; Rewloola destroyed; Ra Cailum approaches the Axis;
All friendly fields taken over inside the Axis; Fail to escape the Axis


Storm forward and take Field E. After that, Gyunei and Amuro will appear. Fight
your way toward Amuro, taking over some Fields along the way. Ra Cailum will
begin its attack and you'll have five minutes to stop it. More than enough

You'll want to grab Fields M and N. Amuro will be engaged with Gyunei at Field
M. Amuro isn't too tough, just watch out for his SP Attack. Team up with Gyunei
and use a Combination SP Attack if you can. Take him down and then quickly 
seize Field N and you'll thwart the attack. 

After this, Amuro will reappear in the bottom half of the map. Stay put though,
because Chan and Hathaway will appear on the top half where you should still
be. If you want to take them down, go ahead and do so; they're easy to defeat.

Make your way over to Amuro and defeat him. Meanwhile, a few small events
happen, leading to Axis opening and the appearance of your next major objective
which is to take over enemy Fields. Do this after you beat Amuro. 

You have a very lenient 10 minute time limit to take Fields I, J, and K and
then escape Axis after that. Take your time and have fun with the Jegans. After
that, make tracks and prepare for the final showdown. 

Amuro is a bit of a tough cookie in the final fight. Just block all of his
attacks and stay defensive, instead of attacking him head on. He'll always find
the right time to attack before your charge attacks so it's better to just 
block and rely on quick moves. The Sazabi's SST works great. If you run low on
health, find the box south of where Amuro appears and it will have an armor

Amuro will restore his health. He'll launch his funnels at that point. Either
get around them so they can't hit you, or use your SP Attack. When Amuro
returns, use the same defensive tactics and your SST attack. If he charges his
SP Attack, block it or get out of the way immediately. Keep blocking and
attacking when you can and he'll go down eventually. 

Guaranteed Parts: Sazabi, Nu Gundam, Re-GZ, Jegan
Extra Parts: Additional Jegan parts

That does it for Char's Official Mode. You can now use any of your unlocked
suits in his Official Mode. You can also use Char in Mission Mode now. 

------OFFICIAL MODE------
  _  __           _ _ _       ___ _    _           
 | |/ /__ _ _ __ (_) | |___  | _ |_)__| |__ _ _ _  
 | ' 

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