PS3 Walkthroughs: God of War Collection Walkthrough

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God of War Collection Walkthrough

              God of War 2 Walkthrough
              For PS2
              Final Version
              Copyright 2007 YuGiOhAngel & YuGiOhFm2002
              (If you Email one of us or both of us.)
              (Please add Game Name or Guide Name in Subject)
              (to let us know which game you need help with.)
              (Be as specific as you can with your questions.)
              First Created : 3/31/07
              Last Revised on : 4/30/07

Table Contents

I. Legal Info

 II. Introduction

  III. Walkthrough

============================I. Legal info=================================
This document may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced for
profit in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide, FAQ, you will be
punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really
detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems
in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to
us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off
of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in any way shape or
form. However, you may print this document out if it is for your own personal
use. If you see a site using this without our permission let us know. 

% II. Introduction %

We are far from experts on this game as this is our first walkthrough for
this series so you may want to ignore our suggestions on boss fights but
besides that this should at least help you get the hidden Items. This
walkthrough was created with Spartan (Normal) Mode and we didn't really
bother on upgrading much of anything so if you are upgrading along the way
the fights will probably be much easier for you with many more combos at your
disposal. We figure we will mainly handle the guiding and you can figure out
what works best in the fighting portion of the game (just like with our
Prince of Persia walkthroughs). If you see any major errors in this guide let
one of us know besides that enjoy the guide.


& III. Walkthrough &

Location: "Rome/Rhodes"


1. Fight off all the soldiers that start attacking you and after you have
defeated them go over to the door the camera shows you.

2. Open the door using the buttons it shows you on the screen and battle
through more soldiers as you go down this hallway.

3. As you reach the far side of this hallway the large statue will smash
a hole in the wall to your left.

4. Enter that hole and climb up the ladder you find inside this room you

5. Go out of the doorway at the top of the ladder and jump down from the
balcony to the area below (before the statue hits the balcony).

Mini-Boss Battle

A. Fight off the soldiers here and wait for the statue to either slam down
it's hand to try to flatten you or slam down both hands to cause a

B. After it has slammed down it's hand quickly start attacking it.

C. Keep attack it's hand(s) until the statues eyes stop glowing Blue.

D. Once you see the eyes are no longer glowing hop up onto the ledge to the
left and use the Catapult with the rock here.

E. After you use the rock use the Catapult again to send yourself flying
towards the statue.

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