PS3 Walkthroughs: Splinter Cell: Double Agent Walkthrough

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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Walkthrough

Splinter Cell Double Agent
Xbox 360 FAQ/Walkthrough:  DOUBLE AGENT EDITION

By: lastfirstborn
Xbox Live gamertag: lastfirstborn

Written May 19th, 2007

Copywrite, Joe Barbee 2007
Please see bottom of guide for all legal.
Please do not copy this guide and use it on your website
without crediting me properly, and first contacting me.
Do not edit ANY part of this guide at all.  Period.  
This is officially my property, and will be treated such 
in the eyes of the law.

Thank you for your understanding.

Feel free to contact me with any issues you take with the
guide, but please understand I probably won't acknowledge
any typographical errors or grammatical mistakes, as long
as my point still gets across in the guide.  Also please
note that I am aware of many strategies for the level,
but may only list the best one for completing it alive and
with high trust on both sides.  I may give you some 
alternatives if they become apparent, but for the most part
this guide will be same being what he is.  Ruthless, well
trained, focused on the job at hand, and careful.  He
is also ethical and compassionate almost to a fault, but
in this guide, Sam does what must be done for the greater
good.  Welcome to the other side.

"If you are going through Hell, keep going."
-- Winston Churchill

Table of Contents

1. Introduction from your host

2. Walkthrough
I. Mission 1: Iceland 20 km from Akureyri                    
II. Mission 2: USA Kansas Ellsworth Federal Penitentiary       
III. Mission 3: USA New York City JBA Headquarters             
IV. Mission 4: Sea of Okhotsk 200 km off the Siberian Coast   
V.  Mission 5: China/Shanghai                                 
VI. Mission 6: USA New York City JBA Headquarters              
VII. Mission 7: Mexico Cozumel                                   
VIII. Mission 8: USA New York City JBA Headquarters             
IX. Mission 9: Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa           
X. Mission 10: USA New York City JBA Headquarters            
XI. Mission 11: USA New York City (epilouge)  

Quick Find Reference is like this (SAM with mission behind):


3. Profile Objectives
   A. Medical Records                                           
   B. Professional Background Information                       
   C. Personal Information                                      
   D. Fingerprints                                              
   E. Retinal Scans                                             
   F. Voice Samples   

4.  Gadgets of the Trade

5. Achievements

6. Closing/About the author

7. Legal 

1.  Intro     
Hello and welcome to another guide by me, your host, 
lastfirstborn.  I really wanted Bruce Campbell to narrate
this guide, but, I just couldn't get him to answer my 
emails!  Ah well, such is life.  Any time I see a section
of faqs for a great game that seems a bit scanty, I decide
I need to write a guide.  Not that I think I'm better, or
worse than other writers out there.  I just feel one should
have more than one or two choices out there, in case certain
methods of gameplay aren't working for them.  
So I bring you this, very late, Double Agent guide.  

I've played on every difficulty, and will treat every level
and obstacle with great care whenever possible.  I will 
also take few risks, unless needed.  Though I am treating
my guide as Hard, realize the AI doesn't differ incredibly,
just your ammo count and gadgets' uses.

I will be avoiding spoilers, but I will be writing this 
guide in the order objectives are given to you.  
Basically, instead of giving you everything up front, 
I'm going to write it out as if it
were a storyline to follow.  Don't worry, I'll try not to
be too wordy, so that as you browse sections you'll come
up on what you need faster.  My goal is to be descriptive
where you need it, but quick in the long run.  Hopefully
I'll be able to help you through the single player DA 
experience, with style!  

 |NOTE: If you need to skip to a section quickly, press    |
 |ctrl+F on  your keyboard.  When the search box appears,  |
 |type in whatever mission name or SAM code you need to    |
 |find it quickly!                                         |


2. Walkthrough/Guide/FAQs
BASIC:  Ok.  You're a highly trained ghost operative. 
A modern day, professional ninja.  A former Navy Seal.
And a boatload of other credentials.  Point?  Be ready for
EVERYthing.  Here's some tips, so that Lambert can keep his
blood pressure low.

KEEP IN MIND, acing objectives with * (stars) next to them
will net you gadgets and ammo types.  Some of these aren't
so useful, others are almost needed to finish the game.
I highly recommend them all.  If you need a smaller list,
the upgraded lock picks, and data hackers are great.  Any
gas type weapons are good if used as covertly as possible.
Color night vision isn't needed, but it's damn cool to 
have for the end.  The ultrasonic emitter is a cheap, but
effective means of getting past most guards without any
problems.  The emp charge rate raiser for your pistol is
very good to have as well.  These small things, when added
up, make you one powerful agent.

Pressing DOWN on the dpad will allow you to whistle.  If 
you're in water, you may hit the side of nearby objects.
If you're under ice, you'll use your knife and pound on the
ice.  Why does a covert individual such as yourself need to
do these things?  Simple.  The guards, even on hard, have
to respond to anything abnormal on their patrol routes.  
Use that as you will.  One of the simpler (and highly 
effective) ploys is to whistle on one side of a square
object that keeps you hidden, then go the opposite way
around it that the guard does, ending up behind him, for
a quick takedown.

Your sidearm isn't a very powerful weapon.  It's a
specialized, low calibur, Tom Clancy weapon made for 
silence more than killing.  But it does have several uses.
Primarily, you've got an EMP disruptor on the end of it.
What's that?  If you aim and use the left trigger, you'll
see.  Aim it at a light (commonly used ploy) or anything
electrical (like computers etc. for attention from guards),
and you'll "short" it out very briefly.  Not only does this
let you travel light areas very safely, it also serves to
get the attention of ANY and all guards within view!  Very
handy indeed, when used right.

You come with several less-than-lethal ammo stocks and 
gadgets.  This eliminates bloody messes (and trails!), is
usually even MORE silent than a gun or stab takedown, and
is very effective.  Especially the stick shockers and gas
grenades.  Airfoil is ok if you're very close or a crack
shot, and the cameras are only good if it's your first time
through the game, or for fun use of smoke and bombs.  But
they leave behind evidence, so remember to pick em back up!

Don't make noise unless it serves you.  When you need to 
drop, crouch and grab ledges FIRST.  When you have to jump
up to something, be sure you're going to have Sam grab it,
and not just land uselessly (and noisily!).  Jumping is 
loud, but so are whistles and other means of making noise.
Try to crouch everywhere.  Especially if you're new to the
game/series.  Not only is it quieter, it'll also serve to
keep you very consealed at most all times.

Thinking outside the route.  Every place in the world (and 
this game) has tunnels, closets, overhangs, pipes, and other
such places that may serve a spy like you.  See like Sam.
Succeed like Sam.

Take the training courses!  Not only do you get achievements
and see cool little sequences with Sam, you'll also relearn
his movements and adjust to his new way of moving from the
other titles.  There are slight differences!

Don't forget, some guards can be interrogated for useful
(or funny) information!  Simply sneak close enough to see
the A button grab prompt, press A, and drag them off on
foot.  It's also quicker than carrying a body around.  Use
that info as you will!  IF you can interrogate a soldier,
a ? mark prompt will appear.  Press A and enjoy.  Also,
press A more to speed up talking, and press it again after
to hear a closing statement before you do whatever you
are going to do with them.

Try not to break locks, shoot lights, or kill men unless you
REALLY need speed.  I will indicate where in the guide you
can do this and survive.  

Not ALL my scores will be perfect.  Especially on Hard mode.
If you want that 100% Zen Perfection, you will need to save
often and tweak my guide a bit.  I am simply getting Sam
through alive, and with good trust.

Trust is everything!  Don't fail objectives, or forget small
details.  You want to keep your job (and humanity) with the
NSA, but don't forget that the JBA will kill you flat out if
you fail their trust.  Keep a cool head, but be prepared to
make quick descisions at some points in the story.  Stick to
your convictions!  There's no "wrong" way for Sam to play
this, so long as your trust levels balance out on both 

The SATMAP (left bumper) is pretty important.  Especially
if you're already experienced with this game a bit.  Don't
forget about it, in most ways it's better than your 3D map!

That's really it for Basic Training. I highly suggest 
skimming any other points of my guide for little things
here and there that might help you out, but I think I 
covered most everything in this section.  Good luck to you

SAM1 - Mission 1 - Iceland 20 km from Akureyri 03 Sept. 07

    NSA investigate geothermal plant
    NSA reach helicopter for extraction

Primary Objectives
    NSA Prevent missile launch

Secondary Objectives 
    NSA infiltrate plant w/o alert*
    NSA infiltrate base w/o alert*

Here we go, time for a routine Fisher mission.  The man has
done alot in the past, so this should be a cakewalk for you.
This time, however, you have a second on board going in too.
I'm going to hold your hand for this mission and give you
several possibilities when dealing with guards.  I won't
do this for every level, so keep that in mind.

Go ahead and swim to where your assistant is heading.
Watch out, he'll drop a body right on you if you're under
him.  When he's up, stop and float a little to the side of
the hole he made.  Switch on your heat vison goggles and 
get used to using them when under water.  This won't be the
last time.  If you wait a several moments, the guard will
turn.  You can surface with Y, or A, and pull him under.
You can also wait for him to go away, and you don't have to
hurt him at all.  Yet another option is to knock him out or
kill him when he's walked a good distance away.  I just let
him go on about his patrol.  Locate your "partner" and 
remember where he's crouching.  Now look left and find the
shed.  There is a sleeping guard in here as well as a power
box on the far side of the room.  Walk slowly, use the lap
top, and turn off the power.  Sneak out and quickly to the
other agent.  Crouch nearby and he'll climb up.

Follow suit, climb the fence.  Use your pistol's EMP drain
on an orange
light near a ladder.  Hurry up the ladder and you'll see
the rest of the area laying before you both.  Jump up when
the wire above you is lined up right (otherwise you'll just
loudly jump...bad thing in this series).  You'll zoom over
into the base, without alerts.  Good job!

Ok, creep slowly over the roof, and locate the lone guard up
top.  You can drop and avoid him, or just land on him while
holding left trigger for a nonlethal takedown drop.  It's
loud, but no one should hear it.  Head down the steps to the
small platform, and jump over the side railing.  Before or
VERY soon after, use your emp charge on the light over the
fence to your right to distract the two guards.

Land quietly on top of the box, and about face.  See the
tower with the blue light?  Get a good aim at it, and use
the emp again to turn it off briefly.  Rush to the house on
your upper right.  QUIETLY enter and locate the laptop.
Sneak behind the guard and use it.  Be very slow here.  Hack
in and open the fence up  you saw a minute ago.  Slowly 
exit, and don't go all the way outside.  EMP the light
again.  Take the far left route past the two guards.  Use
noises to distract them if needed.  Turn off the first light
you emp-ed earlier to distract more guards, and enter the
fenced in area.  Go hard left and avoid the spotlight.  Make
for the opposite end/right of the area, and avoid the lone 
guard.  Climb the ladder quick and save.  See the swinging
bulb?  Get a good aim, and emp it quickly.  Rush up one
level of steps, but slowly cover the other flight.  You
will likely see a guard with a flashlight.  I chose to use
a sticky shocker on him, but you don't have to.  You can
just sneak him if you follow his patrol for a bit.

By now you know the other agent has stopped the fan, and 
made a mess of things too.  Enter the fan.  Drop down, watch
if you want, and make left to the platform.  Pull up and 
listen to what you're told here.  Locate a second flight
of steps on the far end of the platform that leads down to
a white lighted area.  EMP it and beware a single guard.
Sneak up on him and take him down, or if you're nervous just
shocker/airfoil him until he's down.  Go to the control 
panel (it's lit by a single light) and use the switches
here to start the first part of your silo operation.

Now, go directly back to where you started, quick.  Your 
time is running out.  Locate the first flight of steps 
nearest to where you first climbed up to this platform.
Go down it into a booth and operate the platform.  Rush up
top and EMP the white light on the far end (opposite the fan
entry point).  Rush to where it was and locate a pipe.  Sam
can climb onto this.  Follow it out until the option to use
your winch comes up.  Use it with A and head allllll the way
down.  Hack in and do what you gotta do.  Nasty suprise for
these guys, eh?  Now locate the ladder nearby and get up to 
the other main ramp.  Beware the lone technician up here, 
armed and can raise the alarm as well.  I just let him turn
away and ran by when he was facing the wrong direction.
When I reached the missle I had tons of time.  Get out to
left and find the spotlight and rope being lowered.  Go all
the way up it to ace your mission and your * objectives!

You'll gain EMP Grenade and Exploside Cam Attachment for *.

SAM 2 - Mission 2 - USA Kansas Ellsworth Federal Penn
01 Feb 2008

    JBA Help Jamie Washington Escape
    JBA Hijack news helicopter

Primary Objective
    JBA Rescue Jamie from guards

Secondary Objectives
    JBA Open cells to start riot
    NSA Don't kill guards
    NSA Escape without alerts*
    NSA Reach central tower without alerts*

Not too bad really.  Fun, even!  You'll start in your
cell, chatting with your mark, Jamie Washington.  He's
your way into the JBA, so you have to help him out.
Careful not to kill an guards here!

After you chat and get your gear back, look left at
the rabbit hole poster.  Tear it and enter the hole by
pressing up into it.  Climb through here as you listen
to a riot start.  Go up and take the vents you come out
to left to a small red dotted vent.  Break it open and
follow the vent shafts until you can drop in on the 
guard station for your block.  Good so far?  Good.

There is one guard here and it's bright.   I like to
nab the can on the nearby desk and and toss it into the 
corner.  If you do, be sure it's AWAY from the front
door to this room.  Get behind him however you do it, 
slowly, and use a nonlethal take down (left bumper).
Drag him away from view of the exit door.  Hack the 
nearby laptop for the code to the weapons locker in
this same room.  You can also interrogate the guard
if you could get close enough to grab him.  Either
way you'll get your code.  Enter it for three smoke
grenades.  You don't need them, even on hard, but I'll
still list where they come in handy if you must have 
them.  Carefully approach the exit door and use the
small window in it to see if the guard in the hall is
gone.  When he's good and gone, feel free to actually
break this lock for speed, or take the time to pick it
for stealth (recommended if you're new to the series).
Go downstairs and follow the straightfoward path, viewing
the riot if you want as you go.  

You'll come to an open small lobby type room with a metal
detector in it.  Be ready for a lone guard patrolling this
area.  If he seems to be past the detector, you MAY be
able to very quickly and quietly hack the detector, disable
it, and sneak up behind him.  I highly suggest you wait in
a safe corner and simply let him come into the room, turn 
his back, and get nonlethally taken down.  Hide him past the
detector, and hit the lights for the small hall to obscure
his body with shadow.  Break or pick your way into the next
room (but remember, even in a riot broken locks somehow get
noticed and noted in the ratings aftermath).

Careful.  Hug the wall to your right and stay away from
everyone.  Prisoners and guards alike need to forget you
were even here.  If you want to promote general unrest and
chaos, here's where.  Make your way hard right to the lunch
line, and get behind the counter.  From here, you can launch
smoke into the middle or at either side in the gunfight.
Careful though, you may get noticed eventually this way.
Anyway, stay low, leap the other side of the counter, and
move foward.  There's a door just past the stairs on the
other side of this room.  Get there without incident, and
save up!  

Even on hard, this next lonely patrolman is simple to sneak
by or knock out.  Just don't kill him!  Hide behind the 
bench, wait for him to turn, and knock him out or wait
even longer for him to leave entirely while you stay low.
Head by the punching bags and around past the bars to the 
control tower door.  Be VERY quiet here.  Enclosed spaces
carry noise more so.  Go very slowly up the floors until
you come on a guard (sooner rather than later usually).
Let him turn his back, and go for the K.O.  At the first
command point look on the wall opposite the computers to 
find nonlethal ammo and the nonlethal shotgun!  This will
help you out at the end of the level, if you need it.
Hack the nearby laptop and open the cells.  The NSA dislikes
this, but the JBA needs you to do it.  It's ok, just do it.
Poor guards though.  But you need standing with the JBA more
than the NSA right now, so do it.  Sneak up stairs past the
shooting guard.  Get into the elevator quietly (sometimes, a
random ghost alert occurs here, it could be that a body
you knocked out has been found).  Go up one level and SNEAK
carefully up through the rest of the tower.  There are two
guards on one side.  That's the wrong side for you.  Go to
the opposite side from them and find a hole in the glass.
If you read the emails earlier, you'd know how that hole got
there.  Shame on those C.O.s!  

Climb up the pipe and get ready for a message from J.W.
Cross the catwalk fast as the tention mounts and either take
a good shot (anywhere to the upper body) with the shotty, or
simply rush him and use a knock out move.

Now speed matters.  If you take too long, there will be four
SWAT guys like the one you just hit on the roof after you
and Jamie.  So, very quickly rush to the other side (the way
the guard was facing as he lead Jamie), drop down for minor
damage, and run left or right to the small boxed in room.
Once inside, climb a ladder and you'll escape in the News

For * here you got Ultrasonic Emitter and the Stun Mines.
The Emitter is VERY useful and you'll always have it, even
in JBA levels.  It's cheap, but handy!

SAM3 - Mission 3- USA New York City JBA Headquarters
02 Feb 2008

Here's your undercover guidelines, stick to the rules!

-All objectives are optional but failure to complete 
them may cause a loss in
-You have a limited time frame in which to choose and 
complete your objectives.
-Always return to the location of a given JBA task before 
the time limit runs
-Restricted areas are protected by high security locks 
that you will have to 
-Any suspicious action detected by the JBA will cause 
a loss in their trust.

Primary Objectives
   NSA upload trojan to JBA server*
   JBA Complete training course*
   NSA Bug antenna on the roof*

Secondary Objectives
   JBA Practice at firing range

Profile Objectives
   NSA Get JBA member medical files (5)
   NSA Get professional background info (1)

Don't worry.  All you need to do here are a few simple
JBA things, some moderately tough NSA things, and learn the
layout of the building.  You can't even explore ALL of the
area just yet.

Follow Jamie, meet Moss (haha Moose).  Follow Moss.
Now you've got 30:00 minutes to complete all your
objectives.  It's daunting at first.  This is where I 
recommend you make a second save file.  Learn the building,
who goes where and when, and what's going on with your
mission.  Then, reset and do it all quickly.  On hard, I
could finish everything with nearly five minutes to spare.
On easy, some people had as high as eight minutes left.

Ok, do the training course first.  It's pretty self 
explanitory.  Follow the path until the green laser wall.
Learn the pattern and crouch through it.  Don't touch any
lasers or you lose the course, starting over costs alot of
time so save often as you learn the course.  Follow the path
again until you climb to a ledge.  Shimmy walk onto it until
you reach a rappelling point.  Go down and through the
area you land at.  Slightly harder here, but nothing major.
Follow your path, climb the rope, and rappell down past the
beams slowly.  Save before you try it, and after you
complete your descent as well.  Ok, next is a high/low bar
kind of thing.  Follow the laser carefully, ducking when you
have to, and let is pass you at one point.  It *can* be 
jumped, but be careful.  Follow your path around further and
discover another high/low.  Do what you did before, but 
quicker.  Go to the safe and figure out the minigame.  Be 
sure you have it down solid, because you will be safe 
cracking again later on.  Exit and climb the ladder, using
the hatch at the top.  See the barred door?  That's the
shooting range, which I recommend you save for the end of
this level.  It's quick and easy once you learn how to do
it efficiently.

Go back to where you came from with Moss, and find 
the clinic.  Talk to Enrica and let her go into the locked

Turn around and look to the right of the exit for a ladder.
Go up it and listen to the chat.  Walk slowly and quietly
until the guys turn around.  Keep pressing crouch (B) until
it will let you crouch.  Go really slowly by the guys and
into the right passage.  Climb the ladder and save before
you hit the top.  See the guard?  There's a second too up
here.  Immediately make a left and go backwards.  Stay low
and be fast.  Locate the other, mobile guard.  Follow him
along the left side, between boxes and a fence.  Wait until
he begins to walk away, and make for the opening to the
left, getting into the fenced area.  Go to the back of
the tower and lockpick in quickly.  Plant your tap and SAVE.

Get a bead on the moving guard.  When he's safely turned
and walking away, slowly move along the way you came, 
between the boxes.  Be quick enough, and the other guard 
should still be turned away from the hatch you came in
from.  Go SLOWLY down the ladder as not to make a thud, and
sneak all the way back to the clinic.  Check the hallway
for grunts, and when it's clear hit the lights in the 
clinic.  SLOWLY walk to the door of Enrica's office.  Keep
trying to croutch until you can.  Now slowly get to the lock
and pick it.  Open up, and go straight across to the filing
cabinet.  Scan is for a few seconds and you'll have the
medical files!  The laptop has an interesting tie between
Moss and Enrica, but nothing major is on it.  Exit QUICK but
quiet, and close the door.  Turn the lights back on.

Ok, take the stairs down into the meeting area.  There's a
large flatscreen t.v. in here and a big table.  Stick left
once in it and follow the path right from there.  You'll
see a barred up area with a keypad and a lightswitch.
Look around for any grunts on patrol, flip the light switch
to off, and quickly hack the pad.  Enter the bar door,
and immediately make left as long as no one is in here.

If a grunt IS in here, use the sonic emitter, or whistles.
Hug the left wall and squeeze between the desks until you
hit the back left corner.  See the door with a camera?

Approach it and notice Jamie coming your way.  Yikes!  This
is supposed to happen, no worries.  See the locker on your
left?  Hide in it FAST.  Jamie storms off.  When he finally
leaves the area entirely, croutch, let the camera swing
right, and enter the room.  Is Dayton alone at the computer?
Hopefully so, but there may be a grunt here with him if you
were early or later than my parameters.  If so, simple use
the large boxes (the servers) on your right to conceal 
yourself.  When he's long gone flip the lights and don't go
up the catwalk yet.  Wait for Dayton to get near the 
steps and use the Emitter to distract him, or whistles if
you dont' have the emitter.  Try to be in the corner of the
server boxes when you do this.  Now you can simply stealth
walk over the catwalk instead of under it, and get his file.
It's in the desk the computer is on.  Then, use the top of
a server box to conceal yourself as you fixes the light and
returns.  When he's just past it, go to the back corner you
haven't yet seen and hide behind the wall of computers.

When he's safely seated you can hack into the main server.
DON'T FORGET TO PLANT THE TROJAN after the hacking is done.
Now look behind you.  See the trapdoor?  Use it, drop down 
as quietly as you can, and hug the right wall.  You'll 
basically be going under the huge box you just hacked, and
then under Dayton.  When you get under him, go VERY slow to
be really quiet.  Exit the way you came, until you're beyond
the bars again.  Be very careful of which way the camera is
pointing when you exit the room.  It needs to face the FAR
left as you make for your right.

If the grunt in purple is back again, you
will have to play it carefully to climb your ledge at the 
front.  Use sounds to get him away, once more.

Now then, back to business.  Now go to the training room,
with hopefully at least five minutes left.  Six is best
if you're new to the game.  Go to the shooting area on the
left instead of the course with the safe on the right.
The guy is sleeping, great.  Anyway, approach the gun and
use it.  Your controls appear up top.  They also apply to
shooting in game, in case you didn't read the manual on how
to reload, breath when aiming, etc.  They are very valuable
to master, though shooting isn't needed much in this game.
To get the 75 points, you need to not miss but once or
twice if possible.  Time is also a factor here, so be sure
you save while you learn how to really tear up the targets.
I get central shots and miss maybe once, and clear around
95 points.  75 will come easy with practice, so save, save,

Now go to the meeting area steps near the clinc and look for
Moss.  If you have around 4 or so minutes showing he'll
just be coming up the stairs, complaining about grunts, as
usual.  Follow him to the Safe Course you started at, or
simply go there by yourself and wait at the front of it,
where your exit hatch was.  He'll show and cut the clock
short, or if you're late to get there, berate you and cut
your trust down some.  Now he has what he calls a "real"
test for you.

Follow Moss to the last new area you can acess, the back 
hall.  From here is a furnace room, interogation room, and
a laptop hub.  Anywho, now you have to decide between:

NSA Don't Kill Cole Yeager
JBA Kill Cole Yeager

It's up to you what you do here honestly.  You can have Sam
be noble and "miss" by hitting the wall, or just sit there
for a while and you'll just not shoot.  Or, you can plug him
anywhere in his body (I go for the chest since his death
animation makes little sense for a headshot honestly), and
gain JBA trust.  I'll tell you now, this poor guy is dead
no matter what, so I go ahead and shoot him for the JBA 
trust since some find later JBA objectives tricky.  You will
lose some NSA trust here, but you can get it back in the
next level easily, I mean all the way full if you've been
following my guide.  Either way, time for the next mission.

If you managed the * objectives here, you got Electric Lock
Pick, Gas Grenades, and an enhanced EMP Device.  If you ask
me (and I AM a professionaly ninja, just check my 
achivements :P), this is the BEST * level.  Everything is
useful for the rest of the game here, though not at it's 
highest levels just yet.  It's still a fine boost for 

SAM4 - Mission 4 - Sea of Okhotsk 200km off the Siberean
Coast 05 Feb 2008

   JBA Capture the supertanker/Disable the supertanker's 
   JBA Reach landing pad for extraction

Primary Objectives
   NSA Contact Lambert
   JBA Retrieve equipment
   JBA Take out bridge crew
   JBA Use detonators to blow the ice wall

Secondary Objective
   JBA Seize the Rublev without alerts*
   JBA Reach the Rublev without alerts*
   JBA Disable communications

Whew, nice to be outdoors again yeah?  In this sweet free
falling sequence you can control your speed and do side
to side stunts.  For speed use up and down.  At one point
something tragic happens, and you must react.  Use the
movement stick (left stick) and press A to live, and
breathe relief with the aging Sam Fisher.  He sounds so
happy haha!  Checkpoint save here.  Enjoy the cool
snow effects here, and ice graphics.  Halo 3's ice looks
alot like this too, actually!  For those that have played
the Beta, you've seen it already.  It's very realistic.
Moving right along.

Immediately rush the largest boulder near you pack on the
right.  Let the two guys talk about scientists and speculate
and then let them both turn away.  Use the rock for cover
against one of them, and make for your stuff.  Quickly grab
your items (only four on hard mode) and then about face and
run to the ledge to jump off, unseen by the dolts.

Swim quickly with the X button and reach a place you can
now break up into.  Don't though.  Use your map and SAT
Map (left bumper) and find the power generator area with
your heat vision.  It's sort of central to this new area,
almost.  Break the ice HERE and kill the guard.

There is another guard new a bonfire you can see from the
generator area.  You can either flip off (don't destroy)
the generator to get him to you, or make sounds.  Get way
underwater and let him come.  Pull him in as well.

Another good tatic I use when I don't mind being dirty is
just plain shooting him in the head, dragging him to open
water, and dropping him in.  But this will leave blood on
the ice in spots, so be careful.  If you're on Hard mode,
there's some ammo for your rifle (30 rounds) in the power
generator area you killed the first guy at.

Make for the bonfire area now and find a computer to hack.
Get in and set off the explosives.  You just killed two
guards in doing so.  Make for the area indicated on your
map in the upper rightish spot from the computer, and dive
into the place you just blasted open.  If you're quick,
the sleeper in the tent will never Red Light spot you.  He
may grow suspicious, but come on, a bomb just went of so
he's in alert ANYway.  

Swim to your checkpoint and locate the thin ice.  WAIT here
for one guard to turn down the other's proposition for a 
fun night with him and the wife.  When the second guard is
around 10 feet away (use heatvision goggles when dealing 
with ice!), yank the poor guy under.  Immediate go up and 
right to a second thin patch of ice and use DOWN on the DPAD
to summon the second guard.  When he's there pull him in.
Or exit the first hole and quickly shoot him in the head,
and throw him over to be safe.  Locate a guy on a boat.

On hard he's kind of hard to avoid but it's doable.  I 
suggest you snipe him from afar on Hard mode, or on easier
modes simply swim to the upper right section, and get out.
Climb the rope and save.  You'll be told you HAVE to take
out all the crew here.  You can actually knock them all out
with several means if you're feeling human.  But these guys
are criminals too, so if blood is spilt I won't lose any
sleep.  Just remember that blood can be discovered even if
bodies aren't.

Use your 3D map AND your SATMap (left bumper!) in 
conjunction to locate the six or so guys here.  Some are
on far ends up top, and some (around four) are low, where 
you are.  Using the map you can usually snipe out the up 
top guys, and use stun mines and gas grenades to take out
the patrollers on your level.  Or, you can VERY slowly and
dangerously stalk each one and knock them out but it's hard
to not have bodies discovered this way.  My main advise is
to use both your map types here, as the patrols differ 
depending on how you played up to now.  

When you've taken out guys above and below on both sides,
Moss will tell you that you have eight or so left.
Go to the far side from where you first climbed onboard.
Go up the flights of stairs for another guy to take down
by any means you wish, and quietly find a ladder.  Climb it
and notice the huge windows to the bridge in front of you.
Use heatvision or just be careful and sneak to a pipe you
can climb up.  Go to the middle and climb the highest mast.
From here, FIRST contact Lambert via hacking.  If you shut
down beforehand, you'll lose your chance.  You need these
NSA points.  Plus, Lambert offers two kinds of sympathy 
lines to Sam, depending on whether you knocked out, or 
killed off the guards.  Once that's done and you feel 
better about yourself, go ahead and shut down the comm for
the JBA.  Good job.

Now, climb down, and take out another guard on this small,
raised area.  From here, locate a vent hatch (it's pretty
big..).  Climb in and go to the far side, and use your
gas when prompted.  Leave (don't worry about the gas, Sam
has a rebreather on, hence him talking in water as well),
and go back the way you came.  By the time you get back 
down to the bridge door (with the big windows I told you
to be careful of), everyone inside should be dead.

Enter, and make a hard left.  Look familliar?  Be sure all
the guards around here (one, maybe two if you're very un-
lucky) and go to the far end, use your 3D map as a guide to
finding where the captain went.  He's jumpy now.

Jump a rail and get into that new part of the ship.  Stay
hard to the left and use boxes for cover.  Use heat vision
and locate one (maybe two if you're lucky) guards in the 
crow's next.  Snipe them dead if you don't mind killing.
Move slowly forward to find one last guy for the top 
area.  Snipe him, or approach with caution as the floor is
metal, and take him down.  Go up the steps near him and
if you didn't snipe earlier look out for the one or two
guards.  Take them both down however you wish and go to the 
opposite side from where you started this little section.

See the big, open hatch?  You might have noticed on the 3D
map, that's where the Captain went.  You have to take him
down.  Once in this red room, you can use your pistol on the
lights in various spots to conceal your movements.  Follow
the perimeter of the room and finally find a good place to 
go down.  There is a ladder in the center of the room, but
I only recommend it if you REALLY know how to use your maps,
as the last armed guard you need to take down for Moss is
here.  Find him, and either subdue or kill him.  Moss 
should be giving you a message now about that being done.

From here, locate the only door down here and go in.
Follow the mini-hall to an area where two mechanics are 
panicing.  Yeah, Sam has that effect on people.  Ok, one
patrols on the bottom, he is unseen on the left.  The other
is partially visible through the catwalk above you, with
a flashlight.  Immediately kill the one in the middle, on
your level to make the top one run to you.  Or, subdue your
level's guy, and then make tons of noise.  Either way, be 
sure you take out BOTH these guys, or it'll bite you short-

Enter the bottom doorway here to find a fan reactor room.
Use the console behind you to shut it off.  Jump safely
down into the water, try not to hit the still fan, it
still kinda hurts.

Swim for a checkpoint.  Find a shadow area on the small
islandlike underside of the reactor.  The captain is hold-
ing a lethal flare.  You're in a gasoline type fluid you
see.  If he alerts at all, sees you at all, hears you at
ALL, he'll drop it and you all die.  Nice eh?  This is one
of the harder parts of the game if you don't know what to 
do.  Wait till he's *just* an inch past, and jump up to the
catwalk.  Learn how to position Sam so that he'll grab on 
and not just slam down and make noise.  Save lots here.

When you've finally gotten the climb right, you can easily 
crouch-walk behind him and grab him with A.  This way, you
can sort of "steer" where he drops his flare.  It should
fall harmlessly to the catwalk you're on.  Do with him
what you will.  Many kill him, but a true punishment would
be to knock him out so that the new ship owners can have
their way with him after this mission.

Either way, locate a small red incline hall from here, and
take it to the upper mechanical room where the flashlight 
guy you took out was.  See, he can really hurt your survival
chances because sometimes he enters the captain's room and
helps to alert, thusly dropping the flare and sealing your
doom.  Anyway, take the stairs down, and backtrack ALL the
way back out to the helipad area you passed.  Use your map
if you need help.  It's up out of the hatch you took to
follow the capatain.  Good job!

For *s you'll gain Wall Mine - Flash and Shotgun Attatchment

SAM5 - Mission 5- China/Shanghai 06 Feb 2008

   JBA Reach Aswat's room 2406
   JBA Extract via Emile's helicopter

Primary Objectives
   NSA Sample Red Mercury
   NSA Kill Dr. Aswat
   JBA Get Aswat's notes from his room
   NSA Record the secret meeting
   NSA Infiltrate the hotel

Secondary Objectives
   NSA Complete mission without alerts*
   NSA Infiltrate the hotel without alert*
   NSA Don't kill civilians

Ah yes, one of my favorite missions, for the atmosphere and
level design.  Also, this is another "mission" mission,
rather than a JBA level.

I'm not sure if Sam did it for cred with Emile or not, but
it's time for him to take over flying.

Ok, for the heli part, just use the stick and try to even
out the horizon.  Remember that down is up and up is down
here.  Even out the spin using left and/or right as well.

Ok, get your orders, meet another covert agent via radio,
and go over to the fence on your right.  You can cut it
or pick the lock/break the lock, but I don't do any of that.
Just wait until all the guards turn away, and very qucikly
jump ONTO the fence, it shouldn't be loud at all.  Climb up
and as you come down be sure you are slow on the stick to
not thud.  Croutch and immediately go right.  Go left in
the middle and go right again.  You'll see one man going
up some stairs, and one main with a light standing around.
Also, to your far left you'll hear a guard asking about
mecca.  That's actually the agent on the NSA's side, just
so you know.  He's deep cover.  Anyhow, take the stairs 
get right up on the guard.  Let him head left as you make
for the control panel VERY slowly.  Break into it, and hack
it for Crane - NO LIGHTS.  That's important, since we 
haven't knocked out/killed anyone.

When it's active, use the ladder it extends and VERY quickly
go out to the edge of it.  Rappell down.  The guard will 
come to turn it off, so you need to be fairly quick.

Once down to the ledge, walk until you can't anymore left.
At the attenna drop, go left to a neon pipe.  Climb down
it and enjoy that awesome view.  Go right and drop to shimmy
by hand until you can't anymore.  When the fireworks are
dark again you have around 22 seconds to get up and across.
From here don't bother shimmying again, just side walk.

Rappel at the prompt, and use the Y button twice to jump 
down far.  Pass Emiles' room and get just under it.  VERY
qucikly get out your directional mic and aim it at Emile's
head.  Moss is close but won't see you here, even with fire-
works.  If you were quick enough, you should just barely
get everything you need on Hard mode.  You can see a progre-
ss bar for sound collection.

From here, quickly rapel down further and make a hard left,
over to the steam area.  A chopper is coming with a light
to make sure no one is doing anything crazy like spy on the
meeting from outside, at 78 stories!  Nah, not us!!  And 
so, reach the steam vent, drop to shimmy with your hands,
and wait as far left as you can.  The heli checks twice,
then goes.  A guard opens a hatch.  I feel so very, very
bad for him.

At this point you can gleefully grab him with A buttom and
send him plumetting to the pavement easily, or you can
let him leave so you can sneak up later or sneak by.  When
you do pull yourself up into the room, whatever you did,
look left at the floor for a hatch.  Use it and quickly
squat-run over to the next room.  Hit the hatch and climb 
up CAREFULLY.  Use your EMP pistol attatchment here in a
couple of places on your right.  Go hide and keep those
lights off with EMP over and over.  The doors will open and
you'll see a white suited guard, and then not ten seconds
later a camo guard too.  They'll both wonder at the light,
letting you sneak right by to the elevator.  Activate the
button FAST and it'll come, an exscrutiating (since the 
white suit guard is returning) 8 or so seconds later.

Get in, go up a floor.  Use your optic cable on the door
here to see a man washing his hands in a private bathroom.
Good.  He leaves, you open and very quietly sneak into the
room.  Grab this guy with A from his chair and interrogate
with A as well.  After a funny exchange, do with him what 
you will, but drag him to his bathroom first and hit the
lights.  Use his laptop where you grabbed him and shut down
all the cameras after a quick hacking.  You may have 
noticed the hacks are getting a little tougher.  Don't worry
you've got it.  Be sure the cams are off though.

Enter the next hallway where fireworks periodically go off
and bathe most of the room in yellow status light.  Go over
to the paper screen on the left side and wait (not right
on it though).  Let a guard come in here and your JBA 
buddies step out with the terrorist.  A white suited guard
will enter.  Use your sonic emitter or your own whistles
to make him leave, or knock him out and hide him in the
camera guy's bathroom in the dark.

Either way, slowly go around the rice paper.  This is the
room you just spied on with the microphone earlier from
outside.  Make a sharp left when Emile has walked away.  Be
SURE he's away, or the mission is over.  He'll shut off a
light for you.  Go further up towards the money machine, and
don't take any doors, it's all open hallway from here.  If
you use a door and go to the wrong spot, you may be in 
trouble, as it's sort of confusing and deadly to be outside.

You should see a dimly lit area with a safe in it, right
next to Emile and the others.  Gulp.  Get into that safe,
FAST, and crack it like a pro!  Once you do, be sure you
open it and analyze the Red Mercury.  Waitaminute, this 
isn't PS1's Warhawk?!  :P  

Ok, NSA trust, good to go.

Look directly to your left for a bathroom.  Head into it, 
close the door, and be sure you can grab the ledge in
the ceiling as you leap, or your jump may alert Moss.

Follow the utility area and when you can drop back down
into a control room-like spot, be wary of a white suited
guard.  When you're sure it's safe, go STRAIGHT across to
another ladder area.  Follow it as far as you can until
you can rappel.  Once you do that, locate the glass
elevator, and defy all stealth logic by jumping onto it!
I tell myself the occupants don't notice you because it's
Chinese New Year and they're all drunk.  I know I sure
get drunk on Chinese New year.  And regular.  Any holidays
really.  Any days ending in "Day" actually.   What?!  
Moving on.

Ride to a platform you must make a tiny hop to.  Enjoy the
cool festivities.  Find your second elevator, leap to it.
Crack the glass for giggles.  Cool.  Now, locate a last
elevator, and make a death defying leap to it.  Ride it to
a final catwalk, and press to the wall.  You have several
options here of getting around the catwalks by going around
the dragon, but here's my way.  It's mostly painless.

At the low, yellow wall, there is a lone guard.  He may have
heard you land.  Either way, let him turn his back to you.  
Eventually he leaves, or you can just take him out however
you wish and drag him into a shadow.  Be sure it's to the
left of the elevator, however, as the scientist terrorist
will be coming soon.  Go right and stick to the intersperse
-d shadows.  There is one guard.  You can hide from him,
distract with sounds to get him into an alcove, or take him
out, but be sure you take him down past room 2406.

Whatever you did, locate 2406 and head into the larger al-
cove.  Save.  Inside, go immediately right, fast.  Be quiet
though.  Look for a ducking man in the bedroom.  Grab him,
and get him over to the corner of the room, take him down.
Go out into the main hall and take down a guard approaching
the entry/bedroom/laptop.  It's random what he does.  When
you have him, leave him in the corner behind curtains near
the laptop.  Go back to that room on the right you first
went into, and take out one last guy in the dark.  The
floor is wet, so you can actually shoot a stick shocker
anywhere onto it to shock him, or do it the old fashion
way.  Good to go.

Head for the last room in this place (read the laptop real
quick for some insight into Emile's "friends").  You'll have
a lone guard if you've done it my way.  Use your EMP pistol
on the flashlight on the bed.  Go over behind him and take
him out, and crack the safe, FAST.  You'll get a message
from Emile, so stay nearby.  Get the papers from the safe
for the JBA.  Good times.  Uh oh, NSA wants you to take
out the scientist before the JBA shows up to grab you.

You don't have to, but it's not hard.  If you have alerts,
the Scientists body guard enters first.  Let him pass and
knock him out, RUSH into the hallway and knife the target
before he can fire a shot into your chest.  If, however,
they are unaware, use a wall mine to kill them both.  This
is quite noisy, however, so you could also simply position
yourself correctly, save the game, and pop him in the fore-
head as the door opens up.  Either way, try to kill him,
but be quick about it because for each second you're late, 
you lose some JBA Trust.  You can earn it all back 
(up to half the bar) in the next part, however.  From here,
go to that right room you first enter to find a zipline at
the window the JBA broke into for you.  Good job!

For the *s here, you'll get Hack Upgrade and Smoke Grenade
Attachment.  The Hacking Device Upgrade is quite useful at
this point.  I hope you get it!!

SAM6 - Mission 6 - USA NYC JBA HQ  22 Feb 2008

Primary Objectives
   NSA Scan blueprints in Emile's safe*
   NSA Record voice to access locks*

Secondary Objectives 
   JBA Complete training course
   JBA Practice at firing range
   JBA Dispose of the pilot's body

Profile Objectives
   NSA Search quarters for personal info (4)
   NSA Get professional background info (2)
   NSA Get JBA member voice samples (5)

You've come farther than most men could.  Hang in there, 
there's alot more to come.  After you meet up with Lambert,
you'll find yourself headed into a restricted area.  It's
near the garage/car port area, and Emile's quarters.

As you drop in, get hidden and use your sound emitter to
distract the two guards.  Roll into the garage to very
quickly pass by unseen.  If you don't have the emitter,
you'll have to wait them both out, and it can take a bit.
Luckily, no timer just yet.

As you enter, Enrica just happens to be coming to find you.
Close one Sam.  Follow her to the mine machine, and make
one real fast after you save and learn it.  She'll scan
her voice and go into a door you need to remember for later.
As she goes up some steps, position yourself safely behind
the machine and aim your microphone scanner at Emile, then
her to get both their voices fast.  Be sure the grunt
nearby can't see you, this may take a few tries.  Be SURE
you get one or the other at minimum, so that you can enter 
later on in this mission.  You now probably have around
24:00 minutes to get done.  This one is a bit tougher than
your last JBA HQ mission, but you'll manage, I promise.
Go ahead and do nine more mines and finish it for another

You probably have around 22:00 minutes now, even 20:00 is ok
, though anything around 15 is pushing it.  Now then, VERY
quickly cut up to where you were shown your bed, but go 
right (where you first entered this place with Jamie) and
find Moss, talking.  Be sure a man on a balcony across from
you can't see, and Moss is turned, and use your Mic on him
to get his voice on the radio.  If you aren't able, you can
still follow him around in several other missions to get it,
if you want it at all.  At this point I should clarify, that
the optional stuff really doesn't do anything but net you
an achievemnt, except of course, for the files.  The files
will let you know ALOT about all the JBA major players that
you'll be working with (against?).  I do highly recommend
you get the files at least, for fun reading.

Moving on, keep an eye on Jamie too.  Follow him when you
get done with Moss and he'll lead you to a new keypad that
needs to be tested for voice.  He'll sing Sweet Home 
Alabama, and you can record him with the Mic.  Awesome.  
Again, you can follow him pretty much anywhere for speech,
but this is one of the top spots where you won't get caught.
Another good spot is to stand in the meeting room when you
see Jamie sitting on the sofa.  Wait in the blue hallway 
(near the interrogation eye scan room), and let a grunt
come to Jamie to chat.  Stand well back and record Jamie
from here with your Mic.  Either way, Mission 6 has some
good opprtunities for voices.

Now, get out and go back to where you first had to work
on the mines with Enrica.  Go to the voice scan, make sure
you're alone, and go inside.  Time to get sneaky.  By the
way, you probably won't be coming back here at all this mi-
ssion, so, if you want some JBA points for the body, shoot-
ing, or the Safe course, do it now.  Now then, go past the
voice scan door and up the stairs.  

Save frequently when you feel you haven't cut yourself off,
i.e. don't make a loud noise then save if you aren't sure
of a guard varying his patrol, etc.  At the top flight, look
left.  There's a big pipe hanging above you and a camera 
you may not have noticed.  Careful there.  Jump up onto the
pipe and press Y again so that you're all the way up on it.
Shimmy safely past, and drop down, get into the door here.
Enrica!  Save, and squeeze past the furniture.  While she's
working you must shimmy by the desks and get into her files.
There is a cabinet Sam will scan for several seconds.  Be
quick about it and you'll be fine.  Also, check her laptop
if you want to read Emile's response to a previous email 
she wrote, being kind of hesitant about your next mission.
You'll learn what your mines were for too if you snoop 
enough.  Anyway, if you are willing to wait and hide,
Enrica sometimes gets  a phone call here.  You can easily 
record her voice if you couldn't at the start of this 
mission.  Leave the way you came and be glad you don't have
to hack that keypad again!  

After you have pipe shimmied past the camera again, go into
the door that was on your right when you first scaled the
steps.  Go inside, take the stairs, and flip the light
switch to off unless you want your restricted acess to be
revoked real fast.  Once it's off open the door and get
ready to be quick, but very quiet whenever possible.

Go to your right but avoid the small light.  Look left past
the rubber hangings for the loading docks (like curtains,
kinda, blue) and turn off that light switch too.  Slowly
pass the sitting guard as not to make a sound.  Go forward
and be wary of two guards ahead.  Quickly roll up the right
hallway into the light and hit the lightswitch.  You'll hear
Moss, being a hard case as always on a radio with a grunt.
He'll get up and start to patrol.  The grunt will very 
likely go to turn on the light you just hit, but he 
won't be actively searching for a problem.  Good.  Let him 
go just inches past you and then quickly go to where he 
was.  The music in the room drowns out running crouch.  Find
a lightswitch in the corner to your right and hit it to make
the place where you was stationary dark.  Then, go right
to find yet another switch that darkens the rooms you're
going to want to enter.  First, go ahead and go to the one
on the left.  Pick the lock and if you don't have the 
upgrade, pray you make it before the guard returns to hit
the lights again.

Inside, be silent as you can be, because our man Stan Dayton
is sleeping in here.  Get over to him and record his night-
mare voice.  Also, very carefuly search the TWO filing cab-
inets in this room for vital info.  Exellent.  Don't worry
if Dayton jumps up or anything, he's having a nightmare.

Very silently leave the room, but use your optic cable
first to see what it looks like in that hallway.  You may
well have trapped yourself here if you're on Hard mode, but
not to worry!  If you have the sound emitter, you can dis-
tract the grunt that has now taken to sitting once again.
It's risky, but possible.  Stand well back from the door
when you shoot the sound wave out, and send him far if you
can.  Turn off the light again and go for the other door you
saw earlier.  From Dayton's room, it'll be on the left, 
down the hall on it's other side.  Not even six feet away.
Lock pick it and head in.  If you still get caught, try not 
turning off the light so that he won't come around the corn-
er, but be ready to roll when you leave Dayton's place.

This is Enrica's bedroom.  You probably have between 10:00
and 14:00 minutes left here.  That's good.  If it's under,
I hope it's not under 8 or so.  There's a filing cabinet
immediately to your right.  Some folks miss this one, so
watch for it.  Also you'll notice a small prompt for 
mission status when you near things like that.  This may
help in the future so keep that in mind.  Anyway, scan her
personal files and go into her bathroom.  Turn off the 
light in there, for your own safety.  See the open window
above her shower?  Jump up into it and go out.  Silently
drop down a few times.  Be careful, and run at full speed,
upright, to the van on the left.  From there, run to the 
back corner and climb up the crate, then the pipe you see.

Shimmy right and up over the railing.  Could you imagine Sam
as a cat burgler? Anyone remember when you break into a 
bank vault for a mission in Chaos Theory?  Good times!

Anywho, now that you're up, go into the sunroom door.  The
safe is in front of you, but Enrica and Emile are coming in!
Go back into the left hallway, shutting the door quick, and
hit the lights.  Take the last door on the left to get into
his bedroom, and scan his files really quickly.  By the time
that half minute or less passes, go back to the hallway door
but don't open it!  You will likely be able to see Emile
going into his safe for something to show Enrica.  When he
has his papers, you can go out and hide at the left closet.
But be careful, he's talking to Jamie about bomb parameters.
You can record their voices here, but it's not recommended.
Not only do either of them not say much, you're very expose-
sed when you do this.  Keep hiding in the hallway and look
through the door's window.  Emile will go back to the safe
and put the papers you want back in.

Your SATMap (left bumper) is nice here.  You'll find that 
Emile has stayed in the room.  But don't worry, he's sitting
with his back to you.  Go crack his safe and get your scan.
There's also a filing cabinet in here.  After you close up
the safe, you can snake along the right side of the room 
and attempt to get at the files.  Emile will stand up
eventually though, so try to be obscured by his desk.  It's
the ONLY spot you're safe, even though you have yellow light
status.  As soon as he retires to his room, scan the files
really fast and leave the way you came.  Trust me, you don't
want to leave the way he came from.  Not only are there 
guards, you won't get a special cutscene.  Oh, in all your
haste, don't forget to check his laptop!  It's got some
really juicy emails on it.  Also, keep in mind that when
Emile is asleep, you can get his bedroom personal files
there, too, in case you missed them earlier.

Now then, climb up through Enrica's bathroom window again
and proceed to leave her room.  Suprise!  If you're a fan
of James Bond, or just like Enrica or whatever, you'll dig
this scene.  Told you you didn't want to miss it, Sam is 
a bad ass!!  Moving on.

For good * work, you snag Sonic Grenade Attachment and the
Hacking Device's Force Hack Upgrade.  It makes the game MUCH
simplier, even on Hard, in terms of, obviously, hacking.

SAM7 - Mission 7 - Mexico Cozumel 27 Feb 2008

   JBA Place the JBA's bomb

Primary Objectives
   NSA Get detonation frequency
   NSA Place smoke bomb

Secondary Objectives
   NSA Don't kill civilians
   JBA Reach pool deck without alerts*
   JBA Place bombs without alerts*

Interestingly enough, I know people that have gone on a 
cruise ship just like this one, to Cozumel.  Glad they
weren't on this particular pleasure cruise, though!
Actually, if you've been sneaking and reading emails in
people's offices and such, you'll know that there is some
debate about this mission coming up.  It'll also tie into
how it ends in the next mission.

So you're on a boat now.  This one can be a little tough,
until you learn it's tricks.  Or read this guide!  Let's 

Sam talks to Lambert, then you get visitors for obvious
reasons.  Good stuff fellas, thanks.  Head out onto your
balcony, after you search your room for sticky shockers (
the desk).  Don't hide in the bathroom, it'll only get you
shot eventually.

On the balcony, drop on the right side and shimmy up the
pipelike thing hanging off the boat.  Go up it and follow
the fairly straight path right.  You'll shimmy over to a 
little balcony with a guard on it.  Then there's two.  Plus,
everyone (NSA, JBA) is watching you.  Fantastic.

Let the guards finish chatting, and then climb up.  Try to
locate a good hiding spot, and don't forget to use both
your maps!  SATMap, again, is great here (left bumper).

Directly to your right, you'll see some serving carts and
slots even further.  Hide by a cart and try not to make ANY
sounds.  The slots will start up soon, thanks to your
support.  The guards will go into alert mode, so be careful,
and make your way straight up the left when the second
guard meanders over to the first at the slots.  Keep in 
mind, we're dealing with around three to four more guards on
the opposite end of the casino.

Cross the car display steps and find the lone guard at a 
slot machine.  As he meanders off to the left, grab him
and interrogate him with A.  Then, walk him slowly back to
the steps near the display, and knock him out or kill him.
Go back the way the guard was originally headed, and note 
the well lit back room.  You need to go there.  There are
two spots you can use the smoke in this level, but I 
choose this one because you can also alter the power in 
this room to further serve your escape from the casino area.

Things are gonna get dicey.  You can take it though.  Sam
needs to make sure no guards are too nearby on the right
gap, roll quickly into the lit room under the camera, and 
use his EMP jammer on the lone light.  As it blanks, he can
rush to a power box on the right far side, and unlock it.
Then he can trip a switch that turns off Casino power.
Congrats, you now have every guard here after the room 
you're in.  But it's needed. If any cameras spot you doing
NSA stuff, Enrica will know, as she's tapped in, and you'll
lose JBA trust.

Quickly look to the lower left
for a hatch and a smoke grenade prompt.  Use the smoke for
the NSA trust.  There is a safe behind you, the camera won't
see you now, but it only contains weaponry.  It's up to you
whether or not you want to take the time to get it.  They
are two, maybe three Sonic Grenades.  I wouldn't bother, 
personally.  Now, hit your night vision and get out!

Look around carefully but quickly for flashlight guards,
en route to your position.  Quickly and quietly find a
way around the three or four men in your path.  Even if it
means encircling the entire room and passing the car display
again.  Go to the main, central, double door sets and unlock
them.  Go in, shut the door behind you, and save!  Whew.

If you're fast in the next room, this will be a bit easier.
Rush up the steps to your right, but crouched.  There is
a crewman here trying to fix the lights.  If you can take
him down before they flicker back on, it'll stay dark for
a few extra seconds.  If not, don't worry too much about it.
Be sure to take his body down to where you came in from and
leave him behind an oriental screen in the left corner.

Head up cautiously and keep an eye out for a door with a 
large window in it.  A guard is here, and usually staring
in your direction.  Hide around the corner on his side,
and wall press until you feel safe.  Zoom around it and into
shadows and enter the Bar area.

"Nice bar.  Nice drinks.  NIce fish."
"Yeah, nice guards too, BE careful Sam."

I love Sam's lines in this series.  Anyway, the bar is 
pretty well lit.  There's some bottles in here in case
you don't have the sonic emitter.  There's three guards in
view.  Hide near the first bar you come to and watch them.

When the three are well split, dash for the well lit 
aquarium.  You can actually shoot it open and hope it
distracts the guards, but I do what Enrica says and try
to avoid any detection, there are ALOT of guns here.
So, head for the middle bar and pause while the guard does.
As as soon as he's off, snake along the bar VERY silently.
He'll stop and face you, but won't come in.  Wait for the
two near you to turn away from you.  Make for the hard left
stage area, take the long way around it at a full crouch/run
, and then run and ROLL into the overhang area so that the
camera can't fully detect you.  It'll whirr and buzz, but
won't alert.  If you're lucky and fast up to now, no one
will have seen you at all, or at the least, will suspect 
someone but you'll be long gone.

Save.  The elevator comes and here come two guards, luckily
this is a very dark hallway.  Keep to the shadows, and if
you feel lucky and bold grab the last one for some intel.
Head for the elevator in the wet-from-the-pool carpeted area
and get in.  Loading, Checkpoint.

Take Enrica's advice or fail the mission.  Locate a small
open hatch above you and climb up fast.  You should make it
with time to spare.  When the guys come in, resist the urge
to hit them with a gas grenade, you may need it soon.  Just
hang tight until they leave.  They'll think someone is
fooling with the elevator buttons.  You'll also hear the 
hapless man they think is you.  Poor guy.

Wait around five seconds after the investigator guard leaves
and then drop down quietly and make for the table to hide
behind quickly.  The deck is absolutely SWARMING with 
nervous guards.  Make you way to the stacked up pool chairs
with stripes, and hide for a moment.  Enrica comes through
again!  The foutain distracts one guard, and makes the 
second one walk left.  She says to swim into that, but you
actually have two choices here.  You can head left and use
tables and chairs as cover all the way around the room, or
you can take a chance and dive under water past the fountain
and pray.  There are some stairs on the far side of your
exact location, with five or six guards in between, so I go
for the pool myself.  If you're quick and use the map, you
will be fine.  X button swims faster when under water.  You
don't have to worry about air with your gear.

There's a door at the top of the stairs you were gunning for
that goes to your next area.  There is a guard up by it on
patrol.  Use the table and big column to get a bead on him,
along with your map.  Either wait until he's way down past
the door, or take him out and hide him behind a table near
the door.  Next up, steam room adventure!  That just sounded

Inside, hit the lights, and take the left path first.  Make
some sounds and rush over to the right corridor instead, and
note there is a central door and a door on the right.  If
you go right, be very silent, as there is a third guard here
and he'll alert his cheery buddies.  I simply eliminate all
the trouble by making sure the front two guards are in the
left entry corridor, so that I can sneak right into the mid-
dle room.  From there, I roll across as the steam comes in
hard, and jump onto the far fountain.  I climb up to a vent
shaft and boom, you're done, and safe.  Use the knife and 
head inside for a checkpoint.

The only way this next guy could have made it easier would
be to wear a flashing neon sign that says GRAB ME!  Anyway,
watch the man enter at the edge of the vent, he'll hit the
lights.  Snake out and grab him with A and interogate him 
for the door code.  Then, simply turn off the lights for him
, since now he's taking a nap.  Head outside but be aware of
the gentleman sitting with his back to you and singing.
I heartily recommend you leave the previous room's door open
, since it's about to have another occupant.  There's also
a laptop on the right with the same door code you can inter-
rogate from these guys.  Either way, get your code and
remain alert, you've got two or three more guards just down
stairs post the coded door.  Take an immediate right from
the steps downstairs and be VERY quiet.  These guys are 
armed and capable of hitting the alarm.  Don't kill any of
them, however, or the NSA will lose trust in you.  Use your
map(s) here and guide yourself around them.  Press against
the back area you found here and wait for them to chat if
you need to.  When they're done talking, they'll simply head
up the steps you're near, so stay well hidden and let them
go.  Aren't you glad you hid those two bodies in the room?

Make for the front of the control room and note the third
crewman outside.  Let him come in (or he may already be in)
and use noises to make him turn his back to the windows and
the outside area.  Make for the outside door on the right,
and find the zipline right in the middle.  Jump up and enjoy
your ride.  Try to note the area's layout on the way down if
you can.

Stay hidden behind the red supports.  Wait for the crewman
in white with GREAT eyesight to turn his back to you comple-
tely.  He's chatting it up with a guard in the tiny room,
that, you guessed it, you have to reach.  There are several
things you can do here.  You can wait them out, learn 
patterns, and enter quickly.  You can try and arm the bomb,
then get the frequency for NSA, and make your escape, all 
before the guards come back.  But I prefer to put them down
for a nice sleep.  Simply wait for your small window shot,
when the one in white steps inside, and let a gas grenade
go.  In that tiny room, with the door closing, they'll both
be out within seconds.  Of course, to do this you need luck
and skill, so I only recommend it to people that want a 
challenge.  What you do is, when his back is turned, drop 
down using Y and B.  Land hard and loud and hide behind the
central stair structure.  Sneak around perfectly and lob 
the gas grenade in.  They'll have a chance to react, but
not alarm.  It isn't perfect, but it works and puts them
both down, making the rest of your mission easy.  Another
small option is to wait for the guy to be to the left of the
door, there's water there.  You can shock him, and sometimes
both of the guards with a shocker.  Or let the man in white
walk away, and shoot him or shock him then, unlock the door,
and take out the last guard.  Like I said, tons of ways, and
we're not even getting into making sounds to distract etc.

However you do it, enter the small room with the glass door.
Check out the laptop once the room is safe to learn about
the negligence onboard, and about the escape hatch.  Then,
go backleft and place the bomb.  Enable the frequency as 
well, just so you have options in the next segment.  Trust
me, you'll want the options.  The game drastically changes
with the characters depending on your choices coming up.

With that done, head back outside and go to the back corner,
using your map, to find your exit.  Activate it and smile,
because this one is done!

Rewards for * this time are EMP Grenade Attatchment and Gas
Grenade Attatchment.  Good job!!

SAM8 - Mission 8 - USA NYC JBA HQ 28 Feb 2008

Choice Objectives
   NSA Stop cruise ship explosion
   JBA Allow cruise ship explosion
   NSA Frame Enrica

Primary Objectives
   NSA Obtain visual proof of bomb*
   JBA Decrypt e-mail message*
   NSA Scan fingerprint to access lock*

Secondary Objectives
   NSA Obtain Enrica's disarm code
   JBA Practice at firing range
   JBA Complete training course
   JBA Assemble mines for Kinshasa

Profile Objectives
   NSA Search quarters for personal info (1)
   NSA Get professional background info (1)
   NSA Get JBA member voice samples (0)
   NSA Scan JBA member fingerprints (5)

Lot's to do here, and a big ending for this one, no matter 
the choice.  First off, Emile has done some sneaking of his
own and found an email from an ally, Massoud, that he wants
decrypted.  This is one of the most confounding parts of any
game, much less this one alone.  There's really only one
fast way I know of, so it's what I'm printing.  Here we go.
Be sure you SAVE.

Rotate using LB 

 --------     -------      -------     -------
|000 |001|   |010|011|    |100|101|   |110|111|
|--------|   |-------|    |-------|   |-------|
|110 |111|   |000|001|    |010|011|   |100|101|
 --------     -------      -------     ------- 

The top of the cube will look like: (using LT)

The bottom of the cube will look like:  (using RT)

Keep on reloading until you can do it in just a few minutes.
At this point, be sure to grab Emile's fingerprints with
scan on the keyboard. Head up to where Moss first showed you
the obstacle course and scan the button for his prints. 
Nice!  Next up is in the clinic where you first ran into
Enrica.  Pick the lock and head in, light on or off, and
scan her microscope area for the prints.  Be wary of hallway
grunts.  Now head to the kitchen (right across from the 
med bay where you are) area and when the grunt leaves you,
scan the fridge for Jamie's print.  Good job.  Head down to
the mine area Enrica showed you but not that far, and scan
the pad you hacked for Dayton's fingerprint, at the barred
door area.  Their prints can also ALL be found all around
their private quarters and any other rooms they frequent.

At this point, it's good to have 17:00 minutes or so left.
Now, go back behind you to the mine area and use the voice
print to get into the restricted area again.  Shimmy past
the camera upstairs and enter Enrica's lab again.  Shimmy
to her laptop and hack in to get her disarm code for later.
You may decide you want it, trust me.  Then, leave the way
you came quickly.  She gets a phone call here and will come
near you if you don't hurry.  Once hacked, don't forget to
get the security room code.  Now it's down to NSA business.

Shimmy past camera, go into upstairs door opposite you, flip
light switch like before, and go into the hallway you've 
seen once before.  Be very, very quiet.  This grunt will
likely respond to you opening the door, so make for the low
crates in front of you sort of on the right.  Carefully
slip past the guard and climb one, then another, then fall
fast into a roll down the hallway on the right, into the 
room with the pool table and jukebox.  Make for the light
switch just outside the room on the right.  Hit it to dist-
ract guard number two.  Now, slip into the bathroom as he
passes, immediately move right down the hallway (past 
Enrica's bedroom) and go all the way down the dark hall to
a door on the left that requires print scan.

Moss and Jamie are arguing here, so if you don't have the
voices of these two yet, here's a good time.  Just like 
Enrica on the phone before.  Shadow Moss and follow him
until you come upon your first door.  This is Moss' room.
Look for a filing cabinet, with the lights out, and scan it
real quick for some info on Moss.  He often returns to the
room, so be ready to hide in the locker in there until he's
done.  Then, you can follow him around a corner to...light
in the hall.  Doh.  To the right, you have guards.  Go left
into a caged area.  Remember it.  Inside the area, jump up
and grab the gray shelf in front of you and head up and 
over it.  Quietly drop down and hack the keypad on your
left, where Moss was headed.  You can also sneak VERY
carefully through the chalkboard room with the two guards,
in and around to the second exit (to bypass a camera), and
carefully stick to the far right wall and pass the sitting
guard in the fence area.  Either way, go to the keypad and
either hack in or use the code you got.

Once inside, wait for Moss to leave for his office in the
back.  Figures it'd be here, in the security office.  Now
for a tricky part.  2 grunts are in here.  The one on the
right won't go anywhere if you're quick.  The one on the 
left is one to watch.  When he seems busy, save, and go 
between the desks to get to Moss' office.  Stay hidden in
the obvious spot(s) as he moves about in a set pattern.
When he is at the table or board, sneak behind the shelf
with the boxes on it.  You'll be able to hit his file 
cabinet from here.  You can also hit his computer for info
on Jamie's office's passcode.  It's so simple it hurts.
Head out into the security room for the NSA info.  

This is the tricky part.  Watch the guards as they sit 
about.  Hopefully no one has noticed any sounds or sights,
and they will stay simple.  If one hears something, though,
that complicates matters alot.  Now, sneak back the way you
entered, from in between the desks, and quietly go back to
the door you came in from opposite Moss'.  From this 
vantage point, wait until the grunt returns to his position
on the right.  A few seconds after he's seated, the one on 
the left will do something different and good.  He'll go to 
towards the back, where Moss is at.  Hurry but stay low and
go to the back left computer monitor he was posted at.  Hack
in quickly and get the visual confirmation NSA needs.  Go
ahead and get out of this blasted room quick and quiet.

From here you'll either already see a man coming to you
or a man about to be leaving the fenced area.  When the
grunt moves on, go into the fenced area to bypass the grunt
leaning on the wall and the camera.  Thanks fellas.

Haul butt out of the restricted area completely, the way you
came in, and go complete any secondary objects you think
you have time for if you need any JBA trust (like if you 
were spotted during this mission heh).  The shooting range
is quick but you need a higher score now.  The safe course
is your best bet as it hasn't changed.  You can also make
mines again, if you're good at that.  No matter what you 
choose or if you just want to speed things up, head for
the laptop Dufraine left you on to decode.  He'll show soon
and then it's time for a cutscne, and a choice.

What you pick here is going to change the plot some, and the
endings some, but not too much.  You can read about them
all on various websites, so I won't list them here.  I may
list them towards the bottom of the FAQ eventually.

I chose to use the Enrica Code.  It keeps Trust levels of
both sides normal, meaning if you were both full they'd be
full, or stay at whatever level you are at for each.

Anywho, for * this time you get the last two, the Frag 
Grenade attatchment and the Enhanced Night Vision.

Good job!!

SAM9 - Mission 9 - Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa
01 Mar 2008

   NSA Bug the secret meeting room
   JBA Find CIA agent Hisham Hamza
   JBA Return to the parking lot

Choice Objective
   JBA Kill Hisham
   NSA Do not kill Hisham

Primary Objective
   NSA Retrieve plans from camp

Secondary Objective
   NSA Avoid all alerts
   NSA Prevent the execution
   NSA Save woman on the bus

A multipart mission, NSA and JBA objectives, daytime light 
everywhere you go, and an ongoing civil war?  Sounds fun.

First off, if you press on the left dpad here, Sam will
adjust his sunglasses on or off.  Pretty useful for the 
many outdoor sections of this level.  Time to make some

Hisham is here, just like in Shanghai.  You get some intel 
and learn it's time to make for the roof.  Your goal is the
elevator on the far end of the garage.  You can make sounds,
flip the light, or take out and hide the rebel guards here.
Soon, a truck pulls in, getting attention as well, and 
adding one more guard.  

Go on up, and get a checkpoint.  EMP the light in here to
draw a guard in.  Take him down however you wish and 
progress, but watch your map.  There's some trigger happy
milita here.  Enter slowly and once the shooting starts 
again take a hard right and crouch/run to the windows.
Not only can you cut these open, but one pane is already
gone.  Go outside.  Go straight and shimmy right to a
bombed out opening.  You will be suspected here but no 
alerts just yet.  Rush to the debris in front of you by
going around and left, and climb up it fast, and the 
soliders will be too busy to care about you anymore.

Enjoy the checkpoint.  Careful of the right hallway, you've
got a gaurd in it.  Either wait for him to fully patrol
and go into the hall, or take him down here and now.  I 
like to grab him and guide him back to where I first 
climbed up, get him in the corner, and take him out there.

Either way, head into the hall on the right.  Locate the
third open window on the left and head in.  Get into
the laptop and read about the laser mines in particular.  
Head out into the hall and be aware of two guards.  One is
in a room on your right, doing nothing.  Another is patroll-
ing your hallway and may have already picked up on you.  If
you can outmanuever him and grab him, he'll give you some
intell.  But so will I so you don't absolutely have to
get him.  Instead, go for the double doors to your left.

Here's two guards talking.  Wait for them to split up, and
hide in the closet on your left if you're antsy.  Grab one, 
take him in the doorway, and then make your way into the
large room.  Stalk your prey here and either shoot him in
the head to be quick, or draw him to you to knock out or
what have you.  Either way, move on into his room and go
onto the balcony.  You guessed it.  Jump over the left side 
and follow the ledge.  Here comes a chopper!  

Climb the sign quickly and jump up, shimmy right on the
ledge here.  Note the guard climbing away from your 
position.  Rush to the ladder but don't jump at it or he'll
turn on you and kill you quick.  These guys are always in
alert mode, obviously.  Go left, left again, right, and
be wary of a guy coming near you to reload.  When he moves
on you can shoot or stun the guy firing on the helicopter
and rush right and up the stairs you'll discover.  Be quick,
and if you have to, be deadly and pull some headshots, if
you have ammo or nonlethal to spare.

Go up quickly after taking down at least the one guard near
the steps for best results.  After you're in the small place
, go ahead and hack the fuse box near the trapped hatch.
Before you open it, hack into it further and dismantle the
laser.  Then open the hatch and head down.  By now someone
knows about the body you left, so hurry!

Drop in and embrace the pain of falling.  Now you're in a
seemingly impossible security room, where you need to end
up placing a bug for the meeting.  Head down your ladder 
nearby, squeeze under the room, and then crawl out to the
other side.  Jump and climb the pipe in front of where you
emerge, and shimmy with it until you are over the cube.
Drop down and locate the hatch to your left, and hack in.

Line yourself up with the small aluminum piping and drop
down a foot to grab it.  Shimmy to either side and avoid the
green laser walls.  Wait for them to cut off and make your
way over until you can drop down behind the painting struc-
tures.  Time your jumps to avoid the lasers here.  You can
also hug the glass wall but it's a bit slower.  From here
climb up the next pipe you find and follow it until you 
find another pipe at an intersection.  Take it to the dead
center of the room and use the winch to lower yourself dire-
ctly down to the table but don't go so far that you drop.
Plant the bug in the indicated spot and zoom back up fast.
Try not to drip any sweat or blood, because you're here
for the meeting, just like Sam wanted earlier.  :)

After you hold on for the entire meeting using the Y button
to draw up further, save.  You can drop for noise and
damage or use the winch again but this time fully lower.
Either way, get out of here the way everyone else left.  
Gulp, gotta hurry to the parking lot to hear about the mole.

Once you're down, look left for a table and some debris.
You can repel down from here.  Go allllll the way to ground
level.  Find the little silver door, head into the bathroom,
and go down into the hole in here.  Follow it, drop out,
and casually leave the men's room as Emile becons you close.
He wants Hisham.  You have to take him down.  Whew, not you,
but still bad news.  Run down the ramp there behind you and
load.  Checkpoint.

This part is pretty new and different for a Splinter Cell
title.  Daylight, wartime, and several small objectives that
hinge on both stealth and action.  Get ready.

Wait a moment for the explosion, then either scale the fence
or cut through it.  It's faster than lock picking, even with
the auto pick.  I chose the left side.  Hide on either side
and you'll discover the duo has split up and you have one
guard to deal with.  Do whatever you want here, though I 
like to just follow him when he moves on.  Stay behind the
car until you can move to more boxes, when the guard moves.
Look around the corner here for a man in red running.  He'll
give up a sniper position by yelling up to him.  Now you 
know where he is.  While they're talking briefly, move into
the right hand alleyway.  If you weren't spotted by anyone,
and there were no alerts yet, the execution is still about
to happen.  If, however, you get seen or a body is found,
they kill the hostages and the NSA loses a tiny bit of 
trust for you.  Whether you want points or not, Sam's 
character, I beleive, would stop to save innocents.  Ok, 
we're dealing with two guards, if you position yourself
carefully by using your map you can take them down before
they can kill anyone.  If you want to be sneaky, follow
one through the cloth and doorway to take down.  Then, keep
an eye out for the other man in the far alley.  You can
use a shocker here for quick results, or shoot him, or what
have you, but I like to try and sneak to knock them both
out for a better rating.  It really doesn't matter how you
do it, so long as one can't alert the other.  Meaning, if
you take one down quietly, you can shoot the other or do
just about anything you wish.  

Now, head out of the alley and down to the right.  From 
here, you'll see a woman running right as shots are fired.
Follow her into the building she runs for, and quickly 
find an exit through the window in here.  You can knock her
out, but I choose not to.  You'll get another big boom off
to the left of Sam's position, keep moving down the street
to the right near the large stack of boxes.  Look left of
here for a ladder, head up and save at the checkpoint.  Keep
in mind everyone will be alert here, but it doesn't mean 
they've seen you.  Though on Hard mode, it's safe to assume
they have, just to keep alive.

Be careful and as you round the corner and hear from Emile
keep an eye out for two men below.  Wait for them to leave
before you move on to avoid a quick death.  There's a cable
you can slide down at the end here.  Head right and keep
your eyes open for a red hatted guard to move behind a large
broken cylinder.  Note your new objective.  Anywho, the two
guards are shooting in the opposite direction of you, so
take this time to to go near the truck and jump down into a 
ditch.  Follow the ditch behind the guards and try to stay
low or you risk problems here.  Get to the front of the bus
and jump inside.  Lift the chair up off her leg and follow
her to a great room if you're on Hard.  It's cool any time 
but invauluable on Hard mode.  She'll lead to some ammo
and supplies.  Note on your map two guards down the road 
here.  After they check the underside of the truck out,
sneak VERY carefully up behind it and crawl under.  You
will ride to the Checkpoint.  Whew.

Now, when the drive is gone roll out on his side of the 
truck.  Quickly and quietly move behind the boxes to the
rear of the green tent.  This isn't as bad as you might
think.  You can cut the matieral to enter the tent here,
but keep in mind it may be found out later.  But by then,
you should be long gone.  Hide behind the boxes to the 
left and notice the laptop with the guard.  The guard will
soon leave to greet the new arrivials that just landed via
chopper outside this tent.  Hack the computer to get the
plans, then sneak out through the back and cut into the 
next tent.  Your goal will be to climb the tower here, so
use the boxes for cover as you make you way to the fence's
door.  You can't climb this one, it's electric but can
be shut down.  In between the two rows of generator boxes,
you'll find a wire here you can safely cut to shut it off.
You could also just distract the two guards nearest the door
with sounds but it's riskier.  So now cut into or climb up
and over the fence and make for the ladder.  Make SURE the
coast is clear of the two guards nearby, and climb.  Up top
you save and find a sniper rifle.  Nice.

Here's Hisham, poor guy.  Emile wants him gone, of course
Lambert will have none of that.  Don't worry, this next
section isn't that hard.  But if he dies, you finish here.
The most heroic and cinematic, to me, is to save Hisham.
When he and a guard enter they will fight.  Shoot the guard
when he's clearly on top.  From here you will get a scene,
Emile is furious, and Lambert has a great idea.

If you killed Hisham or let him die in the fight, however,
you win this mission and may move on to SAM10 in this guide.

    NSA Rescue Hisham
    NSA Help Hisham escape

When you're up and ready again, slide down the cable via
zip and you'll be on your way to making it right to JBA.
Move into the next room and drop through the floor.  Hide
behind the car and move left in the shadows towards the bus.
Enter the bus and exit it's opening on the side, and quietly
crouch behind the dumpsters.  Look at this guy, whoops!

Kinda tough here, depending on your gear.  If you don't have
smoke grenades in any form, roll for the black smoke created
by the missle that killed the guard you just saw die.  This
will let you reach a ditch under the truck.  Exit towards 
the car that just landed to your right, and head for the
downed chopper.  Enter the opening here for a checkpoint 

If you do, however, have smoke grenades, feel free to use
them to keep you safe and away from the missles of the
heli above you.  You can also use them to redirect attention
from guards at war.

After you arrive on your map at the palace, go in and stay
behind the table.  A guard will examine a body.  Sneak past
him and exit the palace to the right while he's busy.  On
Hard, if you can't seem to get by alive, take him out and
move him to where you came from.  Reenter the palace on 
other side of the debris here, and exit again to the right.
Move down the palace wall behind the sandbags quietly, and
turn left.  You'll be able to locate Hisham, tied up, just
inside the main part of the palace.  A guard will mess with
him some, turn, and walk away.  Sneak in and untie Hisham,
just as the guard walks away.  Exit the palace with him in
tow and movetoward the rear, on the left of the opening in
the wall.  If you wait long enough, the guard
will rush through, responding to something on that end,
and you can feel free to either take him down or let him
pass (no noise from you).  At this point you're homefree, so
just move through the opnening and toward the fence ahead,
make a quick left and help Hisham over the wall here.  Just
stay there and the mission ends with everybody happy.  Plus,
Sam can now sleep at night.

On Hard mode, you pretty much have to follow this to the
letter, since you probably have next to no ammo left.  But, 
if you choose, you can actually kill everyone in the
palace if you're quick and sneaky about it, otherwise they
will kill off Hisham.  There are ways to climb into other
areas of the palace and take shots at guards, however.
There are even different routes for this level entirely.
But, I'm just trying to help you survive.

Good job on this one, no *s left to
unlock!  The game is almost done!!!

SAM10 - Mission 10 - USA NYC JBA HQ 06 Mar 2008

Primary Objectives
   NSA Scan retina to access lock
   NSA Find and defuse bomb

Profile Objectives
   NSA Get professional background info (1)
   NSA Scan retinas of JBA members

Here we go.  The "true" last level.  It's a doozy, so I hope
you're ready to use everything you've learned thus far.
Keep in mind you can also have all the time and kills/K.O.s
in the world to gain all the files, prints, and other things
like that you need.  But you won't get voices for Moss,
Enrica, or Jamie if you follow my guide exactly.

You'll hear some plans for the other bombs, and then Emile
will tell you to come with him and Jamie to the interrogati-
on room.  You also hear SWAT is out front.  And Dufraine
says he knows why.  Uh-oh.  You have no choice but to follow
on.  When you enter, you're given a choice.  No matter what
you pick, you must progress and defuse the NYC bomb!  So,
what to pick?  Well, I like Lambert, he's been in all the
games, and though he would expect same to maintain cover,
I save him.  If you choose to shot Lambert, you can freely
walk the base and crouch whenever and all that, but no one
will bother you unelss you enter restricted areas, and the
final, bomb area.  That small bit of freedom doesn't make
me too happy, honestly.  I prefer (and find it far more 
cinematic) to kill Jamie here, and declare war on the JBA,
by myself.  If you wait too long to do either, Jamie will
kill you.

Also keep in mind, if Enrica is alive here she will help you
open up on of the final doors in the HQ and tell you that 
you can "talk later".  She also gives you your goggles and
rifle with some ammo.  However, we never see this talk 
happen, and if you still want her retina you'll have to
knock her out or kill her here.

Once you see the declaration of traitor here, go to Jamie 
and scan his retina.  Once the checkpoint occurs, exit and
go right fast.  If you're just quick enough, the JBA grunts
on the way to kill you and Lambert will be too late.  Move
across the hall to the boiler room down the steps to find
Enrica's body here if you did what I did earlier or allowed
her to die.  Either way, if she's dead, she's here.  If not,
you'll have to find her later.  Scan her retina.  If you 
have problems here, you'll have to scan Jamie and
roll out to the right hard, hoping to only take one
hit or so.  Then get Enrica's retina 
scan if she's dead, and follow my and continue on, going
back to kill off the two guys you had to leave, as they
may be problems for you later.  Don't forget light switches
and the ultrasonic emitter for sounds.

Climb the
ladder to reach the garage port.  Exit and move towards the
safe cracking maze and firing range.  Everyone has cleared
out, luckily, to go face SWAT, so you can pick up your
goggles and your SC-20K rifle to really have a party.  Look
for any other ammo types around here and move on.

Head to the main area of the compound and be wary of the 
two patroling guards, one downstairs and one upstairs.  For
Dayton, we have to head to the server room so go on downst-
airs first.  Stay flat against the left wall here and keep
quiet to avoid detection.  Follow the guard as he moves
towards the server room, and wait in the darkness of this
area to avoid him, or go ahead and finish him off.  Sneak
into the server room the usual way, locate Dayton, and end
him for his retinal scan.  You could also just knock him out
for the scan.  Now for the NSA big stuff.

Do you remember how to reach Moss' room, with the punching
bag?  Head to where you made Mines before.  It's very near
the server room where Dayton meet his untimely end by your
blade.  Scan in, take the steps, go in, flip off the light,
open the door, and you'll be in the rec area where the
pool table and all that was.  Turn out the lights on the
right side of the area to really freak out the approaching
grunt.  Take him out or bypass him however you see fit, and
head for the next light switches, you know the drill by now.
With everything nice and dark, and your goggles on, head 
down that right hall (past Enrica's bedroom), and scan in at
that last door on the left again.

Head through the left part of the double doors, but instead
of taking the familliar path toward the security office,
look immediately right for a retinal scan elevator.  Do you
remember the fenced in area from before, with a guard 
sitting at a desk?  If you go to that desk now and avoid/
take out the guards in the area, you can find three smoke
grenades, to be used on Emile and his four thugs at the end.
But, in the end, it will make very little difference 
actually.  So if you want to be truly safe, just head for
the elevator on the right hand side we came up on.

here, Sam can do several things.  While it may feel really
great to dismanle the JBA with your knife, fists, and 
bullets, the mission comes first.  So now we're playing it
very safe.  Exit the elevator and flip the light switch
on the right before the guard turns around.  Stay to the
side and VERY quietly move past him as he approaches.  
You'll be in a mini-hall.  Flip the enticing light switch
ahead when the guard is far enough ahead of you, and
quickly get on the metal and jump the railing off to the
right.  There's some ammo here if you need it, and on Hard,
you do, for those just in case moments coming soon.  Head
around the small corner and enter the password 1234 you
obtained earlier to get into Jamie's office.  Here, you can
obtain the final piece of professional background info.  
Pretty elusive considering how Moss called Jamie stupid for
getting arrested.  Anywho,  use the computer to get the code
you may not have to the main lab area, which is 2112.  

Go through the other door in the room (not from where 
you came) and drop through the opening in the floor.  
Climb onto the box and then jump up through the hole 
in the wall.  Great, a smart guard with a flashlight.  There
*is* a way to avoid this guy's sight line, but you have to
be pretty lucky in how you position yourself behind the 
even on Normal.  I recommend shooting him in the head when 
you can take the shot, as sneaking around him in water is
hard, as is using other nonlethal means.  But IF you can
hide, by all means do, and let him pass you.  Save often
here and coming up.  Leave through the door and go left,
head up the stairs you'll find, out the door, and into the
door on the right.  Head into the next door and now you're 
getting closer to the bomb.  Good luck!  Checkpoint save 

Now you get an interesting (if not horrifying) scene, and
then a 10:00 minute timer.  Use your SATMap here (LB) and 
be ready for a guard at the next door you encounter.  Either
let him pass you by, or go ahead and K.O./kill him.  Go
on down the tiny stair set and turn around.  Ready to tee
off some guards?  Since you don't have much to take care of
lights, you'll need to shoot the one here.  Unless you want
100% stealth (which I don't recommend on the first or even
second tries here), it's quite helpful.  Hit your night 
vision and wait for the alert mode guards to arrive.  If you
position yourself safely enough, pressed to the windows,
they will pass right by you
and you can do what you will with them or just pass right
on by and let SWAT nab em.  Whichever you pick, get to the
door they just came from and use the code you got or hack in
quick to gain access.  Good!

Climb the ladder (as if you'd turn back now, right?!), and
hopefully the guards won't see you, though you will pass
a light here.  There is another ladder and you will see
Emile on the other side of the bulletproof glass, so 
don't get too trigger happy and waste ammo.  Take the exit
into the new (and final) room.  This, is a tough spot.

You'll see a guard walk
from left to right down a set of stairs and then he'll pass
right by where you are if you sat still upon entry.  Jump
to the right over the railing and sneak around behind him 
quick for a grab and knock out.  The grab is good if you can
get him into more shadows for the K.O.  If not, don't worry
about it.  At this point you're dealing with (use that map!)
three other guards plus Emile Dufraine.  I have tried, and
tried, on each difficulty, to find ways to sneak and trick
my way through here.  But like the other Splinter Cell 
titles before it, you simply don't have that option.  So
get ready for a battle of sorts.  This WILL be messy.  Even
at my best, it's hard to sneak everyone in time, and will
take alot of practice.  Be sure you have at least six 
minutes entering this section if you want to practice the
sneaking method.  It can be done in five but it's down to
the last seconds.

Check your gear.  If you're on Hard, you have probably 89
bullets, and your knife, plus the goggles.  You may also
have up to three smoke grenades if you chose to hit the
fenced in area before you took Jamie's elevator down to the
bomb area.  They are totally optionally and not incredibly
useful so it's ok if you don't.

You're going to
have to position yourself behind the crates near you here.
From here, you'll need to draw them out into the open, and
use whichever goggles you are most comfortable with.  Kill
them all with head shots, as that ammo goes fast.  Now, if
this doesn't work, you can try and find other spots to hide
in, but the premise is pretty much the same, as in, lure
one or two, and end up shooting all four to death in a 
frenzies, luck filled fire fight.  Save, save, SAVE!  Keep
at it, you can do it.  Also, here's a little known fact.
If you actually manage to sneak up on Emile and go for a
grab K.O., you'll have a pretty cool little fight sequence
with him that's worth the trouble.

************advanced method, stealth****************

If you want to try sneaking, here's what I finally got to
work on Hard after four or five retries.  I drop down to the
right without looking for the first guard (fifth man).  He
heard me and came over to the corner, where I could safely
grab and silent K.O. him.  I then used the column on the
right that casts a thin shadow to get to where I can see
two men standing, facing Emile, as he watches the bomb.
I whistled, and quickly moved back (using the column shadow)
to the main shadow corner in the back right of the room.
The will *slowly* approach, usually only two of them, 
though sometimes I see the third climb down his ladder too.
They will investigate (night vision helps here) and SLOWLY
turn around to leave back to their posts with Emile.  Very,
very carefully try and grab the one in the very back, and 
DRAG him to the corner you're hiding in.  Take him down
quick and go whistle again to bring one, or two more.  
However it works, use the same, time consuming lure tactic 
here to grab the one in back (or alone), grab with A, and
carefully guide him to the corner to K.O. him so that
Emile doesn't hear.  If the one guard up top is still around
, you will have to whistle until he comes first, but be
carefuly not to bring Emile.  Here's a good option with the
last grunt body.  Kill him on the steps, in the light and 
quickly fall back to hide.  Hopefully you have around 2 and
a half minutes left here for the bomb.  THEN, position, 
using shadows, yourself to see Emile.  Carefully whistle
until he moves, or, better yet, let him barely see you in
light for a second to really get him moving quick.  When he
finally comes around, he'll spot the dead man on the steps,
and rush him to kick at him and check.  This is your chance
to grab him for the cool take down sequence, and it still
counts as stealth, though you did kill a man.  You could
also K.O. the bait on the steps but you'll have to grab at
Emile before he can reach the body or he'll wake him up 
pretty fast.  Again, scan his retina BEFORE the bomb if you
want the data.  At this point I had literally one minute
as I began to crack the safe.  If you're in the zone or
lucky, you'll be in within six seconds.  Then force a data
hack if you don't mind the hurt stealth score for a two
second entry there.  Then, hold the RT hard when getting the
bomb core, while wrestling to keep the bullseye in the 
green.  As you lift it out, you should have nearly 30 
seconds, so use Sam's breathing to slowly lift out the core,
safely.  I finished with two seconds until detonation.  So,
this method CAN work, but it helps to really know what
you're doing beforehand.  Remember to keep a save at the
five or six minute mark and don't overwrite it in case you
can't make this method work for you.

************end advanced method, stealth**************

Before you approach the bomb for the win, go ahead and scan
Emile's Retinas.  Nice.  Now, go into the red hued bomb
room, and try not to panic.  Ok, crack the safe.  Not too
bad yet, right?  Then, hack the computer.  Now, time for
bomb defusal.  Do you remember when you had to make the
mines?  I hope you were fairly good at it, otherwise you 
may need to do several save/reloads at this point.  You use
the right trigger, as before, to move the bomb core and it's
speed adjustments.  You have to "feel" your way around with 
the stick and keep the bullseye green.  Once you're aligned
properly, the arm will grab on to the core.  From this
point on, hold Sam's breath with LT, and slowly let off on
the RT so that it comes up smooth.  Don't let the core touch
the sides.  With the bomb disarmed, you've accomplished...

MISSION COMPLETE!  Way to go!!  It's not over yet, though...

SAM11 - Mission 11 - USA NYC 07 Mar 2008

Primary Objective
    NSA Disarm the bomb

Back in the saddle again.  Remember Moss?  This is a bonus
level.  Moss is taking the bomb to one of the men from the
meeting earlier in Africa.  But he's sort of changed his
plan, in a rage.  Thankfully Sam is dedicated to the last.

Climb the ladder and listen in on Moss and the last of the 
free JBA grunts.  You've got 10:00 minutes and no weapon.
There are a couple of ways to pull this off, but here's a
quick and relatively painless way to reach Moss.  Simply 
wait for everyone to finish talking.  Stay in your hiding
spot and carefully  watch the top area
that Moss headed for, and wait for a guy to come out and
go down the steps.  NOW you can sneak into the top room and
take down Moss.  Sneak up and use a grab on him for a very
cool kill.  Much like with Emile's sneak take down in the 
previous level.  Don't forget that retina scan if you're a
completionist or after the achievement.  You should
have waited for everyone to be clear for sure before you go
in after Moss, you should still have enough time to get the

You can also find a crawl space under the steps leading to
Moss in the cabin, it leads you to the med bay and is a 
decent hiding spot if you use your map right.  You can
*also* feel free to grab and take down anyone (in a good,
hidden spot) if you feel like they see you too soon.

The bomb will be right next to you in that room, so simply
pick the lock, hack into it and go for the disarm.  After
this, leave the room for the final cutscene.  People may be
shooting at you here but you should be fine, even on Hard.
If not, you need to restart and go for more stealth, or 
attempt taking at least one of the men out before you get

To be continued...
In Splinter Cell:  Conviction

You can find info about it on the internet right now!

Congratulations on beating this awesome game!!

3. Profile Objectives
If you're looking for the quick methods of obtaining the
coveted spy info for fun, or for the achievements, look
no further!  Here's a quick tip list on getting them.
For greater detail, however, you'll need to use the Guide

A. Medical Records - 
(Available beginning Mission 3)

Simple.  Your first time in the JBA
Headquarters, right after the prison mission.  Go to the 
clinic at any point during your 24 minutes and speak with
Enrica by standing near her.  When she's done, she'll turn
and leave to lock herself into the medical lab's office.
Turn around, leave, and be sure no one can see the open
doorway (you can't shut the door).  Flip off the lights,
and crouch as soon as the game let's you by her door.
Be very quiet in your movements, or she'll kick the door
open on you.  Lockpick the door, and quietly go straight
across the room to the file cabinet.  The laptop has an
interesting email too (though useless to gameplay). Voila!
B. Professional Background Information -

1. Beside the computer in the server room. Use your 
Sound Emitter gun or flip the light switch to get him
away from the PC desk.  I use both actually.
(Available beginning Mission 3) 

2. Enrica's office in the section accessed by voice 
recognition next to the mine creating machine. 
(Available beginning Mission 6)

3. Emile's office between the grandfather clock and 
the desk. (Available beginning Mission 6).

4. Next to the computer in Moss office located next to 
the security room. Just wait for him to move away from
where you want to be.
(Available beginning Mission 8)  

5. Jamie's office accessible via the elevator next to
Moss' quarters.
(Available beginning Mission 10)

C. Personal Information -
1. Upper restricted access area, in the room where 
Dayton is sleeping and having nightmares. Keep it
(Available beginning Mission 6)

2. Upper restricted access area, in the room where 
Dayton is sleeping and having nightmares. 
Again, be very silent in this room, or it's over.
(Available beginning Mission 6)

3. Enrica's room. The room with the open window in 
the bathroom that allows outdoor access to Emile's 
office and the car port. 
(Available beginning Mission 6)

4. Emile's bedroom. The room next to where Sam 
scans the blueprints from the safe. 
(Available beginning Mission 6)

5. Moss' bedroom. The room with the heavy bag on the 
way to the security room. This one is easy to miss
for some people (myself included).   Use your map(s)!
(Available beginning Mission 8)

D. Fingerprints -
1. Enrica
     -On the microscope in the lab next to the 
infirmary, as long as she's gone, no worries.
2. Jamie
     -Refrigerator in the kitchen near the 
infirmary, tougher.  Be wary of grunts walking
near the hallways.

3. Dayton
     -Next to keypad for entry into the server room
Flip off the light switch when you get this one.
4. Emile
     -On the desk next to the computer where Sam is 
decrypting the e-mail, watch the break room next door

5. Moss
     -Next to switch that activates the obstacle 
course, or anywhere in his bedroom if he's gone.

E. Retinal Scans -  I'll provide more detail
in the walkthrough for these, as to avoid spoilers.
SAM10 and SAM11.

1. Enrica 
    -Boiler room

2. Jamie
    -Interrogation room

3. Dayton 
    -Server room

4. Emile 
    -Last room where the bomb must be defused

5. Moss
    -During mission 11 on the boat
F. Voice Samples -

1. Enrica
    -Very beginning of mission 6 after she asks 
Sam to follow her.  Stand at Mine Machine, wait
for Emile to talk with her at stairs on your
right.  See walkthrough for better detail.

2. Jamie
    -When he is practicing the updated voice 
recognition system to the door for
     entry to the upper restricted area. The 
door is accessible via the stairs
     near the infirmary

3. Dayton
    -While he is having a nightmare in his bed 
during mission 6

4. Emile
    -Next to mine making machine at beginning of 
mission while he is talking to
     Enrica.  See her section above for more 

5. Moss
    -Follow him during mission 6 and he will 
stop and talk over the radio
See SAM6 for greater detail.

4. Gadgets of the Trade  (Equipment)
A. SC-20K 
     -One of Sam's primary weapons. 
     -Features include (reflex scope)sight, silencer, 
automatic or semi automatic fire
B. SC-20K Scope 
     -Access by pressing the right analog. 
     -An upgrade of the scope is available adding night,
 thermal, and wave vision.
C. Sticky Camera 
     -Attachment of the SC-20K. Launchable surveillance 
     -Has noise making and non-lethal gas release 
     -Possesses an upgrade that adds an explosion 
D. SC-20K Attachments 
     1. Sticky Shocker - Produces electric discharge 
that incapacitates target
     2. Airfoil Round - 1 round stuns target 2 rounds 
knocks them out
     3. Smoke Grenade
     4. Sonic Grenade
     5. Gas Grenade
     6. EMP Grenade
     7. Frag Grenade
     8. Shotgun shell
E. SC Pistol
     -One of Sam's primary weapons
     -EMP mounted under barrel (used to deactivate 
electrical equipment)
F. SC Combat Knife
G. Grenades
     1. Frag Grenade
     2. Smoke Grenade
     3. Flash Grenade
     4. Sonic Grenade
     5. EMP Grenade
     6. Gas Grenade
H. Wall Mine
     -Motion sensitive adhesive mine
     -Lethal to 3 meters
     -May be disabled when green light flashing
     -Stun and flash varieties also available
I. Riot Shotgun (prison level only)
     -Non lethal weapon that fires beanbag rounds
J. Optic Cable
     -Cable with camera used to provide a view of 
an area before entering
K. Lock Pick 
L. Electronic Lock Pick (*upgrade)
M. Hacking Device (can be *upgraded twice)
N. Laser Microphone
O. Ultrasonic Emitter (* item, good stuff)
     -Shoots small sound emitting transceiver for 
purposes of distraction
P. Glass cutter
Q. Winch
R. Goggles
     -Includes night, wave, and thermal vision
S. OPSAT Watch
     -SATCOM feature provides location of hostiles
T. Blueprint Scanner
U. Retinal Scanner
V. Fingerprint Scanner

5. Achievements
1. Hero (20) 
     -Complete solo mode with the best ending 

2. Agent of the Month (20)
     -Complete the profiles of all the major members of the JBA 

3. Defeated the JBA (100)
     -Complete the main storyline 

4. Save Lambert (10)
     -In solo mode save Lambert's life

5. Save Hisham (10)
     -In solo mode save Hisham's life

6. Kinshasa Assignment Completed (30)

7. HQ 3 Assignment Completed (30)

8. The Collector (20)
     -In solo mode collect all gadgets and upgrades

9. Cozumel Assignment Completeed (30)

10. HQ 2 Assignment Completed (30)

11. Shanghai Assignment Completed (30)

12. Okhotsk Assignment Completed (30)

13. HQ 1 Assignment Completed (30)

14. The Invisible Man (20)
      -In solo mode complete a mission without being detected

15. Ellsworth Assignment Completed (30)

16. Getting Technical (20)
      -In solo mode knock out 5 enemies using non-lethal gadgets

17. Iceland Assignment Complete (30)

18. The Human Light Switch (20)
      -In solo mode use your EMP Pistol to turn off 20 light sources

19. Training Completed (10)
      -Successfully complete a training course

20. Teacher's Pet (40)
      -Successfully complete both training courses

21. Professional Ninja (40) 
      -Complete solo mode on Hard difficulty

22. Recruit (10)
      -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 1%

23. Operative (15)
      -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 5%

24. Field Agent (20)
      -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 20%

25. Special Agent (25)
     -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 45%

26. Officer (30)
     -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 75%

27. Commander (45)
     -Obtain an overall characteristics average of over 95%

28. Bronze Trophy (15)
     -Complete all the challenges by obtaining at least the bronze medal

29. Silver Trophy (30)
     -Complete all the challenges by obtaining at least the silver medal

30. Gold Trophy (50)
     -Complete all the challenges by obtaining at least the gold medal

31. Blackwing Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

32. Motorway 90 Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map
33. Terminus Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

34. Slaughter House Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

35. Red Diamond Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

36. Boss House Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

37. Dawn Waves Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

38. USS Wisdom Expert (20)
     -Get at least 10 victories as a spy and 10 in the UPSILON FORCE and play
      25 sessions in this map

6. About the author
What can I say?  I like video gaming.  Been into it since
the NES days, when I was a kid.  Grew up, kept playing.
I'm 24 now.  I own all the old systems and portables, and as
for the new stuff I've got a 360, Wii, GBA and PS2.  My game
library combined from all the systems is pretty massive.
Usually around 25-45 on each console.  I also own a few PC
games, but all older ones, because I can't really afford to
buff up my PC.  I live in Georgia, in the USA.  I did the
college thing, dropped out halfway, and have worked random
jobs ever since.  I'm kind of thinking of law enforcement
(something safe though), but it's up in the air right now.
Other than that I work menial jobs to buff up my game and
movie collection, as well as select comic books.  But my 
life isn't all dorkdom, as I also have a wonderful girl, a
great family, a handful of good friends, and my own 
apartment.  Feel free to add me if
you want to play any online titles I have for 360.  I'm 
always open to new people.  I don't care what your skill
level is.  Mine is average-good.  That's really about it!

7. Legal
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except
for personal, private use. 
It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of 
any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Xbox Live gamertag: lastfirstborn
Copywrite 2007 Joe Barbee aka lastfirstborn

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