PS3 Walkthroughs: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walkthrough

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Walkthrough

                                  Version 1.0
                                Created 3-25-2007

Table of Contents

1. Introduction                   [IDN]      

2. Version History                [VRH]

3. Questions and answers          [QQQ]

4. Missions                   
     A. Mystical Jungle           [MYJ]
     B. Vigilantism               [VLT] 
     C. Techno Ninjutsu           [TCN]
     D. Cowabunga Carl Getaway    [CCG]
     E. Spirit of the Forest      [SOF]
     F. Ninja Tag Time            [NTT]
     G. The Game is the Foot      [GFT]
     H. Foot Trail                [FTT]
     I. Tower Power               [TWP]
     J. When the Slime Comes      [WSC]
     K. O Brother Where Art Thou  [OBT]
     L. Bite Me!                  [BME]
     M. All is Forgiven           [AFG]
     N. Ninja's in the Crypt      [NCP]
     O. The Mysterious Leader     [MYL]
     P. Winter's Secret           [WSC]

5. Achievements                   [ACV]

6. Legalities                     [LGL]

1. Introduction                                                       [IDN]

If any of you have read my other FAQ/Walkthroughs, you will know that I begin 
each with the following statements. This guide for TMNT is the method I used 
to beat the game. Are there easier ways? Possibly, but I know the following 
works because I've beat the game.

TMNT is one of the easier games I've played for the 360. The achievements are
pretty simple to acquire as well. Anyone who plays the game beginning to end
should be able to record 1000 points without much trouble. That said I doubt 
many will need the words below but here it is anyway. I had some extra time
and desire to do some FAQ writing. Enjoy.

2. Version History                                                    [VRH]

-Version 0.1 (3-25-2007)
     -Missions 1-6
     -Achievement listing

-Version 1.0 (3-29-2007)
     -Question and Answers
     -Missions 7-16

3. Questions and Answers                                              [QQQ]

Q: I have collected 1 million of those silver coins but still haven't got the
   First Coin achievement, What's up?

A: While the little silver things are coins, the coins the achievement is 
   speaking of are only acquired through a second play through of a level. They
   appear as translucent turtle shells. Replay Leo's first level and you will
   see one very early.

Q: During the 2nd mission, Vigilantism, I used Raphael's wall climbing special
   but didn't get the achievement, is this glitched?

A: No, not at all. It is kind of confusing but apparently you are not 
   technically Raphael, but are in fact Nightwatcher. Later in the game 
   Nightwatchers identity is revealed and you will get the achievement.

Q: Where are all the coins?

A: I honestly haven't taken the time to find them all but for the most part
   they seem to be in obvious places. If there is a need for this I may add
   a section to the guide.

4. Missions

A. Mystical Jungle                                                    [MYJ]

Leonardo's training has begun. At first there is just a lot of jumping. When
you arrive at the first coin you'll go down a ramp, across a bridge and find a
second coin. Shortly thereafter there is a checkpoint and coin 3. Jumping up
to some ledges nets you another coin. Continue forward and acquire a 5th coin
before reaching a large waterfall. Climb the ledges to the left of the 
waterfall and cross the bridge at the top. When Splinter says to "learn your 
environment my son" jump onto the wall, grab hold, and quickly slide across.
Once across grab the ledge to the left and move forward Near the end jump and
move the stick to the right to grab the opposite ledge and arrive at safley.
Collect a couple more coins and cross a broken bridge. Splinter should now be 
discussing the chamber you are searching for. Cross the ledge at the top of the
hill and Leonardo will mention he needs to go higher to find the temple. There 
is a crevice to the left stand there and jump back and forth to each side of 
the wall to reach the necessary height. Repeat this process again, jump some
water falls and shimmy across another ledge and you reach another crevice in
the wall. Jump from side to side as before and continue forward to learn you
can run up walls to gain extra height. Finally you reach a fight. Once the area
is clear of enemies continue between the two columns. Climb up the wall the
next time Splinter speaks. Three more side to side jumping obstacles and you
should arrive at large waterfall. Continue down the path doing the same as 
you have to this point and you will arrive at the temple shortly. Enemies
will appear at the bottom of the temple's steps. Clear the enemies and go up
the stairs. To achieve your goal, the medallion Splinter had been discussing.

B. Vigilantism                                                       [VLT]

Down the street and immediately Raphael is in minor skirmish. Turn the 
corner and jump the smaller fence to the right. Go past the fire and collect
another coin. Jump the large fence to the basketball court and dispose of the 
crowbar wielding bad guys. Out the door at the end and through another doorway.
When you arrive in the clearing move to the left and climb the wall. Drop down 
for another easy skirmish. At the end of the alley to the right is a door that
takes you inside. Up the stairs is another battle with some easily defeated 
enemies. Once the area is clear exit to the outside. Use the ledge to the 
left of the screen to safely cross. You should see a blue flashing light. The
light should be avoided. Above the light is a pole that Raphael can use to 
swing across to a ledge. Move right down the ledge and jump up to a higher
platform. Move left and jump the garbage on the ground. Use the ledge to the 
left to move forward then take the wall to the right to make it to your next
battle. Once the area is cleared Raphael will recommend using his sai to 
climb the wall flashing in red. Go up to the wall and press LB, RB, LT or RT
to begin the climb. At the top is another fight. There is a narrow strip of 
red wall to climb once the area is clear. Once a the top move to the right and
over the wall. Another simple battle and exit the room. Outside there is a 
strip of wall to Sai climb at the top of this wall is MISSION COMPLETE.

C. Techno Ninjutsu                                                     [TCN]

Donatello is the primary turtle for this mission. Jump across some murky water
and continue past the broken walk way. Use the poles to swing from platform to
platform, then turn left. More pole swinging, a small wall walking experience,
and Donatello will jump further into the sewers. I guess you are supposed to
run the walls to move through the next few corridors, but if you happen to
fall into the water don't worry, just jump your way forward or to a wall and
this teen turtle will be fine. As Master Splinter says use Donatello's special
move Bo Vault to move across the large gaps. Once across both move to the 
platform on the left and then wall run to reach the far ledge. Lower into the 
sewers and Donatello needs to jump to the platform ahead then wall run right
by the coin. Another wall run and he will see an electronic sparking in the 
distance. Wall run to the sparking and jump further into the sewers. There is 
now a green tint to the sewer water. It damages the turtle if entered. Wall
run to the ramp of blocks then use your Bo to get the coin and reach the 
distant ledge. Move from ledge to ledge collecting coins until you reach some
broken grating and an opening with a red tint. Enter the area and use the poles
to swing across the gaps in the flooring. Jump from ledge to ledge on the 
large cylinders until your reach a pole. Use the pole to swing to the next
cylinder (or if you end up standing on the pole just jump to the next one).
Next we will be going down these large cylinders. To lower Donatello to the 
next ledge hit B to release your grip and drop below. He will automatically 
grab the lower ledge. Use A to jump to the other side to get all the coins.
Use the poles to swing then as previously mentioned to navigate down the 
cylinders. Deeper into the sewers yet again. This is Donatello's first battle
and its not much different from the others. Once clear move forward attempting
to avoid (jump) the blue electric beams on the ground. At the end take a right
and pause temporarily to notice the pattern of moving electric beams. Some go
up and down others left to right. Avoid them and turn the corner. Now the 
closest set of beams is moving parallel to the ground. Avoid it taking care to
miss the other sets that are moving up and down the wall. Take out the enemies
in this battle then exit. Use the moving platforms in the water or wall run
to the opposite end. Repeat this process once more. Oh my an actually boss
battle, its the first in the game.

He is quick. From a distance he will throw red energy knives that can be
dodged. He also has a nasty melee attack where he will leap and violently
stab at Donatello. If you notice him stand in the center of the area and 
remain temporarily motionless be cautious he is about to unleash a radial 
attack that covers the entire battle field. Take advantage of the times he 
misses his lunge melee attack. He will remain still providing ample time for
a barrage of attacks. Watch his movements when he is along the outside of the 
area. Generally its two lateral jumps then an attack (melee or projectile). 
Avoid his attack and unleash your own. When he does go to the center and use
his radial power, move to the outside and wait for one of the beams to get 
close. As it nears jump toward the center (where he is standing) in an attempt
to avoid the attack. If you die during battle don't worry you'll just start out
with full health at the beginning of this fight. His health will not fully 
deplete but once it is near gone he leaves. Climb the ramp and continue to move
up the broken scaffold. Once near the top use the side to side wall jump to 
arrive at the top and this level is done.

D. Cowabunga Carl Getaway                                             [CCG]

Michelangelo seems to have got himself up on the roof of some large buildings.
Move forward toward the first coin and grab it. Climb the stairs and continue 
to the gap in two adjacent walls. Use the side to side jump to get onto the 
metal roof. Head toward the yellow graffiti on the far wall and turn right. 
Jump from the metal roof to the next building. Go up the ramp and to the left.
Use the adjacent walls to reach the next level. Do as Splinter says and use a
double jump then Nunchucks (RB) to float over to each platform that contains a
coin. When at the end jump to the left and use the nunchucks. Continue forward
collecting coins until you come to a dead end. Use the wall jump ability to
maneuver to the top. Follow the predetermined path (no major obstacles) until 
you reach the end of the roof tops. You should see a large pig balloon and 
Donatello should appear to discuss the parade below. Use the nunchuck 
helicopter to reach the pig, the super hero, and then the turtle. From the
turtle jump over to the roof. Move to the right passing the blue wall graffiti.
Use the ledge to move across while collecting the coins. At the half way point
of the ledge there is steam leaving a pipe. Pause for it to subside then 
continue. Now its time for Mike's first battle. Not too tough. Some guys with
bats, some with crowbars, and afro guy with a projectile. Nothing you haven't
seen. When clear move forward. Once you cross the make shift bridge (basically
just a few planks on the roof) and turn the corner be aware of the fans on the
left they will try (and fail most likely) to push you off the roof. Use the 
space between the walls to move up and you should arrive at an entry point to
a room where a green ooze is present. Use a combination of wall running and
jumping to avoid the waste. Once through jump near the top of the building and
grab the ledge. Move across to the fire escape collect some coins and drop down
Move to the far wall and use the space to do a lot of wall to wall jumping to 
reach the top. Ahead are some more balloons. Use the nunchucks to land on the 
cow, the pig, the super hero's arm, the turtle, and finally another roof. When
you arrive at the fence where you see balloons below, jump it and move to the
left for a battle. Once the area is clear jump onto the slab attached to the 
ropes at the back of the screen. It will take you to the top. Jump a couple 
fences and arrive at the parade again. This time its turtle, super hero, pig,
and then roof. Grab the ledge/pipe on the wall and use it to work your way 
around. Mike's ultimate destination is around to the large billboard of the 
guy with a drink. Jump onto the hanging scaffold then onto the drink and end up
on the next roof. Jump across the broken pieces of ledge and arrive at your 
next fight. Clear the area and "climb" the wall using the space ahead. Avoid
the blue electric areas on the ground by following the light gray path on the
ground. Use Mike's nunchucks to arrive in an abandoned building. Move through
the building to an elevator that will take you down a couple floors. The doors 
will open and you will fight. This happens twice and then its a quick run to 

E. Spirit of the Forest                                              [SOF]

Move forward and use Leo's teleport ability (RB) to move through the barrier.
Jump the fire coming from the different points on the wall. Once you get to
the area where the wall starts to move just drop to the ground. From here Leo
will discuss traps in the temple. A wall will begin to close in on you just
keep moving forward staying ahead of it. Once Leo turns the corner he is safe.
As the floor begins to drop use shadow warp to move through the wall to safety.
Now that he's outside a portion of the bridge will shake and fall so move 
across with haste. This is the first battle in this mission. The primary 
difference here are the snipers. They have red laser sights. They still are 
no match for a turtle though. Continue into the cave and do a side to side wall
jump to reach a checkpoint. Take the path to the left and go around the corner
ahead. Leo should now be engaged in another fight in a grassy area with a tent.
Clear the enemies and move outside. Once out you should here cries for help.
Navigate the rocks in the water to reach the dry land next to the falls. Avoid
the red lighted sensor mines and to arrive at Leo's next fight. Next you will
run toward the screen but hurry because the trees behind you are falling as 
you pass. Now you have 2 options either use the space between the walls to 
climb to the top and jump your way across or just avoid the "smelly" flowers
to make your way to some ledges you can climb. Either way you arrive at the 
same point. Wall run to the first ledge you see then jump to the ledge with 
the flower (if you can't then no worries dropping below doesn't hurt, you just
need to avoid  the mines). If you are on the ledge then jump the flowers and
drop below for a fight. Clear the area and move up the incline avoiding all
mines. Move along the rooftops of the village huts to acquire some coinage.
At the end use the tree limbs to swing to access the last coin. From the ledge
after the last hut double jump over the large barrier and arrive at the final 
fight. Destroy all the enemies for a MISSION COMPLETE.

F. Ninja Tag Time                                                      [NTT]

Forward Leo should go. Over the fence and toward the coins. Once you have the 
coins and climb up the next wall be wary of the steam coming from each side.
Move through the hole in the fence and then up the space between the walls. 
Splinter will talk then you can move then he will talk about switching out 
characters for another turtle to make use of their abilities. Over the next 
fence is this levels initial battle. Splinter also discusses here how to use
the turtles as a team to inflict even more damage on enemies. Basically if you
jump and press X at least 2 turtles appear on screen momentarily to perform a
Co-op combo move. Jump across the gap to the terrace on the other building and
grab the coin. Look up and you should see an opening that you can jump to the 
higher platform. Your turtle can't quite make it alone so double jump and hit
X to get a little helping hand. Use teamwork again to get over the next large
obstacle and jump over to the next building. There is a checkpoint just before
some pole swinging. Once across move to the left and drop down. Now to the 
right and drop down. At this point you are the lower level. There is one coin
then a gap. Do not fall in the gap jump across so you can get to the next 
rooftop. Up and over a fence and there is a large space between buildings. Use
Mike's Nunchuck helicopter to make your way across. Traverse a couple more 
poles then latch on to a ledge until there is safe ground below and release. At
the wooden deck listen to Splinter's tip and use your fellow reptile to make it
across. Go over the fence and use the ledge to move across, but watch for the 
steam. Head toward the turtle billboard and use its edge to gain some coins and
move to the next area. The next stretch will have trip wires that will trigger
blue energy to be shot at the turtles. Avoid them and use teamwork for the next
big jump. Notice a yellow and black strip on the building to the right. Use
that strip to move along the building. At the end jump up to the ledge and 
continue, be wary of the steam that is ahead. There are two poles to swing
across at the Hotel DKO sign. Just ahead is a battle. If one turtle gets low on
health switch him out for a brother turtle to rest. Move around to the right
after the battle and side to side jump the space in the wall on the other side
of the bars. Move through the rotating spotlight and onto the skylights. Move
across the skylights quickly because they will start to fall when you walk 
on them. Move up the stairs and use Donatello's special to leap to the next
building. After a battle and a team jump there is another team jump but this
time there is steam to contend with. Once it subsides go across. A fan is
gusting wind right toward you. Hold the joy stick toward the unseen wind and
you will eventually get by it. Jump to the edge on the wall and use it to 
continue (Steam Alert). Next its some pole swinging then a little more ledge
maneuvering. Another pole sequence (this time with steam) and another ledge,
should place the turtles back on the roof tops. Careful in this area there 
is steam coming from the walls so time you jaunts as you pass. After two 
team jumps move onto the hanging platform. As it move jump to the adjacent
hanging platform once the one you are standing on stops moving. A couple more
teammate jumps and several trip wires later you arrive at a hole in the roof
of the building next to a fire. Enter the building via the opening.

Nothing too tricky in here just jump over the burning areas and use the poles
to swing past the areas you can clear with a jump. More breaking glass to jump
across and you arrive at some large steam filled cylinders. Time your jumps as 
the steam recedes or just jump across any way (it won't hurt too bad). Just 
three more team jumps and MISSION COMPLETE.

G. The Game is the Foot                                                [GFT]

Move down the stairs, jumping the gaps as you proceed. Portions of the metal 
roof will begin to lower with your weight so be ready to jump to the next piece
of solid footing. From the checkpoint use the gap between the walls to reach
a higher level. Be aware of the steam, then use the narrow edge to slide to
the left (CHECKPOINT). Move past the first area with the US flags. Once you
arrive at apparent dead end jump toward the smashed/cracked portion of the next
building's wall and grab onto the ledge. Pass a few more flags then use the 
ledge of the next building to continue. Drop below and go down the ramp. At the
bottom of several declines, there will be a stationary platform. Enter it then
work your way through the moving platforms to the left. Climb the wall and 
move below. Jump over the large metal box (Danger Keep Away) and arrive at 
another checkpoint. Continue forward, once you leave the top of the train a
beast will appear and break through the wall. Follow him. Just ahead is a
battle, clear the area and continue. Once the turtles move up the balconies
on an upcoming building, they should shortly reencounter the angry beast that
broke through the wall. After a short fight move inside then quickly outside
the building. Jump the debris and moved down the platforms to the yellow pipe.
Use the pipe to arrive at the next platform. Make a jump then lower the turtles
onto the top of a couple of parked trucks.

Enter the warehouse and use the floating platforms to avoid the electrified 
waters. The next area has moving waters that will attempt to pull you into 
gaps in the floor. Jump the gaps and move to a large decline/water slide.
At the end of the decline be prepared to jump so the turtles don't meet an 
untimely demise. Move up the debris and then to the left. There are a series
of platforms with water gushing on them. Use the same strategies as before to
climb to the top (pole swings, double jumps, wall climb). Run into the area 
moving away from the screen and jump outside for another battle.

The Yeti battle:

This is not that bad a fight. Just remember you can trade in turtles if you 
please when one has low health. The Yeti has a ground stomp radial attack and
will melee with his fist. The attacks are fairly avoidable. Its rather easy to
jump behind him and get in some attacks then jump out of the way when he 
turns around. Also if he misses the ground pound move he remains still for a
moment and is vulnerable to attack. Once his health bar gets in red, the Yeti
will start to charge the turtle. Use this to your advantage by standing near
one of the sides of the area and jumping out of his way as he approaches. The
Yeti will slam his head into the wall and be stunned. At this point attack and 
repeat the process until he is gone. MISSION COMPLETE.

H. Foot Trail                                                           [FTT]

Jump on to the roof ahead taking care not to fall between the beams. Use the 
two platforms to reach the next roof. Now move toward the coin on the left and
use the ledge to continue. The crate hanging above will fall knocking a hole in
the roof about the time Raph talks about not breaking a leg. Avoid the crate
and the hole. Arrive at the red glowing wall and climb it to encounter a team
of enemies. Clear the area, then move toward the billboard. Nothing special
here just keep moving until your reach the ground.

Follow the alley. Once you see the red glowing wall in the distance be ready
for a fight. Destroy the street gang and climb the red wall. Go up the fire
escape and toward the turtle billboard. Avoid the spurts of steam and find 
the toy shoppe. Once inside there is an immediate battle. After defeating 
the crowbar crew go up the stairs. Ride one of the cars on the ferris wheel 
to allow access to a platform with large teddy bear. Jump onto the airplane and
exit the toy shop to the roof. 

When you see another turtle billboard, jump to the rooftop on the left. Now
use the ledge to continue, while avoiding the strong bursts of steam. Continue
from roof to roof and when you arrive at a seemingly impossible jump use the 
wall to the right to "wall run" to the next roof. Raph will now talk about 
being tired and the van stopping. Climb the red wall just ahead. Move across
the roof and jump into the opening below for a fight. Just after the fight 
begins the floor in the center gives way and you may be lowered to the ground
below. Don't worry its just more ninjas to take out. Once the area is clear 
enter the building and exit the other end. Jump below, move left, and over a
fence for another battle. Further down the alley there is another battle to
clear. Now jump onto the truck and then to the left to catapult Raph to the
roof. The truck will be visible again and pull into a warehouse. Climb the 
red wall to give chase, but first another battle. Deeper into the warehouse 
Raph becomes surrounded by many "foots". Take out the multitude of enemies for

I. Tower Power                                                        [TWP]

A slightly different twist here, this level starts off with a fight as the 
elevator rises. Within the next rooms are red laser beams that provide damage
if touched. Jump these beams and enter the room just right of the wall of 
red beams for another early fight. Move through the building until you get 
outside in the rain. Use the side to side wall climb to reach a higher point
then jump from platform to platform until you reenter the building. Avoid the 
combination of moving and stationary lasers and enter the room to the right of
another wall of red beams. Take the elevator up for a fight then another 
elevator to a higher floor. Now Raph is back outside. Jump up from platform 
to platform until you can reach the opening for building reentry at the top.
The only reason for entering the building again was to exit. Now the wind and
rain has picked up and your jumps are not quite what they could be. Use the
wall-wall jump to reach the top, then use the poles to move from platform to
platform. After the poles there is a wall with several ledges that Raph can 
effortlessly jump up. The next portion has a few weight sensitive ledges 
(similar to a see-saw) that will move depending on where Raph is standing. 
Quickly jump from one to the other and use the poles to reach another ledge 
filled wall to climb. The next area of platforms has difficult to see blue 
electric beams moving across them. Each has two that moving quite quickly and 
are not synchronized. When you reach the end of the second platform there is a
long jump that (due to the wind) Raph can not make, so wall run to the other 
side. Yet another ledge filled wall to climb and then back inside for a fight.
Once the area is clear move up the stairs. Now go across the water fall, 
perform some pole swings, and climb the wall using the ledges. This takes you 
to a series of platforms that take Raph through the center of the room and
into a hall. The door at the end of the hall leads to the outside. Once out use
the moving platform to the right of the screen to elevate. After a second 
moving platform there is another fight and a series of moving platforms that
leads to a boss.

General Mono

The good general at first stay in the distance swinging his large hammer. When
the hammer hits the ground shock waves radiate. Stay back and jump a series
of waves. He will then jump high in the air and come crashing down toward your
position. When he jump start moving to avoid his landing. Once he lands attack
and then move when he jumps. Once his health is approximately half gone he 
jumps back to the center and unleashes a large blast. MISSION COMPLETE.

J. When the Slime Comes                                              [WSC]

Jump to the right to use the board in order to avoid the slime below. Turn 2 
corners then its another board/ledge that will allow you to not be slimed.
When the turtles here the train side-side jump the curved wall to reach the 
top. There is a battle next to the stationary train. Once the battle is cleared
a wooden panel will open to the left. Go through the opening to avoid an 
oncoming train. Team jump across the gap, then used the poles to move forward.
Ahead is some moving platforms across a body of electric water. The next set
of platforms will begin to fall from your weight. Travel them quickly. Next 
arrive at a group of platforms below that rotate depending on where you are
standing. Continue the path down and use the poles or team jump to move across
the green spikes. Jump your way across the two large gears then onto the 
moving platform and up the ramp. Continue moving forward and watch for the 
floor to move just after the area with multiple pole swings. Next there is 
a fight. Once the area is cleared used the wall climb/wall-wall jump to elevate
to the left. Use the edges to avoid the slime. Jump across the wooden planks
then jump-climb the ledges on the wall. Run across another set of planks (one
may fall) and jump on the edge to move to the left. Continue avoiding more 
slime by using ledges on the wall. After your next fight drop to the area
below and find a section with red brick walls. The is a small stream of 
slime ahead and a large jump onto some wooden poles. Use the team jump to 
make your way across the large space. Once you pass the buckets over head on 
the conveyer belt, part of the floor will depress activating swinging logs of
death. Just jump over the wooden floor area to avoid these logs altogether. 

The turtles will then enter a church and have a battle. Once the battle is over
head toward the metal grating and go to the right to jump on the ledge. Follow
the path of the broken stairs and climb the upcoming wall. Next is a series of
wooden flooring that will move as you jump across. Continue down the corridor
and the turtles will arrive back at the subway. While riding the top of the 
train there is a minor battle and MISSION COMPLETE.

K. O Brother Where Art Thou                                           [OBT]

Use Leo's special ability to teleport through the gate and battle the enemies.
Move toward the coins and a truck will move allowing passage. Use the teleport
ability again to move through the gate. Jump the electric fence and turn the 
corner to the left. Avoid the steam and jump onto the shed below. Use any of
a variety of options to get on top of the large brick wall ahead. The red 
scaffold is hot so use the poles to move over it. Jump onto the brown platforms 
and then to the fire escape. Use the stairs of the fire escape to reach the 
street. Clear a quick battle and jump onto the building at the street's end.
This next part frustrated me a couple times. When you get to the coin and the 
small metal sheet sticking out from the wall, the goal is to jump on the metal
then do a wall to wall climb. Once at the top continue by jumping on the 
collapsible metal sheets and turn right at the end. The next part has lots 
of steam so be careful. After passing the steam there are more collapsible 
metal roofs to navigate. Continue to the narrow brown roof and go across the
collapsible metal sheets to the left. Jump onto the blue-greenish neon sign and
move further via the upcoming roof tops. Jump over a line of three burst of 
steam and then clear the battle just below the excessive graffiti. Jump across
the cars on the street and you are in another battle. Enter the building at 
the end of the street, jump over some rocks, and head into a room for another
battle. Move through the room with the small pond and exit into the alley. Jump
the boxes and on the room at the end of the alley on the left is Leo's next

Here is a bit of a change, we will mix it up and continue with Raphael. Just 
move along the roof until you reach the billboard with the turtle and the 
number 555-0124. Jump to the top of the billboard and grab hold of the edge.
Use it to make it to the next roof. At the impassable gate switch back to Leo
and warp through the barricade. Just ahead the turtles will talk again and
point out a billboard for a zoo in the distance. Wall to wall jump up to the 
sign and switch to Raph for some climbing. At the top the turtles reminisce
about their last battle with Shredder. Attack all the enemies including the 
Shredder in the back. MISSION COMPLETE.

L. Bite Me!                                                          [BME]

Move forward but know that the path is full of planks that will rotate and 
drop you as you cross so don't waste time or walk on the ledge to the left.
Use the poles to swing across the next two spaces and end up in a battle. Clear
and proceed out of the sewer using the wall to wall jump at the end of the 
battle field. No need to stop now leave the sewers to the right and have a 
back alley brawl before entering the warehouse. There is fire everywhere and 
some bad guys are ready to fight. Take them out then move up the ramp, across
a gap and up the wall to the warehouse's roof. Continue as usual and wall-wall
jump at the end. Shortly there after battle a small crew of enemies. After 
clearing the bad guys out move down the other side of the roof and wall-wall
jump up again. You should see a very noticeable fire in the distance. Enter the
burning building via the hole in the roof. Jump the fire and drop down another
level. Jump some more flames then use a few well position poles to move by 
a hall of fire. In the next room is a set of stairs that leads to an exit from
the burning building. Leap over the fence at the end of the alley only to 
repeat the leap and end up in a battle. Climb the red wall and avoid all the 
steam vents around the area where he says "Hmmm, I wonder where this leads."
Run across the next billboard and use the ledge on the following roof to 
further Nightwatcher's progress (watch for the steam). Next use the poles to
swing to the next roof (more steam). If you fall, no worries, use the wall-wall
jump to end up exactly where you should. Just below is Pete's Diner and the
site of your next fight. Clear the area and enter the diner's kitchen for
another battle. MISSION COMPLETE.

M. All is Forgiven                                                   [AFG]

Run across the green billboard and latch onto the ledge of the subsequent 
building. Leap up the building and use the top ledge to make your way around 
the corner. Move straight into the wind and make a left. The wooden planks on
the building under construction will begin to collapse as you land on them, 
so jump from plank to plank quickly. The red steel beams are sturdy and will
not fall. Jump to the top of the chain link fence area next to the billboard 
and use the ledge to turn the corner. Move right end to the wind and go left
passing Carl's turtle billboard. Work your way up another building under 
construction. This time intermittent pieces of the wooden planks will be weak.
At the end jump onto the metal beam seemingly in mid air and it will take you
into a building below for a fight. 

Warp outside the building and jump through the rotating wheel on the right.
The end of the first platform after the wheel will collapse therefore Leo needs
to quickly jump to the nearby cylinder to access the next platform. Continue 
forward and the lower platform will have an entrance to the building that Leo
will use to end up in front of Leo's diner. At this point Raph reveals himself
as Nightwatcher. Raphael runs when the truck passes. Chase him down the alley.
When he climbs use the environment to raise Leo to his level. Continue the 
chase through the park and up the next building. After jumping the fence and
climbing the ramp be careful. There is a drop off at the end of the incline 
so be prepared to jump. Once he starts to do his Sai Climb again jump across
to the balcony and use Leo's warp power to enter the building. There is a fight
and another use of Leo's power before you see Raph again. Drop down outside of
the building and Leo will be surrounded. Now its time for Raphael to chase.

After a fight Raph is outside. Drop below and move to the right. When you can 
go no further ascend the wall. Continue forward and latch on to the ledge and
hit B to drop down. When at the last portion of ledge use it to turn the 
corner. Now Raph can Sai Climb the red wall. Use the ledge to move by the 
Motel sign, then jump the wooden planks (you guessed it they will collapse) to
arrive at another red wall to climb. When you jump over the street and see
Leo's truck pass below, you should also see a platform with a coin. Go to the 
platform and jump to the left. The column has a ledge that Raph can use to 
swing around to the other side. Following this path ends Raphael up in a 
parking lot for a battle against an individual.

She has a ranged attack of slime that is easily avoided but directly after she
will quickly (almost teleport-like) melee. Just stay on the attack and avoid
the projectiles. Part way through the battle Mike and Don appear to help out.
Now she doesn't have a chance as soon as one character becomes weak switch them
out and attack. MISSION COMPLETE.

N. Ninjas in the Crypt                                               [NCP]

Enter the first doors that automatically open then enter the elevator for a 
fight. When the doors open exit and use a team jump to move across the gap. On
to the ledge and team jump again to make your way to the other side. Two more 
team jumps and you are on a wooden platform on its way up. When the fire 
subsides jump across and use the ledge near the coin to proceed. Team jump over
the water and arrive at another battle. When the room is clear a column will 
fall giving you access to the next area. Move through the fallen logs and into
the room of fire. Quickly run/jump through the fire breathing ground. Use the 
pole/torches to reach the next set of platforms and team jump to the distant
area. The next platform falls but that is where you need to go anyway. There
is a crevice in the wall at the back of the screen to enter and then wall-wall
jump up. Watch for the large swinging axis as the turtles move through the next
room. Team jump the foggy pit and move to the circular platform in the middle 
of no where. 

Now its broken balcony climb time. At the top Raph will ask "Are we still going
the right way?" Well of course you are you're following oldschool's guide. The
wall on the right has ledges to grip so your fall to the platform below is 
gentle. Jump to the vertically moving platform to the left, then ride the 
horizontally moving platform to the right. After more balcony climbing, 
platform riding and wall-wall jumping, the turtles arrive a bridge. Cross it 
and jump across the break away platforms ahead. Drop to the platform below then
to the next. Now up and climb the red wall with Raphael. Deeper into the area
you'll find another couple of team jumps and areas with fire coming from the 
walls. Just after the walls of fire, the turtle team will find Leo imprisoned.
Defeat the enemies and Leo will be free.

Use Leo to warp through the door ahead and jump the pits of fire. Make a 
single player jump then a couple of team jumps and the turtles are outside
again. Keep moving across the bridge but avoid staying on any particular 
part for too long. Once you reach the end of the bridge its out of the cave and

O. The Mysterious Leader                                              [MYL]

Use Raph's sais to climb the building and destroy some foot soldiers. Climb on
to the crates and enter the complex through the window. There is immediately 
another quick battle. Slide down the wall to the ground and enter the hedge 
maze for another battle. Continue over the water via the bridges then use the
large rocks to gain access to a rock bridge. A ledge to move across, a second
rock bridge, and a few more rocks to jump on and you gain access to another 
fight room.

Use one of the cylindrical pipes to help you get up to the door way. Enter 
the next room and its more of the turtle platforming until the next room's 
battle.  Back outside and more maze. This time though a few (make that several)
lasers have been added. Once you get through the maze there are even more 
lasers to deal with once back inside. After the laser show move behind the 
statue of the guy with the two dogs and go up the stairs. There is a battle 
with several normal enemies. Once cleared MISSION COMPLETE.

P. Winter's Secret                                                    [WSC]
Fight your way through the initial battle then up the stairs to the left of the
screen. Jump across the hall into another battle. Once this area is clear a
door will open allowing the turtles to further their adventure. Once the 
elevator stops exit and jump the series of lasers. Follow the green carpet to
the left and move out the automatic door. Here you have more balcony jumping
that includes platforms that move in and out of the wall. Make your way up 
quick because if you don't make it through the door at the safe room before the
light beam reappears you are turtle soup. Once door to the safe room reopens
exit and continue up to the next room. Exit this safe room and wall run to 
the platform leaving the wall on the left of the screen. Wall-wall jump up 
some pipes until your reach the sai climbable wall for Raphael. Continue 
outside like normal, there is really nothing you have not seen before. Upon 
arriving at the top the turtles will mention the office is on the move, use
a team jump to be sure to make it onto the moving office. There is a large 
battle that occurs as the office is on the move. Use team moves to make it a
little more manageable. 

When the movement stops reenter the building and avoid the lasers as the 
flying robot security device follows. Jump into the laundry chute like 
compartment at the end and repeat the above process for the next floor down.
This time at the end you will climb some stairs that lead to a water field
room. Use the debris to make it to the stairs on the left of the screen and 
move up. At the top use the pole to swing across to the broken pillar it would
be best to his X after A to perform a team jump to make sure your turtle makes
it. Notice how the ledges on the wall are electrified. The middle ledge blinks
on and off while the top and bottom are electrified only on the left side.
Jump to the right side of the lower ledge then once the middle is safe move
up twice. Now across the center of the room by double jumping then team 

Follow the green hall to the outside and some vertically moving platforms. No
need to really bother with them though, there is grooves on the wall that 
can be used to climb and move to the door in the upper right part of this 
area. Here you find Winters. Move by him and it final boss(es) time.

Part 1:

This is just like the battle in Techno Ninjutsu. The boss stays primarily on 
the perimeter. From this outer position he will use a projectile attack closely
followed by a melee dash. Avoid both with well timed jumps. If the melee is 
missed, the boss will remain motionless for some easy attacks. When he centers
himself on the battlefield use a team attack (hold X) to prevent this radial
combat from being unleashed.

Part 2:

The turtles have seen this guy too. He was at the end of the Tower Power
mission. General Mono stand at the back center of the circle and brings down
the hammer (literally). While he is doing this there is a sweet spot in the
center of the battlefield that you can stand. This area will allow the turtles
to not be hit by the hammer and (if well timed) jump over the radial beams 
emitted from the hammer blast. Make sure too stay away from the edges. If the
radial hammer beams hit you near the edge they could knock you down to your
death. After several hammer slams, the General will leap high into the air (out
of view) then come crashing down from the heavens. As he does this watch the
ground for his shadow so you know where he will land. Once the shadow is
visble run lateral and to the back of the screen to avoid any damage. The 
impact of the crash will stun General Mono for a few seconds, use this time 
to attack. His pattern is basically several hammer smashes and 3 hammer
crashes. Once he starts to loss a substantial amount of health, he will attempt
a powered up attack. Use your team attacks to neutralize it.

Part 3: 

Her name sounds like Serpiente (not sure of spelling though), anyway the
turtles battled her at the end of All is Forgiven. She is the easiest of the
three so far. Avoid her slow green slime/acid projectile (don't step on it 
either) and then dodge/jump her immediate melee attack. Once the melee is 
missed use your own combo for maximum damage. When a fellow Ninja Turtle 
appears to the lower left hit and hold X to negate her special moves and 
inflict some turtle justice.

Part 4:

If you know what to do this battle takes no time and is one of the easiest
final bosses of all time. Not knowing what to do makes the end frustrating and
near impossible. The boss is invincible to all attacks other than team attacks.
If you walk up and attempt a combo it will get you nowhere. The order you need
to use the turtles is Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Leonardo. Use the 
team attack with Michelangelo and you will spin the in coming projectiles back
at the boss. Now he will elevate. While flying overhead he will rain down 
fire balls. Avoid them the best you can and switch characters to Don. Now 
Winters will attempt another attack that is perfectly countered by Don's 
team electric stun. After another round of fire, use Raph's team attack to 
hurl a turtle at the distant enemies. Now the bad guy is stunned. Use Leo's 
jump blast team attack to finish him off. Congratulations MISSSION COMPLETE.

The world is safe again... for now.

5. Achievements                                                       [ACV]

1. Mystical Jungle (20)
     -Complete level 1

2. Vigilantism (24)
     -Complete level 2

3. Techno Ninjutsu (28)
     -Complete level 3

4. Cowabunga Carl Getaway (32)
     -Complete level 4

5. Spirit of the Forest (36)
     -Complete level 5

6. Ninja Tag Time (40)
     -Complete level 6

7. The Game is a Foot (44)
     -Complete level 7

8. Foot Trail (48)
     -Complete level 8

9. Tower Power (52)
     -Complete level 9

10. When the Slime Comes (10)
     -Complete level 10

11. O Brother Where Art Thou
     -Complete level 11

12. Bite Me! (64)
     -Complete level 12

13. All is Forgiven (68)
     -Complete level 13

14. Ninjas in the Crypt (72)
     -Complete level 14

15. The Mysterious Leader (76)
     -Complete level 15

16. Winter's Secret (80)
     -Complete level 16

17. Get Your First Coin (15)
     -Get your first coin

18. Family Unit (15)
     -Do a co-op move combination attack

19. Used Raphs Special Move (30)
      -Used Raphs special move

20. Used Leo's Special Move (30)
      -Use Leo's special move

21. Used Don's Special Move (30)
      -Use Don's special move

22. Used Mike's Special Move (30)
      -Use Mike's special move

23. Clean Sweep (50)
      -Complete a level without taking damage

6. Legalities                                                          [LGL]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Copyright 2007 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312 

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