PS3 Walkthroughs: Bourne Conspiracy Walkthrough

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Bourne Conspiracy Walkthrough

Robert Ludlum's
     The  | ___ \                            
          | |_/ / ___  _   _ _ __ _ __   ___ 
          | ___ \/ _ \| | | | '__| '_ \ / _ \
          | |_/ / (_) | |_| | |  | | | |  __/     
          \____/ \___/ \__,_|_|  |_| |_|\___|
                            C O N S P I R A C Y

Full Walkthrough

By: Straxus_D

About This Guide:

This is my very first actual FAQ/Walkthrough I have ever made.  Thank you for
taking the time to read it and I hope you find it useful. If you find anything
confusing, find a mistake, or have any suggestions/tips/strategies please
e-mail me at:

This guide is approved to be on GameFAQs. If you see it elsewhere, it is there
without my permission and is in violation of copyright laws. If you wish to add
this FAQ to your site, please ask my permission. DO NOT POST IT AS YOUR OWN
that it is illegal)!

COPYRIGHT JUNE 2008 Charles J.

Version History:

    -V 1.0 (06/19/08): Began writing out the main walkthrough, achievements,
                       controls, and passports section.

    -V 1.1 (06/22/08): Added some ASCII art to the title and changed where to
                       complete some achievements. Also added gamer point
                       values for the achievements. Updated the approved use

    -V 1.2 (06/27/08): Added a few tips e-mailed to me by jrco666 and h20_boy16
                       detailing some achievement exploits and a boss fight

    -v 1.3 (7/14/08): Fixed all the spelling errors (I hope). Also corrected a
                      few minor omissions and added a credit.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

             Thoughts on the Game...........................(TG-1)
             Main Walkthrough...............................(MW-1)

               Mission One:      Dangerous Beginning........(DB-1)
               Mission Two:      Shipyard Infiltration......(SI-1)
               Mission Three:    Assassinate Wombosi........(AW-1)
               Mission Four:     Eliminate Divandelen.......(ED-1)
               Mission Five:     Escape the Embassy.........(EE-1)
               Mission Six:      Silence Rurik..............(SR-1)
               Mission Seven:    Castel Fight...............(CF-1)
               Mission Eight:    Paris Chase................(PC-1)
               Mission Nine:     Disarm Renard..............(DR-1)
               Mission Ten:      Survive the Professor......(SP-1)
               Mission Eleven:   Treadstone Safehouse.......(TS-1)

             Passport Guide.................................(PG-1)

               Mission One:      Dangerous Beginning........(DB-2)
               Mission Two:      Shipyard Infiltration......(SI-2)
               Mission Three:    Assassinate Wombosi........(AW-2)
               Mission Four:     Eliminate Divandelen.......(ED-2)
               Mission Five:     Escaper the Embassy........(EE-2)
               Mission Six:      Silence Rurik..............(SR-2)
               Mission Seven:    Castel Fight...............(CF-2)
               Mission Eight:    Paris Chase................(PC-2)
               Mission Nine:     Disarm Renard..............(DR-2)
               Mission Ten:      Survive the Professor......(SP-2)
               Mission Eleven:   Treadstone Safehouse.......(TS-2)

             Thanks & Credits...............................(TC-1)

                                Controls (CT-1)

The control system for Robert Ludlum's: The Bourne Conspiracy is fairly basic.

Base Controls:

      Left Analog Stick Move - This controls Jason Bourne's movement.
     Right Analog Stick Move - Controls the movement of the camera.
                       Start - Pauses the game.

Combat Control:

                           A - Interaction/Take Cover/Block
                           B - Initiate's Takedowns/E-Brake (while driving)
                           X - Light Attack/Reloads Weapon
                    X (Hold) - Light Kick
                           Y - Strong Attack/Bourne Instinct
                    Y (Hold) - Strong Kick
                          LT - Brake and Reverse (while driving)
                   LT (Hold) - Target Enemies
                          RT - Shoot Weapon/Accelerate (while driving)
                          LB - Draw Weapon/Cycle Active Weapon
                   LB (Hold) - Holster Weapon
                          RB - Sprint
                      RB + B - Sprinting Takedown
                  LS (Click) - Crouch
                  RS (Click) - Re-centers Camera/Changes Gun Stance

During fights you will use any combo of "X" and "Y" to perform basic attacks.
Once the adrenaline gauge gains at least one full bar, you will have access to
takedowns. Pressing "B" will initiate a takedown which can be contextual or not
based on your surroundings. This is the basis for all the neat finishing moves
you will see while you play through this game.

Combo List:

                   X + X + X - Jab, Jab, Jab
                   X + X + Y - Jab, Jab, Uppercut
                   X + Y + X - Jab, Spinning Elbow, Gut Punch
                   X + Y + Y - Jab, Spinning Elbow, Kick
                   Y + Y + Y - Right Hook, Left Hook, Jumping Punch
                   Y + Y + X - Right Hook, Left Hook, Jab
                   Y + X + Y - Right Hook, Jab, Knee
                   Y + X + X - Right Hook, Jab, Left Hook

                          Thoughts on the Game (TG-1)

Robert Ludlum's: The Bourne Conspiracy is not that bad of an adaptation from a
movie/book series. The aiming can be frustrating because it is kind of slow,
and the camera sometimes takes weird angles, but it isn't too bad. I found the
last mission, however, to be kind of cheesy. This game is definitely one to
rent, but it is far too short to be worth $60. I would buy it if it were less

                            Main Walkthrough (MW-1)

A quick note about the difficulty settings. Trainee is easy, agent is normal,
and Assassin is hard.  I suggest playing through it on Assassin to get the
three completion achievements. The difficulty changes a few things in the game.
For one, enemies are more accurate and do more damage. Two, enemies are can
take more damage, although headshots still are one shot kills. Three, enemies
tend to block more in hand-to-hand combat. It is your call however.

Mission One: Dangerous Beginning - (Marseilles, France)                  (DB-1)

This mission is the easiest to complete the Hard Slog achievement. Even though
it forces you to perform one takedown, you can still get the achievement if you
do not use anymore takedowns after that.

Objective: Locate and kill O'Connor.

You are informed at the beginning of the mission that Womboshi is on to you and
that a man named O'Connor was sent to kill you. Once you get control of Bourne
head immediately to the right of the street. There is an alleyway next to a
scooter. Go down it to retrieve the first passport (1/5). Go back to the main
street and cross over to the left side. You should see a large staircase with
the graffiti "SPK" sprayed at the top. Climb the stairs for the second passport

Now continue heading north. The game will pause and explain how to use "Bourne
Instincts."  Press "Y" to continue and you will see a man walking off into an
alleyway. Follow the path to get to him, however, stop by the Mastercard/Pay
Pass sign next to the bench for the third passport (3/5). Now continue around
and go into the alley. A cutscene starts and you enter your first fight. Beat
down this guy and continue down the alley and enter the door to your right.
It will have the sign "L'hu Tre Bleue" above it.

After the cutscene, you will be introduced to takedowns. Press "B" to slam the
guys head into a jukebox (ouch!) and then continue to fight the other three
guys. Once there down, search the tables for the fourth passport (4/5). Then
exit out the door you came in. Be prepared for the first of many "action-
cutscenes," in which you have to press the button shown on screen to perform
an action. Press the button when prompted to take cover behind a dumpster.
O'Connor will run off and the chase is on.

Follow O'Connor back onto the main street where you will fight 2 more men.
Here you are introduced to multiple takedowns. If you are trying to get the
Hard Slog achievement, just beat them down. If you aren't just press "B" when
you are close to both guys to take them out. Continue on for another action-

Objective: Kill O'Connor

You now have two minutes to catch up to O'Connor before the police arrive.
The game now lets you sprint by pressing the "RB" button. Sprint up the stairs
and head to the right and beat down the guy. Continue on for a short cutscene.
The game now introduces running takedowns, again you don't have to perform it.
The fifth passport (5/5) is located in a small alcove to the right by the
stairs that O'Connor ran up. After you take him out, follow the path through
the building to enter the boss battle.

Boss Battle: O'Connor (1/2)
This is the first of two battles with O'Connor and you only have to take his
health meter down halfway. O'Connor is pretty easy to fight here just make sure
hold "A" to block and combo when he stops swinging. Also if you notice the
glowing book on the table you can perform one of the coolest Takedown moves in
the game. Once you have enough adrenaline, get near the book and press "B" to
kick the crap out of O'Connor. However, don't do this is you are attempting to
get the Hard Slog Achievement. Once his health is down to half a short cutscene

Follow O'Connor to the next building and climb up to initiate the final meeting
between the two of you.

Boss Battle: O'Connor (2/2)
Time to take out O'Connor. This battle can be more challenging because O'Connor
can get into a rhythm of doing his slide kick combo over and over again, making
him hard to hit. If he does, just hold down "A" and block it all. Also, bosses
now can perform takedowns of their own. You will hear a special noise like the
action-cutscenes and then will have to press the button on the screen to
counter O'Connor. Just keep beating on him and eventually Bourne will brain him
on the air conditioner (talk about cold-blooded).

Hurray! You have finished the first mission and now head towards the docks.

Mission Two: Shipyard Infiltration - (Marseilles, France)                (SI-1)

Objective: Locate Supplies

You start out this mission by sneaking onto the pier behind a guard. Walk
towards the guard and press "B" to perform a sneak takedown. You can perform
these by pressing the "LS" to crouch, sneak up behind guards and press "B."
Anyway, once he is down, the game instructs you on the use of your gun.
Pressing the "LB" button draws your weapon, "RT" shoots it, holding "LB"
holsters it, and tapping it when a weapon is drawn will cycle your weapons if
you have more than one. For now draw your gun and shoot the approaching guard,
preferably in the head.

Continue on and the game instructs you on the use of cover. Pressing "A" when
the cover icon is shown in the bottom corner causes Bourne to hide behind that
object. Take cover and hold the "LT" to pop out and shoot the guard in the
head. Proceed on and the game tells you that pressing "RS" will switch which
shoulder you are shooting over, which is helpful in some situations. The game
pauses for a second as a woman warns the guards that O'Connor failed.

Your contact then warns you not to kill any innocents, so you have to beat down
the civilian in front of you. It only takes three to four punches, then proceed
into the building on the left(press and hold the "A" button to pick the lock).
Take out the guard and get some ammo from the green box. As you leave another
civilian comes, beat him up and then go behind the little building to find the
first passport (1/10).

Move forward down the dock and you will see a cutscene of a boat being raised.
Move towards it to fight the two civilians and one guard. As you fight, a
helicopter begins to fly overhead. Continue forward and shoot the guard behind
the gate. Kick the gate open and shoot the second guard at the end of the
walkway.  The buildings on either side both house ammo boxes if you need them.

Objective: Escape the Helicopter

As you move toward the far pier, the helicopter is given permission to open
fire on you. So start sprinting down the pier towards the boat. On the left
hand side you will see a small area with some crates, behind them is the next
passport (2/10), grab it and run to the end of the pier.

As you get to the boat, press "A" to jump aboard and you will enter an action-
cutscene. Press the button to hop up and over the side of the boat. Continue
down the pier you are on. You will see a glowing propane tank at the end of the
pier. Shoot it to distract the helicopter and run to the next boat and perform
another boat jump sequence.

Once you jump off the boat sprint to the end of the pier and take cover behind
the white crate. Shoot the propane tank to distract the chopper and then take
out the two guards. Proceed forward and shoot the guard that appears on the
walkway above you. Move to the boat to perform the last boat jump sequence.
Take out the guard that is advancing on you. Before you go up the stairs, make
a left and head down the pier to collect the third passport (3/10) behind the
crate. Now go up the stairs and sprint to the front of the building to take
cover behind the crate. You probably got shoot up pretty good from the chopper.
Let yourself heal and then sprint to the door. A guard comes out to fight hand-
to-hand and the chopper can't shoot. Beat him down and go through the door.

Boss Battle: Solomon (1/2)
This is the Solomon then men in the boat lift cutscene were referring to. He is
angry looking. This fight is fairly simple. Just block and combo until you get
a takedown. There is a glowing screwdriver on the toolbox that you can use in a
takedown move. You stab him with it several times and then twist he arm real
good. Anyway, take him down quickly.

After the battle, pick the lock on the gate and proceed down the hall. Go down
the stairs and out the door, be prepared to run again. The chopper is waiting
for you yet again, sprint to the end of the walkway and the make a u-turn. You
will see a glowing propane tank on the boat under the chopper. Shoot it and it
sets the chopper ablaze. The helicopter crashes and your contact is pissed at
you, but you have an idea.

Objective: Head to Fueling Station

Move ahead and you will see a cutscene in which Solomon (nope didn't die), is
pissed at the guards. After they leave, walk to the right end of the fence you
were watching them through to get the fourth passport (4/10). Turn around and
continue down the path. Shoot the guard who is on the radio in the head and
proceed around the corner to take out another guard. As you move forward, you
will see another cutscene involving a lot of Womboshi's men.

Continue to the left and take out the two guards talking about you. Move
forward and again and you will come under fire from two guards, shoot them and
move on. As you enter the next building, the security guards throw a flashbang
into the building. After it explodes three men bum rush you, beat them up and
then two more come at you. After they are down, leave the building. Immediately
to the right is the fifth passport (5/10), hidden behind a crate next to the

Proceed up the stairs into the next building and you will be involved in a
shootout. Three guards begin shooting at you, kill them and two more will run
up the stairs opposite you. Kill them too. After they are down go down the
stairs and look under the catwalk you were just on. Against the building behind
the trapezoidal concrete boat blocks is the sixth passport (6/10). Go up the
other stairs and then out of the building. Kick the gate open and continue into
a junkyard looking area. Once you see the ammo box, look to the right area for
a black car and a very large brown container. The seventh passport is there

Move forward and a large truck will smash its way into the area. The game now
introduces shooting takedowns. Press "B" with your gun drawn and you will
perform a shooting takedown. If you do this one correctly, you will kill three
guards. Three more guards show up as well, kill them and move through the cars.
Pick the lock on the door and move through. A guard will appear above you,
shoot him and three more run in on the ground to fight hand-to-hand. Beat them
up and pick the lock on the next door.

Move into the new area and shoot the two guards here. Follow the pier around to
the small building. To the left of it is the eighth passport (8/10). If you go
into the small building for ammo and extra guard will appear on the side of the
building. If he does, shoot him and proceed around the building. There are
three guards here, one on top of the building to the left and two on the dock
that is slightly above you. Kill them and move forward again. Follow the left
path to the gate and see the police chasing some of Wombosi's men. Pick the
lock and follow the path to the new area.

Objective: Turn on the Fuel Valves

On the small pier to the left is the ninth passport (9/10), and to the right a
guard will pop out. Kill the guard and grab some ammo from the crate. Kick the
gate open and you will encounter a guard with a shotgun, shoot him and take his
weapon. Proceed to the small room and use the computer to turn on the fuel

This triggers a two minute timer and a group of soldiers to attack you. Use the
crowd pleaser (shotgun) to take them out and proceed past the fuel pumps to
fight one last guard hand-to-hand. Then move towards the pier. A cutscene
begins as the fuel goes up in flames. You have 35 seconds to get to the end of
the pier. Just past the small building on the right is the last passport
(10/10). Get it and take out the guard who jumped off the boat. Sprint to the
end of the pier to initiate an action-cutscene and jump into the water.

Objective: Eliminate Solomon and Fake Your Death

Once on the boat, Solomon sends boats to check it and discover you. Two men
jump aboard, take them out. Solomon then sends three men to fight you. Take
them out. If you need to heal, move to the front of the boat while the men are
jumping aboard to recover your health. Finally, Solomon decides he will have to
fight you again.

Boss Battle: Solomon (2/2)
Solomon opts for a rematch and jumps aboard. Again, this battle is not overly
hard. Just hold block and combo in between his attacks. Use your takedowns as
you get them and you will finish this fight.

However, you "lose" the fight and thrown overboard. The mission ends with you
sneaking back onto the boat.

Mission Three: Assassinate Wombosi - (Marseilles, France)                (AW-1)

Objective: Disable Submarine and Helicopter

You have made it onto Wombosi's boat and interestingly enough, he keeps a
really nice classic car aboard (I would hate to see what the salt water would
do to it though). Anyway, once you have control of Bourne shoot the guard on
the left because he has a pistol. The other one will run, but not very far.
Move forward and shoot the other pistol wielding guard and then beat up the one
that ran away, although he has armed himself with a monkey wrench.

Objective: Disable Ship Alarm Systems

Go through the door and then through the next door to the left. Move down the
staircase and shoot the farther guard because he has a gun. Then move forward
to fight another wrench wielding man. After he is down, move to the panel in
the corner and disable it by pressing "A". Proceed up the steps and out the
door to the right. Shoot the guard and move to where he was.

Objective: Disable the Submarine

In the little nook along the railing, there is the control panel to lower the
mini-sub. Use it and two guards come out of the far door to the left, shoot
them as they come out. Three more guards appear above you, take cover and shoot
them down. Explore the room where the first two soldiers came from for the
first passport (1/10). Then back track to the door on the right and go up the
stairs. Two guards wielding sub-machine guns come at you, take cover and shoot
them down. As you move to the far door, use the panel to cause the mini-sub to
be dropped into the water and then exit the room.

Objective: Disable the Helicopter

Proceed to the exit and trigger a cutscene, after it is over exit to the left.
Follow the hall and exit left into another hall. Before opening the door, move
up the hall and enter the freezer to the right. Beat down the guy and pick up
the second passport (2/10). Return to the door on the left and open it. The guy
will yell and a shotgun carrying guard comes in, shoot him and then move up and
knock out the guy who was yelling.

Open the door at the back of the galley to enter the dining area. Take out the
two guards who enter and exit the room. Move into the hall and take out the
five guards standing in the hall. Check the room on the left hand side for the
third passport (3/10). Go down the hall, and then down the stairs. Shoot the
electric box on the left wall to open the door. Shoot down the three guards and
collect the fourth passport (4/10) in the room on the left.

Follow the path up the stairs into the mini-bar room, a guard will shoot at you
through the window. Kill him and exit. A cutscene shows the Corsicans and
Wombosi's men not getting along. After they leave, enter the room. Immediately
to the right is the fifth passport (5/10). Collect and exit onto the outside of
the boat. Shoot the gaurs moving the boat, and then take out the other two
guards further down the hall. Run down to the end of the hall and exit to the
back of the boat. Here is where the helicopter is, fight the three guards in
hand-to-hand. Try to be quick because there are three more guys shooting at
you. Take out all six men and go to the back of the boat. Get ammo and collect
the sixth passport (6/10).

Now walk up to the pilot door on the helicopter and press "A," this will
trigger an action-cutscene. Dive out of the chopper and take out the guard.
The doors below will burst open and three more men come out shooting. Get them,
get some more ammo if needed. Slowly enter the area they came out of. Two men
will pop up on the right hand side behind the bar and table. Get them and then
enter the area. Two guards will be above you, shoot them. Climb up the stairs,
and one more guard will enter, shoot him down. Before you leave though, the
seventh passport (7/10) is on the bottom floor to the right of the entrance
(as you came in) on a table.

Exit the bar and walk around to the front of the boat, kill the guard and
continue on. You have found the swimming pool area. Kill the two guards and
move forward. Two more guards come out of the far door, shoot them and walk
around the pool. The eighth passport (8/10) is on the right hand side of the
pool between the chair and a potted plant.

Move into the next area and you will be advised to download the ship's log.
Move straight ahead into the small office and use the computer to download it.
As you move back into the main area, the ninth passport (9/10) is located in
the first small office on the right. Collect it and move towards the rear of
this area. The Corsican General will come out of his office to fight you.

Boss Battle: Corsican General
This technically is not really a boss battle, but it takes more than one
takedown to take this guy out. He is laughably easy. Smack him around a bit and
when you perform the last takedown, smash his head into the copy machine glass
(that really has too hurt).

Objective: Find and Assassinate Wombosi

Once he is down, enter his office and collect his gun. Exit and shoot the guard
that is standing in the exit. Move on and shoot the guard who comes around the
corner. Go up the stairs to get on the bridge, use the phone to call in some
misinformation. Take out the guard who runs onto the bridge (I like to slam his
head into the fire extinguisher). Proceed into the hall. In the small alcove on
the right there is passport number ten (10/10). Move out to encounter Solomon
for the final time.

Boss Battle: Solomon
Solomon must be a machine because you have already doled out the pain to him
twice now. Anyway, this match is more challenging than the last two encounters.
Solomon tries to do a lot of takedowns, generally involving him running over
you and knocking you down. Just make sure to counter to stop him. If you get
hit they don't do serious amounts of damage, but they are annoying. Just block,
combo, and use takedowns (the glass table and bar provide some good butt
kicking). Once you beat him down, he gets knocked off the boat.

The mission ends with a cutscene that is very much like the one from The Bourne
Identity movie.

Mission Four: Eliminate Divandelen - (Zurich, Switzerland)               (ED-1)

Before you start this mission, I have to admit, that on Assassin difficulty,
this mission can be annoying. There is a stretch where you have to cross
through an airport terminal and kill around thirty-forty men. The problem is,
if you die before you get to the top of the end of the terminal you have to go
through the whole mess again. Anyway, this mission is fairly long and involves
several locations including a parking garage, airport, and monorail system.

This mission is actually a flashback that Bourne is having and took place
before the Wombosi assassination attempt. You start on a pedestrian walkway
overlooking the street. After the initial briefing walk towards the parking

Objective: Head to the First Floor of the Garage

Move towards the stairwell and engage the policeman in hand-to-hand. Continue
around the garage and engage two more policemen. Once they are down, head down
the ramp to the second level of the garage. Fight the three policemen near the
stairwell. Go into the stairwell and go back up to the third level to get the
first passport (1/10).

Head back down and go down the ramp to the first level. Fight the two policemen
by the barricade and then follow the path behind the parked cars. As you
approach the police you will trigger a cutscene.

Objective: Pursue Divandelen into the Airport

After Divandelen runs off take out the two soldiers left behind. Move forward
and take out two more soldiers. One of the soldiers drops an assault rifle.
Grab it and proceed to the garage entrance. Kill the soldier who is just
outside the main entrance. The second passport (2/10) is across from the
entrance (in the garage) next to the barricade and some parked cars.

The street outside looks like Baghdad after a car bomb. There is one soldier
across the street, kill him and then kill the two who are to the right of the
garage entrance. Move forward and two more soldiers pop up near the airport
terminal entrance. As you move closer to the airport four more soldiers attack.
Use the cars for cover, but be careful that the soldiers don't shoot it until
it explodes (that would be bad).

Anyway, kill the last of the soldiers off and head to the far left of the
street. Near the last concrete column on the street there is the third passport
(3/10). Get it and then head inside the airport.

Objective: Get to the Airside Center

Enter the airport terminal and engage two soldiers in hand-to-hand. Then
proceed up the escalator and shoot the two soldiers. I would suggest exchanging
your assault rifle for theirs because I find it a little more accurate and
powerful. Before you go through the security checkpoint. Look to the right
by the pay phones to find the fourth passport (4/10). Continue on and duck
behind the table to protect yourself from the soldiers as they run by the
windows. Once they are gone proceed forward.

Objective: Catch up with Divandelen

Continue forward and take out the three soldiers by the escalator. Before going
down though, check behind the barricade to the right to find the fifth passport
(5/10). Start down the escalator but stop and go back up. It is easier to kill
these two soldiers from up there. Kill them and then go down. Proceed forward
and shoot the soldier who is behind the bar. I would suggest using the wall
behind the bar for cover for the next area.

Kill the two soldiers who are shooting at you and proceed forward. One soldier
will come at you from the duty free shop to fight hand-to-hand. Dispatch him
fast so you don't get shot by the two soldiers who are approaching. Shoot them
and two more come (sometimes a third comes as well). Kill them and walk towards
the gaps in the shops.

If only two soldiers came the last time, two more will behind the bar (one if
you had three). Kill them and then proceed past the gap to the last shop on the
left by the closing security gate. Behind the small counter is the sixth
passport (6/10). Return to the gap and move behind the bar. A soldier will
appear above the gap you went through, move back into the gap and shoot him.

Save your adrenaline so you can use a shooting takedown on the sniper at the
end of the terminal. Kill him and if a soldier appeared behind you, kill him
as well. Then proceed towards where the sniper was. Kill the three soldiers on
the ground level and move up. Four more soldiers move in and start shooting.
Shoot them down and then climb the escalator. Kill the two soldiers at the top
of the stairs, and then move towards the exit.

Objective: Get to the Tram Station

Divandelen gives you the slip as the gate closes behind him. Two soldiers bust
through the glass and you go hand-to-hand with them. After they are down, jump
through the glass and move forward. You will see a policeman get shot through a
glass door. Move up and kill the two soldiers, then kill the soldier who comes
through the metal detectors. Make sure to collect the seventh passport (7/10),
which is behind the little counter area on the far side away from where you

Head down the stairs and take out the two soldiers. Move to the next escalator
and you will fight three soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. Once they are down
proceed slowly, there are eight soldiers at the tram station. Shoot them down
and proceed to the front of the tram for an action-cutscene. Press the button
to jump onto the tram.

Objective: Get to the Front of the Tram

You are immediately engaged by a soldier in hand-to-hand. Take him out and two
soldiers will shoot the glass out at the end of the car. Shoot them and jump to
the next car. Hear you will be shooting at four soldiers who are in the next
car, two of which jump to your car. Take them out and jump into the next car.
One soldier has hidden and comes out to fight hand-to-hand. Eliminate him and
jump through the windows to land in a car with two soldiers. Kill them and move

Four soldiers shoot out the glass again and one jumps into your car. Shoot them
all, but before you jump into their car grab the eighth passport (8/10) which
is on the ground next to the doors on the right hand side. Jump into the next
car and then proceed to hop to the next car to enter a sub-boss battle.

Boss Battle: Divandelen's Guard Captain
This is another battle that isn't really a boss battle, but he takes several
takedowns to take out. Just block and combo until you can do a takedown on him.
The last takedown sends him flying off the train onto the tracks below (BYE!).

Objective: Get Aboard the Cargo Plane

****Note: This part of the level and two of the parts of two of the following
missions are available as a demo on Xbox Marketplace.****

After the cutscene move down the tracks, watch out for the tram, if you touch
it, you die. Kill the three soldiers that are advancing down the tracks at you.
Take cover to dodge the oncoming tram and then engage the two guards on the
platform above you.

Once they are down, move out to spot two more soldiers moving down the track,
get them and then get the two more that follow. Move towards the stairs and a
soldier will shoot at you, if you miss him you will get a chance to kill him
in a second. However, first you should pass the stairs and continue down the
tracks to collect the ninth passport (9/10) at the end of the tracks. Once
you have it climb back up the stairs and engage the three (if you didn't get
the one that shot at you) soldiers. Take them out, and move forward.

As you get to the last pallet of freight on the ground you will most likely
become engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a soldier. If you have a takedown,
it almost always results in you using the soldier for a human shield, letting
him get shot, while you take cover. Anyway, kill the second soldier and move
forward a little. Four more soldiers come out shooting. Take cover and take
them out. The building to the left of the white van houses the tenth passport
(10/10). Run in a grab it. As you leave, you will be engaged by two soldiers
with clubs. Teach them that they should have left you alone.

Move past the cars, towards some more cargo. A guard will move in to fight
hand-to-hand. Take him out and then shoot his three buddies. You can now see
the cargo plane, and as you move towards it a tank shows up, but get destroyed.
Move towards the opening in the fence and a guard will start shooting at you.
Don't go through the gate yet, while you shoot at the guard, another one will
fire a rocket at the police next to the hole in the fence. After he runs, move
towards the plane to trigger a cut-scene.

Once aboard the plane, you will fight two soldiers in hand-to-hand combat. Get
them and be ready for an action-cutscene because the other soldiers cut the APC
lose and it rolls out the back of the plane. Once you dodge the tank, move up
and beat down the other three guards. After they are down, move to the front
of the plane to fight Divandelen.

Boss Battle: Divandelen
Divandelen can be a big pain in the butt on Assassin difficulty if you aren't
paying attention. At first he is fairly easy to whack around. After a couple of
takedowns though, he pulls a Rambo knife on you (wuss). Anyway, make sure you
hold block because if he gets a full stab combo on you, you lose a quarter of
your life. There is a glowing fire extinguisher next to the cockpit doors. Do a
takedown near it, to hit Divandelen in the face with it. Divandelen will take
quite a few takedowns to get his health all the way down and you may die once
or twice, but don't lose heart, eventually he will go down.

After you beat him down, he goes for a gun and triggers an action-cutscene.
Press the button to grab onto the gun and force it down. Luckily, you don't get
hit, unfortunately he shot both pilots (IDIOT!!!). You now have 20 seconds to
run to the back of the plane and grab the parachute on the right hand side.
Not really hard as long as you sprint. You dive out of the plane and watch it
slam into the mountainside.

Mission Five: Escape the Embassy - (Zurich, Switzerland)                 (EE-1)

This mission is basically what happens in The Bourne Identity (it has changed
some). You start out fighting two feds and a marine, beat them up and then
sprint to the door away from the armed marines. A timer starts, you only have
minutes to get out of the lockdown.

Objective: Escape the Lockdown Before Time Runs Out

Run through the door and turn left to go up the stairs. This triggers a very
short cutscene. Keep moving, as you approach the security gate that is closing
it will trigger an action-cutscene. Press the button to slide under the gate
and keep sprinting because the marines are still shooting at you. As you turn
the corner, you will fight a lone marine. Take him down. Look in the room to
the left of the door, you will find the first passport (1/5) there.

Go through the door and up the stairs. Follow the hallway and unlike the demo,
you are not automatically given adrenaline to do a sprinting takedown on the
fed. Take him out and just sprint straight down the hallway. Ignore everything
else and sprint to the end of the hall and make a left. A marine will bust
through the door, take him out. Grab the second passport (2/5)on the bench by
the door.

Run up the stairs again and you will trigger a cutscene. After the marines
enter the room, get to the door and pick the lock. Sneak in and take cover
behind the file cabinets. They will leave and get yelled at by the commanding

Objective: Take out Superior Officer

Cross the hallway and enter the door that the marines just kicked in.

Boss Battle: Superior Officer
Another battle that is not really a boss battle. He is like the other sub-
bosses, just block and combo. Takes four or five takedowns to knock him out.

Objective: Escape the Lockdown Before Time Runs Out

Exit out the back of his office. A two minute timer now starts for when snipers
will be in position. Immediately to the right of the officers door on the
balcony is the third passport (3/5). Jump from ledge to ledge. You will enter
an action-cutscene with the two marines. Knock him out and climb up the pole.
Then shimmy up the cable and you will fight a marine with a club. Once he is
down you will trigger another action-cutscene.

Objective: Escape Snipers

The snipers won't fire at you while you are fighting the two MPs. Once they are
down though, sprint towards the skylights and trigger a cutscene.

Objective: Find the Circuit Panel to Open Gates

Go straight down the hall to the room on the left that has a sign that says,
"083 Server Room." Enter it and grab the fourth passport (4/5) off the floor,
then use the panel on the back wall. You know have a two minute timer again. A
marine will enter, fight him. Once he is down, run back up the hall and head
down the hall that was blocked by the gates. There is a marine coming down the
hall, use a sprinting takedown if you have one. Otherwise, just knock him out.

Sprint to the end of the hall to trigger another action-cutscene. Once done,
move to the next room down the hall. Take out the marine and grab the last
passport off the table (5/5). Sprint down the hall and make a right into the
open room. The door will get blown off the hinges and two marines enter. Take
them down and exit into the next room. Be careful you don't get shot up too
much by the shotgun wielding marine and make a quick left. Sprint the whole
time to avoid getting gunned down. Make a right at the end of the hall and
continue on to see the ending cutscene.

Mission Six: Silence Rurik - (Vilnius, Lithuania)                        (SR-1)

This is a flashback mission while you are at your apartment in Paris. It starts
with you getting ready to snipe someone, but be ready because it turns into an
action-cutscene with you having to make like an eight or nine button sequence
to kill the target. Keep on your toes, you still have to push the button to
keep yourself from falling off the roof.

Objective: Escape from the University

Follow the path done the stairs, do not go to slowly because the cops that come
down the stairs will shoot you to death. At the bottom, go to the left into the
bathroom. Three policemen enter the bathroom and engage you in hand-to-hand
combat. Exit and head into the chemistry lab, defeat the policemen and then
pick up the first passport (1/10) immediately to the right on the floor.

Sprint down the pathway and go down the stairs. Take out the lone policeman and
trigger an action-cutscene. Proceed into the police sub-station room and take
out the cop (you perform a sneak takedown on him). Then grab a shotgun from the
cabinet.  Three policemen will enter the adjoining room, shoot them through the
glass. After the last one drops, the cops blow the door leading into the sub-
station. Two cops enter, shoot them as they come through the door.

Exit out the blown door and head left to retrieve the second passport (2/10).
Move back down the hall and take the right hallway. Carefully enter the door on
the left because two men with guns are there and could kill you. Take them out
and proceed through the door they came through. Move towards the room with the
running projector. Two soldiers enter, put them down. Exit out the back of the
room and follow the hall. Take out the lone soldier and move to the door to
trigger a boss fight.

Boss Battle: Soldier
Yet another battle that is not really a boss battle. Keep the soldier between
you and the plaza where the soldier below are trying to get a shot on you. The
soldier is not very tough, just perform some takedowns on him and he will be
down in no time.

After the soldier goes down, proceed through the open door. Two soldiers attack
you for some hand-to-hand combat. Take care of them and head down the stairs.
The door will be blown of the hinges and one soldier enters. Knock him out and
look behind the desk to the left of the door for the third passport (3/10).

You are about to enter the plaza, which can be frustrating if you lose track of
where the soldiers are. For now stay on the little pathway that is set a little
below the main plaza. There are five soldiers on the ground level, two of which
generally hang out on the slightly raised platforms on each end. There are also
two soldiers running back and forth on the balcony overlooking the plaza.

After you take out these soldiers, two more enter from the left set of double
doors. Take them down and move out into the main plaza and take cover from the
two soldiers who are firing down at you from the balcony where you fought the
sub-boss soldier. Once they are down, you are treated to a nice spa and mud
bath. Just kidding!

An armored APC enters the plaza, and you have a new objective.

Objective: Take Out Assault Vehicle

Boss Battle: Assault Vehicle
You will want to use the main statue in the middle of the plaza as cover. Just
keep moving so the APC can't get a clear shot at you. You will notice there is
a small red tank towards the rear of the vehicle. Shoot at it until it explodes
and exposes the main gas tank at the bottom of the vehicle. The APC may begin
to drive in slow circles around the plaza or just forward and reverse in a
small section of it. Either way keep your cover and shoot at the tank until it
blows up.

Objective: Head Through the Library to the Park

Before we leave the plaza, head to the far left where the two soldiers entered
from. On the left is the fourth passport (4/10). Collect it and then cross the
plaza to the door with the sign "Biblioteka" above it. Immediately to the right
behind the desk is the fifth passport (5/10).

Head up the spiral staircase and take out the soldier at the top of the stairs.
There are two more soldiers here, one on the balcony above and one on the same
level as you. Kill them and move forward. Three more soldiers enter and begin
shooting, two on the same level as you and one above. After they are down,
three more soldiers enter and proceed up the back stairs. Head to the stairs on
the left hand sign. Kill the soldiers as they come at you.

Run to far right corner of the library on the second floor and collect the
sixth passport (6/10). While you are doing this, two soldiers attack you. Kill
them and move forward to trigger three more soldiers. Once they are all down,
proceed down the back staircase. One soldier will be on the first floor behind
you. Shoot him and round the corner. Before you use the panel, head left and
pick up the seventh passport (7/10). Use the panel to unlock the rear door to
the library. Exit out the door.

Objective: Go to Distillery on the Far Side of Park

As you head outside, you trigger an action-cutscene. You will end up behind the
van. Shoot the sniper down and take out the two soldiers on the ground with
you. Wait a second, and two more soldiers will come from around the far corner.
Take them out and the head back to the other end of this outdoor area for the
eighth passport (8/10). It is on one of the park benches. Grab it and head back
to where the soldiers rounded the corner. Take cover at the edge of the
building and shoot the sniper out of the building. Begin shooting the soldiers
on the ground and a truck will pull up and soldier will hop out. These soldiers
are easy to kill with the pistol. Once all the soldiers are down move forward.

Move past the truck and you will enter another park area with stacks of wood.
Take cover and get the sniper on the roof. There are six soldiers in the park.
Proceed carefully and kill them. You can get behind some of them. Also, do not
miss the ninth passport (9/10) that is sitting on the ground next to one of the
woodpiles on the right.

Head towards the distillery building and take out the soldier near the stairs.
Enter the distillery and sprint past the windows. Shoot the soldier on the
catwalk above and the soldier on the ground level. Get the tenth passport
(10/10) behind the bar.

Enter the small room across from the bar and pull the handle down. The alcohol
had caught on fire in the shootout and now you are turning on the bottling
machines to set fire to the whole place. Once you pull the handle, two soldiers
enter the building and a 1:20 timer starts. Kill the men and proceed to the
back door. Two more soldiers enter. Shoot them as they come through the door.
Head up the stairs and follow the path. One more soldier is above you, but he
gets caught in an explosion and dies. Sprint around the path and make your way
to the back of the distillery. The mission ending cutscene begins. Don't ask me
while they are still trying to enter a fully engulfed distillery.

Mission Seven: Castel Fight - (Paris, France)                           (CF-1)

Objective: Kill Castel and Protect Marie

Boss Battle: Castel
This is the fight scene from The Bourne Identity. It takes a decidedly more
severe beating to take out Castel in the game. You regular attacks do not do
much damage to him, so you will be blocking a lot, stopping boss takedowns, and
comboing when you can. Each takedown takes about a sixteenth of Castels' health
so make sure you block and counter the boss takedowns. You only have to miss a
few to be almost dead. Also, when Castel gets to half health, he will pull a
knife on you. There is a glowing pen on the table that allows you to
perform the same stabbing move that was done in the movie. Just get near the
table and perform a takedown to do it.

h20_boy16 sent me an e-mail telling me that if you use pen after Castel pulls
the knife, it will cause him to drop it making the second half of the fight a
lot easier. After that, just block until he tries a takedown, counter it, and
then combo to build up your adrenaline.

As soon as the fight ends, it goes into an action-cutscene. Don't worry if you
mess up during it because the game saved a checkpoint right after the fight was
over, so all you have to do is the one button cutscene to move onto the next

Mission Eight: Paris Chase - (Paris, France)                           (PC-1)

This is another scene from the Bourne Identity movie. You made find the
steering a little to the cheesy side, but hey, do you want the game to be that
hard? Anyway, there are several achievements that are specific to this level:
Adrenaline Junkie, Civic Menace, and Paris Chase. If you follow this guide you
should be able to get all the achievements the first time through. Also, you
will see glowing columns as you drive, head towards them. The columns are
waypoints and direct you where to go.

Objective: Avoid the Police

You start the mission with a brief description on the controls of the vehicle
and an explanation of the threat meter. Just don't stop and use alleyways and
you should not get arrested. Anyway, this level is very linear, it is basically
impossible to get lost. Follow the street you start on and make a slight right
turn to head down the alleyway. Follow it and continue straight up into the
u-turn. Follow the road around a veer into the cafe as the bus will block your
way. This has to be done for the Civic Menace achievement. Make a left and see
that the tunnel is blocked.

Objective: Avoid Police Until the Tunnel is Clear

Make a right and drive around smashing into light poles and planters (for the
Civic Menace achievement). After a minute or two, Marie will suggest checking
the tunnel again.

Objective: Get to Tunnel

Drive to the tunnel and trigger a four button action-cutscene.

Objective: Escape the Police Before Timer Runs Out

You have a 1:10 timer to beat. You literally have to follow one path. You have
no other choices, so don't worry about making a wrong turn. Follow the streets
and you will be introduced to the adrenaline instructions. To get the
Adrenaline Junkie achievement, I just used up the first full bar right after
that. Then liberally overused it the rest of the level. Your adrenaline builds
up and you smash into things so drive on the sidewalk. You need to smash 200
props anyway. Follow the streets and eventually you will get a new objective.

Objective: Get by China Shop

Again follow the one street path you have. The stupid cops and civilians have
an affinity to turn their car straight into yours, so don't be surprised if you
get ran into head-on by some of them. As you approach the 'X' objective on the
map showing you the China Shop keep straight to drive through it. You should
have received the Civic Menace achievement. If not check the achievements
option to see what you missed. Most likely you have not smashed enough things.

Objective: Get to the Garage

Continue to follow the streets and you will eventually get to the garage. Turn
right and follow the path around to head up a level. Your are heading to the
top, but be careful a car pulls out on the second level and one is coming at
you on the top level. Once you get to the top, aim for the ramp to jump off the
building and smash your way through the fancy place.

Objective: Find a Way Out of the Area Surrounding the Park

As you enter the park, make a quick left and head onto the street. Follow the
glowing waypoint columns and take a tour around the city. Eventually you end up
near the park again, but you are going under the freeway.

Objective: Get Across the River

Follow the waypoints onto the riverside road. Try to stay on the sidewalk
because all the traffic is headed at you. Get to the end of the road and
continue to follow the street.

Objective: Get Away from Police

Just keep following the waypoints and eventually you will come to the end of
the line. Once you do, a multi-button action cutscene is triggered. Stay on
your toes, because you have to push at seven or eight buttons. Eventually, you
make your way across the railroad tracks, just in front of a train and escape
the police.

Mission Nine: Disarm Renard - (Paris, France)                            (DR-1)

Yet another flashback mission. You are going to take out an arms dealer at the
museum, but first you have to get in.

Objective: Infiltrate the Museum

Before going in, turn to your left and follow the small hallway to grab the
first passport (1/10) on the left hand side. Turn around and head across the
area to the small alley on the right. Climb up the pipe to enter the museum

Objective: Proceed to Banquet Hall

Move into the room to initiate a fight with a security guard. After he is down
head down the stairs into the first art gallery with some bizarre art (I like
the truck in the floor). An assassin is taking out the guards and you need to
follow him.

Objective: Follow the Assassin

Move out to encounter two soldiers helping the assassin and take them out.
Continue forward and move down the stairs to fight three men in hand-to-hand
combat. Move towards the gap in the art cases by the dead guard. Make a right
and follow the case to pick up the second passport (2/10) at the end of the
case on the ground.

Move across the second art gallery to encounter a soldier on the ground. As you
fight him the assassin takes a couple of shots at you. Put down the guard and
a dead security guard will fall through the door. Head through it to a room
full of scaffolding. To the left of the ramp is the third passport (3/10). Grab
it and head up the ramp. Follow the ramp around and climb up onto the pipe. As
you shimmy across it across it, the assassin calls in "cleaners" to take care
of the bodies. At the end of the walkway is a passport, but you can't get it

Pick the lock on the door the assassin entered, immediately to the right is the
fourth passport (4/10) by the planters. Get it and head down the hall to enter
combat with the assassin.

Boss Battle: Assassin
The assassin is a sub boss battle and he is not particularly tough. He takes
five takedowns to take out, so hold your block and combo in the breaks between
his attacks. I like slamming him off the funky gear art next to him.

Objective: Approach the Railing and Observe Renard

Move past the downed assassin and pick the lock on the door. Move up to the
railing to trigger a short cutscene. Head to the left and pick the lock on the
gate. Follow the railing around and fight a security guard. At the end of the
path jump into the ventilation shaft. Follow the catwalk and head downstairs.
The fifth passport (5/10) is behind the crane past the gate.

Objective: Search the Crates for the Bomb

Creep through the gate and engage both men fast because one has a gun and will
shoot at you while you are fighting the other. Once they are down make sure to
pick up the gun. Directly across from the battle is a brown crate. These are
what you have to search. Check all four of them and trigger a cutscene.

Objective: Assassinate Azar

Looks like you don't have to worry about Renard anymore, but you do have to
take care of the three gun wielding soldiers. Kill them and run up the set of
stairs that Renard came down in the cutscene. Follow the path back around to
get the sixth passport (6/10) and then proceed up the other set of stairs.

Two soldiers are on the balcony with you. Kill them and take out the two
soldiers shooting from below. Move up and shoot one more guard beneath you.
Head down the stairs and grab the seventh passport (7/10) immediately to the
right of the stairs.

The door will be blown off the hinges and two soldiers enter, take them down.
Head through the doors and walk into a shootout between security guards and the
soldiers. The guards win, but they then turn on you. Take out the three guards
and move further into the gallery. Kill three more guards (one is on the
balcony above the gallery).

Cross the gallery and head up the stairs. Before going through the door, head
left on the catwalk to retrieve the eighth passport (8/10), which is the one
we could not reach earlier. Head back to the door and bust it open. You are
immediately engage in hand-to-hand combat with two of the soldiers while the
third one shoots at you.

I found this part frustrating because I kept the soldiers between me and the
shooter, but I still got shot to death several times (can't block bullets).
Anyway, take out the two guys fast and enter a sub boss battle.

Boss Battle: Soldier
The soldier can be annoying if you got shot up prior to this battle. Several
times I started this battle on deaths doorstep, only to be punched once or
twice and die. If that happens you have to clear the six security guards in the
previous room again (I know sucks). Anyway, if you have some health, the
soldier is not hard because you can survive a punch or two. Just block and
combo, use takedowns immediately to regain some health too.

After he is down, go through the other door and see two guards get blown up.
There are five soldiers in here (three are dropped off by a helicopter). One is
below you, just be careful and shoot them from the doorway. If you go out onto
the balcony the door will close, so try to stay in the boss battle room and
shoot out of it.

Once you kill the soldiers, follow the path. A soldier will be on the balcony
across the way, kill him and head down the stairs. Three more soldiers come at
you. Shoot them and look in the small security room on the left hand side of
the area for the ninth passport (9/10). Head through the double doors and
engage three soldiers. Kill them and then get the sniper around the corner.

As you take the sniper, two more soldiers appear. Take them down and continue
on. One more soldier comes at you and there is another sniper. Kill them and go
down the stairs. A flashbang lands and two soldiers go hand-to-hand while one
shoots a shotgun at you. I moved back around the corner to avoid being shot and
took out the fighters. Proceed forward, shoot the shotgunner and go down the
stairs. Now there are two snipers around the corner, cap them and move up the
stairs. Kill one more soldier and grab the tenth passport (10/10)  to the right
of the stairs leading to the helicopter.

Head up the stairs to see the mission ending cutscene, which thankfully is not

Mission Ten: Survive the Professor - (Centre, France)                    (SP-1)

This mission is one of the easier to get the Eye on the Target achievement.
The best part is, you can replay to get the Deadeye achievement as well. You
may not get 90% on Assassin level. I would suggest beating it on Assassin and
then replaying it on Trainee to pick up the two achievements.

Objective: Get Marie to Safety

You start out with Marie getting pinned down by sniper fire. Run to the
bookcase and press "A," this will trigger an action-cutscene and you will block
the windows. Move into the kitchen with Marie and grab the first passport (1/5)
off the bench next to the table. Tip over the bookcase and move into the next
room. You have to tip over yet another piece of furniture to help Marie. Marie
will then hide in the basement and tell you that Eamon has a shotgun.

Objective: Acquire Eamon's Shotgun

Head up the stairs, the shotgun is in the room on the right and the second
passport (2/5) is on the floor behind the drawers in the left room. Collect the
shotgun and head back down the stairs.

Objective: Exit the House and Hunt Down the Assassin

The Professor will shoot the bookcases out of the windows as you approach them,
so don't get stuck on one or you will get shot. Exit out of the house. This
triggers a short cutscene.

Objective: Shoot the Propane Tank to Create a Distraction

Just like the movie, you have to take out the tank (as a sidenote, shooting a
propane would not cause it to explode, it would just vent violently). Take
cover behind the wood logs. I like to shoot the small explosive barrel laying
in the yard so the Professor can't hit it while I am moving. Run to the next
pile of wood and shoot the tank before your cover is shot away.

After the cutscene, run up to the left and up the exterior stairs on the house
to get the third passport (3/5). Move out of the yard and the van will explode,
the fourth passport (4/5) is on the ground next to the van. Move into the
wooded area.

Objective: Shoot the Truck's Gas Tank

Take cover behind the woodpile and rocks. Move from cover to cover and shoot
the red gas tank along the bottom of the truck.

Objective: Hunt Down the Assassin

Sprint across the road and toward the stone archway. As long as you sprint the
Professor will not hit you. Once you get there, you will have a three button
action-cutscene to deal with.

Objective: Infiltrate the Barn

Move from cover to cover yet again. When you get close to the vehicle, the
Professor blows it up and disappears. Grab the fifth passport (5/5) on the
ground in the little side yard, next the barn, past the gate. Hop up onto the
box to jump into the barn and enter an action-cutscene.

Objective: Kill the Professor

You now have a five minute timer to kill the Professor.

Boss Battle: The Professor
The professor has a machine gun and you have shotgun. He will blow away the
little cover you have quickly. I found this battle to be really frustrating.
The Professor can kill you really fast. He can two burst you to death on
Assassin difficulty. I found that waiting for him to stop going spazzy with
shooting and the shooting him worked well in the first part. Once you get
enough adrenaline, you can perform a shooting takedown that drops the hay bail
on his head. Shoot him a couple more times and the fight moves into the
adjoining room.

The battle switches to hand-to-hand combat. Now you have two minutes to take
him down. This battle just keep getting more annoying. Anyway, try to stay on
the offensive, block but don't block too much. You are going to take a beating,
but in the end you will win. There is a glowing chair you can break over the
Professor's head and many other objects to slam him into. Just take him down
and you end up smashing your way through the side of the building.

The mission ends with a three button action-cutscene. Take out the Professor
with the piece of wood and enjoy the cutscene.

Mission Eleven: Treadstone Safehouse - (Paris, France)                   (TS-1)

Welcome to the final mission. Time to take out Treadstone.

Objective: Cross to the Treadstone Rooftop

You start out by breaking a guard's neck. The game has a completely different
setup than the movie. There are way more guys to deal with. First off, sneak up
behind the guard near you and perform a sneak takedown. Then slide down the
cable and enter a fight with the sniper. After he is down, you will pick up the
rifle and enter a multi-button action-cutscene. Take out all the snipers.

Objective: Access the Safehouse via the Skylight

The first passport (1/5) is right behind the air condition units to your left.
Grab it and jump to the next ledge. Beat down the guard and continue on. Jump
up on the ledge and hop down. If you run up on the guard, you can get into a
hand-to-hand fight before he can shoot at you. Pick up his gun after the fight.

Jump to the next ledge and you will find the second passport (2/5) in the right
hand corner. Move to edge of the wall and take cover. Take out one sniper
before they even see you, and then shoot the other before he can take you down.

Move forward a bit, and take cover in a small nook behind the chimneys. Shoot
the two guards, and move out a bit (keep cover though). Two more guards appear
above you behind the chimneys you hid behind. Kill them and two more run out
onto the ledge. Kill these two and move to the skylight for a cutscene with

Objective: Exfiltrate to Safety

Take out the guard in hand-to-hand combat and draw your pistol. Get ready for a
really annoying battle. You are going to shoot around forty men going down the
stairs and the best part is, if you die you start right here all over again. I
hate this part of the game because it is a little ridiculous.

Shoot the sub-machine gun wielding guard. The amount of men in this mission is
a little ridiculous, I mean you aren't superhuman. Kill the two guards coming
up the stairs. Move to go down the stairs and shoot the next man coming up
them. As you move to go down them, the elevator brings another one up. Kill him
and then kill the guard who is above you. Then kill the guard coming up the
stairs. Grab the shotgun and proceed down the stairs. Another man bursts
through the door on the right. Gun him down and continue down the stairs.

As you reach the first landing, another guard bursts through the set of doors
left of the elevator (see what I mean about the number of guards being a little
excessive). Move forward and kill the guard below you. Move again and kill the
next guard to come up the stairs (really two squads of people have already died
you think they would give up). You may need to grab the sub-machine gun if you
run low on pistol ammo. I also grabbed the assault rifle.

Move down the stairs slowly and take out the next guard below you. Two guards
burst in on you (one on each side of the elevator). Kill them and then get the
two that are above you now. Fill up on their ammo. Move forward again and kill
the guard that comes from the right hand door. Get the guy that comes in the
door on the left (I hate this level by now). Now, one is above you again, kill
him. Now take out the guard below you.

Three guards are now below you, get them. You will also see a laser sight for
a sniper. A guard burst in on the right door below you. Get him and move down
the stairs. You will enter a sub boss battle.

Boss Battle: Soldier
Nothing really special about this battle. Block and combo. This guy takes four
takedowns to defeat. Just stay away from the railing because the sniper will
shoot at you if you go near it.

As soon this battle ends, it enters a two button action-cutscene. Once it is
over, you will be on the streets. Three soldiers are shooting at you. I moved
away from the car to take cover behind the edge of the building because the
car can explode and kill you. Anyway, once you kill a soldier. Vans will pull
up and drop of more soldiers. Kill all them and then grab the third passport
(3/5) which is behind you on the other side of the street on the very edge of
the playable area.

Move forward and take out the three soldiers on the ground then take out the
sniper above them. Grab the fourth passport (4/5), which is behind the vans and
the phone booth at the end of the street on the left hand side. Proceed through
the plaza area.

Take out the sniper in the window. Then proceed to take out the four soldiers
in the plaza below you. Once they are down you will enter an action-cutscene.
After it you will be in the plaza below fighting three more soldiers. Take them
out and a soldier will rocket the green gate on the right hand side. Start
taking down the soldiers as they appear at the far end of the alley. This part
is actually fairly easy. There are around ten to twelve soldiers you have to
take out.

When they stop coming grab the last passport (5/5) in the game which is just
right of the blown up green gate in the plaza. Proceed down the alley. A
soldier will rocket attack both cars in the alley. After the second rocket he
comes out shooting, put him down hard and continue on. You will fight two
soldiers hand-to-hand. Move forward to see Conklin running down the alley.

A cutscene occurs and then you do what I consider to be really stupid. You
follow Manheim into the church. 

****Note: What a pointless boss battle, no content to end the game without some
flashy boss battle, Sierra has decided to throw in some over the top battle
that will make you wonder what was the point of exfiltrating to safety 

Boss Battle: Manheim
This battle is very much like the Professor battle. You will have a shooting
portion and hand-to-hand portion. I wish this was not in this game because I
love the beating this guy takes at the hands of a rolled up magazine in The
Bourne Supremacy.

To start off, Manheim rolls the explosive barrel at you and shoots it. Keep
cover and exchange fire for a while. Eventually Manheim throws a gas can at you
and shoots it which forces you out of cover. Take cover immediately and keep

Eventually he will fall back to the church pews. Follow him and shoot
him as soon as he pops up to drive him back. Take cover behind the sandbag
looking things. Continue to exchange fire with him and use any shooting
takedowns you build up. Eventually, Manheim falls back to the pulpit. Continue
to exchange fire until a cutscene is triggered. Thankfully, it isn't an action-

You know enter the hand-to-hand portion of the battle. Lots of block and combo
in this one. Kicks work well here too. There is a glowing shovel at the back of
the area. Do a takedown near it to use it and smack Manheim around a bit.
Eventually you will beat him down and enter the last action-cutscene. Smack him
with the shovel one last time and over he goes to land on the sidewalk below.

HURRAY!!!! You just beat The Bourne Conspiracy!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now you
can replay any mission you want to get any achievements you need.

                             Passport Guide (PG-1)


If you think you have found the general area I have described but cannot find
the passport, listen very carefully.  The passport gives off a low oscillating
hum.  If you are near it you will hear it.  It gets louder the closer you get
to it.

Mission One:   Dangerous Beginning (Marseilles - 5 Passports)            (DB-2)

1 - Right at the beginning of the level there is an alleyway on the right; the
    passport is sitting at the end of it.

2 - As you head down the main street there is a very large staircase to the
    left.  Go to the top of it to get this passport.

3 - As you leave the first area (before the first fight), there is a passport
    located next the bench just before you make the u-turn to go through the
    doors that slam shut on you.

4 - Inside the bar, it is sitting on one of the tables (collect it after you
    dispatch the people in the bar).

5 - The last passport is found after the second bomb is detonated.  O'Connor
    sends another guy to fight you and runs up the stairs. After you beat
    down the guy, look to the right of the staircase O'Connor ran up.  The
    passport is in a small alcove on the ground.

Mission Two:   Shipyard Infiltration (Marseilles - 10 Passports)         (SI-2)

1 - Go behind the shack that you are instructed to check for supplies.  The
    passport is on the ground.

2 - You find this passport right after the helicopter first begins shooting at
    you.  After you pass the two ammo shacks and start to run down the pier
    there is a small area on the left hand side of the pier.  The passport is
    on the ground behind two destroyable crates and a container covered with a
    cargo net.  Grab it fast as the helicopter is shooting at you.

3 - After you jump onto and off the third boat running from the helicopter.
    Make a left onto the small pier just before you head up the wooden stairs.
    The passport is on the ground behind the container at the end of the pier.

4 - After the cutscene in which Solomon knocks out one of the guards and yells
    at the other one, walk next to the chain link fence that the men were
    standing behind.  The passport is in a small alcove at the end of it (right
    hand side if you are facing the fence).

5 - You find this passport after you finish the fight where they detonate a
    flashbang and then bum rush you.  As you exit this building, turn
    immediately to your right, the passport is on the ground behind the brown
    container next to a forklift.

6 - This room is kind of hard to describe (I think it is at least).  This
    passport is located in the building that has to catwalks you climb up and
    down and the woman directing Wombosi's men warns them that the police have
    arrived and not to engage them.  The passport is located below the catwalk
    you enter the building in.  It is hiding behind the third trapezoidal block
    of concrete next to the building on the ground.

7 - Right before the battle where it introduces Gun Takedowns (the one where
    the truck smashes through a wall).  Directly across from the ammo crate
    there is a big brown crate and a black car.  The passport is on the ground
    in front of the car.

8 - After the Gun Takedown battle you will go down into an area where a guard
    appears above you and shoots down at you. Then, after he is down, three
    more come in to fight hand to hand. Once you killed them proceed to the
    next area. The passport is to the left of the ammo shack that you have to
    kick the door in.

9 - This one can be confusing, the passport is located in the area right before
    the area where you turn on the fuel valves. If you encounter the soldier
    with the shotgun you went too far and cannot get back to it.  In the small
    area right before you kick through the fence gate, there is a small pier on
    the left side that leads to a chain link fence with a white container on
    it.  The passport is on the ground behind the container. (Hope this isn't
    to confusing to you)

10 - As soon as you regain control of Jason after the fuel pumps exploding
     cutscene, check the area to the right next to the small shack. The
     passport is on the ground. Get it as fast as you can because you only have
     35 seconds to get it, kill the guard, and jump onto the boat.

Mission Three:   Assassinate Wombosi (Marseilles - 10 Passports)         (AW-2)

1 - After you lower the mini-sub and kill all the soldiers, check the room
    where the soldiers enter on the bottom floor. The passport is on the floor.

2 - Inside the walk-in freezer. Before you go into the galley make a right from
    the main hall.

3 - In the hallway immediately after the dining room/galley area.  The passport
    is on the room on the left on the footlockers.

4 - In the hallway after you shoot the 1st electric box to open the door. It is
    in the room on the left hand side.

5 - In the same room that the Corsican and African security men threaten each
    other. It is on the floor immediately to the right of the door you are
    hiding behind.

6 - The passport is on the back of the boat behind the helicopter, by the ammo

7 - In the bar area, it is on the table in the corner immediately to right of
    the helipad entrance.

8 - On the right side of the boat next to the swimming pool and a potted plant.
    You have to go around the pool to get to it.

9 - In the area where you kill the Corsican General. It is in the first office
    on the right hand side after you leave the office where you download the
    ship's log.

10 - Right after you leave the bridge area, there is a tiny alcove to the
     right, just before you get to the Solomon fight. The passport is on the

Mission Four:   Eliminate Divandelen (Zurich - 10 Passports)             (ED-2)

1 - In the stairwell on the third level. To get to it, you have to go down to
    the second level and go back up the stairwell there.

2 - Across from the parking attendant's booth. It is between the barricade and
    some parked cars in the garage.

3 - When you are looking out of the garage towards the airport terminal, the
    passport is in the left corner of the playable area on the terminal side
    of the street. It is next to one of the concrete columns.

4 - After you head up the first escalator in the airport, it is located to the
    right of the metal detectors, next to the phones.

5 - Before you go down the escalator where the bomb kills the two security
    guards. It is behind the enemy barricade next to the escalator.

6 - In the shopping area of the lower terminal. After the security gates close
    the passport is located in the last shop on the left behind the small
    counter. The sign above the shop reads "Bucher and Geschenke" ("Books &
    Gifts" in German).

7 - After the Divandelen gives you the slip and the two men crash through the
    window to fight you. The passport is located in the little kiosk area where
    you shoot two soldiers and has many monitors hanging above the kiosk. It is
    on the counter section that is furthest from you when you enter the room.

8 - When you are jumping from tram car to tram car, this passport is located on
    the fourth car that you jump on. It is on the right hand side by a set of

9 - After you get off the tram, go past the stairs to the end of the tracks.
    The passport is on the ground at the end of them.

10 - After you climb the stairs from the tram tracks, you will fight quite a
     few guards. After they are done, go into the passport in the hangar
     building to the left of the white van and car. It is in the back.

Mission Five:   Escape the Embassy (Zurich - 5 Passports)                (EE-2)

1 - It is in the security room right after the action-cutscene where you dive
    under the closing security gate. Take out the marine, then grab it.

2 - It is on the bench by the door where the marine busts through to fight you

3 - After defeating the Superior Officer, exit his office and look immediately
    to your right on the balcony.

4 - It is on the ground in the Server Room where you disable the gates.

5 - It is on the table in the room just beyond where the action-cutscene takes
    place where you kick the door on the marine talking on the walkie-talkie.
    You fight a marine with a club near a copier.

Mission Six:   Silence Rurik (Vilnius - 10 Passports)                    (SR-2)

1 - The passport is on the floor in the chemistry lab immediately to the right
    of the entrance, behind the desk.

2 - After you exit the police sub-station room (where you take the gun from the
    cabinet), head immediately left to the end of the hall to get this

3 - This passport can be found behind the desk next to the door that was blown
    of its hinges just before you enter the main plaza.

4 - This passport is in the far left corner of the main plaza through the green
    double doors on the left hand side.

5 - Right after you enter the library, the passport is behind the desk to right
    of the library entrance.

6 - In the far right corner of the second floor of the library as you come up
    the stairs.

7 - To right of the panel used to disable the lock on the rear door of the
    library, behind a book case.

8 - After you exit the library, kill the sniper and head to the right of the
    outdoor area. The passport is on one of the park benches.

9 - Once you kill the second sniper and pass the truck into the area with
    woodpiles, you will find the passport on the right side by one of the piles
    of wood.

10 - In the distillery, behind the bar/bottling area (hard to miss).

Mission Seven:   Castel Fight (Paris - 0 Passports)                      (CF-2)

There are no passports on this level.

Mission Eight:   Paris Chase (Paris - 0 Passports)                       (PC-2)

There are no passports on this level.

Mission Nine:   Disarm Renard (Paris - 10 Passports)                     (DR-2)

1 - In a small alley to the left of where you start the mission on a bench.

2 - This passport is in the second large art gallery. You will move through a
    gap in between some long display cases. Make a right and follow the case
    to grab the passport on the ground.

3 - To the left of the ramp in the room that is full of scaffolding on some
    paint cans.

4 - Just before the fight with the assassin you have been following. It is next
    to some planters at the end of the hall.

5 - Behind the crane in the storage area where Renard is double crossed by

6 - Head up the stairs that Renard came down in the cutscene where is he is
    shot by Azar.

7 - After the storage area where Renard dies, you will enter the banquet hall
    up on the balcony. Follow it around and descend the stairs. The passport is
    to the right of the stairs at the bottom.

8 - Right before you enter the room where you have a sub boss fight with the
    soldier. Head the other way on the catwalk and you will run into the

9 - In the gallery with the truck in the ground, just before you go outside to
    shoot the snipers. It is in a small security room on the left hand of the

10 - Just before you ascend the stairs to watch the mission ending cutscene.
     The passport is to the right of the stairs on the ground.

Mission Ten:   Survive the Professor (Centre - 5 Passports)              (SP-2)

1 - After you block the first set of windows and move into the kitchen. The
    passport is on the bench beside the table.

2 - In the room across the hall from the room with the shotgun. It is behind
    chest of drawers.

3 - On the exterior stairs of the house to the left of the propane tank.

4 - Near the van that explodes just past the propane tank.

5 - In the small yard, next to the big barn, past the gate.

Mission Eleven:   Treadstone Safehouse (Paris- 5 Passports)              (TS-2)

1 - Right behind the air condition units on the roof where you use the sniper

2 - In the corner of the rooftop ledge after the one where you disarm the armed
    guard. It is before you reach the area with two snipers.

3 - After you make it to the streets, the passport is behind you in the corner.

4 - From where you start on the streets, the passport is straight ahead and to
    the right, at the end of the street.

5 - After the soldiers rocket the green gate in the plaza and you kill the
    soldiers running down the alley at you, look to the right of the gate in
    the plaza.

                              Achievements (AC-1)

Level Completion

I would suggest beating the game on Assassin difficulty first, that way you
will get all three of the game completion achievements on the first go around.
The level completion achievements will all be done the first time you beat the

However, jroco666 e-mail me this hint:

"I believe a person should be able to play a level in the game up to the last
checkpoint of that level on easy. After which they would quit the level load
the campaign back up, but this time on Assassin; then beat the level and get
credit for beating it on Assassin with a lot less hassle." I have received
information that this trick possibly no longer works. You can still get 100%
accuracy, but you cannot get the achievements for it. Thanks to dx1111 for
testing this and letting me know.

I am pretty sure this would work because the game allows you to choose your
difficulty level for the campaign every time you load it. Anyway, I went the
whole game on Assassin, so I did it the hard way.

40GP   Treadstone Trainee...................Completed all campaign missions on
                                            Trainee or higher
60GP   Treadstone Agent.....................Completed all campaign missions on
                                            Agent or higher

100GP  Treadstone Assassin..................Completed all campaign missions on
                                            Assassin or higher

15GP   Dangerous Beginning..................Completed Dangerous Beginning

15GP   Shipyard Infiltration................Completed Shipyard Infiltration

15GP   Assassinate Wombosi..................Completed Assassinate Wombosi

15GP   Eliminate Divandelen.................Completed Eliminate Divandelen

15GP   Escape the Embassy...................Completed Escape the Embassy

15GP   Silence Rurik........................Completed Silence Rurik

15GP   Castel Fight.........................Completed Castel Fight

15GP   Paris Chase..........................Completed Paris Chase

15GP   Disarm Renard........................Completed Disarm Renard

15GP   Survive the Professor................Completed Survive the Professor

15GP   Treadstone Safehouse.................Completed Treadstone Safehouse


If you have problems finding any of the passports just look on my level
walkthrough or review the Passports Guide. If you miss a passport on a level
you can go through it again on Replay Chapter and find the missing one. They
do not reappear once you find them and are cumulative.

5GP    Homebody.............................Collected 5 Passports

15GP   Frequent Flyer.......................Collected 30 Passports

30GP   World Traveler.......................Collect all Passports

10GP   Dangerous Beginning Passports........Collected all Passports in
                                            Dangerous Beginning

10GP   Shipyard Infiltration Passports......Collected all Passports in Shipyard

10GP   Assassinate Wombosi Passports........Collected all Passports in
                                            Assassinate Wombosi

10GP   Eliminate Divandelen Passports.......Collected all Passports in
                                            Eliminate Divandelen

10GP   Escape the Embassy Passports.........Collected all Passports in Escape
                                            the Embassy

10GP   Silence Rurik Passports..............Collected all Passports in Silence

10GP   Survive the Professor Passports......Collected all Passports in Survive
                                            the Professor

10GP   Treadstone Safehouse Passports.......Collected all Passports in
                                            Treadstone Safehouse


The Assassinate Wombosi mission is the easiest mission to get the Need Glasses
achievement, just get near a ammo crate with the sub-machine and shoot the
walls with it and reload until you get below 10%, keep an eye on the stat
though because if you shoot a bunch of guys you will drive it back above 10%.
Try to keep it around 5%. Most people do the Good Shot Grouping, Eye on the
Target, and Deadeye achievements. I got most of these achievements on the
Shipyard Infiltration level. You can replay whatever mission is easier for you
to get the Deadeye achievement.

jcro666 also sent me an e-mail on a possible glitch to make getting 90% a lot

"I noticed a trick for refreshing your accuracy. If you're trying for 90 but
are not going to hit, quit that game load a past mission kill one enemy your
accuracy goes back to 100%. Reload your campaign."

All the other shooting achievements are cumulative and you will probably get
them on your first time through the game. If not replay mission on an easier
difficulty until you get them.

5GP    Need Glasses........................Finished a mission with an accuracy
                                           below 10%

10GP   Good Shot Grouping..................Finished a mission with an accuracy
                                           of at least 75%

15GP   Eye on the Target...................Finished a mission with an accuracy
                                           of at least 90%

25GP   Deadeye.............................Finished 3 missions with an accuracy
                                           of at least 90%

10GP   Lucky Shot..........................Kill 25 enemies with headshots
50GP   Laser Aim...........................Kill 150 enemies with headshots

10GP   Collateral Damage...................Destroy 10 explodables

25GP   Massive Collateral Damage...........Destroy 50 explodables

5GP    Manual Shooter......................Finished a mission without using a
                                           shotgun takedown

15GP   Fancy Shooter.......................Finish off 50 opponents using
                                           shooting takedowns

50GP   Bullet Master.......................Finish off 200 opponents using
                                           shooting takedowns


Dangerous Beginning is the easiest mission to achieve the Hard Slog
achievement. Even though it forces you to perform one in the bar, you can still
get the achievement if you refrain for the rest of the level.

All the other achievements are cumulative and can be gained by replaying
missions on easier difficulty settings.

I received an e-mail from mcgarvey925 with some helpful advice on getting the
One-Man Gang and Wrecking Machine achievements. He told me that at the
beginning of the Escape the Embassy mission you have full adrenaline. You also
have to fight three guys right away, so use the three combo takedown and then
just reset the mission until you get both achievements.

15GP   Brawler.............................Defeat 50 opponents in hand-to-hand
                                           without performing a takedown

25GP   Pugilist............................Defeat 100 opponents in hand-to-hand
                                           without performing a takedown

50GP   Heavyweight.........................Defeat 200 opponents in hand-to-hand
                                           without performing a takedown

5GP    Hard Slog...........................Finish a mission without using any
                                           hand-to-hand takedowns

25GP   Living Weapon.......................Finish off 50 opponents using hand-
                                           to-hand takedowns

50GP   30 Million Dollar Weapon............Finish off 200 opponents using hand-
                                           to-hand takedowns

10GP   Student of Surroundings.............Defeat 20 opponents with contextual

30GP   Master of Environment...............Defeat 100 opponents with contextual

5GP    One-Man Gang........................Take out multiple opponents with one
                                           takedown 3 times

25GP   Wrecking Machine....................Take out multiple opponents with one
                                           takedown 30 times


These are both done on the Paris Chase level. Just use the adrenaline liberally
as you gain adrenaline by smashing props. If you can't find one of the shops
too destroy for Civic Menace, just read my walkthrough for that level.

15GP   Adrenaline Junkie...................Use three full bars of Adrenaline
                                           while driving through the streets of

20GP   Civic Menace........................Rampage through Paris: Destroy the
                                           cafe, china shop, and 200 props.

                                Glitches (GL-1)

If you know of any glitches, e-mail me and I will post it and credit you. Just
give me your GameFAQs name.

Not so much a glitch as a cheap way to get some of the achievements. I was sent
an e-mail by jrco666 telling me that you can almost complete a level (while in
the campaign) on Trainee, quit back to the main menu, reload the campaign, but
choose Assassin difficulty on the reload and then finish the level. This should
give you credit for beating the level on Assassin.

In the same e-mail, jrco666 told me that you can quit a campaign mission,
replay an old chapter and shoot one guy to have 100% accuracy, then quite the
replay and reload the campaign and it should show your accuracy as 100% in the
campaign mission. This would make the Eye on the Target and Deadeye
achievements very easy to get.

                            Thanks & Credits (TC-1)

Thank you so much for reading this guide. I hope you find it helpful and please
feel free to e-mail with any corrections.

I would like to thank the following companies and people:

h20_boy16 for his helpful tip for the Castel Fight mission.
jrco666 for his tips on getting the game completion and 90% accuracy
achievements a lot easier.
mcgarvey925 for his tips on getting the multiple-takedown achievements.
colinchamilton for pointing out several errors in the guide.
dx1111 for testing out the possible accuracy glitch and letting me know that
it no longer seems to work. for making a text-to-ASCII art converter.

Robert Ludlum for writing the Bourne books.
Sierra Entertainment for actually making a decent game adaptation.
Myself for sitting in front of my computer for several hours to write this.
GameFAQs for allowing me to post and keeping it free for us.
All of you who actually are reading this portion of the guide.

COPYRIGHT JUNE 2008 Charles J.

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