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PS3 Archives - January, 2009

01/31/09 Has The PlayStation Home Mania Completely Disappeared?
01/31/09 Rumor: New Tron Title In The Works
01/30/09 Guitar Hero: World Tour Standalone Drum Set Priced And Dated
01/30/09 LittleBigPlanet Tops 2 Million Sold, Killzone 2 #1 At Amazon
01/30/09 Sony: No Immediate PS3 Price Cut Due To Economic Downturn
01/30/09 Killzone 2 Secures Japanese Date
01/30/09 EA Announces Need For Speed Franchise Renovation
01/30/09 GameStop: God Of War III Assaults Store Shelves In March 2010
01/29/09 What Constitutes A "System Seller?"
01/29/09 Prince Of Persia Epilogue DLC Slated For February 26
01/29/09 Sony Plans PlayStation 3, Killzone 2 Marketing Blitz In UK
01/29/09 Will DLC For White Knight Be Included In North American Release?
01/29/09 2008 Ship Stats: PS3 Nearly Ties 360
01/29/09 PS4 To Build Upon Existing PS3 Technology For Lower Costs?
01/28/09 PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 Graphics Gap Will Start To Widen
01/28/09 How Did PS3 Exclusives Fare In 2008?
01/28/09 Clarification: Killzone 2 Review Emargo Lifts On February 2
01/28/09 New Demon's Souls Review Gains Attention Of RPG Fans
01/28/09 Capcom Expects To Sell 5-6 Million Copies Of Resident Evil 5
01/28/09 Final Fantasy XIII "New Vision" Countdown Reveals New Trailer
01/28/09 Famitsu: Dead Rising 2 Coming To PS3
01/27/09 The PS3 Is A Sexy Chick Magnet
01/27/09 Capcom: Too Many Headaches To Put Online Play In Rearmed
01/27/09 Oasis: "Playing A Guitar Is Not A 'Expletive Removed' Video Game"
01/27/09 Gaming Facing An Identity Crisis?
01/27/09 Prince Of Persia Movie Ad Spotted In Confessions Of A Shopaholic
01/27/09 Pacific Rift Update Coming Very Soon
01/27/09 Amazon's Deal Of The Day: A 80GB PlayStation 3 For $349
01/26/09 Square-Enix Prepared To Shock PlayStation 3 Owners?
01/26/09 Sony: We Said No PS2 B/C For The PS3, And We Meant It
01/26/09 Everyone Needs To Stop Complaining About Game Sequels
01/26/09 Games Outsell Movies In 2008, Sales Rise 20% To $32 Billion
01/26/09 Midway Ships 1.8 Million Copies Of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
01/26/09 No "Post-Play" Option For Fallout 3 PS3
01/25/09 Will Publishers Rush Exclusives For Sake Of PlayStation 3 Sales?
01/25/09 Guitar Hero: Metallica Track List, Additional Artists Revealed
01/25/09 New Rumor: Eidos Adding More Blood, Sex To Tomb Raider?
01/24/09 PlayStation Home Cafe Revealed
01/24/09 New inFamous Details Emerge
01/23/09 AIAS Awards Nominees Revealed: LittleBigPlanet Dominates
01/23/09 Amazon Takes Uncharted 2 Pre-Orders, Drops Drake Price
01/23/09 Is Killzone 2 A New Era's Half-Life?
01/23/09 GameStop Used Game Sales Account For 42% Of Profits
01/23/09 Patch 1.40 For Resistance 2 Detailed
01/23/09 EA On Red Alert 3 PS3: "It Just Took Longer To Complete"
01/22/09 Hey Fanboys: PS3 And 360 Success Isn't Mutually Exclusive
01/22/09 EA: Rumor Regarding Mass Effect PS3 Port Is "Inaccurate"
01/22/09 Rumor: Megan Fox Supplants Angelina Jolie As Lara Croft?
01/22/09 Killzone 2 Gold, Ads "Everywhere"
01/22/09 Ubisoft Posts Financials, Clarifies Game Release Estimates
01/22/09 Sony Reveals $2.9 Billion Loss, Unveils Restructuring Plans
01/22/09 Polish Magazine "PSX Extreme" Killzone 2 Review: It's Not Us
01/22/09 Square-Enix Turns Crystal Defenders Into Downloadable Title?
01/21/09 Video Game Critics Turning Into Attention Whores
01/21/09 New LittleBigPlanet Content Packs, Costumes Revealed
01/21/09 Final Fantasy XIII Countdown: "A New Vision Will Soon Be Revealed"
01/21/09 Best Buy, Amazon Gaming Deals
01/21/09 EA: Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition Heads To PS3 This March
01/21/09 Sony Restructuring Plans Coming Soon, PlayStation Benefits?
01/21/09 Ubisoft Sets I Am Alive For March
01/20/09 Pachter: Assassin's Creed 2 Releases Next Fiscal Year
01/20/09 New God Of War III Info Next Month
01/20/09 Rumor: Tales Of Vesperia Confirmed For PlayStation 3
01/20/09 PS3 Firmware Update 2.60 Announced
01/20/09 Hirai: Nintendo Not A Competitor, Xbox 360 "Lacks Longevity"
01/20/09 First Screen, New Info For I Am Alive
01/20/09 Forbes Calls Rock Band A "Shameless Knockoff" Of Guitar Hero
01/19/09 How To Kill Video Game Stereotypes
01/19/09 Advent Children Blu-Ray Release And FFXIII Demo Delayed
01/19/09 Get All Surreal With Flower Next Month
01/19/09 Uncharted Director: Drake Already "More Popular" Than Lara Croft
01/19/09 PS3 "Only Console Powerful Enough" To Handle Killzone 2
01/19/09 Japan Gets Advent Children PlayStation 3 Bundle In April
01/18/09 Great Games Have The Power To Restore All Lost Faith
01/18/09 Amplitude May Come To PSN, Sequel Possible For PS3?
01/18/09 Mass Effect Trilogy Confirmed For PS3?
01/17/09 How Did You Decide Upon Your Next-Gen Console Purchase?
01/17/09 Rockstar: "No Truth" To Reports Of New GTA Coming This Year
01/16/09 World At War Nazi Zombie Mode Open To All, Double EXP Weekend
01/16/09 Resident Evil 5 Collectors Set: A Hardcore Fan Must
01/16/09 Analyst Pachter Alters PlayStation 3 Price Cut Prediction
01/16/09 Burnout Paradise Party Pack Scheduled For February 5
01/16/09 YouTube For Television Now On PS3
01/15/09 Molyneux: LittleBigPlanet Is "Most Creative Innovation Of 2008"
01/15/09 FFXIII Releases In Japan This Year, Overseas After April 2010
01/15/09 More Left 4 Dead PS3 Evidence
01/15/09 Over 100 Death Animations Adorn Killzone 2's Battlefield
01/15/09 Killzone 2 Playable Demo Assaults PSN On February 26
01/15/09 F.E.A.R. 2 Demo For Qore Subscribers
01/15/09 Sony Issues Explanation For "17 Million PSN Users" Statistic
01/14/09 PS3 Hate Boils Over, Fanboy "Journalists" Embarrass The Industry
01/14/09 Next GTA To Release Later This Year?
01/14/09 Resident Evil 5 Demo Headed To PSN On February 5
01/14/09 Final Fantasy XIII To Be Available Worldwide Later This Year?
01/14/09 God Of War III Coming In Q1 2010?
01/13/09 If Gears Ever Comes To The PS3, Here's What We Want Fixed
01/13/09 Rumor: Fallout 3 Patch Causing Freezing, Save Data Issues
01/13/09 Guerilla Confirms: No Co-op For KZ2
01/13/09 FFXIII Video Featuring Producer Kitase And New Footage
01/13/09 Mirror's Edge Time Trial DLC Scheduled For January 29
01/13/09 Full Killzone 2 PSM Review Leaked
01/12/09 Pachter Expects PS3 Price Drop In April
01/12/09 Konami Offers "Welcome Rookie Campaign" For New MGO Players
01/12/09 New Character, Battle Info For FFXIII
01/12/09 Guitar Hero III Is First Game To Surpass $1 Billion In Sales
01/12/09 Guerilla's Respose To "Killzone 2 Is Just Too Grey" Critics
01/12/09 FFXIII Demo Only Set For Japan
01/12/09 Eidos To Give Lara Croft A "Family-Friendly" Makeover?
01/11/09 PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Gran Turismo 4 Pulls Away
01/11/09 Attention Sony: Let Me Introduce You To The Concept Of Advertising
01/11/09 No Killzone 2 PS3 Bundles For U.S.
01/11/09 Guerilla Believes They "Can Get More Out Of The PS3"
01/10/09 SOE Expects PS3 To Represent About "Half Their Business"
01/10/09 Brutal Legend, God Of War III, Uncharted 2 On Tap For GDC 09
01/09/09 Tecmo: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Tech Utilized For Quantum Theory
01/09/09 Killzone 2 PlayStation 3 Bundle Spotted
01/09/09 "No Plans" To Bring Star Ocean: The Last Hope To The PS3
01/09/09 F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Demo Slated For This Month
01/09/09 Killzone 2 Euro Release Date Clarified
01/09/09 Sony To Find PS2 Emulation For PS3?
01/09/09 Regarding Gaming Journalism: Please Ignore News That Isn't News
01/08/09 LBP Hits 1.3 Million Sold Worldwide
01/08/09 85% Of PS3 Owners Online, Compared To 60% Of 360 Owners
01/08/09 Killzone 2: Forgive The Hype, This Will Be A Defining Experience
01/08/09 Sony Adds EA Sports And MTV To PlayStation Network
01/08/09 God Of War III, Uncharted 2 Trailers Hitting PSN On Jan. 22
01/08/09 Cooper Lawrence Steps In It Again, Talks Video Game Addiction
01/08/09 Sony Breaks Out 150 Bravia TVs For CES 2009 Presentation
01/07/09 Killzone 2 And Infamous At CES Today
01/07/09 White Knight Chronicles Causes 16% Boost In Japanese PS3 Sales
01/07/09 Qore Ep. 8 Features Killzone 2, Home Receives New Updates
01/07/09 Sony: PlayStation 3 Keeps Games And Entertainment Simple
01/07/09 Sony's Liverpool And Evolution Studios To Merge, Share Resources
01/07/09 Confirmed: White Knight Chronicles Headed To North America
01/07/09 UGO Absorbs Struggling 1Up Network, EGM Canceled
01/07/09 Disney To Purchase EA This Year?
01/06/09 New I Am Alive Details Surface
01/06/09 Blu-Ray's First Two Years Outstrip DVD
01/06/09 Sony Expects Killzone 2 To Match Or Surpass MGS4 Sales
01/06/09 SCEA: PS3 Sales Up 130% During 2008 Holiday Season
01/06/09 Sony Asks: "What Are You Looking Forward To Most In 2009?"
01/06/09 Greenberg Expects PS3 Price Drop
01/06/09 Insomniac Member On Killzone 2: "It Is Indeed Awesome"
01/05/09 Public Killzone 2 Demo Won't Hit PSN Until After Game Launches
01/05/09 WarDevil "Progressing To Plan"
01/05/09 New PS3 Exclusive To Be Revealed Within Next Few Weeks
01/05/09 Kojima: 2009 Will Be A Year Of Change, "We Start From Zero"
01/05/09 Metacritic Responds To Early Reader Review Ordeal
01/05/09 Sony Facing Corporate Upheaval?
01/05/09 Capcom Announces Lineup For First Half Of 2009
01/04/09 PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: Gran Turismo 4 Laps Competition
01/04/09 PS3 Haters Lose Advantage, Jealousy Fuels Hostility
01/04/09 Traveller's Tales To Give Rock Band The LEGO Treatment?
01/04/09 New Heavy Rain Gallery Found
01/03/09 Valkyria Chronicles Gets Budget Re-Release In Japan
01/03/09 Rumor: Perfect Scores For Killzone 2 And Street Fighter IV In OPM
01/02/09 Why Do Gamers Opt For PlayStation?
01/02/09 Volition's Red Faction: Guerilla Maxes Out Xbox 360
01/02/09 Polyphony To Go In Another Direction After Gran Turismo 5?
01/02/09 Final Fantasy XIII Ad Spotted In Japanese PlayStation Home
01/02/09 RE5 Producer On Western Devs: "Japan Is Now Their Target"
01/02/09 Free Radical Future Still Uncertain
01/01/09 The Required RPG Transition
01/01/09 Ceramic White PS3 For U.S. In 2009?
01/01/09 The PS3's New Year's Resolutions
01/01/09 EDGE Reveals New Uncharted 2 Info

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