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PS3 Archives - October, 2009

10/31/09 Dead Space Sequel Set For 2010?
10/31/09 Media Molecule: Don't Worry About The PSP Version Of LBP
10/30/09 Uncharted 2 Updated, Double Cash Weekend Underway
10/30/09 Sony Clarifies: PlayStation Home Remains A Top Priority
10/30/09 Australian Lobby Group Seeks Ban For Modern Warfare 2
10/30/09 Sony Report: Despite Overall Losses, PS3 Sales Impressive
10/30/09 God Of War III Ultimate Edition Revealed And Priced
10/29/09 Five New Characters Via DLC For Ultimate Alliance 2
10/29/09 Demon's Souls On Halloween: "The Old One's Power Grows"
10/29/09 Bayonetta Slices It Up On January 5
10/29/09 Bad Company 2 Limited Edition: Regular Retail Price
10/29/09 Activision Responds To Controversial Modern Warfare 2 Footage
10/29/09 Man Thinks He's In Silent Hill, Causes Hospital Blackout
10/29/09 More Evidence For GTAIV DLC On PS3
10/28/09 Morgan Webb: Adults Won't Be Insulted By Ratchet And Clank
10/28/09 Gamers, Kojima Staff Excited About New Zone Of The Enders
10/28/09 Energizer Offers Power & Play Stations, Special Batteries
10/28/09 Hugh Jackman To Assume The Role Of Nathan Drake?
10/28/09 Japanese Bayonetta: Region Free, Entirely In English
10/28/09 Is A Crack In Time The Last Ratchet Title For A While?
10/27/09 Crave Turning Man vs. Wild And Deadliest Catch Into Games
10/27/09 God Of War Collection Lands On November 17, Trophies Revealed
10/27/09 Quitters To Receive Just Punishment In Uncharted 2
10/27/09 Burn Zombie Burn! Contest Winner Gets Creepy European Tour
10/27/09 Infinity Ward: "We Only Care About What Our Fans Think"
10/27/09 Study: Americans Love Games, Demos Prove To Be "Crucial"
10/27/09 Brutal Legend DLC Announced: "Tears Of The Hextadon"
10/27/09 Insomniac On Game Design: We Can Always Be More Efficient
10/26/09 Inferno Pool, LocoRoco Midnight Carnival On PSN This Week
10/26/09 Over 1 Million Have Enjoyed Warhawk
10/26/09 Third-Person View Confirmed For Modern Warfare 2 Online
10/26/09 DJ Hero Not Expected To Be An Instant Blockbuster
10/26/09 Rockstar Seeking "Strong Actors" For L.A. Noire
10/26/09 Borderlands PS3 Patch Fixes Major Friends List Problem
10/26/09 SCEA: Netflix Confirmed For PS3
10/25/09 Inferior Multiplats Still Plaguing The PlayStation 3
10/25/09 PSXE Poll Update: Uncharted 2 Is The Cream Of The Crop
10/25/09 Pachter Predicts Modern Warfare 2 Will Sell 18 Million+
10/25/09 Sony Willing To Help Valve With Future PS3 Projects
10/24/09 Is This The Final Box Art For FFXIII?
10/24/09 Dragon Age: Origins Golden, PS3 Version Ships On Time
10/23/09 Killzone 2 Tops 2 Million Sold Plateau
10/23/09 Uncharted 2 "Exceeding Expectations," DLC This Year
10/23/09 Play The Mystical Avatar Game On December 1
10/23/09 Infinity Ward: "You Can Always Take A Console Further"
10/23/09 Naughty Dog On Uncharted 2: No Animator Could Achieve This
10/22/09 Kojima's Three "Incredible" Games For The Rest Of 2009
10/22/09 "Exciting Announcement" For PS3 Version Of Dragon Age
10/22/09 Console War: It's A Two-Horse Race, Not Three
10/22/09 Best Buy To Start "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" Deal This Weekend
10/22/09 Resonance Of Fate Japanese Release Date Confirmed
10/22/09 Assassin's Creed II Has Three Hours Worth Of Cut-Scenes?
10/21/09 Oddworld Titles Arrive On PSN Today
10/21/09 No Install Needed For FFXIII, Optional Install For Tekken 6
10/21/09 Naughty Dog Talks Uncharted Movie, Praises PlayStation 3
10/21/09 Need For Speed Hits 100M Sold, $2.7 Billion In Sales
10/21/09 Heavy Rain: "Slight Adaptations" For Different Regions
10/21/09 Ubisoft Doesn't Rule Out Conviction For PlayStation 3 Owners
10/20/09 New Movies Include Hitman, Kane & Lynch, Just Cause
10/20/09 Two Demos Set For A Crack In Time
10/20/09 God Of War III Director Addresses Multiplayer Issue
10/20/09 Konami Reveals Rocket Knight Revival
10/20/09 Gran Turismo 5 Spotted With Three Separate Blu-Ray Discs? No.
10/20/09 Bayonetta Receives A Very Rare 40/40 From Famitsu
10/19/09 Sony Says: "Welcome To The PlayStation Nation"
10/19/09 Halo Wins, Beatles Debut Strong, Confusion Abound
10/19/09 Ex-3D Realms Designer: Uncharted 2 Is "Epic Bad-Assery"
10/19/09 PlayStation 3 Outsells Wii & X360 in North America
10/19/09 Darksiders Unleashes Hellish Brutality On January 5
10/19/09 Yakuza Designer: GTA Format Could Be "Dangerous"
10/19/09 Band Hero Full Track List, Importable Songs Revealed
10/19/09 GTTV Teases Bioshock 2 Media Blast
10/19/09 Killzone 3, Resistance 3, World At War 2 Set For 2010?
10/18/09 PSXE Poll Update: We Still Prefer Physical Media
10/18/09 Namco Bandai Considering A Tales Of Vesperia "Part 2"
10/18/09 Uncharted 160GB PS3 Bundle Drops To $299 At Sony Style
10/17/09 SOCOM: Confrontation To Receive Cold Front Add-On Pack
10/17/09 Alpha Protocol Needs Time To "Fulfill Its 'AAA' Potential"
10/16/09 Borderlands First DLC: "A Full-Fledged Expansion"
10/16/09 Uncharted 2 Sales Estimates: 1 Million Sold In First Week
10/16/09 Study: Impulse Purchases Amongst Gamers On The Rise
10/16/09 Wells On Platform Debate: Gaps Depend On The Developers
10/16/09 Kojima On Zone Of The Enders 2: "I Can Promise A Sequel"
10/15/09 Sucker Punch: inFamous Development Faced Obstacles
10/15/09 SCEA Confirms 250GB PS3 Slim For November 3
10/15/09 More Demon's Souls Copies Incoming
10/15/09 Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition Giveaway Is Complete
10/15/09 Spec Ops Mode Replaces Campaign Co-Op In MW2
10/15/09 Study: Relation Between Video Games And Attention Disorders
10/15/09 Assassin's Creed Costume: Be Altair For Halloween
10/15/09 Naughty Dog Accidentally Confirms Cross Game Chat?
10/14/09 PlayStation Home Activity Doubles In Past Six Months
10/14/09 Tekken 6 Viral Campaign: New Video, Tekken Talk Revealed
10/14/09 Kojima Welcomes "New Thinking" Of Young Rising Staff
10/14/09 Charming RTS Mushroom Wars Available Tomorrow On PSN
10/14/09 LEGO Rock Band: Full Soundtrack List
10/14/09 Madden NFL Arcade Pummels PSN/XBLA In December
10/13/09 inFamous 2 Unofficially Confirmed?
10/13/09 Uncharted Prequel Announced, Save Data Incentives
10/13/09 Naughty Dog On Uncharted 2 Acclaim, Strong Female Characters
10/13/09 Splatterhouse Reemerges, Now Set For Q3 2010
10/13/09 Yakuza 3 US-Bound, Courtesy of Sega?
10/13/09 Quantic's Cage Talks Nudity, QTEs, Quality In Heavy Rain
10/13/09 Pachter On Brutal Legend: "It's Going To Be Profitable"
10/12/09 Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Giveaway: PSXE Treasure Hunt!
10/12/09 Designers Must Walk A Fine Line When Reinventing The IP
10/12/09 Yamauchi Eyes The Competition "From A Distance"
10/12/09 Uncharted 2 "Next-Gen Filter" Comically Exaggerated
10/12/09 Ready At Dawn Prepping "Game Development Platform"
10/12/09 Tekken 6 Trophies Emphasize Scenario Campaign Mode
10/12/09 Bayonetta Japanese TV Ad: "Non-Stop Climax Action!"
10/11/09 New Action Title Revealed: Scivelation
10/11/09 Public Beta For ModNation Racers May Drop Before December
10/11/09 Mass Effect 2 Headed To PS3 After All?
10/11/09 God of War III Delayed...For One Day!
10/11/09 News Flash: DJ Hero Incentives, GH5, IL-2, and Marvel UA2 content.
10/11/09 Resistance 3 Billboard Spotted
10/10/09 Uncharted 2: 80,000 Polygons Used For One Character
10/09/09 Little To No Frame Rate Issues In Assassin's Creed II PS3
10/09/09 Play Uncharted 2 Demo, Get A Shot At The Fortune Hunter Edition
10/09/09 Gunnar Optiks Present Futuristic "Gamer Glasses"
10/09/09 White Knight Chronicles Sequel: Info And Screens Revealed
10/09/09 Growing Concern Over PlayStation 3 Version Of Bayonetta
10/09/09 Tekken 6 Strikes Gold, Online Multiplayer Details
10/08/09 Racing Games Shining Brightly So Far This Generation
10/08/09 A Crack In Time Officially Goes Gold
10/08/09 Capcom Holding "Top Secret Event" For Dark Void
10/08/09 Rumor Debunk: God Of War Collection Still Set For Fall
10/08/09 GameStop: Midnight Launch Fun For Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend
10/08/09 Yamauchi Talks GT5 Visuals: "Better Than Reality"
10/08/09 Tony Hawk: Ride Soundtrack Revealed
10/08/09 Analyst Predictions: PS3 Wins Monthly Battle, Industry Way Up
10/07/09 Rumor: EA's New Project Based On Jack The Ripper
10/07/09 Crytek UK Has A New FPS...But It Isn't TimeSplitters 4
10/07/09 Digital Retail To Outstrip Traditional Sales In Three Years?
10/07/09 U2 Wants A Piece Of The Music-Based Video Game Pie
10/07/09 FIFA 10 Smashes Records In Europe
10/07/09 Uncharted 2 Ad And Promo Campaigns Kicking Off Everywhere
10/07/09 PSN Content Now Available For Purchase On Amazon
10/06/09 EyePet Discussed, Eight Days And The Getaway 3 Still Alive
10/06/09 Gearbox: Borderlands Won't Be As "Boring" As Fallout 3
10/06/09 Pre-Order MAG At 7-Eleven, Receive Recruitment Kit
10/06/09 Activision Never Wanted Call Of Duty To Go "Modern"
10/06/09 Four New PSN Games Discovered?
10/06/09 EyePet Not Ready To Play Until 2010 In North America
10/05/09 Sony Needs To To Execute A Full Holiday Press
10/05/09 Pachter: Uncharted 2 "Matters," Will Boost PS3 Sales
10/05/09 Sony Has Put Pressure On Polyphony To Release GT5
10/05/09 Rumor: Sony's Motion Sensing Tech Called "Sphere"
10/05/09 Sony's Tretton: "We Can Play On A Worldwide Basis"
10/05/09 Modern Warfare 2 US Gameplay Causing Controversy
10/04/09 PSXE Poll Update: PSP Go Fails To Generate Much Interest
10/04/09 Tim Schafer's TV Appearance: Good Plug For Brutal Legend
10/04/09 Doom 4 Has Been In Development For Over A Year Already
10/04/09 More Retail Evidence Spotted For 250GB PS3 Slim
10/03/09 News Flash: Thexder Neo, IL-2 PSP, New Red Faction DLC
10/03/09 Kristen Bell Returns To Voice Cast For Assassin's Creed II
10/03/09 WarDevil Features "Hollywood-Grade" Graphics At 60FPS?
10/03/09 News Flash: Guitar Hero, SNK Classics, The Beatles: RockBand
10/02/09 Jobe Would "Love To Do A War Of The Monsters Remake"
10/02/09 Demon's Souls Update: NA Servers Go Live On October 6
10/02/09 EyePet Trophies: Teaching Songs, Daily Challenges, More
10/02/09 GameStop: Midnight Launch, Prizes For Modern Warfare 2
10/02/09 GT5 Damage Should Be "Perfect" For Rally And NASCAR
10/01/09 Matt Hazard: Blood, Bath And Beyond Set For PSN/XBLA
10/01/09 Nier The Same On PS3 And 360 Outside Of Japan
10/01/09 Naughty Dog May Consider A Jak And Daxter Reunion
10/01/09 Bayonetta Demo Hits Japanese Store Next Week
10/01/09 EA On Inferno To GoW Comparison: "A Great Compliment"
10/01/09 EA Sports Secures Their Own Spot In The PlayStation Store

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