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PS3 Archives - November, 2009

11/30/09 Cid Makes Standard Appearance In Final Fantasy XIII
11/30/09 Duke Nukem Back To Life In "D-Day?"
11/30/09 Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Coming In May
11/30/09 Pounce On Amazon's PS3/PSN Deal Before It Ends
11/30/09 PS3 Version Of The Last Remnant Remains In Doubt
11/30/09 Yakuza 3 Confirmed For Euro Release In March 2010?
11/29/09 PSXE Poll Update: Give Devs Their Artistic Freedom
11/29/09 King Of Fighters Movie Trailer: Surprise Or Destined Failure?
11/29/09 Blur Benefits From T&A Promo
11/29/09 SCEA, Best Buy Team Up For Sweet PS3/HDTV Bundle
11/28/09 Collectors Editions For Downloadable Games: Good Or Bad?
11/28/09 PS3 Off To A Fast Holiday Start
11/27/09 Ubisoft Confident 3D Gaming Will Become The Standard
11/27/09 Splash Damage Hires PS3 Experience For Brink Project
11/27/09 Lords Of Shadow Wasn't Always A Castlevania Title
11/27/09 Call Of Duty Series Rakes In $3 Billion
11/27/09 BioWare's Future: "We're Definitely Doing The PS3"
11/27/09 LBP "Leerdammer" Update Is The "Biggest Ever"
11/26/09 Will Exposed PS3 Power Result In Even More Exclusives?
11/26/09 Mystery Ubisoft Title On The Horizon
11/26/09 Leaked FFXIII Details Confirms 1080p CGI Resolution?
11/26/09 PS3 Slim Black Friday Bundle Deals: $299 Goodness
11/26/09 Tekken 6 Patch Improves Stability
11/26/09 Wada: Square-Enix Preparing For The Big Industry Shift
11/25/09 Capcom Reveals Final Fight: Double Impact For PSN
11/25/09 Uncharted 2 Free DLC: "The Fort" Multiplayer Map
11/25/09 Mercs Franchise Lives Within EA
11/25/09 Red Dead Redemption Rides Onto Shelves This April
11/25/09 Bioware Community Swells Thanks To Dragon Age: Origins
11/25/09 "Nothing Set In Stone" For Far Cry 3
11/24/09 ACII's First Week Sales: "Overwhelmingly Positive"
11/24/09 Play Battlefield 1943, Win Code To Test Bad Company 2
11/24/09 Pre-Order Darksiders, Get Exclusive Bonus Content
11/24/09 Just Cause 2 Launch Date Confirmed
11/24/09 EA Montreal Shifts Focus To Bigger, "HD-Quality" Titles
11/24/09 Devs Standing Firm On Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Rules
11/24/09 SCEA, Sackboy Sign Up To Assist Obama's New Campaign
11/23/09 Sega, Maxim Select Bayonetta Look-Alike Winner
11/23/09 Pandemic Goes Out With An Office Space Printer Bash
11/23/09 Bayonetta Demo Lands In NA/EU On December 3
11/23/09 Bungie's First PS3 Game Will Make A Big Splash In 2010
11/23/09 What Is Zipper Interactive's Mystery PS3 Project?
11/22/09 PSXE Poll Update: Playing Online Is A Mixed Bag
11/22/09 Uwe Boll's Next Project Is Bloodrayne 3: Warhammer...But Why?
11/22/09 Hirai Confirms "Premium Level" For PSN Subscriptions
11/22/09 First PS4 Tech Details Discovered?
11/21/09 Are New Firmware Updates Tough On Older PS3 Models?
11/20/09 Rumor Busting: Gears Of War 3 Won't Be Found On PS3
11/20/09 Sonic Costume Pack For Sackboy
11/20/09 Car Reviews on PSXE? What Do You Think?
11/20/09 Sony Maintains 13 Million Worldwide PS3 Sales Goal
11/20/09 Employ New Tactics In Team Racing Mode For SHIFT
11/20/09 Insomniac: Latest Ratchet And Clank Enjoys Fast Start
11/20/09 Update 3.10 Causing Freezing Issues?
11/19/09 Dispelling Gamer Stereotypes No Longer Requires Effort
11/19/09 3D Functionality Coming To PS3 Via Firmware Update
11/19/09 GameStop Black Friday Deals Include Console Bundles
11/19/09 Bioshock 2 Special Edition Features Retro Vinyl Flair
11/19/09 PS3 Enjoys Another Strong Month
11/19/09 Ninja Theory: "A Lot Of Pressure" For Being Exclusive
11/19/09 Would You Pay For A Premium PSN Subscription?
11/18/09 GameFly Now Selling New Games
11/18/09 Activision Tapping Third Team For Call Of Duty Series
11/18/09 Spike TV 2009 Video Game Awards: Nominees Revealed
11/18/09 Yamauchi On GT5: "We Are Releasing A Full Game"
11/18/09 Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Will Make You Cringe In 2010
11/18/09 Devs Working To Fix Lengthy Load Times In Bayonetta PS3
11/18/09 Official: MW2 Has The Biggest Entertainment Launch Ever
11/17/09 Robomodo Hints At Other Projects For Ride Peripheral
11/17/09 Demon's Souls Could Sell A Quarter Million This Year
11/17/09 Ubisoft Introduces "Uplay" Rewards
11/17/09 Rumor: Pandemic Closes Doors Today
11/17/09 Atlus To Publish 3D Dot Game Heroes In North America
11/17/09 Square-Enix Says: "Too Much IP Use Is Not Good"
11/17/09 PS3 Cross Game Chat Confirmed?
11/16/09 PS3 Firmware Update Delivers More Social Services
11/16/09 Sucker Punch Adding Online Multiplayer To InFamous Sequel?
11/16/09 Infinity Ward And Treyarch On "Completely Different Tracks"
11/16/09 GoWIII Receives The Power Of Metal
11/16/09 Bioware Explains Lack Of Nudity In Dragon Age: Origins
11/16/09 GTAV In Early Development, Script Is Over 1,000 Pages
11/15/09 PSXE Poll Update: Yes, FFXIII Is Indeed Coming Out Early
11/15/09 Infinity Ward Considering MW2 Spin-Off Featuring Ghost?
11/15/09 Namco Bandai's New RPG To Be Revealed In 5 Days
11/15/09 Silent Hill 2 Movie Still On Track
11/14/09 Naughty Dog Making Dev Tools For First And Third Parties
11/14/09 Square-Enix Not Ruling Out FFXIII DLC For Western Regions
11/13/09 PS3 Version Of Just Cause 2 Will Boast Exclusive Features
11/13/09 Quantic Dream Speaks Out On MW2 Terrorist Controversy
11/13/09 Final Fantasy XIV Classes: Early Details
11/13/09 Bioware On Mass Effect PS3: "We're Not Saying Anything"
11/13/09 PS3 Version Of Tekken 6 Topping 360 Version So Far?
11/12/09 Source: Final Fantasy XIII Hits US On March 8!
11/12/09 Kotick Exercises Stock Options, Walks Away With $20.2 Million
11/12/09 Uncharted 2 Dominates October, Brutal Legend Sells Well
11/12/09 Gran Turismo Franchise: 53 Million Copies Sold Worldwide
11/12/09 Yamauchi: Motorcycles In GT5 Is A "Possibility"
11/12/09 Gyllenhaal On Prince Of Persia Movie: "Real Classic Story"
11/12/09 Facebook Heading To PS3 Soon
11/11/09 What If Modern Warfare 2 Was A PlayStation 3 Exclusive?
11/11/09 Modern Warfare 2 Sales Projections Through The Roof
11/11/09 RE5 Alternative Edition Coming To US As Extra DLC
11/11/09 Borderlands Sequel Is A "No-Brainer"
11/11/09 New PS3 Campaign: "The 15 Reasons"
11/11/09 Modern Warfare 2 Hits Tech Issues Out Of The Gate
11/10/09 Square-Enix Done With US/European Versions Of FFXIII?
11/10/09 EA's Dedication To "Quality And Innovation" Holds True
11/10/09 Gearbox's Pitchford On Valve: An "Underlying Sleaziness"
11/10/09 Criterion Designing Next Need For Speed Installment
11/10/09 "Gates Of Hell" Dante's Inferno Demo Hits Next Month
11/10/09 Assassin's Creed II: Play Over 20 Years Of Ezio's Life
11/09/09 MAG Beta 4 Already In Full Swing
11/09/09 EA: Bad Company 2 A Definite "Rival" To Modern Warfare 2
11/09/09 PS3 Version Of Bayonetta To Be Better In North America?
11/09/09 Guerilla: Killzone 3 "As Early As 2010"
11/09/09 Dragon Age's Striking Similarities To Final Fantasy XII
11/09/09 Activision Starts Non-Profit Organization To Help Veterans
11/09/09 Infinity Ward: All This Bobby Kotick Hate Is Ill-Founded
11/08/09 Dhani Harrison Promises More Realistic Rock Band
11/08/09 Dragon Age Gift Giving Guide Located
11/08/09 Ubisoft At Center Of Another Review Score Scandal?
11/07/09 Rumor: Kane & Lynch Sequel Boasts Major Shock Value
11/07/09 Wipeout HD "Ad Update" Affects Graphics, Gameplay?
11/06/09 Protagonist Of Bioshock Becomes "Religious Figure" In Sequel
11/06/09 Take A Crack At The FFXIII Anagram
11/06/09 Call Of Duty Confirmed For 2010, NOT Set In World War II
11/06/09 Start Using Netflix On Your PS3 Today
11/06/09 Rumor: Dead Or Alive 5 Incoming, Set For PlayStation 3?
11/06/09 FFXIV Beta Codes In Japanese Copies Of FFXIII
11/05/09 Final Fantasy XIII Destined To Hit North America In Q1 2010?
11/05/09 Demon's Souls Director Talks Difficulty, Sequel Possibility
11/05/09 Bad Company 2 Beta: November 19, Exclusive To PS3
11/05/09 Insomniac: Ratchet Audience Is Older Than You Think
11/05/09 Buy Band Hero This Month, Get Chance To Meet Taylor Swift
11/05/09 Sony On Fresh IPs: "We Need To Promote New Ideas"
11/04/09 Media Molecule On A LBP Sequel: "We'd Never Do That"
11/04/09 Polyphony Started From Scratch With GT5, Spent $60 Million
11/04/09 Sony, Ubisoft Ink Marketing Deal For Assassin's Creed II
11/04/09 Braid Graces PSN On November 12
11/04/09 Car Bashing And Barrel Punching Return To Street Fighter?
11/04/09 Cage Praises Team ICO's Fumito Ueda
11/04/09 The Drought Is Over: RPGs Begin To Crowd The PS3
11/03/09 Naughty Dog Working To Optimize Uncharted 2 Engine
11/03/09 GameStop: PS3 Kept Its Momentum Through October
11/03/09 K-Mart Holiday Deals Include Bevy Of Great $39.99 Titles
11/03/09 Thor, Captain America Next On The Superhero List
11/03/09 Modern Warfare 2: Most Pre-Ordered Game In History
11/03/09 Bad Company 2 Beta Confirmed
11/03/09 Amazon Starts Holiday Rush By Discounting The Best
11/02/09 Prince Of Persia Official Movie Trailer Shows Promise
11/02/09 GameStop Offering New GoWIII Demo
11/02/09 Cage On Heavy Rain Sales Potential: "It's Up To Us"
11/02/09 More Content Partners Means More Content For PSN
11/02/09 Assassin's Creed II Goes Demo-Less
11/02/09 Insomniac: "We Have The Benefit Of Being Exclusive"
11/01/09 PSXE Poll Update: Who Says Stories Aren't Important?
11/01/09 FFXIII's Character Growth Mechanic: Crystalium System
11/01/09 Bayonetta PS3 Enjoys Mysterious Price Drop At GameStop
11/01/09 Custom Tracks Confirmed For GT5?

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