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PS3 Archives - December, 2009

12/31/09 French DJ David Guetta Unofficially Confirms DJ Hero 2
12/30/09 Naughty Dog: Co-Op Expansion For Uncharted 2 Possible
12/30/09 How Did Heavy Rain Become A PlayStation 3 Exclusive?
12/30/09 Guilty Gear Going Next-Gen Soon?
12/30/09 Study: Games Can Improve Thinking In "Complex Problems"
12/30/09 Rumor: GTAIV DLC Coming To PS3, Including One New Episode
12/29/09 Is The PS3 The Single-Player Console Of Choice?
12/29/09 Painkiller Developer And Epic Working On Bulletstorm
12/29/09 Sony Considering "Pay To Play" Titles For Network?
12/29/09 Dragon Age: Origins DLC Hits PS3 In "Late January"
12/29/09 New Call Of Duty In Vietnam, Heavier Emphasis On Story?
12/29/09 Square-Enix: "We Look More To Player Preferences"
12/29/09 Criterion Hints At New Racer For 2010?
12/28/09 How To Decide On A Console For Multiplatform Games
12/28/09 Sony Seeking Alternatives To Cell Architecture For PS4
12/28/09 Naughty Dog Not "Itching" For New Hardware
12/28/09 Batman Delay Effective, Publishers "Backed It 100%"
12/28/09 Character Tirade Proves Nier's Edge
12/27/09 PSXE Poll: inFamous Simply Doesn't Get Enough Attention
12/27/09 GameStop $20 Trade-In Promotion: What Qualifies?
12/27/09 Duke Nukem Forever Still Alive, Expect A "Strong Resurgence"
12/27/09 Evidence Of Test Drive High Life Found
12/27/09 Square-Enix To Announce A Game "Everyone Has Requested"
12/26/09 Holiday Loot: What Didja Get?
12/25/09 Analyst: Expect A "Teaser" For New GTA At E3
12/25/09 Content In New RE5 Edition Was Cut From Original
12/24/09 From All Of Us At PSXE To All Of You: Happy Holidays
12/24/09 Stuart Hughes Supreme PS3 Costs More Than Your House
12/24/09 Uncharted 2 Online: Double Cash And Santa Hats
12/24/09 Doctor: Athletes Should Avoid Games Before Competition
12/24/09 Final Fantasy XIII Boosts PS3 Sales By 216% In Japan
12/23/09 How To Improve Ourselves As Gamers In The New Year
12/23/09 Increase In Digital Distribution To Have Impact In 2010?
12/23/09 SCEA Brings Legendary Sports Games To The PSN
12/23/09 GT Creator Yamauchi Drives In 25-Hour Endurance Race
12/23/09 Modern Warfare 2 Patched, Multiple Issues Addressed
12/23/09 Aliens vs. Predator Hunter Edition Confirmed For US
12/23/09 PixelJunk Shooter Proves Most Popular
12/22/09 What Makes Bayonetta Worthy Of Such High Praise?
12/22/09 No More Hockey Titles For 2K Sports?
12/22/09 Assassin's Creed II DLC Was Originally Included In Game
12/22/09 Q1 Blockbusters Scare Off Promising Capcom Titles
12/22/09 Last Rebellion Enters 2010 RPG Fray
12/22/09 FF Versus XIII: CGI And In-Game Visuals Are Identical?
12/21/09 Ghost Recon Mystery Deepens Again
12/21/09 Guerrilla: Gaming Will Be Very Different In Ten Years
12/21/09 Premium PSN Subscription: Well Worth The Investment?
12/21/09 MAG Golden, Beta Goes Public Soon
12/21/09 Crytek: Piracy Has Hurt PC-Only Games
12/21/09 Final Fantasy XIII: The Ultimate PS3 Seller In Japan
12/20/09 PSXE Poll Update: Spike VGA Awards Did It Right
12/20/09 Chloe Explains Why Uncharted 2's Voiceovers Ruled
12/20/09 Sam Getting Serious Again, Third Entry Coming In 2010
12/20/09 Borderlands Getting More Vehicles?
12/19/09 God Of War Collection Will Release In Europe...Sort Of
12/18/09 Sega Wins Australia Appeal, Aliens vs. Predator Rated
12/18/09 Poll Suggests Majority Of Gamers Want PS4 Over New Xbox
12/18/09 Pre-Order Heavy Rain, Land First Chronicles Episode
12/18/09 ModNation Racers Beta Starts Today
12/18/09 Yakuza 3 Features Nearly Five Hours Of Cut-Scenes
12/18/09 FFXIII Hits 1 Million Sold Mark In Japan...On First Day!
12/17/09 The Holiday Season: Egg Nog And Gaming Gifts
12/17/09 Will Heavy Rain Shatter The Traditional Video Game Mold?
12/17/09 SCEA: "We Have Not Forgotten About The GoW Fans"
12/17/09 BioWare Evasive Concerning Mass Effect 2 On PS3
12/17/09 SCEA Announces Sodium One, Home's Ambitious MMO
12/17/09 PS3 Already Set For True 3D Viewing
12/16/09 Video Games Live And PBS Team Up For 2010 Special
12/16/09 Travel To Cybertron In Newest Transformers Title
12/16/09 FFXIV Beta Test Set For "A Later Date"
12/16/09 Life-Sized Plasma Cutter For Dead Space 2 Collectors?
12/16/09 Heavy Rain: Playable Demo, Future Episodes Confirmed
12/16/09 PSN Newsletter Confirms FFVIII Is "Coming Soon"
12/15/09 Report: PS3 "At Or Near Tipping Point For Profitability"
12/15/09 Trophy Listing For Final Fantasy XIII
12/15/09 G4TV Awards: Uncharted 2 Dominates Competition
12/15/09 Pirates Of The Caribbean LBP Level Kit Priced, Dated
12/15/09 Rocksteady: Arkham Asylum Setting Can't Be Used Forever
12/15/09 Retailers Selling FFXIII Early In Japan, Screenshots Abound
12/15/09 Sony's Holiday Gift: "Perfect Additions To Your PS3"
12/14/09 Tony Hawk Not Shying Away From Future Ride Efforts
12/14/09 Dante's Inferno Sequel A Possibility
12/14/09 Forgotten Sands Details And Preview Trailer Unveiled
12/14/09 A New Force Will Be Unleashed In 2010
12/14/09 Sony Toyed With Interesting Ideas For PS3 Slim Model
12/14/09 Dante's Inferno Demo Locks In At 60FPS During Gameplay
12/13/09 PSXE Poll Update: PS3 Ad Surge Noted And Appreciated
12/13/09 Square-Enix Confirms Collectors Edition For Final Fantasy XIII
12/13/09 Arkham Asylum 2 Confirmed, More Villains Await
12/13/09 ESRB Reveals Currently Unannounced PS3 Exclusive?
12/12/09 Spike VGA Awards: Uncharted 2 Lands Top Honors
12/12/09 Gamers Disappoint, Uncharted 2 Sales Much Too Low
12/11/09 NA Release Window For GT5 Narrows To "Summer 2010"
12/11/09 Nier Details: Twisting Storylines, Bloody Combat, More
12/11/09 Australian Ban Of Aliens vs. Predator Sparks Controversy
12/11/09 New RE5 Alternative Edition Outfits Will Turn Some Heads
12/11/09 Tony Hawk: Ride Face-Plants, Sells Less Than 114,000
12/11/09 Resonance Of Fate Demo Lands Later This Month
12/10/09 Home Director Hints At "Mini-MMOs" For PlayStation Home
12/10/09 Just Cause 2 Pre-Order Bonus Goodies
12/10/09 NPD: PS3 Boasts 88% Growth, Still Edged Out By 360
12/10/09 PlayStation 3 Is Metacritic's Platform Of The Year
12/10/09 Time Names Modern Warfare 2 The Best Game Of 2009
12/10/09 Sackboy Ready To Brave The Pirates Of The Caribbean
12/10/09 Dead Space 2: Isaac Speaks, Multiplayer Included
12/10/09 PS3 Version Of Dante's Inferno Will Be The "Divine Edition"
12/09/09 PlayStation: It Has Always Been About The Games
12/09/09 Report: 40 Million Gamers To Embrace 3D TVs By 2014
12/09/09 EA Sports Announces New IP In 2010
12/09/09 Woo On Stranglehold: "We're Making That Into A Movie"
12/09/09 Brutal Legend Hammer Of Infinite Fate DLC Detailed
12/09/09 Yakuza 4 Gets March Japanese Launch
12/09/09 24kt Gold PS3 Slim Can Be Yours For A Nominal Fee
12/08/09 Smithsonian To Unveil The Art Of Video Games Exhibit
12/08/09 First Dead Space 2 Image, Isaac Sports Aggressive Look
12/08/09 Famitsu Review Of FFXIII Leaked
12/08/09 Schafer: More DLC, "Tuning Patches" For Brutal Legend
12/08/09 The Dragon Rises In The US: Yakuza 3 Confirmed For March
12/08/09 PS3 Firmware Update 3.15 Brings PSP Minis, Data Transfer
12/07/09 Ubisoft: ACII Is "Very Different" From The Competition
12/07/09 NPD Predictions Place PS3 Ahead Of 360 For November
12/07/09 Own The Authentic Devil May Cry 4 Red Queen Blade
12/07/09 Heavy Rain's Artistic US Box Art
12/07/09 Sega To Utilize Bayonetta Critical Acclaim In Promotion
12/07/09 Tecmo Takes PS3 Exclusivity Away From Quantum Theory
12/07/09 EA Officially Announces Dead Space 2
12/06/09 PSXE Poll Update: Next To Drake, Killzone 2 Is Top Dog
12/06/09 New Tomb Raider Boasts Multiplayer?
12/06/09 Biggest PSN Download Ever Clocks In At 8-10GB
12/06/09 Final Fantasy XIII Import Pre-Orders Tops This Generation
12/05/09 Scivelation Story, Setting Details
12/05/09 Someone "Will Probably Do" A Final Fantasy VII Remake
12/04/09 inFamous Drops To $39.99, Gigawatt Blades Coming Free
12/04/09 White Knight Chronicles Lands US Release Date
12/04/09 EA Sports Debit Card Introduced With Rewards Points
12/04/09 Grand Theft Auto Won't Become An Annual Tradition
12/04/09 SCEA Publishing Flower Developer's New IP For PSN?
12/03/09 Take-Two Will Continue To Pursue Borderlands
12/03/09 Bayonetta Sexes Up PSN, Call Of Duty Classic Arrives
12/03/09 Take-Two Forced To Push "AAA" Title Out Of 2010
12/03/09 EA CEO: Mirror's Edge 2 Would Face Design Decisions
12/03/09 GT Academy 2010 Begins In Europe On December 17
12/02/09 THQ To Handle DreamWorks Games For Quite Some Time
12/02/09 New Medal Of Honor Confirmed, Will Not Be Set In WWII
12/02/09 FFXIII Takes 50 Hours Even For "Experienced Players"
12/02/09 PixelJunk Shooter Confirmed For December 10
12/02/09 FIFA 10: Fastest Selling Sports Video Game Ever
12/02/09 New FFXIII Info Includes Weapon, Mission Details
12/01/09 So...What's A PlayStation 3?
12/01/09 Dante's Inferno Demo Confirmed, Hits PSN Before XBL
12/01/09 Ubisoft Prepping Two Large DLC Packs For Assassin's Creed II
12/01/09 Lightning's Thigh Graces UK Cover Of Final Fantasy XIII
12/01/09 Black Friday Puts PS3 Demand "At An All Time High"
12/01/09 Rumor: Like LBP, ModNation Racers Is PSP-Bound
12/01/09 Heavy Rain Set To Launch In February?

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