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PS3 Archives - February, 2009

02/28/09 Killzone 2 Trophy List Revealed
02/27/09 Street Fighter Movie KO'd By Critics
02/27/09 Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Priced At $20 For PSN/XBLA/Steam
02/27/09 Sony Update: Stringer Assumes Command, Hirai Heads New Division
02/27/09 PS3 Price Drop To Coincide With Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?
02/27/09 Chinese Source: $100 PlayStation 3 Price Cut By May
02/26/09 Some GameStops Doing Midnight Launches For Killzone 2
02/26/09 Game Crazy Has "5 Tickets To Terror" For Resident Evil 5 Fans
02/26/09 Free Realms Enters Closed Beta, Register Now For Open Beta
02/26/09 FPS Controller For PS3 Revealed
02/26/09 Killzone 2 Sets First-Party Pre-Order Record For PS3
02/25/09 Attention Gamers: Hot Girls Aren't Beyond Your Grasp
02/25/09 Warhawk Command Centre Opens Its Doors In PlayStation Home
02/25/09 Assassin's Creed 2 Set In Venice?
02/25/09 Dermatologists Identify "PlayStation Palm" Skin Condition
02/25/09 EA: Industry Learning To Release Top Titles Year-Round
02/25/09 FFXIII On Track For 2009 In Japan, Demo Is One Hour
02/25/09 Retailers Breaking KZ2 Street Date?
02/25/09 Sony Stats Update: 20 Million PSN Accounts, 4 Million Home Users
02/24/09 Sony Remains Firm: "Definitely No PS3 Price Drop" Planned
02/24/09 Naughty Dog, Insomniac Lend Help To God Of War III Devs
02/24/09 Daily Momentous Event: We Saw A Killzone 2 TV Commercial
02/24/09 Square-Enix Continues Eidos Pursuit, Snaps Up More Shares
02/24/09 Amsterdam Couldn't Handle Killzone 2
02/24/09 Heavy Rain DLC Confirmed, But Finishing Game Comes First
02/23/09 Two Million SFIV Copies Shipped, PS3 Version Tops In UK
02/23/09 Resident Evil 5: The Last Of Its Kind?
02/23/09 PSX Extreme Killzone 2 Demo Code Giveaway: Sign Up Now!
02/23/09 Lost Planet 2 Announced, PlayStation 3 Version In Question?
02/23/09 UK Player Sets World Record For Consecutive Wins In SFIV
02/23/09 Square-Enix Confirms E3 Attendance
02/22/09 Killzone 2 Earns GameTrailers Diamond Award: 10 Million Views
02/21/09 Why PlayStation 3 Owners Should Want Star Ocean: The Last Hope
02/20/09 Heavy Rain Director: We Don't "Desperately Need" Hollywood
02/20/09 FFVII: AC Blu-Ray Compatible With NA PS3s, English Voices Included
02/20/09 PlayStation 3: Lost And Found
02/20/09 Sony: PS3 Passes 21 Million Sold
02/20/09 Codemasters Unveils Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
02/20/09 LittleBigPlanet Has A Big Night At The 12th Annual IAAs
02/19/09 Does The PSN Have A More Mature Userbase Than Live?
02/19/09 flOw, Flower Creator: "It's The Renaissance Of Video Games"
02/19/09 Yakuza 3 Demo Hits Japanese PSN
02/19/09 God Of War III Confirmed For 2009?
02/19/09 Nielsen: PS3 Attracts Hardcore Group, Wii Attracts Young Boys
02/19/09 Ratner Shelves God Of War Movie
02/19/09 Okami, Viewtiful Joe Creator: "Western Developers Are Superior"
02/19/09 USA Today Gives You One Last Shot At The Killzone 2 Demo
02/18/09 D3Publisher Working On "Retro" Matt Hazard For PSN/XBLA
02/18/09 Guerilla "Investigating Co-Op" For KZ2 Downloadable Content
02/18/09 Midway And Ubisoft Team Up To Produce The Wheelman
02/18/09 MGO Scene Expansion Details: Raiden And Vamp Playable
02/18/09 Sex Returning To God Of War III?
02/18/09 Mandatory Trophy Rule For PS3 Software Clarified
02/18/09 European PSN Finally Receiving Street Fighter II HD Remix
02/17/09 Yakuza 3 Nets 38/40 From Famitsu
02/17/09 RE5 Bonus Disc: High-Def Blu-Ray On PS3, Standard DVD On 360
02/17/09 Terminal Reality's Infernal Engine: A "Development Breakthrough"
02/17/09 Another Honor For Kojima: GDCA 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award
02/17/09 DICE Announces Battlefield: Bad Company 2
02/17/09 Killzone 2 Director: PlayStation Home Support Is "Likely"
02/17/09 Red Mile Failing, Hereos Over Europe Release Doubtful?
02/17/09 More Info Found For Dante's Inferno
02/16/09 How Important Are Game Reviews?
02/16/09 The Capcom Unity Card Now Available
02/16/09 God Of War III's Design Achievements: "It Takes Years"
02/16/09 Does Anybody Really Care About The PlayStation 4 Right Now?
02/16/09 Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets Platinum Treatment Next Month
02/16/09 Square-Enix Explains Eidos Interest
02/16/09 Legendary Cars Pack For Paradise Dropping This Thursday?
02/15/09 PSXE Poll Update: Final Fantasy VII Is Indeed Legendary
02/15/09 Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Assaults PSN On March 5
02/15/09 Complete Flower Trophy Listing, All Secret Flower Locations
02/15/09 Syphon Filter 5 Already In The Works?
02/14/09 Activision To Sue EA Over Publishing Rights To Brutal Legend?
02/14/09 Killzone 2 DLC "Soon After" Release?
02/13/09 Dragon Quest IX Delay Could Push Back Final Fantasy XIII?
02/13/09 God Of War III Epic Scale Trailer, Confirmed To Be Real-Time
02/13/09 Street Fighter IV Hits 86,000 Sold On Japanese Launch Day
02/13/09 Game Informer Issues Fresh God Of War 3 Gameplay Details
02/13/09 Wanted: Weapons Of Fate Demo Arrives On PSN In March
02/12/09 Ubisoft Obtains Rights To The Wheelman From Midway?
02/12/09 Rock Band 2 Sells 2 Million, Still "Weaker Than Expected"
02/12/09 New Pacific Rift Demo For The PSN
02/12/09 Square-Enix Seeks Eidos Acquisition
02/12/09 Midway Files For "Reorganization"
02/12/09 Demon's Souls Caps Impressive First Week Of Sales In Japan
02/11/09 Hybrid Movie/Game Blu-Ray Discs Coming For PlayStation 3
02/11/09 SCEA Ushers In "PSN Spring Fever"
02/11/09 The Godfather II Slated For April 7
02/11/09 Sega Teams With Rebellion For New Aliens vs. Predator Title
02/11/09 Acquiring Free Radical Gets Crytek Closer To Console Market
02/11/09 Sony: What $50 Gets You On The PSN
02/10/09 Wanted Producer: Saying Multiplayer Is Essential Is A "Bad Joke"
02/10/09 "Unlockable Mode" Headed To RE5?
02/10/09 Jaffe Wants Eat Sleep Play To Work On A New Indy Game?
02/10/09 Hideo Kojima To Deliver GDC Keynote
02/10/09 EA On Dante's Inferno: "Dead Space Meets God Of War In Hell"
02/10/09 Real-Life Faith Poses In Mirror's Edge-Themed Photoshoot
02/10/09 Study: Racing Games Increase Desire To Purchase Cars
02/09/09 Uncharted 2 Producer: More Realism, Emotional Attachment
02/09/09 Rumor: Just Cause 2 Set For Q3 2009
02/09/09 Ready At Dawn Developing New PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 IP
02/09/09 Namco Pulls Splatterhouse From Developer Bottlerocket?
02/09/09 Edge Killzone 2 Review: A Disservice To Game Consumers
02/09/09 Dead Rising 2 Confirmed For PS3
02/09/09 MLB 09: The Show: Even More Visually Sparkling Than MLB 08
02/08/09 PSXE Poll Update: Metal Gear Solid 4 Is The Chosen Favorite
02/08/09 PlayStation 3: Most Discussed Console In Video Game History?
02/08/09 Rumor: Dead Rising 2 Set In Vegas?
02/08/09 Far Cry 2 Patch Features "Hardcore" Mode, Weapon Rebalancing
02/07/09 Another Add-On Pack For Paradise: Cops And Robbers
02/07/09 GoWIII Hits Cover Of Game Informer
02/06/09 Sony: PS3 Sales Curve Will "Far Outlast" That Of The PS2
02/06/09 LucasArts Terminates Development On Next-Gen Indiana Jones
02/06/09 Tecmo Talks PS3, Quantum Theory
02/06/09 Killzone 2 Demo Now Available For GameStop Pre-Order Customers
02/06/09 Japanese Retailers Can't Keep Demon's Souls In Stock
02/06/09 Modern Warfare Sequel Confirmed?
02/05/09 The Punisher: No Mercy Assaults PSN This Spring
02/05/09 Can PS3 And PC Users Get Along In DC Universe Online?
02/05/09 Konami's Profits Rise $2.56 Billion, MGS4 Sells 4.5 Million
02/05/09 Bionic Commando Swings Into May
02/05/09 Will RE5's "Tank" Controls Keep The Game From Elite Status?
02/05/09 Killzone 2 Tops 1 Million Pre-Orders, Demo On EU PSN
02/05/09 Sony On Economic Condition: "We Simply Have To Suffer A Little"
02/04/09 Uncharted: The Gears Of War Killer?
02/04/09 America's Next Top Model Finalist Leaps Into Game Art
02/04/09 Killzone 2, Demon's Souls Hit Amazon Japan's Top 10 List
02/04/09 Famitsu Details Street Fighter IV Downloadable Content
02/04/09 EA: Mirror's Edge, Dead Space Reach 1 Million Plateau
02/04/09 EA Forked Over $35 Million To Secure Player Licenses For Madden
02/04/09 Valve Replies To L4D PS3 Rumor
02/03/09 Analysts: Some Publishers May Slash $59.99 Software Price
02/03/09 Crytek Rescues Free Radical
02/03/09 EA: Mass Effect Sequel Is Multiplatform
02/03/09 Breaking News: The PlayStation 3 Didn't Die In 2007
02/03/09 Prototype Set For Release In June
02/03/09 Home To Receive SFIV, RE5 Updates
02/02/09 Killzone 2's Mainstream Appeal Should Spur PlayStation 3 Sales
02/02/09 Activision CEO Spills Beans On Currently Unannounced DJ Hero
02/02/09 EA Snags Bourne Via 10-Year Deal
02/02/09 PlayStation Home: Rising Success By The Numbers
02/02/09 2K Preparing New Multiplayer Title
02/02/09 Killzone 2 Demo Arrives On European Store This Thursday
02/02/09 Capcom DENIES "Action Control" Option For Resident Evil 5
02/01/09 Your Gaming Pet Peeves
02/01/09 PSXE Best Of The Best Poll Update: God Of War II Is Tops
02/01/09 PS3 Exclusive Under Siege Revealed
02/01/09 Rumor: PS3 Version Of Tekken 6 To Have Exclusive DLC

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