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PS3 Archives - March, 2009

03/31/09 Current PlayStation 3 Drops To $299, New Model Announced
03/31/09 Madden NFL 10 Dated, "Draft Experience" Detailed
03/31/09 World At War Map Pack 1 Tops One Million Downloads
03/31/09 Saints Row 2 Expansion Exposed, Tera Patrick Included
03/31/09 Square-Enix: FFXIII Will Push The PlayStation 3 To The Max
03/31/09 G.A.N.G. Awards Honor Dead Space, Afrika, LittleBigPlanet
03/30/09 Just Cause 2: Promising Info Revealed
03/30/09 Naughty Dog: What Do You Want In An Uncharted 2 Collectors?
03/30/09 Ivent: Strength Of The Sword Is A PS3 Exclusive PSN Title
03/30/09 SCEA: PlayStation 3 Price Drop Rumors Are False
03/30/09 Sony Finally Focusing On PS3 Software
03/30/09 EA Featuring Heavyweight Legends In Fight Night Round 4
03/30/09 Gran Turismo 5 Releases "When It Makes The Most Sense"
03/29/09 Do Gamers Respect Sony More Than Microsoft?
03/29/09 PSXE Poll Update: MGS4 Is The Choice Of PlayStation 3 Owners
03/29/09 Study: Shooters Can Enhance Vision, "Contrast Sensitivity"
03/28/09 FFXIII Update: Story Complete, Graphics at 80%, No DLC
03/28/09 Sega Seeks Greater Worldwide Appeal
03/27/09 Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer To Feature 6000 Characters On Screen?
03/27/09 Sony: Big Announcement Next Week?
03/27/09 Shareholders Accept Square-Enix's Bid For Eidos
03/27/09 The Pornstar And The Gaming Nerd: A Match Made In Heaven?
03/27/09 Is Modern Warfare 2 A New Call Of Duty, Or A New IP?
03/27/09 Killzone 2 Patch 1.21 Detailed
03/26/09 GDC 09: Sony Offers Huge Incentive For PSN Exclusivity
03/26/09 Cheat In KZ2, Lose Your PSN ID?
03/26/09 GDC 09: Raiden To Be The Hero Of A New Metal Gear?
03/26/09 Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time Discovered
03/26/09 GDC 09: Mass Effect 2 Still A Possibility For PlayStation 3?
03/26/09 Ace Combat Winging Back To Sony?
03/25/09 GDC 09: Modern Warfare 2 Confirmed For November 10
03/25/09 GDC 09: The Last Remnant PS3 Gone?
03/25/09 Rumor: OPM Gives God Of War III A Fall 2009 Launch Date
03/25/09 Insomniac To Unveil Ratchet And Clank Future Sequel Soon?
03/25/09 GDC 09: Hideo Kojima To Announce New Game At E3
03/25/09 GDC 09: Team ICO Remains Mute On New Title
03/25/09 Curt Schilling Retires, Begins New Career In Gaming?
03/25/09 Resident Evil 6 A Long Ways Off
03/25/09 GDC 09: Games, Movies Racing Towards 3D Evolution
03/24/09 Analysts Debate: Is This The Last Console Generation?
03/24/09 Namco Prepping Katamari Tribute For Japanese PSN
03/24/09 GDC 09: The Agency, DC Universe Online Set For 2010
03/24/09 Generational Clash Causing Major Rift Between Gamers
03/24/09 Resistance 2 Patch Details Announced
03/24/09 EA Teases Madden 10 By Unveiling First Official Screenshot
03/24/09 GDC 09: Ivent's Strength Of The Sword Revealed For PS3
03/24/09 Cross Edge Confirmed For US Release
03/23/09 Is The PS3 The Most Reliable PlayStation In History?
03/23/09 "Warhawk In Space" Coming Our Way?
03/23/09 Advent Children Blu-Ray Set For June In North America
03/23/09 Max Payne 3 Announced
03/23/09 Need For Speed Shift Launch Date Set
03/23/09 God Of War III Collectors Confirmed, What Content Do You Want?
03/23/09 PlayStation Home: Welcome To Xi
03/23/09 Incognito's Dylan Jobe Forms New Studio: Lightbox Interactive
03/22/09 PSXE Poll Update: Killzone 2 Is The Prettiest Of The Pretty
03/22/09 GDC Rumors: Price Drops, SotC Online, Legend Of Dragoon Remake?
03/22/09 LittleBigPlanet Will Continue To Expand
03/22/09 PSN Bandwidth Fee Lets Media Take Another Swipe At The PS3
03/21/09 Square-Enix's New LA Studio: What Are They Working On?
03/21/09 Insomniac Preparing Resistance 2 DLC, Patch Details
03/20/09 New Leading Lady For Ghostbusters Game: Alyssa Milano
03/20/09 "Zipper Technology" Exposes God Of War III's Brutality
03/20/09 Capcom "Investigating Other Platforms" For Lost Planet 2
03/20/09 Square-Enix Established In LA, Planning A "New Experience"
03/19/09 Microsoft Should Stop Talking About The PlayStation 3
03/19/09 New Pain DLC Imminent, Patch To Enable Online Play
03/19/09 Kojima Adopts New Title At Konami
03/19/09 PlayStation 3 System-Selling Software: Current And Future
03/19/09 New FFXIII Gameplay Combat Details
03/19/09 Sega Announces Yakuza Milestones
03/19/09 Capcom: Games More Popular Than Music, Movies In UK
03/18/09 Gamers Relying More On Advertising Than Inherent Quality?
03/18/09 Game Writer, Story Designer Rhianna Pratchett Opens Website
03/18/09 Q Games To Announce New PixelJunk Title Next Week
03/18/09 Accumulated PS3 Price Cut Evidence
03/18/09 Godfather II Gets New Multiplayer Mode On Launch Day
03/18/09 Devil May Cry Milestone: Capcom Ships 10 Million Worldwide
03/17/09 Does Sony Listen To The Gamers?
03/17/09 Capcom Bringing More PS1 Classics To The Network
03/17/09 Rumor: New PS3 Bundle Hitting Target Stores Next Week?
03/17/09 Mass Effect 2 Not Coming To PS3?
03/17/09 EB Games Rumor: PS3 Price Drop Set For Next Week
03/17/09 UPDATE: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Confirmed!
03/16/09 Sega: Aliens RPG Suspended, Alpha Protocol Slips To October
03/16/09 RE5 Explodes On The Sales Charts
03/16/09 Qore Ep. 10 Features Burnout, Riddick, Alpha Protocol, More
03/16/09 Valkyria Chronicles DLC Detailed
03/16/09 Flower Couldn't Possibly "Look The Same On Any Other System"
03/16/09 Sony: Developers Just Want The PS3 To Be Free
03/16/09 Batman: Arkham Asylum CE Details, Batarang Included
03/16/09 Capcom: Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2 Scheduled For 2010
03/15/09 PlayStation 3: Home Of The Groundbreaking Exclusive?
03/15/09 PSXE Poll Update: Metal Gear Solid 4's Storyline Is Unmatched
03/15/09 RE5 Versus Mode Available, Capcom Defends Its Position
03/15/09 "Scary" Killzone 2 Ads Cause Backlash
03/14/09 Dwayne Johnson On Doom Movie: "An Example Of What Not To Do"
03/13/09 Metal Gear 5 Unveiled In April Or May?
03/13/09 2K Confirms: Bioshock 2 Scheduled For PS3, 360 And PC
03/13/09 Downloadable Content Allowing Developers To Slack Off?
03/13/09 Burn Zombie Burn! Details, Including Multiple Game Modes
03/13/09 Game Informer Issues Bioshock 2 Info
03/12/09 Are More PS3 Exclusives Imminent?
03/12/09 EA CFO Expects Longer Console Lifespan, More Price Cuts
03/12/09 Killzone 2 Passes 1 Million Sold Mark
03/12/09 Activision Files For "Sing Hero" Patent
03/12/09 Sony: Blu-Ray, Free Network Are PlayStation 3 Mainstays
03/12/09 GameStop Used Deal This Weekend
03/12/09 Unlockable RE5 Costume Revealed: Sheva Strips Down
03/11/09 Sony Explains Their View Of The Digital Download Debate
03/11/09 Tecmo To Unveil New PS3 Exclusive?
03/11/09 PlayStation 3 Gets Benefit Of New NBC Universal Deal
03/11/09 RE5 Promotion: Gather Body Parts, Win African Vacation
03/11/09 Take-Two: GTAIV Sales Split Almost 50/50 Between PS3/360
03/11/09 Crystal Defenders Releases For PSN/XBLA In Japan
03/10/09 Atelier Rorona Revealed In Dengeki As A PS3 Exclusive
03/10/09 Sony Amps Up Advertising Campaign?
03/10/09 Rumor: GTAIV Lost And Damned Content Headed To PS3
03/10/09 Insomniac Honored Again, New Project Is A PS3 Exclusive
03/10/09 Bioshock 2 Mystery: "Whatever It Is, It's Taking Our Daughters"
03/10/09 SOCOM: Confrontation Set To Launch In Europe, New Patch Details
03/09/09 PlayStation 3 Analysis: Episode 1
03/09/09 Burn Zombie Burn Blazes Onto Network On March 26
03/09/09 What Happened To Afrika?
03/09/09 Is PS3/PSP Connectivity Important?
03/09/09 Rumor: Activision Prepping Hard Rock: Van Halen And Band Hero
03/09/09 Mad Max: A "Hybrid Game" That's Still A Few Years Off
03/09/09 Konami Hiring For New Metal Gear Title
03/08/09 Backwards Compatibility May Return To The PlayStation 3
03/08/09 PSXE Poll Update: Killzone 2 Met The Hype, Tops In The FPS World
03/08/09 Wanted: Weapons Of Fate: A Surprise?
03/08/09 Capcom, GameStop Team Up For RE5 Launch Party
03/07/09 Top 5 Games For 2009/2010
03/07/09 Square-Enix: Game Stories Can Be More Effective Than Movies
03/06/09 Square-Enix Directors Take Voluntary 15% Pay Cut
03/06/09 inFamous Set For June, Demo Imminent
03/06/09 Killzone 2 Update Patch Addresses Controller "Dead Zones?"
03/06/09 BlazBlue: Calamity Announced For Summer 2009
03/06/09 GDC Game Design Challenge Tackles Sex, Autobiography
03/06/09 Team ICO To Reveal New Project At GDC Or E3 2009?
03/06/09 Yakuza 3 Powers PS3 To #1 In Japan
03/05/09 Do More Gamers Now Choose The PS3 Over The 360?
03/05/09 Guerilla Will Accept Suggestions For Killzone 2 DLC
03/05/09 Bioshock 2 Teaser Site Prompts Sequel/Prequel Confusion
03/05/09 Why An FFVII Remake Wouldn't Be A PS3 Exclusive
03/05/09 Ubisoft: "No Plans" To Release World In Conflict On Consoles
03/05/09 Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits: First Details
03/05/09 Sony Prepping PlayStation 3 Anniversary Bundle For Europe
03/05/09 Jaffe Rips On Opinion In Journalism, We Have A Response
03/04/09 Final Fantasy VII's Legacy Assured
03/04/09 Job Posting Confirms Champions Online For PlayStation 3?
03/04/09 Mercenaries Mode For RE5 Revealed
03/04/09 Assault On Dark Athena Demo "Coming Soon" To The PSN
03/04/09 Midway Wants To Keep Mortal Kombat
03/04/09 RE5 Producer Explains Decision To Use "Tank Controls"
03/04/09 SCEE Denies God Of War III Release Date On
03/03/09 Haters And Elitists Forget That Gaming Is Entertainment
03/03/09 Early Modern Warfare 2 Info Leaked?
03/03/09 EA Uses Topless Model To Promote Need For Speed: Undercover
03/03/09 Killzone 2 Control Debate Rages, Guerilla Considers Update
03/03/09 MLB 09: The Show Steps To The Plate
03/03/09 King Of Fighters XII Set To Release On PS3 This Summer
03/03/09 Valkyria Chronicles: "Something Looms On Gallia's Horizon"
03/02/09 View Your PS3 Trophies On, More Features Coming
03/02/09 Yakuza 3 Flies Off Shelves In Japan
03/02/09 Killzone 2: 4th-Fastest Selling Sony Title In The UK
03/02/09 Rumor: Resident Evil 2 Next-Gen Remake Possible?
03/02/09 Video Game Voice Acting On The Rise
03/02/09 MGO SCENE Information, MGS4 Trophies In The Works?
03/01/09 PSXE Poll Update: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Tops GTAIV
03/01/09 Infinity Ward: "Tell Us What You Want To See In Modern Warfare 2"
03/01/09 Rumor: Braid Headed To The PSN?
03/01/09 GameStop Issues Dates For Uncharted 2, God Of War III, More

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