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PS3 Archives - April, 2009

04/30/09 Patapon 2 Possible For PSN On PS3?
04/30/09 FFXIII Demo Runs In 720p, Cutscenes Will Display In 1080p
04/30/09 Detuned, Trash Panic Spotted For PSN
04/30/09 White Knight Chronicles News: NA Release, Game Details
04/30/09 Overlord II Invades In Late June
04/30/09 "Console Exclusive Content" Announced For Tekken 6
04/30/09 Reeves: PS3 Will Be The Dominant Console In 3-5 Years
04/29/09 Katamari Forever A PS3 Exclusive, Confirmed For US
04/29/09 PlayStation Blog: Sony's Best PR/Marketing Tool Yet?
04/29/09 inFamous Trophies, Stunts Detailed
04/29/09 Ubisoft's Top Revenue Generator In 2008: The PlayStation 3
04/29/09 New MAG Gameplay Trailer Surfaces
04/29/09 Ubisoft's Schedule: I Am Alive, Ghost Recon 4, Assassin's Creed 2
04/29/09 ESA CEO Contests Recent Game Addiction Study
04/29/09 Updates, Online Tournaments Detailed
04/29/09 FFXIII Has 1080p Native Resolution?
04/28/09 Amazon Restocks On Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 Bundle
04/28/09 The Return Of The E3 Booth Babe
04/28/09 Lost Planet 2 May Miss The PS3
04/28/09 Bioshock Film "In A Holding Pattern"
04/28/09 Rogue Warrior Resurfaces, Rourke To Voice Lead Character
04/28/09 Wada: "Japanese Games Industry Is A Closed Environment"
04/27/09 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Is The Favorite For Game Of The Year
04/27/09 Get $100 Off PS3 With A PS2 Trade-In
04/27/09 Beta Testing For The Agency, MAG Coming Soon?
04/27/09 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Announced, PSN Demo This Week
04/27/09 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Outlined, Beta Starts June 3
04/27/09 Eidos Will "Continue To Function Independently"
04/27/09 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Screens, Details Surface
04/27/09 Konami Drops Six Days In Fallujah
04/26/09 Will The PS3 Rule Each Genre?
04/26/09 PSXE Poll Update: Everyone Wants God Of War III!
04/26/09 Ubisoft Files For New Driver Trademark
04/26/09 Playable Joker Having Impact On PS3 Version Pre-Orders
04/26/09 Advent Children: End Of FFVII Compilation "For Now"
04/25/09 Square-Enix: "There Surely Will Be" Another Kingdom Hearts
04/25/09 EA Survey Suggests Multiplayer For Dead Space 2
04/24/09 Wet Finds New Home With Bethesda?
04/24/09 inFamous/Uncharted 2 Promo NOT A Best Buy Exclusive
04/24/09 Killzone 2 Japanese Launch: Around 20,000 Sold
04/24/09 Pre-Order InFamous, Gain Access To Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta?
04/24/09 PS3 Sells Over 60k, Surpasses Wii Sales for 2009, Thanks FFXIII
04/24/09 Madden 10 Cover Athletes Revealed
04/24/09 Red Faction GeoMod 2.0 Tech Needs Next-Gen Power
04/24/09 Bayonetta Design: Beauty And Danger
04/24/09 "Inside Source" Confirms PS3 And PSP Price Cut In "Early June"
04/23/09 Square-Enix Closes Eidos Deal
04/23/09 Home Ad Reveals: Joker Playable In Arkham Asylum PS3
04/23/09 Aliens vs. Predator Details Discovered
04/23/09 Radical: Prototype Delay Has Allowed Team To "Realize Vision"
04/23/09 Sony's "Electrifying Announcement" Involves New PS3 Exclusive?
04/23/09 Red Faction: Guerilla Demo Blasts Onto PSN, XBL Today
04/23/09 Rumor: Matthew McConaughey To Star As Nathan Drake?
04/23/09 First Images Of EA's Sports Complex In PlayStation Home
04/23/09 More Evidence For Star Ocean PS3?
04/22/09 Are Mature-Rated Games Usually The Most Popular?
04/22/09 LEGO Rock Band Details: Build Vehicles, New Challenges
04/22/09 NIS America To Announce PS3 RPG
04/22/09 Grandia Online Returns To Limelight, Demo Set For May
04/22/09 Final Fantasy XIII Demo Ignites PS3 Sales
04/22/09 Sacred 2 Gone Gold, Ready for Release
04/22/09 Geoff Keighley Confirms New Tony Hawk
04/22/09 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Practically Confirmed! Official Next Week!
04/21/09 Konami Ponders ZOE3. 'If You Want It, Tell Us'
04/21/09 PSOne Classics: FFVII, RE: Director's Cut, and MGS Coming to PSN?
04/21/09 Activision and 7 Studios Lose in Scratch DJ Case
04/21/09 LittleBigPlanet and Others See Major Price Drops (in UK)!
04/20/09 Guitar Hero: Van Halen Confirmed?
04/20/09 What The PSP-4000 Could Feature and Look Like
04/20/09 PlayStation Network Blackout for Maintenance
04/20/09 Bethesda Announces Fallout: New Vegas, First Details
04/20/09 PSP and Nintendo DS Battle Out, Nintendo Wii Sales Very Low
04/20/09 Sony Replies to Doom and Gloom, Many Cards Left to Deal
04/20/09 Fallout to Get Movie or TV Series?
04/20/09 Advent Children With FFXIII Demo Sells Hot
04/20/09 Sony: 'E3 2009 One of Our Biggest in 11 Years'
04/18/09 Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Emerges With May 12 Date
04/18/09 IGA: In-Game Advertisements Work
04/18/09 Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Demo "Getting Closer"
04/17/09 Team Bondi Seeking More Talent For L.A. Noire Production
04/17/09 Killzone 2 Patch 1.24 Detailed
04/17/09 SCEA: GoWIII Collectors May Not Include GoW Remakes
04/17/09 Syberia 3 Is Real, But A PS3 Release Is Up To Sony
04/17/09 Assassin's Creed 2 Set For Holidays, Confirmed For PSP
04/17/09 Free Championship Mode For Street Fighter IV Revealed
04/17/09 NPD March 09: System Hardware Sales Down
04/16/09 Unannounced PS3 Exclusives To Explode At E3?
04/16/09 First Smash Hits Set List Revealed, Vote For Next Unveiling
04/16/09 SCEA Update: "Delivering Exceptional Entertainment"
04/16/09 Special "Black Cloud PS3" Bundle Now Available For Purchase
04/16/09 GT5 Rumors: Release Date, Number Of Cars And Tracks
04/16/09 FFXIII Demo Fills 5GB Of HDD Space
04/16/09 Rockstar Showed Off Red Dead Redemption, Not GTAV?
04/15/09 Bayonetta The New Devil May Cry?
04/15/09 Game Informer Editor Confirms GTAV?
04/15/09 Fans Weigh In On God Of War III Collectors Content
04/15/09 Kojima Wants To Act As Producer For A Western Developer?
04/15/09 Sony: PS3 Has Better Attach Rate For Third-Party "Blockbusters"
04/15/09 Saints Row 2 Ultor Expansion Delayed One Week
04/15/09 SCEE President David Reeves Announces Retirement
04/15/09 Guerilla "Investigating" A Party System For Killzone 2
04/15/09 3D Realms Reaches Duke Nukem Forever "Milestone"
04/15/09 Sony Trademarks Starhawk
04/14/09 Jenny McCarthy: The Latest Gaming Bombshell
04/14/09 Killzone 2 DLC Set For April 30, Guerilla Passes On Co-op
04/14/09 FFXIII Demo Gameplay Leaked, Watch Live Battle Video
04/14/09 Konami Questions European Release For Six Days In Fallujah
04/14/09 Don't Sleep On Bayonetta This Fall
04/14/09 Final Fantasy XIII Demo Reveals Japanese Release Date
04/14/09 Sony: Unlike MS, We Have Confidence In Our First-Party Lineup
04/14/09 Premium DLC Coming For Magic Ball, Cuboid, Mahjong Tales
04/13/09 Netflix Service Going To A "Variety Of Platforms," PS3 Included?
04/13/09 Konami Spruces Up Karaoke Revolution For PS3, 360, Wii
04/13/09 FFXIII Advent Children Demo: Not Worthy Of The Fans?
04/13/09 Konami Reveals Vandal Hearts: Flames Of Judgment For PSN
04/13/09 PS3 News: inFamous Will Not Release in June. But instead...
04/13/09 Konami Announces Zombie Apocalypse, Set For Q2
04/13/09 The Legend Of Spyro 3D Movie Found
04/13/09 Xi Update: Secret Manhole Now Open
04/13/09 Japanese Sales: PS3 Tops Wii Again, PSP Battles DSi
04/12/09 Square-Enix No Longer The Perennial RPG Powerhouse
04/12/09 PSXE Poll Update: Kojima Likely Doing A MGS Prequel
04/12/09 End Of Eternity Environment, Gameplay Details Discovered
04/12/09 GameStop Employee: Silver Dualshock 3 Controllers In June
04/12/09 Game Informer: MAG Is A FPS
04/11/09 Activision Schedules Guitar Hero: Smash Hits For June 16
04/11/09 Sega Teases New Shining Force
04/10/09 Does The PS3 Have More Stable Software Than The 360?
04/10/09 Capcom Swears RE5 Versus Mode Wasn't On The Disc
04/10/09 EA Ships Brass Knuckles To Game Critics, Wants Them Returned
04/10/09 Midway's Money Almost Gone
04/10/09 Assassin's Creed 2: New Hero, More Weapons And Missions
04/10/09 Killzone 2 DLC Map Pack Revealed: Steel & Titanium
04/09/09 Why The PlayStation 3 Needs Gran Turismo 5 In 2009
04/09/09 SCEA: Killzone 2 Setting Sales Records
04/09/09 Valkyria Chronicles Producer Interested In Making A Sequel
04/09/09 Square-Enix Producer Kitase Hints At FFVII Remake
04/09/09 Eidos: Batman: Arkham Asylum Is "One Of Our Best Games Ever"
04/09/09 Collectors Editions Yield Lots Of Extra Cash For Developers
04/09/09 Home Updated: Godfather II Space, New Threadz, Xi Challenge
04/08/09 SCEA: Blu-Ray "Gaining A Lot Of Traction" For PlayStation 3
04/08/09 Pre-Order Infamous At GameStop, Get Exclusive Power
04/08/09 LittleBigPlanet Impending DLC Detailed
04/08/09 Sega Dates, Prices Valkyria Chronicles DLC For Europe
04/08/09 Nielsen: PS3 And 360 Used Far More Than The Wii
04/08/09 Gore Verbinski Leaves "Pirates" To Focus On "Bioshock"
04/08/09 Prototype Receives Release Date
04/07/09 Famitsu Reveals tri-Ace Multiplatform RPG: End Of Eternity
04/07/09 SCEA Details Big Wipeout HD Update
04/07/09 GoWIII Team: PS3 SPUs Faster Than "Many Developers Think"
04/07/09 LEGO Rock Band Rumor Returns
04/07/09 Sony's First-Party Division: As Large As MS And Nintendo Combined
04/06/09 Can The PS3 Ever Match The PS2?
04/06/09 Brutal Legend Designer Says "Don't Worry About Sales"
04/06/09 Ratchet And Clank Future: A Crack In Time Features Listed
04/06/09 Konami Reveals Six Days In Fallujah
04/06/09 More Likely To See Gran Turismo 5 On PS2 Rather Than PC?
04/06/09 Worms Wriggles Onto PSN
04/06/09 OPM UK Goes Hands-On With FFXIII, Magazine Scans Leaked
04/05/09 Will Square-Enix Announce Kingdom Hearts 3 At E3?
04/05/09 PSXE Poll Update: Yes, We Want Backwards Compatibility!
04/05/09 Leaked MAG Screenshots Found?
04/05/09 Sony: "Greener" Than Its Competition
04/05/09 PS3 Starting Chart-Topping Sales Trend In Japan?
04/04/09 Fast & Furious PS3 Prize Pack Winner Selected And Announced!
04/04/09 AMC's Mad Men To Become A Game?
04/04/09 Rumor: Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Spotted At GameStop
04/03/09 Mortal Kombat Developers Want To Separate From Midway
04/03/09 Volition Confirms Ostrich Hammer For Red Faction: Guerilla
04/03/09 No Guitar Peripheral For Brutal Legend
04/03/09 Guerilla: PS3 Is Easier To Develop For Than People Think
04/03/09 Rumor: Vehicles, Co-op Play Coming With Killzone 2 DLC?
04/03/09 SCEA: MAG Is "Basically Like An Iteration Of SOCOM"
04/02/09 A Price Cut Will Allow The PS3 To Surpass The Xbox 360
04/02/09 Gaming Successfully Battles Recession
04/02/09 MySoti Starts PlayStation Home/Real Life Crossover
04/02/09 Konami Snaps Up Saw License
04/02/09 Bayonetta To Be "Sadistically Hard?"
04/02/09 Activision: Modern Warfare 2 To Be "#1 Entertaniment Property"
04/02/09 LittleBigPlanet: 2 Million PSN Users, 725,000 User-Created Levels
04/01/09 THQ Tentatively Schedules Red Faction 4, Darksiders 2
04/01/09 Namco Lists Three New PS3 Titles
04/01/09 SCEA Details PS3 Firmware 2.70
04/01/09 Infamous To Boast Innovative, Diverse Musical Score
04/01/09 Tales Of Vesperia Headed To PS3?
04/01/09 EA Announces Premium Packs For The Godfather II
04/01/09 tri-Ace Multiplatform RPG: Square-Enix No Longer Ignoring PS3?

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