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PS3 Archives - May, 2009

05/31/09 PSXE Poll Update: Japanese Devs Should Stick To Their Roots
05/31/09 Activision Hypes Modern Warfare 2, Prepping Lots Of DLC
05/31/09 Duke Nukem Forever Was Never Coming To The PS3?
05/31/09 New God Of War III Gameplay Details
05/30/09 Mask Logo Indicates Lords Of Shadow
05/29/09 Advent Children PS3 Bundle Hits GameStop Next Week
05/29/09 Front Mission Evolved Site Goes Live
05/29/09 Rumor: Epic To Reveal New PS3 Exclusive At E3
05/29/09 LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Confirmed, Level Creation Included
05/29/09 2K Rep Clarifies: Bioshock 2 Set For Simultaneous Release
05/29/09 Gran Turismo 5 Coming To E3 After All?
05/29/09 SCEA: Sony E3 Press Conference Viewable In Home
05/28/09 EA's Moore: E3 Needs To "Regain Its Strut And Swagger"
05/28/09 White Knight Chronicles E3 Trailer Available Now!
05/28/09 Kojima Teaser Site: The Mask Appears
05/28/09 Ubisoft Working On Games For "Next Generation Of Systems"
05/28/09 Wolfenstein Confirmed For August 4
05/28/09 God Of War III Street Release Date: January 13, 2010?
05/28/09 Quantum Theory Slips Into 2010
05/28/09 PS3 Greatest Hits List Updated With MGS4, Prologue, DMC4, More
05/28/09 SplitFish Reveals New PS3 Controllers
05/27/09 Was Factor 5 Working On A Sci-Fi PS3 Exclusive?
05/27/09 Sony: inFamous Expectations Are High
05/27/09 Square-Enix Porting Final Fantasy XI To The PlayStation 3
05/27/09 Updates For Versus XIII, Agito XIII And The Third Birthday
05/27/09 Guitar Hero 5 Release Date, New Information Revealed
05/27/09 Famitsu Confirms New PlayStation 3 RPG From Koei
05/27/09 New Wipeout To Glide Into E3?
05/27/09 Nomura Mostly Done With FFXIII, New Trailer At E3
05/26/09 An Artistic Gaming Renaissance
05/26/09 New PlayStation 3 SKU Pops Up In Best Buy Database
05/26/09 Afrika Set For North American Release
05/26/09 Big Boss Makes Presence Felt At Kojima Teaser Site?
05/26/09 Analyst: EA Has Missed The Boat This Generation
05/26/09 Cole Costume For PlayStation Home Unlocked Soon
05/26/09 Jaffe's Game Won't Be Revealed At E3
05/25/09 The PS3 Is More Of A Party Machine Than The Wii
05/25/09 Quantic Dream Talks Heavy Rain, No Indigo Prophecy Sequel
05/25/09 Sony: You Can't Expect PSN Cards In Europe Any Time Soon
05/25/09 Fresh Details For A Crack In Time
05/25/09 New Stats Shed Light On Japanese Gaming Trends
05/25/09 Rumor: Square-Enix To Reveal Three New Titles At E3
05/22/09 PlayStation Store Updated: Demos, DLC, and More
05/22/09 Konami On E3 Announcements: "Revolutionary & Groundbreaking"
05/22/09 Upcoming Issue of Famitsu Confirms New MGS?
05/22/09 Konami Countdown Gives More Hints
05/21/09 Warner Prepping Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn's Quest
05/21/09 Watchmen: The End Is Nigh To Launch Alongside Movie
05/21/09 Fuel: The Least Restrictive Racer Ever?
05/20/09 Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil Going Digital Download?
05/20/09 Sony To Charge One All-Encompassing Fee For PSN Content?
05/20/09 Atlus To Publish Demon's Souls In US
05/20/09 THQ Reveals Corporate Warfare DLC For Saints Row 2
05/20/09 Resistance Home Space Tomorrow, In-Game Launching
05/20/09 Killzone 2 Flash And Thunder Map Pack Confirmed For June 11
05/20/09 Spielberg: 3D Gaming, Virtual Reality Will Replace Consoles
05/20/09 Zombie Apocalypse Detailed For PSN
05/19/09 PS3 Exclusives Will Continue To Leave The Competition Behind
05/19/09 Rumor: Ratchet And Clank DLC Coming SackBoy's Way
05/19/09 FFXIII Won't Make It This Fiscal Year?
05/19/09 Huge Unofficial Reveal: Project Trico Screenshots, HD Trailer!
05/19/09 Rumor: Capcom To Unveil Devil May Cry 5 At E3
05/19/09 Prepare For A Downpour Of Info And Media For Heavy Rain
05/19/09 Bethesda Confirms Fallout 3 DLC For PS3, More Content Planned
05/18/09 It's Sony's E3 To Lose
05/18/09 Amazon Issues PlayStation 3 Price Reduction...Kinda
05/18/09 inFamous Ad Hits Movie Theaters
05/18/09 3D Realms NOT Closed, Hope To Hold Onto Duke Nukem
05/18/09 Development Crew For Assassin's Creed II Triples In Size
05/18/09 UFC 2009: Undisupted Gets Midnight Launch At GameStop
05/18/09 High Voltage To Reveal New IP At E3
05/18/09 Skateboard Controller For Tony Hawk: Ride Revealed
05/17/09 Are Video Game Publishers Pushing A Social Agenda?
05/17/09 PSXE Poll Update: Expecting A PS3 Price Cut At E3
05/17/09 Rumor: Battlefield Heroes Heading To The PS3 And 360
05/17/09 Teaser Site For Kojima's New Project Now Live, Counting Down
05/16/09 Sigma 2 Demo Hits PSN During E3, Game Launches In Fall
05/16/09 More Evidence Of The PS3 Slim?
05/15/09 Time Talks Games And Economy...And Gets It Wrong
05/15/09 New Enhancements, Fixes Coming With Home Update 1.21
05/15/09 Play As Raiden In New MGS4 DLC?
05/15/09 Ninja Gaiden III For "Both Audiences"
05/15/09 Red Faction: Guerilla Multiplayer Demo Drops Next Week
05/15/09 Steven Spielberg Talks Games, Selling Dreamworks To EA
05/15/09 Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain "Can Only Be Done On The PS3"
05/14/09 Future Sleepers That Can't Be Ignored
05/14/09 End Of Eternity Becomes Resonance Of Fate In North America
05/14/09 Sony's Increased PS3 Sales Projection Hints At Price Cut
05/14/09 OPM Confirms Lost Planet 2 For PS3
05/14/09 NHL 10: Over 200 "Refinements," First-Person Fighting
05/14/09 Slim PlayStation 3 Photos Spotted, Sony Denies Everything
05/14/09 Sucker Punch: No PS3, No inFamous
05/13/09 Sony's Huge E3 Rumor Collection
05/13/09 GRIN: PSN And XBLA On A "Level Playing Field"
05/13/09 Hideo Kojima's New Project: Is It Tornado Outbreak?
05/13/09 Resistance 2 Patch 1.60 Detailed
05/13/09 MotorStorm Free DLC Coming, New Game Update Released
05/13/09 Advent Children Complete Hits North America On June 2
05/13/09 Sucker Punch: "The PlayStation 3 Is An Incredible Machine"
05/13/09 Final Fantasy Tactics On PSN In Japan
05/13/09 PSX Extreme Interviewed By Tech HotDish
05/12/09 inFamous, Quest For Booty PS3 Bundles Coming Soon?
05/12/09 Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Surpasses 3.3 Million Sold
05/12/09 Heavy Rain Details Set For May 22
05/12/09 "Gamer" Movie Shows Early Promise
05/12/09 Sony To Reveal "Redesigned" PlayStation 3 At E3?
05/12/09 Rumor: Uncharted 2, MAG Beta Tests Start During E3
05/12/09 Blu-Ray Proving To Be A Benefit For FFXIII Development
05/12/09 Kojima's New Game Announced In "T-Minus 3 Days"
05/11/09 Attention Sony: We Don't Need A Motion Sensing PS3 Remote
05/11/09 Sony: PlayStation Network To Expand Beyond The PS3
05/11/09 New Modern Warfare 2 Details Found
05/11/09 Best Buy Game Sale Starts This Week
05/11/09 Ex-3D Realms Member: "We Almost Pulled It Off"
05/11/09 Capcom Music CDs/iTunes Incoming
05/11/09 CyberConnect2 Currently Developing New PS3 Exclusive
05/11/09 Splash Damage Hyping "Genre-Breaking Killer App" For E3
05/10/09 PSXE Poll Update: inFamous Most Wanted This Summer
05/10/09 What To Expect From GoWIII At E3
05/10/09 Duke Nukem Forever Leaked Content Assaults Internet?
05/09/09 GTAIV Lost And Damned Coming To PS3 Later This Summer?
05/08/09 Wheelman Movie Confirmed, Diesel Takes Leading Role
05/08/09 New Evidence Hints At Twisted Metal?
05/08/09 inFamous Demo Shows Sly Cooper 4
05/08/09 Vector, NCOF Team Up To Combat Childhood Obesity
05/08/09 Sony's E3 Software List Revealed
05/08/09 Capcom Views PlayStation Platforms As Primary Software Sellers
05/07/09 Why Gaming Journalists Will Never Be Taken Seriously
05/07/09 Activision: Project Gotham Developer Reveals Blur At E3
05/07/09 Ghostbusters Developer Frustrated With Alternating Publishers
05/07/09 NIS America Announces Last Rebellion
05/07/09 Activision Announces Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, DJ Hero
05/07/09 EA Facing Another Lawsuit From NCAA Football Player
05/07/09 Activision Finally Officially Confirms Guitar Hero: Van Halen
05/07/09 Yakuza 4 Already In Development
05/07/09 Idea Factory, Gust, NIppon Ichi Team Up For PS3 RPG
05/06/09 inFamous Demo Now Available With Pre-Order Code?
05/06/09 Lost Planet 2 PS3 Possible After All?
05/06/09 Breaking News: DNF Developer 3D Realms Shuts Down
05/06/09 Three Exclusive Reserve Promotions For Prototype
05/06/09 Pre-Order MAG, GameStop Lists November 24 Launch Date
05/06/09 Pre-Order Brutal Legend, Get In-Game Tenacious D Guitar
05/06/09 Square-Enix Exploring Possibility Of Downloadable FFXIII Demo
05/06/09 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Timed PS3 Exclusive in Europe.
05/06/09 Huge Content Update For Home
05/05/09 Where Did All The PS3 Hate Go?
05/05/09 Kitase: Final Fantasy XIII Shouldn't Be Classified As A "JRPG"
05/05/09 SCEA To Bring "Tons Of God Of War III Footage" To E3
05/05/09 SCEJ Asks Gamers For Their Services
05/05/09 EA Redwood Shores Now Visceral, Emphasizes IP Focus
05/05/09 EALA Hiring For "Best Project We've Ever Worked On"
05/05/09 Special Guitars For Beatles: Rock Band
05/05/09 Crytek Giving Free Radical A "Future" And A "Chance To Grow"
05/05/09 Square-Enix Working On Both FFXIII Versions Simultaneously
05/04/09 Capcom Amps Up PSN Support
05/04/09 Huge MAG Reveal: Gameplay, Mechanics, Online Details!
05/04/09 Sega Bringing Bayonetta, Alpha Protocol To E3
05/04/09 Final Fantasy Versus XIII To Look Similar To Advent Children?
05/04/09 EA Prepping New Medal Of Honor
05/04/09 PlayStation 3 Tops Wii In Japan For Second Straight Month
05/04/09 Rockstar's PS3 Exclusive To Be Unveiled At E3?
05/04/09 More WKC Gameplay, Storyline Details
05/03/09 Vietnam, Cuba Are Possible Settings For Call Of Duty 7
05/03/09 PSXE Poll Update: Square-Enix Is Down, But Not Out
05/03/09 Hugh Jackman Talks About His Role In Origins Video Game
05/03/09 Fallout 3 PS3 May Finally Receive DLC
05/03/09 inFamous Already Spotted At Retailers
05/01/09 Namco Hires Bottlerocket Members To Finish Splatterhouse
05/01/09 Batman: Arkham Asylum Delayed
05/01/09 Valkyria Chronicles Ranking High On Current Sales Charts
05/01/09 PS3 Wii-Like Motion Sensing Remote Gets Unveiled At E3?
05/01/09 Need For Speed Undercover PS3 Gets DLC Early
05/01/09 Final Fantasy XIII Higher On A PS3 Owner's Priority List
05/01/09 Uncharted 2: More Details, Fan Questions Answered

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