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PS3 Archives - June, 2009

06/30/09 Pachter: Current Console Life Cycle To Be Longest In History
06/30/09 No Offline Multiplayer For Uncharted 2
06/30/09 Sony Signed Orders To Insure A July Launch For PS3 Slim?
06/30/09 NBA 2K10 Collectors Edition Celebrates Tenth Anniversary
06/30/09 Study: Female Gamers On The Rise, Online Gaming Steady
06/30/09 Cheaper, Slimmer 120GB PS3 On Tap?
06/30/09 Reserve Uncharted 2 At GameStop, Get Into Multiplayer Demo
06/29/09 Stop Yelling At Sony To Cut The Price Of The PS3
06/29/09 MAG Beta: Likely To Be Invite-Only And Restricted To Europe?
06/29/09 Full PS2 Backwards Compatibility To Return To PlayStation 3?
06/29/09 Burnout Paradise Update: Can You Attain Diamond Status?
06/29/09 THQ Explains How Layoffs Were Necessary For "THQ 2.0"
06/29/09 Tekken 6 Bundle Includes Specially Designed Joystick
06/29/09 New Features Planned For EU PSN
06/28/09 PSXE Poll Update: RPG Fans Have A Tremendous Showing
06/28/09 New Hitman Movie, Game Set For 2010
06/28/09 NIS America Working On Bringing Atelier Rorona Stateside
06/28/09 Best Buy Offering Two Sweet PlayStation 3 Bundles
06/27/09 Obsidian's Aliens RPG Is No More
06/27/09 Tecmo Offers More Quantum Details
06/26/09 Kojima Has MGS5 Ideas But Wants To "Create Something New"
06/26/09 New Suikoden Title Inbound For PS3?
06/26/09 Countdown To Square-Enix's New Game: What Is It?
06/26/09 Fate Of Michael Jackson's New Game Currently Unknown
06/26/09 PS3 Firmware 3.0: "A Huge Overhaul"
06/25/09 An Ode To Old-School Gaming
06/25/09 New Home Stats: 7 Million Users, Each Spend About 1 Hour
06/25/09 Report: Sony Could Roll Out "Expanded Network" Next Spring
06/25/09 BREAKING: Michael Jackson Dies of Heart Attack at 50
06/25/09 FFVII Re-Release: Proof That A Remake Would Be Lucrative
06/25/09 Square-Enix Sued For "Concealing Monthly Fees"
06/24/09 Bale Hasn't Been Asked To Do The Metal Gear Solid Movie
06/24/09 God Of War III Will Get More Polish
06/24/09 Analyst: Sony's Motion Tech "Superior From A Gaming Perspective"
06/24/09 Take-Two: Agent "Is Going To Be Very Fresh For Gamers"
06/24/09 Megan Fox Is A "Bad-Ass" At "Anything Mortal Kombat"
06/24/09 Infinity Ward Incorporating Fan Ideas Into Modern Warfare 2
06/24/09 Software Market To Hit Almost $92 Billion By 2015
06/23/09 Activision: We're In "The Best Competitive Position" Ever
06/23/09 Spiders Games Tackling PS3 Version Of Mars First
06/23/09 The Punisher: No Mercy Set For July 2
06/23/09 Network Update: 25 Million Users, 500 Million Content Downloads
06/23/09 Final Fantasy VII Downloaded Over 100,000 Times On PSN
06/23/09 Modern Warfare 2: Specially Designed Mode For Co-Op
06/23/09 GameStop Not Concerned About Digital Downloads...For Now
06/22/09 Tales Of Vesperia PS3 Gets Horde Of Exclusive Content
06/22/09 Online Service Battle: Network Outstripping Live
06/22/09 Tekken 6 Does Battle On October 27
06/22/09 Media Molecule Developing A New "AAA" PS3 Exclusive
06/22/09 FFXIV Beta May Launch This Fall?
06/22/09 2K/Apogee Court Filings Reveal The Name, "Duke Begins"
06/22/09 Tony Hawk: Ride Board Peripheral Is "Its Own Platform"
06/21/09 PSXE Poll Update: Killzone 2 Squeaks Past inFamous
06/21/09 Fat Princess Delayed, Next MotoGP Set
06/21/09 Michael Jackson Returns To Spotlight With New Video Game?
06/21/09 PlayStation Cloud Rumor Hits: A Social Service Like Facebook?
06/20/09 Midway: Next MK Will Be M-Rated
06/20/09 European Gamers Get GT5 In 2009, US Gamers Have To Wait?
06/19/09 Rumor: PS3 Slim To Be Unveiled At Tokyo Game Show
06/19/09 Sony Offers More Motion Sensing Technology Info
06/19/09 Sony, Analyst Issue Responses To Activision's Threat
06/19/09 Gran Turismo 5 Receives UK Date Of November 27
06/19/09 Ubisoft: Splinter Cell: Conviction Is "Never" Coming To PS3
06/19/09 Koei And Tecmo Merge, Are "Combining Titles"
06/18/09 In Defense Of Professional Video Game Critics Everywhere
06/18/09 Metal Gear Announcement Round-Up
06/18/09 Rumor: Bioware Secretly Working On New "AAA" IP?
06/18/09 Namco: Splatterhouse Won't Assault Shelves Until 2010
06/18/09 Retail Prices For Band Hero, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk: Ride
06/18/09 Wild ARMs 2 Likely Ready For PSN
06/18/09 New Qore Bonuses Include Spyro, High Velocity Bowling, More
06/17/09 Namco Museum Essentials PSN-Bound Next Month
06/17/09 Massive Home Update This Week
06/17/09 MGS4 Storyline Is A Measuring Stick, Not A Detriment
06/17/09 Modern Warfare 2 Will Be The "Best Experience" Possible
06/17/09 Midway Newcastle's Last Ditch Effort: Necessary Force
06/17/09 Afrika Gets Trophies In The US
06/17/09 Schafer: Brutal Legend Talent Threatening To Pull Out
06/16/09 MAG Beta Set For This Summer, Possibly Next Month?
06/16/09 Rumor: L.A. Noire Still A PS3 Exclusive
06/16/09 Call Of Duty: World At War Tops 11 Million Sold In 7 Months
06/16/09 Metal Gear Online Receives Character, Stage From MGS4
06/16/09 No Face-Button Punching For Fight Night, Might Come As DLC
06/16/09 Elite IV Winging To PS3, Xbox 360
06/15/09 Double Fine Replaces Dio With Tim Curry For Brutal Legend
06/15/09 Sony: PlayStation Home Is "Close" To Realizing Potential
06/15/09 Konami: Expect Metal Gear Announcements This Week
06/15/09 2K Prepping New Multiplatform FPS IP
06/15/09 id Software: "Surprised And Saddened" By DNF Failure
06/15/09 Kojima Clarifies Involvement With Rising, Peace Walker
06/14/09 Hostility Among Gamers Runs Rampant
06/14/09 PSXE Poll Update: Exclusives Reigned Supreme At E3
06/14/09 Final Fantasy Tactics Set For US PSN?
06/14/09 EA Is "Confident" That SHIFT Will Be Better Than Forza 3
06/13/09 Analyst: Modern Warfare 2 To Be Biggest Release Of 2009
06/12/09 Metal Gear Solid: Rising Won't Use Engine From MGS4
06/12/09 Lost Planet 2 Should Get Simultaneous PS3/360 Launch
06/12/09 Assassin's Creed 2 "Black Edition" Confirmed For Europe
06/12/09 GameStop White Knight Chronicles Release Date: March 1
06/12/09 EA Confirms Mirror's Edge 2
06/11/09 inFamous: Fastest Selling PS3 IP, In Top 5 For Exclusives
06/11/09 Sony's Motion Sensing Tech Can Extend To Most "Any Game"
06/11/09 Hirai Talks Motion Control, PSP Go, And Blu-Ray In The PS3
06/11/09 "Superman" To Grace Cover Of EA's NBA Live 10
06/11/09 Sucker Punch: Not The Biggest Fans Of Multiplatform
06/11/09 Overlord II Demo Available On PSN
06/11/09 Terminator PlayStation 3 Bundle Announced For Europe
06/10/09 Quantum Theory Is A Shooter "That Only Tecmo Can Make"
06/10/09 Metal Gear Solid: Rising Disappears Until E3 2010
06/10/09 DICE Working On Battlefield 3
06/10/09 Prototype PS3 Install Causing Issues, Patch Incoming
06/10/09 Newsweek On Six Days In Fallujah
06/10/09 Gran Turismo PSP Not Affecting GT5 Development Cycle
06/09/09 Microsoft Should Stop Taking Jabs At Gran Turismo
06/09/09 Rock Band: Green Day Confirmed?
06/09/09 Valve Makes It Plain: We Can't Handle The PlayStation 3
06/09/09 Sega Thanks Fans For Valkyria Chronicles Sales Surge
06/09/09 Modern Warfare 2 Aims To "Look Like A Real Action Movie"
06/09/09 Sony: Third-Parties Already Receiving Motion Sensing Kits
06/08/09 "Industry Sources" Indicate PS3 Price Cut In August
06/08/09 Sony To Shift The PSN Into Overdrive
06/08/09 Itagaki Blasts Developer Hideki Kamiya And Bayonetta
06/08/09 Activision Sues EA For Brutal Legend Rights, Schafer Responds
06/08/09 Publishers, Developers Toast The Success Of E3 2009
06/08/09 Naughty Dog Prepping Uncharted 2 Upgrades, Fixes
06/07/09 Is Heavy Rain The Start Of An "Intellectual" Genre?
06/07/09 PSXE Poll Update: God Of War III Is On Everyone's Mind!
06/07/09 Dirt 2 Demo In September, Screen Capture Feature For PS3
06/07/09 Research Study: Just About All Teens Play Video Games
06/06/09 EA: We're Not Doing Another Godfather
06/06/09 Killzone 2 Space, "Visari Throne Room," Coming To Home
06/05/09 Why Sony's E3 Conference Took Home The Crown This Year
06/05/09 Lost Planet 2 PS3 Demo Confirmed
06/05/09 Takken 6 Facts: 40 Fighters, New "Scenario Campaign Mode"
06/05/09 Meet The Voice Actor For Kratos
06/05/09 Metal Gear Solid PSN Release Information Announced
06/05/09 EA: "We've Maxed Out The 360," But Not The PS3
06/04/09 Sony: A PS3 Price Drop "Wasn't Part Of The E3 Plan"
06/04/09 Take-Two Explains Agent Exclusivity, Has "Confidence In Sony"
06/04/09 EA Says Sony's Motion Tech Is More Accessible Than Microsoft's
06/04/09 Yamauchi On GT5: "We Can Release It Any Time We Want"
06/04/09 Wolverine DLC Unleashed
06/03/09 Heavy Rain Update: No "Game Overs," Won't Hit Until 2010
06/03/09 Eye-Opening God Of War III Details
06/03/09 Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Confirmed For PS3, Xbox 360
06/03/09 Kojima Not Directing Rising, Only "Fully Involved" With PSP MGS
06/03/09 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Now Live
06/03/09 The BBC Journalist's Big Game Was: The Last Guardian
06/03/09 Crytek: Crysis 2 "Similar" On PlayStation 3 And Xbox 360
06/02/09 Rachel Joins Playable Cast Of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
06/02/09 Darksiders Goes To War On January 1
06/02/09 Harmonix: The Beatles Not Compatible With Other Rock Bands
06/02/09 E3 2009: PlayStation Home Update
06/02/09 E3 2009: Uncharted 2, MAG, God Of War III Thrill The Crowd
06/02/09 E3 2009: "Play, Create, Share" Brings Us ModNation Racers
06/02/09 E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV Footage, Exclusive To PS3!
06/02/09 E3 2009: Rockstar's PS3 Exclusive Revealed As Agent
06/02/09 E3 2009: 100 New PS2 Titles In 2009, 35 PS3 Exclusives
06/02/09 Sony's E3 2009 Conference - Live Updates
06/02/09 Will Mass Effect 2 Explode At Sony's Press Conference?
06/02/09 Rumor: Sony Reveals 3 New IPs Today
06/02/09 Demon's Souls Official Website Opens, Online Gameplay Details
06/01/09 Crysis 2 Confirmed For Consoles
06/01/09 Metal Gear Solid: Rising Announced For PS3, Xbox 360
06/01/09 No GT5 In 2009, Arkham Asylum PS3 DLC To Be Free
06/01/09 inFamous Encourages Addictive Personalities
06/01/09 As E3 Returns To Form, Industry Continues To Rise
06/01/09 ESRB Listing Hints At Final Fantasy VII US PSN Release

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