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PS3 Archives - July, 2009

07/31/09 Braid Confirmed For PSN
07/31/09 EA: Our Home Participation Has "Exceeded Expectations"
07/31/09 Projection: PS3 Will Surpass 360 By January 2011?
07/31/09 Original Call Of Duty Heads Onto PSN, XBLA "Eventually"
07/31/09 SOE: The Agency Is Still On Track
07/31/09 Shatter Was Second Most Downloaded Title On PSN
07/30/09 Dark Void Is The Latest Title To Avoid The Holiday Competition
07/30/09 Valve: "There's Never A Real Moral Choice" In Video Games
07/30/09 Reduction Of PS3 Manufacturing Costs Going "As Planned"
07/30/09 Atlus Launches Demon's Souls Site
07/30/09 "Cross-Talk" Between LBP PSP And LBP PS3 Confirmed
07/30/09 White Knight Chronicles: 2nd Wave Update, Sequel Confirmed
07/30/09 Uncharted 2 Website Launches, Beta Numbers Revealed
07/29/09 PaRappa Developer Returning To PlayStation Family?
07/29/09 New Ratchet To Feature "A Lot More Replay Value"
07/29/09 Square-Enix Can't Comment On Star Ocean PS3 "At This Time"
07/29/09 Amazon Gives GT5 A December 29, 2009 Launch Date
07/29/09 DJ Hero Renegade Edition Revealed
07/29/09 No Big Shock: inFamous Film Inevitable
07/29/09 Deep Red And Metallic Blue PS3 Controllers Revealed
07/29/09 SOCOM: Confrontation Is The Biggest Online Game On PS3
07/28/09 GameStop $20 Sale: Street Fighter IV, F.E.A.R. 2, More
07/28/09 Criterion Had Planned Skate Or Die 3
07/28/09 Modern Warfare 2 To Render At A Sub-HD 600p Resolution
07/28/09 Record Of Agarest War Writhing Onto PlayStation Network
07/28/09 Analyst: Content Is "King," Gamers To Spend Less On DLC
07/28/09 Ubisoft Banking On PSP To Increase Assassin's Creed Sales
07/28/09 Square-Enix Bringing Hefty Lineup To GamesCom 2009
07/27/09 GameFly Has Listing For Star Ocean: The Last Hope On PS3
07/27/09 New Assassin's Creed 2 "White Edition" Spotted
07/27/09 Follow-Up To The Darkness Confirmed But Starbreeze Not Involved
07/27/09 Fat Princess Weighing In This Week
07/27/09 Naughty Dog: DLC For Uncharted 2 More For Multiplayer
07/27/09 Rockstar: Don't Expect A GTA Movie Any Time Soon
07/27/09 PS3 Firmware 2.80 Secret Discovered
07/26/09 Will Games Keep Getting Shorter?
07/26/09 PSXE Poll Update: Motion Sensing Will Have A Positive Impact
07/26/09 Will PSN Cards Finally Arrive In Europe On October 1?
07/26/09 Bioware Pokes Fun At MW2 Prestige Edition Unboxing
07/25/09 Sigma 2 Collectors Edition Features 80-Page Book
07/25/09 ESRB Issues Sexual Content Details For Dragon Age: Origins
07/24/09 The Force Unleashed "Ultimate Sith Edition" Announced
07/24/09 Hirai To Deliver "New Strategy For 2009" Keynote At TGS
07/24/09 Pre-Order Arkham Asylum, Receive Exclusive Challenge Map
07/24/09 Iron Man 2 Details, Comic Author Matt Fraction Penning Script
07/24/09 Uncharted 2: No Euro Release Date Yet
07/23/09 Battlefield 1943 Smashes Records
07/23/09 Wet Developer Didn't Have A Lot Of Faith In Activision
07/23/09 Obsidian: Sex In Alpha Protocol Is "Satisfying And Tasteful"
07/23/09 Castle Crashers Confirmed For PSN
07/23/09 New Ratchet Will Deliver Toy Story 2 Visuals For Gaming
07/23/09 Guerrilla: We Need To "Reflect On What Is Actually Out There"
07/23/09 Ubisoft Weighs In On Motion Sensing, PS3 Price Cut
07/22/09 Borderlands Announced For October 20
07/22/09 Sony: In-Home Game Launching The Developer's Responsibility
07/22/09 The Saboteur Infiltrates Stores On December 8
07/22/09 Gearbox "Extremely Committed" To Aliens: Colonial Marines
07/22/09 Epic On Latest Unreal Engine: "We're Adding Great New Features"
07/21/09 EMA Retailer Of The Year: GameStop
07/21/09 Ubisoft: Conviction's 360 Exclusivity A "Business Decision"
07/21/09 Uncharted 2 Official Release Date, Pre-Order Incentives
07/21/09 Battlefield 1943 And Bad Company 2: Connected Somehow?
07/21/09 Insomniac Content With Remaining Exclusive To Sony
07/21/09 Wardevil Alive And Kicking, More Details Coming Soon
07/20/09 Pre-Order Ultimate Alliance 2, Play As The Juggernaut
07/20/09 PlayStation 3 Bundles Top Hardware Sellers at Best Buy
07/20/09 Killzone 2 Engine Being Utilized In Current Sony Projects?
07/20/09 Jake Gyllenhaal As The Prince Of Persia: First Official Shot
07/20/09 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Coming For The Holidays?
07/20/09 Uncharted 2 Slated For September, Michael Jackson SingStar?
07/20/09 Rumor: PS3 Slim To Come Bundled With Madden NFL 10?
07/19/09 Will Sony And Microsoft's Motion Sensing End The Wii's Reign?
07/19/09 PSXE Poll Update: The PS3 Slim May Be Imminent
07/19/09 Persona 5 In Development, Exclusive To PlayStation 3?
07/18/09 New York To Ban Texting, Gaming While Driving
07/17/09 EA Boss: Motion Sensing Technology "Will Be A Great Benefit"
07/17/09 Dissidia Demo, Wipeout HD Fury Expansion Next Week
07/17/09 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Set For October 6
07/17/09 EA On PS3 Price Cut: "It Has To Be Sony's Decision"
07/17/09 Bayonetta Playable At Comic-Con, Launch Date Announced
07/16/09 PSN Summer Sale: Wipeout HD, Savage Moon, Flock!, More
07/16/09 PlayStation Eye Already Has Facial Recognition Capability
07/16/09 Sony: Potential Of PlayStation 3 "Exciting" For Developers
07/16/09 Denis Dyack: "Multiple Consoles Are Slowing Us Down"
07/16/09 Major Home Update Features New Spaces, Mall Overhaul
07/16/09 New FFXIII Character Information
07/15/09 Flower Dev's New Project: "Something We've Never Seen Before"
07/15/09 Qore Episode 14 Boasts Assassin's Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, More
07/15/09 Why Is Heavy Rain Misunderstood?
07/15/09 Sega: Two Pre-Order Alpha Protocol Packs For Two Retailers
07/15/09 Japanese PlayStation Store Heading Towards Virtual Console?
07/15/09 Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition Priced: Hide Your Wallets
07/14/09 Activision: Wolfenstein Set For "Week Of August 17"
07/14/09 Cage On Motion Sensing: "Not The Direction I Want To Go"
07/14/09 Killzone 2 Update 1.28 Details
07/14/09 EA Clarifies: Two Separate Demos For Madden NFL 10
07/14/09 Next Grand Theft Auto May Hit For 2010 Holiday Rush
07/13/09 Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition: Night-Vision Goggles Included
07/13/09 BioWare Co-Founder: It Isn't Fair To "Poke Fun" At Sony
07/13/09 Fallout 3 DLC For PS3 Version Detailed, Set For September
07/13/09 Bioshock 2 Delayed, Take-Two Dominates In 2010?
07/13/09 Analysts: Software Slide In 2009, Price Cuts Probable
07/13/09 Capcom On SFIV: Sagat And Seth "A Little Stronger Than Expected"
07/13/09 Tales Of Vesperia Demo Up On Japanese Store
07/13/09 God Of War Fan Kit Starter Pack Details
07/12/09 PSXE Poll Update: "A Final Fantasy VIII Remake, Please!"
07/12/09 Michael Jackson Game Will Arrive: "Michael Loved Games"
07/12/09 Sony Not Currently Pursuing A Games-On-Demand Service
07/12/09 PS3 Slim Video Leaked: "It's Real"
07/11/09 Video Game To Battle Rising Tobacco Use Amongst US Soldiers
07/10/09 Multiple Developers Contributing To The Success Of Bioshock 2
07/10/09 God Of War Film Has Different Ending?
07/10/09 MLB 09: The Show Predicts: NL To End All-Star Game Winless Streak
07/10/09 God Of War III Devs Worried About Possible Ban In Australia
07/10/09 Modern Warfare 2 Officially Reclaims Call Of Duty Title
07/10/09 Game Of The Year Edition For LittleBigPlanet Confirmed
07/10/09 Popular 360 Exclusive Coming To PS3?
07/09/09 Hyping The Unhyped: 5 Games That Require Your Attention
07/09/09 Operation Flashpoint Gets PS3 Release Date In UK?
07/09/09 GameStop Offers Exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Collectors
07/09/09 Bioware Toying With Full Frontal Nudity In Dragon Age
07/09/09 Brutal Legend Metal Meltdown Features Gwar, Unholy Pink, More
07/09/09 Battlefield 1943 Charges Onto PSN
07/08/09 Third Mortal Kombat Movie Set To Go?
07/08/09 Singularity Shies Away From Blockbusters, Slips Into March
07/08/09 GameStop Sale: $100 Off Guitar Hero: World Tour Bundle
07/08/09 Free Update Will Add Face Button Controls To Fight Night
07/08/09 Team ICO: Aesthetic Appeal Is Crucial
07/08/09 Stringer On Kotick's Threat: "He Likes To Make A Lot Of Noise"
07/08/09 Bioware: "Really Exciting" To Work With The PlayStation 3
07/07/09 Is Licensed Music Primed For Gaming?
07/07/09 Rumor: PS3 Firmware 2.80 Delivered Option For 21:9 Gaming?
07/07/09 Agetec Distributing Way Of The Samurai 3 In North America
07/07/09 Nielsen: Game Playing, Used Game Sales Are Peaking
07/07/09 Yamauchi: Getting GT On The PSP Was "A Lot Of Work"
07/07/09 SOCOM 4, Syphon Filter 5 Rumor Gets Shot Down
07/06/09 Bayonetta Special Effects Design
07/06/09 Report: PS3 The "Primary Driver Behind Blu-Ray Sales"
07/06/09 GameStop Announces Fight Night Round 4 Tournament
07/06/09 Report: Japanese Game Market Drops 24% In 6 Months
07/06/09 A Crack In Time Pre-Order Goodies: Availability Explained
07/05/09 Sex Is A Part Of Games: Get Over It
07/05/09 PSXE Poll Update: Surprise, Surprise, FFVII Wins Again
07/05/09 Demon's Souls Launching On October 6, Deluxe Edition Detailed
07/05/09 SOCOM 4 Currently In The Works?
07/04/09 GameStop Taking FFXIII Pre-Orders
07/04/09 Best Buy PlayStation 3 Bundle Features Killzone 2, MGS4?
07/03/09 Qore Offers Incentives For Subscription Renewal
07/03/09 "The Espionage RPG" Launches On October 6
07/03/09 Tekken 6 Director: Happy To See Street Fighter "Make A Comeback"
07/03/09 Valve Looking For "Dedicated, Talented PS3 Guys"
07/02/09 Two New GTAIV DLC Episodes, GTAV In "Fiscal 2011"
07/02/09 Sony's Motion Tech: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
07/02/09 Sony "Promises" GT5 Will Release This Fiscal Year
07/02/09 "Entirely Possible" That Next Kingdom Hearts Won't Be KHIII
07/02/09 Tekken 6 Director: Unlockables Are "No Longer Useful"
07/01/09 Three DLC Packs For Guerrilla, First Hits On August 13
07/01/09 Capcom Classics Flood PSN Today
07/01/09 Full PS2 B/C For PS3 Via Firmware Update "In Next Few Weeks?"
07/01/09 Blue Omega Employees Laid Off
07/01/09 Uncharted 2: Online Cinema Mode, Film Moving Right Along
07/01/09 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2: Less Gore, More Gameplay Content
07/01/09 Zipper Reveals PMC Groups For MAG

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