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PS3 Archives - August, 2009

08/31/09 LEGO Rock Band Tracks Exportable To Rock Band 2
08/31/09 Platinum Games "Hard At Work" On Playable Bayonetta Demo
08/31/09 PS3 Slim Gains An Early Edge
08/31/09 God Of War Collection Confirmed: High Definition And Trophies!
08/31/09 FFXIV A Timed PS3 Exclusive, Will Have Subscription Fees
08/31/09 Sony Labels PS3 As A "Total Entertainment Solution"
08/31/09 GT5 Will "Very Probably" Have A Worldwide Simultaneous Launch
08/30/09 PlayStation Home: Come Inside And See What You're Missing
08/30/09 PSXE Poll Update: Ad Campaign + Price Drop = Victory
08/30/09 GameStop: Multiple Pre-Order Incentives For Brutal Legend
08/30/09 FFXIII Release Dates To Be Confirmed At TGS 2009?
08/29/09 GameStop: Trade In Fat PS3, Get $150 Towards PS3 Slim
08/29/09 A Crack In Time Gameplay Details, Playable Demo Confirmed
08/28/09 US Considering Universal Ratings System For Entertainment
08/28/09 Madden NFL 10 Online Numbers Go Through The Roof
08/28/09 Arkham Asylum: Officially The Greatest Superhero Game Ever
08/28/09 Gran Turismo 5 Beta Rumor Arises
08/28/09 PS3 Slim: Consumers Need To Strike As Early As Possible
08/27/09 Top Secret: Massive PS3 Exclusive Now On The Horizon
08/27/09 Rockstar: L.A. Noire Is Still Alive
08/27/09 GameStop Assigns FFXIII A June 21, 2010 US Launch Date
08/27/09 Infinity Ward Not Following In World At War's Footsteps
08/27/09 Sony's New PS3 Ad Campign: "It Only Does Everything"
08/27/09 Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Couldn't Possibly Run On Xbox 360
08/27/09 3D Dot Game Heroes Making Everyone Nostalgic
08/26/09 DLC Planned For Heavy Rain, But It's A "Complete Story"
08/26/09 Report: PS3 Slim Draws Half As Much Power As 60GB PS3
08/26/09 Capcom Teasing Big Software News For Tokyo Game Show
08/26/09 Fans To Crytek UK: "We Want TimeSplitters 4!"
08/26/09 Best Buy Deal To Prevent Old PS3 Exchanges For PS3 Slim
08/26/09 Square-Enix On FFVII Remake: "Maybe Some News At A Later Time"
08/26/09 BioWare Not Saying "No" To Mass Effect On The PS3
08/25/09 Beyond Good & Evil 2 "Placed On Indefinite Hold?"
08/25/09 Pandemic Studios Teasing Two Mystery Projects
08/25/09 Assassin's Creed II Isn't Intimidated By Modern Warfare 2
08/25/09 PS3 Firmware Updates: Fewer In Number, But More Content?
08/25/09 Sony Prepping Huge European Ad Campaign For PS3
08/24/09 Kaz Hirai Talks PS3 Slim, Price Drop Timing, Motion Control
08/24/09 Dev Time For Final Fantasy Versus XIII Faster Than FFXIII
08/24/09 Heavy Rain Writers Produce A Massive 2,000-Page Script
08/24/09 Platinum Hits Trio Features Three Of The PS3's Best
08/24/09 GT5 Damage Modeling Incomplete, Only "The First Step"
08/23/09 Why Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Must Top Your Wish List
08/23/09 PSXE Poll Update: Wavering Faith In Hollywood
08/23/09 Guitar Hero 5 DLC Not Backwards Compatible
08/23/09 GamesCom Brochure Confirms GT5 Releases This Year?
08/22/09 NPD: PS3 Price Cut Could Yield A 40-60% Sales Spike
08/22/09 Heavy Rain Has Estimated Launch Date Of February 1?
08/21/09 Kojima Working On New IPs, One He "Always Wanted To Make"
08/21/09 Private And Public MAG Beta Details
08/21/09 Sign Up For The LittleBigPlanet Water Beta Test
08/21/09 Blur Streaking Into US On November 3
08/21/09 Resonance Of Fate: Over 150 Hours Of Total Gameplay
08/21/09 DJ Hero Spins Onto US Shelves On October 27
08/20/09 Consumers Will Choose The PS3 Slim Over The Xbox 360
08/20/09 If We Ever Get A FFXIII Demo, It'll Be New And Downloadable
08/20/09 Subscribe To Qore, Get Into MAG Beta
08/20/09 Cage: Heavy Rain Is NOT Entirely Focused On QTEs
08/20/09 Kitase: FFXIII Main Storyline To Take "About 50 Hours"
08/20/09 Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta Confusion
08/20/09 Kojima And Co. Explain Decision To Put Peace Walker On PSP
08/19/09 Dark Void Lifs Off On January 12
08/19/09 Developers Cheer PS3 Slim And Corresponding Price Cut
08/19/09 PlayStation Home v1.3 Detailed, Slated For September
08/19/09 God Of War Pack Crashes This Year's Holiday Party?
08/19/09 Marvel: "No More Crappy Movie-Based Video Games"
08/19/09 Pachter: PS3 Price Drop May Force Microsoft To Act
08/19/09 Survey: Most Gamers Are Overweight And Slightly Depressed
08/18/09 PS3 Slim Questions Answered, Sony Says "No" To B/C
08/18/09 GamesCom 2009: Heavy Rain's Stunning New Trailer
08/18/09 Full GT5 Details: 1,000 Vehicles, 80 Courses, Online, More!
08/18/09 PS3 Slim: Unmasked In Full, Details And Videos Included!
08/18/09 PS3 Firmware Update 3.00 Detailed
08/18/09 EEDAR Weighs In On PS3 Price Drop
08/18/09 GamesCom 2009: PS3 Slim Revealed, Price Drop Confirmed
08/18/09 GamesCom 2009: Sony Conference Live Updates
08/17/09 Crytek Used The Spirits Within As Benchmark For CryEngine 3
08/17/09 Robin Williams Talks Online Gaming
08/17/09 LBP Game Of The Year Features ModNation Beta Voucher
08/17/09 Sony's GamesCom Announcements: One Day Early
08/17/09 Evidence Of A PS3 Price Cut Continues
08/17/09 Sony To Reveal Unannounced Title?
08/17/09 Pre-Order Numbers: Modern Warfare 2 Dominating
08/17/09 Crytek UK: New TimeSplitters Depends On Market Demand
08/16/09 Rumor: PS3 Price Cut And Backwards Compatibility Confirmed
08/16/09 PSXE Poll Update: Sex In Games Is Mostly Acceptable
08/16/09 A Crack In Time Progress Report
08/16/09 Another Hint That Gran Turismo 5 Will Launch This Year
08/15/09 Sony Adds A Splash Of Color And Style To The Dual Shock 3
08/15/09 Subscribe To Sports Illustrated, Get Madden NFL 10 FREE
08/14/09 MAG Officially Dated For North America
08/14/09 Polyphony Beefs Up Studio Staff
08/14/09 BlazBlue Headed To Europe With Additional Content
08/14/09 New Ad Boasts 160GB PS3 Price Cut
08/14/09 Valve Working On PS3? "No, Not In Any Real Way"
08/13/09 A Price Drop Will Spur The PlayStation 3 Past The Xbox 360
08/13/09 Army Of Two: The 40th Day Confirmed For January 12
08/13/09 Sony: The PS3 Is "The Most Complete Entertainment System"
08/13/09 Red Faction: Guerrilla Gets Expansive DLC Pack Today
08/13/09 Bayonetta To Run At A Sleek 60FPS On Both PS3 And Xbox 360
08/13/09 Free Dragon Age DLC: IF You Purchase The Game New
08/12/09 If Wolfenstein Outsells Madden...
08/12/09 PS3 Slim Rumors Intensify As Multiple Price Cuts Loom
08/12/09 Greed Corp: An Innovative Strategy Title For the PSN
08/12/09 MAG Beta Invites Going Out Now
08/12/09 Guitar Hero 2-For-1 Promotion Includes Free Van Halen Copy
08/12/09 New Scarface Title Set For Next Year?
08/12/09 "Difficult" PS3 Caused Haze To Fall Short Of Expectations
08/11/09 Rocksteady Studios Replaces IO As Hitman 5 Developer?
08/11/09 EA To Resurrect Road Rash, Wing Commander, Others?
08/11/09 Gran Turismo: Prologue Sells 4 Million
08/11/09 Hitman Producer Sets Sights On Just Cause Movie
08/11/09 Carmack: PS4 May Hit Shelves First, Optical Drive In Question
08/11/09 Capcom May Bring Breath Of Fire Titles To The PSN
08/11/09 Uncharted 2: Behind-The-Scenes Stats
08/10/09 2K Boston Hiring For Currently "Unannounced Shooter"
08/10/09 New Mortal Kombat To "Revolutionize Online Play?"
08/10/09 Tony Hawk: Ride Grinds Onto Store Shelves On November 17
08/10/09 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Disc-Less Retail Package Announced
08/10/09 Uncharted 2 Second Beta Phase Starts On September 15?
08/10/09 EGM Subscribers Now Getting Maxim, Parental Fallout Ensues
08/10/09 EEDAR Predicts Slow July, 25% Decrease In Hardware Sales
08/09/09 PSXE Poll Update: GT5 To Be A Huge December Release
08/09/09 Brutal Legend Sountrack: 100+ Songs
08/09/09 Yamauchi: Unlock Car In GT PSP, Get It In GT5 On PS3
08/09/09 GamesCom: Sony To Reveal New PSN And Firmware Update 3.0?
08/08/09 LBP Game Of The Year Edition: $30 Of DLC Included
08/08/09 Dragon Age: Origins Delayed, PS3 Version Pushed Further?
08/07/09 Pre-Order Incentives For Wolfenstein
08/07/09 Best Buy: We'll Match Used Prices On Our New Games
08/07/09 French Source: PS3 Slim "A Reality," To Cost 299 Euros
08/07/09 Activision, Double Fine End Legal Dispute With Settlement
08/07/09 Japanese Release Date For FFXIII Coming Soon
08/07/09 MGS4 Fans Pining For Trophies: "You're Being Heard"
08/06/09 Atomic Can't Find "Full-Scale Funding" For Six Days In Fallujah
08/06/09 Sega Teases New RPG
08/06/09 The Sims Heading To PS3, Xbox 360
08/06/09 Guitar Hero: Van Halen Shreds US Shelves On December 22
08/06/09 Assassin's Creed II "Master" Edition Only At GameStop
08/06/09 Will U.S. Get Enhanced Version Of White Knight Chronicles?
08/06/09 Activision CEO "Would Raise Game Prices Even Further"
08/05/09 Dear Sony: Just Announce The PS3 Slim, Already
08/05/09 Persona PSP: Simultaneous Launch In Stores And Via PSN
08/05/09 "P.S. Thanks" Trademark: PlayStation Rewards Program?
08/05/09 Activision Outlines Various Pre-Order Incentives For Blur
08/05/09 Obsidian On Sex In Games: Simply "Part Of Human Interaction"
08/04/09 EA Announces Madden Arcade
08/04/09 No, Final Fantasy XIII Doesn't Suddenly Have Lesser Visuals
08/04/09 Capcom Teases New Sequel That Will "Blow Your Mind"
08/04/09 Warner To Pursue Midway IPs Mortal Kombat And Spy Hunter
08/04/09 Gaming Growing Up, Movie Stars Adding Flair To Industry
08/04/09 Braid Creator Reveals The Witness
08/04/09 Amazon Reduces Price Of Uncharted 160GB PS3 Bundle
08/03/09 Gearbox "Nowhere" On Heat Game, IP "Isn't Locked Down"
08/03/09 GameStop Plans New Rewards System
08/03/09 Price Cuts Confirmed "For PlayStation Family?"
08/03/09 Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Set For August 7
08/03/09 Fat Princess Fix-It Patch Incoming
08/03/09 id Software: All Gamers Will Have A "Great Rage Experience"
08/03/09 Watchmen Breaks Blu-Ray/DVD Sales Ratio Record
08/02/09 PSXE Poll Update: Most Wanted RPG Is White Knight Chronicles
08/02/09 Jaffe "Hopes" To Unveil Eat Sleep Play's Project Soon
08/02/09 Source: A 2009 Launch For GT5 Is "Almost Certain"
08/01/09 Resonance Of Fate Hitting US And Europe Simultaneously
08/01/09 Rumor: PlayStation 3 Price Cut And New Model Confirmed

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